File suse-sam.changes of Package suse-sam

Mon Feb 23 17:16:24 CET 2009 -

- update to version 0.7.0:
  * report found products, give cues to products and repos in log
  * ignore product files unless they are called *.prod or
  * read product-related infos from solv-files to identify them
  * use content-file information only if libsatsolver unusable
  * ignore repositories that come without sufficient product
  * use solv files created from reference data as additional
    repositories or "possible sources" for packages
  * require satsolver-tools as sam needs
  * improve logging for repositories
  * skip unreadable repo files
  * convert "/" in repo ids to "_" when used as a subdir name
  * use gpg keys from reference data
  * fix gpg: never ask questions or wait for input
  * make sure to remove temporary directory on exit
  * log version of installed sam packages, contained reference data
  * collect list of codestreams allowed by installed SUSE/Novell
  * only accept codestreams that match the known codestream_schema
  * treat packages with mismatched codestream as foreign packages
  * cache file version bumped to 0.8
  * help message: remove size estimate for temp files, as 10 MB or
    more may be required (depends on size of reference data now)
  * warn if signature is ok but VENDOR does not look not ok
  * if signing keys exist but package is not signed, do not
    identify by VENDOR

Tue Feb 17 12:43:56 CET 2009 -

- update to version 0.6.1:
  * do not find orphans by default: changed option
    --no-orphan-search to --orphan-search
  * spec-files: update summary, URL
  * improve error message for missing "/proc/self/status"
  * use /tmp safely (bnc#472793)
  * evaluate $TMPDIR
  * quote external filenames in gpg commands
  * add log message for one more gpg command
  * use root dir to find installed packages when checking package evrs against repos
  * use "rpm -qa" cache during debugging (for speed)
  * report problem more verbosely when "rpm -Vv" cache does not match
  * fixed a typo in an "rpm -Vv" error message
  * use " kB" consistently in output
  * do not use underscores in time stamp, make them compliant with
    ISO-8601 and RFC3339
  * interpret debug flag as collection of flag bits
  * use some empty lines to make output more readable
  * use %packinfo and %alieninfo hashes
  * in "rpm -qa", read epoch, buildtime, distribution
  * bump cache file version from 0.4 to 0.7

Fri Nov 21 22:11:53 CET 2008 -

- renamed the package to suse-sam (bnc#444182)

Fri Nov 21 21:36:10 CET 2008 -

- update to version 0.6:
  * do not use normal assessment code for multihomed files
  * when header sig checks are disabled, do not look for keys,
    improve logging
  * fixed logging and reporting in various places:
     - report found repositories, link updates to repositories
     - documented log levels in the code
     - log informative messages at a higher level
     - log missing signatures on SUSE/Novell packages on lowest
     - log missing signatures on foreign packages on informative
     - clean up path names in log (simplify successive "/" to one
     - fixed bug that suppressed logging for multihomed file
     - do not log timestamp for foreign package dependency checking
     - removed redundant version and unneeded architecture from
       package-to-repo matching log, making it more readable
     - new log message for "no package with this name exists"
     - report available updates
     - use one line to report a file verification anomaly
     - use minimum field length for filenames to represent
       anomalies more clearly
     - include dependencies on foreign packages in "unsupportable"
     - log unusable satsolver differently from missing satsolver
     - report when finding orphanded files has been disabled
     - report skipped verification steps clearly
     - show invocation command line and adjust milestone numbering
     - make log timestamp more readable
  * implemented --no-header-sig-check
  * check RSA header signatures as well, prefer RSA over DSA
  * some code housekeeping cleanup (moved Die() function, ...)
  * die when "uname -m" fails

Fri Nov 14 23:43:25 CET 2008 -

- check for needed methods in satsolver, improve logging

Thu Nov 13 05:39:23 CET 2008 -

- update to version 0.5:
  * implement package version checks against available repositories
  * implement --no-rpm-verify and --no-orphan-search
  * use $ZYPP_CONF environment variable when set
  * add recommends for gpg, libzypp, perl-satsolver and
  * change package requires: drop /bin/rm (removed from script),
    add perl
  * give more descriptive error message when cache is unacceptable
  * added explanation for "NOT supportable" msg
  * usage message: show all options, version, program title
  * Raymund Will <>: Rectify author-/ownership.
  * find packages that depend on foreign packages
  * implemented finding SUSE/Novell packages by checking the build
  * use perl macros to handle child exit codes, print exit code
  * statistics: for hardlinks, count file sizes and inodes only
  * print continuation line marker only when the message has been
    printed as well
  * when a file is missing, report RPM error message
  * do not fail when RPM could not perform all checks on an
    unreadable file
  * use Unsupportable/Tolerable/Harmless/Ok instead of
    Error/Warn/Info in assessment
  * factor out supportability evaluation routines from verification
  * added comments and some notes
  * change indentation and variable names for readability
  * Raymund Will <>: Generate JSON report.

Wed Oct 15 03:13:32 CEST 2008 -

- fix build.. 

Mon Oct 13 16:23:45 CEST 2008 -

- added GPLv2 COPYING file

Mon Sep 29 17:50:40 CEST 2008 -

- new package

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