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Name Changed
Name From
aaa_base Base:System
acct Base:System
acl Base:System
acpi Base:System
acpi_call Base:System
acpid Base:System
adjtimex Base:System
at Base:System
attr Base:System
autogen Base:System
bash Base:System
bc Base:System
bcache-tools Base:System
bcc Base:System
biosdevname Base:System
blog Base:System
blueman Base:System
bluez Base:System
bluez-firmware Base:System
bluez-tools Base:System
bootchart Base:System
bootp-DD2 Base:System
bootsplash-branding-upstream Base:System
bpftool Base:System
branding-openSUSE Base:System
branding-upstream Base:System
brlemu Base:System
brp-check-suse Base:System
buffer Base:System
busybox Base:System
ca-certificates Base:System
ca-certificates-cacert Base:System
ca-certificates-letsencrypt Base:System
ca-certificates-mozilla Base:System
cdrdao Base:System
collectl Base:System
console-setup Base:System
coreutils Base:System
cracklib Base:System
cracklib-dict-full Base:System
cronie Base:System
dbus-1 Base:System
dbus-1-glib Base:System
dbus-1-mono Base:System
dbus-broker Base:System
dd_rescue Base:System
dd_rhelp Base:System
delayacct-utils Base:System
delta Base:System
deltarpm Base:System
dialog Base:System
dicts Base:System
diffutils Base:System
distribution-gpg-keys Base:System
distribution-logos-openSUSE Base:System
dm-zoned-tools Base:System
dmidecode Base:System
dmraid Base:System
dos2unix Base:System
dosfstools Base:System
dracut Base:System
dtach Base:System
dtc Base:System
dummy-release Base:System
earlyoom Base:System
efibootmgr Base:System
efivar Base:System
elftoaout Base:System
elfutils Base:System
elfutils-debuginfod Base:System
elilo Base:System
espeak Base:System
exa Base:System
fhs Base:System
figlet Base:System
file Base:System
filesystem Base:System
filesystem-media Base:System
fillup Base:System
findutils Base:System
firescope Base:System
firmwarekit Base:System
FirmwareUpdateKit Base:System
fortune Base:System
fs-check Base:System
fwupd Base:System
fxload Base:System
fzy Base:System
gawk Base:System
gcal Base:System
genromfs Base:System
gettext-csharp Base:System
gettext-java Base:System
gettext-runtime Base:System
gettext-runtime-mini Base:System
glibc Base:System
gnu-efi Base:System
gnu_ddrescue Base:System
gpart Base:System
gpg2 Base:System
gpgme Base:System
gpm Base:System
grep Base:System
grub Base:System
grub2 Base:System
gzip Base:System
hardlink Base:System
hdparm Base:System
hello Base:System
help2man Base:System
hex Base:System
hostap-utils Base:System
hostapd Base:System
htop Base:System
i2c-tools Base:System
ifplugd Base:System
igerman98 Base:System
initviocons Base:System
insserv-compat Base:System
iotop Base:System
iprutils Base:System
irda Base:System
irqbalance Base:System
isapnp Base:System
issue-generator Base:System
iwatch Base:System
kbd Base:System
kbdsniffd Base:System
killerd Base:System
kmod Base:System
kmod-testsuite Base:System
laptop-mode-tools Base:System
ledmon Base:System
less Base:System
libassuan Base:System
libatasmart Base:System
libcap Base:System
libcap1 Base:System
libdfp Base:System
libevtlog Base:System
libgpg-error Base:System
libgssglue Base:System
libgudev Base:System
libhugetlbfs Base:System
libiscsi Base:System
libksba Base:System
liblazy Base:System
libnscd Base:System
libpcap Base:System
libpipeline Base:System
libreadline5 Base:System
librelp Base:System
libsmbios Base:System
libstoragemgmt Base:System
libtirpc Base:System
libtool Base:System
libtool-testsuite Base:System
libwhich Base:System
libxcrypt Base:System
libzfcphbaapi0 Base:System
lilo Base:System
linux-atm Base:System
linux-glibc-devel Base:System
linux32 Base:System
loadlin Base:System
lockdev Base:System
logrotate Base:System
lsb Base:System
lsb-release Base:System
lsscsi Base:System
lsvpd Base:System
ltrace Base:System
lvm2 Base:System
lzo Base:System
m4 Base:System
make Base:System
makebootfat Base:System
makedev Base:System
makewhat Base:System
man Base:System
master-boot-code Base:System
mawk Base:System
mc Base:System
mcelog Base:System
md_monitor Base:System
mdadm Base:System
memtest86+ Base:System
mgetty Base:System
mhash Base:System
mhvtl Base:System
mingetty Base:System
minicom Base:System
mmv Base:System
mokutil Base:System
mpt-firmware Base:System
mpt-status Base:System
msr-tools Base:System
mt-st Base:System
mtools Base:System
multipath-tools Base:System
ncurses Base:System
netcfg Base:System
netconsole-tools Base:System
nfs-utils Base:System
nfs4-acl-tools Base:System
nfsidmap Base:System
numactl Base:System
numatop Base:System
nvme-cli Base:System
nvmetcli Base:System
obex-data-server Base:System
obexd Base:System
open-isns Base:System
openobex Base:System
openSUSE-build-key Base:System
openSUSE-driverupdate Base:System
opie Base:System
os-prober Base:System
osslsigncode Base:System
p11-kit Base:System
parted Base:System
pciutils Base:System
pcmciautils Base:System
pcp Base:System
pcre Base:System
pdisk Base:System
perl-Bootloader Base:System
permissions Base:System
pesign Base:System
pesign-obs-integration Base:System
pinentry Base:System
plymouth Base:System
polkit Base:System
polkit-default-privs Base:System
pommed Base:System
popt Base:System
post-build-checks Base:System
post-build-checks-malwarescan Base:System
powerd Base:System
powerpc32 Base:System
powertop Base:System
procinfo Base:System
procps Base:System
prtconf Base:System
psmisc Base:System
ptools Base:System
purge-kernels-service Base:System
pwgen Base:System
python-dbus-python Base:System
python-magic Base:System
python-rpm Base:System
python3-libmount Base:System
quota Base:System
readline Base:System
readline6 Base:System
readline7 Base:System
readonly_root Base:System
recode Base:System
rlwrap Base:System
rng-tools Base:System
rpm Base:System
rpm-config-SUSE Base:System
rpmlint Base:System
rpmlint-mini Base:System
rsyslog Base:System
rtkit Base:System
rungetty Base:System
rzsz Base:System
s390-tools Base:System
safte-monitor Base:System
sap-locale Base:System
sash Base:System
sbc Base:System
scpm Base:System
screen Base:System
scsirastools Base:System
scsires Base:System
sdparm Base:System
sed Base:System
sedutil Base:System
sensors Base:System
servicelog Base:System
setserial Base:System
sg3_utils Base:System
sgpio Base:System
shadow Base:System
sharutils Base:System
silo Base:System
sitar Base:System
smartmontools Base:System
smp_utils Base:System
snipl Base:System
splashy Base:System
spu-tools Base:System
stan Base:System
statserial Base:System
storage-fixup Base:System
su-wrapper Base:System
sudo Base:System
suse-build-key Base:System
suse-module-tools Base:System
suspend Base:System
sysconfig Base:System
sysfsutils Base:System
syslog-ng Base:System
syslogd Base:System
sysstat Base:System
system-tuning-common-SUSE Base:System
system-user-root Base:System
system-users Base:System
systemd Base:System
systemd-legacy Base:System
systemd-mini Base:System
systemd-presets-branding-openSUSE Base:System
systemd-presets-branding-transactional-server Base:System
systemd-presets-common-SUSE Base:System
systemd-rpm-macros Base:System
systemd-ui Base:System
sysuser-tools Base:System
sysvinit Base:System
tar Base:System
target-isns Base:System
targetcli-fb Base:System
tcmu-runner Base:System
termcap Base:System
tgt Base:System
thin-provisioning-tools Base:System
time Base:System
timezone Base:System
timezone-java Base:System
tmpwatch Base:System
tn5250 Base:System
transactional-update Base:System
translation-update-upstream Base:System
tree Base:System
trustedgrub2 Base:System
tuned Base:System
uClibc Base:System
ucode-intel Base:System
udev-extra-rules Base:System
udev-persistent-ifnames Base:System
udftools Base:System
udisks2 Base:System
update-bootloader-rpm-macros Base:System
upower Base:System
urfkill Base:System
usbutils Base:System
usbview Base:System
utempter Base:System
util-linux Base:System
util-linux-systemd Base:System
vcron Base:System
watchdog Base:System
which Base:System
wipe Base:System
withlock Base:System
words Base:System
x3270 Base:System
x86info Base:System
xz Base:System
zisofs-tools Base:System
zramcfg Base:System
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