File python-gdata.changes of Package python-gdata

Thu Sep 24 14:33:26 UTC 2009 -

- Use new python macros to fix build on openSUSE 11.2.
- build as noarch for 11.2 and newer.

Sat Aug  1 00:38:43 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 2.0.1:
  + Added support for Secure AuthSub, OAuth with HMAC and with RSA
    to the v2 auth code.
  + Added v2 data model classes for all XML elements in the gd
  + Usability improvements in the module
  + Made the dependency on elementtree only required if you are
    using Python 2.4 and lower
  + Setting the ssl member in atom.service.AtomService will now
    override a URL which starts with http:
  + Added a proxy HTTP client which will use proxy environment
    variables to send all requests through the desired proxy server
    if present
  + Added user agent string indicating that this is from the gdata
    python v2 library
  + Removed unneeded title parameter from the Blogger client's
    add_comment method
  + Added an all_tests_local script which runs all tests except
    those which would make HTTP requests to remote servers
  + Added the birthday element to contacts entry, the reminder
    element to calendar events, and the method attribute to
    calendar's reminder class
  + The analytics GetData method no longer requires the dimenrions

- Update to version 2.0.0:
  + Released support for version 2 of the Google Data APIs
    protocol. To use the new version-aware code, use the
    gdata.client,, modules and classes that
    derive from them. For example, use
    gdata.blogger.client.BloggerClient instead of
    gdata.blogger.service.BloggerService. High level, service
    specific classes are not available yet for other services, so
    feel free to migrate as they become available. The v1 service
    classes are still included so your existing code should be
  + Included new Blogger samples to illustrate v2 support, a
    command line demo and an app for App Engine
  + Added OAuth sample app which uses App Engine
  + Added the gCal:sequence element to CalendarEventEntry
  + Added two decorators to diaply warnings when deprecated methods
    are used
  + Added a login utility for command line samples to share to
    standardize the auth process on in a sample program
  + Fixed a bug in v2 XML parsing which prevented multiversion XML
    classes from correctly parsing and generating v2 code
  + Fixed v1 HTTP Host header settings, not default ports should
    now be included in the Host header
  + Fixed pickle error when an OAuth-RSA token is saved to the App
    Engine datastore
  + Fixed missing data in the Document List API unit tests
  + Improved backwards compatibility of v2 data model classes be
    adding aliases to v1 functions.

Tue Jun  9 14:10:55 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 1.3.3:
  + Added support for the Google Finance API.
  + The Google Data Service classes now support version 1.0a of the
    OAuth protocol.
  + Fixed a naming bug in unit tests for atom.service which
    appeared when using Python 2.6.x
  + Fixed URL parameter propogation when calling
    GDataService.Delete. The URL parameters are now preserved.
  + Fixed incorrect return type for gdata.FeedLinkFromString.
  + Added data model classes for the Atom and AtomPub XML elements
    which support version 2 of the Google Data APIs (by means of
    dynamic AtomPub namespace switching). The version 2 XML classes
    are much more backwards compatible with v1 classes than in
    previous releases.

Sat May 23 14:03:43 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 1.3.2:
  + Added support for the Google Analytics API.
  + Added support for the Google Book Search API.
  + Improved support for 2 legged OAuth and added a sample app.
  + Simplified the way an XML response from the server is parsed
    into the desired class for the version 2.0 API client

Sat Apr 25 02:44:00 CEST 2009 -

- Update to version 1.3.1:
  + Fixed issues with setting the developer key in the YouTubeService
  + For the Document List API:
    - Added writersCanInvite element
    - Fixed a small errors in Document Entry
    - Added category label when creating different types of docs
    - Fixed DownLoad helpers which shouldn't write a file if server returns
    - Addied DocumentListEntryFromString converter and using
      DocumentListEntry class instead of GDataEntry class to create
  + URLs in HTTP requests can now be unicode strings.
  + Improvements for the upcoming version 2.0.0 release:
    - The v2 auth code now support AuthSub and has been tested on
      App Engine.
    - Unit tests for the v2 client code will default to not use the
      local file cache but will make live requests unless cached
      responses is set to True in the test configuration module.
    - Older v1 unit tests can now use the v2 testing framework,
      migrated contacts API tests as a proof of concept. This will
      come in handy when testing backwards compatibility for the
      2.0 release.
    - Improved support for unicode and other character encodings in
      the v2 XML core module.

Mon Mar 23 13:58:53 CET 2009 -

- Update to version 1.3.0:
  + Added support for the Google Health API.
  + Added support for the groups management in the Google Apps
    Provisioning API.
  + Added the following new features for the Google Documents List
    - Folder create, move docs/folders in and out of other folders.
    - Suppport for modifications to Access Control Lists for
    - Export functionality for documents, spreadsheets, and
    - Updated the sample app.
    - New new XML elements: resourceID, lastViewed, and
  + Added ability to update web clip settings in the Google Apps
    email settigns API.
  + Fixed a bug in calendarExample that would cause execution to
    fail when an event attendee does not have any attendeeStatus
  + Fixed AuthSub request URLs which should be https.
  + Fixed logic when changing email settings when using the Google
    Apps API to only send properties which have been specified.
  + Includes a new and experimental client class
    (gdata.client.GDClient) which can be used with version two of
    the Google Data API protocol. This class may change in
    backwards incompatible ways before the 2.0.0 release, so use at
    your own risk. 
- Remove AutoReqProv: it's default now.
- Remove check for old version of openSUSE.
- Do not set CFLAGS to the default value.

Sun Feb  1 18:20:55 EST 2009 -

- Update to version 1.2.4:
  + Added a new AtomPubClient class
  + OAuth methods can now specify the desired OAuth server
  + Improved support for unicode strings in XML element
  + Fixed constructors for Service classes which inherit from GDataService
  + Added a 'contact_list' property to ContactsService
  + For Google Contacts, added a GetFeedUri method
  + New unit tests

Wed Dec 24 08:01:22 EST 2008 -

- Update to version 1.2.3:
  + Added support for OAuth
  + Added support for Secure AuthSub
  + Added a new module for parsing XML
  + The Google Contacts API sample now pages through results.
  + Added phone number rel types using in the Google Contacts API.
  + The YouTube service module will use cElementTree if it is available. 
  + Fixed typo in gdata.geo, changed longtitude to longitude but kept an
    alias for backwards compatibility.
  + Fixed Blogger's GetBlogId regular expressions to extract the ID from
    multiple kinds of entries.
  + Fixed type check in atom.http to allow unicode URL strings.
  + Added webmastertools test to the packaged download which fixed failures
    when running all data tests.
  + Improved compatibility of unit tests with Python2.3.
  + Added copies of tlslite and dependencies to support secure AuthSub and
  + Changed the default host for Google Apps API requests to

Fri Oct 24 11:35:06 CDT 2008 -

- Update to version 1.2.2:
  + Add support for the following APIs:
    * Google Apps Email Migration API
    * Google Apps Email Settings API
    * Google Webmaster Tools Data API
    * (Some modules for the above are not yet fully tested, so
      please file an issue if you notice something is not working
      as expected)
  + Restored support for gdata.http_request_handler when using App
    Engine to preserve backwards compatibility
  + Simplified auth token management by adding a current_token
    member to service classes; also added settings to control
    when the token_store is updated when using SetXToken() methods;
    the token_store will only be queried if there is no
  + Fixed issue with requests to HTTPS URLs in which an AuthSub
    token was seen as invalid because the request contained the
    default port number (443); the library no longer includes the
    port in the Host header if it is using the default
  + Resolved issues with YouTube token scopes
  + Fixed issue which appeared when the Calendar API issues a
    redirect to a PUT request; the library now correctly retries
    with a PUT (instead of a POST)
  + Added workaround for differences in how the App Engine SDK
    handles redirects
  + Fixed typo in gdata.EntryLink declaration
  + Fixed invalid host errors seen when using some HTTP proxies.

Fri Oct  3 15:38:40 WST 2008 -

- Update to version 1.2.1:
  + The gdata.alt.appengine module now replaces a Service object's token_store
    with an AppEngineTokenStore which automatically associates auth tokens 
    with the current user and stores the auth tokens in the datastore.
  + Streamlined the gdata.auth module. There are now six recommended functions
    for using Google auth mechanisms. GDataService now uses these six
  + Added an override_token in Service objects (AtomService, GDataService) 
    which bypasses the token_store. This member is helpful when using a 
    single use AuthSub token which is only valid for one request and so
    would not be reused.
  + gdata.alt.appengin.run_on_appengine will now return the modified Service
  + Fixed content length header issue in gdata.alt.appengine which caused
    errors when running on App Engine when HTTP headers are set to 
    non-string values.
  + Fixed function naming issue in gdata.alt.appengine, a "private" function
    was not accessible in some import styles.
  + Fixed issue in atom.http which surfaces when passing in a string for the
    port number. Ports are now cast to ints. 
  + Updated pydocs.

Fri Sep 12 09:01:02 CDT 2008 -

- Update to version 1.2.0:
  + Refactored HTTP request mechanisms and the way that
    Authorization headers are created and applied to requests
  + Fixed issues with token string modification which caused
    certain AuthSub token values to become invalid
  + Created a new module for parsing and constructing URLs
  + Created a module for token storage which will lookup the
    correct auth token to be used for a particular URL.
  + Auth tokens are now represented as objects and contain
    information about the scopes (URLs) for which they can be
    used; the token object is responsible for adding the
    Authorization header to the request.
  + Added new functions to gdata.auth for extracting the raw
    token string from a response to an AuthSub token upgrade
  + Added support for the location query parameter in YouTube
  + Added groups functionality to the Contacts API library
  + Batch request support added for Contacts API operations
  + Added default behavior to text_db GetTables: when no worksheet
    name or ID is specified, all tables are retrieved
  + Fixed client login for YouTube
  + Fixed issue in YouTube service when setting the developer
  + Fixed bug in YouTube service which raised an exception when
    inserting a video using a file-like object
  + Added a method to Feed and Entry classes to find the
    "previous" link
  + A failure when attempting to upgrade a single use AuthSub
    token to a session token will now raise an exception
  + AppsForYourDomainException now uses Python2.5 style 
    exception construction
  + Moved the logic for using this library on Google App Engine
    into a new module: gdata.alt.appengine.

Mon Jun 30 22:45:33 CEST 2008 -

- Update to version 1.1.1:
  + Added support for the Google Contacts, YouTube, and
    Blogger APIs
  + Improved documentation
  + Various bug fixes.

Thu Apr  3 07:15:27 CEST 2008 -

- Upgraded to version

  * Added text_db module to gdata.spreadsheet which makes using the
    Spreadsheets API feel more like using a simple database. This module
    streamlines use of the list feed.
  * Compatibility fixes for geo and photos modules to run on Python 2.2
    and 2.3.
  * Added the orderby parameter to gdata.service's Query class.
  * Changed the blogger sample to use orderby=updated so that queries on 
    updated min or max will work.
  * Fix to string encoding in the atom core when converting text members
    to XML.
  * Modified the gdata.service.GDataService to include a handler member to 
    which all HTTP requests are delegated. This will allow the underlying
    HTTP client to be swapped out and pave the way for use of a mock server
    in unit tests.
  * Fixed character encoding problems when parsing non ASCII XML.
  * Added pydocs for gdata's geo, exif, and media packages. 

Wed Jan 16 16:45:55 CET 2008 -

- Initial checkin, based roughly on devel:languages:python, but with
  new version.  No patches to review and clean tarball download.

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