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Thu Nov 22 16:21:42 CET 2007 -

- Package renamed from FileZilla to filezilla because only the tarball
  is named with mixed case.
- Provide a filezilla-rpmlintrc
- Update to 3.0.3. Changes since 3.0.0.beta6:

  - Install some default filters if filters.xml missing in user's settings
  - Additional fixes for SFTP servers with nonstandard filename encodings
  - Automatic server timezone detection. Custom offset in the Site Manager
    may need to be adjusted. FTP only.
  - Option to preserve file timestamps on downloads (all protocols)
  - Option to preserve file timestamps on uploads on FTP servers supporting
    the MFMT command
  - Add transfer type (ascii/binary/auto) selection to transfer menu
  - Shorten very long filenames on file exists dialog
  - Attempt at working around broken routers and firewalls disconnecting
    the control connection of the transfer session on transfers
  - Deleting directories containing lots of files should be faster now
  - Disallow settings/site import from files located in the settings storage
  - Fix nullpointer dereference on non-UTF8 enabled SFTP servers
  - Fix button height inconsistencies on dialogs with certain artwork
    (e.g. Ubuntu 7.10)
  - Fix issue with message log not working properly
  - Experimental support for z/VM servers
  - Fix typo in option handling code. Due to this, settings for date/time
    formatting have been reset.
  - Fix performance problem if FileZilla gets started with message log
  - Work around possible race conditions in SFTP input thread leading to
  - Remote file viewing / editing
  - Display current server in window title
  - Don't remember incorrect password on SFTP connections with ASK
  - Fix Makefiles so SFTP properly supports files > 2GB
  - Ascii filetype setting for extensionless files and dotfiles had
    negated effect
  - Fix error message if using multiple running instances save the
    settings at the same time
  - Fix parsing of very new files in directory listings if server is in a
    timezone ahead of the client
  - Fix range of timezone offset setting
  - Fix problems with remote path combobox if reconnecting after a
  - Display confirmation dialog if deleting file from remote directory
    tree context menu
  - Refresh remote directory listing after refreshing a single file
  - On very first startup, center FileZilla on screen
  - Fix parsing of settings or site XML data containing double, leading or
    trailing whitespace.
  - Settings to configure size, date and time formatting
  - Message log and queue visibility will be remembered
  - Custom action to perform after queue completion
  - Add some confirmation dialogs
  - Fix misplaced settings dialog
  - Fix problems with remembering pane size
  - Properly refresh local directory if downloading into newly created
  - Fix issues with language set to Japanese
  - New application icon
  - Fix support for servers sending directory listing in yet another
    exotic format
  - Fix prefix search in list controls on wxGTK
  - Work around problem with wxSpinCtrl in site manager on wxGTK
  - Fix assertion on wxGTK if listing extensionless files
  - Fix buffer overflow if directory lisiting filters were enabled,
    causing FileZilla to crash.
  - Backspace key can be used to goes to parent directory in file lists
  - Fix file selection by entering filename prefix
  - Restore correct window size if FileZilla gets closed while minimized
  - Disable "Create directory" entry in remote filelist context menu
    while disconnected
  - Improve compatibility with SFTP servers using exotic listing formats
  - Fix queue scrolling
  - Remember Window size and position
  - Remember sort column and order of file lists
  - Additional icon set by Brian Lukis
  - Added .desktop file on *nix systems
  - If server is crippled and doesn't allow more than one connection
    (based on Sitemanager preference), primary browsing connection can be
    used by the transfer queue
  - Fix SSL transfers hanging if using speed limits
  - Compile fixes and compatibility improvements for various platforms
  - The usual assortment of small bugfixes, see changelog for details
  - Fix remotely triggered memory corruption if connection gets terminated
    during TLS handshake.
  - Column withs in all list views will be saved
  - Refresh local file list after a successful file transfer
  - Add context menu to remote directory tree
  - Make Site Manager resizable
  - Don't leave empty files behind on failed downloads
  - Fix retry and cache logic if transfer command fails with 5yz reply
  - Limit number of simultaneous connections did not work properly
  - Refresh listing after chmod
  - Fix upload of empty files over TLS connections
  - Improved queue
  - Import and export dialogs including import of Sitemanager data
    from legacy FZ 2.x
  - Tab key can be used to switch between panes
  - F6 toggles between quickconnect bar and local/remote path edit fields
  - Location of settings directory can be specified in fzdefaults.xml
  - Engine state could get mixed up if transfers failed
  - Transfer of empty files could incorrectly time out
  - Fix directory cache coherency if removing/renaming directories
  - Work around lack of thread-safety in wxWidgets causing random
  - Properly disconnect idle transfer engines after 30 seconds
  - Update selections if changing sort order of file lists
  - Various minor fixes
  - Add "View hidden files" option to server menu
  - Add dialog to clear private data
  - Performance improvements of message log
  - Avoid sending unnecessary TYPE commands
  - Updated TinyXML component, fixes problems with filenames
    containing ampersands or other special XML entities.
  - Don't retry connecting if user cancels new/changed hostkey
  - Fix data corruption on FTPS uploads
  - Implement speed limits
  - Last used local directory will be remembered
  - New option for the sorting of the filelists. Directories can be kept
    on top or sorted inline.
  - Display warning if detecting a Windows system with a networking bug
    confirmed by Microsoft
  - Right-clicking the Sitemanager button in the toolbar displays a popup
    menu with the sites for quick access. On Windows, a dropdown arrow got
  - Autocompletion did not work properly on GTK based systems
  - Uninstalling FileZilla on Windows should no longer leave registry keys
  - lots of small bugfixes
  - New optionspage to change layout of file and directory panes
  - Loading of predefined Sitemanager entries from fzdefaults.xml
  - UTF-8 support for SFTP, merged in upstream changes from PuTTY.
  - Ascii file FTP transfers should now work properly on non-Windows
  - Fix SFTP transfers of filenames containing the following
    characters: [ ] \ * ?
  - lots of small bugfixes and performance improvements

Wed May 16 12:41:39 CEST 2007 -

- Fix comparison of pointer with string.

Fri May  4 15:37:49 CEST 2007 -

- Initial package

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