File set_nfs_to_rt_per_ibm_testing.diff of Package ibmrtpkgs.15904

In our stress testing on our Lucas system, we ran into an NFS hang.  Upon
further inspection, we found that none of the nfs kernel threads had real-
time priorities like we expected.  We have added rpciod, lockd and nfsd
to the list with priorities that are just above the network softirqs.  We
have seen similar hangs in the past like this that we fixed in this manner.

Signed-off-by: Vernon Mauery <>

Index: ibmrtpkgs-2/set_kthread_prio/set_kthread_prio.conf
--- ibmrtpkgs-2.orig/set_kthread_prio/set_kthread_prio.conf
+++ ibmrtpkgs-2/set_kthread_prio/set_kthread_prio.conf
@@ -6,4 +6,7 @@ sirq-hrtimer	-f	92
 sirq-net-tx	-f	90
 sirq-net-rx	-f	90
 sirq_default	-f	30
+rpciod          -f      91
+lockd           -f      91
+nfsd            -f      91
 default		-	-
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