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- {author: edogawa, id: 384591, package: carla}

Comments for openSUSE:Factory:Staging:adi:64 (10)

Anonymous User _nobody_ wrote 9 months ago

This comment has been deleted

Edgar Aichinger edogawa wrote 9 months ago

I've seen this happening randomly in my home repo, on different distros and arches. I'm really puzzled and have no idea why that could happen, but in my experience a retriggered build used to fix it and succeed

Edgar Aichinger edogawa wrote 9 months ago

Just to add, I manually retriggered two failing builds in mm:apps right now, and then both succeeded (13.1/x86_64 with make -j2, and leap 42.1/x86_64 with make -j4) so to me it really seems to be a race condition connected to a high job count like -j8 in $_smp_flags...

Max Lin mlin7442 wrote 9 months ago

have another problem in linuxsampler,

found conflict of linuxsampler-1.0.0+r2688-1.7.x86_64 with nilfs-utils-2.2.3-1.2.x86_64: - /usr/bin/lscp - /usr/share/man/man1/lscp.1.gz

Edgar Aichinger edogawa wrote 9 months ago


that's a completely unrelated package, just a name clash by accident... i don't know what's to be done in such a case.

LS lscp has been around since 10 years at least, while the manpage from nilfs-utils seems to be written in 2014...

"linux sampler control protocol" vs. "list NILFS checkpoints", it's not even a nice abbreviation for this 2nd one :(

but let's see what the decision about LS legal status will be, probably it will get rejected anyway for whole OBS.

Anonymous User _nobody_ wrote 8 months ago

This comment has been deleted

Edgar Aichinger edogawa wrote 8 months ago

this is seemingly a race condition in multicore builds, and usually resolves when retriggering the build... probably decreasing the -j option when calling make may help permanently

Dominique Leuenberger dimstar wrote 8 months ago

Then this should be done in the package - we prefer reliable builds :)

Alberto Planas Dominguez aplanas wrote 2 months ago
Dominique Leuenberger dimstar_suse wrote 22 days ago

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