File firebird.changes of Package firebird

Wed Nov 21 07:39:56 UTC 2018 -

- update to upstream version 3.0.4
  * add support for SRP authentication using SHA-256
  * ODS (database file format) version raised to 12.2 on some
    architectures (including i586, not x86_64); new version will be
    able to open existing ODS 12.0 created on the same architecture
    but for database transfer between architectures, backup/restore
    is always recommended
  * context variables WIRE_COMPRESSED and WIRE_ENCRYPTED were added
    to the SYSTEM namespace to report compression and encryption
    status, respectively, of the current connection (CORE-5913)
  * enhanced reporting of errors when dynamic library fails to load
  * include funciton name when UDF causes "Arithmetic exception,
    numeric overflow, or string truncation" error (CORE-5876)
  * context variables LOCALTIME and LOCALTIMESTAMP (synonyms for
    CURRENT_TIME and CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) for compatibility with 4.0
  * read-only restriction for system tables was relaxed to permit
    CREATE, ALTER and DROP operations on their indexes (CORE-5746)
  * fix unauthorized BLOB access vulnerability (CORE-5801)
  * for a full list of bugfixes and improvements see
- drop patches included in new upstream release:
- refresh patches:

Wed Jul  4 11:44:02 UTC 2018 -

- replace unicode-handle-the-ICU-version-hack-from-SuSE.patch
  with more general upstream solution:
  * An-attempt-to-fix-CORE-5764-need-feedback-on-snapsho.patch
  * Fixed-a-code-somewhy-accepted-by-gcc6.patch
- unicode-handle-new-SUSE-ICU-version-hack.patch:
  search also for "suse%d.%d" soname pattern to fix build after
  upcoming ICU update (bsc#1095425)

Wed Mar 28 06:54:09 UTC 2018 -

- move firebitd.xinetd back to firebird-server subpackage on SLE15
- provide /etc/xinetd.d directory on Tumbleweed and Leap 15.0 as
  xinetd is no longer guaranteed to be present there; this solution
  (suggested by Dimstar) is less painful than either having
  firebird-server depend on xinetd or splitting a new subpackage

Fri Mar 23 11:32:28 UTC 2018 -

- patch xinetd config file unconditionally; previous change would
  result in unpatched xinetd config file installed on Tumbleweed
  so that the service would be enabled by default and firebird
  binary run as root

Thu Mar 22 09:57:02 UTC 2018 -

- Do no ship xinetd file on SLE15 (bsc#1084459).

Sat Mar  3 17:51:56 UTC 2018 -

- update to upstream version 3.0.3
  * fix conflicting constants; programs using * fb_info_crypt_state
    constant must be recompiled
  * provide crypto key name via fb_info_crypt_key item in
  * improve handling of concurrent ALTER DATABASE statements
  * make sure ORDER BY with equivalent expressions are equivalent
    and use the same plan
  * avoid serialization of isc_attach_database calls issued by
  * show date and time of analysis in gstat output
  * show database info in sweep error message
  * provide compression details and encryption status of the
    connection in Attachment::getInfo() API call
  * fix RDB$RELATION_TYPE when restoring ODS < 11.1 database
  * the optimizer can now estimate the actual record compression
  * various performance improvements
  * various bug fixes, for a list, see release notes at
- drop patches included in new upstream version:
- unicode-handle-the-ICU-version-hack-from-SuSE.patch:
  rework to handle ICU >= 60 (as many versions as upstream)
- drop firebird-icu60.patch
  obsoleted by update of the unicode patch
- Make-it-build-with-icu60.patch
  upstream post-3.0.3 commit for ICU >= 59 compatibility
- use-C-98-on-SLE11.patch
  compatibility patch for SLE11 where gcc 4.3 does not support
  -stc=gnu++03 (applied only on SLE11)

Thu Jan  4 13:29:21 UTC 2018 -

- Add firebird-icu60.patch: Fix build with icu 60.x.

Fri Jun 30 12:05:54 UTC 2017 -

- update to upstream version 3.0.2
  * allow to to filter out info and warnings from the trace log
  * enhance control capability when sharing the database crypt key
    between Superserver attachments
  * the physical numbers of frequently used data pages are now
    cached to reduce the number of fetches of pointer pages
  * in SuperServer mode, read-only transaction will no longer force
    write the Header\TIP page content to disk immediately after
    a change
  * make the database name available to an encryption plug-in
  * enable nesting of keys in a plug-in configuration
  * build linux code with --enable-binreloc
  * trace: provide a filter to INCLUDE / EXCLUDE errors by their
    mnemonical names
  * port for ancient Motorola 68000 CPU platform
  * allow SELECT expressions as valid operands for the BETWEEN
  * many bug fixes; for a list, see
- Backported-fix-for-CORE-5474-Restrict-UDF-is-not-eff.patch:
  drop (included in 3.0.2)
- Backported-fix-for-CORE-5549-Errors-building-running.patch:
  fix errors when building/running on non-SSE CPU (CORE-5549)
- Backported-fix-for-CORE-5562-Firebird-crashes-when-U.patch:
  fix crash on frequent load/unload of UDF (CORE-5562)
- Workaround-for-CORE-5566-Server-crashes-while-restor.patch:
  workaround for server crash when restoring a backup while shadow
  file already exists (CORE-5566)
- Fixed-CORE-5567-Direct-system-table-modifications-ar.patch:
  fix the possibility to directly modivy system tables (CORE-5567)
- drop "--disable-binreloc", no longer needed
- add a check to fail in prep phase if extern/SfIO wasn't removed

Sat Feb 18 06:32:57 CET 2017 -

- Add missing insserv PreReq

Tue Feb  7 10:58:14 UTC 2017 -

- Backported-fix-for-CORE-5474-Restrict-UDF-is-not-eff.patch
  security vulnerability fix for bypassing 'Restrict UDF' value of
  UdfAccess config directive (bsc#1023990)                                      

Thu Sep 29 06:09:20 UTC 2016 -

- update to upstream version 3.0.1
  * an assertion could occur in createDatabase() when doing the
    overwrite check (CORE-5339)
  * a database could suffer partial corruption in the "use all
    space" (no-reserve) mode (CORE-5329)
  * trying to encrypt a database in the absence of the the
    appropriate key could corrupt it (CORE-5292)
  * a database could get decrypted after changing a couple of bytes
    in the database header without 'agreement' from the crypt
    plug-in (CORE-5213)
  * access violation from certain UDFs would cause the server to
    crash (CORE-5234)
  * a segfault could occur when op_que_events was used on a port
    that was not prepared for events processing (CORE-5335)
  * a segfault could occur if an attachment was closed while
    requests were still open
  * for the full list of bugs fixed, se the release notes at
  * the statement CREATE OR ALTER USER SYSDBA PASSWORD <password>
    can now be used to initialize an empty securityN.fdb security
    database (improvement CORE-5266)
  * nesting of keys in a plug-in configuration was enabled
    (improvement CORE-5257)
  * line and column numbers (location context) are now provided for
    runtime errors raised inside EXECUTE BLOCK (improvement
  * gbak now returns a non-zero result code when restore fails on
    creating and activating a deferred user index (CORE-5201)
  * implicit conversion between Boolean and string is now done
    automatically when a string for 'true' or 'false' is used as a
    value in an expression (CORE-5167)
- drop patches merged present in new upstream release:
- update to current code:

Wed Jun 29 07:33:19 UTC 2016 -

- add fake "Provides: libfbembed-devel" to libfbclient-devel
  subpackage; this is a temporary workaround to allow LibreOffice
  build both before and after firebird is upgraded to verison 3.0
  in Factory; once FB3 is in Factory, LibreOffice BuildRequires
  can be updated to libfbclient-devel (based on %suse_version) and
  this hack can be dropped

Tue May 31 11:27:53 UTC 2016 -

- move and intl/ into firebird package as these
  are also needed by embedded connections
- include /etc/firebird/firebird.conf.d/*.conf into configuration
- move the directive restricting DatabaseAccess to /srv/firebird
  into a separate config file in firebird-server subpackage so
  that it doesn't affect embedded-only installs
- do-not-use-DatabaseAccess-Full-in-default-config.patch:
  replaced by 50-server.conf
- fix Group tag for libfbclient2 and libib_util subpackages
- improve libib_util subpackage description

Wed May 18 08:58:12 UTC 2016 -

- libfbclient-devel cannot be used as a direct replacement for
  libfbembed-devel so it's better to stop pretending so
- some packages have (unnecessary) explicit build requirement for
  firebird-devel whose contents was merged into libfbclient-devel;
  add corresponding Provides and Obsoletes

Wed May 11 23:30:43 UTC 2016 -

- Fix-locking-on-big-endian-architectures.patch:
  fix broken code (and failed build) on big endian architectures
- explicitely require autoconf 2.67 or newer for build

Wed May 11 11:48:08 UTC 2016 -

- upgrade to upstream version 3.0.0 (final)
  * one executable for all modes => drop firebird-classic package
  * true SMP support in SuperServer
  * new object oriented C++ API
  * per-database config files
  * increased limits
  * support multiple security databases
  * boolean type
  * SQL packages
  * DDL triggers
  * window functions
  * statistical functions
  * scrollable cursors
  * IPv6 support
- reorganize subpackages:
  * firebird: only common files needed for both client and server
  * firebird-server: server installation
  * libfbclient2: client library
  * firebird-utils: management utilities
  * libib_util: libib_util library (utility functions for UDF)
  * firebird-doc: documentation
  * firebird-examples: API examples
  * libfbclient-devel: devel files for libfbclient2
  * libib_util-devel: devel files for libib_util
- delete patches obsoleted by version upgrade:
  * Added-check-for-failed-fork-system-call.patch
  * Apply-Partial-patch-for-C-11-compilation-of-the-Fire.patch
  * Backported-fix-for-CORE-4785-Bad-packet-of-op_execut.patch
  * Backported-fix-for-CORE-4788-Superclassic-server-han.patch
  * Fixed-CORE-3431-ISQL-pads-UTF-8-data-incorrectly.patch
  * Fixed-s-tandalone-switch-in-posix-server.patch
  * isql-fix-buffer-overflow-when-set-width-sets-bigger-.patch
  * isql-fix-output-if-charset-is-different-from-locale.patch
  * Libreoffice-patch-C-11-new-delete-replacement-functi.patch
- delete add-experimental-support-for-m68k-architecture.patch
  architecture specific settings are managed in a different way
  in 3.0 so that this would need a complete rewrite; as this
  has little chance to get upstreamed and I doubt anyone plans
  to actually run Firebird 3.0 on openSUSE on m68k, let's just
  drop it
- update remaining patches:
  * add-pkgconfig-files.patch
  * allow-creating-buildRoot-as-non-root-user.patch
  * disable-xinetd-service-by-default.patch
  * do-not-use-DatabaseAccess-Full-in-default-config.patch
  * fbguard-allow-creating-a-guard-pidfile.patch
  * use-killproc-in-stop-branch-of-SuSE-init-script.patch
- new patches (from post-3.0 development):
  * unicode-handle-the-ICU-version-hack-from-SuSE.patch
    compatibility with SUSE ICU versioning hack
  * Make-the-generated-code-compatible-with-gcc-6-in-C-1.patch:
    gcc6 compatibility
  * Provide-sized-global-delete-operators-when-compiled-.patch:
    gcc6 compatibility
  * Allow-to-enforce-IPv4-or-IPv6-in-URL-like-connection.patch:
    implement "inet4" and "inet6" protocols for URL-like connection
    strings to enforce IPv4 or IPv6
  * work-around-g-problem-in-SLE11.patch:
    work around a bug in old g++ (needed for SLE11 build)
- build with -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks
- specfile cleanup

Fri Feb 26 12:38:00 UTC 2016 -

- Build with -std=gnu++98 -fno-lifetime-dse for GCC 5+ to avoid
  issues with the old C++ code-base and its undefined behavior.  [bnc#964466]

Mon Jul 27 11:52:53 UTC 2015 -

- fix libfbembed package name in baselibs.conf so that the
  libfbembed2_5-32bit is built

Mon Jul 27 06:32:09 UTC 2015 -

- upgrade to upstream version 2.5.4 (final)
  * CORE-4558: SuperServer dies when client is disconnected
    abnormally during the index navigational scan
  * CORE-4676: Crash on unexpected client disconnection with opened
  * CORE-4075: Server bugchecks or crashes on exception in
    calculated index
  * CORE-4624: Firebird handles ':' characters in mount table
    entries invalid
- Backported-fix-for-CORE-4788-Superclassic-server-han.patch:
  CORE-4788: Superclassic server hangs when receiving network
- Backported-fix-for-CORE-4785-Bad-packet-of-op_execut.patch:
  CORE-4785: Bad packet of op_execute kills the server
- Fixed-s-tandalone-switch-in-posix-server.patch:
  fix -s(tandalone) switch in posix server
- Added-check-for-failed-fork-system-call.patch:
  add check for failed fork() system call
- Apply-Partial-patch-for-C-11-compilation-of-the-Fire.patch:
  two patches from LibreOffice fixing C++11 build

Sun Dec  7 21:33:46 UTC 2014 -

- upgrade to upstream version
  * server crash by malformed packet (bnc#908127, CORE-4029,
  * various functional fixes
- removed patches merged into upstream:
  * Firebird-
  * aarch64-support.patch
  * firebird-2.5.2-CORE-4058.patch
  * firebird-2.5.2-icu49.patch
  * firebird-2.5.2-runlevel.patch
  * firebird-fix-unsigned-char.diff
  * firebird-s390x-fix_libdir.patch
  * ppc64-libdir.patch
- replace remaining patches by git based ones:
  * firebird-2.5.1-chown.patch
    -> allow-creating-buildRoot-as-non-root-user.patch
  * firebird-2.5.1-config.patch
    -> do-not-use-DatabaseAccess-Full-in-default-config.patch
  * firebird-2.5.1-disable.patch
    -> disable-xinetd-service-by-default.patch
  * firebird-2.5.2-gpidfile.patch
    -> fbguard-allow-creating-a-guard-pidfile.patch
  * firebird-2.5.2-init.patch
    -> use-killproc-in-stop-branch-of-SuSE-init-script.patch
    (remaining part not upstreamed)
  * firebird-2.5.2-isqlalign.patch
    -> Fixed-CORE-3431-ISQL-pads-UTF-8-data-incorrectly.patch
  * firebird-2.5.2-isqllocale.patch
    -> isql-fix-output-if-charset-is-different-from-locale.patch
  * firebird-2.5.2-isqlwidth.patch
    -> isql-fix-buffer-overflow-when-set-width-sets-bigger-.patch
  * firebird-2.5.2-pkgconfig.patch
    -> add-pkgconfig-files.patch
  * m68k-support.patch
    -> add-experimental-support-for-m68k-architecture.patch
- use xz compressed tarball

Mon Nov 17 01:29:00 UTC 2014 - Led <>

- fix bashisms in scripts
- add patches:
  * Firebird-

Sat Jul  5 09:51:32 UTC 2014 -

- install init script as executable
- fix the script

Mon Feb 17 12:11:14 CET 2014 -

- firebird-s390x-fix_libdir.patch: s390x uses lib64 

Tue Dec 17 17:04:03 UTC 2013 -

- m68k-support.patch: add support for m68k

Thu Dec  5 12:09:49 CET 2013 -

- adapt for ppc64le

Wed Aug 21 09:18:13 UTC 2013 -

- firebird-2.5.2-pkgconfig.patch:
  fix fbembed.pc file to link with -lfbembed instead of -lfbclient

Sun Jun  2 19:15:12 UTC 2013 -

- resolve file conflicts between packages
  * add explicit mutual conflict between -superserver and -classic
  * remove fbguard from -classic (it is shared between SS and SC)

Fri Apr 12 14:48:56 UTC 2013 -

- config-guess-sub-update.patch:
  remove; attempt to patch these files would break build from
  subversion snapshots; remove both files instead and let
  libtoolize provide its own version
- reorder patches to keep the isql column alignment feature last

Mon Apr  8 08:15:19 UTC 2013 -

- firebird-fix-unsigned-char.diff:
  Compile with -fsigned-char

Mon Apr  8 01:10:47 UTC 2013 -

- firebird-fix-unsigned-char.diff:
  fix for architectures where char is unsigned (aarch64 in this
  case, but applies everywhere)
- aarch64-support.patch:
  aarch64 doesn't need RISC_ALIGNMENT

Sun Mar 24 09:42:59 UTC 2013 -

- config-guess-sub-update.patch: update config.guess/sub for aarch64
- aarch64-support.patch: add support for aarch64

Fri Mar  8 13:40:32 UTC 2013 -

- firebird-CORE-4058.patch:
  fix remote stack overflow (bnc#808268, CVE-2013-2492)

Fri Jan 25 15:32:09 UTC 2013 -

- fix license string

Sun Nov 11 15:16:01 UTC 2012 -

- update to upstream version (2.5.2 final)
  * Optimizer level solution for CORE-2790/CORE-3449
  * CORE-2666: Make it possible to use API to do remote
  * backup state lock should be released at latch timeout, else
    lock state accounting becomes inconsistent
  * CORE-3873: Server crashes while switching to the shadow if the
    disk I/O fault happens while flushing the cache
  * CORE-3860: Trace API: Faulty database filter crashes server
  * CORE-3875: GBak does not check correctly parameters and backups
    random database with -B ":"
  * CORE-3879: Make fb_lock_print a bit more handy
  * CORE-3656: Support for sweep information in Trace API
  * CORE-2668: Write note into log when automatic sweep is started
  * Enabled per-table runtime stats for sweeper (necessary for
  * CORE-3884: Server crashes on preparing empty query when trace
    is enabled
  * CORE-3238: Makes GEN_UUID return a compliant RFC-4122 binary
  * CORE-3887: CHAR_TO_UUID and UUID_TO_CHAR works different in
    big/little endian architectures - problem similar to CORE-2898
  * CORE-3895: High memory usage when PSQL code SELECT's from
    stored procedure which modified some data
  * Fixed the server crash in Stack::assign()
  * CORE-3902: Derived fields may not be optimized via an index
  * Fixed the broken (working as no-op) sweep in SuperServer
  * Use better name from trunk for CORE-3911
  * Restored the ODS level compatibility with v2.5.1 index keys,
    while using the "old good" index key format in new indices. It
    allows to claim that CORE-3675 and CORE-3853 are fixed (after
    migration via backup/restore) but still operate almost
    correctly with keys created in v2.5.1.
  * CORE-3912: segfault in superclassic
  * Better diagnostic (CORE-3786)
- firebird-2.5.2-icu49.patch:
  fix broken unicode collations (bnc#789171, CORE-3946)

Wed Jul 25 19:40:55 UTC 2012 -

- add libatomic-ops-devel on non x86 arches
- set libdir on powerpc correctly

Sun Jul 22 21:29:43 UTC 2012 -

- firebird-2.5.2-runlevel.patch:
  don't start the daemon in runlevel 2

Wed Jun  6 12:44:04 UTC 2012 -

- update to upstream version
  * Rolled back the ODS level solution for CORE-2709 as it causes
    cross-version compatibility issues (CORE-3853) as well as
    functional regressions (CORE-3675). Another solution is likely
    to be committed instead.
  * CORE-3769: The message 'Unknown tag (4) in isc_svc_query()
    results' appears when fbtracemgr is interrupted by Ctrl-C

Sun Jun  3 13:49:11 UTC 2012 -

- update to upstream version
  * CORE-3855: Blobs, inserted into GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE ON
    COMMIT DELETE ROWS, could be placed into newly allocated
    pages even if there is enough free place on some existing
    data page
  * isql: fix output if charset is different from locale
  * Backported fix of timed semaphores in 32-bit build
- firebird-2.5.2-isqlalign.patch:
- firebird-2.5.2-isqllocale.patch:
  backported isql fix of output if locale different from charset
- firebird-2.5.2-isqlwidth.patch:
  backported fix for buffer overflow in isql if column width set
  wider that its natural size

Fri May 25 07:52:40 UTC 2012 -

- update to upstream version
  * CORE-3611: Wrong data while retrieving from CTEs (or derived
    tables) with same column names
  * CORE-3557: AV in engine when preparing query against dropping
    table (a post-fix)
  * add interpreter specification to generated scripts
  * fix broken isql history with libedit 3.0
  * CORE-3612: send errors to stderr
- firebird-2.5.1-shebang.patch:
  delete (committed to upstream)
- remove extern/SfIO from the source tarball: while it is probably
  covered by an open source license (EPL), the file stdio.h itself
  contains only an unfriendly copyright notice without any
  reference to the license; as it is needed only on Solaris, it
  seems easier to simply remove it
- use standardized tags for licence

Fri May 18 15:54:44 UTC 2012 -

- spec file formatting
- add copyright to spec file

Fri May 18 12:48:15 UTC 2012 -

- Switching to new Firebird version (2.5) and spec file. This
  obsoletes the previous changes file from version 2.1.

Mon May 14 09:12:39 UTC 2012 -

- update to upstream version
  * CORE-3539: TRACE: add ability for logging ERRORs that occur in
    runtime (lock conflicts, PK/UK/FK violations et al)
  * Trace errors raised by failed ON TRANSACTION ROLLBACK and ON
    DISCONNECT triggers
  * CORE-3598: TRACE: add statistics of actions that were after
    transaction finished
  * CORE-3814: SuperClassic server crashes when performing a
    database shutdown (FW=OFF)
  * fix regression introduced by patch for CORE-3777
  * CORE-3844: Validation not detects one specific case of index
  * CORE-3841: Corrupted database after inserting rows
  * CORE-3839: Values disappearing from index
  * CORE-3845 : Interruption of 'heavy query' leads to 0 ms (zero
    duration) in it`s statistics in trace log

Tue May  8 19:25:18 UTC 2012 -

- firebird-2.5.2-isqlalign.patch:
  replace locale based patch with backport from firebird 3.0
- firebird-2.5.2-gpidfile.patch:
  allow creating a pidfile for fbguard as well
- firebird-2.5.2-init.patch:
  use killproc and guard pidfile for "stop" branch

Wed May  2 06:31:23 UTC 2012 -

- update to upstream version
  * CORE-3819: Wrong service name to port address resolution in
    database connection string
  * CORE-3825: If an autocommit transaction (i.e. transaction
    started with isc_tpb_autocommit option) run DDL using EXECUTE
    STATEMENT it will produce a bugcheck 287 (Too many savepoints)
  * Make the conf. parameter DummyPacketInterval more accurate
  * CORE-3834: Usage of a NATURAL JOIN with a derived table crashes
    the server
- temporary fix for "stop" branch of init script

Mon Apr 16 12:43:28 UTC 2012 -

- update to upstream version
  * CORE-3806: Wrong data returned if a sub-query or a computed
    field refers to the base table in the ORDER BY clause
  * CORE-3807: Error "Invalid expression in the select list" can be
    unexpectedly raised if a string literal is used inside a GROUP
    BY clause in a multi-byte connection
  * CORE-3686: Incorrect (zero) values are reported for "acquire
    blocks" and "mutex wait" counters in the fb_lock_print output
  * CORE-3810 : isql: zero divide + coredump when use "-pag 0"
    command switch & set heading on inside .sql script
  * Rolled back the optimization committed recently due to the
    found regressions
  * CORE-3812 : Connection lost to database during massive dropping
    and altering primary keys of tables
  * Do not ignore possible OS level errors even if they seem
    unlikely to happen

Mon Apr  2 12:11:12 UTC 2012 -

- update to upstream version
  * CORE-2286: Selecting from MON$CALL_STACK within a Trigger or SP
    sometimes return 0 rows
  * CORE-3569: CHAR(32767) present in XSQLVAR with length 32765
  * CORE-3195: Concatenation to CHAR(32766/7) impossible
  * CORE-3625: MON$IO_STATS doesn't report page writes performed
    asynchronously (at the AST level)
  * CORE-3092: ROW_COUNT is not cleared before the singleton INSERT
  * CORE-1992: bad BLR -- invalid stream for union select
  * untracked AV due to CORE-3649
  * Undo patch for CORE-3468
  * CORE-3791: Performance degrades when actively working with
    databases bigger than the available RAM amount
  * CORE-3770: fbtracemgr loads CPU up to ~55% when no activity is
  * CORE-3799: with caller privileges option don't work with
    autonomous transaction option
  * CORE-3801: Warnings could be put twice in status-vector
  * CORE-3802: Firebird runs out of memory while restoring database

Mon Mar 12 14:03:41 UTC 2012 -

- update to upstream version
  * CORE-2457: UNICODE_CI internal gds software consistency
  * CORE-3762: gsec returns 0 return code on some errors
  * CORE-3649: gbak deletes backup file even if error happens
    when it's already successfully closed
  * CORE-3777: Conversion error from string when using GROUP BY
  * CORE-3721: Multiuser server startup (/etc/init.d) script
    picks up the ISC_ variables if set
- remove dependency of firebird-devel on firebird

Wed Feb 29 07:58:49 UTC 2012 -

- update to upstream version
  * CORE-3761: Conversion error when using a blob as an argument
    for the EXCEPTION statement
  * CORE-3778: AV at connection shutdown
  * CORE-1997: Broken foreign key handling for multi-segmented
    index using multi-level collations
  * CORE-2457: UNICODE_CI internal gds software consistency check

Wed Feb 15 09:26:30 UTC 2012 -

- update to upstream version
  * CORE-3750: Error increasing limits on posix

Mon Jan 30 08:31:29 UTC 2012 -

- update to upstream version
  * CORE-3732: Segfault when closing attachment to database
  * CORE-3730: isc_dsql_exec_immed2() loses input parameter value with
    RETURNING clause
  * CORE-3733: GBAK fails to fix system generators while restoring
  * CORE-3736: WITH LOCK clause is allowed for users with read-only
    rights on some table, thus blocking others from updating this table
  * Stop db triggers in qli
- declare BuildRoot only when needed (< 1130)
- define version in one place rather than two

Mon Jan 16 14:52:15 UTC 2012 -

- update to upstream version
  * add system indices to avoid full table scans on system tables
  * CORE-3722: IS NOT DISTINCT FROM NULL doesn't use index
  * CORE-3727: Support C preprocessor flags in firebird build system
  * CORE-3599: Don't allow to drop RDB$ADMIN role
- removed obsolete firebird-2.5.2-libs.patch (in upstream now)

Mon Jan  2 15:03:57 UTC 2012 -

- update to upstream version
  * CORE-3862: Multiple update installs can cause problems
  * CORE-3697: String truncation error when selecting from a VIEW with
    UNION inside
  * CORE-3683: Wrong results if the recursive query contains an embedded
    GROUP BY clause
  * CORE-3671: JVM Access Violation when using Firebird Embedded
  * CORE-3238: Make GEN_UUID return a compliant RFC-4122 binary UUID
    and introduce CHAR_TO_UUID2 and UUID_TO_CHAR2 to convert UUIDs
    from/to string also complying with the RFC
  * CORE-3677: Stop utilities to export entrypoints
  * CORE-3646: Segmentation fault in Linux
  * CORE-3658: FBSVCMGR connects to server as OS user name rather than
    value of ISC_USER environment variable

Wed Dec 14 12:43:09 UTC 2011 -

- update to upstream version
  * CORE-3490: Concurrency problem when using named cursors
  * CORE-3690: Wrong warning message for ambiguous query
  * CORE-3680: EXECUTE BLOCK statement and ISC_DSQL_EXECUTE2() problem
  * CORE-927: Grants don't work for procedures used inside views
  * CORE-3692: Cannot drop a NOT NULL constraint on a field
    participating in the UNIQUE constraint
  * CORE-3601 - Incorrect TEXT BLOB charset transliteration on VIEW with
- add libtool and pkg-config to BuildRequires

Tue Nov 29 09:12:47 UTC 2011 -

- fixed include directory in pkg-config files
- set --prefix to /usr (shouldn't influence anything anyway)

Mon Nov 28 10:39:34 UTC 2011 -

- provide pkg-config files for libfbclient and libfbembed

Thu Nov 10 12:37:45 UTC 2011 -

- update to upstream version
  * CORE-3646: Segmentation fault in multi-threaded program when using
    2.5.x client library on Linux
  * CORE-3650: Recreation of collation leads to FB "death"
  * CORE-3557: AV in engine when preparing query against dropping table
  * CORE-3579: Can't drop table when computed field depends on later
  * created another field

Mon Oct 31 09:04:15 UTC 2011 -

- update to upstream version
  * CORE-3636: Firebird 2.5.1 server crashes with Trace API
  * CORE-3631: Duplicate records with NULLs checked incorrectly
  * CORE-3627: Server crashes with access violation when inserting
    row into table with unique index
  * CORE-3600: temp files fb_query_xxxx remains after ISQL has been
  * CORE-3612: gfix-related services may loose error value in status
    vector in isc_service_start()
  * CORE-3610: Can insert DUPLICATE keys in UNIQUE index

Tue Oct 18 06:56:41 UTC 2011 -

- compatibility with upstream tarball

Fri Sep 30 13:34:30 UTC 2011 -

- fixes in init script, removed unneeded patch

Thu Sep 29 17:28:16 UTC 2011 -

- fix baselibs.conf ( moved to firebird)

Thu Sep 29 17:22:15 UTC 2011 -

- add /srv/firebird directory
- restrict DatabaseAccess to /srv/firebird in default configuration
- move libib_util back to main server package (it depends on it)
- mark xinetd config file as config
- build with system editline
- don't fail install/upgrade if user or group creation fails
- rename isql and gstat to avoid conflict with other packages

Tue Sep 27 18:47:57 UTC 2011 -

- common firebird-devel for header files and
- separate firebird-superserver package
- separate firebird-classic package
- build firebird-doc as noarch if possible (suse_version > 1110)
- restart on update (in postun)
- remove full version from patch names
- disable xinetd service by default
- move misc to _datadir

Mon Sep 26 15:00:49 UTC 2011 -

- moved to BuildService
- removed %debug_package
- build libfbclient2-32bit
- move to main package
- restart on update
- fixed typo init init script

Mon Sep 19 2011 -
- update to

Fri Jun 24 2011 -

- update to

Wed May 25 2011 -

- update to
- remove init scripts for other distributions
- simplify user/group creation

Tue May 17 2011 -

- update to
- compile against system ICU
- shared libraries moved into a subpackage
- create /var/run/firebird in init script
- add Short-Description into the init script
- fixed interpreter specification in support scripts
- full path tu useradd and groupadd in pre-install script

Sat Mar 19 2011 -

- update to

Mon Jan 17 2011 -

- update to

Sun Nov 07 2010 -

- add useradd and groupadd to dependencies

Fri Oct 15 2010 -

- update to (2.5.0 Release)

Wed Aug 04 2010 -

- fixed typo in specfile (BuildRoot)

Mon Aug 02 2010 -

- create firebird user and group in preinstall script

Sun Aug 01 2010 -

- update to

Tue Jun 01 2010 -

- update to

Wed May 12 2010 -

- update to

Fri Apr 02 2010 -

- update to

Sat Mar 20 2010 -

- update to

Sat Feb 06 2010 -

- update to

Mon Jan 04 2010 -

- update to

Sun Dec 06 2009 -

- update to

Thu Nov 12 2009 -

- update to

Wed Oct 21 2009 -

- update to

Thu Oct 08 2009 -

- update to
- small fixes to files sections

Thu Sep 24 2009 -

- first version of the package

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