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cura-engine-lulzbot, cura-lulzbot, octave-forge-image, uranium-firmware-lulzbot, uranium-lulzbot

- {author: StefanBruens, id: 666305, package: octave-forge-image, type: submit}
- {author: adrianSuSE, id: 677901, package: uranium-lulzbot, type: submit}
- {author: adrianSuSE, id: 677902, package: cura-lulzbot, type: submit}
- {author: adrianSuSE, id: 677904, package: uranium-firmware-lulzbot, type: submit}
- {author: adrianSuSE, id: 677941, package: cura-engine-lulzbot, type: submit}
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dimstar_suse wrote about 1 month ago

Requests (dashboard):

  • request#666226 for package uranium-lulzbot submitted by adrianSuSE
  • request#666227 for package cura-lulzbot submitted by adrianSuSE
  • request#666256 for package uranium-firmware-lulzbot submitted by adrianSuSE
  • request#666257 for package cura-engine-lulzbot submitted by adrianSuSE
  • request#666305 for package octave-forge-image submitted by StefanBruens
maxlin_factory wrote about 23 hours ago

Requests: 1 added, 0 removed; using select command

  • added request#677903 for package cura-engine-lulzbot submitted by adrianSuSE
repo-checker wrote 2 days ago


install check & file conflicts

can't install cura-lulzbot-3.6.1-4.4.noarch:
  nothing provides cura-engine-lulzbot = 3.6.1 needed by cura-lulzbot-3.6.1-4.4.noarch
    (we have cura-engine-lulzbot-3.2.28-1.3.x86_64)
staging-bot wrote about 23 hours ago


  • Build failed cura-engine-lulzbot (x86_64)

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