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Tue Apr 16 13:27:19 UTC 2024 - Fridrich Strba <>

- Upgrade to version 7.10.1
  * Changes of 7.10.1
    + Fix for #3110
  * Changes of 7.10.0
    + Clean-up deprecated code
    + Minor discrepancy fixes
    + Deleting TestNG eclipse plugin specific classes
    + Code clean-up
    + Remove deprecated JUnit related support in TestNG
    + Handle exceptions in emailable Reporter
    + Add wrapperbot and update workflow order
    + Support ITestNGFactory customisation
    + Streamline data provider listener invocation
    + Streamline Guice Module creation in concurrency.
    + Copy test result attributes when unexpected failures
    + chore: use explicit dependency versions instead of
    + Remove Ant
    + Support ordering of listeners
    + Add errorprone
    + Allow custom thread pool executors to be wired in.
    + Allow data providers to be non cacheable
    + Use Locks instead of synchronised keyword
    + Document pgp artifact signing keys
    + Add Unique Id for all test class instances
    + Adding issue management workflows
    + Map object to configurations
    + Allow listeners to be disabled at runtime
    + Streamline Data Provider execution
    + Test case failure
    + Honour inheritance when parsing listener factories
    + Fixing flaky tests
    + Tweaks around accessing SuiteResult
    + Streamline random generation
    + Minor refactoring around RunOrder enum
    + Streamline dependencies for configurations
  * Changes of 7.9.0
    + GitHub 2913
    + Test Results as artifacts for failed runs
    + Minor code clean-ups
    + Fixing the Github CI yaml file
    + Fixing data races
    + Dont honour params specified in suite-file tag
    + Decouple SuiteRunner and TestRunner
    + Disable Native DI for BeforeSuite methods
    + Streamline running Parallel Dataproviders+retries
    + Remove extra whitespace in log for
    + Added the link for TestNG Documentation's GitHub Repo in
    + FirstTimeOnlyConfig methods + Listener invocations
    + #2974: Add overrideGroupsFromCliInParentChildXml test
    + Ensure thread safety for attribute access
    + Add @inherited to the Listeners annotation
    + Restrict Group inheritance to Before|AfterGroups
    + Ensure ITestResult injected to @AfterMethod is apt
    + Support suite level thread pools for data provider
    + Minor Code tweaks
    + Favour CompletableFuture instead of PoolService
    + Favour FutureTask for concurrency support
    + Shared Threadpool for normal/datadriven tests.
    + Abort for invalid combinations
  * Changes of 7.8.0
    + XmlTest index is not set for test suites invoked with YAML
    + Listener's onAfterClass is called before @afterclass
      configuration methods are executed.
    + After upgrading to TestNG 7.5.0, setting ITestResult.status
      to FAILURE doesn't fail the test anymore
    + JUnitReportReporter should capture the test case output at
      the test case level
    + [Feature] Allow test classes to define "configfailurepolicy"
      at a per class level
    + TestNG.xml doesn't honour Parallel value of a clone
    + before configuration and before invocation should be 'SKIP'
      when beforeMethod is 'skip'
    + Test listeners specified in parent testng.xml file are not
      included in testng-failed.xml file
    + Discrepancies with DataProvider and Retry of failed tests
    + Skipped Tests with DataProvider appear as failed
    + testng-results xml reports config skips from base classes as
    + Feature: Check that specific object present in List
    + Upgrade snakeyaml to 2.0
    + [Feature] Not exception but warning if some (not all) of the
      given test names are not found in suite files.
    + [Feature] Generate testng-results.xml per test suite
  * Changes of 7.7.1
    + Streamline overloaded assertion methods for Groovy
  * Changes of 7.7.0
    + Replace FindBugs by SpotBugs
    + Gradle: Drop forUseAtConfigurationTime()
    + Added ability to provide custom message to
      assertThrows\expectThrows methods
    + Fix issue 2801 - Only resolve hostname once
    + [SECURITY] Fix Zip Slip Vulnerability (bsc#1205628,
    + GITHUB-2807 - Failsafe buildStackTrace
    + Prevent overlogging of debug msgs in Graph impl
    + Streamline dataprovider invoking in abstract classes
    + Streamline TestResult due to expectedExceptions
    + Unexpected test runs count with retry analyzer
    + Make PackageUtils compliant with JPMS
    + Ability to retry a data provider during failures
    + Refactoring
    + Fixing bug with DataProvider retry
    + Add config key for callback discrepancy behavior
    + Upgrading versions
    + Fix #2770: FileAlreadyExistsException on copy
    + JarFileUtils.delete(File f) throw actual exception (instead
      of FileNotFound) when file cannot be deleted #2825
    + GITHUB-2830 - Failsafe parameter.toString
    + Changing assertion message of the osgitest
    + hidden spotbugs in release #2829
    + Enhancing the Matrix
    + Avoid Compilation errors on Semeru JDK flavour.
    + Add addition yml extension
    + Support getting dependencies info for a test
    + Honour regex in dependsOnMethods
    + Ensure All tests run all the time
    + Deprecate support for running Spock Tests
    + Streamline dependsOnMethods for configurations
    + Ensure ITestContext available for JUnit4 tests
    + Deprecate support for running JUnit tests
  * Changes of 7.6.1
    + Fix Files.copy() such that parent dirs are created
    + Remove deprecated utility methods
    + Fix typos
  * Changes of 7.6.0
    + Remove redundant Parameter implementation
    + Upgrade to JDK11
    + Move SimpleBaseTest to be Kotlin based
    + Restore testnames when using suites in suite.
    + Moving ClassHelperTests into Kotlin
    + IHookable and IConfigurable callback discrepancy
    + Minor refactoring
    + Add additional condition for assertEqualsNoOrder
    + beforeConfiguration() listener method should be invoked for
      skipped configurations as well
    + #2734 keep the initial order of listeners
    + SuiteRunner could not be initial by default Configuration
    + Enable Dataprovider failures to be considered.
    + BeforeGroups should run before any matched test
    + Fix possible StringIndexOutOfBoundsException exception in
    + DataProvider: possibility to unload dataprovider class, when
      done with it
    + fix possibilty that AfterGroups method is invoked before all
    + fix equals implementation for WrappedTestNGMethod
    + Upgrade dependencies, Upgrade to JDK17
    + Wire-In listeners consistently
    + Streamline AfterClass invocation
    + Show FQMN for tests in console
    + Fix 2725
- Modified patches:
  * 0001-Avoid-accidental-javascript-in-javadoc.patch
  * 0002-Replace-bundled-jquery-with-CDN-link.patch
    + regenerate for the current version
- Added patch:
  * 0003-Preserve-Java-8-compatibility.patch
    + restore the possibility to build with --release 8
- Removed patches:
  * 0003-Upgrade-snakeyaml-to-2.0.patch
  * 0004-vuln-fix-Zip-Slip-Vulnerability.patch
    + integrated in this version

Mon Apr 15 18:07:44 UTC 2024 - Fridrich Strba <>

- Modified patches:
  * 0001-Avoid-accidental-javascript-in-javadoc.patch
  * 0002-Replace-bundled-jquery-with-CDN-link.patch
  * testng-CVE-2022-4065.patch ->
    + re-cherry-pick and rediff in git
- Added patch:
  * 0003-Upgrade-snakeyaml-to-2.0.patch
    + Fix build against snakeyaml >= 2.0

Wed Feb 21 17:12:29 UTC 2024 - Fridrich Strba <>

- Use %patch -P N instead of deprecated %patchN.

Tue Nov 22 12:13:04 UTC 2022 - Fridrich Strba <>

- Added patch:
  * testng-CVE-2022-4065.patch
    + Issues in sanitization of zip files could lead to path
      traversal and potentially code execution (bsc#1205628,

Wed Apr 27 13:42:54 UTC 2022 - Fridrich Strba <>

- Upgrade to version 7.4.0
  * Features:
    + Ability to be notified when a data provider fails, through
      a TestNG listener.
      TestNG already has a listener that will let you plug in your
      callbacks for the following with respect to a data provider
      (implement org.testng.IDataProviderListener interface)
      You can now use this listener to be notified when a data
      provider fails as well.
    + Add the ability to override explicitly included test methods
      if they belong to any excluded groups via the configuration
      property : overrideIncludedMethods
    + Reduced memory foot print when trying to run tests with
      larger projects.
      This is now a toggle feature which can be enabled via the
      JVM argument: -Dtestng.memory.friendly=true
  * Bug fixes:
    + GITHUB-2459: Support configurable start time - emailable
    + GITHUB-2467: XmlTest does not copy the xmlClasses during clone
    + GITHUB-2469: Parameters added in XmlTest during
      AlterSuiteListener not available in SuiteListener
    + GITHUB-2296: Fix for assertEquals not working for sets as
      order is not guaranteed
    + GITHUB-2465: Fix bux where Strings.join returns empty String
    + GITHUB-1632: throwing SkipException sets iTestResult status to
      Failure instead of Skip
    + GITHUB-2456: Add onDataProviderFailure listener
    + GITHUB-2445: NPE in With Tests Created in
    + GITHUB-2428: Configuration methods have the same test class
      instance when @Factory is being used
    + GITHUB-2440: Fixed an issue when case timeout returned an
      incorrect exception and effect the next other test case
    + GITHUB-2407: Adds "overrideIncludedMethods" to the global
      config as a command-line argument, which excludes explicitly
      included test methods if they belong to any excluded groups
    + GITHUB-2432: Rework MethodInheritance.fixMethodInheritance to
      "soft" dependencies
    + GITHUB-2429: Seggregate Dependency Injection out as a clear
    + GITHUB-2435: getParameterIndex() always return 0 in test
    + GITHUB-2406: TestNG 7.3.0 transitive vulnerability
      CVE-2020-11022 and CVE-2020-11023 due to JQuery 3.4.1
    + GITHUB-2405: Regression: Using TestNG via Maven breaks when
      optional Guice dependency is unavailable
    + GITHUB-2427: Guice module (suite parent-module and test
      module) configure() method is called multiple times
    + GITHUB-2419: TestNG JUnit reports are not valid if system
      output contains XML tags
    + GITHUB-188: suite parallel="methods" does not work when there
      are multiple <test> tags in the testng.xml
    + GITHUB-346: When a method is annotated with both BeforeGroups
      and AfterGroups only AfterGroup is executed
    + GITHUB-2403: Suite.xml files attempt to make web request when
      suite references standard TestNG DTD using HTTP
    + GITHUB-2385: Make @Listeners can work for implemented
      interfaces and Inherited class
    + GITHUB-2053: MethodHelper.collectAndOrderMethods() Hangs when
      Parallel Instance and dependsOnGroups
    + GITHUB-2400: BeforeClass/Method (and AfterClass/Method)
      configuration methods that override default methods are
      invoked multiple times
    + GITHUB-2396: @Ignore on method level doesn't work as expected
    + GITHUB-2382: TestNG version should be specified in MANIFEST.MF
    + GITHUB-2096: 7.0.0-beta6 memory issues (regression)
    + GITHUB-2355: TestNG creates multiple Guice Module Instances
    + GITHUB-2374: Add file name to the warning message
    + GITHUB-2321: -Dtestng.thread.affinity=true do not work when
      running multiple instance of test in parallel
    + GITHUB-2363: JS error when switching theme
    + GITHUB-2361: No way to enforce @Test(singleThreaded = true)
      when test defined in base class
    + GITHUB-2343: Injectors are not reused when they share the same
      set of modules
    + GITHUB-2346: ITestResult attributes are null when retrieved by
      Listener onTestStart if test fails at BeforeMethod
    + GITHUB-2357: TestNG 7.3.0 transitive dependencies
- Fetch sources using source service instead of a script
- Build with java source and target levels 8
- Modified patches:
  * 0001-Avoid-accidental-javascript-in-javadoc.patch
  * 0002-Replace-bundled-jquery-with-CDN-link.patch
    + Rediff to changed context

Sun Mar 17 12:17:58 UTC 2019 - Fridrich Strba <>

- Initial packaging of testng 6.14.3
- Generate and customize ant build.xml file
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