Cockpit is a server manager that makes it easy to administer your GNU/Linux servers via a web browser.

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bmanojlovic wrote over 3 years ago

Can you please add link to libssh and enable building for SLE_12 and OL 42.3 as it is requirement

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kwk wrote over 3 years ago

Sure. Added curl-mini and libssh

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gody wrote about 3 years ago

Can You please enable build for Leap 15.1 ?

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kwk wrote about 3 years ago


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lnussel wrote over 2 years ago

current cockpit does not work on stable releases anymore due to newer systemd features it needs. So I think the extra repos as well as the additional packages can be removed. Cockpit builds just fine against plain Factory nowadays.

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BTG_GAI wrote over 1 year ago

Now that Leap 15.3 has been upgraded with systemd 246, would it be possible to offer cockpit packages for 15.3 in addition to Tumbleweed? After all, it's stable distros like Leap which are predominantly used for server deployments (which is what Cockpit is really for), not rolling releases like Tumbleweed, and the lack of a current Cockpit version for Leap is a bit poor. I understand that there were technical reasons (systemd <235 in Leap 15.2 and earlier) which prevented Cockpit versions over 200 but now that this has been addressed with 15.3 it would make sense to add versions for Leap again.

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Guillaume_G wrote about 1 year ago

Could you enable build on aarch64 please?

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