File acct-6.3.5-warning.patch of Package acct

--- mktime.c
+++ mktime.c
@@ -124,9 +124,7 @@
 #define localtime_r my_localtime_r
 static struct tm *localtime_r __P ((const time_t *, struct tm *));
 static struct tm *
-localtime_r (t, tp)
-     const time_t *t;
-     struct tm *tp;
+localtime_r ( const time_t * t, struct tm * tp)
   struct tm *l = localtime (t);
   if (! l)
@@ -144,9 +142,7 @@
    All values are in range, except possibly YEAR.
    If overflow occurs, yield the low order bits of the correct answer.  */
 static time_t
-ydhms_tm_diff (year, yday, hour, min, sec, tp)
-     int year, yday, hour, min, sec;
-     const struct tm *tp;
+ydhms_tm_diff (int year, int yday, int hour, int min, int sec, const struct tm *tp)
   /* Compute intervening leap days correctly even if year is negative.
      Take care to avoid int overflow.  time_t overflow is OK, since
@@ -173,8 +169,7 @@
 /* Convert *TP to a time_t value.  */
-mktime (tp)
-     struct tm *tp;
+mktime (struct tm *tp)
 #ifdef _LIBC
   /* POSIX.1 8.1.1 requires that whenever mktime() is called, the
@@ -192,10 +187,7 @@
    compared to what the result would be for UTC without leap seconds.
    If *OFFSET's guess is correct, only one CONVERT call is needed.  */
-__mktime_internal (tp, convert, offset)
-     struct tm *tp;
-     struct tm *(*convert) __P ((const time_t *, struct tm *));
-     time_t *offset;
+__mktime_internal (struct tm *tp, struct tm *(*convert) (const time_t *, struct tm *), time_t *offset)
   time_t t, dt, t0;
   struct tm tm;
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