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ghc-Glob, ghc-binary-tagged, ghc-feed, ghc-pipes-aeson, ghc-tasty-ant-xml, ghc-yesod-persistent

- {author: factory-maintainer, id: 451445, package: ghc-Glob}
- {author: factory-maintainer, id: 451446, package: ghc-binary-tagged}
- {author: factory-maintainer, id: 451447, package: ghc-feed}
- {author: factory-maintainer, id: 451448, package: ghc-pipes-aeson}
- {author: factory-maintainer, id: 451449, package: ghc-tasty-ant-xml}
- {author: factory-maintainer, id: 451450, package: ghc-yesod-persistent}

Comments for openSUSE:Factory:Staging:adi:130 (2)

Max Lin maxlin_factory wrote 2 days ago

The list of requests tracked in openSUSE:Factory:Staging:adi:130 has changed:

Alberto Planas Dominguez aplanas wrote 2 days ago
  • Build failed ghc-binary-tagged (x86_64)
  • Build failed ghc-yesod-persistent (x86_64)
  • Build failed ghc-pipes-aeson (x86_64)