File 07_rungetty-allow_autologin-on-all-ttys.patch of Package rungetty

Index: rungetty-1.2/rungetty.c
--- rungetty-1.2.orig/rungetty.c
+++ rungetty-1.2/rungetty.c
@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ static int delay = 0;
 #define AUTO_LAST "/var/log/autologin"
 /* AUTO_TTY is the tty on which autologins will be accepted.  If set
    to an empty string, autologins will be accepted on any tty. */
-#define AUTO_TTY "tty1"
+#define AUTO_TTY ""
 /* If supplied, attempt an automatic login with this username. */
 static char *autologin_name = NULL;
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