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Sun Dec 15 17:58:38 UTC 2019 - Matwey Kornilov <>

- Refresh elixir-1.9.4.tar.gz jsc#SLE-10913

Tue Dec  3 09:25:13 UTC 2019 - Gabriele Santomaggio <>

- Elixir 1.9.4
  * Bug fixes
    [mix local.hex] Remove invalid deprecation warning on mix local.hex command
- Elixir 1.9.3
  * Enhancements
    [mix release] Add :tar option for releases to create a tarball
  * Bug fixes
    [mix release] Use default_release option when name is not given
    [mix release] Make release's boot script contents deterministic

  * Deprecations
    [mix archive.install] Warn when installing from URI
    [mix escript.install] Warn when installing from URI

- Elixir 1.9.2
  * Enhancements
    [mix release] Allow {:from_app, app_name} as a version for releases
  * Bug fixes
    [Kernel] Ensure compilation works for a variable named super
    [Kernel] Ensure capture operator of a local function expands correctly inside a macro
    [Regex] Ensure dynamic recompilation of regexes considers options. 
    This fixes an issue where parsing the protocol in URI.parse/1 seemingly looked case sensitive when running Elixir precompiled on another machine

  * Mix
    [mix release] Use Base.encode32 when generating cookie to avoid unsafe chars
    [mix release] Fix install command on Windows
    [mix release] Quote executable path on Windows to ensure it works on directories with spaces

- Elixir 1.9.1
  * Enhancements
    [mix format] Print relative paths in --check-formatted output
    [mix release] Support included applications

  * Bug fixes
    [Code] Fix formatter wrongly removing nested parens in nested calls

  * Logger
    [Logger] Do not crash translator on poorly formatted supervisor names

  * Mix
    [mix compile] Raise readable error for mismatched sources during compilation
    [mix release] Preserve UTF8 encoding in release config files

Tue Jun 25 08:55:44 UTC 2019 -

- Elixir 1.9.0
  * Enhancements
    [EEx] Allow more complex mixed expressions when tokenizing

    [Access] Allow to handle negative index
    [CLI] Add support for --boot, --boot-var, --erl-config, --pipe-to, --rpc-eval, and --vm-args options
    [Code] Add static_atom_encoder option to Code.string_to_quoted/2
    [Code] Support :force_do_end_blocks on Code.format_string!/2 and Code.format_file!/2
    [Code] Do not raise on deadlocks on Code.ensure_compiled/1
    [Config] Add Config, Config.Reader, and Config.Provider modules for working with configuration
    [File] Add File.rename!/2
    [Inspect] Add :inspect_fun and :custom_options to Inspect.Opts
    [Kernel] Add ~U sigil for UTC date times
    [Kernel] Optimize &super/arity and &super(&1)
    [Kernel] Optimize generated code for with with a catch-all clause
    [Kernel] Validate __struct__ key in map returned by __struct__/0,1
    [Module] Add Module.get_attribute/3
    [Protocol] Improve Protocol.UndefinedError messages to also include the type that was attempted to dispatch on
    [Protocol] Optimize performance of dynamic dispatching for non-consolidated protocols
    [Record] Include field names in generated type for records
    [Regex] Automatically recompile regexes
    [Registry] Add
    [System] Add System.restart/0, and System.no_halt/1
    [System] Add System.get_env/2, System.fetch_env/1, and System.fetch_env!/1
    [System] Support SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for reproducible builds
    [ExUnit] Allow multiple :exclude on configuration/CLI
    [ExUnit.DocTest] No longer wrap doctest errors in custom exceptions. They ended-up hiding more information than shing
    [ExUnit.DocTest] Display the actual doctest code when doctest fails

    [IEx.CLI] Copy ticktime from remote node on IEx --remsh
    [IEx.CLI] Automatically add a host on node given to --remsh

    [Logger] Use a decentralized mode computation for Logger which allows overloads to be detected more quickly
    [Logger] Use persistent_term to store configuration whenever available for performance

    [Mix] Follow XDG base dir specification in Mix for temporary and configuration files
    [Mix.Generator] Add copy_file/3, copy_template/4, and overwite?/2
    [Mix.Project] Add preferred_cli_target that works like preferred_cli_env
    [mix archive.uninstall] Allow mix archive.uninstall APP to uninstall any installed version of APP
    [mix new] No longer generate a config/ directory for mix new
    [mix release] Add support for releases
    [mix release.init] Add templates for release configuration
    [mix test] Allow running tests for a given umbrella app from the umbrella root with mix test apps/APP/test. failures also include the apps/APP prefix in the test location

  * Bug fixes
    [EEx] Consistently trim newlines when you have a single EEx expression per line on multiple lines
    [Code] Quote :: in Code.format_string!/1 to avoid ambiguity
    [Code] Do not crash formatter on false positive sigils
    [Enum] Ensure the first equal entry is returned by Enum.min/2 and Enum.max/2
    [Kernel] Improve error message when string interpolation is used in a guard
    [Kernel] Properly merge and handle docs for callbacks with multiple clauses
    [Kernel] Guarantee reproducible builds on modules with dozens of specs
    [Kernel] Resolve __MODULE__ accordingly in nested defmodule to avoid double nesting
    [Kernel] Type variables starting with an underscore (_foo) should not raise compile error
    [Kernel] Keep order of elements when macro in/2 is expanded with a literal list on the right-hand side
    [Kernel] Print proper location on undefined function error from dynamically generated functions
    [System] Make sure :init.get_status/0 is set to {:started, :started} once the system starts
    [Path] Do not expand ~ in Path.expand/2 when not followed by a path separator
    [Protocol] Ensure debug_info is kept in protocols
    [Regex] Ensure inspect returns valid ~r// expressions when they are manually compiled with backslashes
    [Registry] Fix ETS leak in Registry.register/2 for already registered calls in unique registries while the procesis still alive
    [ExUnit] Raise error if attempting to run single line tests on multiple files
    [ExUnit] Return proper error on duplicate child IDs on start_supervised
    [IEx] Automatically shut down IEx if we receive EOF
    [Logger] Don't discard Logger messages from other nodes as to leave a trail on both systems
    [mix compile] Ensure Erlang-based Mix compilers (erlang, leex, yecc) set valid position on diagnostics
    [mix compile] Ensure compilation halts in an umbrella project if one of the siblings fail to compile
    [mix deps] Raise an error if the umbrella app's dir name and mix.exs app name don't match
    [mix deps.compile] Fix subcommand splitting bug in rebar3
    [mix test] Do not consider modules that are no longer cover compiled when computing coverage report, which couldlead to flawed reports
  * Soft-deprecations (no warnings emitted)
    [Mix.Config] Mix.Config has been deprecated in favor of the Config module that now ships as part of Elixir itself.Reading 
    configuration files should now be done by the Config.Reader module

  * Hard-deprecations
    [CLI] Deprecate --detached option, use --erl "-detached" instead
    [Map] Deprecate Enumerable keys in Map.drop/2, Map.split/2, and Map.take/2
    [String] The :insert_replaced option in String.replace/4 has been deprecated. 
    Instead you may pass a function as a replacement or use :binary.replace/4 if you need to support earlier Elixir versions
    [Mix.Project] Deprecate Mix.Project.load_paths/1 in favor of Mix.Project.compile_path/1

  * Full release notes:
Mon May 27 09:02:44 UTC 2019 -

- Elixir 1.8.2
  * Bug fixes
    [EEx] Raise readable error message on bad EEx state
    [Protocol] Ensure :debug_info is kept in protocols
    [Logger] Make sure Logger v1.8 does not get stuck in discard mode
    [Logger.Translator] Translate remote process crash in Logger

Wed Mar 13 11:15:44 UTC 2019 -

- Add requires Erlang >= 20

Tue Feb 19 15:38:20 UTC 2019 -

- Elixir 1.8.1
  * Bug fixes
    [Float] Fix rounding for subnormal floats
    [IEx] Fix IEx.pry crash when IEx isn't running
    [IEx.CLI] Add IEx warning when using --remsh with "dumb" terminal
    [IEx.Helpers] Sort results by arity on h helper
    [mix compile] Do not include optional dependencies in extra applications as it is 
    incompatible with shared deps in umbrellas

Mon Jan 28 11:00:20 UTC 2019 -

- Elixir 1.8.0
  * Elixir v1.8 comes with many improvements at the infrastructure level, improving compilation time, 
    speeding up common patterns, and adding features around introspection of the system.
    See full changelog at
  * Enhancements
    [EEx] Optimize the default template engine to compile and execute more efficiently
    [Calendar] Add Calendar.TimeZoneDatabase and a Calendar.UTCOnlyTimeZoneDatabase implementation
    [Calendar] Add callbacks day_of_year/3, quarter_of_year/3, year_of_era/1, and day_of_era/3
    [Code.Formatter] Preserve user's choice of new line after most operators
    [Date] Add Date.day_of_year/1, Date.quarter_of_year/1, Date.year_of_era/1, and Date.day_of_era/1
    [DateTime] Add DateTime.from_naive/3,, and DateTime.shift_zone/3
    [File] Allow :raw option in File.exists?/2, File.regular?/2, and File.dir?/2
    [File] Allow POSIX time as an integer in File.touch/2 and File.touch!/2
    [Inspect] Allow Inspect protocol to be derivable with the :only/:except options
    [Kernel] Do not propagate counters to variables in quote inside another quote
    [Kernel] Warn on ambiguous use of :: and | in typespecs
    [Kernel] Add :delegate_to @doc metadata tag when using defdelegate
    [Kernel] Improve compile-time building of ranges via the .. operator
    [Kernel] Compile charlist interpolation more efficiently
    [Kernel] Add floor/1 and ceil/1 guards
    [Kernel.SpecialForms] Add :reduce option to for comprehensions
    [List] Add List.myers_difference/3 and List.improper?/1
    [Macro] Add Macro.struct!/2 for proper struct resolution during compile time
    [Map] Optimize and merge nested maps put and merge operations
    [Range] Add Range.disjoint?/2
    [Record] Reduce memory allocation when updating multiple fields in a record
    [Registry] Allow associating a value on :via tuple
    [String] Add String.bag_distance/2
    [Task] Add $callers tracking to Task - this makes it easier to find which process spawned a task and use it for tracking ownership and monitoring
    [ExUnit] Add ExUnit.after_suite/1 callback
    [ExUnit.Assertions] Show last N messages (instead of first N) from mailbox on assert_receive fail
    [IEx.Helpers] Add port/1 and port/2
    [IEx.Server] Expose for custom IEx sessions with the ability to broker pry sessions
    [Mix] Add and to control dependency management per target
    [Mix.Project] Add :depth and :parents options to deps_paths/1
    [mix archive.install] Add a timeout when installing archives
    [mix compile] Include optional dependencies in :extra_applications
    [mix escript.install] Add a timeout when installing escripts
    [mix format] Warn when the same file may be formatted by multiple .formatter.exs
    [mix test] Allow setting the maximum number of failures via --max-failures
    [mix test] Print a message instead of raising on unmatched tests inside umbrella projects

  * Bug fixes
    [Calendar] Allow printing dates with more than 9999 years
    [Exception] Exclude deprecated functions in "did you mean?" hints
    [Float] Handle subnormal floats in Float.ratio/1
    [Kernel] Remove Guard test tuple_size(...) can never succeed Dialyzer warning on try
    [Kernel] Expand operands in size*unit bitstring modifier instead of expecting size and unit to be literal integers
    [Kernel] Do not deadlock on circular struct dependencies in typespecs
    [Kernel] Raise proper error message when passing flags to the Erlang compiler that Elixir cannot handle
    [Kernel] Do not leak variables in cond clauses with a single matching at compile-time clause
    [NaiveDateTime] Do not accept leap seconds in builder and parsing functions
    [String] Fix ZWJ handling in Unicode grapheme clusters
    [StringIO] Handle non-printable args in StringIO gracefully
    [IEx.Helpers] Use typespec info (instead of docs chunk) and properly format callbacks in b/1
    [Logger] Allow Logger backends to be dynamically removed when an application is shutting down
    [mix compile] Ensure changes in deps propagate to all umbrella children - this fix a long standing issue where updating a dependency would not recompile all projects accordingly, requiring a complete removal of _build
    [mix compile] Avoid time drift when checking and updating compiler manifest files
    [mix] Respect the :only option between umbrella siblings
    [mix compile.protocols] Reconsolidate protocols if local dependencies are stale
    [mix deps] Properly mark dependencies with different :system_env as diverged
    [mix new] Use --module value when setting up filenames

Sun Dec 30 11:18:35 UTC 2018 -

- Use %{_rpmmacrodir} for macros.elixir

Wed Dec 19 18:56:20 UTC 2018 -

- Set License to Apache-2.0.
  I have not found where did ErlPL come from.

Tue Dec 11 13:46:13 UTC 2018 - Jan Engelhardt <>

- Improvements to description grammar.

Mon Dec 10 11:17:25 UTC 2018 -

- Use %license for LICENSE

-----------------------  --------------------------------------------
Thu Nov 08 22:01:20 UTC 2018 -

- Elixir 1.7.4
  * Bug fixes
    [Calendar] Fix for converting from negative iso days on New Year 
    in a leap year
    [Kernel] Ensure @spec, @callback, @type and friends can be read 
    [Module] Avoid warnings when using Module.eval_quoted in the middle of 
    existing definitions
    [mix] Unload previous archive versions before building
    [mix format] Expand paths so mix format path\for\windows.ex works
    [mix test] Ensure that --cover displays correct coverage in an umbrella app

- Elixir 1.7.3
  * Bug fixes
    [ExUnit.Assertions] Do not attempt to expand try/1 as it is a special form
    [mix] Do not include applications with runtime: false as a runtime 
    dependency for applications coming from Hex    
    [mix] Do not include applications with runtime: false as a 
    runtime dependency for applications coming from Hex

- Elixir 1.7.2
  * Bug fixes
    [Kernel] Do not emit warnings for repeated docs over different clauses 
    due to false  positives
    [mix compile] Properly mark top-level dependencies as optional and as 
    This fixes a bug where Mix attempted to start optional dependencies of a 
    package when those optional dependencies were not available
    [mix compile] Avoid deadlock when a config has a timestamp later 
    than current time
    [mix test] Do not fail suite if there are no test files

- Elixir 1.7.1
  * Bug fixes
    [Calendar] Work-around a Dialyzer bug that causes it to loop for a 
    long time, potentially indefinitely	

- Elixir 1.7
  Elixir v1.7 is the last release to support Erlang/OTP 19. We recommend 
  everyone to migrate to Erlang/OTP 20+.
  Full release notes:

Sun Jul  1 08:02:34 UTC 2018 -

- Elixir 1.6.6
  This release supports Erlang/OTP 21.0 by removing all warnings and by 
  properly supporting the new Erlang logger module.

  * Bug fixes
    [Base] Do not raise when finding bad digits in Base.decode32! with 
    `case: :mixed`
    [Code] Preserve the user's choice when fn is followed by a newline and it 
    has only a single clause
    [DynamicSupervisor] Properly account for restarting children in the 
    `:max_children` configuration
    [String] Add performant impl for string upcase/downcase :ascii mode
    [Task.Supervisor] Fix type spec for start_child/4
    [Logger] Do not crash truncation when truncate is set to infinity
    [mix format] Match files starting with dot

- Elixir 1.6.5
  This release supports Erlang/OTP 21.0-rc by removing all warnings and by 
  properly redirecting logger output. Note it is not guaranteed it will support 
  Erlang/OTP 21.0 final.

  Bug fixes
    [Code] Preserve the user's choice in the formatter on parens call with next 
    break fits
    [Code] Preserve the user's choice in the formatter on calls without parens 
    when we have one argument per line
    [Code] Fix formatting when there is a tilde in the first element of a 
    [Kernel] Support specsdiff flag on __info__ spec clauses
    [Kernel] Do not exclude hygienic vars in defguard
    [Kernel.SpecialForms] Mark for comprehensions as generated to avoid 
    dialyzer warnings
    [Macro] Make sure Macro.to_string/2 emits valid quoted expressions
    [Task] Support :infinity timeout on Task.yield_many/2
    [Task.Supervisor] Do not crash spawning supervised tasks when the parent 
    process is dead
    [URI] Fix parsing of URIs with trailing ?

Thu Apr 12 15:39:08 UTC 2018 -

- Elixir 1.6.4

  * [Code.Formatter] Do not double escape quoted keyword list identifiers
  * [Kernel] Properly support into: binary in Erlang/OTP 20.3

- Elixir 1.6.3
  * [Code.Formatter] Support comments in the middle of pipelines, `when` and 
    `|` expressions
  * [Code.Formatter] Consider commas when breaking groups
  * [Code.Formatter] Ensure proper precedence between & and operators
  * [Code.Formatter] Consider .formatter.exs when formatting stdin
  * [Logger.Translator] Ensure logger doesn't crash when reporting named 

- Elixir 1.6.2

  See full changelog at

- Elixir 1.6.1

  See full changelog at

- Elixir 1.6.0

  See full changelog at

- Elixir 1.5.3

  See full changelog at

Wed Nov  1 12:28:21 UTC 2017 -

- updated to 1.5.2

Sun Aug  6 10:39:47 UTC 2017 -

- Elixir 1.5.1
  Release notes:

- Elixir 1.5.0
  Elixir v1.5 includes new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. While Elixir 
  v1.4 focused on tools for concurrency and scalability, Elixir v1.5 brings 
  many improvements to the developer experience and quality of life. As we will 
  see, many of those are powered by the latest Erlang/OTP 20. This is also the 
  last Elixir release that supports Erlang/OTP 18.
  Release notes:

Wed Jul  5 19:59:58 UTC 2017 -

- Elixir v1.4.5
  This version includes changes that make Elixir fully compatible with 
  Erlang/OTP 20.

  1. Enhancements
      [Logger] Handle changes to crash reports in OTP 20
  2. Bug fixes
      [DateTime] Fix DateTime.from_iso8601/2 when offset has no colon
      [Registry] Do not leak EXIT messages on Registry.dispatch/3

Thu May 18 18:39:39 UTC 2017 -

- Elixir v1.4.4
  1. Bug fixes
      [Map] Fix regression on struct update syntax

- Elixir v1.4.3
  Note: This release had a regression that has been immediately fixed on 
  version 1.4.4.
  This version includes changes that make Elixir fully compatible with 
  Erlang OTP 20-rc.1.

  1. Enhancements
      [Kernel] Improve compilation time for modules with many clauses
      [Map] Warn when attempting to override __struct__ key
      [Regex] Add recompile/1 and recompile!/1 to ease transition to OTP 20 
      for archives and stored regexes
      [Logger.Translator] Handle OTP 20 GenServer log messages
      [mix compile] Recompile projects if OTP version changes
  2. Bug fixes
      [Kernel] Fix code generation when non-binary bitstrings are in AST
      [Record] Properly escape fields passed to defrecord
      [ExUnit.Diff] Do not fail when comparing maps with nil or boolean keys
      [IEx.Helpers] Do not log exits on IEx.Helpers.c/2 failures
      [mix archive.install] Detect proper path on URLs with query strings
      [mix loadpaths] Do not assume all paths in loadpaths exist

Mon Feb 27 09:13:15 UTC 2017 -

- Elixir v1.4.2
  1. Bug fixes
      [EEx] Support middle expressions on trim mode
      [Calendar] Correct typo on Calendar types
      [Kernel] Ensure redefined functions point to the proper source
      [OptionParser] Add `:allow_nonexistent_atoms` to support unsafe behaviour 
      prior to v1.4
      [Stream] Allow consuming multiple items from suspended enumerable in 
      [String] Incorporate new grapheme rules in Unicode 9
      [IEx.Autocomplete] Do not crash on aliases which are not known at compile 
      [Mix.Umbrella] Ensure umbrella projects can depend on other umbrella 
      [Mix.Archive] Ensure previous archives with .ez extension are deleted

- Elixir v1.4.1
    1. Bug fixes
        [Kernel] Remove warning when making private functions overridable
        [Path] Ensure `Path.join/1` returns strings for lists of one element
        [Regex] Ensure `Regex.escape/1` also escapes `-`
        [IEx] Disable ANSI detection for powershell to avoid false positives
        [Mix.Make] Run `make clean` for ``
        [Mix.Rebar] Support all of rebar3 dependency package declaration
        [Mix.Rebar] Only pass overrides from parent to child in Rebar dep

Fri Jan  6 17:33:45 UTC 2017 -

- update to v1.4.0
  1. Enhancements
      [Calendar] Add,, 
      [Calendar] Support NaiveDateTime.add/3 and NaiveDateTime.diff/3 for 
      adding seconds (up to microseconds) as well as the difference between 
      two NaiveDateTimes in seconds (up to microseconds)
      [Calendar] Add Date.leap_year?/1 and Date.day_of_week/1
      [Calendar] Ensure Date, Time and NaiveDateTime APIs work with any struct 
      that provides the same set of fields as their respective struct. For 
      example, a NaiveDateTime can be given to Date since it contains a 
      superset of the fields in the Date struct
      [Enum] Add Enum.map_every/2 that invokes the given function with every 
      nth item
      [Enum] Add min/2, max/2, min_max/2, min_by/3, max_by/3, and min_max_by/3 
      that allow a function specifying the default value when the enumerable 
      is empty
      [Enum] Introduce to zip multiple entries at once
      [Float] Introduce Float.ratio/1 that returns a tuple with the numerator 
      and denominator as integers to retrieve the given float
      [GenServer] Log warn on default handle_info/2 implementation
      [Inspect] Support syntax coloring via the :syntax_color option
      [Integer] Integer.digits/2 now accepts negative integers
      [Integer] Add Integer.mod/2 and Integer.floor_div/2
      [IO] Add :label option to IO.inspect/2 to help distinguish multiple 
      IO.inspect/2 calls.
      [Kernel] Recognize merge conflict markers in source and provide a 
      readable error message
      [Kernel] Warn on unused module attributes
      [Kernel] Improve compiler message on unexpected end of line
      [Kernel] Raise BadBooleanError when a non-boolean is given on the 
      left-hand side of and/or
      [List] Add List.pop_at/3
      [List] Add List.myers_difference/2
      [OptionParser] Expand multi-letter aliases in OptionParser
      [Process] Add Process.send_after/4
      [Process] Improve error messages on Process.register/2 errors
      [Registry] Add a local, decentralized and scalable key-value process storage
      [Stream] Add Stream.map_every/2 that invokes the given function with 
      every nth item
      [Stream] Introduce to lazily zip multiple entries at once
      [String] Update to Unicode 9.0.0
      [Task] Add Task.async_stream/3 and Task.async_stream/5 as well as the 
      supervised versions Task.Supervisor.async_stream/4 and 
      [URI] Allow 0 as URI scheme default port
      [ExUnit.Diff] Use red or green background for whitespace-only diffs
      [ExUnit.Doctest] Allow inspected structures with multiples lines and 
      unicode characters in the doctest result
      [ExUnit.Formatter] Replace lhs/rhs with left/right in the formatter for 
      [IEx.Autocomplete] Stop appending a trailing dot when autocompleting 
      modules in IEx
      [IEx.Autocomplete] Support autocompletion for structs
      [IEx.Autocomplete] Improve IEx autocomplete to support navigating map 
      atom keys
      [IEx.Helpers] c/1 now compiles in memory by default to avoid common 
      issue where .beam files remain at projects root directory
      [IEx.Helpers] Add info about protocols in i/1
      [IEx.Server] Support interrupting IEx evaluation through the Ctrl+G prompt
      [mix archive] Compress archive files built by mix archive as they are 
      now unzipped during installation
      [mix archive] Install from SCM
      [mix compile] Automatically infer the list of applications for Mix 
      [mix cmd] Add the ability to specify one or more apps in mix cmd
      [mix deps] Warn if there are non-applications in the apps directory for 
      umbrella projects
      [mix deps] Add warning for invalid paths on mix deps.clean
      [mix deps] Add Mix.Project.apps_paths that returns the paths to children 
      applications in umbrella projects
      [mix deps] Add MIX_REBAR environment variable for overriding local rebar
      [mix escript] Install from SCM
      [mix new] Check directory existence in mix new and ask how to proceed if 
      one exists
      [mix new] Applications built with the --sup flag now have an individual 
      module to work as application callback
      [mix test] Add --formatter option to mix test
      [mix xref] Provide "did you mean?" suggestions for mix xref
  2. Bug fixes
      [Access] Do not accept nils in Access.key/1 and Access.key/2 in favor of 
      explicit default values (or Access.key!/1 if you expect the key to 
      always be available)
      [Float] Avoid multiple roundings in Float.ceil/2, Float.floor/2 and 
      [Kernel] Don't crash in macro_exported?/3 when dealing with Erlang 
      [Kernel] Ensure locals calls are rewritten when calling a local function 
      or macro from inside a module
      [Kernel] Annotate the context for variables as zero-arity funs in quotes
      [Kernel.SpecialForms] Ensure comprehensions with guards and filters keep 
      proper ordering,
      [Kernel.SpecialForms] Produce meaningful warning when with's else 
      clauses have no effect
      [Macro] Wrap fn calls in parens in Macro.to_string/2
      [Macro] Do not print aliases as keys inside keyword lists in 
      [OptionParser] Support options in OptionParser.to_argv/2 to ensure 
      :count switches are correctly encoded
      [Stream] Ensure Stream.take/2 does not consume next element on :suspend
      [String] Fix infinite recursion in String.replace_leading/3 and 
      String.replace_trailing/3 when given an empty string
      [Task] Fix Task.shutdown/1,2 infinite block when task has no monitor
      [Task] Ensure task cannot link after parents unlinks
      [ExUnit] Fix a race condition in assert_receive where we would assert a 
      message was not received but show it in the list of messages when the 
      message is delivered right after the timeout value
      [IEx.Helpers] Purge consolidated protocols before and after recompile/0
      [Mix.Dep] Use gmake on FreeBSD instead of make when compiling make 
      [Mix.Project] Only copy files from source when they're newer than 
      destination (for Windows machines)
      [Mix.Task] Ensure non-recursive tasks inside umbrella are reenabled
  3. Soft deprecations (no warnings emitted)
      [Enum] Enum.partition/2 has been deprecated in favor of Enum.split_with/2
      [System] Deprecate plural time units in favor of singular ones to align 
      with future Erlang releases
      [ExUnit] Using GenEvent to implement ExUnit formatters is deprecated. 
      Please use the new GenServer based formatters instead
  4. Deprecations
      [Access] Access.key/1 is deprecated due to erratic behaviour for missing 
      keys, please use Access.key/2 instead with proper default values
      [Behaviour] The Behaviour module is deprecated. Callbacks may now be 
      defined directly via the @callback attribute
      [Enum] Deprecate Enum.uniq/2 in favor of Enum.uniq_by/2
      [Float] Float.to_char_list/2 and Float.to_string/2 are deprecated (use 
      the :erlang functions if such conversions are desired)
      [Kernel] Deprecate support for making private functions overridable. 
      Overridable functions must always be public as they must be contracts
      [Kernel] Warn if variable is used as a function call
      [OptionParser] Deprecate aliases with multiple letters, such as -abc
      [Set] Deprecate the Set module
      [Stream] Deprecate Stream.uniq/2 in favor of Stream.uniq_by/2
      [IEx.Helpers] import_file/2 is deprecated in favor of 
      [Mix.Utils] underscore/1 and camelize/1 are deprecated

Sun Oct  9 19:39:04 UTC 2016 -

- update to v1.3.4
  1. Bug fixes
      [Kernel] Ensure the compiler does not generate unecessary variable 
      bindings inside case statements. This improves the code emitted and make 
      sure "unused variable warnings" are not mistakenly silenced
      [Kernel] Move raise checks to runtime to avoid crashing cover on Erlang 19.1
      [Protocol] Do not emit warnings when using protocols on opaque types
      [ExUnit.CaptureLog] Flush Erlang's :error_logger before capturing to 
      avoid mixed messages

Fri Sep 23 10:40:28 UTC 2016 -

- update to v1.3.3
  1. Enhancements
      [DateTime] Support negative integer in DateTime.from_unix/2
      [Kernel.LexicalTracker] Do not consider remote typespecs as a compile-time dependency
      [Kernel.ParallelCompiler] Do not emit deadlock messages when the process is waiting on itself
      [Kernel.Typespec] Mark struct update syntax as generated to avoid false positives from dialyzer
      [ExUnit] Make ExUnit server timeout configurable
      [Logger] Use :ansi_color if one is available in metadata
      [Mix] Add support for the :sparse option in Mix.SCM.Git
      [Mix] Skip dependendency loading if MIX_NO_DEPS is set to 1
  2. Bug fixes
      [System] Use NUL instead of /dev/null on Windows when building System.build_info
      [IEx.Autocomplete] Resolves issue with autocompletion on structs not working
      [Mix] Also store external resources that are not part of the current working directory in compilation manifest
      [Mix] Always include the compiled file source in manifests

Sat Jul 30 10:32:07 UTC 2016 -

- update to v1.3.2
  1. Enhancements
      [Kernel] Support guards in else clauses in with
      [Mix] Add MIX_NO_DEPS env var for disabling dep loading. Used for third-party scripts and tools like Nix package manager
      [Mix] Add mix test --listen-on-stdin that automatically reruns tests on stdin
      [Mix] Disable --warnings-as-errors when compiling dependencies
      [Mix] Add --filter option to mix deps.unlock to unlock only matching dependencies
  2. Bug fixes
      [Enum] Return nil if enumerable halts in Enum.find_index/3
      [Kernel] Do not attempt to load modules that have not been required when invoking regular functions, otherwise this invalidates the @compile {:autoload, false} directive.
      [Mix] Ensure missing protocol dependencies are discarded in umbrella projects with shared build
      [ExUnit.Diff] Ensure no leading or trailing when diffing some maps

Thu Jun 30 18:22:46 UTC 2016 -

- update to v1.3.1

  1. Enhancements
      [IEx.Helpers] Add import_file_if_available for importing files only if 
      they are available
      [IEx.Helpers] Add import_if_available for importing modules only if they 
      are available

  2. Bug fixes
      [Kernel] Ensure structs can be expanded in dynamic module names
      [Kernel] Ensure aliases warnings are not accidentally discarded when the 
      same module is imported
      [Kernel.ParallelCompiler] Ensure two modules with cyclic struct 
      dependencies cannot run into a deadlock when compiling
      [Kernel.Typespec] Support module attributes in remote types
      [Module] Do not expect stacktraces to be always present when dispatching 
      to locals during the module compilation
      [IEx.Helpers] Fix h helper for operators
      [Mix] Do not load modules for xref purposes, instead use BEAM info
      [Mix] Ensure deps.check does not check archives (that's done in loadpaths)
      [Mix] Validate application properties before traversing them
      [Mix] Check for proper Makefile when compiling on Windows
      [Mix] Enforce space after comma in mix do

Sat Jun 25 10:21:38 UTC 2016 -

- update to v1.3.0
  Elixir v1.3 brings many improvements to the language, the compiler and its 
  tooling, specially Mix (Elixir’s build tool) and ExUnit (Elixir’s test 
  framework). The most notable additions are the new Calendar types, the new 
  cross-reference checker in Mix, and the assertion diffing in ExUnit.
  See full release notes at

Sun May  1 09:43:58 UTC 2016 -

- Update to v1.2.5
	Bug fixes
      [Logger] Stringify truncated function data in Logger
      [Logger] Ensure poorly formatted char data can also be logged by using the replacement character "�" (diamond question mark)
      [Mix] Do not assume @impl is always a list
      [String] Fix bugs in String.replace_* functions where it would not include the accumulated value for certain replacements

- Update to v1.2.4
      [Mix] Add :archives configuration to def project that allows projects to list archive dependencies. --no-archives-check (as well as --no-deps-check) will disable the archive check. The :archives option is not checked for dependencies.
      [Mix] Add deps.precompile task as hook
      [Mix] Support --include-children in mix deps.compile option
      [String] Update version of the Unicode database to 8.0.0

	Bug fixes
      [Application] Ensure spec/2 returns nil for unknown applications
      [Integer] Fix a possible binary leak in parse/1
      [Mix] Purge Erlang modules on recompilation
      [String] Ensure split/1 does not break on non-breakable whitespace
      [String] Ensure NFC and NFD normalization pass all of Unicode 8.0.0 tests
      [Version] Allow dots in build info for versions in Version.parse/1

Wed Feb 24 16:06:18 UTC 2016 -

- update to v1.2.3
  + Enhancements
    * [Base] Add :ignore and :padding option to encoding/decoding functions
    * [Mix] Add Mix.Projects.deps_paths that returns the dependencies path as a map
  + Bug fixes
    * [ExUnit] Do not provide negative line numbers without generated annotation (for compatibility with Erlang 19)
    * [Mix] Reject non fullfilled optional dependencies later on in the convergence resolution for proper dependency sorting
    * [String] Fix incomplete data trimming on both String.replace_trailing and String.rstrip
    * [String] Attach debug_info back into Unicode modules for Dialyzer support

Thu Feb  4 09:10:38 UTC 2016 -

- Update to v1.2.2
    [Kernel] Support @compile {:autoload, false} to disable automatic loading after compilation
  Bug fixes
    [ExUnit] Raise if trying to override reserved tag in setup blocks
    [Mix] Ensure retrieve compile manifests do fail if some compilers are not yet available
    [Mix] Automatically merge managers according to the mix > rebar3 > rebar > make order
    [Mix] Force recompilation if dependency was recently fetched

- Update to v1.2.1
    [IEx] Support remote pids/ports with IEx helper i/1
    [Protocol] Warn when defimpl is called for a consolidated protocol
  Bug fixes
    [ExUnit] Ensure assert macros can be used from quoted code
    [ExUnit] Do not warn in match assertion if variable is reused in pattern
    [Macro] Fix a bug in Macro.to_string/1 where a remote function could be accidentally interpreted as a sigil
    [Mix] Ensure dependencies are properly skipped when --only option is given to mix deps.get

Fri Jan  1 15:48:20 UTC 2016 -

- Update to v1.2.0
  + Erlang 18 support
  + Many language improvements
  + Please see
    for the complete changelog.
- Use original source tarball
- Add erlang-dialyzer dependency for the test suite

Tue Nov 17 18:59:21 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version v1.1.1:
  + Enum.sample using reservoir sampling
  + guard for Enum.sample/2
  + eliminate count>=n corner case in Enum.sample/2
  + don't walk the collection on 0-sized Enum.sample
  + test Enum.sample with different random seeds
  + fix Enum.sample docs
  + Enum.sample: use Tuple.duplicate for sample init
  + Enum.sample/2: dedup code in reducer branches
  + Start v1.1.0-dev
  + Improve UndefinedFunctionError
  + Fix my own typo in helpers.ex
  + fix previous commit typo bug
  + Fix a typo in IO.inspect’s doc
  + Fix a typo in Code.eval_file's doc
  + Fixed String doc link
  + Ensure chunk/4 is haltable
  + fix example sample.ex -> sample.eex
  + Do not require {ref, :done}, instead allow sync removal
  + Add U as ungreedy option, soft deprecate r
  + Allow U (upper case u) as an option for sigil_r
  + Fix a typo in Dict's docs
  + Load dependencies before deps.check compiles
  + Add tests for add_process_handler/2
  + default ports for WebSocket
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Include stracktrace on ExUnit timeouts
  + Ensure Mix.Config is deep merged
  + Add compatibilty with OTP 18 typespec changes
  + Small fix for Application docs. Returning value is not a tuple
  + Update release instructions
  + Change version requirement to be MAJOR.MINOR
  + Filter out :elixir_lexical from stacktraces
  + Improve GenEvent docs
  + Remove previously generated beams before installing new ones
  + Documented File.stat options
  + Improve stat docs
  + Add MIX_ENV output to
  + Report correct location if local.hex failed
  + Bump Hex requirement
  + Add copy_path! instead of read_path!(..., file: ...)
  + Test the way System.cmd finds for executables
  + Change implementation of System.cmd to match the docs
  + :gen_event_EXIT can only be successful reasons for process handlers
  + Remove :elixir module from stacktraces
  + Also remove elixir_exp from stacktraces
  + Fix compiler warning
  + Do not pass false into port command
  + Move printing out of copy_path, always create dir
  + Introduce `StringIO.flush/1` function
  + Define value before using it
  + Fix spec for surround_many
  + Fix :stderr_to_stdout option
  + Send elixir version as parameter when installing hex
  + Make some docs more gender neutral
  + Give higher prio to powershell on windows
  + Fix documentation of IO module
  + Don't crash on malformed proxy env var
  + Refactor and add new rewrite rules
  + Purge and delete modules before compiling them
  + Also purge and delete during tests
  + Test that we do purge and delete artifacts
  + downcase path comparison in application directory test
  + Support mix help --search PATTERN
  + Write to manifest when file is removed
  + --elixirc-paths should be a subset of project paths
  + Add task for pushing standalone mix
  + Fix String.replace/4 typespec
  + Build .beam location from scratch on mix compile.elixir
  + Remove unecessary comment
  +  Add OTP 17.3 to run on Travis CI
  + Added :read_link option, doesn't break current tests, needs new tests
  + Make the parameter more explicit
  + Fix a couple of minor typos in docstrings
  + Added File.lstat and File.lstat! functions and associated tests. These functions are elixir versions of the unix lstat function.
  + Based on email from Paulo Almeida, I removed the apparently extranous calls to IO.char_data_to_string in the stat! and lstat! methods.
  + Revert "Based on email from Paulo Almeida, I removed the apparently extranous calls"
  + No longer inline binary expressions in EEx
  + fix typo
  + Fix missing concatenation operator.
  + Fix test for mix deps.clean.
  + set null prompt function in dumbterm mode
  + Do not set not shell as we know have a custom prompt
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Revised tests to use tmp_path for file paths.
  + fix typos
  + Fix typo
  + Use unamed tables for module compilation
  + correct is_nil @doc to have the same format as the other is_* functions. So it is consistent in the Kernel > Summary docs
  + Use a not confusing example for String.grapheme
  + List foldl, foldr @doc
  + fix link to bug reports
  + explaining #elixir-lang
  + explaining #elixir-lang (better option)
  + mix.ex: example "mix run hello" -> "mix hello"
  + Properly handle eval_failure warnings, closes #2835
  + Unify error reporting from EEx, closes #2833
  + Improve token errors for aliases, closes #2818
  + Fail to compile try without else/catch/after/rescue, closes #2797
  + Update release instructions
  + More updates to instructions
  + spelling mistake in iex docs: dafailt -> default
  + fix escaped terminatiors in sigil
  + Highlight main logger level config
  + Fix @doc of List.keyfind,keymember? and keydelete
  + Replace `defstruct/2` with `defstruct/1`
  + change some doc examples to iex style
  + fix typo
  + Use elixir tmp directory instead of /tmp, closes #2849
  + Create directory before copying file
  + fix typo
  + should throw an exception when the second argument is negative
  + complete test coverage for Stream.take_every/2
  + Fix `String.ljust/2,3` and `String.rjust/2,3` functions
  + Move string justification defaults to the function heads
  + No need for `do_` prefix in `String.do_justify/4`
  + improve important links
  + link to docs.html
  + Fix type of Inspect.Opts limit
  + Correct Enum.take, Enum.take_every, Stream.take, Stream.take_every to accept proper nth/count values
  + fix documentation of String module
  + fix spec and add more test for String.duplicate/2
  + Improve documentation of Dict module
  + fix inline documentation because of broken ansi representation in iex
  + fix typo
  + fix floating point approximation error
  + fix wrong String.split_at/2 output when second arg is not an integer
  + fix wrong output when second arg is not an integer
  + explains when to use Float.parse/1 and that String.to_float will not deal with integer fmt strings
  + bypass warning
  + fix mistake on test
  + fix doc line's length and test one more time
  + Fix SupervisorTest :push handle_cast method
  + Move 0 index match to the function head in `String.split_at/2`
  + Move same pos match to the function head in `Regex.apply_list/5`
  + rename two identical variables to same name and remove guard
  + Make IO.ANSI.Docs readable on white background
  + correcting broken url in GenEvent docs
  + fix wrong CRLF grapheme
  + Don't show hex update message on mix local.hex
  + fix broken link in GenServer module
  + Add doctest to the test template
  + Make map_reduce @spec stricter
  + Fix command_to_module_name not converting snakecased names properly
  + Drop unneeded functions and fix module_name_to_command conversions
  + Fix GenServer.cast/2 docs
  + Document --unlock flag in deps.clean
  + Add number of skipped tests to ExUnit output
  + Ensure compilation does not leave random spurious data on failure
  + - adding example for float-32 - making it more clear that ther order of type options doesnt matter
  + Clarify \x applies to unicode codepoints
  + Add Enum.minmax and Enum.minmax_by
  + Remove unnecessary binding
  + Add @spec for `main` in escript
  + Fix typo in module documentation
  + Fix splitting of empty strings on regex with trim: true
  + Fix string splitting on regex when both :trim and other options are present
  + Raise on previous alias warning expansion
  + Update
  + Delegate to :erlang.binary_to_float on Float.parse/1
  + Introduce an implementation of Integer.digits/1
  + Fix misspellings in docs, comments, and strings.
  + More spelling and grammar fixes.
  + Update documentation for Enum.join
  + fix typo
  + introduce Enum.reverse/3
  + Add Integer.undigits/2
  + Fix broken IO.ANSI.Docs parser
  + Fix IO.ANSI.Docs for multiple stars/underscores/backticks
  + Use the new build env on Travis
  + add 17.3 to allow_failures section
  + fix corner case for end detection
  + add more test cases for in word symbols
  + Execute tests with same name
  + Add test cases for non-space delimiters
  + Use IO.ANSI.format/1 for escaping mix shell messages
  + Register test with duplicate names only once
  + Clean up IO.ANSI.Docs handling of `
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + fix documentation for Record Types
  + remove unnecessary prefix
  + Improve archive error on Windows
  + Improve IEx autocomplete implementation
  + Enum.sample/1 should raise if the list is empty
  + Fix incorrect boundary condition
  + Add `\g{N}` for &Regex.replace/4
  + Document `\g{N}`
  + Remove empty/1 callback from Collectable implementations
  + Fix doc build instructions
  + Improve Mix doc intro section
  + No need for default `code` arg in `IO.ANSI.Sequence.defsequence/3`
  + Simplify color sequences definition in `IO.ANSI`
  + Use same verb tense across Elixir documentation
  + Remove dead @doc snippet
  + Add support for --werl in Windows bash-like shells
  + load modules from load path
  + Always use the loaded application modules
  + Optimize and also add completion for Erlang modules
  + Add Enum.unzip/1
  + Improve loadconfig docs
  + Remove test duplication
  + Use actual range in the `EnumTest.Range`
  + Improve test coverage for `Enum.reverse_slice/3`
  + Add `@spec` for `Enum.reverse_slice/3`
  + require otp 17.3 to pass on travis
  + warning about dumb terminal just irritates users
  + Improve `Enum.reverse_slice/3` performance More than thrice for lists Around 35% for other collections
  + Only shut down Logger if the application is being actually started
  + improved performance of Integer.undigits/2
  + this resolves #2952 compile error
  + fix typos
  + smart_engine: Rephrases doc
  + Add cover directory from 'mix test --cover' to default .gitignore
  + Optimize reduce for maps
  + Keep .gitignore ordering
  + Fix bootstrap issues
  + Improve docs for URI
  + Further improve URI parse docs
  + Fix mix shell tests when ansi escapes are disabled
  + Copyright requires just the starting year
  + Do more strict matching on URI scheme
  + Implement Integer.parse/2
  + Use a guard to check if a valid base is given to Integer.parse/2
  + Integer.parse/2 shouldn't parse when base is not an integer
  + Remove unnecessary Integer.parse/1
  + make doctest syntax consistent
  + fix spec for Integer.digits/2
  + Check Elixir version right after archive installation
  + Document the implications of setting embed_elixir to false. Closes #2970
  + Specify error from node/1 as an atom
  + Compile docs to doc/
  + Fix a few simple typo's, found while perusing the code.
  + Keep original stacktrace on inspect errors
  + Remove "private structs" from struct types
  + Don't go through API server to install Hex
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Add column info in tokenizer, #2987
  + Fix line extraction in elixir_parser
  + Change location info format in tokenizer
  + Store tests in a list to keep ordering
  + Support safe: boolean option in inspect
  + Count \\ as just one character in column info in tokenizer
  + GenServer docs fix: missing {:ok, state, :hibernate} for init callback
  + Fix column counting in elixir_interpolation.erl
  + Improve IEx helpers docs
  + Fix failing documentation assertion
  + Remove broken and unfixable delegate_locals_to implementation
  + Fix inconsistency of collection in Enum
  + Failing test demonstrating ExUnit crash on inspect failure
  + Ensure ExUnit survives inspect and exception message failures
  + Fixed typos in Supervisor doc
  + Ensure mix compiler is able to handle nested directories
  + add missing assert call
  + Set MIX_ARCHIVES in mix tasks archive tests
  + Improve error message when using attributes inside match in module
  + Fix error documentation for Kernel.hd/1
  + Invert the order of non matching token messages (closes #2993)
  + Fixes #3009
  + Add missing :ok return
  + Optimize common flat_map_reduce paths
  + Do not repeat the module name
  + Inline common map cases in into
  + Add --color option description to mix moduledoc.
  + Add examples to System.cmd/3
  + Fix the logging with `metadata[:function]`
  + Add test for metadata defaults
  + Use actual message in the metadata assertion
  + Remove unused umbrella flag
  + Don't ignore escape characters in regex
  + Do not show aliases and import warnings when code cannot compile
  + Merge pull request #2801 from fishcakez/app_env
  + Get rid of ets from Mix.State
  + Add an example of Enum.find_value/3 to the docs
  + Avoid escape characters in System.cmd/3 docs
  + Corrected incorrect docstring.
  + Change Record#extract to a function - Also adds docs for defining records that were extracted with anonymous functions
  + Explicitly pass allowed attributes to __info__
  + Do not choke when Exception.message/1 does not return a string
  + Call Logger.flush in System.at_exit when running mix test.
  + Ensure priv/include are copied on Windows even if source did not change
  + Improve error message with invalid structures in maps
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Add Dict.get_and_update/3
  + Add Keyword.get_and_update/3
  + Optimize the performance of Map.get_and_update/3 and Keyword.get_and_update/3
  + Avoid export vars in destructure
  + Ignore exported vars warning
  + Improve docs for functions in File
  + Simplify Logger checks
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Use[:loaded] to avoid races
  + Fix `Keyword.get_and_update/4` funtion name
  + Suppress warning in `Mix.Tasks.Test`
  + Make `Dict.get_and_update/3` overridable
  + Always rebuild structures on Windows
  + Ensure rebar is quoted when running escript on windows
  + No need for `args` in `Mix.CLI.load_mixfile/1`
  + Fix a minor typo in the docs for `Module`
  + Add an example of defining a `__using__/1` macro
  + Fix race condition in undef logger translator tests
  + Bring change removed from v1.0 into CHANGELOG
  + Tell user to run mix deps.get on lock mismatch, closes #3038
  + Fix some grammar in the docs for Access, and add more docs
  + Use which_applications instead of undocumented info
  + Fix boundary in Enum.take/2, closes #3042
  + Optimize more Enum and Stream functions
  + Added man page for iex/elixir
  + Polish the docs for the Kernel functions delegated to Erlang
  + Add examples to some of the Kernel functions delegated to Erlang
  + fix broken system path test
  + Remove a Kernel doctest that issued a warning
  + Add details to the docs of a bunch of Kernel functions/macros
  + Expand attributes and macros in record extractor
  + Ensure quoted expressions are properly shown in error messages
  + Make it clear that Keyword does not preseve ordering
  + Rebar dependencies can be compiled with mix if they have a mix.exs file
  + Raise an appropriate error when raise/1 is called with an invalid arg
  + Remove @moduledoc false from requirement
  + Allow rebar dependencies to be specified via :path
  + Remove 17.1 which has a bug in its filelib:wildcard check
  + Add the timeout option for tests
  + Add the timeout option for running the test
  + update links to website
  + Polish the docs of a bunch of Kernel functions
  + Added to tuple.ex module doc a see also note reference the various Kernel functions dealing with tuples. The Rationale for this is that its confusing for a newcomer to the language that these are not members of tuple and it provides a hint as to where these are actually found
  + singular plural issue fixed for tests
  + Throw syntax error for `:foo.Bar`
  + Add positive test case for punctuation in atoms
  + Remove internals from IEx stacktrace
  + Set the timeout to infinity when trace option is true
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Refactor the runner configuration to make it testable
  + Add a note for in memory reloading to r/1
  + Logger: Format OTP 17.4 terminate reasons
  + Fix Exception.stacktrace_entry/0 type spec
  + Logger uses chardata, not iodata
  + Add tests for IEx.Helpers.import_file/1 with missing file
  + Add an :optional option to IEx.Helpers.import_file/1
  + Update docs for `IEx.Helpers.import_file/1`
  + Add Record.extract_all/1 returning all records information
  + small corrections in docs
  + Also ignore elixir_clauses in stacktraces
  + Update new major.minor instructions
  + Hack The Docs contribution
  + Add import flag to Bitwise
  + Replace os.cmd in git with System.cmd, done one to verify what is wanted.
  + Correct the phrase "if there already exists"
  + Fix httpc proxy option profile
  + Replaced all uses of :os.cmd
  + Use stderr_to_stdout option in run_cmd_or_raise
  + Fix @spec for Path.wildcard + doc:return value
  + create individual tasks for "make docs"
  + Move test for `:foo.Bar` syntax error
  + Add more documentation for ~> requirements
  + Correct usage of `ExUnit.Assertions.flunk` and add guard for it
  + Tweak the docs a bit.
  + No need to pass cmd, include output in errors
  + Use Behaviour in exception
  + Update Task logs to OTP 17.4 behaviour format
  + Update logger translator tests for OTP 17.4 format
  + Polish the docs of some `Kernel` functions
  + Polish the docs for the Kernel.def* set of macros
  + Mix: add comma at the end of worker()
  + Turn some examples in `Kernel` into doctests
  + Support R18 standard error
  + Do not erase stacktrace on bad configs
  + Fallback to undocumented API only if necessary
  + Polish the docs of the sigils in the `Kernel` module
  + Fixed the formatting and some docs in the Tuple module
  + Ensure mix CLI-wide that we print Logger messages
  + Fix some docs in the `Atom` module
  + Also run tests on 17.4
  + Replaced all but one call with System.cmd. The remaining call is for windows systems using powershell and I don't know the appropriate token parsing for powershell command lines.
  + Reuse `ArgumentError` creation in `elixir_quote` module
  + Add test for error on struct field value
  + Use `:lists.reverse/2` instead of `:lists.reverse/1` and `++`
  + Emit deprecation warnings for Access protocol
  + remove blank in README template
  + Unify empty parens and map exprs handling
  + Split containers and call args expressions
  + Add documentation with examples how to assert return values and capture IO output at the same time
  + Add String.levenshtein_distance/2 and "Did you mean?" suggestion to mix
  + Add distinction between no_parens_one and no_parens_ambig to parser
  + Throw syntax error on [f g :a, :b]
  + Add comments explaining changes to parser
  + Add assertion that `[f g a]` is ok
  + Add line breaks to code comment
  + Polish the docs for the functions in the `Float` module
  + Replace `String.levenshtein_distance/2` with `String.jaro_distance/2`
  + Remove crypto and syntax_tools dependencies
  + Use best match in "Did you mean?" mix suggestion
  + Store relative paths in erlang manifest
  + Replace "in between" with "between" in comments and doc strings
  + Replace "parenthesis" with "parentheses" in comments and doc strings
  + Improve tokenization of identifiers and `k: v` keys
  + Use identifier instead of name
  + Fix typo
  + Ensure changes in child deps forces the parent to recompile
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Make ::/2 a special form
  + Also check mix options for divergence
  + Revert "Merge pull request #3109 from oneeman/refine_no_parens_parsing"
  + Return value when matching with `_` on last line of block
  + undefined attribute does not need to be set to nil
  + Added test for markup ending in . and code to pass the test
  + Improve docs for, closes #3138
  + adds Dict.get_lazy/3
  + adds Dict.pop_lazy/3
  + adds Dict.put_new_lazy/3
  + adds guards to dict lazy funs
  + Clarify where truthy and falsey values suffice in the Enum docs
  + Fix ExUnit.Assertions assertion fail doc example
  + Produce clearer messages for syntax errors before a sigil
  + Add example to Regex.replace with option "global: false"
  + the example is correct but in the description have a small difference
  + Mention default values in String.split/3
  + remove duplicate words + add quotes to nil and false
  + Convert quoted interpolation to strings
  + Refactor compiler errors (elixir_errors:parse_error/4)
  + Properly inline regex docs
  + Add error_logger metadata when notifying Logger
  + Reduce time complexity of Enum.uniq and Stream.uniq
  + Add dedup(_by) and usort(_by) to Enum and Stream.
  + Make Stream.dedup/1 use Stream.dedup_by/2.
  + Depreciate Enum.uniq/2 in favor of Enum.uniq_by/2
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Module.split accepts only module atoms or strings naming these (#3161)
  + Rollback to use
  + Add output and stderr_to_stdout options to
  + Use exits instead of stop so we get stacktraces
  + Add `Keyword.get_lazy/3` function
  + Add `Keyword.pop_lazy/3` function
  + Add `Keyword.put_new_lazy/3` function
  + Add `@spec` for `Keyword.pop/3` and `Keyword.pop_first/3`
  + Make Exception.exception/1 support binary argument in default impl.
  + Increase elixir_counter timeout
  + Make `on_definition` insertion more readable
  + Refine parsing of no parens calls
  + Rename output to quiet in
  + Store behaviour docs in the byte code
  + Replace is_win?/0 with windows?/0
  + Fix doctest :only, so it accepts multiple functions
  + Optimize `Keyword.pop(_lazy)/3` functions
  + Optimize `` function
  + Remove duplicated doctests in `Keyword`
  + elixir.1 and iex.1 share the same options list
  + Optimize `Keyword.pop_first/3` function
  + Amend elixir and iex man pages
  + Easier to understand Enum.member? in doctest filters
  + Filter :moduledoc
  + Add elixirc man page
  + Move moduledoc fun_arity down to where test is extracted
  + Update documentation for doctest
  + Add space after comma: Format consistently
  + remove double space
  + Speed up URI.decode_query/1
  + Speed up decode_www_form
  + Add example to `ExUnit.CaseTemplate/using`
  + Remove superfluous guards in `IEx.Introspection`
  + Improve handling of multiple modules in the `h` iex helper
  + Rename `print_doc_arg` to `format_doc_arg`
  + Comments from the last review taken into account
  + Add a test for submodules
  + Add `IEx.Introspection.puts_error/1`
  + Run all tests with +T 9 to get a better chance at finding races.
  + Fix race discovered by +T 9 in GenEvent test.
  + Simplify docs lookup in `IEx.Introspection`
  + Add `IEx.Introspection.print_doc/2`
  + Introduce `b` IEx helper to display behaviour docs
  + Polish the docs for the functions in the `IEx.Introspection` module
  + Don't emit deprecations for access
  + Fix error in EEx docstring ("a macro" to "an expression")
  + Alias `Kernel.Typespec` inside `IEx.Introspection`
  + Move doc default to the `IEx.Introspection.print_doc/2`
  + Make `defmacrocallback` to be shown via IEx `b` helper
  + Add `IEx.Introspection.puts_info/1`
  + EEx: fix interpolation inside quotations
  + Make IEx `b` helper to accept single module argument
  + EEx: convert tag type markers to char lists
  + add backward compatibility with cmd/2
  + Check the number of schedulers online in exunit suite, closes #3199
  + EEx: Add trim option
  + fix Kernel.=~/2 for "" =~ ""
  + Document and test the behaviour of Process.exit(self(), :normal)
  + Document that ExUnit.Case :async defaults to false
  + Explicitely declare argument names for functions with unnamed arguments.
  + correct @spec for `handle_expr`
  + Improve error message for invalid struct fields definition
  + Refactor trim mode
  + add backticks to a massive amount of true, false and nil
  + rename function arg. when "other" was used
  + Only make tokenizer return char lists
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + fix failing test on erlang 18 release candidate
  + fix typo in previous commit. bodyless defmacro added to show proper arg in b/1, t/1
  + Make `import Foo, except: []` respect previous imports
  + Optimize `` function
  + Fix spec for ``
  + Optimize `` function
  + Support specs for unreachable private functions
  + Added documentation and examples for List.to_existing_atom/1
  + Update
  + Remove function deprecated < 1.0
  + Support build_embedded and consolidate_protocols
  + Support start_permanent
  + Generate build_embedded and start_permanent in new apps
  + Do not print app name as a filename
  + Improve error message for IEx.pry/1
  + Update rebar_test.exs
  + rename :shell option to :system in mix
  + Ensure we consolidate only when there was a change
  + Update archive.install.ex
  + Remove readd_paths
  + Added documentation and doctest examples to many of the functions in code.ex
  + Ensure we quote proper file on exceptions
  + Do not propagate protocol consolidation to children
  + Clean up ExUnit.Assertions docs
  + Fix doc formatting in ExUnit.Formatter
  + Keep IEx history in an agent instead of process dictionary
  + Add message for failure due to `--warnings-as-errors`
  + Avoid missing behaviour warnings when compiling erlang files
  + Polish the docs for the `Set` module
  + No longer translate arguments to `@on_definition`
  + Tidy up `IEx.History` implementation
  + Update TODOs
  + Clean up spaces in code docs
  + Fixes for Erlang 18.0-rc1
  + Update translator.ex
  + Keep IEx history state in the evaluator process
  + Add some docs to `defstruct/1`
  + Add some docs to `Kernel.defprotocol/2`
  + Wait until test process is down in ExUnit runner
  + Remove guards. Fixes #3248.
  + remove repeated word
  + Tag async tests as such
  + Ensure protocols are also consolidated in umbrellas
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Assert proper return type from app.start task
  + Replace `` with `:os.timestamp/0`
  + Rename `term` into `value` in `Tuple.insert_at`
  + EEx: correct doc for handle_assign/1
  + Refactor! in terms of
  + Refactor File! methods to avoid going through IO.chardata_to_string twice
  + Implement `Tuple.append/2`
  + Cosmetic changes in the elixir, elixirc and iex man pages
  + Added a preview version of the mix man page
  + Add `Tuple.append` inlining
  + Fix small defects
  + EEx: allow `)` after `end` in end tokens
  + Introduce `MapSet` data type
  + Improve test coverage for `HashSet`
  + Fix whitespace errors in Integer source file
  + Add further docs for `Kernel.struct/2`
  + Ensure we escape config before injecting into escript
  + Simplify `Application.get_env/3`
  + Add `Application.fetch_env!/2`
  + Do not expand in/2 argument in module body
  + Avoid "module currently being defined" races in tests
  + Polish the docs for `Regex.split/2` and `Regex.scan/2`
  + Fix default value on `which_applications` timeout
  + Mix new: raise if mod name in use
  + in use -> taken
  + Fix Version.pre typespec
  + Fix to_string for Version with numeric pre
  + Rename Enum.sample to Enum.random. Fixes #3285.
  + Join pre-release parts with "."
  + Support maps in `Module.simplify_signature/2`
  + Mix: fix import_config with non-matching wildcard
  + Clean up defstruct/defdelegate implementations
  + Support for structs in `Module.simplify_signature/2`
  + Provide tab-completion for aliases
  + No need for `started?/0` check in `start_iex/0`
  + Refactor `IEx.Autocomplete`
  + Improve message for compilation error writing .beam
  + Refactor `Kernel.CLI.CompileTest` to be async-safe
  + Fix inferred argument names in `Module.simplify_signature/2`
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Document dedup uses ===, remove usort
  + Optimize simplify_signature by traversing only atoms again
  + Clean up cmd tests
  + Do not trigger the code server on Any dispatch
  + EEx doc: Prevent list from being rendered as code blocks
  + Embed consolidation information as a function in the protocol
  + Derived protocols should go through Any
  + Revert d49fb06 now underlying issue has been resolved.
  + Underscore does not need to handle paths
  + Added documentation and examples for!
  + Use agents to store Mix config
  + Update gen_server.ex
  + Revert "Update gen_server.ex"
  + Clarify what deps.clean removes
  + Makefile: allow passing REBAR and PREFIX via environment
  + cli_test: skip test that relies on chmod() when under fakeroot
  + make test: avoid writing to $HOME
  + Clean up MIX_HOME setup
  + Revert "make test: avoid writing to $HOME"
  + use $REBAR on mix tests
  + Ensure Access is derivable for now
  + Improve error message and increase test timeout to 60 seconds
  + Properly set remaining timeouts
  + Ensure blocks do not clobber eex buffer
  + Fix `Keyword.get_and_update/3` function
  + Correct `,2` functions
  + Fix `=` to `==` in a KeywordTest test
  + Bugfix to syntax error before sigil
  + update anchor portion of link to erlang docs
  + Give a meaningful timeout value to ex unit runner stats handler
  + Trace always win over timeout when set
  + Fix runner test
  + Add `Process.hibernate/3`
  + Do not assert when find_executable is returning relative paths
  + Refactor extraction of meta location
  + Rename the first argument to the Logger macros
  + Added another preview version of the mix man page
  + Support printing pids and refs in Logger metadata.
  + Consider subdirectories in `Mix.Project.config_files/0`
  + Fix doc formatting for `Path.split/1` examples
  + Improved docs for bitstring.
  + Deleted the  note.
  + Add String.splitter/3 and optimize String.split/3
  + Ensure we return strings on String.split based on unfold
  + Ensure String bool functions do not fail on empty lists
  + Remove empty starts_with usage in IEx.Autocomplete
  + Fix `File.cp/3` in case of a file coping to itself
  + Correct doc and error message for `File.cp!/3`
  + Completed mix man page
  + Fix docs typos
  + Read assert and refute receive timeouts from ex_unit config
  + Optimize Dict.merge/2, make Dict use cae clearer
  + The latest requests were taken into account
  + Fix including .app file in archives
  + Add test for .app file in archive
  + Add tests for fenced code blocks in IO.ANSI.Docs.
  + Initial support for fenced blocks in IO.ANSI.Docs.
  + Fix an errant function arity in the docs
  + `surround_many/5` handles empty documents
  + Add unit test for IO.binread with :all option
  + Read 4K blocks instead of lines in IO.binread
  + Fixed several mistakes in the elixir and iex man pages
  + profile.fprof mix task
  + Update
  + properly layout the table
  + minor styling fix
  + IEx Autocomplete assumes module at each level #3361 Squashed commits: [f0bb5a0] move sublevel test module inside IEx.AutocompleteTest [5b70ad9] move sublevel test module inside IEx.Autocomplete [0130aa3] add test for iex autocomplete sublevels [f88b853] IEx Autocomplete assumes module at each level #3361
  + Copy-edit the module documentation of Application
  + Fix GenEvent detecting module that isn't loaded
  + use # instead of nbsp
  + Improve test coverage for implicit protocol deriving
  + Remove duplicated assertion in `ProtocolTest`
  + Suppress warnings in `Inspect.Algebra`
  + Improve docs for Stream.interval
  + Optimize rstrip
  + Handle corner cases for small strings in rstrp
  + Use reliable home directory source
  + Add docs for simple one for one
  + Also document exit reasons
  + Improve wording
  + docs(Mix.Tasks.App.Start): fix typo
  + Ensure we properly underscore acronyms followed by paths
  + Defining arg0 for System.cmd tests so it can work with busybox
  + Ensure take/1 does not consume more than required
  + Speed up upcase and downcase for large strings
  + Only consider outer halts in flat_map when the op is not halt itself
  + Remove duplicate test in `StringIOTest` and correct test names
  + Fix `StringIO` processes leakage in the `ExUnit.CaptureIO`
  + Handle :undefined in Exception.format_arity/1
  + Remove leftover obsolete code
  + Fix race condition in logger translator test
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Really fix race condition in logger translator test
  + Changes to "v" IEx helper
  + Rely on loaded_applications instead of running ones
  + Avoid non-fix table errors
  + Skip test that depends on read-only file when running as root
  + Fix typo
  + Restructure and add to Kernel.<<>>/2 docs
  + Clean up <<>> docs to avoid doctest failures
  + spell backpressure consistently
  + Allows underscores in binary, octal and hex literals.
  + Ensure that a digit follows the underscore in binary, octal, hex notations.
  + Mention the use of records in pattern matches
  + Small manpage corrections
  + Ignore man build artifacts
  + Remove an erroneous comment from String.to_char_list's doc
  + Elaborate on codepoints and the :binary module in String.to_char_list
  + Support IEx.pry with --remsh
  + Use https on github shortcut
  + Use https in test fixtures too
  + Convert last git reference to https
  + Better documentation for Task.await
  + Add support for Enum.reduce_while/3
  + Move terminate reason to second line in logs
  + Add example of Bitwise in guards
  + Additional Enum.reduce_while/3 tests
  + Update Application docs to make them more accurate.
  + fix warning of unused variable in test
  + Remove previous archive after download success
  + Use file alias 'F' for consistency
  + Corrected grammatical errors in string documentation
  + Corrected grammatical errors
  + Reduce length of first paragraph to improve summary readability.
  + Move current_env to IEx.Server
  + Move autocomplete server to IEx env
  + handle completion of erlang module aliases
  + Build embedded requires explicit compilation step
  + Add explicit docs that Mix.Config sets Application env
  + Fix race condition in gen_event tests
  + Add more configuration examples to Logger
  + Be clear where the config is set for logger
  + Add example of Agent.get_and_update/2
  + Typo in doc for custom logger backends
  + raise 'Not yet implemented error' on such tests
  + add :not_implemented tag
  + Not implemented test sets tag
  + Fix typespec test on OTP18
  + Revert "Use https on github shortcut"
  + Revert "Convert last git reference to https"
  + Revert "Use https in test fixtures too"
  + Fix reversed Line, Column in tokenizer
  + Use the given length instead of calculating it
  + Properly offset columns on dot
  + Introduce `ProxyIO`
  + Introduce `Logger.Backends.Capture`
  + Introduce `Logger.CaptureLog`
  + Add docs and custom io device support to capture_log
  + Consider `:standard_io` as a valid device name
  + Document ProxyIO and implement own :io.request
  + Demonitor proxied device and consider unknown messages handling
  + Introduce `Logger.CLIFormatter`
  + Add tests for `Logger.Backends.Capture`
  + Document Logger.CLIFormatter
  + Rename `ProxyIO` to `ExUnit.ProxyIO`
  + Rename `Logger.CaptureLog` to `ExUnit.CaptureLog`
  + Add support for `:capture_log` ExUnit test tagging
  + Handle map() typespec correctly
  + Fix map typespec in helpers test
  + Fix map typespec in helpers test
  + Switch mix to using https:// instead of git:// in GitHub URLs
  + Move tests to Erlang 18 which has proper logger behaviour
  + Fix unused variable warning in logger test
  + Translate emulator logged process crashes in 18.0+
  + Revert "Merge pull request #3411 from doomspork/fix-hex-removal-bug"
  + Give curl priority over wget
  + fix for Erlang R18.0 changes in maps module
  + Support dialyzer attribute
  + Get rid of `ProxyIO` and merge `:console` and `:capture` backends
  + Ensure we also normalize badmap and badkey in rescue
  + Run badkey and badmap only on 18
  + Improve Kernel.Def
  + Make error messages in lowercase
  + Add muting for the `:console` backend for the duration of capture
  + Mix new: use only umbrella template for config.exs, not both
  + Generate installation instructions with READMEs
  + Improve opaque types section on doctests
  + Add missing dot to docs
  + fix typo in special_forms
  + Fix the logger format in the Logger moduledoc to match the actual used one
  + sync documentation with code
  + Mention Enum.reduce/3 in Enum.reduce/2's documentation.
  + Move add/remove logger backend to client
  + Improve error message for bad raise
  + Add test for log capture removal on exit
  + Simplify `ExUnit.Server.log_capture_on/1` return
  + Update special_forms.ex
  + Fix warnings in doctests
  + Use shell for fetching hex versions
  + Set proxy options for the correct URI scheme
  + Improve docs for mix run
  + Clarify example in ExUnit.Callbacks docs
  + Restrict support for binary message in the default impl of exception
  + Do not rely on ansi escapes, closes #3456
  + Only remove extra archives
  + Support rebar3 style git refs in rebar.config files
  + Do not allow nested ambig expressions
  + Disallow more ambiguous expressions
  + Ensure proper precedence of operators when mixing matched and unmatched
  + Makefile: fix manpage installation in packages
  + Introduce `List.keytake/3`
  + Adjust code in `List` to style used in the codebase
  + Simplify `List.do_zip/2`
  + Fallback to known Elixir version if csv is not available
  + Improve docs for Task supervisor
  + Fix implementation of Stack module which doesn't fit to the Supervisor implementation
  + Add warning on underscored variable access
  + Reword Agent docs for readability
  + make absolute path for gitignore rule for man
  + .gitignore : sort alphabetically
  + link to search issues
  + Provide link to Elixir's GenServer tutorial page
  + Split handle_call and handle_cast callbacks in GenServer docs
  + Make `Logger.log/3` macro and introduce `Logger.bare_log/3` instead
  + add proper credits to copyright holders
  + update links to https. remove period adjacent to URLs.
  + standardize links to use www
  + Remove reference to dynamic operators in table
  + Check for compile_path on build_embedded
  + Enum & Stream, take/2 & take_every/2 variables renamed. +Improvements
  + Enum.take_every/1: remove unnecesary Module reference
  + Clarify which call sets up the Task monitor
  + Load IEx env just once to avoid race conditions
  + Update to avoid code style pull requests
  + Optimize struct building
  + Add explicit sort of map to Mix.Dep.Lock.write/1
  + Improve IO docs
  + Make `Macro.interpolate/2` private
  + rename Enum.minmax* due to inconsitencies
  + rename Inspect.Algegra.folddoc due to inconsitencies
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Provide detailed error message for nested parens calls
  + Bitwise module: remove docs in __using__ and move it to @moduledoc
  + Favor explicitness in Mix.Utils.read_path with rebar/archive installs
  + Update regex.ex
  + Correct docs for --
  + Fix re-registering of device after exit signal in `ExUnit.CaptureIO`
  + Enum.slice Check for integers in arguments
  + Avoid race condition in tests
  + Enum.slice/2: guard added was missing from previous commit
  + Use `spawn_monitor/1` to avoid race condition
  + Improve `capture_io/3` on exit test
  + Allow Logger metadata removal from the pdict
  + Ensure Logger metadata is merged on log call
  + Preserve metadata order defined in the backend's configuration
  + lock / git scm mismatch should be mismatch
  + Improve error message for build_embedded true
  + Update elixir compiler manifest to use file:consult/1
  + Split compile and runtime in lexical tracker
  + Only recompile compile time dependencies in mix projects
  + Reduce noise in lexical tracker output
  + Streamline aliases and imports in lexical tracker
  + Polish the documentation for Mix.Task.alias?/1
  + Add man pages to Precompiled file
  + run `man/make clean` dir after `make install_man`
  + Merge `man/Makefile` into `Makefile`
  + Start logger if --no-start is passed
  + Better documentation for the GenServer terminate callback
  + Fixing typo in Task.Supervisor.async/4 distributed task docs
  + Add an example for running Task.find
  + Pass build path as ERL_LIBS for deps.compile commands
  + Introduce Task.yield/2 and Task.shutdown/2
  + Fix grammar in Macro.expand/2
  + IO.inspect: @specs fixed, + see full options
  + Tweak the docs for the Inspect protocol
  + Mention restart: :transient in Task moduledoc to clarify Supervised Tasks example
  + Avoid race condition in `capture_io` "device re-registering" test
  + Make a distinction between strict containers and strict calls
  + Match on proper error message prefix
  + Speed up `Enum.take_random/2` for big inputs
  + Optimize many functions in String
  + Add a note to the docs for Enum.reduce/2
  + Improve mix.exs code sample
  + Improve error message in case of lockfile eval failure
  + Indent code sample for __protocol__/1 & impl_for/1
  + Mention expressions without results in doctests
  + Raise if piping into binary operator with 2 args
  + Fix Macro.pipe syntax when bootstraping
  + doctests raising exceptions and assert_raise show original stacktrace
  + Allow tests to be skipped with @tag :skip
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Support translator_inspect_opts
  + Be more strict on the supported deps formats
  + Validate :only in mix deps, closes #2980
  + Make sure we support multiple environments in only
  + Access is no longer a protocol
  + Inline map operations in put_in and update_in
  + Remove +T 9 flag
  + Do not compile project if deps contain the task
  + Fix Docs: Kernel.++/2 is not allowed in guards
  + Restrict ranges to work only with integers
  + Improve coverage for dynamic in clauses
  + Add @type struct and error when overriding builtins
  + Set Agent initial call
  + Stop with bad_return_value on bad return in Agent
  + Rename release_zip to release_precompiled. Fixes #3543
  + Add = to list of functions that handle returns
  + Warn when numbers or binaries are not used within a block
  + Handle optimizable returns explicitly
  + Add useless building warnings for module attributes and variables
  + Add quotes. Fixes #3536
  + Introduce :capture_log ExUnit configuration.
  + Raise an error if there are no files available to run test
  + Move logger flush to kernel cli, closes #3100
  + Fix var warnings
  + Fix bootstrap issues in kernel/cli
  + Check for PID result from Logger
  + capture non-symbolic operators (&and/2, &not/1, &c.)
  + Warn if app configured but not started when build_embedded
  + Handle abnormal exit in System at_exit
  + Update app.start.ex
  + Use or in left in [a, b, c] as the compiler can opt it better
  + Remove warnings from erlang suite
  + Allow nil pid in task
  + Always unlink when shutting down task
  + Support custom tasks using monitor of registered process
  + Add GenServer.whereis/1
  + Clean up typespec docs to avoid current confusion
  + Remove compiled protocols on mix clean. Fixes #3541
  + Warn defaults not defined in function head with multiple clauses
  + Clarify some type descriptions in typespecs
  + Add test to verify compiled protocols are removed
  + Further optimize in range
  + Add application to logger metadata
  + Ensure to always clearn up logger configuration
  + Move test to compile task (compile.all is an impl detail)
  + documentaion for module names, variable names and custom sigils
  + Added a blub about underscore names to the `import` documentation
  + Fix identention inside lists
  + URI: add RFC links
  + Mention sigil_R as valid option to create a regex
  + Fix race condition in `CaptureLogTest`
  + Dog food `Application.put_env/3`
  + Tidy up `Mix.Tasks.Profile.Fprof`
  + Remove dead code from mix tasks tests
  + Alias `Fprof` mix task for readability in tests
  + Warn on build embededd instead
  + Fix doc comment for File.cp_r
  + Improve async docs
  + Stop/unload applications started/loaded in mix tests
  + Always warn on mix config when application unavailable
  + @callback can now be used directly (without Behaviour). Add @macrocallback.
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Add a short description about ExUnit and Mix improvements too
  + Soft-deprecate Behaviour
  + Remove usage of use Behaviour
  + Makefile: print a success message on `realease_precompiled`
  + Clean up  makefile
  + Improments in module,  function & variable  names syntax
  + Make a distinction between Location, Token and Node in parser
  + Convert test :atom into test string
  + Fix test name related failure
  + Fix warning in warning_test.exs
  + Emit syntax error for invalid fn end, closes #3311
  + Soft deprecate booleans in :as, closes #3190
  + Deprecate ?\x in favor of simply 0x
  + Deprecate as: true | false in require/alias
  + Support \u in strings and char lists for unicode mapping
  + Also fail on do after , and ;
  + Allow operators to work still after comments
  + Remove unnecessary code in Enum.uniq example
  + Also perform new line checking with structs
  + Do not add fetch to access
  + Improve binary docs
  + Assert key-value pairs in type structs
  + Raise if heredic terminator in invalid location
  + Do not change the code semantics in assert/receive
  + Clean up map access code
  + Match errors should have higher priority on assert =
  + Keep proper line info in rewritten/inlined code
  + Recompile projects if SCM changes, closes #3375
  + Fix typo in mix man page
  + Improve error message when no return value specified in func spec
  + update error messages, handle non-call first arg to :::
  + Line numbers for doctest errors. Fixes issue #3592
  + fix a typo in bitwise documentation
  + Warn when dependencies have conflicing :only
  + Remove amount of fixture data in deps test, improve coverage
  + Do not assert on local paths
  + Improve GenServer docs
  + (#3603) add more application functions
  + Handle warns coming from erlang with line set to :none
  + Improve error messages for `match?` assertions
  + Erase app directories on full recompile
  + Ensure only restriction is passed from parent to child
  + Keep metadata when rewriting assertions
  + Also store lines in typedoc and ensure @*doc return strings
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + fix(Kernel): check arguments on if and unless
  + Do not inject `:application` key in metadata if it has `nil` value
  + Cut off "Elixir." prefix for modules in Logger metadata
  + Correct function argument name
  + Correct formatting
  + Update
  + Add URI.to_string/1
  + Update elixir.bat
  + Update documentation for IEx.configure
  + ExUnit: Fix warning in test
  + added docs for :keep option in OptionParser module
  + implemented iex pid helper, using
  + Add missing character in delete_at code sample
  + Add missing period in header
  + Enum.chunk: correct types in specs
  + Move Hex loading into its own module
  + Provide sha512 checking on mix archive.install
  + Use public key encryption for downloading Hex metadata
  + Add task for managing public keys
  + Also download signed rebar packages
  + Forward all info values to get_module_info
  + Improve unexpected token error messages
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Raise nice error message if ExUnit.Case was not used
  + Ensure we don't warn on missing imports if nothing was imported
  + Fix typespecs for Stream.chunk
  + Add Stream.transform/4
  + Provide detailed description on how to change timeout
  + Include docs zip in the publish process
  + Remove reference to GenServer.Behaviour from LocalsTracker
  + Add and document GenServer callbacks
  + Improve docs on GenServer.init/1 returning :ignore
  + Improve Supervisor.start_link/2 spec
  + Add and document GenEvent callbacks
  + Perform merging of only in non-shared paths
  + Update b/1 helper for callback docs
  + Properly convert captures in Macro.to_string/1
  + Document and test :only behaviour, closes #3664
  + Update public key
  + Upgrade travis to check against Erlang 17.5 and 18.0
  + Ensure we merge excluded values
  + Prune more elixir internals in stacktraces
  + Fix typo in File.cp_r for files (rename tmp to b.txt)
  + Add support for File.rename (unix-like mv) based on elrang specs
  + Convert remaining test :atom to strings
  + Include link to Hex publish
  + Raise nice error merge when setup returns bad data
  + Release v1.1.0-beta
  + Match on proper error on lock format mismatch
  + made parse() support complete scientific notation
  + Correct double words
  + Regex.regex?/1: name unnamed argument and improve docs
  + Correct indefinite article a/an
  + Correct descriptions in @doc, @moduledoc, @shortdoc to use Present Continuous
  + Avoid splitting words that use hyphen
  + ensure_structure: rephrase wordings
  + Mix.Hex: improve documentation and code
  + Add backticks to true, false, nil
  + correct wording
  + Correct spaces in iex>
  + Format raise message consistently
  + Add arity or correct it for functions that are not being linked in the html docs
  + spelling `miliseconds` -> `milliseconds`
  + Allow list of spec in
  + Provide a best practices section for use
  + Do not choke on unknown manifest files
  + Fix `does` → `do` verbal agreement in special_forms.ex
  + Add text to all links
  + Fix markdown files
  + Correct descriptions in docs to use Present Continuous (2)
  + Use Title Case and backticks for Erlang and Elixir applications
  + Add a code of conduct
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Use for fprof warning
  + Fix `responsible to keep` → `responsible for keeping` in env.ex doc
  + New test cases for exponent marker E and leading +
  + String: strip functions : mention that ALL leading/trailing `char`s will be removed
  + Enum: renamed the rarely used `ifnone` argument, in favour of `default`
  + Mention the Pin Operator in its documentation
  + Improve assert docs, closes #3709
  + Set ex_unit stacktrace to 20 by default, closes #3705
  + Only warn apps that come from the current project stack, closes #3710
  + Ensure binding() doesn't warn on underscored vars, closes #3708
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Only warn if no test pattern matches due to umbrella apps
  + Display pinned vars in the receive assertions
  + Improve assertion readability in test
  + Indent pinned vars and received messages in the receive assertions
  + Inspect.Algebra: Move numbered link off the first line
  + Standardize use of backticks and quotes; including Error messages and Title Case commands
  + Fix bugs involving Markdown code
  + Rephrase @doc for Mix.raise/2
  + IO.ANSI: move away link from Summary
  + Raise right away for Mix tasks with slashes
  + Replace all occurrences of em-dashes in favour of hyphens
  + Replace en-dash when it should be hyphen
  + Correct "truth value" with "truthy value"
  + Rephrase @moduledoc for Mix
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Ensure File.touch and File.touch! properly work with universal time
  + Support logo when generating docs
  + Make it clearer that unimplemented callbacks always stop
  + Properly close GenServer heredoc
  + Remove leftover callback docs from GenEvent
  + Add GenServer.option type
  + Mention how to write docs for public Mix tasks
  + Provide reporting e-mail
  + Use multiline failure message for asser_raise/3
  + Add a couple of tests for assert_raise/3
  + Prepare for upcoming release
  + Mix.Dep: show instructions on :nolock and :lockoutdated
  + Title case Hex
  + "mix deps.clean": Reword docs to make it consitent with "mix clean"
  + correct tenses in Agent, Mix.Dep, GenServer docs
  + ANSI: standardize docs
  + add links to code of conduct
  + Improve wording in COC links
  + Update
  + Default to universal times throughout File
  + Polish docs for and Mix.Shell.Process
  + Fix invalid String.to_atom calls
  + Fetch archive/escript with version in filename
  + Improve deps.compile error message
  + Release v1.1.0-rc.0
  + Make test that relies on shared dir sync
  + Add examples using alternate capture/replace syntax
  + Module.__info__ : correct links
  + explain String.replace/4 :insert_replaced option
  + Add Mix recompilation from IEx
  + Make a distinction between touching and updating the lock manifest
  + Update release instructions
  + Stop apps in reverse load order
  + String: Rename args "str" to "string"
  + Code.get_docs/2: check for valid doc kind in public function, not in  private
  + Added an example to the to_list function
  + Add missing after callback in Stream.transform
  + Add IO.ANSI.clear_line
  + assert_raise: document that message can be regex
  + Update doc for Kernel.hd/1 to indicate guard clause utility
  + `compile_error/3,4` is already imported in `elixir_exp_clauses`
  + Raise `CompileError` in case of duplicated clauses given for `try`
  + Raise `CompileError` in case of duplicated clauses given for `receive`
  + Raise `CompileError` in case of duplicated `do` clauses for `cond`
  + Raise `CompileError` in case of duplicated `do` clauses for `case`
  + Ensure suspending flat map does not consume items, closes #3751
  + Raise if arity not in 0..255, closes #3754
  + Link to the public keys page
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Mention config/config.exs in warning
  + Ensure we list structs and requires as compile time deps
  + Make the Access API based on fetch
  + Release v1.1.0
  + Update docs directory
  + Fix assertion errors with more than 1 pinned var
  + removed obsolete type option from the GenEvent handler type
  + Ensure stacktraces are shown on app_path failures
  + Fix non integer checks in ranges
  + Release v1.1.1

Fri Jul 03 21:59:45 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version v1.0.5:
  + Ensure we escape config before injecting into escript
  + Read 4K blocks instead of lines in IO.binread
  + Add unit test for IO.binread with :all option
  + Optimize rstrip
  + Handle corner cases for small strings in rstrp
  + Ensure we properly underscore acronyms followed by paths
  + Speed up upcase and downcase for large strings
  + Ensure blocks do not clobber eex buffer
  + Only consider outer halts in flat_map when the op is not halt itself
  + Expand attributes and macros in record extractor
  + Fix GenEvent detecting module that isn't loaded
  + Ensure take/1 does not consume more than required
  + Handle :undefined arity in Logger.Translator
  + Add more documentation for ~> requirements
  + Fix Version.pre typespec
  + Fix to_string for Version with numeric pre
  + Join pre-release parts with "."
  + Fix race condition in logger translator test
  + Merge pull request #3382 from lexmag/string_io-fixes
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Really fix race condition in logger translator test
  + Rely on loaded_applications instead of running ones
  + Avoid non-fixed table errors on autocomplete
  + Delegate to :erlang.binary_to_float on Float.parse/1
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Add docs for simple one for one
  + Also document exit reasons
  + Improve wording
  + Backport improvements to <<>>' docs
  + Update to Erlang 18
  + Move tests to Erlang 18 which has proper logger behaviour
  + Translate emulator logged process crashes in 18.0+
  + Fix logger translating process exit
  + fix for Erlang R18.0 changes in maps module
  + Ensure we also normalize badmap and badkey in rescue
  + Run badkey and badmap only on 18
  + Release v1.0.5

Mon May 11 15:57:55 UTC 2015 -

- Fix a typo in elixir-doc.spec

Sat May  9 09:49:10 UTC 2015 -

- Drop docs into separate package

Sat May 09 09:27:59 UTC 2015 -

- Update to version v1.0.4:
  + Do not propagate protocol consolidation to children
  + Clean up ExUnit.Assertions docs
  + Avoid missing behaviour warnings when compiling erlang files
  + Add compatibilty with OTP 18 typespec changes
  + Fixes for Erlang 18.0-rc1
  + Update CHANGELOG
  + Fix doc formatting in ExUnit.Formatter
  + Wait until test process is down in ExUnit runner
  + Tag async tests as such
  + Release v1.0.4

Fri Jun 20 14:31:10 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 0.14.1

Mon Feb 17 22:01:03 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 0.12.4
  * see for backward incompatibilities and

Thu Feb  6 17:38:37 UTC 2014 -

- Add macros.elixir for packaging elixir-packages

Thu Feb  6 07:51:55 UTC 2014 -

- Update to 0.12.3
  - number of bugfixes
  - see for backward incompatibilities

Sun Dec 29 16:25:59 FET 2013 -

- Update to 0.12.0

Sun Aug 11 19:18:16 UTC 2013 -

- Update to 0.10.1 with support for streams, sets and
  many improvements to the Mix and ExUnit applications.

Sun Jul  7 14:07:45 UTC 2013 -

- Fix git >= 1.7 requirement

Fri Jul  5 07:36:33 UTC 2013 -

- Initial version
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