File dblatex.changes of Package dblatex

Sun Nov  5 00:33:00 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 0.3.10
  + Add the ability to set images for front and back covers
  + Add the ability to pass several configuration files (-c option)
  + drop dependency on the latex package 'multirow'
  + wrong character entities in el.xml
  + put the paragraph title on a separate line
- dropped dblatex-xmultirow.patch (upstreamed)
- includes changes from 0.3.8 and 0.3.9. See:

Thu Aug  3 20:54:27 UTC 2017 -

- Cleanup spec file with spec cleaner
- Simplify conditionals
- Drop dblatex-rpmlintrc

Thu Aug  3 16:50:25 CEST 2017 -

- Fix texlive-multirow incompatibility (boo#1052102, debian#840189,

Sat Apr  2 07:29:55 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 0.3.7
  * Bugfix release

Sun Jan  4 16:05:18 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version 0.3.5
  + Fix an HTML table bug when no colgroup or col is specified.
  + Fix an HTML table bug when cellpadding is expressed in percentage.
  + Include the package ’ucs’ and configure listings to work with pdftex
    and UTF-8 characters.
  + Improve to detect the installed texlive version only on
    manual install.
  + Adapt URL to work with texlive >= 2009.
  + Debian bugs fixed: #720624, #684393, #684391, #683166, #682936, and #682901.
  + SF bugs fixed: #108, #107, #106, #104, #103, #98, and some fixes to
    be able work with Saxon.

Sun Aug 11 16:38:03 UTC 2013 -

- Update to version 0.3.4

  * Fix a bug in the missing characters display.
  * Fix the global template to actually insert a backmatter tag
    before backmatter  elements.
  * Fix bug #3520152 by changing a template xpath (looks like a
    libxslt limitation).
  * Improve the verbatim block display to be able to scale the
    block width to the page width.
  * Allow latex instructions within verbatim blocks through
    Processing Instructions.
  * Improve the setup script to be close to the debian install
  * Improve the hyphenation of the inlined literal elements.
  * Add the parameter example.float.type to give the possibility to
    have <example> not floating. The attribute 'floatstyle' is also
    taken into account.
  * Add the parameter hyphenation.format to specify the inlined
    format types that must be hyphenated. It replaces the more
    limited  monoseq.hyphenation parameter. 

- Packaging
  * added dblatex-0.3.4-disable-debian.patch

Tue Jul 10 09:33:32 UTC 2012 -

- Make it build with latest TeXLive 2012 with new package layout 

Thu Apr 26 10:04:21 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 0.3.3
  * Fix incomplete image path conversion when subfigures are used.
  * Fix unicode listings limitation to handle characters greater than
  * Fix <abstract> environment to prevent from page counter reset.
  * Fix the <literallayout> limitations by using the same
    implementation than <screen>.
  * Fix a texlive 9 french babel and enumitem incompatibility.
  * Fix to be robust to URL encoded image paths, and to non-latin1
  * Fix missing cross-reference to <sidebar> and <qandaset>.
  * Fix the <sidebar> box width to the actual context witdh.
  * Fix a french babel bug (unexpected active chars) when used with
  * Fix Debian bug #627501 to tell the priority policy of --xsl-user
  * Fix Debian bug #632967 to return a non-null code when the
    compilation fails.
  * Fix Debian bug #629514 to have draft watermark with XeTeX
  * Fix Debian bug #634563 to have safe pdftitle content (no images).
  * Fix in order to work under Windows.
  * Fix the HTML table support to correctly render the cells
  * Fix the HTML table support to correctly nested tables.
  * Fix the Olink support to allow database user-specific renderings
    like italics for <i> tags. Reuse of the DocBook Project implementation.
  * Fix a setup failure that made the listings UTF-8 support failed
    (extendedchars to set to "true").
  * Fix --xslt-opts to be able to pass several arguments by using
  * Set the TexLive version to 2009 by default.
  * Update to new Debian Error Handler API.

Improvements sponsored by Freexian ( :

  * Remove hard-coded paper size and add some parameters for page
    layout setup:
    + Parameters to define page sizes and margins.
    + Parameters to have crop marks for pre-press PDF output.
  * Add the parameters literal.environment and literal.extensions to
    allow the user define its own listing environment.
  * Add the parameter latex.engine.options to be able to pass options
    to the TeX engine backend.
  * Print out warnings about the characters not handled by the
    selected fonts.
  * Image display improvements/fixes:
    + Avoid unexpected paragraph indentation when displaying images.
    + Strip spurious spaces between subfigures when
    + @role='flow.inline'
    + Prevents from empty tex subcaptions when no subfigure
      <caption> is defined.
  * Add the ability to format <ulink> as a block when @type='block'.
  * Pass @role to the latex sidebar environment.
  * Add the literal.class parameter used when <literallayout> class  
    attribute is not set. Default is 'monospaced'.
  * Add some @role to format literal elements, and literal.role
    parameter for default role:
    + Wrap: wrap lines when longer than text width (default)
    + Overflow: do not wrap lines ; long lines overflow to the left
    + Scale: automatically scale a listing to have its lines fit the
      page width. The special feature can be disabled with

Wed Mar 28 10:53:00 UTC 2012 -

- Update to version 0.3.2:
  * Add feature request #2052157 to have HTML table support
  * Full support of the --quiet option
  * Improve to make package building easier in a
    development environment
  * Improve the document title formatting, to render <superscript>
    for example.
  * Fix debian bug #629110 to work around an appendix package
    limitation with xetex
  * Fix bug #3094120 to work in paranoid mode (required for
    TexLive 2010)
  * Fix debian bug #623590 to format elements like <emphasis>
    contained in <filename>.
  * Fix a bug that prevented from putting and index at the highest
    level when preceded by a <part>.  
- Removed dblatex-setup.patch and used sed instead to change doc

Tue Jan 10 07:56:06 UTC 2012 -

- GPL seems to be 2.0 only

Sun Sep 18 17:17:12 UTC 2011 -

- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
  (cf. packaging guidelines)

Fri Aug 12 12:59:37 UTC 2011 -

- Merged spec file with Publishing
- Added sed call to remove shebang lines in *.py files 

Sat Jun  5 08:41:10 UTC 2010 -

Updated to version 0.3:
  * Upgrade to recent Debian scripts (error handlers).
  * Improve the table rendering by adding a table-width Processing
  * Add the parameters:
    - default.table.width.
    - biblioentry.numbered.
  * A number of bug fixes.

Sun Aug  9 12:32:17 CEST 2009 -

- use new python macros

Wed Sep 24 14:16:18 CEST 2008 -

- drop noarch (not for a python package) 

Wed Jan 23 20:32:00 CEST 2008 -

- Updated to version 0.2.7
  * The XRef implementation is competely refactored to work with
  the common DocBook Project stylesheets version 1.72. The goal is
  to support the DocBook Project xreftyle and olink capabilities.
  In normal use, the changes should be transparent.
  * Dblatex accepts input data from standard input. Therefore, the
  result of some pre-processing (like profiling) can be piped to
  * Several user stylesheets (option -p) can be passed. Note that
  each stylesheet is imported (not included) which have significant
  impact on precedence or overriding behaviour.
  * Other minor improvements and a number of bug fixes.

- Updated to version 0.2.6
  * It is possible to number and/or put the preface, dedication,
  and colophon sections in the TOC and bookmarks.</para>
  * Add a draft watermark when the document is in draft mode.
  Moreover, the draft mode can be deduced from the document status
  * Some other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Sat Sep 01 16:22:00 CEST 2007 -

- First initial release 0.2.5
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