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Parent projects of openSUSE:Factory

Parent project Description
openSUSE openSUSE Project

Subprojects of openSUSE:Factory

Subproject Description
ARM openSUSE Factory ARM
ARM:ToTest openSUSE Factory Test Snapshot
Live Live Media Builds
NonFree Non Free parts of openSUSE Factory distribution.
PowerLE openSUSE Factory PowerLE
PowerPC openSUSE Factory PowerPC
PowerPC:ToTest openSUSE Factory Test Snapshot
Rebuild Factory Rebuilds
Rings Namespace for factory ring projects
Rings:0-Bootstrap The bootstrap cycle of factory
Rings:1-MinimalX 2nd ring based on Bootstrap and building minimalX DVD
Rings:2-TestDVD A pretty much complete DVD
Staging openSUSE Factory Staging
Staging:A file, glibc, help2man, insserv-compat, mpfr, rpm, timezone, util-linux
Staging:B bash, perl, perl-Mail-SPF
Staging:C Botan, apache2, gstreamer-0_10-plugins-base, hwinfo, kexec-tools, lcms2, less, libdbusmenu-qt5, mariadb, perl-URI, sssd, xf86-input-vmmouse, zenity, zypper
Staging:D acpica, xen
Staging:E autoyast2, grub2, installation-images-openSUSE, libstorage, os-prober, perl-Bootloader, yast2, yast2-ca-management, yast2-country, yast2-installation, yast2-kdump, yast2-network, yast2-ntp-client, yast2-packager, yast2-pkg-bindings, yast2-r
Staging:F ffmpeg, iniparser, libnettle, libtirpc, mono-core, perl-Net-SSLeay, python3, rpmlint, tdb, tevent, totem
Staging:G baloo5, bluedevil5, breeze, kcm_sddm, kde-cli-tools5, kde-gtk-config5, kfilemetadata5, khotkeys5, kinfocenter5, kio-extras5, kmenuedit5, kscreen5, ksshaskpass5, ksysguard5, kwayland, kwin5, libkdecoration2, libkscreen2, libksysguard5, milou
Staging:H akonadi-runtime, clutter, clutter-gtk, file-roller, iproute2, libdrm, libssh, libwebp, libyui-qt-pkg, ocaml, portaudio, python-Babel, python-py, spice-gtk, tiff, yast2-update
Staging:I Mesa, Mesa-demo, at, bash-completion, bind, btrfsprogs, curl, dnsmasq, e2fsprogs, gpgme, i4l-base, kiwi, libinput, libverto, logrotate, mcelog, open-iscsi, polkit-qt-1, razor-agents, ruby-common, rubygem-rspec-core, rubygem-rspec-mocks, sha
Staging:J NetworkManager, NetworkManager-gnome, NetworkManager-openconnect, NetworkManager-pptp, NetworkManager-vpnc, alsa, bluez, colord, git, gnome-dictionary, gnome-screenshot, gnome-settings-daemon, gtk3, kernel-firmware, libcdio, libgpod, libgus
Staging:PIE global PIE default
ToTest openSUSE Factory Test Snapshot
Update openSUSE Factory emergency update project