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MuseScore 2.x

Create, play and print beautiful sheet music.  MuseScore 2 requires Qt5.4, and thus is built and distributed in a project separate from MuseScore 1.

Comments for multimedia:musescore2 (3)

Karl Cheng qantas94heavy wrote 30 days ago

Hi, do you have any plan at the moment to submit MuseScore 2 to the main repository? It would be useful if MuseScore was available without having to add another repository. Thanks!

craig gardner ganglia wrote 29 days ago

Hi Karl. I'm not sure I know which "main repository" you mean. If you mean openSUSE:Factory (for Tumbleweed and/or general Leap distributions) then I can say that we do talk about this occasionally. Truth is, not every package is a good candidate for Factory. MuseScore is surely meaningful to those of us who create music, but it's not a a package that a lot of people use. And there are build dependencies and other oddities about how MuseScore is built that make it difficult to comply with Factory policies, and maintaining it in a separate repository gives the package far more flexibility. And adding a repository is not a foreign nor difficult task (for most people).

Karl Cheng qantas94heavy wrote 29 days ago

Oh okay, I understand now. (Yes, I was referring to Factory.)