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Parent projects of openSUSE:Factory

Parent project Description
openSUSE openSUSE Project

Subprojects of openSUSE:Factory

Subproject Description
ARM openSUSE Factory ARM
DVD Packages to build DVD
Live Live Media Builds
MainDesktops On top of :Core, builds GNOME and KDE Live cds
NonFree Non Free parts of openSUSE Factory distribution.
PowerLE openSUSE Factory PowerLE
PowerPC openSUSE Factory PowerPC
Rebuild Factory Rebuilds
Rings Namespace for factory ring projects
Rings:0-Bootstrap The bootstrap cycle of factory
Rings:1-MinimalX 2nd ring based on Bootstrap and building minimalX DVD
Staging openSUSE Factory Staging
Staging:A audit, elfutils, filesystem, glibc, pam, permissions, screen, util-linux
Staging:B cluster-glue, iproute2, libsolv, wicked
Staging:C autoyast2, dracut, grub2, installation-images-openSUSE, kiwi, libstorage, libyui, libyui-qt, snapper, yast2, yast2-bootloader, yast2-hardware-detection, yast2-installation, yast2-installation-control, yast2-iscsi-client, yast2-network, yast
Staging:D kdump, kernel-source, mdadm, module-init-tools, suse-module-tools
Staging:E patterns-openSUSE, systemd
Staging:F biosdevname, gd, openslp, rsync, samba, xf86-input-wacom
Staging:G fcoe-utils, nfs-utils, python-numpy, rpmlint, tk
Staging:Gcc49 Gcc 4.9 default
Staging:J plymouth
ToTest openSUSE Factory Test Snapshot