File chrome-gnome-shell.changes of Package chrome-gnome-shell

Mon Jun  4 14:49:12 UTC 2018 -

- BuildRequires p7zip-full, now that 7z was split out.

Wed Mar 21 09:20:05 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 10.1:
  + Firefox: multiple fixes of GNOME Shell extensions
  + Firefox 56 is minimum supported version now. ESR users should
    use browser extension version 10.0.1.
  + Known issues:
    - In Firefox with enabled synchronization of GNOME Shell
      extensions all Shell extensions may be removed after screen
      got locked because of missed support of "locked" idle state
      in WebExtensions API implementation.
    - Chrome extension may be auto uninstalled after upgrade to
      connector version 10. It can be restored using inline
      installation link at or using
      Chrome Store.
    - Firefox can consume a lot of CPU and sometime crash on quit
      because of Mozilla's bug bmo#1349874.
  + Updated translations.
- Stop using source service, upstream now does regular releases.

Wed Feb 28 16:24:13 UTC 2018 -

- Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner

Mon Feb 05 09:38:48 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 10:
  + FreeBSD is supported again.
  + Enabled GNOME Shell extensions synchronization in Firefox.
  + Added option to check updates of enabled only GNOME Shell
  + Added GNOME proxy support for update checks.
  + Update errors will not produce desktop notifications anymore.
    All errors now goes to browser console.
  + Chrome managed policies no longer got installed so browser
    extensions will not be force installed along with connector.
  + It's possible to use inline installation of browser extensions
    through website now.
  + Added light icon for dark browser themes. Use options page to
    switch icon.
  + Various fixes for options page in Firefox.
  + Updated translations.
- Drop chrome-gnome-shell-nb-translation.patch: Fixed upstream.
- No longer rm chrome-gnome-shell.json, upstream stopped installing

Fri Nov 24 20:08:05 UTC 2017 -

- Add chrome-gnome-shell-nb-translation.patch: Add Norwegian
  Bokmål translation.

Mon Nov  6 11:31:24 UTC 2017 -

- Allow the plugin to be disabled by removing the force-enabled
  policy from upstream (boo#1061278).

Thu Nov  2 16:01:28 UTC 2017 -

- Port to python3:
  + BuildRequire python3-base: /usr/bin/python3 is not implicit
    available in the buildroot yet.
  + Replace python-requests Requires with python3-requests.
  + Pass -DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE to cmake, pointing to
- Drop icon_theme_cache_post/postun scriptlets: no longer needed,
  since file triggers hancdle icon cache updates now.
- Add gobject-introspection BuildRequires: allow rpm to find/add
  typelib() dependencies.

Thu May 18 18:54:55 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 9:
  + connector:
    - Handle command line argument outside of GApplication.
    - Fix gsettings GNOME Shell schema lookup.
    - Fixed possible AttributeError.
    - Fixed Ctrl spelling.
  + compatibility:
    - Fixed external messaging for Firefox 54.
    - Updated to Firefox 52.
  + Removed redundant line forgotten in previous commit.
  + firefox:
    - Restrict maximum version to 53.
    - Show usefull error message in case native connector not
  + api: show errror instead of warning in case initialization
  + Improved error handling when GNOME Shell is not installed or
    not running.
  + options: allow html in error messages.
  + sync:
    - Avoid synchronization of disabled extensions during sleep
    - Increased idle queue timeout.
  + update-check: make python-requests dependency optional.
  + constants: drop old string.
  + doap: fix JavaScript spelling.
  + extension: open Shell extensions website on icon click.
  + i18n:
    - Regenerate template.
    - Explicitly distinguish "browser extension" and "Shell
    - Fix error message.
    - Update list of supported locales.
    - Regenerate locales.
  + Updated translations.

Sat Mar 04 09:30:18 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 8.2:
  + ubuntu:
    - Added that is needed for gnome-pkg-tools.
    - Fixed python 3 detection.
  + notifications: Fixed inter-frame communication.
  + api:
    - Do not expose api if GNOME Shell is not running.
    - Do not expose api version on initialize failure.
  + update-check: Fixed in-frame communication.
  + i18n: Regenerate locales.
  + Updated translations.

Sun Feb 12 20:30:33 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 8.1:
  + Added check to make sure that "enabled-extensions" GNOME Shell
    setting does not contains duplicated values (bgo#777650).
  + Fixed error that breaks update check if there was extension
    installed without "version" key in manifest.
  + Fixed error that prevents error message to be shown when update
    check is failed.
  + Fixed connector segfault on browser close.
  + Fixed possible error in synchronization process that may delete
    some extensions.
  + Updated translations.
- Drop chrome-gnome-shell-commit-dca4a35.patch: Fixed upstream.
- Use conditional to allow packaging for older versions of

Sat Feb  4 22:17:34 UTC 2017 -

- Added chrome-gnome-shell-commit-dca4a35.patch: Fix connector: do
  not use get_dbus_connection after GApplication was released

Wed Jan 25 10:02:13 UTC 2017 -

- Initial package, version 8.

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