File grafana.changes of Package grafana.28936

Fri Apr 28 10:03:11 UTC 2023 - Witek Bedyk <>

- Remove 0002-Update-exporter-toolkit-to-version-0.7.3.patch
- Modified 0001-Add-source-code-reference.patch
- Update to 9.5.0 (CVE-2023-1387, bsc#1210907, jsc#PED-3694)
  * Breaking changes
    - default named retention policies won't be used to query.
      Users who have a default named retention policy in their
      influxdb database, have to rename it to something else.
      Having default named retention policy is not breaking
      anything. We will make sure to use the actual default
      retention policy under the hood. To change the hardcoded
      retention policy in the dashboard.json, users must they
      select the right retention policy from dropdown and save the
    - Grafana Alerting rules with NoDataState configuration set to
      Alerting will now respect "For" duration.
    - Users who use LDAP role sync to only sync Viewer, Editor and
      Admin roles, but grant Grafana Server Admin role manually
      will not be able to do that anymore. After this change, LDAP
      role sync will override any manual changes to Grafana Server
      Admin role assignments. If grafana_admin is left unset in
      LDAP role mapping configuration, it will default to false.
  * Features and enhancements
    API keys: Add deprecation to api keys.
    API: Enable serving Swagger UI by default and add docs and
    API: Permit Cache-Control (browser caching) for datasource
    Accessibility: Make row actions keyboard accessible.
    Admin/Plugins: Set category filter in connections link.
    Alerting: Add CustomDetails field in PagerDuty contact point.
    Alerting: Add dashboard and panel links to rule and instance
    Alerting: Add filter and remove funcs for custom labels and
    Alerting: Add fuzzy search to alert list view.
    Alerting: Add metrics for active receiver and integrations.
    Alerting: Better printing of labels.
    Alerting: Create new state history "fanout" backend that
              dispatches to multiple other backends at once.
    Alerting: Enable preview for recording rules.
    Alerting: Fetch all applied alerting configurations.
    Alerting: Introduce proper feature toggles for common state
              history backend combinations.
    Alerting: Make time range query parameters not required when
              querying Loki.
    Alerting: New notification policies view.
    Alerting: No longer index state history log streams by
              instance labels.
    Alerting: Respect "For" Duration for NoData alerts.
    Alerting: Support filtering rules by multiple datasources.
    Alerting: Switch to snappy-compressed-protobuf for outgoing
              push requests to Loki.
    Angular: Prevent angular from loading when disabled.
    Auth: Add Generic oauth skip org role sync setting.
    Auth: Add feature flag to move token rotation to client.
    Auth: Show user sync external Authentication status.
    Backend: Use sdk version 0.148.0.
    Chore: Add stat for remote cache config.
    Chore: Replace short UID generation with more standard UUIDs.
    Chore: Use DOMPurify to sanitize strings rather than js-xss.
    CloudMonitoring: Add possibility to use path for private key.
    CloudWatch Logs: Update default timeout to 30m.
    CloudWatch: Add AWS/IotSiteWise namespace and metrics.
    CloudWatch: Add account support to variable queries.
    CloudWatch: Make deeplinks work for us-gov and china regions.
    Cloudwatch: Add MeteredIOBytes metric for EFS.
    Command Palette: Display dashboard location.
    Command palette: Enable folder searching.
    Connections: Turn on feature toggle by default.
    Cookies: Provide a mechanism for per user control over cookies.
    Dashboard Datasource: Update Query List & Improve UX.
    Dashboard: Add a feature that creates a table panel when a
               spreadsheet file is dropped on the dashboard.
    Dashboard: Add new visualization/row/library panel/pasted
               panel is now a dropdown menu.
    Dashboard: Add value format for requests per minute.
    Dashboard: Empty/No Panels dashboard with a new design.
    Dashboard: When dashboard is not found show message instead
               of empty page.
    Dashboards: Enable feature flag newPanelChromeUI by default.
    Dataplane: Support timeSeriesLong without transform.
    Datasources: Add user_agent header customization for outgoing
                 HTTP requests.
    Datasources: Use getDefaultQuery in annotations editors.
    Docs: Add documentation on how to debug backend plugins.
    Docs: Deprecate dashboard previews.
    Elasticsearch: Detect Elasticsearch version.
    Elasticsearch: Run Explore queries trough data source backend.
    Explore: Add range option to internal data links.
    Explore: Add transformations to correlation data links.
    Explore: Support mixed data sources for supplementary query.
    Extensions: Expose an enum for available placements.
    Feat: Changing link destination for get more plugins.
    Feat: Linking to plugin details page rather than externally
          for new datasources.
    FieldMatchers: Add match by value (reducer).
    Flame graph: Add context menu.
    Flame graph: Add metadata above flame graph.
    Geomap: Improve tooltip url for photos layer.
    Geomap: Release night / day layer.
    InfluxDB: Move database information into jsondata.
    Jaeger and Zipkin: Config & docs upgrade.
    LDAP: Allow setting minimum TLS version and accepted ciphers.
    Live: Remove (alpha) ability to configure live pipelines.
    Logger: Add feature toggle for errors in HTTP request logs.
    Login: Allow custom name and icon for social providers.
    Logs Panel: Refactor style generation to improve rendering
    Logs: Add millisecond to timestamp in log line.
    Logs: Rename dedup to deduplicate.
    Loki Query Editor: Make Monaco the default editor.
    Loki: Add unpack query builder hint.
    Loki: Add descriptions to query builder operations.
    Loki: Add placeholder to the loki query editor.
    Loki: Always fetch for new label keys in the QueryBuilder.
    Loki: Display error with label filter conflicts.
    Loki: Improve the display of loki query stats.
    MSSQL/Postgres: List views in table dropdown as well.
    MSSQL: Update forked go-mssqldb dependency.
    Metrics: Update comment to mention folders instead of
    Navigation: Enable new navigation by default.
    NodeGraph: Support icons for nodes.
    Notifications: Enable display of trace ID by default.
    Packaging: Start Grafana service after InfluxDB.
    Panel Header: Add CancelQuery option to panel header.
    Panel: Show multiple errors info in the inspector.
    PanelChrome: Add option to show actions on the right side
                 (actions = leftItems).
    Phlare: Allow variables in labelSelector (in query).
    Plugin: Skip preloading disabled app plugins.
    Plugins: Add optional logger for plugin requests sent to backend
    Plugins: Extend panel menu with commands from plugins.
    Plugins: Extend panel menu with links from plugins.
    Plugins: Improve instrumentation by adding metrics and tracing.
    Plugins: Support for distributed tracing in backend plugins SDK.
    Plugins: Support for link extensions.
    Profiling: Enable flame graph & Phlare/Parca data sources for
               all users.
    Prometheus Datasource: Improve Prom query variable editor.
    Prometheus Metrics: Add missing stat_total_teams metric.
    Prometheus/Loki: Run query explicitly instead of onblur in panel
    Prometheus: Browser resource caching.
    Prometheus: Improve prometheus query variable editor.
    Prometheus: Use $__rate_interval for rate queries generated by
                metric browser.
    Pubdash: Email sharing handle dashboard deleted.
    PublicDashboards: Backfills share column with default value.
    PublicDashboards: Configuration modal redesign.
    PublicDashboards: Email sharing.
    PublicDashboards: Enable creation when dashboard has template
    PublicDashboards: Paused or deleted public dashboard screen.
    QueryHistory: Improve handling of mixed datasource entries.
    Rendering: Experimental support to use JWTs as auth method.
    SQL Datasources: Add back help content.
    Schema: Remove exclusion for timeseries and update imports.
    Search: Improvements for starred dashboard search.
    Select: Show icon in the grafana/ui Select component.
    Service accounts: Creation logic simplification.
    Service accounts: Remove Add API keys buttons and remove one
                      state of migrating for API keys tab.
    SplitOpen: Update API to accept multiple queries.
    Stat Panel: Add an option for a non-gradient/solid background.
    Stat: Add ability to remove default single-color background
    SupportBundles: Add OAuth bundle collectors.
    Table Panel: Add ability to use text color for value or hide
                 value in gauge cell.
    Table: Introduce sparkline cell type.
    Tempo: Config and doc updates.
    Tempo: Update service graph view and docs.
    TraceView: Add key and url escaping of json tag values.
    TraceView: Reworked header.
    Tracing: Add more detail to HTTP Outgoing Request.
    Tracing: Docs and config improvements for Tempo/Jaeger/Zipkin.
    Tracing: Support multiple OTel propagators.
    Transformations: Support time format when converting time to
    Transformers: Support adding the row index using calculate
                  field transformer.
    Units: Format currency with negative before the symbol.
  * Bug fixes
    API: Fix "Updated by" Column in dashboard versions table.
    AccessControl: Allow editors to access GET /api/datasources.
    Alerting: Add "backend" label to state history writes metrics.
    Alerting: Add alert instance labels to Loki log lines in
              addition to stream labels.
    Alerting: Elide requests to Loki if nothing should be recorded.
    Alerting: Fix DatasourceUID and RefID missing for
              DatasourceNoData alerts.
    Alerting: Fix ambiguous handling of equals in labels when
              bucketing Loki state history streams.
    Alerting: Fix attachment of external labels to Loki state
              history log streams.
    Alerting: Fix creating a recording rule when having multiple
    Alerting: Fix explore link in alert detail view.
    Alerting: Fix share URL for Prometheus rules on subpath.
    Alerting: Fix stats that display alert count when using unified
    Alerting: Hide mute timing actions when dealing with vanilla
    Alerting: Paginate result previews.
    Alerting: Prometheus-compatible Alertmanager timings editor.
    Alerting: Update scheduler to get updates only from database.
    Alerting: Use a completely isolated context for state history
    Alerting: Use displayNameFromDS if available in preview.
    Annotation List: Fix panel not updating when variable is
    Annotations: Ignore unique constraint violations for tags.
    Auth: Fix orgrole picker disabled if isSynced user.
    AzureMonitor: Fix Log Analytics portal links.
    BrowseDashboards: Fix move to General folder not working.
    Catalog: Show install error with incompatible version.
    Chore: Update Grafana to use Alertmanager
    CloudMonitoring: Add project selector for MQL editor[fix].
    CloudWatch Logs: Fix running logs queries with expressions.
    CloudWatch Logs: Fix to make log queries use a relative time if
    CloudWatch Logs: Revert "Queries in an expression should run
    CloudWatch: Fix cachedQueries insights not being updated for
                metric queries.
    Cloudwatch: Pass refId from query for expression queries.
    Dashboards: Evaluate provisioned dashboard titles in a
                backwards compatible way.
    Dashboards: Fix broken internal data links.
    Database: Don't sleep 10ms before every request.
    Elasticsearch: Fix processing of response with multiple group
                   by for alerting.
    Elasticsearch: Handle multiple annotation structures.
    Email: Mark HTML comments as "safe" in email templates.
    ErrorHandling: Fixes issues with bad error messages.
    ErrorView: Better detection of no-data responses.
    Explore: Make DataSourcePicker visible on small screens.
    Fix: DataLinks from data sources override user defined data
    Fix: Top table rendering and update docs.
    Frontend: Fix broken links in /plugins when pathname has a
              trailing slash.
    Geomap: Fix route layer zoom behavior.
    Google Cloud Monitoring: Fix project variable.
    HeatMap: Sort y buckets when all bucket names are numeric.
    InfluxDB: Fix querying with hardcoded retention policy.
    InfluxDB: Fix sending retention policy with InfluxQL queries.
    KVStore: Include database field in migration.
    LDAP: Always synchronize Server Admin role through role sync if
          role sync is enabled.
    Library panels: Ensure pagination controls are always correctly
    Loki: Fix autocomplete situations with multiple escaped quotes.
    MegaMenu: Fixes mega menu showing scroll indicator when it
    Navigation: Redirect to root page when switching organization.
    Navigation: Scrolled hamburger menu links now navigate correctly
                in Safari.
    NestedFolders: Fix nested folder deletion.
    New Panel Header: Fix when clicking submenu item the parent
                      menu item onClick get's triggered.
    Phlare: Fix error when there are no profileTypes to send from
    PieChart: Show long labels properly.
    PluginExtensions: Fixed issue with incorrect type being
                      exposed when configuring an extension.
    Plugins: Ensure proxy route bodies are valid JSON.
    Plugins: Fix width for README pages with tables.
    Plugins: Markdown fetch retry with lowercase.
    Plugins: Skip instrumenting plugin build info for core and
             bundled plugins.
    PublicDashboards: Query collapsed panels inside rows.
    Query Splitting: Fix for handling queries with no requestId.
    SQL Datasources: Fix variable throwing error if query returns no
    SQL Datasources: Prevent Call Stack Overflows with Large
                     Numbers of Values for Variable.
    SQLStore: Fix SQLite error propagation if query retries are
    Stat Panel: Fix issue with clipping text values.
    Table Panel: Fix panel migration for options cell type.
    Table: Fix migrations from old angular table for cell color
    Table: Fixes issue with pagination summary causing scrollbar.
    Table: Fixes table panel gauge alignment.
    TablePanel: Fix table cells overflowing when there are
                multiple data links.
    TablePanel: fix footer bug; no footer calculated values after
                "hidden" column override.
    Templating: Allow percent encoding of variable with custom all.
    Tempo: Set default limit if none is provided for traceql
    TimeSeries: Don't extend stepped interpolation to graph edges.
    TimeSeries: Improve stacking direction heuristic.
    Trace View: Update the queryType to traceql for checking if
                same trace when clicking span link.
    TraceView: Don't require preferredVisualisationType to render.
    Utils: Reimplement util.GetRandomString to avoid modulo bias.
    XYChart: Add all dataset columns in tooltip.
  * Plugin development fixes & changes
    DateTimePicker: Can now select time correctly.
    Grafana UI: Fix tooltip prop of button component.
    DateTimePicker: Add min date support to calendar.
    GrafanaUI: Implement new component Toggletip.
    ContextMenu: Fix padding and show border based on items.

Thu Apr  6 15:03:14 UTC 2023 - Marius Kittler <>

- Update to 9.4.7 (2023-03-16)
  * Bug fixes
    Alerting: Update scheduler to receive rule updates only from
    Influxdb: Re-introduce backend migration feature toggle.
    Security: Fixes for CVE-2023-1410.
  * Breaking changes
    The InfluxDB backend migration feature toggle
    (influxdbBackendMigration) has been reintroduced in this
    version as issues were discovered with backend processing of
    InfluxDB data. Unless this feature toggle is enabled, all
    InfluxDB data will be parsed in the frontend. This frontend
    processing is the default behavior.
    In Grafana 9.4.4, InfluxDB data parsing started to be handled
    in the backend. If you have upgraded to 9.4.4 and then added
    new transformations on InfluxDB data, those panels will fail to
    render. To resolve this either:
    Remove the affected panel and re-create it or
    edit the `time` field as `Time` in `panel.json` or

Fri Mar 24 09:23:53 UTC 2023 - Marius Kittler <>

- Remove 0002-Update-exporter-toolkit-to-version-0.7.3.patch
  as the exporter toolkit has been updated by upstream
- Install wrapper scripts under /usr/sbin
- Install actual binaries under /usr/libexec/grafana (or /usr/lib
  under older distributions) and create a simlink for wrapper
  scripts and the service (which expect the binary to be under

- Update to 9.4.3
  * Bug fixes
    Alerting: Use background context for maintenance function.

- Update to 9.4.2
  * Bug fixes
    Alerting: Fix boolean default in migration from false to 0.

- Update to 9.4.0
  * Features and enhancements
    Alerting: Add endpoint for querying state history.
    Alerting: Add label query parameters to state history endpoint.
    Alerting: Add static label to all state history entries.
    Alerting: Mark AM configuration as applied.
    Azure Monitor: Enable multiple resource queries.
    InfluxDB: Move database information into jsondata.
    Query Caching: Add per-panel query caching TTL.
    Table: Add row number column option.
    Tempo: Remove tempoApmTable feature flag.
    Transformations: Selectively apply transformation to queries.
  * Bug fixes
    AccessControl: Clear user permission cache for update org user
    Alerting: Fix handling of special floating-point cases
              when writing observed values to annotations.
    Auth: Rotate token patch.
    ContextMenu: Consider y coord when determining bottom
    Elasticsearch: Fix consistent label order in alerting.
    Explore: Fix graph not updating when changing config.
    Heatmap: Support heatmap rows with non-timeseries X axis.
    Login: Fix panic when a user is upserted by a background
    MSSQL: Add support for macro function calls.
    MySQL: Quote identifiers that include special characters.
    Navigation: Sign in button now works correctly when
                served under a sub path.
    Nested Folder: Fix for SQLite not to overwrite the parent on
    PanelChrome: Adds display mode to support transparent option.
    Plugins: Case-sensitive routes for standalone pages.
    Plugins: Prefer to use the data source UID when querying.
    SQLStore: Fix folder migration for MySQL < 5.7.
    Search: Fix not being able to clear sort value.
    Tempo: Fix span name being dropped from the query.
  * Plugin development fixes & changes
    PanelChrome: Implement hover header.

- Update to 9.3.7
  * Bug fixes
    Alerting: Validate that tags are 100 characters or less.
    Expressions: Fixes the issue showing expressions editor.
    Logs: Fix stats not being updated when log results change.
    Plugins: Fix circular reference in customOptions leading
             to MarshalJSON errors.
    Time Series Panel: Fix legend text selection in Firefox.
- Update to 9.3.6
  * Bug fixes
    QueryEditorRow: Fixes issue loading query editor when
                    data source variable selected.

- Update to 9.3.4
  * Features and enhancements
    Prometheus: Add default editor configuration.
    TextPanel: Refactor to functional component.
  * Bug fixes
    Alerting: Fix webhook to use correct key for decrypting token.
    Alerting: Set error annotation on EvaluationError regardless of
              underlying error type.
    Datasources: Fix Proxy by UID Failing for UIDs with a Hyphen.
    Fix creating of span link with no tags.
    Elasticsearch: Fix failing requests when using SigV4.
    Elasticsearch: Fix toggle-settings are not shown correctly.
    Explore: Be sure time range key bindings are mounted after
    Explore: Unsync time ranges when a pane is closed.
    Logs: Lines with long words do not break properly.
    Loki: Fix misaligned derived fields settings.
    Query Builder: Fix max width of input component to prevent
    Search: Auto focus input elements.
    Search: Fix empty folder message showing when by starred
    Table Panel: Fix image of image cell overflowing table cell and
                 cells ignoring text alignment setting when a data
                 link is added.

- Update to 9.3.2
  * Features and enhancements
    Graphite: Process multiple queries to Graphite plugin.
  * Bug fixes
    API: Fix delete user failure due to quota not enabled.
    Accessibility: Improved keyboard accessibility in BarGauge.
    Accessibility: Improved keyboard accessibility in BigValue.
    Alerting: Use the QuotaTargetSrv instead of the QuotaTarget in
              quota check.
    AzureMonitor: Automate location retrieval.
    AzureMonitor: Fix bad request when setting dimensions.
    BarChart: Fix value mappings.
    Build: Streamline and sync dockerfiles.
    Build: Unified dockerfile for all builds.
    CloudWatch: Fix - make sure dimensions are propagated to alert
                query editor.
    Cloudwatch: Fix deeplink with default region.
    Command Palette: Fix not being able to type if triggered
      whilst another modal is open.
    Command Palette: Maintain page state when changing theme.
    Dashboards: Fix 'Make Editable' button not working in
      Dashboard Settings.
    Dashboards: Show error when data source is missing.
    Datasource: Fix - apply default query also to queries in new
    Dropdown: Menu now closes correctly when selecting
              options on touch devices.
    Influx: Query segment menus now position correctly near
            the bottom of the screen.
    Login: Fix failure to login a new user via an external
           provider if quota are enabled.
    Loki/Prometheus: Fix wrong queries executed in split view.
    Loki: Fix wrongly escaped label values when using LabelFilter.
    Navigation: Prevent app crash when importing a dashboard with a
                uid of `home`.
    Panel Edit: Fix data links edit icons being off screen when
                provided title is too long.
    Prometheus: Fix exemplar fill color to match series color in
                time series.
    Prometheus: Fix exemplars not respecting corresponding series
                display status.
    StateTimeline: Fix negative infinity legend/tooltip from
    Table: Fixes row border style not showing and colored
           rows blending together.
    Tempo: Fix TraceQL autocomplete issues.
    TimePicker: Prevent TimePicker overflowing viewport on small
    TimeRangePicker: Fix recently ranges only not showing all recent
    TimeZonePicker: Scroll menu correctly when using keyboard

- Update to 9.3.1
  * Features and enhancements
    Connections: Update "Your connections/Data sources" page.
  * Bug fixes
    Accessibility: Increase badge constrast to be WCAG AA compliant.

- Update to 9.3.0
  * Features and enhancements
    Alerting: Enable interpolation for notification policies in file
    Azure Monitor Logs: Avoid warning when the response is empty.
    Azure Monitor: Add support to customized routes.
    Canvas: Add icon value mapping.
    CloudWatch: Cross-account querying support.
    Docs: Update `` regarding backport
    GaugePanel: Setting the neutral-point of a gauge.
    Geomap: Improve location editor.
    Internationalization: Enable internationalization by default.
    Logs: Add `Download logs` button to log log-browser.
    Loki: Add `gzip` compression to resource calls.
    Loki: Add improvements to loki label browser.
    Loki: Make label browser accessible in query builder.
    Loki: Remove raw query toggle.
    Middleware: Add CSP Report Only support.
    Navigation: Prevent viewer role accessing dashboard
                creation, import and folder creation.
    OAuth: Refactor OAuth parameters handling to support
           obtaining refresh tokens for Google OAuth.
    Oauth: Display friendly error message when
           role_attribute_strict=true and no valid role found.
    Preferences: Add confirmation modal when saving org preferences.
    PublicDashboards: Orphaned public dashboard deletion script
    Query Editor: Hide overflow for long query names.
    Solo Panel: Configurable timezone.
    TablePanel: Add support for Count calculation per column
                or per entire dataset.
    Tempo: Send the correct start time when making a TraceQL query.
    Various Panels: Remove beta label from Bar Chart, Candlestick,
                    Histogram, State Timeline, & Status History
  * Bug fixes
    Access Control: Clear user's permission cache after resource
    Access Control: Clear user's permission cache after resource
    Accessibility: Improve keyboard accessibility in
    Accessibility: Improve keyboard accessibility in `Collapse`.
    Accessibility: Improve keyboard accessibility in
                   `GettingStarted` panel.
    Accessibility: Improve keyboard accessibility of `FilterPill`.
    Admin: Fix broken links to image assets in email templates.
    Azure Monitor: Fix namespace selection for storageaccounts.
    Calcs: Fix difference percent in legend.
    DataLinks: Improve Data-Links AutoComplete Logic.
    Explore: Fix a11y issue with logs navigation buttons.
    Heatmap: Fix blurry text & rendering.
    Heatmap: Fix tooltip y range of top and bottom buckets in
             calculated heatmaps.
    Logs: Fix misalignment of LogRows.
    Navigation: Stop clearing search state when opening a
                result in a new tab.
    OptionsUI: SliderValueEditor does not get auto focused on
               slider change.
    PanelEdit: Fixes bug with not remembering panel options
               pane collapse/expand state.
    Quota: Fix failure in store due to missing scope parameters.
    Quota: Fix failure when checking session limits.
    StateTimeline: Prevent label text from overflowing state rects.
    Tempo: Fix search table duration unit.
    TraceView: Fix broken rendering when scrolling in Dashboard
               panel in Firefox.
  * Plugin development fixes & changes
    GrafanaUI: Add disabled option for menu items.

- Update to 9.2.4
  * Features and enhancements
    Access Control: Add an endpoint for setting several managed
                    resource permissions.
    Accessibility: Increase `Select` placeholder contrast to
                   be WCAG AA compliant.
    Alerting: Append org ID to alert notification URLs.
    Alerting: Make the Grouped view the default one for Rules.
    Build: Remove unnecessary alpine package updates.
    Google Cloud Monitoring: Set frame interval to draw null values.
    Instrumentation: Expose when the binary was built as a gauge.
    Loki: Preserve `X-ID-Token` header.
    Search: Reduce requests in folder view.
    TimeSeries: More thorough detection of negative values for
                auto-stacking direction.
  * Bug fixes
    Alerting: Attempt to preserve UID from migrated legacy channel.
    Alerting: Fix response is not returned for invalid Duration in
              Provisioning API.
    Alerting: Fix screenshot is not taken for stale series.
    Auth: Fix admins not seeing pending invites.
    MSSQL/Postgres: Fix visual query editor filter disappearing.
    Tempo: Fix dropdown issue on tag field focus.
    Timeseries: Fix null pointer when matching fill below to field.
  * Plugin development fixes & changes
    Toolkit: Fix Webpack less-loader config.

- Update to 9.2.3
  * Features and enhancements
    Docs: Add information about DB version support to upgrade guide.
    Footer: Update footer release notes link to Github changelog.
    Prometheus: Do not drop errors in streaming parser.
    Prometheus: Flavor/version configuration.
    Prometheus: Provide label values match parameter API when
                supported prometheus instance is configured.
    Security: Upgrade x/text to version unaffected by
  * Bug fixes
    Auth: Fix GF_AUTH_JWT_URL_LOGIN env variable doesn't work.
    Live: Explicitly reply with http 200.
    Prometheus: Fix builder operation mode changing
                multiselect to single select behaviour.
    Prometheus: Fix builder operation mode changing
                multiselect to single select behaviour.
    Security: Fix vulnerabilities in webpack loader-utils.

- Update to 9.2.2
  * Features and enhancements
    Alerting: Add support for wecom apiapp.
    Canvas: Improve resource picker initialization.
    Canvas: Improve text element readability.
    CloudWatch: Make sure adoption tracking is done on valid,
                migrated queries.
    Dashboard: Alerts user to incorrect tag format for JSON import.
    MSSQL: Support tables from all schemas.
    Opentsdb: Allow template variables for filter keys.
    Prometheus: Provide label values match parameter API when
                supported prometheus instance is configured.
    QueryEditor: Revert components from grafana-ui.
  * Bug fixes
    Browse: Fix General folder not showing in FolderPicker.
    Elasticsearch: Fix calculation of trimEdges in alert mode.
    Elasticsearch: Fix trimEdges delete logic in alert mode.
    GoogleOAuth: Unlock User Admin UI.
    LogContext: Fix wrong color of `show context` icon in light
    Loki: Fix adding of adhoc filters to stream selector when query
          with empty stream selector.
    Loki: Fix double stringified log-lines when copied via Copy
    Loki: Fix explain section about $\_\_interval variable.
    Loki: Remove already selected options from next label filter
          options in builder.
    NodeGraph: Fix rendering issues when values of arc are over 1.
    PublicDashboards: Fix hidden queries execution.
    PublicDashboards: Fix hidden queries execution.
    Tempo: Fix Node Graph visualization type in dashboard.
    TimeSeries: Fix stacking when first value is negative zero.
    TimeseriesPanel: Fix variables in data links.
    User: Fix externalUserId not being populated.
  * Breaking changes
    We added some components a bit too early to @grafana/ui in 9.2
    so we are moving them back to @grafana/experimental. If you
    used any of these components
    Please use them from grafana/experimental from now on.

- Update to 9.2.1
  * Features and enhancements
    Alerting: Improve notification policies created during
    AzureAD: Add option to force fetch the groups from the
             Graph API.
    Docs: Note end of release notes publication.
    Inspect: Handle JSON tab crash when the provided object
             is too big to stringify.
    TablePanel: Footer now updates values on column filtering.
  * Bug fixes
    Alerting: Fix email image embedding on Windows.
    Alerting: Fix mathexp.NoData for ConditionsCmd.
    Legacy Alerting: Fix duration calculation when testing a rule.
    Loki: Propagate additional headers from Grafana to Loki
          when querying data.
    Search: Sort alphabetically in the folder view, increase
            the limit of the folder search from 50 to 1000.
    TablePanel: Fix last table column to be centered.
  * Plugin development fixes & changes
    Grafana UI: Export prop types for queryfield, modal and field
    Toolkit: Fix `Cannot use import statement outside...` error in

- Update to 9.2.0
  * Features and enhancements
    Alerting: Add Notification error feedback on contact points
    Alerting: Allow created by to be manually set when
              there's no creator for silences.
    Alerting: Expose info about notification delivery errors
              in a new /receivers endpoint.
    Alerting: Update imported prometheus alertmanager version.
    Alerting: Write and Delete multiple alert instances.
    Core: Implement aria attributes for query rows, improve a11y.
    DevEnv: Adds docker block for clickhouse.
    Docker: removes unneccesary use of edge repo.
    Explore: Revert split pane resize feature.
    Frontend: Make local storage items propagate to different tabs
    PublicDashboards: Allow disabling an existent public dashboard
                      if it.
    QueryEditorRow: Only pass error to query editor if panel
                    is not in a loading state.
    XYChart: Beta release.
    Alerting: Start ticker only when scheduler starts.
  * Bug fixes
    Alerting: Fix pq: missing FROM-clause for table "a".
    AzureMonitor: Correctly update subscriptions value in ARG
    Chore: Regenerate swagger specification and fix validation
    Correlations: Only return correlation for which both
                  source and target datasources exist.
    Explore: Prevent panes from disappearing when resizing
             window in split view.
    Links: Fix opening links from different orgs on the same tab.
    LogContext: Fix scroll position in upper context group.
    Logs: Show copy button independently from context.
    Loki/Prometheus: Fix adding of ad hoc filters when
                     jumping from dashboard to explore.
    Loki: Add support for range aggregations with by grouping.
    Loki: Fix label-value escaping in context query.
    Loki: Fix redundant escaping in adhoc filter with regex match.
    PanelEdit: Fixes resize pane border and spacing issues.
    RBAC: Redirect to /login when forceLogin is set.
    Security: Fix CVE-2022-27664.
    StateTimeline: Fix tooltip showing erroneously in shared
                   crosshair dashboards.
    Tempo: Fix unexpected trimming of leading zeroes in traceID.
    Tracing: Fix bug where errors are not reported to OpenTelemetry.

- Update to 9.1.8
  * Features and enhancements
    Alerting: Update imported prometheus alertmanager version.
  * Bug fixes
    Alerting: Fix evaluation interval validation.
    Alerting: Fix migration to create rules with group index 1.
    Alerting: Fix migration to not add label "alertname".
    Azure Monitor: Fix empty Logs response for Alerting.
    Azure Monitor: Fix subscription selector when changing data
    Google Cloud Monitoring: Fix bucket bound for distributions.

- Update to 9.1.7
  * Features and enhancements
    CloudWatch: Add missing AWS/Prometheus metrics.
    Explore: Add feature tracking events.
    Graphite: Add error information to graphite queries tracing.
    Prometheus: Restore FromAlert header.
    Search: Add search index configuration options.
    Thresholds: Add option for dashed line style.
  * Bug fixes
    Alerting: Fix default query's data source when no default
              datasource specified.
    Alerting: Fix mathexp.NoData cannot be reduced.
    Alerting: Skip unsupported file types on provisioning.
    AzureMonitor: Ensure resourceURI template variable is migrated.
    Dashboard: Fix plugin dashboard save as button.
    Docs: Fix decimals: auto docs for panel edit.
    Fix: RBAC handle `error no resolver` found.
    LibraryPanelSearch: Refactor and fix hyphen issue.
    Live: Fix live streaming with `live-service-web-worker` feature
          flag enabled.
    QueryField: Fix wrong cursor position on autocomplete.

- Update to 9.1.6
  * Features and enhancements
    DataSource: Adding possibility to hide queries from the
    Inspect: Hide Actions tab when it is empty.
    PanelMenu: Remove hide legend action as it was showing on
               all panel types.
    Provisioning Contact points: Support disableResolveMessage via
    PublicDashboards: Support subpaths when generating pubdash url.
  * Bug fixes
    Alerting: Fix legacy migration crash when rule name is too long.
    Alerting: Fix send resolved notifications.
    Azure Monitor: Fix migration issue with MetricDefinitionsQuery
                   template variable query types.
    Browse: Hide dashboard actions if user does not have enough
    ElasticSearch: Fix dispatching queries at a wrong time.
    Panel: Disable legends when showLegend is false prior to
           schema v37.
    Prometheus: Fix metadata requests for browser access mode.
    Search: Avoid requesting all dashboards when in Folder View.
    TablePanel/StatPanel: Fix values not being visible when
                          background transparent.

- Update to 9.1.5
  * Features and enhancements
    Alerting: Sanitize invalid label/annotation names for external
    Alerting: Telegram: Truncate long messages to avoid send error.
    DisplayProcessor: Handle reverse-ordered data when auto-showing
    Heatmap: Add option to reverse color scheme.
    PluginLoader: Alias slate-react as @grafana/slate-react.
    Search: Add substring matcher, to bring back the old
            dashboard search behavior.
    Traces: More visible span colors.
  * Bug fixes
    Alerting: Fix incorrect propagation of org ID and other
              fields in rule provisioning endpoints.
    Alerting: Resetting the notification policy tree to the default
              policy will also restore default contact points.
    AzureMonitor: Fix custom namespaces.
    AzureMonitor: Fix issue where custom metric namespaces
                  are not included in the metric namespace list.
    CloudWatch: Fix display name of metric and namespace.
    Cloudwatch: Fix annotation query serialization issue.
    Dashboard: Fix issue where unsaved changes warning would appear
               even after save, and not being able to change library
    Dashboard: Hide overflow content for single left pane.
    Loki: Fix a bug where adding adhoc filters was not possible.

- Update to 9.1.4
  * Bug fixes
    GrafanaUI: Fixes Chrome issue for various query fields.

- Update to 9.1.3
  * Features and enhancements
    API: Do not expose user input in datasource error responses.
    Alerting: Write and Delete multiple alert instances.
    Library Panel: Allow to delete them when deprecated.
    Plugins Catalog: Allow to filter plugins using special
  * Bug fixes
    Alerting: Fix UI bug when setting custom notification
              policy group by.
    AppRootPage: Fix issue navigating between two app plugin pages.
    Correlations: Use correct fallback handlers.
    RBAC: Fix deleting empty snapshots.
    LibraryElements: Fix inability to delete library panels
                     under MySQL.
    Metrics: fix `grafana_database_conn_*` metrics, and add
             new `go_sql_stats_*` metrics as eventual replacement.
    TestData DB: Fix node graph not showing when the `Data type`
                 field is set to `random`.
  * Deprecations
    The `grafana_database_conn_*` metrics are deprecated, and will
    be removed in a future version of Grafana. Use the
    `go_sql_stats_*` metrics instead.

- Update to 9.1.2
  * Features and enhancements
    AdHoc variable: Correctly preselect datasource when provisioning.
    AzureMonitor: Added ARG query function for template variables.
    Dashboards: Persist details message when navigating through
               dashboard save drawer's tabs.
    Dashboards: Correctly migrate mixed data source targets.
    Elasticsearch: Use millisecond intervals for alerting.
    Elasticsearch: Use millisecond intervals in frontend.
    Geomap: Local color range.
    Plugins Catalog: Use appSubUrl to generate plugins catalog urls.
    Rendering: Add support for renderer token.
  * Bug fixes
    Alerting: Fix saving of screenshots uploaded with a signed url.
    AngularPanels: Fixing changing angular panel options not taking
                   having affect when coming back from panel edit.
    Explore: Improve a11y of query row collapse button.
    Geomap: Fix tooltip display.
    QueryEditorRow: Filter data on mount.
    Search: Show all dashboards in the folder view.
    Tracing: Fix the event attributes in opentelemetry tracing.
  * Plugin development fixes & changes
    GrafanaUI: Fix styles for invalid selects & DataSourcePicker.

- Update to 9.1.1
  * Features and enhancements
    Cloud Monitoring: Support SLO burn rate.
    Schema: Restore "hidden" in LegendDisplayMode.
    Timeseries: Revert the timezone(s) property name change back to
  * Bug fixes
    Alerting: Fix links in Microsoft Teams notifications.
    Alerting: Fix notifications for Microsoft Teams.
    Alerting: Fix width of Adaptive Cards in Teams notifications.
    ColorPickerInput: Fix popover in disabled state.
    Decimals: Fixes auto decimals to behave the same for
              positive and negative values.
    Loki: Fix unique log row id generation.
    Plugins: Fix file extension in development authentication guide.
    TimeSeries: Fix jumping legend issue.
    TimeSeries: Fix memory leak on viz re-init caused by
  * Plugin development fixes & changes
    TimePicker: Fixes relative timerange of less than a day not
    GrafanaUI: Fixes ClipboardButton to always keep multi line

- Update to 9.1.0
  * Features and enhancements
    API: Allow creating teams with a user defined identifier.
    Alerting: Adds interval and For to alert rule details.
    Alerting: Extend PUT rule-group route to write the entire
              rule group rather than top-level fields only.
    Alerting: Use Adaptive Cards in Teams notifications.
    Azure Monitor: Add Network Insights Dashboard.
    Chore: Improve logging of unrecoverable errors.
    Correlations: Add UpdateCorrelation HTTP API.
    Dashboard: Reverted the changes of hiding multi-select
               and all variable in the datasource picker.
    Geomap: Add alpha day/night layer.
    Geomap: Add measuring tools.
    GrafanaUI: Add success state to ClipboardButton.
    Heatmap: Replace the heatmap panel with new implementation.
    KVStore: Allow empty value in kv_store.
    Prometheus: Promote Azure auth flag to configuration.
    Search: Display only dashboards in General folder of
            Search Folder View.
    Status history/State timeline: Support datalinks.
    Transform: Add a limit transform.
    Transformations: Add standard deviation and variance reducers.
  * Bug fixes
    API: Fix snapshot responses.
    Access Control: Fix permission error during dashboard
                    creation flow.
    Access Control: Set permissions for Grafana's test data source.
    Alerting: Fix migration failure.
    BarGauge: Show empty bar when value, minValue and
              maxValue are all equal.
    Dashboard: Fix color of bold and italics text in panel
               description tooltip.
    Loki: Fix passing of query with defaults to code mode.
    Loki: Fix producing correct log volume query for query
          with comments.
    Loki: Fix showing of unusable labels field in detected fields.
    Tracing: Fix OpenTelemetry Jaeger context propagation.
    Alerting: AlertingProxy to elevate permissions for request
              forwarded to data proxy when RBAC enabled.
  * Plugin development fixes & changes
    Plugins: Only pass `rootUrls` field in request when not empty.
  * Breaking changes
    Alert notifications to Microsoft Teams now use Adaptive Cards
      instead of Office 365 Connector Cards.
    Starting at 9.1.0, existing heatmap panels will start using a
      new implementation. This can be disabled by setting the
      `useLegacyHeatmapPanel` feature flag to true. It can be
      tested on a single dashbobard by adding
      `?__feature.useLegacyHeatmapPanel=true` to any dashboard URL.
      The most notable changes are:
      Significantly improved rendering performance
      When calculating heatmaps, the buckets are now placed on
        reasonable borders (1m, 5m, 30s etc)
      Round cells are no longer supported

- Update to 9.0.9
  * Bug fixes
    AngularPanels: Fixing changing angular panel options not taking
                   having affect when coming back from panel edit.
    AuthNZ: Security fixes for CVE-2022-35957 and CVE-2022-36062.

- Update to 9.0.8
  * Features and enhancements
    Alerting: Hide "no rules" message when we are fetching
              from data sources.
    Rendering: Add support for renderer token.
    Alerting: AlertingProxy to elevate permissions for
              request forwarded to data proxy when RBAC enabled.

- Update to 9.0.7
  * Features and enhancements
    CloudMonitoring: Remove link setting for SLO queries.
  * Bug fixes
    GrafanaUI: Render PageToolbar's leftItems regardless of
               title's presence.

- Update to 9.0.6
  * Features and enhancements
    Access Control: Allow org admins to invite new users to
                    their organization.
  * Bug fixes
    Grafana/toolkit: Fix incorrect image and font generation
                     for plugin builds.
    Prometheus: Fix adding of multiple values for regex operator.
    UI/Card: Fix card items always having pointer cursor.

- Update to 9.0.5
  * Features and enhancements
    Access control: Show dashboard settings to users who can
                    edit dashboard.
    Alerting: Allow the webhook notifier to support a custom
              Authorization header.
    Plugins: Add signature wildcard globbing for dedicated
             private plugin type.
    Prometheus: Don't show errors from unsuccessful API
                checks like rules or exemplar checks.
  * Bug fixes
    Access control: Allow organisation admins to add existing
                    users to org.
    Alerting: Fix alert panel instance-based rules filtering.
    Apps: Fixes navigation between different app plugin pages.
    Cloudwatch: Upgrade grafana-aws-sdk to fix auth issue
                with secret keys.
    Grafana/toolkit: Fix incorrect image and font generation
                     for plugin builds.
    Loki: Fix `show context` not working in some occasions.
    RBAC: Fix permissions on dashboards and folders created
          by anonymous users.

- Update to 9.0.4
  * Features and enhancements
    Browse/Search: Make browser back work properly when
                   visiting Browse or search.
    Logs: Improve getLogRowContext API.
    Loki: Improve handling of empty responses.
    Plugins: Always validate root URL if specified in
             signature manfiest.
    Preferences: Get home dashboard from teams.
    SQLStore: Support Upserting multiple rows.
    Traces: Add more template variables in Tempo & Zipkin.
    Traces: Remove serviceMap feature flag.
  * Bug fixes
    Access Control: Fix missing folder permissions.
    Access control: Fix org user removal for OSS users.
    Alerting: Fix Slack notifications.
    Alerting: Preserve new-lines from custom email templates
              in rendered email.
    Log: Fix text logging for unsupported types.
    Loki: Fix incorrect TopK value type in query builder.

- Update to 9.0.3
  * Features and enhancements
    Access Control: Allow dashboard admins to query org users.
    Access control: Allow organisation admins to add existing
                    users to org.
    Alerting: Add method to provisioning API for obtaining a
              group and its rules.
    Alerting: Add method to provisioning API for obtaining a
              group and its rules.
    Alerting: Allow filtering of contact points by name.
    Alerting: Disable /api/admin/pause-all-alerts with
              Unified Alerting.
    Annotations: Use point marker for short time range annotations.
    AzureMonitor: Update UI to experimental package.
    AzureMonitor: Update resource and namespace metadata.
    CloudWatch: Remove simplejson in favor of 'encoding/json'.
    DashboardRow: Collapse shortcut prevent to move the
                  collapsed rows.
    Navigation: Highlight active nav item when Grafana is
                served from subpath.
    Plugins: InfluxDB datasource - set epoch query param
             value as "ms".
    Plugins: InfluxDB update time range query.
    StateTimeline: Try to sort time field.
  * Bug fixes
    API: Do not validate/save legacy alerts when saving a
         dashboard if legacy alerting is disabled.
    Access Control: Fix missing folder permissions.
    Alerting: Add method to reset notification policy tree
              back to the default.
    Alerting: Fix Teams notifier not failing on 200 response
              with error.
    Alerting: Fix bug where state did not change between
              Alerting and Error.
    Alerting: Fix consistency errors in OpenAPI documentation.
    Alerting: Fix normalization of alert states for panel
    Alerting: Provisioning API respects global rule quota.
    CSRF: Fix additional headers option.
    Chore: Bump parse-url to 6.0.2 to fix security vulnerabilities.
    Chore: Fix CVE-2020-7753.
    Chore: Fix CVE-2021-3807.
    Chore: Fix CVE-2021-3918.
    Chore: Fix CVE-2021-43138.
    Chore: Fix CVE-2022-0155.
    Dashboard: Fixes tooltip issue with TimePicker and Setting buttons.
    Dashboard: Prevent unnecessary scrollbar when viewing
               single panel.
    Logs: Fixed wrapping log lines from detected fields.
    Loki: Add missing operators in label filter expression.
    Loki: Fix error when changing operations with different parameters.
    Loki: Fix suggesting of correct operations in query builder.
    Plugins: InfluxDB variable interpolation fix for
             influxdbBackendMigration feature flag.
    SQLstore: Fix fetching an inexistent playlist.
    Security: Fixes for CVE-2022-31107 and CVE-2022-31097.
    Snapshots: Fix deleting external snapshots when using RBAC.
    Table: Fix scrollbar being hidden by pagination.
    Templating: Changing between variables with the same name
                now correctly triggers a dashboard refresh.
    Time series panel: Fix an issue with stacks being not complete
                       due to the incorrect data frame length.

- Update to 9.0.2
  * Features and enhancements
    Alerting: Add support for images in Pushover alerts.
    Alerting: Don't stop the migration when alert rule tags
              are invalid.
    Alerting: Skip the default data source if incompatible.
    AzureMonitor: Parse non-fatal errors for Logs.
    OAuth: Restore debug log behavior.
    Plugins: Improved handling of symlinks.
  * Bug fixes
    Alerting: Code-gen parsing of URL parameters and fix
              related bugs.
    Annotations: Fix annotation autocomplete causing panels
                 to crash.
    Barchart: Fix warning not showing.
    CloudWatch: Enable custom session duration in AWS plugin auth.
    Dashboards: Fixes issue with the initial panel layout
                counting as an unsaved change.
    Plugins: Use a Grafana specific SDK logger implementation
             for core plugins.
    Search: Fix pagination in the new search page.

- Update to 9.0.1
  * Features and enhancements
    Alerting: Add support for image annotation in
              Alertmanager alerts.
    Alerting: Add support for images in SensuGo alerts.
    Alerting: Add support for images in Threema alerts.
    Alerting: Adds Mimir to Alertmanager data source implementation.
    Alerting: Invalid setting of enabled for unified alerting
              should return error.
    AzureMonitor: Clean namespace when changing the resource.
    AzureMonitor: Update supported namespaces and filter
                  resources by the right type.
    CLI: Allow relative symlinks in zip archives when
         installing plugins.
    Dashboard: Don't show unsaved changes modal for automatic
               schema changes.
    Dashboard: Unsaved changes warning should not trigger
               when only pluginVersion has changed.
    Expression: Execute hidden expressions.
    Geomap: Support showing tooltip content on click (not
            just hover).
    Heatmap: Remove alpha flag from new heatmap panel.
    Instrumentation: Define handlers for requests that are
                     not handled with named handlers.
    Log Panel: Improve log row hover contrast and visibility.
    Logs: Handle backend-mode errors in histogram.
    Loki: Do not show histogram for instant queries.
    Loki: Handle data source configs with path in the url.
    Loki: Handle invalid query type values.
    OAuth: Redirect to login if no oauth module is found or
           if module is not configured.
    OptionsUI: Move internal options editors out of @grafana/ui.
    Prometheus: Don't show undefined for step in collapsed
                options in query editor when value is "auto".
    Prometheus: Show query patterns in all editor modes for
                Prometheus and Loki.
    Tempo: Add link to Tempo Search with node service selected.
    Time Series Panel: Add Null Filling and "No Value" Support.
    TimeSeries: Add an option to set legend width.
    Timeseries: Improve cursor Y sync behavior.
    Traces: Do not use red in span colors as this looks like
            an error.
  * Bug fixes
    Alerting: Fix AM config overwrite when SQLite db is
              locked during sync.
    Alerting: Fix alert instances filtering for prom rules.
    Alerting: Fix alert rule page crashing when datasource
              contained URL unsafe characters.
    Alerting: Fix automatically select newly created folder option.
    Alerting: Fix removal of notification policy without
              labels matchers.
    CloudWatch: Allow hidden queries to be executed in case
                an ID is provided.
    Dashboard: Prevent non-repeating panels being dropped
               from repeated rows when collapsed/expanded.
    Dashboards: Fix folder picker not showing correct results
                when typing too fast.
    Datasource: Prevent panic when proxying for non-existing
                data source.
    Explore: Fix log context scroll to bottom.
    Explore: Revert "Remove support for compact format URLs".
    Expressions: Fixes dashboard schema migration issue that casued
                 Expression datasource to be set on panel level.
    Formatting: Fixes valueFormats for a value of 0.
    GrafanaData: Fix week start for non-English browsers.
    LibraryPanel: Resizing a library panel to 6x3 no longer
                  crashes the dashboard on startup.
    LogRow: Fix placement of icon.
    Loki: Fix bug in labels framing.
    Loki: Fix issues with using query patterns.
    Loki: Fix showing of duplicated label values in dropdown
          in query builder.
    MSSQL: Fix ParseFloat error.
    Panels: Fixes issue with showing 'Cannot visualize data'
            when query returned 0 rows.
    Playlists: Disable Create Playlist buttons for users with
               viewer role.
    Plugins: Fix typo in plugin data frames documentation.
    Prometheus: Fix body not being included in resource calls
                if they are POST.
    RolePicker: Fix submenu position on horizontal space overflow.
    Tracing: Fix trace links in traces panel.
  * Deprecations
    Support for compact Explore URLs is deprecated and will be
      removed in a future release. Until then, when navigating to
      Explore using the deprecated format the URLs are
      automatically converted. If you have existing links pointing
      to Explore update them using the format generated by Explore
      upon navigation. You can identify a compact URL by its
      format. Compact URLs have the left (and optionally right) url
      parameter as an array of strings, for example
      `&left=["now-1h","now"...]`. The standard explore URLs follow
      a key/value pattern, for example
      `&left={"datasource":"test"...}`. Please be sure to check
      your dashboards for any hardcoded links to Explore and update
      them to the standard URL pattern.

- Update to 9.0.0
  * Features and enhancements
    API: Add GET /api/annotations/:annotationId endpoint.
    API: Add endpoint for updating a data source by its UID.
    AccessControl: Add enterprise only setting for rbac
                   permission cache.
    AccessControl: Document basic roles changes and provisioning V2.
    AccessControl: Enable RBAC by default.
    AddDataSourceConfig: Remove deprecated checkHealth prop.
    Alerting: Add Image URLs to Microsoft Teams notifier.
    Alerting: Add RBAC actions and role for provisioning API routes.
    Alerting: Add Screenshot URLs to Pagerduty Notifier.
    Alerting: Add a "Reason" to Alert Instances to show
              underlying cause of state.
    Alerting: Add a general screenshot service and
              alerting-specific image service.
    Alerting: Add image url or file attachment to email
    Alerting: Add image_urls to OpsGenie notification details.
    Alerting: Add notification policy flow chart.
    Alerting: Attach image URL to alerts in Webhook notifier format.
    Alerting: Attach image URLs or upload files to Discord
    Alerting: Attach image URLs to Google Chat notifications.
    Alerting: Attach screenshot data to Unified Alerting
    Alerting: Create folder for alerting when start from the
    Alerting: Modify alertmanager endpoints for proxying
              using the datasource UID.
    Alerting: Modify endpoint for testing a datasource rule
              using the UID.
    Alerting: Modify prometheus endpoints for proxying using
              the datasource UID.
    Alerting: State Manager takes screenshots.
    Alerting: Use UID scope for folders authorization.
    Alerting: modify ruler endpoints for proxying using the
              datasource UID.
    Angular: Adds back two angular directives that are still
             used by remaining angular bits and plugins.
    Azure Monitor: Add Resource Picker to Metrics Queries.
    Azure Monitor: Add search feature to resource picker.
    AzureMonitor: Add support for selecting multiple options when
                  using the equals and not equals dimension filters.
    AzureMonitor: Remove deprecated code.
    Build: Change names to PascalCase to match.
    Chore: Remove deprecated DataSourceAPI methods.
    Chore: Upgrade typescript to 4.6.4.
    Cloud Monitoring: Use new annotation API.
    CloudMonitoring: Allow to set a custom value or disable
    CloudWatch: Add generic filter component to variable editor.
    CloudWatch: Added missing AWS/AppRunner metrics.
    CloudWatch: Enable support for dynamic labels with
                migrated alias patterns.
    Cloudwatch: Pass label in deep link.
    Cloudwatch: Use new annotation API.
    Dashboard: Validate dashboards against schema on save.
    DashboardPickerByID: Add option to exclude dashboards.
    DashboardPickerById: Add optionLabel prop.
    Dashboards: Display values of 0 with the configured
                decimal places.
    Data: Remove deprecated types and functions from valueMappings.
    Elasticsearch: Remove browser access mode.
    Elasticsearch: Remove support for versions after their
                   end of the life (<7.10.0).
    Encryption: Add support for multiple data keys per day.
    Encryption: Enable envelope encryption by default.
    Explore: Remove support for legacy, compact format URLs.
    Explore: Skip Angular error handling when Angular support
             is disabled.
    Explore: simplify support for multiple query editors.
    FeatureToggles: Support changing feature toggles with URL
    FileUpload: Make component accessible by keyboard navigation.
    Formatting: Make SI number formats more robust.
    Graph: Deprecate Graph (old) and make it no longer a
           visualization option for new panels.
    IconButton: IconButtons are now correctly aligned in Safari.
    Logger: Enable new logging format by default.
    Loki: Add more query patterns.
    Loki: Enable new visual query builder by default.
    Loki: use the same dataframe-format for both live and
          normal queries.
    OAuth: Make allowed email domain case insensitive.
    Panels: Use the No value option when showing the no data
    Plugins: Remove plugin list panel.
    Query History: Enable new query history by default.
    QueryEditorRow: Show query errors next to query in a
                    consistent way across Grafana.
    SAML: Implement Name Templates for
          assertion_attribute_name option.
    Service accounts: Do not display service accounts
                      assigned to team.
    Settings: Use Grafana Azure SDK to pass Azure env vars
              for external plugins.
    Shortcuts: Add shortcut to show shortcuts to the list of
    Traces Panel: Add new Traces Panel visualization.
    Traces: Filter by service/span name and operation in
            Tempo and Jaeger.
    Transformations: Allow more complex regex expressions
                     in `Rename by regex`.
    grafana/ui: Add default type="button" to <Button>.
  * Bug fixes
    Alerting: Fix database unavailable removes rules from scheduler.
    AzureMonitor: Fix auto-selection of time-grain for metrics.
    DataSources: Fixes issue with expressions not being queried.
    GraphNG: Fix thresholds by color not following data update.
    Jaeger: Update operations dropdown.
    Login: Fix mismatching label on auth_module in user list.
    Playlists: Save button now correctly creates a new playlist.
    RBAC: Fix migrations running in the wrong order causing
          inheritance problem in enterprise.
    ServiceAccounts: Add identifiable token prefix to service
                     account tokens.
    Traces: Fix missing CopyButton on KeyValueTables and
            overlapping of panels.
  * Deprecations
    `setExploreQueryField`, `setExploreMetricsQueryField` and
      `setExploreLogsQueryField` are now deprecated and will be
      removed in a future release. If you need to set a different
      query editor for Explore, conditionally render based on
      `` in your regular query editor.
  * Plugin development fixes & changes
    Chore: Remove react-testing-lib from bundles.
    Select: Portal menu by default.
  * Breaking changes
    The `@grafana/ui` package helper function
      `selectOptionInTest` used in frontend tests has been removed
      as it caused testing libraries to be bundled in the
      production code of Grafana. If you were using this helper
      function in your tests please update your code accordingly:
      // before
      import { selectOptionInTest } from '@grafana/ui';
      // ...test usage
      await selectOptionInTest(selectEl, 'Option 2');

      // after
      import { select } from 'react-select-event';
      // ...test usage
      await select(selectEl, 'Option 2',
        { container: document.body });
    Removed deprecated `checkHealth` prop from the `@grafana/e2e`
      `addDataSource` config. Previously this value defaulted to
      `false`, and has not been used in end-to-end tests since
      Grafana 8.0.3.
    Removes the deprecated `LegacyBaseMap`, `LegacyValueMapping`,
      `LegacyValueMap`, and `LegacyRangeMap` types, and
      `getMappedValue` function from grafana-data. Migration is as
      | Old                  | New                     |
      | -------------------- | ----------------------- |
      | `LegacyBaseMap`      | `MappingType`           |
      | `LegacyValueMapping` | `ValueMapping`          |
      | `LegacyValueMap`     | `ValueMap`              |
      | `LegacyRangeMap`     | `RangeMap`              |
      | `getMappedValue`     | `getValueMappingResult` |
      This change fixes a bug in Grafana where intermittent failure
      of database, network between Grafana and the database, or
      error in querying the database would cause all alert rules to
      be unscheduled in Grafana. Following this change scheduled
      alert rules are not updated unless the query is successful.
    The `get_alert_rules_duration_seconds` metric has been
      renamed to `schedule_query_alert_rules_duration_seconds`.
    Any secret (data sources credential, alert manager
      credential, etc, etc) created or modified with Grafana v9.0
      won't be decryptable from any previous version (by default)
      because the way encrypted secrets are stored into the
      database has changed. Although secrets created or modified
      with previous versions will still be decryptable by Grafana
    If required, although generally discouraged, the
      `disableEnvelopeEncryption` feature toggle can be enabled to
      keep envelope encryption disabled once updating to Grafana
    In case of need to rollback to an earlier version of Grafana
      (i.e. Grafana v8.x) for any reason, after being created or
      modified any secret with Grafana v9.0, the
      `envelopeEncryption` feature toggle will need to be enabled
      to keep backwards compatibility (only from `v8.3.x` a bit
      unstable, from `8.5.x` stable).
    As a final attempt to deal with issues related with the
      aforementioned situations, the `grafana-cli admin
      secrets-migration rollback` command has been designed to
      move back all the Grafana secrets encrypted with envelope
      encryption to legacy encryption. So, after running that
      command it should be safe to disable envelope encryption
      and/or roll back to a previous version of Grafana.
    Alternatively or complementarily to all the points above,
      backing up the Grafana database before updating could be a
      good idea to prevent disasters (although the risk of getting
      some secrets corrupted only applies to those updates/created
      with after updating to Grafana v9.0).
    According to the dynamic labels documentation, you can use up
      to five dynamic values per label. There’s currently no such
      restriction in the alias pattern system, so if more than 5
      patterns are being used the GetMetricData API will return an
    Dynamic labels only allow \${LABEL} to be used once per
      query. There’s no such restriction in the alias pattern
      system, so in case more than 1 is being used the
      GetMetricData API will return an error.
    When no alias is provided by the user, Grafana will no longer
      fallback with custom rules for naming the legend.
    In case a search expression is being used and no data is
      returned, Grafana will no longer expand dimension values, for
      instance when using a multi-valued template variable or star
      wildcard `*` in the dimension value field.
    Time series might be displayed in a different order. Using
      for example the dynamic label `${PROP('MetricName')}`, might
      have the consequence that the time series are returned in a
      different order compared to when the alias pattern
      `{{metric}}` is used
    In Elasticsearch, browser access mode was deprecated in
      grafana 7.4.0 and removed in 9.0.0. If you used this mode,
      please switch to server access mode on the datasource
      configuration page.
    Environment variables passed from Grafana to external Azure
      plugins have been renamed:
    There are no known plugins which were relying on these
      variables. Moving forward plugins should read Azure settings
      only via Grafana Azure SDK which properly handles old and new
      environment variables.
    Removes support for for ElasticSearch versions after their
      end-of-life, currently versions < 7.10.0. To continue to use
      ElasticSearch data source, upgrade ElasticSearch to version
    Application Insights and Insight Analytics queries in Azure
      Monitor were deprecated in Grafana 8.0 and finally removed in
      9.0. Deprecated queries will no longer be executed.
    grafana/ui: Button now specifies a default type="button"
      The `Button` component provided by @grafana/ui now specifies
      a default `type="button"` when no type is provided.
      In previous versions, if the attribute was not specified for
      buttons associated with a `<form>` the default value was
      `submit` per the specification. You can preserve the old
      behavior by explicitly setting the type attribute:
      `<Button type="submit" />`
    The `Rename by regex` transformation has been improved to
      allow global patterns of the form `/<stringToReplace>/g`.
      Depending on the regex match used, this may cause some
      transformations to behave slightly differently. You can
      guarantee the same behaviour as before by wrapping the
      `match` string in forward slashes (`/`), e.g. `(.*)` would
      become `/(.*)/`
    `<Select />` menus will now portal to the document body by
      default. This is to give more consistent behaviour when
      positioning and overlaying. If you were setting
      `menuShouldPortal={true}` before you can safely remove that
      prop and behaviour will be the same. If you weren't
      explicitly setting that prop, there should be no visible
      changes in behaviour but your tests may need updating. If you
      were setting `menuShouldPortal={false}` this will continue to
      prevent the menu from portalling.
    Grafana alerting endpoint prefixed with `api/v1/rule/test`
      that tests a rule against a Corte/Loki data source now
      expects the data source UID as a path parameter instead of
      the data source numeric identifier.
    Grafana alerting endpoints prefixed with `api/prometheus/`
      that proxy requests to a Cortex/Loki data source now expect
      the data source UID as a path parameter instead of the data
      source numeric identifier.
    Grafana alerting endpoints prefixed with `api/ruler/` that
      proxy requests to a Cortex/Loki data source now expect the
      data source UID as a path parameter instead of the data
      source numeric identifier.
    Grafana alerting endpoints prefixed with `api/alertmanager/`
      that proxy requests to an Alertmanager now expect the data
      source UID as a path parameter instead of the data source
      numeric identifier.
    The format of log messages have been updated, `lvl` is now
      `level` and `eror`and `dbug` has been replaced with `error`
      and `debug`. The precision of timestamps has been increased.
      To smooth the transition, it is possible to opt-out of the
      new log format by enabling the feature toggle `oldlog`.
      This option will be removed in a future minor release.
    In the Loki data source, the dataframe format used to
      represent Loki logs-data has been changed to a more efficient
      format. The query-result is represented by a single dataframe
      with a "labels" column, instead of the separate dataframes
      for every labels-value. When displaying such data in explore,
      or in a logs-panel in the dashboard will continue to work
      without changes, but if the data was loaded into a different
      dashboard-panel, or Transforms were used, adjustments may be
      necessary. For example, if you used the "labels to fields"
      transformation with the logs data, please switch to the
      "extract fields" transformation.

Thu Mar 23 15:04:30 UTC 2023 -

- Update to version 8.5.22:
  * Fix XSS in Graphite functions tooltip
    (bsc#1209645, CVE-2023-1410)

Mon Mar 13 09:39:06 UTC 2023 -

- Update to version 8.5.21:
  * Apply attribute sanitation to GeomapPanel
    (bsc#1208821, CVE-2023-0507)
  * Avoid storing XSS in TraceView panel
    (bsc#1208819, CVE-2023-0594)
  * Login: Fix panic when UpsertUser is called without ReqContext 

Wed Feb 15 08:35:28 UTC 2023 - Witek Bedyk <>

- Fix basic authentication bypass by updating the exporter toolkit
  to version 0.7.3 (bsc#1208065, CVE-2022-46146).
- Add:
  * 0002-Update-exporter-toolkit-to-version-0.7.3.patch
- Require Go 1.19 or newer (bsc#1208293, CVE-2022-41723)

Mon Feb 06 09:12:33 UTC 2023 -

- Update to version 8.5.20:
  * Security: SVG: Add dompurify preprocessor step
    (bsc#1207749, CVE-2022-23552)
  * Security: Snapshots: Fix originalUrl spoof security issue
    (bsc#1207750, CVE-2022-39324)
  * Security: Omit error from http response 
  * Bug fix: Email and username trimming and invitation validation

Fri Nov 18 10:52:52 UTC 2022 -

- Update to version 8.5.15 (jsc#PED-2617):
  * Security: Fix for privilege escalation
    (bsc#1205225, CVE-2022-39306)
  * Security: Omit error from http response when user does not
    exists (bsc#1205227, CVE-2022-39307)

Fri Nov 11 09:06:30 UTC 2022 -

- Update to version 8.5.14:
  * Security: Fix do not forward login cookie in outgoing requests
    (bsc#1204303, CVE-2022-39201)
  * Security: Make proxy endpoints not leak sensitive HTTP headers
    (bsc#1204305, CVE-2022-31130)
  * Security: Fix plugin signature bypass (bsc#1204302, CVE-2022-31123)
  * Security: Fix blocknig other users from signing in (bsc#1204304,

Wed Sep 21 11:37:55 UTC 2022 -

- Update to version 8.5.13 (jsc#PED-2145):
  + Features and enhancements:
    * Plugins: Expose emotion/react to plugins to prevent load
  + Bug fix:
    * AuthNZ: Security fixes for (bsc#1203596, CVE-2022-36062) and
      (bsc#1203597, CVE-2022-35957)

- Update to version 8.5.11:
  + Features and enhancements:
    * Rendering: Add support for renderer token
    * Alerting: AlertingProxy to elevate permissions for request
      forwarded to data proxy when RBAC enabled

Mon Aug 25 09:00:00 UTC 2022 - Marius Kittler <>

- Update to version 8.5.10
  + Bug fixes (8.5.10):
    * RBAC: Fix Anonymous Editors missing dashboard controls.
      #52649, @gamab
  + Bug fixes (8.5.9):
    * Security: Fixes for CVE-2022-31107 and CVE-2022-31097.
      #52238, @xlson
  + Bug fixes (8.5.6):
    * Dashboard: Fixes random scrolling on time range change.
      #50379, @torkelo
    * Security: Fixes minor code scanning security warnings in old
      vendored javascript libs. #50382, @torkelo
  + Features and enhancements (8.5.5):
    * Azure Monitor: Include datasource ref when interpolating
      variables. #49543, @kevinwcyu
    * CloudWatch: Add multi-value template variable support for log
      group names in logs query builder. #49737, @kevinwcyu
    * Cloudwatch: Add template variable query function for listing
      log groups. #50100, @yaelleC
  + Bug fixes (8.5.5):
    * Alerting: Do not overwrite existing alert rule condition.
      #49920, @gillesdemey
    * Alerting: Remove double quotes from matchers. #50044,
  + Features and enhancements (8.5.4):
    * Alerting: Remove disabled flag for data source when migrating
      alerts. #48559, @yuri-tceretian
    * Alerting: Show notification tab of legacy alerting only to
      editor. #49624, @yuri-tceretian
    * Alerting: Update migration to migrate only alerts that belong
      to existing org\dashboard. #49192, @yuri-tceretian
    * AzureMonitor: Do not quote variables when a custom "All"
      variable option is used. #49428, @andresmgot
    * AzureMonitor: Update allowed namespaces. #48468,
    * CloudMonitor: Correctly encode default project response.
      #49510, @aangelisc
    * Cloudwatch: Add support for new AWS/RDS EBS* metrics.
      #48798, @szymonpk
    * InfluxDB: Use backend for influxDB by default via feature
      toggle. #48453, @yesoreyeram
    * Legend: Use correct unit for percent and count calculations.
      #49004, @dprokop
    * LokI: use millisecond steps in Grafana 8.5.x. #48630, @gabor
    * Plugins: Introduce HTTP 207 Multi Status response to
      api/ds/query. #48550, @wbrowne
    * Transformations: Add an All Unique Values Reducer. #48653,
    * Transformers: avoid error when the ExtractFields source field
      is missing. #49368, @wardbekker
    * [v8.5.x] Alerting: Update migration to migrate only alerts
      that belong to existing org\dashboard. #49199, @grafanabot
  + Bug fixes (8.5.4):
    * Alerting: Allow disabling override timings for notification
      policies. #48648, @gillesdemey
    * Alerting: Allow serving images from custom url path. #49022,
    * Alerting: Apply Custom Headers to datasource queries. #47860,
    * Alerting: Fix RBAC actions for notification policies. #49185,
    * Alerting: Fix access to alerts for viewer with editor
      permissions when RBAC is disabled. #49270, @yuri-tceretian
    * Alerting: Fix anonymous access to alerting. #49203,
    * Alerting: correctly show all alerts in a folder. #48684,
    * AzureMonitor: Fixes metric definition for Azure Storage
      queue/file/blob/table resources. #49101, @aangelisc
    * Dashboard: Fix dashboard update permission check. #48746,
    * DashboardExport: Fix exporting and importing dashboards where
      query data source ended up as incorrect. #48410, @torkelo
    * FileUpload: clicking the Upload file button now opens their
      modal correctly. #48766, @ashharrison90
    * GrafanaUI: Fix color of links in error Tooltips in light
      theme. #49327, @joshhunt
    * LibraryPanels: Fix library panels not connecting properly in
      imported dashboards. #49161, @joshhunt
    * Loki: Improve unpack parser handling. #49074, @gabor
    * RolePicker: Fix menu position on smaller screens. #48429,
    * TimeRange: Fixes updating time range from url and browser
      history. #48657, @torkelo
    * TimeSeries: Fix detection & rendering of sparse datapoints.
      #48841, @leeoniya
    * Timeseries: Fix outside range stale state. #49633, @ryantxu
    * Tooltip: Fix links not legible in Tooltips when using light
      theme. #48748, @joshhunt
    * Tooltip: Sort decimals using standard numeric compare.
      #49084, @dprokop
    * Transforms: Labels to fields, fix label picker layout.
      #49304, @torkelo
    * Variables: Fixes issue with data source variables not
      updating queries with variable. #49478, @torkelo
    * [v8.5.x] Alerting: Fix RBAC actions for notification policies
      (#49185). #49348, @yuri-tceretian
    * [v8.5.x] Alerting: Fix access to alerts for viewer with
      editor permissions when RBAC is disabled. #49427, @konrad147
    * [v8.5.x] Alerting: Fix anonymous access to alerting. #49268,
  + Breaking changes (8.5.4):
    For a data source query made via /api/ds/query:
    If the DatasourceQueryMultiStatus feature is enabled and
        The data source response has an error set as part of the
        DataResponse, the resulting HTTP status code is now 207
        Multi Status instead of 400 Bad gateway
    If the DatasourceQueryMultiStatus feature is not enabled and
        The data source response has an error set as part of the
        DataResponse, the resulting HTTP status code is 400 Bad
        Request (no breaking change)
        --> Issue #48550
  + Bug fixes (8.5.3):
    * Security: fixes CVE-2022-29170. #49240, @xlson
  + Features and enhancements (8.5.2):
    * Alerting: Add safeguard for migrations that might cause
      dataloss. #48526, @JohnnyQQQQ
    * AzureMonitor: Add support for not equals and startsWith
      operators when creating Azure Metrics dimension filters.
      #48077, @aangelisc
    * Elasticsearch: Add deprecation notice for < 7.10 versions.
    #48506, @ivanahuckova
    * Traces: Filter by service/span name and operation in Tempo
      and Jaeger. #48209, @joey-grafana
  + Bug fixes (8.5.2):
    * AzureAd Oauth: Fix strictMode to reject users without an
      assigned role. #48474, @kyschouv
    * CloudWatch: Fix variable query tag migration. #48587, @iwysiu
    * Plugins: Ensure catching all appropriate 4xx api/ds/query
      scenarios. #47565, @wbrowne
  + Bug fixes (8.5.1):
    * Azure Monitor: Fix space character encoding for metrics query
      link to Azure Portal. #48139, @kevinwcyu
    * CloudWatch: Prevent log groups from being removed on query
      change. #47994, @asimpson
    * Cloudwatch: Fix template variables in variable queries.
      #48140, @iwysiu
    * Explore: Prevent direct access to explore if disabled via
      feature toggle. #47714, @Elfo404
    * InfluxDB: Fixes invalid no data alerts. #48295, @yesoreyeram
    * Navigation: Prevent navbar briefly showing on login. #47968,
    * Plugins Catalog: Fix styling of hyperlinks. #48196, @marefr
    * Table: Fix filter crashes table. #48258, @zoltanbedi
    * TimeSeries: Properly stack series with missing datapoints.
      #48321, @leeoniya
  + Features and enhancements (8.5.0):
    * Alerting: Add contact points provisioning API. #47197,
    * Alerting: Add resolved count to notification title when both
      firing and resolved present. #46697, @JacobsonMT
    * Alerting: Alert rule should wait For duration when execution
      error state is Alerting. #47052, @grobinson-grafana
    * Alerting: Classic conditions can now display multiple values.
      #46971, @gotjosh
    * Alerting: Display query from grafana-managed alert rules on
      /api/v1/rules. #45969, @gotjosh
    * Alerting: Enhance support for arbitrary group names in
      managed alerts. #47785, @gillesdemey
    * Alerting: add field for custom slack endpoint. #45751,
    * Azure Monitor : Adding json formatting of error messages in
      Panel Header Corner and Inspect Error Tab. #44877, @yaelleC
    * Azure Monitor: Add 2 more Curated Dashboards for VM Insights.
      #45187, @jcolladokuri
    * CloudWatch: Handle new error codes for MetricInsights.
      #47033, @Gabrielopesantos
    * Dashboards: show changes in save dialog. #46557, @ryantxu
    * DataSource: Default data source is no longer a persisted
      state but just the default data source for new panels.
      #45132, @torkelo
    * DataSourcePlugin API: Allow queries import when changing data
      source type. #47435, @dprokop
    * Explore: Remove return to panel button. #45018, @gelicia
    * Explore: allow users to save Explore state to a new panel in
      a new dashboard. #45148, @Elfo404
    * Instrumentation: Proxy status code correction and various
      improvements. #47473, @marefr
    * Logging: Introduce feature toggle to activate gokit/log
      format. #47336, @ying-jeanne
    * NewsPanel: Add support for Atom feeds. #45390, @kaydelaney
    * Plugins: Add deprecation notice for /api/tsdb/query endpoint.
      #45238, @wbrowne
    * Plugins: Adding support for traceID field to accept
      variables. #45559, @vinisdl
    * PostgreSQL: __unixEpochGroup to support arithmetic expression
      as argument. #46764, @s0nik42
    * Profile/Help: Expose option to disable profile section and
      help menu. #46308, @cameronwaterman
    * Prometheus: Enable new visual query builder by default.
      #46634, @torkelo
    * SAML: Allow disabling of SAML signups. #47481, @mmandrus
    * SAML: Allow disabling of SAML signups. (Enterprise)
    * Table: New pagination option. #45732, @zoltanbedi
    * TablePanel: Add cell inspect option. #45620, @dprokop
    * Tempo / Trace Viewer: Support Span Links in Trace Viewer.
      #45632, @Shachi16
    * Tempo: Download span references in data inspector. #47074,
    * Tempo: Separate trace to logs and loki search datasource
      config. #46655, @connorlindsey
    * Trace View: Show number of child spans. #44393, @tharun208
    * Transformations: Support escaped characters in key-value pair
      parsing. #47901, @aangelisc
  + Bug fixes (8.5.0):
    * Azure Monitor: Bug Fix for incorrect variable cascading for
      template variables. #47478, @jcolladokuri
    * CloudWatch: List all metrics properly in SQL autocomplete.
      #45898, @sunker
    * CloudWatch: Run query on blur in logs query field. #47454,
    * Dashboard: Template variables are now correctly persisted
      when clicking breadcrumb links. #46790, @ashharrison90
    * DashboardPage: Remember scroll position when coming back
      panel edit / view panel. #47639, @torkelo
    * Panel Edit: Options search now works correctly when a
      logarithmic scale option is set. #47927, @ashharrison90
    * Postgres: Return tables with hyphenated schemes. #45754,
    * Table panel: Fix horizontal scrolling when pagination is
      enabled. #47776, @dprokop
    * Variables: Ensure variables in query params are correctly
      recognised. #47049, @ashharrison90
    * Variables: Fix crash when changing query variable datasource.
      #44957, @joshhunt
    * Visualizations: Stack negative-valued series downwards.
      #47373, @leeoniya
  + Breaking changes (8.5.0):
    For a proxied request, e.g. Grafana's datasource or plugin
    proxy: If the request is cancelled, e.g. from the browser/by
    the client, the HTTP status code is now 499 Client closed
    request instead of 502 Bad gateway If the request times out,
    e.g. takes longer time than allowed, the HTTP status code is
    now 504 Gateway timeout instead of 502 Bad gateway. Issue
    #47473 The change in behavior is that negative-valued series
    are now stacked downwards from 0 (in their own stacks), rather
    than downwards from the top of the positive stacks. We now
    automatically group stacks by Draw style, Line interpolation,
    and Bar alignment, making it impossible to stack bars on top of
    lines, or smooth lines on top of stepped lines. Issue #47373
    The meaning of the default data source has now changed from
    being a persisted property in a panel. Before when you selected
    the default data source for a panel and later changed the
    default data source to another data source it would change all
    panels who were configured to use the default data source. From
    now on the default data source is just the default for new
    panels and changing the default will not impact any currently
    saved dashboards. Issue #45132 The Tooltip component provided
    by @grafana/ui is no longer automatically interactive (that is
    you can hover onto it and click a link or select text). It will
    from now on by default close automatically when you mouse out
    from the trigger element. To make tooltips behave like before
    set the new interactive property to true.
  + Deprecations (8.5.0):
    /api/tsdb/query API has been deprecated and will be removed in
    a future release. Use /api/ds/query instead. Issue #45238
  + Plugin development fixes & changes (8.5.0):
    * Card: Increase clickable area when meta items are present.
      #47935, @ashharrison90
    * Loki: Fix operator description propup from being shortened.
      #46575, @glintik
    * Tooltips: Make tooltips non interactive by default. #45053,
  + Features and enhancements (8.4.7):
    * CloudWatch: Added missing MemoryDB Namespace metrics. #47290,
    * Histogram Panel: Take decimal into consideration. #47330,
    * TimeSeries: Sort tooltip values based on raw values. #46738,
  + Bug fixes (8.4.7):
    * API: Include userId, orgId, uname in request logging
      middleware. #47183, @marefr
    * Elasticsearch: Respect maxConcurrentShardRequests datasource
      setting. #47120, @alexandrst88
  + Features and enhancements (8.4.5):
    * Instrumentation: Make backend plugin metrics endpoints
      available with optional authentication. #46467, @marefr
    * Table panel: Show datalinks for cell display modes JSON View
      and Gauge derivates. #46020, @mdvictor
  + Bug fixes (8.4.5):
    * Azure Monitor: Small bug fixes for Resource Picker. #46665,
    * Logger: Use specified format for file logger. #46970, @sakjur
    * Logs: Handle missing fields in dataframes better. #46963,
    * ManageDashboards: Fix error when deleting all dashboards from
      folder view. #46877, @joshhunt
  + Features and enhancements (8.4.4):
    * Loki: Add unpack to autocomplete suggestions (#44623).
      #46573, @glintik
    * Plugins: allow using both Function and Class components for
      app plugins. #46148, @leventebalogh
    * TimeSeries: Add migration for Graph panel's transform series
      override. #46577, @dprokop
    * TimeSeries: Preserve null/undefined values when performing
      negative y transform. #46584, @dprokop
  + Bug fixes (8.4.4):
    * CloudWatch: Use default http client from aws-sdk-go. #46370,
    * Dashboards: Fixes repeating by row and no refresh. #46565,
    * Gauge: Fixes blank viz when data link exists and orientation
      was horizontal. #46335, @torkelo
    * Search: sort results correctly when using postgres. #46466,
    * TagsInput: fix tags remove button accessibility issues.
      #46254, @Elfo404
    * TextPanel: Sanitize after markdown has been rendered to html.
      #46166, @ashharrison90
  + Features and enhancements (8.4.3):
    * Alerting: Grafana uses > instead of >= when checking the For
      duration. #46010
    * Alerting: Use expanded labels in dashboard annotations.
      #45726, @grobinson-grafana
    * Logs: Escape windows newline into single newline. #45771,
  + Bug fixes (8.4.3):
    * Alerting: Fix use of > instead of >= when checking the For
      duration. #46011, @grobinson-grafana
    * Azure Monitor: Fixes broken log queries that use workspace.
      #45820, @sunker
    * CloudWatch: Remove error message when using multi-valued
      template vars in region field. #45886, @sunker
    * Middleware: Fix IPv6 host parsing in CSRF check. #45911,
  + Plugin development fixes & changes (8.4.3):
    * ClipboardButton: Use a fallback when the Clipboard API is
      unavailable. #45831, @ashharrison90
  + Features and enhancements (8.4.2):
    * OAuth: Add setting to skip org assignment for external
      users. #34834, @baez90
    * Tracing: Add option to map tag names to log label names in
      trace to logs settings. #45178, @connorlindsey
  + Bug fixes (8.4.2):
    * Explore: Fix closing split pane when logs panel is
      used. #45602, @ifrost
  + Features and enhancements (8.4.1):
    * Cloudwatch: Add support for AWS/PrivateLink* metrics and
      dimensions. #45515, @szymonpk
    * Configuration: Add ability to customize okta login button
      name and icon. #44079, @DanCech
    * Tempo: Switch out Select with AsyncSelect component to get
      loading state in Tempo Search. #45110, @CatPerry
  + Bug fixes (8.4.1):
    * Alerting: Fix migrations by making send_alerts_to field
      nullable. #45572, @santihernandezc
  + Features and enhancements (8.4.0):
    * API: Extract OpenAPI specification from source code using
      go-swagger. #40528, @papagian
    * AccessControl: Disable user remove and user update roles when
      they do not have the permissions. #43429, @Jguer
    * AccessControl: Provisioning for teams. #43767, @gamab
    * API: Add usage stats preview endpoint. #43899, @Jguer
    * Alerting: Move slow queries in the scheduler to another
      goroutine. #44423, @grobinson-grafana
    * Alerting: Use time.Ticker instead of alerting.Ticker in
      ngalert. #44395, @grobinson-grafana
    * Alerting: add custom grouping to Alert Panel. #44559,
    * Analytics: Add user id tracking to google analytics.
      #42763, @autoric
    * Angular: Add AngularJS plugin support deprecation plan to
      docs site. #45149, @torkelo
    * Auth: implement auto_sign_up for auth.jwt. #43502, @sakjur
    * Azure Monitor Logs: Order subscriptions in resource picker by
      name. #45228, @sunker
    * Azure monitor Logs: Optimize data fetching in resource
      picker. #44549, @sunker
    * AzureMonitor: Filter list of resources by resourceType.
      #43522, @andresmgot
    * BarChart: color by field, x time field, bar radius, label
      skipping. #43257, @leeoniya
    * Chore: Implement OpenTelemetry in Grafana. #42674, @idafurjes
    * Cloud Monitoring: Adds metric type to Metric drop down
      options. #43268, @tw1nk
    * CloudWatch: Add Data Lifecycle Manager metrics and dimension.
      #43310, @ilyastoli
    * CloudWatch: Add Missing Elasticache Host-level metrics.
      #43455, @dhendo
    * CloudWatch: Add all ElastiCache Redis Metrics. #43336,
    * CloudWatch: Add new AWS/ES metrics. #43034, @sunker
    * Cloudwatch: Add syntax highlighting and autocomplete for
      "Metric Search". #43985, @sarahzinger
    * Explore: Support custom display label for exemplar links for
      Prometheus datasource. #42732, @JokerQueue
    * Hotkeys: Make time range absolute/permanent. #43802, @davkal
    * Playlists: Enable sharing direct links to playlists. #44161,
    * SQLStore: Prevent concurrent migrations. #44101, @papagian
    * SSE: Add Mode to drop NaN/Inf/Null in Reduction operations.
      #43583, @kylebrandt
    * Setting: Support configuring feature toggles with bools
      instead of just passing an array. #43326, @bergquist
    * TimeSeries: Add support for negative Y and constant
      transform. #44774, @dprokop
    * Transformations: Add 'JSON' field type to
      ConvertFieldTypeTransformer. #42624, @sd2k
  + Bug fixes (8.4.0):
    * Auth: Guarantee consistency of signed SigV4 headers.
      #45054, @wbrowne
    * CloudWatch: Fix MetricName resetting on Namespace change.
      #44165, @yaelleC
    * Cloudwatch : Fixed reseting metric name when changing
      namespace in Metric Query. #44612, @yaelleC
    * Explore: Avoid locking timepicker when range is inverted.
      #44790, @Elfo404
    * Instrumentation: Fix HTTP request instrumentation of
      authentication failures. #44234, @marefr
    * LibraryPanels: Prevent long descriptions and names from
      obscuring the delete button. #45190, @zuchka
    * OAuth: Fix parsing of ID token if header contains non-string
      value. #44159, @marefr
    * Panel Edit: Visualization search now works correctly with
      special characters. #45137, @ashharrison90
    * Provisioning: Fix duplicate validation when multiple
      organizations have been configured. #44151, @marefr
    * QueryField: Fix issue with undo history when suggestion is
      inserted (#28656). #39114, @glintik
    * TablePanel: Do not prefix columns with frame name if multiple
      frames and override active. #45174, @mdvictor
  + Deprecations (8.4.0):
    AngularJS plugin support is now in a deprecated state, meaning
    it will be removed in a future release. Currently, that is
    planned for version 10 (in 2023). The documentation site has an
    article with more details on why, when, and how. Issue #45149

Thu Aug 11 13:10:15 UTC 2022 -

- Update to version 8.3.10
  + Security:
    * Fixes XSS vulnerability in the Unified Alerting
      (bsc#1201535, CVE-2022-31097)
    * Fixes OAuth account takeover vulnerability
      (bsc#1201539, CVE-2022-31107)

- Update to version 8.3.9
  + Bug fixes:
    * Geomap: Display legend
    * Prometheus: Fix timestamp truncation

- Update to version 8.3.7
  + Bug fix:
    * Provisioning: Ensure that the default value for orgID is set
      when provisioning datasources to be deleted.

- Update to version 8.3.6
  + Features and enhancements:
    * Cloud Monitoring: Reduce request size when listing labels.
    * Explore: Show scalar data result in a table instead of graph.
    * Snapshots: Updates the default external snapshot server URL.
    * Table: Makes footer not overlap table content.
    * Tempo: Add request histogram to service graph datalink.
    * Tempo: Add time range to tempo search query behind a feature flag.
    * Tempo: Auto-clear results when changing query type.
    * Tempo: Display start time in search results as relative time.
  + Bug fixes:
    * CloudMonitoring: Fix resource labels in query editor.
    * Cursor sync: Apply the settings without saving the dashboard.
    * LibraryPanels: Fix for Error while cleaning library panels.
    * Logs Panel: Fix timestamp parsing for string dates without timezone.
    * Prometheus: Fix some of the alerting queries that use reduce/math operation.
    * TablePanel: Fix ad-hoc variables not working on default datasources.
    * Text Panel: Fix alignment of elements.
    * Variables: Fix for constant variables in self referencing links.

Thu Apr  7 16:17:17 UTC 2022 - Jordi Massaguer <>

- Update _constraints to require at least 5GB, because with less we
  can't build it.

Wed Feb 09 16:10:40 UTC 2022 -

- Update to version 8.3.5 (jsc#SLE-23439, jsc#SLE-23422,
  + Security:
    * Fixes XSS vulnerability in handling data sources
      (bsc#1195726, CVE-2022-21702)
    * Fixes cross-origin request forgery vulnerability
      (bsc#1195727, CVE-2022-21703)
    * Fixes Insecure Direct Object Reference vulnerability in Teams
      API (bsc#1195728, CVE-2022-21713)

Thu Jan 20 14:01:12 UTC 2022 -

- Update to Go 1.17.
- Add build-time dependency on `wire`.
- Update license to GNU Affero General Public License v3.0.

- Update to version 8.3.4
  + Security:
    * GetUserInfo: return an error if no user was found
      (bsc#1194873, CVE-2022-21673)
  + Features and enhancements:
    * Alerting: Allow configuration of non-ready alertmanagers.
    * Alerting: Allow customization of Google chat message.
    * AppPlugins: Support app plugins with only default nav.
    * InfluxDB: query editor: skip fields in metadata queries.
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Cancel in-flight SQL query if user
      cancels query in grafana.
    * Prometheus: Forward oauth tokens after prometheus datasource
  + Bug fixes:
    * Azure Monitor: Bug fix for variable interpolations in metrics
    * Azure Monitor: Improved error messages for variable queries.
    * CloudMonitoring: Fixes broken variable queries that use group
    * Configuration: You can now see your expired API keys if you
      have no active ones.
    * Elasticsearch: Fix handling multiple datalinks for a single
    * Export: Fix error being thrown when exporting dashboards
      using query variables that reference the default datasource.
    * ImportDashboard: Fixes issue with importing dashboard and
      name ending up in uid.
    * Login: Page no longer overflows on mobile.
    * Plugins: Set backend metadata property for core plugins.
    * Prometheus: Fill missing steps with null values.
    * Prometheus: Fix interpolation of $__rate_interval variable.
    * Prometheus: Interpolate variables with curly brackets syntax.
    * Prometheus: Respect the http-method data source setting.
    * Table: Fixes issue with field config applied to wrong fields
      when hiding columns.
    * Toolkit: Fix bug with rootUrls not being properly parsed when
      signing a private plugin.
    * Variables: Fix so data source variables are added to adhoc
  + Plugin development fixes & changes:
    * Toolkit: Revert build config so tslib is bundled with plugins
      to prevent plugins from crashing.

- Update to version 8.3.3:
  + Features and enhancements:
    * BarChart: Use new data error view component to show actions
      in panel edit.
    * CloudMonitor: Iterate over pageToken for resources.
    * Macaron: Prevent WriteHeader invalid HTTP status code panic.
  + Bug fixes:
    * AnnoListPanel: Fix interpolation of variables in tags.
    * CloudWatch: Allow queries to have no dimensions specified.
    * CloudWatch: Fix broken queries for users migrating from
      8.2.4/8.2.5 to 8.3.0.
    * CloudWatch: Make sure MatchExact flag gets the right value.
    * Dashboards: Fix so that empty folders can be deleted from the
      manage dashboards/folders page.
    * InfluxDB: Improve handling of metadata query errors in
    * Loki: Fix adding of ad hoc filters for queries with parser
      and line_format expressions.
    * Prometheus: Fix running of exemplar queries for non-histogram
    * Prometheus: Interpolate template variables in interval.
    * StateTimeline: Fix toolitp not showing when for frames with
      multiple fields.
    * TraceView: Fix virtualized scrolling when trace view is
      opened in right pane in Explore.
    * Variables: Fix repeating panels for on time range changed
    * Variables: Fix so queryparam option works for scoped

- Update to version 8.3.2
  + Security: Fixes CVE-2021-43813 and CVE-2021-43815,

- Update to version 8.3.1
  + Security: Fixes CVE-2021-43798, bsc#1193492.

- Update to version 8.3.0
  + Features and enhancements:
    * Alerting: Prevent folders from being deleted when they
      contain alerts.
    * Alerting: Show full preview value in tooltip.
    * BarGauge: Limit title width when name is really long.
    * CloudMonitoring: Avoid to escape regexps in filters.
    * CloudWatch: Add support for AWS Metric Insights.
    * TooltipPlugin: Remove other panels' shared tooltip in edit
    * Visualizations: Limit y label width to 40% of visualization
  + Bug fixes:
    * Alerting: Clear alerting rule evaluation errors after
      intermittent failures.
    * Alerting: Fix refresh on legacy Alert List panel.
    * Dashboard: Fix queries for panels with non-integer widths.
    * Explore: Fix url update inconsistency.
    * Prometheus: Fix range variables interpolation for time ranges
      smaller than 1 second.
    * ValueMappings: Fixes issue with regex value mapping that only
      sets color.

- Update to version 8.3.0-beta2
  + Breaking changes:
    * Grafana 8 Alerting enabled by default for installations that
      do not use legacy alerting.
    * Keep Last State for "If execution error or timeout" when
      upgrading to Grafana 8 alerting.
  + Features and enhancements:
    * Alerting: Create DatasourceError alert if evaluation returns
    * Alerting: Make Unified Alerting enabled by default for those
      who do not use legacy alerting.
    * Alerting: Support mute timings configuration through the api
      for the embedded alert manager.
    * CloudWatch: Add missing AWS/Events metrics.
    * Docs: Add easier to find deprecation notices to certain data
      sources and to the changelog.
    * Plugins Catalog: Enable install controls based on the
      pluginAdminEnabled flag.
    * Table: Add space between values for the DefaultCell and
    * Tracing: Make query editors available in dashboard for Tempo
      and Zipkin.
  + Bug fixes:
    * AccessControl: Renamed orgs roles, removed fixed:orgs:reader
      introduced in beta1.
    * Azure Monitor: Add trap focus for modals in grafana/ui and
      other small a11y fixes for Azure Monitor.
    * CodeEditor: Prevent suggestions from being clipped.
    * Dashboard: Fix cache timeout persistence.
    * Datasource: Fix stable sort order of query responses.
    * Explore: Fix error in query history when removing last item.
    * Logs: Fix requesting of older logs when flipped order.
    * Prometheus: Fix running of health check query based on access
    * TextPanel: Fix suggestions for existing panels.
    * Tracing: Fix incorrect indentations due to reoccurring
    * Tracing: Show start time of trace with milliseconds
    * Variables: Make renamed or missing variable section
  + Plugin development fixes & changes:
    * Select: Select menus now properly scroll during keyboard

- Update to version 8.3.0-beta1
  + Features and enhancements:
    * Alerting: Add UI for contact point testing with custom
      annotations and labels.
    * Alerting: Make alert state indicator in panel header work
      with Grafana 8 alerts.
    * Alerting: Option for Discord notifier to use webhook name.
    * Annotations: Deprecate AnnotationsSrv.
    * Auth: Omit all base64 paddings in JWT tokens for the JWT
    * Azure Monitor: Clean up fields when editing Metrics.
    * AzureMonitor: Add new starter dashboards.
    * AzureMonitor: Add starter dashboard for app monitoring with
      Application Insights.
    * Barchart/Time series: Allow x axis label.
    * CLI: Improve error handling for installing plugins.
    * CloudMonitoring: Migrate to use backend plugin SDK contracts.
    * CloudWatch Logs: Add retry strategy for hitting max
      concurrent queries.
    * CloudWatch: Add AWS RoboMaker metrics and dimension.
    * CloudWatch: Add AWS Transfer metrics and dimension.
    * Dashboard: replace datasource name with a reference object.
    * Dashboards: Show logs on time series when hovering.
    * Elasticsearch: Add support for Elasticsearch 8.0 (Beta).
    * Elasticsearch: Add time zone setting to Date Histogram
    * Elasticsearch: Enable full range log volume histogram.
    * Elasticsearch: Full range logs volume.
    * Explore: Allow changing the graph type.
    * Explore: Show ANSI colors when highlighting matched words in
      the logs panel.
    * Graph(old) panel: Listen to events from Time series panel.
    * Import: Load gcom dashboards from URL.
    * LibraryPanels: Improves export and import of library panels
      between orgs.
    * OAuth: Support PKCE.
    * Panel edit: Overrides now highlight correctly when searching.
    * PanelEdit: Display drag indicators on draggable sections.
    * Plugins: Refactor Plugin Management.
    * Prometheus: Add custom query parameters when creating
      PromLink url.
    * Prometheus: Remove limits on metrics, labels, and values in
      Metrics Browser.
    * StateTimeline: Share cursor with rest of the panels.
    * Tempo: Add error details when json upload fails.
    * Tempo: Add filtering for service graph query.
    * Tempo: Add links to nodes in Service Graph pointing to
      Prometheus metrics.
    * Time series/Bar chart panel: Add ability to sort series via
    * TimeSeries: Allow multiple axes for the same unit.
    * TraceView: Allow span links defined on dataFrame.
    * Transformations: Support a rows mode in labels to fields.
    * ValueMappings: Don't apply field config defaults to time
    * Variables: Only update panels that are impacted by variable
  + Bug fixes:
    * API: Fix dashboard quota limit for imports.
    * Alerting: Fix rule editor issues with Azure Monitor data
    * Azure monitor: Make sure alert rule editor is not enabled
      when template variables are being used.
    * CloudMonitoring: Fix annotation queries.
    * CodeEditor: Trigger the latest getSuggestions() passed to
    * Dashboard: Remove the current panel from the list of options
      in the Dashboard datasource.
    * Encryption: Fix decrypting secrets in alerting migration.
    * InfluxDB: Fix corner case where index is too large in ALIAS
    * NavBar: Order App plugins alphabetically.
    * NodeGraph: Fix zooming sensitivity on touchpads.
    * Plugins: Add OAuth pass-through logic to api/ds/query
    * Snapshots: Fix panel inspector for snapshot data.
    * Tempo: Fix basic auth password reset on adding tag.
    * ValueMapping: Fixes issue with regex mappings.
  + Plugin development fixes & changes:
    * grafana/ui: Enable slider marks display.

- Update to version 8.2.7
  + Security: Fixes CVE-2021-43798.

- Update to version 8.2.6
  + Features and enhancements:
    * Security: Upgrade Docker base image to Alpine 3.14.3.
    * Security: Upgrade Go to 1.17.2.
  + Bug fixes:
    * TimeSeries: Fix fillBelowTo wrongly affecting fills of
      unrelated series.

- Update to version 8.2.5
  + Breaking changes:
    * Fix No Data behaviour in Legacy Alerting.
  + Bug fixes:
    * Alerting: Fix a bug where the metric in the evaluation string
      was not correctly populated.
    * Alerting: Fix no data behaviour in Legacy Alerting for alert
      rules using the AND operator.
    * CloudMonitoring: Ignore min and max aggregation in MQL
    * Dashboards: 'Copy' is no longer added to new dashboard
    * DataProxy: Fix overriding response body when response is a
      WebSocket upgrade.
    * Elasticsearch: Use field configured in query editor as field
      for date_histogram aggregations.
    * Explore: Fix running queries without a datasource property
    * InfluxDB: Fix numeric aliases in queries.
    * Plugins: Ensure consistent plugin settings list response.
    * Tempo: Fix validation of float durations.
    * Tracing: Correct tags for each span are shown.

- Update to version 8.2.4
  + Security: Fixes CVE-2021-41244, bsc#1192763.

- Update to version 8.2.3
  + Security: Fixes CVE-2021-41174, bsc#1192383.

- Update to version 8.2.2
  + Features and enhancements:
    * Annotations: We have improved tag search performance.
    * Application: You can now configure an error-template title.
    * AzureMonitor: We removed a restriction from the resource
      filter query.
    * Packaging: We removed the ProcSubset option in systemd. This
      option prevented Grafana from starting in LXC environments.
    * Prometheus: We removed the autocomplete limit for metrics.
    * Table: We improved the styling of the type icons to make them
      more distinct from column / field name.
    * ValueMappings: You can now use value mapping in stat, gauge,
      bar gauge, and pie chart visualizations.
  + Bug fixes:
    * Alerting: Fix panic when Slack's API sends unexpected
    * Alerting: The Create Alert button now appears on the
      dashboard panel when you are working with a default
    * Explore: We fixed the problem where the Explore log panel
      disappears when an Elasticsearch logs query returns no
    * Graph: You can now see annotation descriptions on hover.
    * Logs: The system now uses the JSON parser only if the line is
      parsed to an object.
    * Prometheus: We fixed the issue where the system did not reuse
      TCP connections when querying from Grafana alerting.
    * Prometheus: We fixed the problem that resulted in an error
      when a user created a query with a $__interval min step.
    * RowsToFields: We fixed the issue where the system was not
      properly interpreting number values.
    * Scale: We fixed how the system handles NaN percent when data
      min = data max.
    * Table panel: You can now create a filter that includes
      special characters.

- Update to version 8.2.1
  + Bug fixes:
    * Dashboard: Fix rendering of repeating panels.
    * Datasources: Fix deletion of data source if plugin is not
    * Packaging: Remove systemcallfilters sections from systemd
      unit files.
    * Prometheus: Add Headers to HTTP client options.

- Update to version 8.2.0
  + Features and enhancements:
    * AWS: Updated AWS authentication documentation.
    * Alerting: Added support Alertmanager data source for upstream
      Prometheus AM implementation.
    * Alerting: Allows more characters in label names so
      notifications are sent.
    * Alerting: Get alert rules for a dashboard or a panel using
      /api/v1/rules endpoints.
    * Annotations: Improved rendering performance of event markers.
    * CloudWatch Logs: Skip caching for log queries.
    * Explore: Added an opt-in configuration for Node Graph in
      Jaeger, Zipkin, and Tempo.
    * Packaging: Add stricter systemd unit options.
    * Prometheus: Metrics browser can now handle label values with
      special characters.
  + Bug fixes:
    * CodeEditor: Ensure that we trigger the latest onSave callback
      provided to the component.
    * DashboardList/AlertList: Fix for missing All folder value.
  + Plugin development fixes & changes:
    * Plugins: Create a mock icon component to prevent console

- Update to version 8.2.0-beta2
  + Features and enhancements:
    * AccessControl: Document new permissions restricting data
      source access.
    * TimePicker: Add fiscal years and search to time picker.
    * Alerting: Added support for Unified Alerting with Grafana HA.
    * Alerting: Added support for tune rule evaluation using
      configuration options.
    * Alerting: Cleanups alertmanager namespace from key-value
      store when disabling Grafana 8 alerts.
    * Alerting: Remove ngalert feature toggle and introduce two new
      settings for enabling Grafana 8 alerts and disabling them for
      specific organisations.
    * CloudWatch: Introduced new math expression where it is
      necessary to specify the period field.
    * InfluxDB: Added support for $__interval and $__interval_ms in
      Flux queries for alerting.
    * InfluxDB: Flux queries can use more precise start and end
      timestamps with nanosecond-precision.
    * Plugins Catalog: Make the catalog the default way to interact
      with plugins.
    * Prometheus: Removed autocomplete limit for metrics.
  + Bug fixes:
    * Alerting: Fixed an issue where the edit page crashes if you
      tried to preview an alert without a condition set.
    * Alerting: Fixed rules migration to keep existing Grafana 8
      alert rules.
    * Alerting: Fixed the silence file content generated during
    * Analytics: Fixed an issue related to interaction event
      propagation in Azure Application Insights.
    * BarGauge: Fixed an issue where the cell color was lit even
      though there was no data.
    * BarGauge: Improved handling of streaming data.
    * CloudMonitoring: Fixed INT64 label unmarshal error.
    * ConfirmModal: Fixes confirm button focus on modal open.
    * Dashboard: Add option to generate short URL for variables
      with values containing spaces.
    * Explore: No longer hides errors containing refId property.
    * Fixed an issue that produced State timeline panel tooltip
      error when data was not in sync.
    * InfluxDB: InfluxQL query editor is set to always use
    * Loki: Fixed creating context query for logs with parsed
    * PageToolbar: Fixed alignment of titles.
    * Plugins Catalog: Update to the list of available panels after
      an install, update or uninstall.
    * TimeSeries: Fixed an issue where the shared cursor was not
      showing when hovering over in old Graph panel.
    * Variables: Fixed issues related to change of focus or refresh
      pages when pressing enter in a text box variable input.
    * Variables: Panel no longer crash when using the adhoc
      variable in data links.

- Update to version 8.2.0-beta1
  + Features and enhancements:
    * AccessControl: Introduce new permissions to restrict access
      for reloading provisioning configuration.
    * Alerting: Add UI to edit Cortex/Loki namespace, group names,
      and group evaluation interval.
    * Alerting: Add a Test button to test contact point.
    * Alerting: Allow creating/editing recording rules for Loki and
    * Alerting: Metrics should have the label org instead of user.
    * Alerting: Sort notification channels by name to make them
      easier to locate.
    * Alerting: Support org level isolation of notification
    * AzureMonitor: Add data links to deep link to Azure Portal
      Azure Resource Graph.
    * AzureMonitor: Add support for annotations from Azure Monitor
      Metrics and Azure Resource Graph services.
    * AzureMonitor: Show error message when subscriptions request
      fails in ConfigEditor.
    * Chore: Update to Golang 1.16.7.
    * CloudWatch Logs: Add link to X-Ray data source for trace IDs
      in logs.
    * CloudWatch Logs: Disable query path using websockets (Live)
    * CloudWatch/Logs: Don't group dataframes for non time series
    * Cloudwatch: Migrate queries that use multiple stats to one
      query per stat.
    * Dashboard: Keep live timeseries moving left (v2).
    * Datasources: Introduce response_limit for datasource
    * Explore: Add filter by trace or span ID to trace to logs
    * Explore: Download traces as JSON in Explore Inspector.
    * Explore: Reuse Dashboard's QueryRows component.
    * Explore: Support custom display label for derived fields
      buttons for Loki datasource.
    * Grafana UI: Update monaco-related dependencies.
    * Graphite: Deprecate browser access mode.
    * InfluxDB: Improve handling of intervals in alerting.
    * InfluxDB: InfluxQL query editor: Handle unusual characters in
      tag values better.
    * Jaeger: Add ability to upload JSON file for trace data.
    * LibraryElements: Enable specifying UID for new and existing
      library elements.
    * LibraryPanels: Remove library panel icon from the panel
      header so you can no longer tell that a panel is a library
      panel from the dashboard view.
    * Logs panel: Scroll to the bottom on page refresh when sorting
      in ascending order.
    * Loki: Add fuzzy search to label browser.
    * Navigation: Implement active state for items in the Sidemenu.
    * Packaging: Add stricter systemd unit options.
    * Packaging: Update PID file location from /var/run to /run.
    * Plugins: Add Hide OAuth Forward config option.
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Add setting to limit the maximum number
      of rows processed.
    * Prometheus: Add browser access mode deprecation warning.
    * Prometheus: Add interpolation for built-in-time variables to
    * Tempo: Add ability to upload trace data in JSON format.
    * TimeSeries/XYChart: Allow grid lines visibility control in
      XYChart and TimeSeries panels.
    * Transformations: Convert field types to time string number or
    * Value mappings: Add regular-expression based value mapping.
    * Zipkin: Add ability to upload trace JSON.
  + Bug fixes:
    * Admin: Prevent user from deleting user's current/active
    * LibraryPanels: Fix library panel getting saved in the
      dashboard's folder.
    * OAuth: Make generic teams URL and JMES path configurable.
    * QueryEditor: Fix broken copy-paste for mouse middle-click
    * Thresholds: Fix undefined color in "Add threshold".
    * Timeseries: Add wide-to-long, and fix multi-frame output.
    * TooltipPlugin: Fix behavior of Shared Crosshair when Tooltip
      is set to All.
  + Plugin development fixes & changes:
    * Grafana UI: Fix TS error property css is missing in type.

- Update to version 8.1.8
  + Security: Fixes CVE-2021-43798.

- Update to version 8.1.7
  + Bug fixes:
    * Alerting: Fix alerts with evaluation interval more than 30
      seconds resolving before notification.
    * Elasticsearch/Prometheus: Fix usage of proper SigV4 service

- Update to version 8.1.6
  + Security: Fixes CVE-2021-39226.

- Update to version 8.1.5
  + Bug fixes:
    * BarChart: Fixes panel error that happens on second refresh.

- Update to version 8.1.4
  + Features and enhancements
    * Explore: Ensure logs volume bar colors match legend colors.
    * LDAP: Search all DNs for users.
  + Bug fixes:
    * Alerting: Fix notification channel migration.
    * Annotations: Fix blank panels for queries with unknown data
    * BarChart: Fix stale values and x axis labels.
    * Graph: Make old graph panel thresholds work even if ngalert
      is enabled.
    * InfluxDB: Fix regex to identify / as separator.
    * LibraryPanels: Fix update issues related to library panels in
    * Variables: Fix variables not updating inside a Panel when the
      preceding Row uses "Repeat For".

- Update to version 8.1.3
  + Bug fixes
    * Alerting: Fix alert flapping in the internal alertmanager.
    * Alerting: Fix request handler failed to convert dataframe
      "results" to plugins.DataTimeSeriesSlice: input frame is not
      recognized as a time series.
    * Dashboard: Fix UIDs are not preserved when importing/creating
      dashboards thru importing .json file.
    * Dashboard: Forces panel re-render when exiting panel edit.
    * Dashboard: Prevent folder from changing when navigating to
      general settings.
    * Docker: Force use of libcrypto1.1 and libssl1.1 versions to
      fix CVE-2021-3711, bsc#1189520.
    * Elasticsearch: Fix metric names for alert queries.
    * Elasticsearch: Limit Histogram field parameter to numeric
    * Elasticsearch: Prevent pipeline aggregations to show up in
      terms order by options.
    * LibraryPanels: Prevent duplicate repeated panels from being
    * Loki: Fix ad-hoc filter in dashboard when used with parser.
    * Plugins: Track signed files + add warn log for plugin assets
      which are not signed.
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Fix region annotations not displayed
    * Prometheus: Fix validate selector in metrics browser.
    * Security: Fix stylesheet injection vulnerability.
    * Security: Fix short URL vulnerability.

- Update to version 8.1.2
  + Features and enhancements:
    * AzureMonitor: Add support for PostgreSQL and MySQL Flexible
    * Datasource: Change HTTP status code for failed datasource
      health check to 400.
    * Explore: Add span duration to left panel in trace viewer.
    * Plugins: Use file extension allowlist when serving plugin
      assets instead of checking for UNIX executable.
    * Profiling: Add support for binding pprof server to custom
      network interfaces.
    * Search: Make search icon keyboard navigable.
    * Template variables: Keyboard navigation improvements.
    * Tooltip: Display ms within minute time range.
  + Bug fixes:
    * Alerting: Fix saving LINE contact point.
    * Annotations: Fix alerting annotation coloring.
    * Annotations: Alert annotations are now visible in the correct
    * Auth: Hide SigV4 config UI and disable middleware when its
      config flag is disabled.
    * Dashboard: Prevent incorrect panel layout by comparing window
      width against theme breakpoints.
    * Elasticsearch: Fix metric names for alert queries.
    * Explore: Fix showing of full log context.
    * PanelEdit: Fix 'Actual' size by passing the correct panel
      size to Dashboard.
    * Plugins: Fix TLS datasource settings.
    * Variables: Fix issue with empty drop downs on navigation.
    * Variables: Fix URL util converting false into true.
  + Plugin development fixes & changes:
    * Toolkit: Fix matchMedia not found error.

- Update to version 8.1.1
  + Bug fixes:
    * CloudWatch Logs: Fix crash when no region is selected.

- Update to version 8.1.0
  + Features and enhancements:
    * Alerting: Deduplicate receivers during migration.
    * ColorPicker: Display colors as RGBA.
    * Select: Make portalling the menu opt-in, but opt-in
    * TimeRangePicker: Improve accessibility.
  + Bug fixes:
    * Annotations: Correct annotations that are displayed upon page
    * Annotations: Fix Enabled button that disappeared from Grafana
    * Annotations: Fix data source template variable that was not
      available for annotations.
    * AzureMonitor: Fix annotations query editor that does not
    * Geomap: Fix scale calculations.
    * GraphNG: Fix y-axis autosizing.
    * Live: Display stream rate and fix duplicate channels in list
    * Loki: Update labels in log browser when time range changes in
    * NGAlert: Send resolve signal to alertmanager on alerting ->
    * PasswordField: Prevent a password from being displayed when
      you click the Enter button.
    * Renderer: Remove debug.log file when Grafana is stopped.
    * Security: Update dependencies to fix CVE-2021-36222,

- Update to version 8.1.0-beta3
  + Features and enhancements:
    * Alerting: Support label matcher syntax in alert rule list
    * IconButton: Put tooltip text as aria-label.
    * Live: Experimental HA with Redis.
    * UI: FileDropzone component.
    * CloudWatch: Add AWS LookoutMetrics.
  + Bug fixes:
    * Docker: Fix builds by delaying go mod verify until all
      required files are copied over.
    * Exemplars: Fix disable exemplars only on the query that
    * SQL: Fix SQL dataframe resampling (fill mode + time

- Update to version 8.1.0-beta2
  + Features and enhancements:
    * Alerting: Expand the value string in alert annotations and
    * Auth: Add Azure HTTP authentication middleware.
    * Auth: Auth: Pass user role when using the authentication
    * Gazetteer: Update countries.json file to allow for linking to
      3-letter country codes.
  + Bug fixes:
    * Config: Fix Docker builds by correcting formatting in
    * Explore: Fix encoding of internal URLs.

- Update to version 8.1.0-beta1
  + Features and enhancements:
    * Alerting: Add Alertmanager notifications tab.
    * Alerting: Add button to deactivate current Alertmanager
    * Alerting: Add toggle in Loki/Prometheus data source
      configuration to opt out of alerting UI.
    * Alerting: Allow any "evaluate for" value >=0 in the alert
      rule form.
    * Alerting: Load default configuration from status endpoint, if
      Cortex Alertmanager returns empty user configuration. 
    * Alerting: view to display alert rule and its underlying data.
    * Annotation panel: Release the annotation panel.
    * Annotations: Add typeahead support for tags in built-in
    * AzureMonitor: Add curated dashboards for Azure services.
    * AzureMonitor: Add support for deep links to Microsoft Azure
      portal for Metrics.
    * AzureMonitor: Remove support for different credentials for
      Azure Monitor Logs.
    * AzureMonitor: Support querying any Resource for Logs queries.
    * Elasticsearch: Add frozen indices search support.
    * Elasticsearch: Name fields after template variables values
      instead of their name.
    * Elasticsearch: add rate aggregation.
    * Email: Allow configuration of content types for email
    * Explore: Add more meta information when line limit is hit.
    * Explore: UI improvements to trace view.
    * FieldOverrides: Added support to change display name in an
      override field and have it be matched by a later rule.
    * HTTP Client: Introduce dataproxy_max_idle_connections config
    * InfluxDB: InfluxQL: adds tags to timeseries data.
    * InfluxDB: InfluxQL: make measurement search case insensitive.
      Legacy Alerting: Replace simplejson with a struct in webhook
      notification channel.
    * Legend: Updates display name for Last (not null) to just
    * Logs panel: Add option to show common labels.
    * Loki: Add $__range variable.
    * Loki: Add support for "label_values(log stream selector,
      label)" in templating.
    * Loki: Add support for ad-hoc filtering in dashboard.
    * MySQL Datasource: Add timezone parameter.
    * NodeGraph: Show gradient fields in legend.
    * PanelOptions: Don't mutate panel options/field config object
      when updating.
    * PieChart: Make pie gradient more subtle to match other
    * Prometheus: Update PromQL typeahead and highlighting.
    * Prometheus: interpolate variable for step field.
    * Provisioning: Improve validation by validating across all
      dashboard providers.
    * SQL Datasources: Allow multiple string/labels columns with
      time series.
    * Select: Portal select menu to document.body.
    * Team Sync: Add group mapping to support team sync in the
      Generic OAuth provider.
    * Tooltip: Make active series more noticeable.
    * Tracing: Add support to configure trace to logs start and end
    * Transformations: Skip merge when there is only a single data
    * ValueMapping: Added support for mapping text to color,
      boolean values, NaN and Null. Improved UI for value mapping.
    * Visualizations: Dynamically set any config (min, max, unit,
      color, thresholds) from query results.
    * live: Add support to handle origin without a value for the
      port when matching with root_url.
  + Bug fixes:
    * Alerting: Handle marshaling Inf values.
    * AzureMonitor: Fix macro resolution for template variables.
    * AzureMonitor: Fix queries with Microsoft.NetApp/../../volumes
    * AzureMonitor: Request and concat subsequent resource pages.
    * Bug: Fix parse duration for day.
    * Datasources: Improve error handling for error messages.
    * Explore: Correct the functionality of shift-enter shortcut
      across all uses.
    * Explore: Show all dataFrames in data tab in Inspector.
    * GraphNG: Fix Tooltip mode 'All' for XYChart.
    * Loki: Fix highlight of logs when using filter expressions
      with backticks.
    * Modal: Force modal content to overflow with scroll.
    * Plugins: Ignore symlinked folders when verifying plugin
  + Plugin development fixes & changes:
    * Toolkit: Improve error messages when tasks fail.

- Update to version 8.0.7
  + Security: Fixes CVE-2021-43798.

- Update to version 8.0.6
  + Features and enhancements:
    * Alerting: Add annotation upon alert state change.
    * Alerting: Allow space in label and annotation names.
    * InfluxDB: Improve legend labels for InfluxDB query results.
  + Bug fixes:
    * Alerting: Fix improper alert by changing the handling of
      empty labels.
    * CloudWatch/Logs: Reestablish Cloud Watch alert behavior.
    * Dashboard: Avoid migration breaking on fieldConfig without
      defaults field in folded panel.
    * DashboardList: Fix issue not re-fetching dashboard list after
      variable change.
    * Database: Fix incorrect format of isolation level
      configuration parameter for MySQL.
    * InfluxDB: Correct tag filtering on InfluxDB data.
    * Links: Fix links that caused a full page reload.
    * Live: Fix HTTP error when InfluxDB metrics have an incomplete
      or asymmetrical field set.
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Change time field to "Time" for time
      series queries.
    * Postgres: Fix the handling of a null return value in query
    * Tempo: Show hex strings instead of uints for IDs.
    * TimeSeries: Improve tooltip positioning when tooltip
    * Transformations: Add 'prepare time series' transformer.

- Update to version 8.0.5
  + Features and enhancements:
    * Cloudwatch Logs: Send error down to client.
    * Folders: Return 409 Conflict status when folder already
    * TimeSeries: Do not show series in tooltip if it's hidden in
      the viz.
  + Bug fixes:
    * AzureMonitor: Fix issue where resource group name is missing
      on the resource picker button.
    * Chore: Fix AWS auth assuming role with workspace IAM.
    * DashboardQueryRunner: Fixes unrestrained subscriptions being
    * DateFormats: Fix reading correct setting key for
    * Links: Fix links to other apps outside Grafana when under sub
    * Snapshots: Fix snapshot absolute time range issue.
    * Table: Fix data link color.
    * Time Series: Fix X-axis time format when tick increment is
      larger than a year.
    * Tooltip Plugin: Prevent tooltip render if field is undefined.

- Update to version 8.0.4
  + Features and enhancements:
    * Live: Rely on app url for origin check.
    * PieChart: Sort legend descending, update placeholder.
    * TimeSeries panel: Do not reinitialize plot when thresholds
      mode change.
  + Bug fixes:
    * Elasticsearch: Allow case sensitive custom options in
      date_histogram interval.
    * Elasticsearch: Restore previous field naming strategy when
      using variables.
    * Explore: Fix import of queries between SQL data sources.
    * InfluxDB: InfluxQL query editor: fix retention policy
    * Loki: Send correct time range in template variable queries.
    * TimeSeries: Preserve RegExp series overrides when migrating
      from old graph panel.

- Update to version 8.0.3
  + Features and enhancements:
    * Alerting: Increase alertmanager_conf column if MySQL.
    * Time series/Bar chart panel: Handle infinite numbers as nulls
      when converting to plot array.
    * TimeSeries: Ensure series overrides that contain color are
      migrated, and migrate the previous fieldConfig when changing
      the panel type.
    * ValueMappings: Improve singlestat value mappings migration.
  + Bug fixes:
    * Annotations: Fix annotation line and marker colors.
    * AzureMonitor: Fix KQL template variable queries without
      default workspace.
    * CloudWatch/Logs: Fix missing response data for log queries.
    * Elasticsearch: Restore previous field naming strategy when
      using variables.
    * LibraryPanels: Fix crash in library panels list when panel
      plugin is not found.
    * LogsPanel: Fix performance drop when moving logs panel in
    * Loki: Parse log levels when ANSI coloring is enabled.
    * MSSQL: Fix issue with hidden queries still being executed.
    * PanelEdit: Display the VisualizationPicker that was not
      displayed if a panel has an unknown panel plugin.
    * Plugins: Fix loading symbolically linked plugins.
    * Prometheus: Fix issue where legend name was replaced with
      name Value in stat and gauge panels.
    * State Timeline: Fix crash when hovering over panel.

- Update to version 8.0.2
  + Features and enhancements:
    * Datasource: Add support for max_conns_per_host in dataproxy
  + Bug fixes:
    * Configuration: Fix changing org preferences in FireFox.
    * PieChart: Fix legend dimension limits.
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Fix panic in concurrent map writes.
    * Variables: Hide default data source if missing from regex.

- Update to version 8.0.1
  + Bug fixes:
    * Alerting/SSE: Fix "count_non_null" reducer validation.
    * Cloudwatch: Fix duplicated time series.
    * Cloudwatch: Fix missing defaultRegion.
    * Dashboard: Fix Dashboard init failed error on dashboards with
      old singlestat panels in collapsed rows.
    * Datasource: Fix storing timeout option as numeric.
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Fix annotation parsing for empty
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Numeric/non-string values are now
      returned from query variables.
    * Postgres: Fix an error that was thrown when the annotation
      query did not return any results.
    * StatPanel: Fix an issue with the appearance of the graph when
      switching color mode.
    * Visualizations: Fix an issue in the
      Stat/BarGauge/Gauge/PieChart panels where all values mode
      were showing the same name if they had the same value.
  + Plugin development fixes & changes:
    * Toolkit: Resolve external fonts when Grafana is served from a
      sub path.

- Update to version 8.0.0
  + Breaking changes:
    * The following endpoints were deprecated for Grafana v5.0 and
      support for them has now been removed:
      GET /dashboards/db/:slug
      GET /dashboard-solo/db/:slug
      GET /api/dashboard/db/:slug
      DELETE /api/dashboards/db/:slug
  + Features and enhancements:
    * AzureMonitor: Require default subscription for workspaces()
      template variable query.
    * AzureMonitor: Use resource type display names in the UI.
    * Dashboard: Remove support for loading and deleting dashboard
      by slug.
    * InfluxDB: Deprecate direct browser access in data source.
    * VizLegend: Add a read-only property.
  + Bug fixes:
    * AzureMonitor: Fix Azure Resource Graph queries in Azure
    * Checkbox: Fix vertical layout issue with checkboxes due to
      fixed height.
    * Dashboard: Fix Table view when editing causes the panel data
      to not update.
    * Dashboard: Fix issues where unsaved-changes warning is not
    * Login: Fixes Unauthorized message showing when on login page
      or snapshot page.
    * NodeGraph: Fix sorting markers in grid view.
    * Short URL: Include orgId in generated short URLs.
    * Variables: Support raw values of boolean type.

- Update to version 8.0.0-beta3
  + Breaking changes:
    * The default HTTP method for Prometheus data source is now
  + Features and enhancements:
    * API: Support folder UID in dashboards API.
    * Alerting: Add support for configuring avatar URL for the
      Discord notifier.
    * Alerting: Clarify that Threema Gateway Alerts support only
      Basic IDs.
    * Azure: Expose Azure settings to external plugins.
    * AzureMonitor: Deprecate using separate credentials for Azure
      Monitor Logs.
    * AzureMonitor: Display variables in resource picker for Azure
      Monitor Logs.
    * AzureMonitor: Hide application insights for data sources not
      using it.
    * AzureMonitor: Support querying subscriptions and resource
      groups in Azure Monitor Logs.
    * AzureMonitor: remove requirement for default subscription.
    * CloudWatch: Add Lambda@Edge Amazon CloudFront metrics.
    * CloudWatch: Add missing AWS AppSync metrics.
    * ConfirmModal: Auto focus delete button.
    * Explore: Add caching for queries that are run from logs
    * Loki: Add formatting for annotations.
    * Loki: Bring back processed bytes as meta information.
    * NodeGraph: Display node graph collapsed by default with trace
    * Overrides: Include a manual override option to hide something
      from visualization.
    * PieChart: Support row data in pie charts.
    * Prometheus: Update default HTTP method to POST for existing
      data sources.
    * Time series panel: Position tooltip correctly when window is
      scrolled or resized.
  + Bug fixes:
    * Admin: Fix infinite loading edit on the profile page.
    * Color: Fix issues with random colors in string and date
    * Dashboard: Fix issue with title or folder change has no
      effect after exiting settings view.
    * DataLinks: Fix an issue is not working in data
    * Datasource: Fix dataproxy timeout should always be applied
      for outgoing data source HTTP requests.
    * Elasticsearch: Fix NewClient not passing httpClientProvider
      to client impl.
    * Explore: Fix Browser title not updated on Navigation to
    * GraphNG: Remove fieldName and hideInLegend properties from
    * OAuth: Fix fallback to auto_assign_org_role setting for Azure
      AD OAuth when no role claims exists.
    * PanelChrome: Fix issue with empty panel after adding a non
      data panel and coming back from panel edit.
    * StatPanel: Fix data link tooltip not showing for single
    * Table: Fix sorting for number fields.
    * Table: Have text underline for datalink, and add support for
      image datalink.
    * Time series panel: Position tooltip correctly when window is
      scrolled or resized.
    * Transformations: Prevent FilterByValue transform from
      crashing panel edit.

- Update to version 8.0.0-beta2
  + Features and enhancements:
    * AppPlugins: Expose react-router to apps.
    * AzureMonitor: Add Azure Resource Graph.
    * AzureMonitor: Managed Identity configuration UI.
    * AzureMonitor: Token provider with support for Managed
    * AzureMonitor: Update Logs workspace() template variable query
      to return resource URIs.
    * BarChart: Value label sizing.
    * CloudMonitoring: Add support for preprocessing.
    * CloudWatch: Add AWS/EFS StorageBytes metric.
    * CloudWatch: Allow use of missing AWS namespaces using custom
    * Datasource: Shared HTTP client provider for core backend data
      sources and any data source using the data source proxy.
    * InfluxDB: InfluxQL: allow empty tag values in the query
    * Instrumentation: Instrument incoming HTTP request with
      histograms by default.
    * Library Panels: Add name endpoint & unique name validation to
    * Logs panel: Support details view.
    * PieChart: Always show the calculation options dropdown in the
    * PieChart: Remove beta flag.
    * Plugins: Enforce signing for all plugins.
    * Plugins: Remove support for deprecated backend plugin
      protocol version.
    * Tempo/Jaeger: Add better display name to legend.
    * Timeline: Add time range zoom.
    * Timeline: Adds opacity & line width option.
    * Timeline: Value text alignment option.
    * ValueMappings: Add duplicate action, and disable dismiss on
      backdrop click.
    * Zipkin: Add node graph view to trace response.
  + Bug fixes:
    * Annotations panel: Remove subpath from dashboard links.
    * Content Security Policy: Allow all image sources by default.
    * Content Security Policy: Relax default template wrt. loading
      of scripts, due to nonces not working.
    * Datasource: Fix tracing propagation for alert execution by
      introducing HTTP client outgoing tracing middleware.
    * InfluxDB: InfluxQL always apply time interval end.
    * Library Panels: Fixes "error while loading library panels".
    * NewsPanel: Fixes rendering issue in Safari.
    * PanelChrome: Fix queries being issued again when scrolling in
      and out of view.
    * Plugins: Fix Azure token provider cache panic and auth param
      nil value.
    * Snapshots: Fix key and deleteKey being ignored when creating
      an external snapshot.
    * Table: Fix issue with cell border not showing with colored
      background cells.
    * Table: Makes tooltip scrollable for long JSON values.
    * TimeSeries: Fix for Connected null values threshold toggle
      during panel editing.
    * Variables: Fixes inconsistent selected states on dashboard
    * Variables: Refreshes all panels even if panel is full screen.
  + Plugin development fixes & changes:
    * QueryField: Remove carriage return character from pasted text.

- Update to version 8.0.0-beta1
  + License update:
    * AGPL License: Update license from Apache 2.0 to the GNU
      Affero General Public License (AGPL).
  + Breaking changes:
    * Removes the never refresh option for Query variables.
    * Removes the experimental Tags feature for Variables.
  + Deprecations:
    * The InfoBox & FeatureInfoBox are now deprecated please use
      the Alert component instead with severity info.
  + Features and enhancements:
    * API: Add org users with pagination.
    * API: Return 404 when deleting nonexistent API key.
    * API: Return query results as JSON rather than base64 encoded
    * Alerting: Allow sending notification tags to Opsgenie as
      extra properties.
    * Alerts: Replaces all uses of InfoBox & FeatureInfoBox with
    * Auth: Add support for JWT Authentication.
    * AzureMonitor: Add support for
      Microsoft.SignalRService/SignalR metrics.
    * AzureMonitor: Azure settings in Grafana server config.
    * AzureMonitor: Migrate Metrics query editor to React.
    * BarChart panel: enable series toggling via legend.
    * BarChart panel: Adds support for Tooltip in BarChartPanel.
    * PieChart panel: Change look of highlighted pie slices.
    * CloudMonitoring: Migrate config editor from angular to react.
    * CloudWatch: Add Amplify Console metrics and dimensions.
    * CloudWatch: Add missing Redshift metrics to CloudWatch data
    * CloudWatch: Add metrics for managed RabbitMQ service.
    * DashboardList: Enable templating on search tag input.
    * Datasource config: correctly remove single custom http
    * Elasticsearch: Add generic support for template variables.
    * Elasticsearch: Allow omitting field when metric supports
      inline script.
    * Elasticsearch: Allow setting a custom limit for log queries.
    * Elasticsearch: Guess field type from first non-empty value.
    * Elasticsearch: Use application/x-ndjson content type for
      multisearch requests.
    * Elasticsearch: Use semver strings to identify ES version.
    * Explore: Add logs navigation to request more logs.
    * Explore: Map Graphite queries to Loki.
    * Explore: Scroll split panes in Explore independently.
    * Explore: Wrap each panel in separate error boundary.
    * FieldDisplay: Smarter naming of stat values when visualising
      row values (all values) in stat panels.
    * Graphite: Expand metric names for variables.
    * Graphite: Handle unknown Graphite functions without breaking
      the visual editor.
    * Graphite: Show graphite functions descriptions.
    * Graphite: Support request cancellation properly (Uses new
      backendSrv.fetch Observable request API).
    * InfluxDB: Flux: Improve handling of complex
    * InfluxDB: Support region annotations.
    * Inspector: Download logs for manual processing.
    * Jaeger: Add node graph view for trace.
    * Jaeger: Search traces.
    * Loki: Use data source settings for alerting queries.
    * NodeGraph: Exploration mode.
    * OAuth: Add support for empty scopes.
    * PanelChrome: New logic-less emotion based component with no
      dependency on PanelModel or DashboardModel.
    * PanelEdit: Adds a table view toggle to quickly view data in
      table form.
    * PanelEdit: Highlight matched words when searching options.
    * PanelEdit: UX improvements.
    * Plugins: PanelRenderer and simplified QueryRunner to be used
      from plugins.
    * Plugins: AuthType in route configuration and params
    * Plugins: Enable plugin runtime install/uninstall
    * Plugins: Support set body content in plugin routes.
    * Plugins: Introduce marketplace app.
    * Plugins: Moving the DataSourcePicker to grafana/runtime so it
      can be reused in plugins.
    * Prometheus: Add custom query params for alert and exemplars
    * Prometheus: Use fuzzy string matching to autocomplete metric
      names and label.
    * Routing: Replace Angular routing with react-router.
    * Slack: Use chat.postMessage API by default.
    * Tempo: Search for Traces by querying Loki directly from
    * Tempo: Show graph view of the trace.
    * Themes: Switch theme without reload using global shortcut.
    * TimeSeries panel: Add support for shared cursor.
    * TimeSeries panel: Do not crash the panel if there is no time
      series data in the response.
    * Variables: Do not save repeated panels, rows and scopedVars.
    * Variables: Removes experimental Tags feature.
    * Variables: Removes the never refresh option.
    * Visualizations: Unify tooltip options across visualizations.
    * Visualizations: Refactor and unify option creation between
      new visualizations.
    * Visualizations: Remove singlestat panel.
  + Bug fixes:
    * APIKeys: Fixes issue with adding first api key.
    * Alerting: Add checks for non supported units - disable
      defaulting to seconds.
    * Alerting: Fix issue where Slack notifications won't link to
      user IDs.
    * Alerting: Omit empty message in PagerDuty notifier.
    * AzureMonitor: Fix migration error from older versions of App
      Insights queries.
    * CloudWatch: Fix AWS/Connect dimensions.
    * CloudWatch: Fix broken AWS/MediaTailor dimension name.
    * Dashboards: Allow string manipulation as advanced variable
      format option.
    * DataLinks: Includes harmless extended characters like
      Cyrillic characters.
    * Drawer: Fixes title overflowing its container.
    * Explore: Fix issue when some query errors were not shown.
    * Generic OAuth: Prevent adding duplicated users.
    * Graphite: Handle invalid annotations.
    * Graphite: Fix autocomplete when tags are not available.
    * InfluxDB: Fix Cannot read property 'length' of undefined in
      when parsing response.
    * Instrumentation: Enable tracing when Jaeger host and port are
    * Instrumentation: Prefix metrics with grafana.
    * MSSQL: By default let driver choose port.
    * OAuth: Add optional strict parsing of role_attribute_path.
    * Panel: Fixes description markdown with inline code being
      rendered on newlines and full width.
    * PanelChrome: Ignore data updates & errors for non data
    * Permissions: Fix inherited folder permissions can prevent new
      permissions being added to a dashboard.
    * Plugins: Remove pre-existing plugin installs when installing
      with grafana-cli.
    * Plugins: Support installing to folders with whitespace and
      fix pluginUrl trailing and leading whitespace failures.
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Don't return connection failure details
      to the client.
    * Postgres: Fix ms precision of interval in time group macro
      when TimescaleDB is enabled.
    * Provisioning: Use dashboard checksum field as change
    * SQL: Fix so that all captured errors are returned from sql
    * Shortcuts: Fixes panel shortcuts so they always work.
    * Table: Fixes so border is visible for cells with links.
    * Variables: Clear query when data source type changes.
    * Variables: Filters out builtin variables from unknown list.
    * Variables: Refreshes all panels even if panel is full screen.
  + Plugin development fixes & changes:
    * Button: Introduce buttonStyle prop.
    * DataQueryRequest: Remove deprecated props showingGraph and
      showingTabel and exploreMode.
    * grafana/ui: Update React Hook Form to v7.
    * IconButton: Introduce variant for red and blue icon buttons.
    * Plugins: Expose the getTimeZone function to be able to get
      the current selected timeZone.
    * TagsInput: Add className to TagsInput.
    * VizLegend: Move onSeriesColorChanged to PanelContext
      (breaking change).

- Update to version 7.5.13
  + Bug fixes:
    * Alerting: Fix NoDataFound for alert rules using AND operator.
Mon Dec 13 16:38:02 UTC 2021 -

- Update to version 7.5.12:
  * Fix markdown path traversal (#42969, bsc#1193688, CVE-2021-43813)

Thu Nov 18 14:13:39 CET 2021 -

- recreate tarballs using the makefile to update the
  npm and go modules required 

Wed Nov 17 23:32:21 UTC 2021 -

- Update to version 7.5.11:
  * Fix Snapshot authentication bypass (bsc#1191454, CVE-2021-39226)
  * Fix certs issue (#40002)
  * Release v7.5.11 (#124)
  * Fix static path matching issue in macaron
  * OAuth: add docs for disableAutoLogin param (#38752) (#38894)
  * Fix #747; remove 'other variables'. (#37866) (#37878)
  * Update alert docs (#33658) (#33659)
  * [7.5.x] Docs: added documentation for the "prepare time series"-transformation. (#36836)
  * cherry picked dc5778c303ca555b70e8ca8c28e95997e26ecfc1 (#36813)
  * "Release: Updated versions in package to 7.5.10" (#36792)
  * [v7.5.x] Transformations: add 'prepare time series' transformer (#36749)
  * Remove verify-drone from windows (#36775)
  * Update (#31941) (#36764)
  * Updated content to specify method to use to get keyboard shortcuts wh… (#36084) (#36087)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.5.9 (#36057) (#36077)
  * "Release: Updated versions in package to 7.5.9" (#36056)
  * Login: Fixes Unauthorized message showing when on login page or snapshot page (#35311) (#35880)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.5.8 (#35703) (#35822)
  * CI: Upgrade pipeline tool to use main (#35804)
  * CI: try to force v7.5.x instead of master (#35799)
  * CI: supports move from master to main in 7.5.x release branch (#35747)
  * "Release: Updated versions in package to 7.5.8" (#35701)
  * Chore: Bump acorn and lodash-es (#35650)
  * Snapshots: Remove dashboard links from snapshots (#35567) (#35585)
  * [v7.5.x] Datasource: Allow configuring `MaxConnsPerHost` (#35519)
  * Remove docs sync from v7.5.x (#35443)
  * "Release: Updated versions in package to 7.5.7" (#35412)
  * Add max_idle_connections_per_host to config (#35365)
  * Update go.sum to fix failing enterprise pipeline (#35353)
  * [v7.5.x] HTTP Client: Introduce `go-conntrack`  (#35321)
  * Fix Markdown syntax in enterprise/license/ (#34683) (#35210)
  * Update (#33218) (#35138)
  * Docs: Add query caching to enterprise docs page (#34751) (#35025)
  * [7.5.x] Admin: hide per role counts for licensed users (#34994)
  * cleanup shortcodes, image paths (#34827)
  * Security: Upgrade Thrift dependency (#34698) (#34702)
  * Docs: Fix Quick Start link on Geting Started Influx page (#34549) (#34603)
  * Add link to release notes v7.5.7 (#34460) (#34474)
  * Update 7.5.x landing page (#34447)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.5.7 (#34383) (#34428)
- update to 7.5.10
  * [v7.5.x] Transformations: add "prepare time series" transformer. [#36749]
- update to 7.5.9
  * Login: Fix Unauthorized message that is displayed on sign-in or snapshot page. [#35880]
- drop drop-grafana-aws-sdk-0.3.0-module.patch (upstream)

Tue Sep 21 07:27:09 UTC 2021 - Witek Bedyk <>

- Add patch 0001-Add-source-code-reference.patch
  * Add URL to package source code in the login page footer

Thu May 20 02:14:06 UTC 2021 -

- Update to version 7.5.7:
  * Updated relref to "Configuring exemplars" section (#34240) (#34243)
  * Added exemplar topic (#34147) (#34226)
  * Quota: Do not count folders towards dashboard quota (#32519) (#34025)
  * Instructions to separate emails with semicolons (#32499) (#34138)
  * Docs: Remove documentation of v8 generic OAuth feature (#34018)
  * Annotations: Prevent orphaned annotation tags cleanup when no annotations were cleaned (#33957) (#33975)
  * [GH-33898] Add missing --no-cache to Dockerfile. (#33906) (#33935)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.5.6 (#33932) (#33936)
  * Stop hoisting @icons/material (#33922)
  * Chore: fix react-color version in yarn.lock (#33914)
  * "Release: Updated versions in package to 7.5.6" (#33909)
  * Loki: fix label browser crashing when + typed (#33900) (#33901)
  * Document `hide_version` flag (#33670) (#33881)
  * Add isolation level db configuration parameter (#33830) (#33878)
  * Sanitize PromLink button (#33874) (#33876)
  * Removed content as per MarcusE's suggestion in (#33870) (#33872)
  * Docs feedback: /administration/ (#33804) (#33842)
  * Docs: delete from high availability docs references to removed configurations related to session storage (#33827) (#33851)
  * Docs: Update (#33797) (#33799)
  * Docs: Update (#33656) (#33703)
  * GraphNG: uPlot 1.6.9 (#33598) (#33612)
  * dont consider invalid email address a failed email (#33671) (#33681)
  * InfluxDB: Improve measurement-autocomplete behavior in query editor (#33494) (#33625)
  * add template for dashboard url parameters  (#33549) (#33588)
  * Add note to Snapshot API doc to specify that user has to provide the entire dashboard model  (#33572) (#33586)
  * Update (#33454) (#33536)
  * Removed duplicate file " (#33497)
  * Document customQueryParameters for prometheus datasource provisioning (#33440) (#33495)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.5.5 (#33473) (#33492)
  * Documentation: Update (#33478) (#33490)
  * add closed parenthesis to fix a hyperlink (#33471) (#33481)

Thu May 06 13:32:17 UTC 2021 -

- Update to version 7.5.5:
  * "Release: Updated versions in package to 7.5.5" (#33469)
  * GraphNG: Fix exemplars window position (#33427) (#33462)
  * Remove field limitation from slack notification (#33113) (#33455)
  * Prometheus: Support POST in template variables (#33321) (#33441)
  * Instrumentation: Add success rate metrics for email notifications (#33359) (#33409)
  * Use either moment objects (for absolute times in the datepicker) or string (for relative time) (#33315) (#33406)
  * Docs: Removed type from find annotations example. (#33399) (#33403)
  * [v7.5.x]: FrontendMetrics: Adds new backend api that frontend can use to push frontend measurements and counters to prometheus (#33255)
  * Updated label for add panel. (#33285) (#33286)
  * Bug: Add git to Dockerfile.ubuntu (#33247) (#33248)
  * Docs: Sync latest master docs with 7.5.x (#33156)
  * Docs: Update (#33234) (#33241)
  * Doc: Document the X-Grafana-Org-Id HTTP header (#32478) (#33239)
  * Minor Changes in (#31435) (#33238)
  * Docs: Add license check endpoint doc (#32987) (#33236)
  * Postgres: Fix time group macro when TimescaleDB is enabled and interval is less than a second (#33153) (#33219)
  * Docs: InfluxDB doc improvements (#32815) (#33185)
  * [v7.5.x] Loki: Pass Skip TLS Verify setting to alert queries (#33031)
  * update cla (#33181)
  * Fix inefficient regular expression (#33155) (#33159)
  * Auth: Don't clear auth token cookie when lookup token fails (#32999) (#33136)
  * Elasticsearch:  Add documentation for supported Elasticsearch query transformations (#33072) (#33128)
  * Update (#33060) (#33084)
  * GE issue 1268 (#33049) (#33081)
  * Fixed some formatting issues for PRs from yesterday. (#33078) (#33079)
  * Explore: Load default data source in Explore when the provided source does not exist (#32992) (#33061)
  * Docs: Replace next with latest in aliases (#33054) (#33059)
  * Added missing link item. (#33052) (#33055)
  * Backport 33034 (#33038)
  * Docs: Backport 32916 to v7.5x  (#33008)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.5.4 (#32973) (#32998)
  * Elasticsearch: Force re-rendering of each editor row type change (#32993) (#32996)
  * Docs: Sync release branch with latest docs (#32986)

Thu Apr 15 18:15:54 UTC 2021 -

- Update to version 7.5.4:
  * "Release: Updated versions in package to 7.5.4" (#32971)
  * fix(datasource_srv): prevent infinite loop where default datasource is named default (#32949) (#32967)
  * Added Azure Monitor support for Microsoft.AppConfiguration/configurationStores namespace (#32123) (#32968)
  * fix sqlite3 tx retry condition operator precedence (#32897) (#32952)
  * AzureMonitor: Add support for Virtual WAN namespaces (#32935) (#32947)
  * Plugins: Allow a non-dashboard page to be the default home page (#32926) (#32945)
  * GraphNG: uPlot 1.6.8 (#32859) (#32863)
  * Alerting: Add ability to include aliases with dashes (/) and at (@) signs in InfluxDB (#32844)
  * Prometheus: Allow exemplars endpoint in data source proxy (#32802) (#32804)
  * [v7.5.x] Table: Fixes table data links so they refer to correct row after sorting (#32758)
  * TablePanel: Makes sorting case-insensitive (#32435) (#32752)

Mon Apr 12 12:41:00 UTC 2021 -

- Update to version 7.5.3:
  * "Release: Updated versions in package to 7.5.3" (#32745)
  * FolderPicker: Prevent dropdown menu from disappearing off screen (#32603) (#32741)
  * Loki: Remove empty annotations tags (#32359) (#32490)
  * SingleStat: fix wrong call to getDataLinkUIModel (#32721) (#32739)
  * Prometheus: Fix instant query to run two times when exemplars enabled (#32508) (#32726)
  * Elasticsearch: Fix bucket script variable duplication in UI (#32705) (#32714)
  * Variables: Confirms selection before opening new picker (#32586) (#32710)
  * CloudWarch: Fix service quotas link (#32686) (#32689)
  * Configuration: Prevent browser hanging / crashing with large number of org users (#32546) (#32598)
  * chore: bump execa to v2.1.0 (#32543) (#32592)
  * Explore: Fix bug where navigating to explore would result in wrong query and datasource to be shown (#32558)
  * Fix broken gtime tests (#32582) (#32587)
  * resolve conflicts (#32567)
  * gtime: Make ParseInterval deterministic (#32539) (#32560)
  * Dashboard: No longer includes default datasource when externally exporting dashboard with row (#32494) (#32535)
  * TextboxVariable: Limits the length of the preview value (#32472) (#32530)
  * AdHocVariable: Adds default data source (#32470) (#32476)
  * Variables: Fixes Unsupported data format error for null values (#32480) (#32487)
  * Prometheus: align exemplars check to latest api change (#32513) (#32515)
  * "Release: Updated versions in package to 7.5.2" (#32502)
  * SigV4: Add support EC2 IAM role auth and possibility to toggle auth providers  (#32444) (#32488)
  * Set spanNulls to default (#32471) (#32486)
  * Graph: Fix setting right y-axis when standard option unit is configured (#32426) (#32442)
  * API: Return 409 on datasource version conflict (#32425) (#32433)
  * API: Return 400 on invalid Annotation requests (#32429) (#32431)
  * Variables: Fixes problem with data source variable when default ds is selected (#32384) (#32424)
  * Table: Fixes so links work for image cells (#32370) (#32410)
  * Variables: Fixes error when manually non-matching entering custom value in variable input/picker (#32390) (#32394)
  * DashboardQueryEditor: Run query after selecting source panel (#32383) (#32395)
  * API: Datasource endpoint should return 400 bad request if id and orgId is invalid (#32392) (#32397)
  * "Release: Updated versions in package to 7.5.1" (#32362)
  * MSSQL: Upgrade go-mssqldb (#32347) (#32361)
  * GraphNG: Fix tooltip displaying wrong or no data (#32312) (#32348)
  * "Release: Updated versions in package to 7.5.0" (#32308)
  * Loki: Fix text search in Label browser (#32293) (#32306)
  * Explore: Show all dataFrames in data tab in Inspector (#32161) (#32299)
  * PieChartV2: Add migration from old piechart (#32259) (#32291)
  * LibraryPanels: Adds Type and Description to DB (#32258) (#32288)
  * LibraryPanels: Prevents deletion of connected library panels (#32277) (#32284)
  * Library Panels: Add "Discard" button to panel save modal (#31647) (#32281)
  * LibraryPanels: Changes to non readonly reducer (#32193) (#32200)
  * Notifications: InfluxDB - Fix regex to include metrics with hyphen in aliases (#32224) (#32262)
  * SSE/InfluxDB: Change InfluxQL to work with server side expressions (#31691) (#32102)
  * DashboardSettings: Fixes issue with tags list not updating when changes are made (#32241) (#32247)
  * Logs: If log message missing, use empty string (#32080) (#32243)
  * CloudWatch: Use latest version of aws sdk (#32217) (#32223)
  * Release: Updated versions in package to 7.5.0-beta.2 (#32158)
  * HttpServer: Make read timeout configurable but disabled by default (#31575) (#32154)
  * GraphNG: Ignore string fields when building data for uPlot in GraphNG (#32150) (#32151)
  * Fix loading timezone info on windows (#32029) (#32149)
  * SQLStore: Close session in withDbSession (#31775) (#32108)
  * Remove datalink template suggestions for accessing specific fields when there are multiple dataframes. (#32057) (#32148)
  * GraphNG: make sure dataset and config are in sync when initializing and re-initializing uPlot (#32106) (#32125)
  * MixedDataSource: Name is updated when data source variable changes (#32090) (#32144)
  * Backport 32005 to v7.5.x #32128 (#32130)
  * Loki: Label browser UI updates (#31737) (#32119)
  * ValueMappings: Fixes value 0 not being mapped (#31924) (#31929)
  * GraphNG: Fix tooltip series color for multi data frame scenario (#32098) (#32103)
  * LibraryPanels: Improves the Get All experience (#32028) (#32093)
  * Grafana/ui: display all selected levels for selected value when searching (#32030) (#32032)
  * Exemplars: always query exemplars (#31673) (#32024)
  * [v7.5.x] TimePicker: Fixes hidden time picker shown in kiosk TV mode (#32055)
  * Chore: Collect elasticsearch version usage stats (#31787) (#32063)
  * Chore: Tidy up Go deps (#32053)
  * GraphNG: Fix PlotLegend field display name being outdated (#32064) (#32066)
  * Data proxy: Fix encoded characters in URL path should be proxied encoded (#30597) (#32060)
  * [v7.5.x] Auth: Allow soft token revocation (#32037)
  * Snapshots: Fix usage of sign in link from the snapshot page (#31986) (#32036)
  * Make master green (#32011) (#32015)
  * Query editor: avoid avoiding word wrap on query editor components (#31949) (#31982)
  * Variables: Fixes filtering in picker with null items (#31979) (#31995)
  * TooltipContainer - use resize observer instead of getClientBoundingRect (#31937) (#32003)
  * Loki: Fix autocomplete when re-editing Loki label values (#31828) (#31987)
  * Loki: Fix type errors in language_provider (#31902) (#31945)
  * PanelInspect: Interpolates variables in CSV file name (#31936) (#31977)
  * Cloudwatch: use shared library for aws auth (#29550) (#31946)
  * Tooltip: partial perf improvement (#31774) (#31837) (#31957)
  * Backport 31913 to v7.5.x (#31955)
  * Grafana/ui: fix searchable options for Cascader with options update (#31906) (#31938)
  * Variables: Do not reset description on variable type change (#31933) (#31939)
  * [v7.5.x] AnnotationList: Adds spacing to UI  (#31888) (#31894)
  * Elasticseach: Support histogram fields (#29079) (#31914)
  * Chore: upgrade eslint and fork-ts-checker-webpack-plugin (#31854) (#31896)
  * Update scripts and Dockerfiles to use Go 1.16.1 (#31881) (#31891)
  * Templating: use dashboard timerange when variables are set to refresh 'On Dashboard Load' (#31721) (#31801)
  * [v7.5.x] Tempo: Add test for backend data source (#31835) (#31882)
  * Run go mod tidy to update go.mod and go.sum (#31859)
  * Grafana/ui: display all selected levels for Cascader (#31729) (#31862)
  * CloudWatch: Consume the grafana/aws-sdk (#31807) (#31861)
  * Cloudwatch: ListMetrics API page limit (#31788) (#31851)
  * Remove invalid attribute (#31848) (#31850)
  * CloudWatch: Restrict auth provider and assume role usage according to… (#31845)
  * CloudWatch: Add support for EC2 IAM role (#31804) (#31841)
  * Loki, Prometheus: Change the placement for query type explanation (#31784) (#31819)
  * Variables: Improves inspection performance and unknown filtering (#31811) (#31813)
  * Change piechart plugin state to beta (#31797) (#31798)
  * ReduceTransform: Include series with numeric string  names (#31763) (#31794)
  * Annotations: Make the annotation clean up batch size configurable (#31487) (#31769)
  * Fix escaping in ANSI and dynamic button removal (#31731) (#31767)
  * DataLinks: Bring back single click links for Stat, Gauge and BarGauge panel (#31692) (#31718)
  * log skipped, performed and duration for migrations (#31722) (#31754)
  * Search: Make items more compact (#31734) (#31750)
  * loki_datasource: add documentation to label_format and line_format (#31710) (#31746)
  * Tempo: Convert tempo to backend data source2 (#31733)
  * Elasticsearch: Fix script fields in query editor (#31681) (#31727)
  * Elasticsearch: revert to isoWeek when resolving weekly indices (#31709) (#31717)
  * Admin: Keeps expired api keys visible in table after delete (#31636) (#31675)
  * Tempo: set authentication header properly (#31699) (#31701)
  * Tempo: convert to backend data source (#31618) (#31695)
  * Update package.json (#31672)
  * Release: Bump version to 7.5.0-beta.1 (#31664)
  * Fix whatsNewUrl version to 7.5 (#31666)
  * Chore: add alias for what's new 7.5 (#31669)
  * Docs: Update doc for PostgreSQL authentication (#31434)
  * Docs: document report template variables (#31637)
  * AzureMonitor: Add deprecation message for App Insights/Insights Analytics (#30633)
  * Color: Fixes issue where colors where reset to gray when switch panels (#31611)
  * Live: Use pure WebSocket transport (#31630)
  * Docs: Fix broken image link (#31661)
  * Docs: Add Whats new in 7.5 (#31659)
  * Docs: Fix links for 7.5 (#31658)
  * Update (#31656)
  * Explore/Logs: Escaping of incorrectly escaped log lines (#31352)
  * Tracing: Small improvements to trace types (#31646)
  * Update (#31645)
  * AlertingNG: code refactoring (#30787)
  * Remove pkill gpg-agent (#31169)
  * Remove format for plugin routes (#31633)
  * Library Panels: Change unsaved change detection logic (#31477)
  * CloudWatch: Added AWS Timestream Metrics and Dimensions (#31624)
  * add new metrics and dimensions (#31595)
  * fix devenv dashboard content typo (#31583)
  * DashList: Sort starred and searched dashboard alphabetically (#31605)
  * Docs: Update (#31612)
  * SSE: Add "Classic Condition" on backend (#31511)
  * InfluxDB: Improve maxDataPoints error-message in Flux-mode, raise limits (#31259)
  * Alerting: PagerDuty: adding current state to the payload (#29270)
  * devenv: Fix typo (#31589)
  * Loki: Label browser (#30351)
  * LibraryPanels: No save modal when user is on same dashboard (#31606)
  * Bug: adding resolution for `react-use-measure` to prevent plugin tests from failing. (#31603)
  * Update (#31571)
  * test: pass Cypress options objects into selector wrappers (#31567)
  * Loki: Add support for alerting (#31424)
  * Tracing: Specify type of the data frame that is expected for TraceView (#31465)
  * LibraryPanels: Adds version column (#31590)
  * PieChart: Add color changing options to pie chart (#31588)
  * Explore: keep enabled/disabled state in angular based QueryEditors correctly (#31558)
  * Bring back correct legend sizing afer PlotLegend refactor (#31582)
  * Alerting: Fix bug in Discord for when name for metric value is absent (#31257)
  * LibraryPanels: Deletes library panels during folder deletion (#31572)
  * chore: bump lodash to 4.17.21 (#31549)
  * Elasticsearch: Fix impossibility to perform non-logs queries after importing queries from loki or prometheus in explore (#31518)
  * TestData: Fixes never ending annotations scenario (#31573)
  * CloudWatch: Added AWS Network Firewall metrics and dimensions (#31498)
  * propagate plugin unavailable message to UI (#31560)
  * ConfirmButton: updates story from knobs to controls (#31476)
  * Loki: Refactor line limit to use grafana/ui component (#31509)
  * LibraryPanels: Adds folder checks and permissions (#31473)
  * Add guide on custom option editors (#31254)
  * PieChart: Update text color and minor changes (#31546)
  * Grafana-data: bump markedjs to v2.x to resolve vulnerability (#31036)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 0.39.0 to 0.40.0 (#31210)
  * PieChart: Improve piechart legend and options (#31446)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.35.0 to 1.36.0 (#31541)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.37.7 to 1.37.20 (#31538)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 0.17.0 to 0.18.0 (#31539)
  * Add multiselect options ui (#31501)
  * Profile: Fixes profile preferences being accessible when anonymous access was enabled (#31516)
  * Variables: Fixes error with: cannot read property length of undefined (#31458)
  * Explore: Show ANSI colored logs in logs context (#31510)
  * LogsPanel: Show all received logs  (#31505)
  * AddPanel: Design polish  (#31484)
  * TimeSeriesPanel: Remove unnecessary margin from legend  (#31467)
  * influxdb: flux: handle is-hidden (#31324)
  * Graph: Fix tooltip not showing when close to the edge of viewport  (#31493)
  * FolderPicker: Remove useNewForms from FolderPicker (#31485)
  * Add reportVariables feature toggle (#31469)
  * Grafana datasource: support multiple targets (#31495)
  * Update (#31488)
  * Docs: Derived fields links in logs detail view (#31482)
  * Docs: Add new data source links to Enterprise page (#31480)
  * Convert annotations to dataframes (#31400)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for v7.4.2 (#31475)
  * GrafanaUI: Fixes typescript error for missing css prop (#31479)
  * Login: handle custom token creation error messages (#31283)
  * Library Panels: Don't list current panel in available panels list (#31472)
  * DashboardSettings: Migrate Link Settings to React (#31150)
  * Frontend changes for library panels feature (#30653)
  * Alerting notifier SensuGo: improvements in default message (#31428)
  * AppPlugins: Options to disable showing config page in nav (#31354)
  * add aws config (#31464)
  * Heatmap: Fix missing/wrong value in heatmap legend (#31430)
  * Chore: Fixes small typos (#31461)
  * Graphite/SSE: update graphite to work with server side expressions (#31455)
  * update the lastest version to 7.4.3 (#31457)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.4.3 (#31454)
  * AWS: Add aws plugin configuration (#31312)
  * Revert ""Release: Updated versions in package to 7.4.3" (#31444)" (#31452)
  * Remove UserSyncInfo.tsx (#31450)
  * Elasticsearch: Add word highlighting to search results (#30293)
  * Chore: Fix eslint react hook warnings in grafana-ui (#31092)
  * CloudWatch: Make it possible to specify custom api endpoint (#31402)
  * Chore: fixed incorrect naming for disable settings (#31448)
  * TraceViewer: Fix show log marker in spanbar (#30742)
  * LibraryPanels: Adds permissions to getAllHandler (#31416)
  * NamedColorsPalette: updates story from knobs to controls (#31443)
  * "Release: Updated versions in package to 7.4.3" (#31444)
  * ColorPicker: updates story from knobs to controls (#31429)
  * Streaming: Fixes an issue with time series panel and streaming data source when scrolling back from being out of view (#31431)
  * ClipboardButton: updates story from knobs to controls (#31422)
  * we should never log unhashed tokens (#31432)
  * CI: Upgrade Dockerfiles wrt. Go, Node, Debian (#31407)
  * Elasticsearch: Fix query initialization logic & query transformation from Promethous/Loki (#31322)
  * Postgres: allow providing TLS/SSL certificates as text in addition to file paths (#30353)
  * CloudWatch: Added AWS Ground Station metrics and dimensions (#31362)
  * TraceViewer: Fix trace to logs icon to show in right pane (#31414)
  * add hg team as migrations code owners (#31420)
  * Remove tidy-check script (#31423)
  * InfluxDB: handle columns named "table" (#30985)
  * Prometheus: Use configured HTTP method for /series and /labels endpoints (#31401)
  * Devenv: Add gdev-influxdb2 data source (#31250)
  * Update grabpl from 0.5.38 to 0.5.42 version (#31419)
  * Move NOOP_CONTROL to storybook utils and change to a standalone file (#31421)
  * remove squadcast details from docs (#31413)
  * Add new Cloudwatch AWS/DDoSProtection metrics and dimensions (#31297)
  * Logging: add frontend logging helpers to @grafana/runtime package (#30482)
  * CallToActionCard: updates story from knobs to controls (#31393)
  * Add eu-south-1 cloudwatch region, closes #31197 (#31198)
  * Chore: Upgrade eslint packages (#31408)
  * Cascader: updates story from knobs to controls (#31399)
  * addressed issues 28763 and 30314. (#31404)
  * Added section Query a time series database by id (#31337)
  * Prometheus: Change default httpMethod for new instances to POST (#31292)
  * Data source list: Use Card component (#31326)
  * Chore: Remove dependency (#31391)
  * Revert "StoryBook: Introduces Grafana Controls (#31351)" (#31388)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 0.15.0 to 0.17.0 (#31387)
  * AdHocVariables: Fixes crash when values are stored as numbers (#31382)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.4.4 to 1.5.0 (#31379)
  * Chore: Fix strict errors, down to 416 (#31365)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 0.9.0 to 0.10.0 (#31378)
  * StoryBook: Introduces Grafana Controls (#31351)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.4.2 (#31313)
  * Theming: Support for runtime theme switching and hooks for custom themes (#31301)
  * Devenv: Remove old-versioned loki blocks and update prometheus2 block  (#31282)
  * Zipkin: Show success on test data source (#30829)
  * Update grot template (needs more info) (#31350)
  * DatasourceSrv: Fix instance retrieval when datasource variable value set to "default" (#31347)
  * TimeSeriesPanel: Fixes overlapping time axis ticks (#31332)
  * Grafana/UI: Add basic legend to the PieChart (#31278)
  * SAML: single logout only enabled in enterprise (#31325)
  * QueryEditor: handle query.hide changes in angular based query-editors (#31336)
  * DashboardLinks: Fixes another issue where dashboard links cause full page reload (#31334)
  * LibraryPanels: Syncs panel title with name (#31311)
  * Chore: Upgrade golangci-lint (#31330)
  * Add info to docs about concurrent session limits (#31333)
  * Table: Fixes issue with fixed min and auto max with bar gauge cell (#31316)
  * BarGuage: updates story from knobs to controls (#31223)
  * Docs: Clarifies how to add Key/Value pairs (#31303)
  * Usagestats: Exclude folders from total dashboard count (#31320)
  * ButtonCascader: updates story from knobs to controls (#31288)
  * test: allow check for Table as well as Graph for Explore e2e flow (#31290)
  * Grafana-UI: Update tooltip type (#31310)
  * fix 7.4.2 release note (#31299)
  * Add `--tries 3` arg when triggering e2e-tests upon releasing (#31285)
  * Chore: reduce strict errors for variables (#31241)
  * update latest release version (#31296)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.4.2 (#31291)
  * Correct name of Discord notifier tests (#31277)
  * Docs: Clarifies custom date formats for variables (#31271)
  * BigValue: updates story from knobs to controls (#31240)
  * Docs: Annotations update (#31194)
  * Introduce functions for interacting with library panels API (#30993)
  * Search: display sort metadata (#31167)
  * Folders: Editors should be able to edit name and delete folders (#31242)
  * Make Datetime local (No date if today) working (#31274)
  * UsageStats: Purpose named variables (#31264)
  * Snapshots: Disallow anonymous user to create snapshots (#31263)
  * only update usagestats every 30min (#31131)
  * Chore: grafana-toolkit uses grafana-ui and grafana-data workspaces (#30701)
  * Grafana-UI: Add id to Select to make it easier to test (#31230)
  * Prometheus: Fix enabling of disabled queries when editing in dashboard (#31055)
  * UI/Card: Fix handling of 'onClick' callback (#31225)
  * Loki: Add line limit for annotations (#31183)
  * Remove deprecated and breaking loki config field (#31227)
  * SqlDataSources: Fixes the Show Generated SQL button in query editors (#31236)
  * LibraryPanels: Disconnect before connect during dashboard save (#31235)
  * Disable Change Password for OAuth users (#27886)
  * TagsInput: Design update and component refactor (#31163)
  * Variables: Adds back default option for data source variable (#31208)
  * IPv6: Support host address configured with enclosing square brackets (#31226)
  * Postgres: Fix timeGroup macro converts long intervals to invalid numbers when TimescaleDB is enabled (#31179)
  * GraphNG: refactor core to class component (#30941)
  * Remove last synchronisation field from LDAP debug view (#30984)
  * Chore: Upgrade grafana-plugin-sdk-go to v0.88.0 (#30975)
  * Graph: Make axes unit option work even when field option unit is set (#31205)
  * AlertingNG:  Test definition  (#30886)
  * Docs: Update Influx config options (#31146)
  * WIP: Skip this call when we skip migrations (#31216)
  * use 0.1.0 (#31215)
  * DataSourceSrv: Filter out non queryable data sources by default (#31144)
  * QueryEditors: Fixes issue that happens after moving queries then editing would update other queries (#31193)
  * Chore: report eslint no-explicit-any errors to metrics (#31182)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.12.0 to 1.13.0 (#31211)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 0.8.1 to 0.8.2 (#30773)
  * Alerting: Fix modal text for deleting obsolete notifier (#31171)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 2.9.7 to 2.10.0 (#31204)
  * Variables: Fixes missing empty elements from regex filters (#31156)
  * StatPanels: Fixes to palette color scheme is not cleared when loading panel (#31126)
  * Fixed the typo. (#31189)
  * Docs: Rewrite preferences docs (#31154)
  * Explore/Refactor: Simplify URL handling (#29173)
  * DashboardLinks: Fixes links always cause full page reload (#31178)
  * Replace PR with Commit truncated hash when build fails (#31177)
  * Alert: update story to use controls (#31145)
  * Permissions: Fix team and role permissions on folders/dashboards not displayed for non Grafana Admin users (#31132)
  * CloudWatch: Ensure empty query row errors are not passed to the panel (#31172)
  * Update (#31173)
  * Variables: Extend option pickers to accept custom onChange callback (#30913)
  * Prometheus: Multiply exemplars timestamp to follow api change (#31143)
  * DashboardListPanel: Fixes issue with folder picker always showing All and using old form styles (#31160)
  * Add author name and pr number in drone pipeline notifications (#31124)
  * Prometheus: Add documentation for ad-hoc filters (#31122)
  * DataSourceSettings: Fixes add header button, it should not trigger a save & test action (#31135)
  * Alerting: Fix so that sending an alert with the Alertmanager notifier doesn't fail when one of multiple configured URL's are down (#31079)
  * Chore: Update latest.json (#31139)
  * Docs: add 7.4.1 relese notes link (#31137)
  * PieChart: Progress on new core pie chart  (#28020)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.4.1 (#31133)
  * Eslint: no-duplicate-imports rule (bump grafana-eslint-config) (#30989)
  * Transforms: Fixes Outer join issue with duplicate field names not getting the same unique field names as before  (#31121)
  * MuxWriter: Handle error for already closed file (#31119)
  * Logging: sourcemap transform asset urls from CDN in logged stacktraces (#31115)
  * Search: add sort information in dashboard results (#30609)
  * area/grafana/e2e: ginstall should pull version specified (#31056)
  * Exemplars: Change CTA style (#30880)
  * Influx: Make max series limit configurable and show the limiting message if applied (#31025)
  * Docs: request security (#30937)
  * update configurePanel for 7.4.0 changes (#31093)
  * Elasticsearch: fix log row context erroring out (#31088)
  * Prometheus: Fix issues with ad-hoc filters (#30931)
  * LogsPanel: Add deduplication option for logs (#31019)
  * Drone: Make sure CDN upload is ok before pushing docker images (#31075)
  * PluginManager: Remove some global state (#31081)
  * test: update addDashboard flow for v7.4.0 changes (#31059)
  * Transformations: Fixed typo in FilterByValue transformer description. (#31078)
  * Docs: Group id should be 0 instead of 1 in Docker upgrade notes (#31074)
  * Usage stats: Adds source/distributor setting (#31039)
  * CDN: Add CDN upload step to enterprise and release pipelines (#31058)
  * Chore: Replace native select with grafana ui select  (#31030)
  * Docs: Update (#31066)
  * Docs: Update (#31069)
  * Added hyperlinks to Graphite documentation (#31064)
  * DashboardSettings: Update to new form styles (#31022)
  * CDN: Fixing drone CI config (#31052)
  * convert path to posix by default (#31045)
  * DashboardLinks: Fixes crash when link has no title (#31008)
  * Alerting: Fixes so notification channels are properly deleted (#31040)
  * Explore: Remove emotion error when displaying logs (#31026)
  * Elasticsearch: Fix alias field value not being shown in query editor (#30992)
  * CDN: Adds uppload to CDN step to drone CI (#30879)
  * Improved glossary (#31004)
  * BarGauge: Improvements to value sizing and table inner width calculations  (#30990)
  * Drone: Fix deployment image (#31027)
  * ColorPicker: migrated styles from sass to emotion (#30909)
  * Dashboard: Migrate general settings to react (#30914)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.10.1 to 1.16.2 (#30586)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.36.31 to 1.37.7 (#31018)
  * Prometheus: Min step defaults to seconds when no unit is set to prevent errors when running alerts. (#30966)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.10.0 to 1.11.0 (#31017)
  * Chore(deps): Bump (#31013)
  * Graph: Fixes so graph is shown for non numeric time values (#30972)
  * CloudMonitoring: Prevent resource type variable function from crashing (#30901)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 0.33.0 to 0.39.0 (#30971)
  * Build: Releases e2e and e2e-selectors too (#31006)
  * TextPanel: Fixes so panel title is updated when variables change (#30884)
  * Docs: Update (login_maximum_inactive_lifetime_duration, login_maximum_lifetime_duration) (#31000)
  * instrumentation: make the first database histogram bucket smaller (#30995)
  * Grafana/UI: Remove DismissableFeatureInfoBox and replace with LocalSt… (#30988)
  * StatPanel: Fixes issue formatting date values using unit option (#30979)
  * Chore(deps): Bump actions/cache from v2 to v2.1.4 (#30973)
  * Units: Fixes formatting of duration units (#30982)
  * Elasticsearch: Show Size setting for raw_data metric (#30980)
  * Alerts: Dedupe alerts so that we do not fill the screen with the same alert messsage (#30935)
  * make sure service and slo display name is passed to segment comp (#30900)
  * assign changes in cloud datasources to the new cloud datasources team (#30645)
  * Table: Updates devenv test dashboard after change to TestData Randrom Table response (#30927)
  * Theme: Use higher order theme color variables rather then is light/dark logic (#30939)
  * Docs: Add alias for what's new in 7.4 (#30945)
  * e2e: extends selector factory to plugins (#30932)
  * Chore: Upgrade docker build image (#30820)
  * Docs: updated developer guide (#29978)
  * Alerts: Update Alert storybook to show more states (#30908)
  * Variables: Adds queryparam formatting option (#30858)
  * Chore: pad unknown values with undefined (#30808)
  * Transformers: add search to transform selection (#30854)
  * Exemplars: change api to reflect latest changes (#30910)
  * docs: use selinux relabelling on docker containers (#27685)
  * Docs: Fix bad image path for alert notification template (#30911)
  * Make value mappings correctly interpret numeric-like strings (#30893)
  * Chore: Update latest.json (#30905)
  * Docs: Update (#30882)
  * Dashboard: Ignore changes to dashboard when the user session expires (#30897)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.4.0 (#30902)
  * test: add support for timeout to be passed in for addDatasource (#30736)
  * increase page size and make sure the cache supports query params (#30892)
  * DataSourceSettings: Adds info box and link to Grafana Cloud (#30891)
  * OAuth: custom username docs (#28400)
  * Panels: Remove value mapping of values that have been formatted #26763 (#30868)
  * Alerting: Fixes alert panel header icon not showing (#30840)
  * AlertingNG: Edit Alert Definition (#30676)
  * Logging: sourcemap support for frontend stacktraces (#30590)
  * Added "Restart Grafana" topic. (#30844)
  * Docs: Org, Team, and User Admin (#30756)
  * bump grabpl version to 0.5.36 (#30874)
  * Plugins: Requests validator (#30445)
  * Docs: Update (#30876)
  * Docs: Add server view folder (#30849)
  * Fixed image name and path  (#30871)
  * Grafana-ui: fixes closing modals with escape key (#30745)
  * InfluxDB: Add http configuration when selecting InfluxDB v2 flavor  (#30827)
  * TestData: Fixes issue with for ever loading state when all queries are hidden (#30861)
  * Chart/Tooltip: refactored style declaration (#30824)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.4.0-beta1 (#30853)
  * Grafana-ui: fixes no data message in Table component (#30821)
  * grafana/ui: Update pagination component for large number of pages (#30151)
  * Alerting: Customise OK notification priorities for Pushover notifier (#30169)
  * DashboardLinks: Support variable expression in to tooltip - Issue #30409 (#30569)
  * Chore: Remove panelTime.html, closes #30097 (#30842)
  * Docs: Time series panel, bar alignment docs (#30780)
  * Chore: add more docs annotations (#30847)
  * Transforms: allow boolean in field calculations (#30802)
  * Prometheus: Add tooltip to explain possibility to use patterns in text and title fields in annotations (#30825)
  * Update with image link fix (#30833)
  * BarChart: inside-align strokes, upgrade uPlot to 1.6.4. (#30806)
  * Update (#30839)
  * Explore rewrite (#30804)
  * Prometheus: Set type of labels to string (#30831)
  * GrafanaUI: Add a way to persistently close InfoBox (#30716)
  * Fix typo in transformer registry (#30712)
  * Elasticsearch: Display errors with text responses (#30122)
  * CDN: Fixes cdn path when Grafana is under sub path (#30822)
  * TraceViewer: Fix lazy loading (#30700)
  * FormField: migrated sass styling to emotion (#30392)
  * AlertingNG: change API permissions (#30781)
  * Variables: Clears drop down state when leaving dashboard (#30810)
  * Grafana-UI: Add story/docs for ErrorBoundary (#30304)
  * Add missing callback dependency (#30797)
  * PanelLibrary: Adds library panel meta information to dashboard json (#30770)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 0.6.0 to 0.8.2 (#30343)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 2.3.0 to 2.4.0 (#30771)
  * GraphNG: improve behavior when switching between solid/dash/dots (#30796)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 0.14.1 to 0.15.0 (#30778)
  * Add width for Variable Editors (#30791)
  * Chore: Remove warning when calling resource (#30752)
  * Auth: Use SigV4 lib from grafana-aws-sdk  (#30713)
  * Panels: Fixes so panels are refreshed when scrolling past them fast (#30784)
  * GraphNG: add bar alignment option (#30499)
  * Expressions: Measure total transformation requests and elapsed time (#30514)
  * Menu: Mark menu components as internal (#30740)
  * TableInputCSV: migrated styles from sass to emotion (#30554)
  * CDN: Fix passing correct prefix to GetContentDeliveryURL (#30777)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.57.0 to 1.62.0 (#30772)
  * CDN: Adds support for serving assets over a CDN (#30691)
  * PanelEdit: Trigger refresh when changing data source (#30744)
  * Chore: remove __debug_bin (#30725)
  * BarChart: add alpha bar chart panel (#30323)
  * Docs: Time series panel (#30690)
  * Backend Plugins: Convert test data source to use SDK contracts (#29916)
  * Docs: Update (#30747)
  * Add link to Elasticsearch docs. (#30748)
  * Mobile: Fixes issue scrolling on mobile in chrome (#30746)
  * TagsInput: Make placeholder configurable (#30718)
  * Docs: Add config settings for fonts in reporting (#30421)
  * Add menu.yaml to .gitignore (#30743)
  * bump cypress to 6.3.0 (#30644)
  * Datasource: Use json-iterator configuration compatible with standard library (#30732)
  * AlertingNG: Update UX to use new PageToolbar component (#30680)
  * Docs: Add usage insights export feature (#30376)
  * skip symlinks to directories when generating plugin manifest (#30721)
  * PluginCiE2E: Upgrade base images (#30696)
  * Variables: Fixes so text format will show All instead of custom all (#30730)
  * PanelLibrary: better handling of deleted panels (#30709)
  * Added section "Curated dashboards for Google Cloud Monitoring" for 7.4 What's New (#30724)
  * Added "curated dashboards" information and broke down, rearranged topics. (#30659)
  * Transform: improve the "outer join" performance/behavior (#30407)
  * Add alt text to plugin logos (#30710)
  * Deleted menu.yaml file (#30717)
  * Dashboard: Top Share URL icon should share panel URL when on viewPanel page (#30000)
  * Added entry for web server. (#30715)
  * DashboardPicker: switch to promise-based debounce, return dashboard UID (#30706)
  * Use connected GraphNG in Explore (#30707)
  * Fix documentation for streaming data sources (#30704)
  * PanelLibrary: changes casing of responses and adds meta property (#30668)
  * Influx: Show all datapoints for dynamically windowed flux query (#30688)
  * Trace: trace to logs design update (#30637)
  * DeployImage: Switch base images to Debian (#30684)
  * Chore: remove CSP debug logging line (#30689)
  * Docs: 7.4 documentation for expressions (#30524)
  * PanelEdit: Get rid of last remaining usage of navbar-button (#30682)
  * Grafana-UI: Fix setting default value for MultiSelect (#30671)
  * CustomScrollbar: migrated styles from sass to emotion (#30506)
  * DashboardSettings & PanelEdit: Use new PageToolbar (#30675)
  * Explore: Fix jumpy live tailing (#30650)
  * ci(npm-publish): add missing github package token to env vars (#30665)
  * PageToolbar: Extracting navbar styles & layout into a modern emotion based component (#30588)
  * AlertingNG: pause/unpause definitions via the API (#30627)
  * Docs: Refer to product docs in whats new for alerting templating feature (#30652)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.4.0-beta1 (#30666)
  * Variables: Fixes display value when using capture groups in regex (#30636)
  * Docs: Update (#30655)
  * Docs: Auditing updates (#30433)
  * Docs: add hidden_users configuration field (#30435)
  * Docs: Define TLS/SSL terminology (#30533)
  * Docs: Fix expressions enabled description (#30589)
  * Docs: Update ES screenshots (#30598)
  * Licensing Docs: Adding license restrictions docs (#30216)
  * Update (#30611)
  * Docs: Update (#30616)
  * chore(grafana-ui): bump storybook to 6.1.15 (#30642)
  * DashboardSettings: fixes vertical scrolling (#30640)
  * Usage Stats: Remove unused method for getting user stats (#30074)
  * Grafana/UI: Unit picker should not set a category as unit (#30638)
  * Graph: Fixes auto decimals issue in legend and tooltip (#30628)
  * AlertingNG: List saved Alert definitions in Alert Rule list (#30603)
  * chore: bump redux toolkit to 1.5.0 for immer 8.0.1 vulnerability fix (#30605)
  * Grafana/UI: Add disable prop to Segment (#30539)
  * Variables: Fixes so queries work for numbers values too (#30602)
  * Admin: Fixes so form values are filled in from backend (#30544)
  * Docs: Add new override info and add whats new 7.4 links (#30615)
  * TestData: Improve what's new in v7.4 (#30612)
  * Docs: Update 7.4 What's New to use more correct description of alerting notification template feature (#30502)
  * NodeGraph: Add docs (#30504)
  * Loki: Improve live tailing errors and fix Explore's logs container type errors (#30517)
  * TimeRangePicker: Updates components to use new ToolbarButton & ButtonGroup (#30570)
  * Update guide (#30594)
  * TestData: Adding what's new in v7.4 to the devenv dashboards (#30568)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.35.5 to 1.36.31 (#30583)
  * Chore(deps): Bump (#30585)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.3.9 to 1.4.0 (#30587)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.1.5 to 1.2.0 (#30584)
  * Explore: Fix logs hover state so that it is visible and in dark mode & simply hover code (#30572)
  * RefreshPicker: Fixes so valid intervals in url are visible in RefreshPicker (#30474)
  * Add documentation for Exemplars (#30317)
  * OldGraph: Fix height issue in Firefox (#30565)
  * XY Chart: fix editor error with empty frame (no fields) (#30573)
  * ButtonSelect & RefreshPicker: Rewrite of components to use new emotion based ToolbarButton & Menu (#30510)
  * XY Chart: share legend config with timeseries (#30559)
  * Document Content Security Policy options (#30413)
  * DataFrame: cache frame/field index in field state (#30529)
  * List + before -; rm old Git ref; reformat. (#30543)
  * Expressions: Add option to disable feature (#30541)
  * Explore: Fix loading visualisation on the top of the new time series panel (#30553)
  * Prometheus: Fix show query instead of Value if no __name__ and metric (#30511)
  * Decimals: Big Improvements to auto decimals and fixes to auto decimals bug found in 7.4-beta1  (#30519)
  * Postgres: Convert tests to stdlib (#30536)
  * Storybook: Migrate card story to use controls  (#30535)
  * AlertingNG: Enable UI to Save Alert Definitions (#30394)
  * Postgres: Be consistent about TLS/SSL terminology (#30532)
  * Loki: Append refId to logs uid (#30418)
  * Postgres: Fix indentation (#30531)
  * GraphNG: uPlot 1.6.3 (fix bands not filling below 0). close #30523. (#30527)
  * updates for e2e docker image (#30465)
  * GraphNG: uPlot 1.6.2 (#30521)
  * Docs: Update (#30520)
  * Prettier: ignore build and devenv dirs (#30501)
  * Chore: Upgrade grabpl version (#30486)
  * Explore: Update styling of buttons (#30493)
  * Cloud Monitoring: Fix legend naming with display name override (#30440)
  * GraphNG: Disable Plot logging by default (#30390)
  * Admin: Fixes so whole org drop down is visible when adding users to org (#30481)
  * Docs: include Makefile option for local assets (#30455)
  * Footer: Fixes layout issue in footer  (#30443)
  * TimeSeriesPanel: Fixed default value for gradientMode (#30484)
  * Docs: fix typo in what's new doc (#30489)
  * Chore: adds wait to e2e test (#30488)
  * chore: update packages dependent on dot-prop to fix security vulnerability (#30432)
  * Dashboard: Remove Icon and change copy -> Copy to clipboard in the share embedded panel modal (#30480)
  * Chore: fix spelling mistake (#30473)
  * Chore: Restrict internal imports from other packages (#30453)
  * Docs: What's new fixes and improvements (#30469)
  * Timeseries: only migrage point size when configured (#30461)
  * Alerting: Hides threshold handle for percentual thresholds (#30431)
  * Graph: Fixes so only users with correct permissions can add annotations (#30419)
  * Chore: update latest version to 7.4.0-beta1 (#30452)
  * Docs: Add whats new 7.4 links (#30463)
  * Update (#30460)
  * docs: 7.4 what's new (Add expressions note) (#30446)
  * Chore: Upgrade build pipeline tool (#30456)
  * PanelModel: Make sure the angular options are passed to react panel type changed handler (#30441)
  * Expressions: Fix button icon (#30444)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.4.0-beta1 (#30449)
  * Docs: Fix img link for alert notification template (#30436)
  * grafana/ui: Fix internal import from grafana/data (#30439)
  * prevent field config from being overwritten (#30437)
  * PanelOptions: Refactoring applying panel and field options out of PanelModel and add property clean up for properties not in field config registry  (#30389)
  * Dashboard: Remove template variables option from ShareModal (#30395)
  * Added doc content for variables inspector code change by Hugo (#30408)
  * Docs: update license expiration behavior for reporting (#30420)
  * Chore: use old version format in package.json (#30430)
  * Chore: upgrade NPM security vulnerabilities (#30397)
  * "Release: Updated versions in package to 7.5.0-pre.0" (#30428)
  * contribute: Add backend and configuration guidelines for PRs (#30426)
  * Chore: Update what's new URL (#30424)
- Update to version 7.4.5
  * Security: Fix API permissions issues related to team-sync CVE-2021-28146, CVE-2021-28147. (Enterprise)
  * Security: Usage insights requires signed in users CVE-2021-28148. (Enterprise)
  * Security: Do not allow editors to incorrectly bypass permissions on the default data source. CVE-2021-27962. (Enterprise)
- Drop patch add-gotest-module.patch
- Add patch drop-grafana-aws-sdk-0.3.0-module.patch

Mon Feb 22 08:45:47 UTC 2021 -

- Update to version 7.4.2:
  * Make Datetime local (No date if today) working (#31274) (#31275)
  * "Release: Updated versions in package to 7.4.2" (#31272)
  * [v7.4.x] Chore: grafana-toolkit uses grafana-ui and grafana-data workspaces (#31269)
  * Snapshots: Disallow anonymous user to create snapshots (#31263) (#31266)
  * only update usagestats every 30min (#31131) (#31262)
  * Prometheus: Fix enabling of disabled queries when editing in dashboard (#31055) (#31248)
  * CloudWatch: Ensure empty query row errors are not passed to the panel (#31172) (#31245)
  * StatPanels: Fixes to palette color scheme is not cleared when loading panel (#31126) (#31246)
  * QueryEditors: Fixes issue that happens after moving queries then editing would update other queries (#31193) (#31244)
  * LibraryPanels: Disconnect before connect during dashboard save (#31235) (#31238)
  * SqlDataSources: Fixes the Show Generated SQL button in query editors (#31236) (#31239)
  * Variables: Adds back default option for data source variable (#31208) (#31232)
  * IPv6: Support host address configured with enclosing square brackets (#31226) (#31228)
  * Postgres: Fix timeGroup macro converts long intervals to invalid numbers when TimescaleDB is enabled (#31179) (#31224)
  * Remove last synchronisation field from LDAP debug view (#30984) (#31221)
  * [v7.4.x]: Sync drone config from master to stable release branch (#31213)
  * DataSourceSrv: Filter out non queryable data sources by default (#31144) (#31214)
  * Alerting: Fix modal text for deleting obsolete notifier (#31171) (#31209)
  * Variables: Fixes missing empty elements from regex filters (#31156) (#31201)
  * DashboardLinks: Fixes links always cause full page reload (#31178) (#31181)
  * DashboardListPanel: Fixes issue with folder picker always showing All and using old form styles (#31160) (#31162)
  * Permissions: Fix team and role permissions on folders/dashboards not displayed for non Grafana Admin users (#31132) (#31176)
  * Prometheus: Multiply exemplars timestamp to follow api change (#31143) (#31170)
- Added add-gotest-module.patch to fix "inconsistent vendoring" build failure

Wed Feb 17 06:06:04 UTC 2021 -

- Update to version 7.4.1:
  * "Release: Updated versions in package to 7.4.1" (#31128)
  * Transforms: Fixes Outer join issue with duplicate field names not getting the same unique field names as before  (#31121) (#31127)
  * MuxWriter: Handle error for already closed file (#31119) (#31120)
  * Logging: sourcemap transform asset urls from CDN in logged stacktraces (#31115) (#31117)
  * Exemplars: Change CTA style (#30880) (#31105)
  * test: add support for timeout to be passed in for addDatasource (#30736) (#31090)
  * Influx: Make max series limit configurable and show the limiting message if applied (#31025) (#31100)
  * Elasticsearch: fix log row context erroring out (#31088) (#31094)
  * test: update addDashboard flow for v7.4.0 changes (#31059) (#31084)
  * Usage stats: Adds source/distributor setting (#31039) (#31076)
  * DashboardLinks: Fixes crash when link has no title (#31008) (#31050)
  * Make value mappings correctly interpret numeric-like strings (#30893) (#30912)
  * Elasticsearch: Fix alias field value not being shown in query editor (#30992) (#31037)
  * BarGauge: Improvements to value sizing and table inner width calculations  (#30990) (#31032)
  * convert path to posix by default (#31045) (#31053)
  * Alerting: Fixes so notification channels are properly deleted (#31040) (#31046)
  * Drone: Fix deployment image (#31027) (#31029)
  * Graph: Fixes so graph is shown for non numeric time values (#30972) (#31014)
  * instrumentation: make the first database histogram bucket smaller (#30995) (#31001)
  * Build: Releases e2e and e2e-selectors too (#31006) (#31007)
  * TextPanel: Fixes so panel title is updated when variables change (#30884) (#31005)
  * StatPanel: Fixes issue formatting date values using unit option (#30979) (#30991)
  * Units: Fixes formatting of duration units (#30982) (#30986)
  * Elasticsearch: Show Size setting for raw_data metric (#30980) (#30983)
  * Logging: sourcemap support for frontend stacktraces (#30590) (#30976)
  * e2e: extends selector factory to plugins (#30932) (#30934)
  * Variables: Adds queryparam formatting option (#30858) (#30924)
  * Exemplars: change api to reflect latest changes (#30910) (#30915)
  * "Release: Updated versions in package to 7.4.0" (#30898)
  * DataSourceSettings: Adds info box and link to Grafana Cloud (#30891) (#30896)
  * GrafanaUI: Add a way to persistently close InfoBox (#30716) (#30895)
  * [7.4.x] AlertingNG: List saved Alert definitions in Alert Rule list (30890)(30603)
  * Alerting: Fixes alert panel header icon not showing (#30840) (#30885)
  * Plugins: Requests validator (#30445) (#30877)
  * PanelLibrary: Adds library panel meta information to dashboard json (#30770) (#30883)
  * bump grabpl version to 0.5.36 (#30874) (#30878)
  * Chore: remove __debug_bin (#30725) (#30857)
  * Grafana-ui: fixes closing modals with escape key (#30745) (#30873)
  * DashboardLinks: Support variable expression in to tooltip - Issue #30409 (#30569) (#30852)
  * Add alt text to plugin logos (#30710) (#30872)
  * InfluxDB: Add http configuration when selecting InfluxDB v2 flavor  (#30827) (#30870)
  * Prometheus: Set type of labels to string (#30831) (#30835)
  * AlertingNG: change API permissions (#30781) (#30814)
  * Grafana-ui: fixes no data message in Table component (#30821) (#30855)
  * Prometheus: Add tooltip to explain possibility to use patterns in text and title fields in annotations (#30825) (#30843)
  * Chore: add more docs annotations (#30847) (#30851)
  * BarChart: inside-align strokes, upgrade uPlot to 1.6.4. (#30806) (#30846)
  * Transforms: allow boolean in field calculations (#30802) (#30845)
  * CDN: Fixes cdn path when Grafana is under sub path (#30822) (#30823)
  * bump cypress to 6.3.0 (#30644) (#30819)
  * Expressions: Measure total transformation requests and elapsed time (#30514) (#30789)
  * Grafana-UI: Add story/docs for ErrorBoundary (#30304) (#30811)
  * [v7.4.x]: Menu: Mark menu components as internal (#30801)
  * Graph: Fixes auto decimals issue in legend and tooltip (#30628) (#30635)
  * GraphNG: Disable Plot logging by default (#30390) (#30500)
  * Storybook: Migrate card story to use controls  (#30535) (#30549)
  * GraphNG: add bar alignment option (#30499) (#30790)
  * Variables: Clears drop down state when leaving dashboard (#30810) (#30812)
  * Add missing callback dependency (#30797) (#30809)
  * GraphNG: improve behavior when switching between solid/dash/dots (#30796) (#30799)
  * Add width for Variable Editors (#30791) (#30795)
  * Panels: Fixes so panels are refreshed when scrolling past them fast (#30784) (#30792)
  * PanelEdit: Trigger refresh when changing data source (#30744) (#30767)
  * AlertingNG: Enable UI to Save Alert Definitions (#30394) (#30548)
  * CDN: Fix passing correct prefix to GetContentDeliveryURL (#30777) (#30779)
  * CDN: Adds support for serving assets over a CDN (#30691) (#30776)
  * Explore: Update styling of buttons (#30493) (#30508)
  * Loki: Append refId to logs uid (#30418) (#30537)
  * skip symlinks to directories when generating plugin manifest (#30721) (#30738)
  * Mobile: Fixes issue scrolling on mobile in chrome (#30746) (#30750)
  * BarChart: add alpha bar chart panel (#30323) (#30754)
  * Datasource: Use json-iterator configuration compatible with standard library (#30732) (#30739)
  * Variables: Fixes so text format will show All instead of custom all (#30730) (#30731)
  * AlertingNG: pause/unpause definitions via the API (#30627) (#30672)
  * PanelLibrary: better handling of deleted panels (#30709) (#30726)
  * Transform: improve the "outer join" performance/behavior (#30407) (#30722)
  * DashboardPicker: switch to promise-based debounce, return dashboard UID (#30706) (#30714)
  * Use connected GraphNG in Explore (#30707) (#30708)
  * PanelLibrary: changes casing of responses and adds meta property (#30668) (#30711)
  * DeployImage: Switch base images to Debian (#30684) (#30699)
  * Trace: trace to logs design update (#30637) (#30702)
  * Influx: Show all datapoints for dynamically windowed flux query (#30688) (#30703)
  * ci(npm-publish): add missing github package token to env vars (#30665) (#30673)
  * Loki: Improve live tailing errors and fix Explore's logs container type errors (#30517) (#30681)
  * Grafana-UI: Fix setting default value for MultiSelect (#30671) (#30687)
  * Explore: Fix jumpy live tailing (#30650) (#30677)
  * Docs: Refer to product docs in whats new for alerting templating feature (#30652) (#30670)
  * Variables: Fixes display value when using capture groups in regex (#30636) (#30661)
  * Docs: Fix expressions enabled description (#30589) (#30651)
  * Licensing Docs: Adding license restrictions docs (#30216) (#30648)
  * DashboardSettings: fixes vertical scrolling (#30640) (#30643)
  * chore: bump redux toolkit to 1.5.0 for immer 8.0.1 vulnerability fix (#30605) (#30631)
  * Explore: Fix loading visualisation on the top of the new time series panel (#30553) (#30557)
  * Footer: Fixes layout issue in footer  (#30443) (#30494)
  * Variables: Fixes so queries work for numbers values too (#30602) (#30624)
  * Admin: Fixes so form values are filled in from backend (#30544) (#30623)
  * Docs: Update 7.4 What's New to use more correct description of alerting notification template feature (#30502) (#30614)
  * NodeGraph: Add docs (#30504) (#30613)
  * Cloud Monitoring: Fix legend naming with display name override (#30440) (#30503)
  * Expressions: Add option to disable feature (#30541) (#30558)
  * OldGraph: Fix height issue in Firefox (#30565) (#30582)
  * XY Chart: fix editor error with empty frame (no fields) (#30573) (#30577)
  * XY Chart: share legend config with timeseries (#30559) (#30566)
  * DataFrame: cache frame/field index in field state (#30529) (#30560)
  * Prometheus: Fix show query instead of Value if no __name__ and metric (#30511) (#30556)
  * Decimals: Big Improvements to auto decimals and fixes to auto decimals bug found in 7.4-beta1  (#30519) (#30550)
  * chore: update packages dependent on dot-prop to fix security vulnerability (#30432) (#30487)
  * GraphNG: uPlot 1.6.3 (fix bands not filling below 0). close #30523. (#30527) (#30528)
  * GraphNG: uPlot 1.6.2 (#30521) (#30522)
  * Chore: Upgrade grabpl version (#30486) (#30513)
  * grafana/ui: Fix internal import from grafana/data (#30439) (#30507)
  * prevent field config from being overwritten (#30437) (#30442)
  * Chore: upgrade NPM security vulnerabilities (#30397) (#30495)
  * TimeSeriesPanel: Fixed default value for gradientMode (#30484) (#30492)
  * Admin: Fixes so whole org drop down is visible when adding users to org (#30481) (#30497)
  * Chore: adds wait to e2e test (#30488) (#30490)
  * Graph: Fixes so only users with correct permissions can add annotations (#30419) (#30466)
  * Alerting: Hides threshold handle for percentual thresholds (#30431) (#30467)
  * Timeseries: only migrage point size when configured (#30461) (#30470)
  * Expressions: Fix button icon (#30444) (#30450)
  * PanelModel: Make sure the angular options are passed to react panel type changed handler (#30441) (#30451)
  * Docs: Fix img link for alert notification template (#30436) (#30447)
  * Chore: Upgrade build pipeline tool (#30456) (#30457)
  * PanelOptions: Refactoring applying panel and field options out of PanelModel and add property clean up for properties not in field config registry  (#30389) (#30438)
  * "Release: Updated versions in package to 7.4.0-beta.1" (#30427)
  * Chore: Update what's new URL (#30423)
  * GraphNG: assume uPlot's series stroke is always a function (#30416)
  * PanelLibrary: adding library panels to Dashboard Api (#30278)
  * Prettier: Fixes to files that came in after main upgrade (#30410)
  * Cloud Monitoring: Add curated dashboards for the most popular GCP services (#29930)
  *  Mssql integrated security (#30369)
  * Prettier: Upgrade to 2  (#30387)
  * GraphNG: sort ascending if the values appear reversed (#30405)
  * Docs: Grafana whats new 7.4 (#30404)
  * Dashboards: Adds cheat sheet toggle to supported query editors (#28857)
  * Docs: Update (#30403)
  * Alerting: Evaluate data templating in alert rule name and message (#29908)
  * Docs: Add links to 7.3 patch release notes (#30292)
  * Docs: Update (#29546)
  * Docs: Update (#30401)
  * Expressions: Remove feature toggle (#30316)
  * Docs: Update (#30399)
  * Docs: Update (#30400)
  * services/provisioning: Various cleanup (#30396)
  * DashboardSchemas: OpenAPI Schema Generation (#30242)
  * AlertingNG: Enforce unique alert definition title (non empty)/UID per organisation (#30380)
  * Licensing: Document new v7.4 options and APIs (#30217)
  * Auth: add expired token error and update CreateToken function (#30203)
  * NodeGraph: Add node graph visualization (#29706)
  * Add jwtTokenAuth to plugin metadata schema (#30346)
  * Plugins: Force POSIX style path separators for manifest generation (#30287)
  * Add enterprise reporting fonts to gitignore (#30385)
  * Field overrides: skipping overrides for properties no longer existing in plugin (#30197)
  * NgAlerting: View query result (#30218)
  * Grafana-UI: Make Card story public (#30388)
  * Dashboard: migrate version history list (#29970)
  * Search: use Card component (#29892)
  * PanelEvents: Isolate more for old angular query editors (#30379)
  * Loki: Remove showing of unique labels with the empty string value (#30363)
  * Chore: Lint all files for no-only-tests (#30364)
  * Clears errors after running new query (#30367)
  * Prometheus: Change exemplars endpoint (#30378)
  * Explore: Fix a bug where Typeahead crashes when a large amount of ite… (#29637)
  * Circular vector: improve generics (#30375)
  * Update signing docs (#30296)
  * Email: change the year in templates (#30294)
  * grafana/ui: export TLS auth component (#30320)
  * Query Editor: avoid word wrap (#30373)
  * Transforms: add sort by transformer (#30370)
  * AlertingNG: Save alert instances (#30223)
  * GraphNG: Color series from by value scheme & change to fillGradient to gradientMode  (#29893)
  * Chore: Remove not used PanelOptionsGrid component (#30358)
  * Zipkin: Remove browser access mode (#30360)
  * Jaeger: Remove browser access mode (#30349)
  * chore: bump lodash to 4.17.20 (#30359)
  * ToolbarButton: New emotion based component to replace all navbar, DashNavButton and scss styles (#30333)
  * Badge: Increase contrast, remove rocket icon for plugin beta/alpha state (#30357)
  * Licensing: Send map of environment variables to plugins (#30347)
  * Dashboards: Exit to dashboard when deleting panel from panel view / edit view (#29032)
  * Cloud Monitoring: MQL support (#26551)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.4.0-beta1 (#30348)
  * Panel options UI: Allow collapsible categories (#30301)
  * Grafana-ui: Fix context menu item always using onClick instead of href (#30350)
  * Badge: Design improvement & reduce contrast (#30328)
  * make sure stats are added horizontally and not vertically (#30106)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.33.1 to 1.35.0 (#30342)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.6.1 to 1.7.0 (#30341)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.1.2 to 1.1.5 (#30340)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1 (#30339)
  * Fix HTML character entity error (#30334)
  * GraphNG: fix fillBelowTo regression (#30330)
  * GraphNG: implement softMin/softMax for auto-scaling stabilization. close #979. (#30326)
  * Legend: Fixes right y-axis legend from being pushed outside the bounds of the panel (#30327)
  * Grafana-toolkit: Update component generator templates (#30306)
  * Panels: remove beta flag from stat and bargauge panels (#30324)
  * GraphNG: support fill below to (bands) (#30268)
  * grafana-cli: Fix security issue (#28888)
  * AlertingNG: Modify queries and transform endpoint to get datasource UIDs (#30297)
  * Chore: Fix missing property from ExploreGraph (#30315)
  * Prometheus: Add support for Exemplars (#28057)
  * Grafana-UI: Enhances for TimeRangePicker and TimeRangeInput (#30102)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.4.0 (#30312)
  * Table: Fixes BarGauge cell display mode font size so that it is fixed to the default cell font size (#30303)
  * AngularGraph: Fixes issues with legend wrapping after legend refactoring (#30283)
  * Plugins: Add Open Distro to the list of data sources supported by sigv4 (#30308)
  * Chore: Moves common and response into separate packages (#30298)
  * GraphNG: remove y-axis position control from series color picker in the legend (#30302)
  * Table: migrate old-table config to new table config (#30142)
  * Elasticsearch: Support extended stats and percentiles in terms order by (#28910)
  * Docs: Update release notes index
  * GraphNG: stats in legend (#30251)
  * Grafana UI: EmptySearchResult docs (#30281)
  * Plugins: Use the includes.path (if exists) on sidebar includes links (#30291)
  * Fix spinner and broken buttons (#30286)
  * Graph: Consider reverse sorted data points on isOutsideRange check (#30289)
  * Update (#30257)
  * Backend: use sdk version (v0.81.0) without transform (gel) code (#29236)
  * Chore: update latest versions to 7.3.7 (#30282)
  * Loki: Fix hiding of series in table if labels have number values (#30185)
  * Loki: Lower min step to 1ms (#30135)
  * Prometheus: Improve autocomplete performance and remove disabling of dynamic label lookup (#30199)
  * Icons: Adds custom icon support ands new panel and interpolation icons (#30277)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.3.7 (#30280)
  * Grafana-ui: Allow context menu items to be open in new tab (#30141)
  * Cloud Monitoring: Convert datasource to use Dataframes (#29830)
  * GraphNG: added support to change series color from legend. (#30256)
  * AzureMonitor: rename labels for query type dropdown (#30143)
  * Decimals: Improving auto decimals logic for high numbers and scaled units  (#30262)
  * Elasticsearch: Use minimum interval for alerts (#30049)
  * TimeSeriesPanel: The new graph panel now supports y-axis value mapping #30272
  * CODEOWNERS: Make backend squad owners of backend style guidelines (#30266)
  * Auth: Add missing request headers to SigV4 middleware allowlist (#30115)
  * Grafana-UI: Add story/docs for FilterPill (#30252)
  * Grafana-UI: Add story/docs for Counter (#30253)
  * Backend style guide: Document JSON guidelines (#30267)
  * GraphNG: uPlot 1.6, hide "Show points" in Points mode, enable "dot" lineStyle (#30263)
  * Docs: Update (#30240)
  * Docs: Cloudwatch filter should be JSON format (#30243)
  * API: Add by UID routes for data sources  (#29884)
  * Docs: Update (#30255)
  * Cloudwatch: Move deep link creation to the backend (#30206)
  * Metrics API: Use jsoniter for JSON encoding (#30250)
  * Add option in database config to skip migrations for faster startup. (#30146)
  * Set signed in users email correctly (#30249)
  * Drone: Upgrade build pipeline tool (#30247)
  * runRequest: Fixes issue with request time range and time range returned to panels are off causing data points to be cut off (outside) (#30227)
  * Elasticsearch: fix handling of null values in query_builder (#30234)
  * Docs: help users connect to Prometheus using SigV4 (#30232)
  * Update (#30207)
  * Update (#30235)
  * Better logging of plugin scanning errors (#30231)
  * Print Node.js and Toolkit versions (#30230)
  * Chore: bump rollup across all packages (#29486)
  * Backend style guide: Document database patterns (#30219)
  * Chore: Bump plugin-ci-alpine Docker image version (#30225)
  * Legends: Refactoring and rewrites of legend components to simplify components & reuse (#30165)
  * Use Node.js 14.x in plugin CI (#30209)
  * Field overrides: extracting the field config factory into its own reusable module. (#30214)
  * LibraryPanels: adds connections (#30212)
  * PanelOptionsGroups: Only restore styles from PanelOptionsGroup (#30215)
  * Variables: Add deprecation warning for value group tags (#30160)
  * GraphNG: Hide grid for right-y axis if left x-axis exists (#30195)
  * Middleware: Add CSP support (#29740)
  * Updated image links to have newer format. (#30208)
  * Docs: Update (#30150)
  * Share panel dashboard add images (#30201)
  * Update (#30202)
  * Docs: Fix links to transforms (#30194)
  * docs(badge): migrate story to use controls (#30180)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 0.14.0 to 0.15.0 (#30188)
  * Fix alert definition routine stop (#30117)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 2.4.1 to 2.5.1 (#30189)
  * InlineSwitch: Minor story fix (#30186)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.4.2 to 1.9.0 (#30178)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.9.0 to 1.10.0 (#30183)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.3.0 to 1.9.0 (#30181)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.2.2 to 1.4.0 (#30175)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 0.7.0 to 0.9.0 (#30171)
  * Gauge: Fixes issue with all null values cause min & max to be null (#30156)
  * Links: Add underline on hover for links in NewsPanel (#30166)
  * GraphNG: Update to test dashboards (#30153)
  * CleanUp: Removed old panel options group component (#30157)
  * AngularQueryEditors: Fixes to Graphite query editor and other who refer to other queries (#30154)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 (#30172)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 2.1.1 to 2.3.0 (#30173)
  * Chore: Fix spelling issue (#30168)
  * Revise (#30145)
  * Chore(deps): Bump from 1.11.0 to 1.14.6 (#30174)
  * InlineSwitch: Added missing InlineSwitch component and fixed two places that used unaligned inline switch (#30162)
  * GraphNG: add new alpha XY Chart  (#30096)
  * Elastic: Support request cancellation properly (Uses new backendSrv.fetch Observable request API) (#30009)
  * OpenTSDB: Support request cancellation properly (#29992)
  * InfluxDB: Update Flux external link (#30158)
  * Allow dependabot to keep go packages up-to-date (#30170)
  * PluginState: Update comment
  * GraphNG: Minor polish & updates to new time series panel and move it from alpha to beta (#30163)
  * Share panel dashboard (#30147)
  * GraphNG: rename "graph3" to "timeseries" panel (#30123)
  * Add info about access mode (#30137)
  * Prometheus: Remove running of duplicated metrics query (#30108)
  * Prometheus: Fix autocomplete does not work on incomplete input (#29854)
  * GraphNG: remove graph2 panel (keep the parts needed for explore) (#30124)
  * Docs: Add metadata to activating licensing page (#30140)
  * MixedDataSource: Added missing variable support flag (#30110)
  * AngularPanels: Fixes issue with some panels not rendering when going into edit mode due to no height (#30113)
  * AngularPanels: Fixes issue with discrete panel that used the initialized event (#30133)
  * Explore: Make getFieldLinksForExplore more reusable (#30134)
  * Elasticsearch: Add Support for Serial Differencing Pipeline Aggregation (#28618)
  * Angular: Fixes issue with angular directive caused by angular upgrade in master (#30114)
  * Analytics: add data source type in data-request events (#30087)
  * GraphNG: "Interpolation: Step after" test (#30127)
  * GraphNG: check cross-axis presence when auto-padding. close #30121. (#30126)
  * Alerting: improve alerting default datasource search when extracting alerts (#29993)
  * Loki: Timeseries should not produce 0-values for missing data (#30116)
  * GraphNG: support dashes (#30070)
  * GraphNG: fix spanGaps optimization in alignDataFrames(). see #30101. (#30118)
  * Alerting NG: update API to expect UIDs instead of IDs (#29896)
  * GraphNG: Overhaul of main test dashboard and update to null & gaps dashboard (#30101)
  * Chore: Fix intermittent time-related test failure in explore datasource instance update (#30109)
  * QueryEditorRow: Ability to change query name (#29779)
  * Frontend: Failed to load application files message improvement IE11 (#30011)
  * Drone: Upgrade build pipeline tool (#30104)
  * Fix phrasing. (#30075)
  * Chore: Add CloudWatch HTTP API tests (#29691)
  * Elastic: Fixes so templating queries work (#30003)
  * Chore: Rewrite elasticsearch client test to standard library (#30093)
  * Chore: Rewrite tsdb influxdb test to standard library (#30091)
  * Fix default maximum lifetime  an authenticated user can be logged in (#30030)
  * Instrumentation: re-enable database wrapper feature to expose counter and histogram for database queries (#29662)
  * Docs: Update labels to fields transform (#30086)
  * GraphNG: adding possibility to toggle tooltip, graph and legend for series (#29575)
  * Chore: Rewrite tsdb cloudmonitoring test to standard library (#30090)
  * Chore: Rewrite tsdb azuremonitor time grain test to standard library (#30089)
  * Chore: Rewrite tsdb graphite test to standard library (#30088)
  * Chore: Upgrade Docker build image wrt. Go/golangci-lint/Node (#30077)
  * Usage Stats: Calculate concurrent users as a histogram (#30006)
  * Elasticsearch: Fix broken alerting when using pipeline aggregations (#29903)
  * Drone: Fix race conditions between Enterprise and Enterprise2 (#30076)
  * Chore: Rewrite models datasource cache test to standard library (#30040)
  * Plugins: prevent app plugin from rendering with wrong location (#30017)
  * Update
  * Chore: Tiny typo fix `rage` -> `range` (#30067)
  * Docs: Add example of Loki data source config (#29976)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.3.6 (#30066)
  * Docs: Update (#30065)
  * Docs: Update (#30064)
  * Chore(deps): Bump axios from 0.19.2 to 0.21.1 (#30059)
  * Chore: Rewrite models tags test to standard library (#30041)
  * Bump actions/setup-node from v1 to v2.1.4 (#29891)
  * Build(deps): Bump ini from 1.3.5 to 1.3.7 (#29787)
  * fall back to any architecture when getting plugin's checksum #30034 (#30035)
  * Lerna: Update to 3.22.1 (#30057)
  * SeriesToRows: Fixes issue in transform so that value field is always named Value (#30054)
  * [dashboard api] manage error when data in dashboard table is not valid json (#29999)
  * use sha256 checksum instead of md5 (#30018)
  * Chore: Rewrite brute force login protection test to standard library (#29986)
  * Chore: Rewrite login auth test to standard library (#29985)
  * Chore: Rewrite models dashboards test to standard library (#30023)
  * Chore: Rewrite models dashboard acl test to standard library (#30022)
  * Chore: Rewrite models alert test to standard library (#30021)
  * Chore: Rewrite ldap login test to standard library (#29998)
  * Chore: Rewrite grafana login test to standard library (#29997)
  * Fix two ini-file typos regarding LDAP (#29843)
  * Chore: Changes source map devtool to inline-source-map (#30004)
  * Chore: Sync Enterprise go.sum (#30005)
  * Chore: Add Enterprise dependencies (#29994)
  * SQLStore: customise the limit of retrieved datasources per organisation (#29358)
  * Chore: update crewjam/saml library to the latest master (#29991)
  * Graph: Fixes so users can not add annotations in readonly dash (#29990)
  * Currency: add Vietnamese dong (VND) (#29983)
  * Drone: Update pipelines for Enterprise (#29939)
  * Remove the bus from teamgroupsync (#29810)
  * Influx: Make variable query editor input uncontrolled (#29968)
  * PanelLibrary: Add PATCH to the API (#29956)
  * PanelEvents: Isolating angular panel events into it's own event bus + more event refactoring  (#29904)
  * Bump node-notifier from 8.0.0 to 8.0.1 (#29952)
  * LDAP: Update use_ssl documentation (#29964)
  * Docs: Missing 's' on 'logs' (#29966)
  * Docs: Update (#29963)
  * Docs: Minor typo correction (#29962)
  * librarypanels: Fix JSON field casing in tests (#29954)
  * TemplateSrv: Do not throw  error for an unknown format but use glob as fallback and warn in the console (#29955)
  * PanelLibrary: Adds uid and renames title to name (#29944)
  * Docs: Fix raw format variable docs (#29945)
  * RedirectResponse: Implement all of api.Response (#29946)
  * PanelLibrary: Adds get and getAll to the api (#29772)
  * Chore: Remove duplicate interpolateString test (#29941)
  * Chore: Rewrite influxdb query parser test to standard library (#29940)
  * Folders: Removes the possibility to delete the General folder (#29902)
  * Chore: Convert tsdb request test to standard library (#29936)
  * Chore: Convert tsdb interval test to standard library (#29935)
  * Docs: Update (#29912)
  * Docs: Update (#29911)
  * Docs: Update (#29918)
  * GraphNG: bring back tooltip (#29910)
  * Ng Alerting: Remove scroll and fix SplitPane limiters (#29906)
  * Dashboard: Migrating dashboard settings to react (#27561)
  * Minor correction to explanation on correct MS SQL usage. (#29889)
  * AlertingNG: Create a scheduler to evaluate alert definitions (#29305)
  * Add changelog items for 7.3.6, 7.2.3 and 6.7.5 (#29901)
  * bump stable to 7.3.6 (#29899)
  * Upgrade go deps.  (#29900)
  * Expressions: Replace query input fields with select. (#29816)
  * PanelEdit: Update UI if panel plugin changes field config (#29898)
  * Elasticsearch: Remove timeSrv dependency (#29770)
  * PanelEdit: Need new data after plugin change (#29874)
  * Chore(toolkit): disable react/prop-types for eslint config (#29888)
  * Field Config API: Add ability to hide field option or disable it from the overrides (#29879)
  * SharedQuery: Fixes shared query editor now showing queries (#29849)
  * GraphNG: support fill gradient (#29765)
  * Backend style guide: Add more guidelines (#29871)
  * Keep query keys consistent (#29855)
  * Alerting: Copy frame field labels to time series tags (#29886)
  * Update (#29883)
  * Usage Stats: Introduce an interface for usage stats service (#29882)
  * DataFrame: add a writable flag to fields (#29869)
  * InlineForms: Changes to make inline forms more flexible for query editors  (#29782)
  * Usage Stats: Allow to add additional metrics to the stats (#29774)
  * Fix the broken link of XORM documentation (#29865)
  * Move colors demo under theme colors (#29873)
  * Dashboard: Increase folder name size in search dashboard (#29821)
  * MSSQL: Config UI touches (#29834)
  * QueryOptions:  Open QueryEditors: run queries after changing group options #29864
  * GraphNG: uPlot 1.5.2, dynamic stroke/fill, Flot-style hover points (#29866)
  * Variables: Fixes so numerical sortorder works for options with null values (#29846)
  * GraphNG: only initialize path builders once (#29863)
  * GraphNG: Do not set fillColor from GraphNG only opacity (#29851)
  * add an example cloudwatch resource_arns() query that uses multiple tags (ref: #29499) (#29838)
  * Backend: Remove more globals (#29644)
  * MS SQL: Fix MS SQL add data source UI issues (#29832)
  * Display palette and colors for dark and light themes in storybook (#29848)
  * Docs: Fix broken link in logs-panel (#29833)
  * Docs: Add info about typing of connected props to Redux style guide (#29842)
  * Loki: Remove unnecessary deduplication (#29421)
  * Varibles: Fixes so clicking on Selected will not include All (#29844)
  * Explore/Logs: Correctly display newlines in detected fields (#29541)
  * Link suppliers: getLinks API update (#29757)
  * Select: Changes default menu placement for Select from auto to bottom (#29837)
  * Chore: Automatically infer types for dashgrid connected components  (#29818)
  * Chore: Remove unused Loki and Cloudwatch syntax providers  (#29686)
  * Pass row (#29839)
  * GraphNG: Context menu (#29745)
  * GraphNG: Enable scale distribution configuration (#29684)
  * Explore: Improve Explore performance but removing unnecessary re-renders (#29752)
  * DashboardDS: Fixes display of long queries (#29808)
  * Sparkline: Fixes issue with sparkline that sent in custom fillColor instead of fillOpacity (#29825)
  * Chore: Disable default golangci-lint filter (#29751)
  * Update style guide with correct usage of MS SQL (#29829)
  * QueryEditor: do not auto refresh on every update (#29762)
  * Chore: remove unused datasource status enum (#29827)
  * Expressions: support ${my var} syntax (#29819)
  * Docs: Update (#29777)
  * Chore: Enable more go-ruleguard rules (#29781)
  * GraphNG: Load uPlot path builders lazily (#29813)
  * Elasticsearch: ensure query model has timeField configured in datasource settings (#29807)
  * Chore: Use Header.Set method instead of Header.Add (#29804)
  * Allow dependabot to check actions (#28159)
  * Grafana-UI: Support optgroup for MultiSelect (#29805)
  * Sliders: Update behavior and style tweak (#29795)
  * Grafana-ui: Fix collapsible children sizing (#29776)
  * Style guide: Document avoidance of globals in Go code (#29803)
  * Chore: Rewrite opentsdb test to standard library (#29792)
  * CloudWatch: Add support for AWS DirectConnect ConnectionErrorCount metric (#29583)
  * GraphNG: uPlot 1.5.1 (#29789)
  * GraphNG: update uPlot v1.5.0 (#29763)
  * Added httpMethod to webhook (#29780)
  * @grafana-runtime: Throw error if health check fails in DataSourceWithBackend (#29743)
  * Explore: Fix remounting of query row (#29771)
  * Expressions: Add placeholders to hint on input (#29773)
  * Alerting: Next gen Alerting page (#28397)
  * GraphNG: Add test dashboard for null & and gaps rendering (#29769)
  * Expressions: Field names from refId (#29755)
  * Plugins: Add support for signature manifest V2 (#29240)
  * Chore: Configure go-ruleguard via golangci-lint (#28419)
  * Move middleware context handler logic to service (#29605)
  * AlertListPanel: Add options to sort by Time(asc) and Time(desc) (#29764)
  * PanelLibrary: Adds delete Api (#29741)
  * Tracing: Release trace to logs feature (#29443)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.3.5 (#29753)
  * DataSourceSettings: Add servername field to DataSource TLS config (#29279)
  * Chore: update stable and testing versions (#29748)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.3.5 (#29744)
  * Elasticsearch: View in context feature for logs (#28764)
  * Chore: Disable gosec on certain line (#29382)
  * Logging: log frontend errors caught by ErrorBoundary, including component stack (#29345)
  * ChangePassword: improved keyboard navigation (#29567)
  * GrafanaDataSource: Fix selecting -- Grafana -- data source, broken after recent changes (#29737)
  * Docs: added version note for rename by regex transformation. (#29735)
  * @grafana/ui: Fix UI issues for cascader button dropdown and query input (#29727)
  * Docs: Update (#29728)
  * Docs: Remove survey (#29549)
  * Logging: rate limit fronted logging endpoint (#29272)
  * API: add Status() to RedirectResponse (#29722)
  * Elasticsearch: Deprecate browser access mode (#29649)
  * Elasticsearch: Fix query initialization action (#29652)
  * PanelLibrary: Adds api and db to create Library/Shared/Reusable Panel (#29642)
  * Transformer: Rename metrics based on regex (#29281)
  * Variables: Fixes upgrade of legacy Prometheus queries (#29704)
  * Auth: Add SigV4 header allowlist to reduce chances of verification issues (#29650)
  * DataFrame: add path and description metadata (#29695)
  * Alerting: Use correct time series name override from frame fields (#29693)
  * GraphNG: fix bars migration and support color and linewidth (#29697)
  * PanelHeader: Fix panel header description inline code wrapping (#29628)
  * Bugfix 29848: Remove annotation_tag entries as part of annotations cleanup (#29534)
  * GraphNG: simple settings migration from flot panel (#29599)
  * GraphNG: replace bizcharts with uPlot for sparklines (#29632)
  * GitHubActions: Update node version in github action (#29683)
  * Adds go dep used by an Enterprise feature.  (#29645)
  * Typescript: Raise strict error limit for enterprise (#29688)
  * Remove unnecessary escaping (#29677)
  * Update (#29678)
  * instrumentation: align label name with our other projects (#29514)
  * Typescript: Fixing typescript strict error, and separate check from publishing (#29679)
  * CloudWatch: namespace in search expression should be quoted if match exact is enabled #29109 (#29563)
  * Docs: Plugin schema updates (#28232)
  * RadioButton: Fix flex issue in master for radio buttons (#29664)
  * Update (#29670)
  * Expr: fix time unit typo in ds queries (#29668)
  * Expr: make reduction nan/null more consistent (#29665)
  * Expr: fix func argument panic (#29663)
  * Update (#29661)
  * Update (#29659)
  * Docs: Changed image format (#29658)
  * Expr: fix failure to execute due to OrgID (#29653)
  * GraphNG: rename "points" to "showPoints" (#29635)
  * Expressions: Restore showing expression query editor even if main data source is not mixed (#29656)
  * GraphNG: time range should match the panel timeRange (#29596)
  * Support svg embedded favicons in whitelabeling (#29436)
  * Add changelog to docs style guide (#29581)
  * Loki: Retry web socket connection when connection is closed abnormally (#29438)
  * GraphNG: Fix annotations and exemplars plugins (#29613)
  * Chore: Rewrite tsdb sql engine test to standard library (#29590)
  * GraphNG: fix and optimize spanNulls (#29633)
  * Build(deps): Bump highlight.js from 10.4.0 to 10.4.1 (#29625)
  * Cloudwatch: session cache should use UTC consistently (#29627)
  * GraphNG: rename GraphMode to DrawStyle (#29623)
  * GraphNG: add spanNulls config option (#29512)
  * Docs: add docs for concatenate transformer (#28667)
  * Stat/Gauge: expose explicit font sizing (#29476)
  * GraphNG: add gaps/nulls support to staircase & smooth interpolation modes (#29593)
  * grafana/ui: Migrate Field knobs to controls (#29433)
  * Prometheus: Fix link to Prometheus graph in dashboard (#29543)
  * Build: Publish next and latest npm channels to Github (#29615)
  * Update broken aliases (#29603)
  * API: add ID to snapshot API responses (#29600)
  * Elasticsearch: Migrate queryeditor to React (#28033)
  * QueryGroup & DataSourceSrv & DataSourcePicker changes simplify usage, error handling and reduce duplication, support for uid (#29542)
  * Elastic: Fixes config UI issues (#29608)
  * GraphNG: Fix issues with plugins not retrieving plot instance (#29585)
  * middleware: Make scenario test functions take a testing.T argument (#29564)
  * Grafana/ui: Storybook controls understand component types (#29574)
  * Login: Fixes typo in tooltip (#29604)
  * Panel: making sure we support all versions of chrome when detecting position of click event. (#29544)
  * Chore: Rewrite sqlstore migration test to use standard library (#29589)
  * Chore: Rewrite tsdb prometheus test to standard library (#29592)
  * Security: Add gosec G304 auditing annotations (#29578)
  * Chore: Rewrite tsdb testdatasource scenarios test to standard library (#29591)
  * Docs: Add missing key to enable SigV4 for provisioning Elasticsearch data source (#29584)
  * Add Microsoft.Network/natGateways (#29479)
  * Update (#29586)
  * @grafana/ui: Add bell-slash to available icons (#29579)
  * Alert: Fix forwardRef warning (#29577)
  * Update (#29580)
  * Chore: Upgrade typescript to 4.1 (#29493)
  * PanelLibrary: Adds library_panel table (#29565)
  * Make build docker full fix (#29570)
  * Build: move canary packages to github (#29411)
  * Devenv: Add default db for influxdb (#29371)
  * Chore: Check errors from Close calls (#29562)
  * GraphNG: support auto and explicit axis width (#29553)
  * Chore: upgrading y18n to 4.0.1 for security reasons (#29523)
  * Middleware: Rewrite tests to use standard library (#29535)
  * Overrides: show category on the overrides (#29556)
  * GraphNG: Bars, Staircase, Smooth modes (#29359)
  * Docs: Fix docs sync actions (#29551)
  * Chore: Update dev guide node version for Mac (#29548)
  * Docs: Update (#29547)
  * Arrow: toArray() on nullable values should include null values (#29520)
  * Docs: Update (#29545)
  * NodeJS: Update to LTS (14) (#29467)
  * Docs: Update (#29540)
  * 3 minor changes, including updating the title TOC (#29501)
  * Auth proxy: Return standard error type (#29502)
  * Data: use pre-defined output array length in vectorToArray() (#29516)
  * Dashboards: hide playlist edit functionality from viewers and snapshots link from unauthenticated users (#28992)
  * docker: use yarn to build (#29538)
  * QueryEditors: Refactoring & rewriting out dependency on PanelModel (#29419)
  * Chore: skip flaky tests (#29537)
  * Graph NG: Invalidate uPlot config on timezone changes (#29531)
  * IntelliSense: Fix autocomplete and highlighting for Loki, Prometheus, Cloudwatch (#29381)
  * Variables: Fixes Textbox current value persistence (#29481)
  * OptionsEditor: simplify the options editor interfaces (#29518)
  * Icon: Changed the icon for signing in (#29530)
  * fixes bug with invalid handler name for metrics (#29529)
  * Middleware: Simplifications (#29491)
  * GraphNG: simplify effects responsible for plot updates/initialization  (#29496)
  * Alarting: fix alarm messages in dingding (Fixes #29470) (#29482)
  * PanelEdit: making sure the correct datasource query editor is being rendered. (#29500)
  * AzureMonitor: Unit MilliSeconds naming (#29399)
  * Devenv: update mysql_tests and postgres_tests blocks for allowing dynamically change of underlying docker image (#29525)
  * Chore: Enable remaining eslint-plugin-react rules (#29519)
  * Docs/Transformations: Add documentation about Binary operations in Add field from calculation (#29511)
  * Datasources: fixed long error message overflowing container (#29440)
  * docker: fix Dockerfile after Gruntfile.js removed (#29515)
  * Chore: Adds Panel Library featuretoggle (#29521)
  * Docs: Update (#29508)
  * Docs: InfluxDB_V2 datasource: adding an example on how to add InfluxQL as a datasource (#29490)
  * Loki: Add query type and line limit to query editor in dashboard (#29356)
  * Docs: Added Security Group support to Azure Auth (#29418)
  * DataLinks: Removes getDataSourceSettingsByUid from applyFieldOverrides  (#29447)
  * Bug: trace viewer doesn't show more than 300 spans (#29377)
  * Live: publish all dashboard changes to a single channel (#29474)
  * Chore: Enable eslint-plugin-react partial rules (#29428)
  * Alerting: Update alertDef.ts with more time options (#29498)
  * DataSourceSrv: Look up data source by uid and name transparently (#29449)
  * Instrumentation: Add examplars for request histograms (#29357)
  * Variables: Fixes Constant variable persistence confusion (#29407)
  * Docs: Fix broken link for plugins (#29346)
  * Prometheus: don't override displayName property (#29441)
  * Grunt: Removes grunt dependency and replaces some of its usage (#29461)
  * Transformation: added support for excluding/including rows based on their values. (#26884)
  * Chore: Enable exhaustive linter (#29458)
  * Field overrides: added matcher to match all fields within frame/query. (#28872)
  * Log: Use os.Open to open file for reading (#29483)
  * MinMax: keep global min/main in field state (#29406)
  * ReactGridLayout: Update dependency to 1.2 (#29455)
  * Jest: Upgrade to latest (#29450)
  * Chore: bump grafana-ui rollup dependencies (#29315)
  * GraphNG: use uPlot's native ms support (#29445)
  * Alerting: Add support for Sensu Go notification channel (#28012)
  * adds tracing for all bus calls that passes ctx (#29434)
  * prometheus: Improve IsAPIError's documentation (#29432)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.3.4 (#29430)
  * Elasticsearch: Fix index pattern not working with multiple base sections (#28348)
  * Plugins: Add support for includes' icon (#29416)
  * Docs: fixing frontend docs issue where enums ending up in wrong folder level. (#29429)
  * Variables: Fixes issue with upgrading legacy queries (#29375)
  * Queries: Extract queries from dashboard (#29349)
  * Docs: docker -> Docker (#29331)
  * PanelEvents: Refactors and removes unnecessary events, fixes panel editor update issue when panel options change (#29414)
  * Fix: Correct panel edit uistate migration (#29413)
  * Alerting: Improve Prometheus Alert Rule error message (#29390)
  * Fix: Migrate Panel edit uiState percentage strings to number (#29412)
  * remove insecure cipher suit as default option (#29378)
  * * prometheus fix variables fetching when  customQueryParameters used #28907 (#28949)
  * Chore: Removes observableTester (#29369)
  * Chore: Adds e2e tests for Variables (#29341)
  * Fix gosec finding of unhandled errors (#29398)
  * Getting started with Grafana and MS SQL (#29401)
  * Arrow: cast timestams to Number (#29402)
  * Docs: Add Cloud content links (#29317)
  * PanelEditor: allow access to the eventBus from panel options (#29327)
  * GraphNG: support x != time in library (#29353)
  * removes unused golint file (#29391)
  * prefer server cipher suites (#29379)
  * Panels/DashList: Fix order of recent dashboards (#29366)
  * Core: Move SplitPane layout from PanelEdit. (#29266)
  * Drone: Upgrade build pipeline tool (#29365)
  * Update yarn.lock to use latest rc-util (#29313)
  * Variables: Adds description field  (#29332)
  * Chore: Update latest.json (#29351)
  * Drone: Upload artifacts for release branch builds (#29297)
  * Docs: fixing link issues in auto generated frontend docs. (#29326)
  * Drone: Execute artifact publishing for both editions in parallel during release (#29362)
  * Devenv: adding default credentials for influxdb (#29344)
  * Drone: Check CUE dashboard schemas (#29334)
  * Backend: fix IPv6 address parsing erroneous (#28585)
  * dashboard-schemas cue 3.0.0 compatible (#29352)
  * Update (#29354)
  * Docs: Update (#29350)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.3.4 (#29347)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.3.4 (#29338)
  * Drone: Publish NPM packages after Storybook to avoid race condition (#29340)
  * Add an option to hide certain users in the UI (#28942)
  * Guardian: Rewrite tests from goconvey (#29292)
  * Docs: Fix editor role and alert notification channel description (#29301)
  * Docs: Improve custom Docker image instructions (#29263)
  * Security: Fixes minor security issue with alert notification webhooks that allowed GET & DELETE requests #29330
  * Chore: Bump storybook to v6 (#28926)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updates release notes link in package.json (master) (#29329)
  * Docs: Accurately reflecting available variables (#29302)
  * Heatmap: Fixes issue introduced by new eventbus (#29322)
  * Dashboard Schemas (#28793)
  * devenv: Add docker load test which authenticates with API key (#28905)
  * Login: Fixes redirect url encoding issues of # %23 being unencoded after login (#29299)
  * InfluxDB: update flux library and support boolean label values (#29310)
  * Explore/Logs: Update Parsed fields to Detected fields (#28881)
  * GraphNG: Init refactorings and fixes (#29275)
  * fixing a broken relref link (#29312)
  * Drone: Upgrade build pipeline tool (#29308)
  * decreasing frontend docs threshold. (#29304)
  * Docker: update docker root group docs and docker image (#29222)
  * WebhookNotifier: Convert tests away from goconvey (#29291)
  * Annotations: fixing so when changing annotations query links submenu will be updated. (#28990)
  * [graph-ng] add temporal DataFrame alignment/outerJoin & move null-asZero pass inside (#29250)
  * Dashboard: Fixes kiosk state after being redirected to login page and back (#29273)
  * make it possible to hide change password link in profile menu (#29246)
  * Theme: Add missing color type (#29265)
  * Chore: Allow reducerTester to work with every data type & payload-less actions (#29241)
  * Explore/Prometheus: Update default query type option to "Both" (#28935)
  * Loki/Explore: Add query type selector (#28817)
  * Variables: New Variables are stored immediately (#29178)
  * reduce severity level to warning (#28939)
  * Units: Changes FLOP/s to FLOPS and some other rates per second units get /s suffix  (#28825)
  * Docs: Remove duplicate "Transformations overview" topics from the TOC (#29247)
  * Docs: Fixed broken relrefs and chanfed TOC entry name from Alerting to Alerts. (#29251)
  * Docs: Remove duplicate Panel overview topic.  (#29248)
  * Increase search limit on team add user and improve placeholder (#29258)
  * Fix warnings for conflicting style rules (#29249)
  * Make backwards compatible (#29212)
  * Minor cosmetic markdown tweaks in docs/ (#29238)
  * Getting Started: Updated index topic, removed "what-is-grafana", and adjusted weight o… (#29216)
  * BarGauge: Fix story for BarGauge, caused knobs to show for other stories (#29232)
  * Update glossary to add hyperlinks to Explore and Transformation entries (#29217)
  * Chore: Enable errorlint linter (#29227)
  * TimeRegions: Fixed issue with time regions and tresholds due to angular js upgrade (#29229)
  * CloudWatch: Support request cancellation properly (#28865)
  * CloudMonitoring: Support request cancellation properly (#28847)
  * Chore: Handle wrapped errors (#29223)
  * Expressions: Move GEL into core as expressions (#29072)
  * Chore: remove compress:release grunt task (#29225)
  * Refactor/Explore: Inline datasource actions into initialisation (#28953)
  * Fix README typo (#29219)
  * Grafana UI: Card API refactor (#29034)
  * Plugins: Changed alertlist alert url to view instead of edit (#29060)
  * React: Upgrading react to v17, wip (#29057)
  * Gauge: Tweaks short value auto-sizing (#29197)
  * BackendSrv: support binary responseType like $http did (#29004)
  * GraphNG: update the options config (#28917)
  * Backend: Fix build (#29206)
  * Permissions: Validate against Team/User permission role update (#29101)
  * ESlint: React fixes part 1 (#29062)
  * Tests: Adds expects for observables (#28929)
  * Variables: Adds new Api that allows proper QueryEditors for Query variables (#28217)
  * Introduce eslint-plugin-react (#29053)
  * Automation: Adds GitHub release action (#29194)
  * Refactor declarative series configuration to a config builder (#29106)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.3.3 (#29189)
  * Panels: fix positioning of the header title (#29167)
  * trace user login and datasource name instead of id (#29183)
  * playlist: Improve test (#29120)
  * Drone: Fix publish-packages invocation (#29179)
  * Table: Fix incorrect condtition for rendering table filter (#29165)
  * Chore: Upgrade grafana/build-ci-deploy image to latest Go (#29171)
  * DashboardLinks: will only refresh dashboard search when changing tags for link. (#29040)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.3.3 (#29169)
  * CloudWatch: added HTTP API Gateway specific metrics and dimensions (#28780)
  * Release: Adding release notes for 7.3.3 (#29168)
  * SQL: Define primary key for tables without it (#22255)
  * changed link format from MD to HTML (#29163)
  * Backend: Rename variables for style conformance (#29097)
  * Docs: Fixes what'new menu and creates index page, adds first draft of release notes to docs (#29158)
  * Drone: Upgrade build pipeline tool and build image (#29161)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.4.0 (#29160)
  * ReleaseNotes: Updated changelog and release notes for 7.3.3 (#29159)
  * Chore: Upgrade Go etc in build images (#29157)
  * Chore: Remove unused Go code (#28852)
  * API: Rewrite tests from goconvey (#29091)
  * Chore: Fix linting issues caught by ruleguard (#28799)
  * Fix panic when using complex dynamic URLs in app plugin routes  (#27977)
  * Snapshots: Fixes so that dashboard snapshots show data when using Stat, Gauge, BarGauge or Table panels (#29031)
  * Fix authomation text: remove hyphen (#29149)
  * respect fronted-logging.enabled flag (#29107)
  * build paths in an os independent way (#29143)
  * Provisioning: always pin app to the sidebar when enabled (#29084)
  * Automation: Adds new changelog actions (#29142)
  * Chore: Rewrite preferences test from GoConvey to stdlib and testify (#29129)
  * Chore: Upgrade Go dev tools (#29124)
  * Automation: Adding version bump action
  * DataFrames: add utility function to check if structure has changed (#29006)
  * Drone: Fix Drone config verification for enterprise on Windows (#29118)
  * Chore: Require OrgId to be specified in delete playlist command (#29117)
  * Plugin proxy: Handle URL parsing errors (#29093)
  * Drone: Verify Drone config at beginning of pipelines (#29071)
  * Legend/GraphNG: Refactoring legend types and options (#29067)
  * Doc: Update (#29082)
  * Chore: Bumps types for jest (#29098)
  * LogsPanel: Fix scrolling in dashboards (#28974)
  * sort alphabetically unique labels, labels and parsed fields (#29030)
  * Data source proxy: Convert 401 from data source to 400 (#28962)
  * Plugins: Implement testDatasource for Jaeger (#28916)
  * Update react-testing-library (#29061)
  * Graph: Fixes stacking issues like floating bars when data is not aligned  (#29051)
  * StatPanel: Fixes hanging issue when all values are zero (#29077)
  * Auth: Enable more complete credential chain for SigV4 default SDK auth option (#29065)
  * Chore: Convert API tests to standard Go lib (#29009)
  * Update (#29075)
  * Update CODEOWNERS (#28906)
  * Enhance automation text for missing information (#29052)
  * GraphNG: Adding ticks test dashboard and improves tick spacing (#29044)
  * Chore: Migrate Dashboard List panel to React (#28607)
  * Test Datasource/Bug: Fixes division by zero in csv metric values scenario (#29029)
  * Plugins: Bring back coreplugin package (#29064)
  * Add 'EventBusName' dimension to CloudWatch 'AWS/Events' namespace (#28402)
  * CloudWatch: Add support for AWS/ClientVPN metrics and dimensions (#29055)
  * AlertingNG: manage and evaluate alert definitions via the API (#28377)
  * Fix linting issues (#28811)
  * Logging: Log frontend errors (#28073)
  * Fix for multi-value template variable for project selector (#29042)
  * Chore: Rewrite test helpers from GoConvey to stdlib (#28919)
  * GraphNG: Fixed axis measurements (#29036)
  * Fix links to logql docs (#29037)
  * latest 7.3.2 (#29041)
  * Elasticsearch: Add Moving Function Pipeline Aggregation (#28131)
  * changelog 7.3.2 (#29038)
  * MutableDataFrame: Remove unique field name constraint and values field index and unused/seldom used stuff  (#27573)
  * Fix prometheus docs related to query variable (#29027)
  * Explore: support ANSI colors in live logs (#28895)
  * Docs: Add documentation about log levels (#28975)
  * Dashboard: remove usage of Legacyforms (#28707)
  * Docs: Troubleshoot starting docker containers on Mac (#28754)
  * Elasticsearch: interpolate variables in Filters Bucket Aggregation (#28969)
  * Chore: Bump build pipeline version (#29023)
  * Annotations: Fixes error when trying to create annotation when dashboard is unsaved (#29013)
  * TraceViewer: Make sure it does not break when no trace is passed (#28909)
  * Thresholds: Fixes color assigned to null values (#29010)
  * Backend: Remove unused code (#28933)
  * Fix documentation (#28998)
  * Tracing: Add setting for sampling server (#29011)
  * Logs Panel: Fix inconsistent higlighting (#28971)
  * MySQL: Update (#29003)
  * IntervalVariable: Fix variable tooltip (#28988)
  * StatPanels: Fixes auto min max when latest value is zero (#28982)
  * Chore: Fix SQL related Go variable naming (#28887)
  * MSSQL: Support request cancellation properly (Uses new backendSrv.fetch Observable request API) (#28809)
  * Variables: Fixes loading with a custom all value in url (#28958)
  * Backend: Adds route for well-known change password URL (#28788)
  * docs: fix repeated dashboards link (#29002)
  * LogsPanel: Don't show scroll bars when not needed (#28972)
  * Drone: Fix docs building (#28986)
  * StatPanel: Fixed center of values in edge case scenarios (#28968)
  * Update (#28502)
  * Docs: fix relref (#28977)
  * Docs: Minor docs update
  * Docs: Another workflow docs update
  * Docs: Workflow minor edit
  * Docs: Another minor edit
  * Docs: Update PR workflow docs
  * Docs: Update bot docs
  * StatPanels: set default to last (#28617)
  * Tracing: log traceID in request logger (#28952)
  * start tracking usage stats for tempo (#28948)
  * Docs: Update bot docs
  * GrafanaBot: Update labels and commands and adds docs  (#28950)
  * Docs: updates for file-based menu (#28500)
  * Grot: Added command/label to close feature requests with standard message (#28937)
  * GraphNG: Restore focus option (#28946)
  * Docs: Fix links (#28945)
  * Short URL: Cleanup unvisited/stale short URLs (#28867)
  * GraphNG: Using new VizLayout, moving Legend into GraphNG and some other refactorings (#28913)
  * CloudWatch Logs: Change what we use to measure progress (#28912)
  * Chore: use jest without grunt (#28558)
  * Chore: Split Explore redux code into multiple sections (#28819)
  * TestData: Fix issue with numeric inputs in TestData query editor (#28936)
  * setting: Fix tests on Mac (#28886)
  *  Plugins signing: Fix docs urls (#28930)
  * Field color: handling color changes when switching panel types (#28875)
  * Variables: make sure that we support both old and new syntax for custom variables. (#28896)
  * CodeEditor: added support for javascript language (#28818)
  * Update (#28928)
  * Plugins: allow override when allowing unsigned plugins (#28901)
  * Chore: Fix spelling issue (#28904)
  * Grafana-UI: LoadingPlaceholder docs (#28874)
  * Gauge: making sure threshold panel json is correct before render (#28898)
  * Chore: Rewrite test in GoConvey to stdlib and testify (#28918)
  * Update (#28908)
  * Adding terms to glossary (#28884)
  * Devenv: Fix Prometheus basic auth proxy (#28889)
  * API: replace SendLoginLogCommand with LoginHook (#28777)
  * Dashboards / Folders: delete related data (permissions, stars, tags, versions, annotations) when deleting a dashboard or a folder (#28826)
  * Loki: Correct grammar in DerivedFields.tsx (#28885)
  * Docs: Update list of Enterprise plugins (#28882)
  * Live: update centrifuge and the ChannelHandler api (#28843)
  * Update (#28880)
  * CRLF (#28822)
  * PanelHeader: show streaming indicator (and allow unsubscribe)  (#28682)
  * Docs: Plugin signing docs (#28671)
  * Chore: Fix issues reported by staticcheck; enable stylecheck linter (#28866)
  * Elasticsearch: Filter pipeline aggregations from order by options (#28620)
  * Variables: added to global variable (#28853)
  * Fix titles case and add missing punctuation marks (#28713)
  * VizLayout: Simple viz layout component for legend placement and scaling (#28820)
  * Chore: Fix staticcheck issues (#28860)
  * Chore: Fix staticcheck issues (#28854)
  * Disable selecting enterprise plugins with no license (#28758)
  * Tempo: fix test data source (#28836)
  * Prometheus: fix missing labels from value (#28842)
  * Chore: Fix issues found by staticcheck (#28802)
  * Chore: Remove dead code (#28664)
  * Units: added support to handle negative fractional numbers. (#28849)
  * Variables: Adds variables inspection (#25214)
  * Marked: Upgrade and always sanitize by default (#28796)
  * Currency: add Philippine peso currency (PHP) (#28823)
  * Alert: Remove z-index on Alert component so that it does not overlay ontop of other content (#28834)
  * increase blob column size for encrypted dashboard data (#28831)
  * Gauge: Improve font size auto sizing (#28797)
  * grafana/toolkit: allow builds with lint warnings (#28810)
  * core and grafana/toolkit: Use latest version of grafana-eslint-conifg (#28816)
  * Icon: Replace font awesome icons where possible (#28757)
  * Remove homelinks panel (#28808)
  * StatPanels: Add new calculation option for percentage difference  (#26369)
  * Dashboard: Add Datetime local (No date if today) option in panel axes' units (#28011)
  * Variables: Adds named capture groups to variable regex (#28625)
  * Panel inspect: Interpolate variables in panel inspect title (#28779)
  * grafana/toolkit: Drop console and debugger statements by default when building plugin with toolkit (#28776)
  * Variables: Fixes URL values for dependent variables (#28798)
  * Graph: Fixes event emit function error (#28795)
  * Adds storybook integrity check to drone config (#28785)
  * Live: improve broadcast semantics and avoid double posting (#28765)
  * Events: Remove unused or unnecessary events  (#28783)
  * Docs: added code comments to frontend packages. (#28784)
  * Plugin Dockerfiles: Upgrade Go, golangci-lint, gcloud SDK (#28767)
  * Dependencies: Update angularjs to 1.8.2 (#28736)
  * EventBus: Introduces new event bus with emitter backward compatible interface (#27564)
  * ColorSchemes: Add new color scheme (#28719)
  * Docs: Add NGINX example for using websockets to Loki (#27998)
  * Docs: Made usage of config/configuration consistent #19270 (#28167)
  * Cloudwatch: Fix issue with field calculation transform not working properly with Cloudwatch data (#28761)
  * grafana/toolkit: Extract CHANGELOG when building plugin (#28773)
  * Drone: Upgrade build pipeline tool (#28769)
  * devenv: Upgrade MSSQL Docker image (#28749)
  * Docs: Add docs for InfoBox component (#28705)
  * Reoeragnization. (#28760)
  * gtime: Add ParseDuration function (#28525)
  * Explore: Remove redundant decodeURI and fix urls (#28697)
  * Dashboard: fix view panel mode for Safari / iOS (#28702)
  * Provisioning: Fixed problem with getting started panel being added to custom home dashboard (#28750)
  * LoginPage: Removed auto-capitalization from the login form (#28716)
  * Plugin page: Fix dom validation warning (#28737)
  * Migration: Remove LegacyForms from dashboard folder permissions (#28564)
  * Dependencies: Remove unused dependency (#28711)
  * AlertRuleList: Add keys to alert rule items (#28735)
  * Chore: Pin nginx base image in nginx proxy Dockerfiles (#28730)
  * Drone: Upgrade build-pipeline tool (#28728)
  * TableFilters: Fixes filtering with field overrides (#28690)
  * Templating: Speeds up certain variable queries for Postgres, MySql and MSSql (#28686)
  * Fix typo in unsigned plugin warning (#28709)
  * Chore: Convert sqlstore annotation test from GoConvey to testify (#28715)
  * updates from (#28708)
  * Chore: Add some scenario tests for Explore (#28534)
  * Update latest version to 7.3.1 (#28701)
  * Changelog update - 7.3.1 (#28699)
  * Drone: Don't build on Windows for PRs (#28663)
  * Build: changing docs docker image to prevent setting up frontend devenv. (#28670)
  * Prometheus: Fix copy paste behaving as cut and paste (#28622)
  * Loki: Fix error when some queries return zero results (#28645)
  * Chore: allow higher nodejs version than 12 (#28624)
  * TextPanel: Fixes problems where text panel would show old content (#28643)
  * PanelMenu: Fixes panel submenu not being accessible for panels close to the right edge of the screen (#28666)
  * Cloudwatch: Fix duplicate metric data (#28642)
  * Add info about CSV download for Excel in What's new article (#28661)
  * Docs: Describe pipeline aggregation changes in v7.3 (#28660)
  * Plugins: Fix descendent frontend plugin signature validation (#28638)
  * Docker:  use root group in the custom Dockerfile (#28639)
  * Bump rxjs to 6.6.3 (#28657)
  * StatPanel: Fixed value being under graph and reduced likley hood for white and dark value text mixing (#28641)
  * Table: Fix image cell mode so that it works with value mappings (#28644)
  * Build: support custom build tags (#28609)
  * Plugin signing: Fix copy on signed plugin notice (#28633)
  * Dashboard: Fix navigation from one SoloPanelPage to another one (#28578)
  * CloudWatch: Improve method name, performance optimization (#28632)
  * Developer guide: Update wrt. Windows (#28559)
  * Docs: Update graph panel for tabs (#28552)
  * update latest.json (#28603)
  * Docs: data source insights (#28542)
  * Field config API: add slider editor (#28007)
  * changelog: update for 7.3.0 (#28602)
  * Update uPlot to 1.2.2 and align timestamps config with new uPLot API (#28569)
  * Live: updated the reference to use lazy loaded Monaco in code editor. (#28597)
  * Dashboard: Allow add panel for viewers_can_edit (#28570)
  * Docs: Data source provisioning and sigV4 (#28593)
  * Docs: Additional 7.3 upgrade notes (#28592)
  * CI: Add GCC to Windows Docker image (#28562)
  * CloudWatch Logs queue and websocket support (#28176)
  * Explore/Loki: Update docs and cheatsheet (#28541)
  * Grafana-UI: Add Card component (#28216)
  * AddDatasource: Improve plugin categories (#28584)
  * StatPanel: Fixes BizChart error max: yyy should not be less than min zzz (#28587)
  * docs: a few tweaks for clarity and readability (#28579)
  * API: Reducing some api docs errors (#28575)
  * Grafana-UI: ContextMenu docs (#28508)
  * Short URL: Update last seen at when visiting a short URL (#28565)
  * Fix backend build on Windows (#28557)
  * add value prop (#28561)
  * Plugin signing: UI information (#28469)
  * Use fetch API in InfluxDB data source (#28555)
  * PanelEdit: Prevent the preview pane to be resized further than window height (#28370)
  * Docs: Update (#28517)
  * GCS image uploader: Add tests (#28521)
  * Move metrics collector queries to config (#28549)
  * Plugins: Fix plugin URL paths on Windows (#28548)
  * API: add login username in SendLoginLogCommand (#28544)
  * AzureMonitor: Support decimal (as float64) type in analytics/logs (#28480)
  * Auth: Fix SigV4 request verification step for Amazon Elasticsearch Service (#28481)
  * Grafana/ui: auto focus threshold editor input (#28360)
  * Docs: SigV4 What's New and AWS Elasticsearch documentation (#28506)
  * Drone: Upgrade build pipeline tool (#28533)
  * Drone: Refactor version branch pipeline logic (#28531)
  * Drone: Upgrade build-pipeline tool (#28520)
  * Docs: Update field color scheme docs and 7.3 what's new (#28496)
  * Templating: Custom variable edit UI, change text input into textarea  (#28312) (#28322)
  * Currency: Adds Indonesian IDR currency (#28363)
  * Chore: Fix flaky sqlstore annotation test (#28527)
  * Checkbox: Fix component sample typo (#28518)
  * Image uploader: Fix uploading of images to GCS (#26493)
  * OAuth: Support Forward OAuth Identity for backend data source plugins (#27055)
  * Updated documentation style guide  (#28488)
  * Cloud Monitoring: Fix help section for aliases (#28499)
  * Docs: what's new in enterprise 7.3 (#28472)
  * Plugins: Track plugin signing errors and expose them to the frontend (#28219)
  * Elasticsearch: Fix handling of errors when testing data source (#28498)
  * Auth: Should redirect to login when anonymous enabled and URL with different org than anonymous specified  (#28158)
  * Drone: Don't build Windows installer for version branches (#28494)
  * Docs: Grafana Enterprise auditing feature (#28356)
  * Drone: Add version branch pipeline (#28490)
  * Getting Started section rehaul (#28090)
  * Docs: Add survey content (#28446)
  * Docs: Update (#28483)
  * Docs: Add view settings and view stats (#28155)
  * Remove entry from 7.3.0-beta2 Changelog (#28478)
  * Circle: Remove release pipeline (#28474)
  * Update latest.json (#28476)
  * Switch default version to Graphite 1.1 (#28471)
  * Plugin page: update readme icon (#28465)
  * Chore: Update changelog (#28473)
  * Explore: parse time range fix (#28467)
  * Alerting: Log alert warnings for obsolete notifiers when extracting alerts and remove spammy error (#28162)
  * Shorten url: Unification across Explore and Dashboards (#28434)
  * Explore: Support wide data frames (#28393)
  * Docs: updated cmd to build docs locally to generate docs prior to building site. (#28371)
  * Live: support real time measurements (alpha) (#28022)
  * CloudWatch/Athena - valid metrics and dimensions. (#28436)
  * Chore: Use net.JoinHostPort (#28421)
  * Chore: Upgrade grafana-eslint to latest (#28444)
  * Fix cut off icon (#28442)
  * Docs: Add shared (#28411)
  * Loki: Visually distinguish error logs for LogQL2 (#28359)
  * Database; Remove database metric feature flag and update changelog (#28438)
  * TestData: multiple arrow requests should return multiple frames (#28417)
  * Docs: Test survey code (#28437)
  * Docs: improved github action that syncs docs to website (#28277)
  * update latest.json with latest stable version (#28433)
  * 7.2.2 changelog update (#28406)
  * plugins: Don't exit on duplicate plugin (#28390)
  * API: Query database from /api/health endpoint (#28349)
  * Chore: Fix conversion of a 64-bit integer to a lower bit size type uint (#28425)
  * Prometheus: fix parsing of infinite sample values (#28287) (#28288)
  * Chore: Rewrite some tests to use testify (#28420)
  * Plugins: do not remount app plugin on nav change (#28105)
  * App Plugins: Add backend support (#28272)
  * Chore: react hooks eslint fixes in grafana-ui (#28026)
  * ci-e2e: Add Git (#28410)
  * TestData: Remove useEffect that triggeres query on component load (#28321)
  * FieldColor: Remove inverted color scheme (#28408)
  * Chore: Set timezone for tests to non utc. (#28405)
  * Chore: fix jsdoc desc and return (#28383)
  * Docs: Fixing v51 link (#28396)
  * fixes windows crlf warning (#28346)
  * Grafana/ui: pass html attributes to segment (#28316)
  * Alerting: Return proper status code when trying to create alert notification channel with duplicate name or uid (#28043)
  * OAuth: Able to skip auto login (#28357)
  * CloudWatch: Fix custom metrics (#28391)
  * Docs: Adds basic frontend data request concepts (#28253)
  * Instrumentation: Add histogram for request duration (#28364)
  * remove status label from histogram (#28387)
  * OAuth: configurable user name attribute (#28286)
  * Component/NewsPanel: Add rel="noopener" to NewsPanel links (#28379)
  * Webpack: Split out unicons and bizcharts (#28374)
  * Explore: Fix date formatting in url for trace logs link (#28381)
  * Docs: Add activate-license (#28156)
  * Instrumentation: Add counters and histograms for database queries (#28236)
  * Docs: Make tables formatting more consistent (#28164)
  * CloudWatch: Adding support for additional Amazon CloudFront metrics (#28378)
  * Add unique ids to query editor fields (#28376)
  * Plugins: Compose filesystem paths with filepath.Join (#28375)
  * Explore: Minor tweaks to exemplars marble (#28366)
  * Instrumentation: Adds environment_info metric  (#28355)
  * AzureMonitor: Fix capitalization of NetApp 'volumes' namespace (#28369)
  * ColorSchemes: Adds more color schemes and text colors that depend on the background (#28305)
  * Automation: Update backport github action trigger (#28352)
  * Dashboard links: Places drop down list so it's always visible (#28330)
  * Docs: Add missing records from grafana-ui 7.2.1 CHANGELOG (#28302)
  * Templating: Replace all '$tag' in tag values query (#28343)
  * Docs: Add docs for valuepicker (#28327)
  * Git: Create .gitattributes for windows line endings (#28340)
  * Update (#28339)
  * area/grafana/toolkit: update e2e docker image (#28335)
  * AlertingNG: remove warn/crit from eval prototype (#28334)
  * Automation: Tweaks to more info message (#28332)
  * Loki: Run instant query only when doing metric query (#28325)
  * SAML: IdP-initiated SSO docs (#28280)
  * IssueTriage: Needs more info automation and messages (#28137)
  * GraphNG: Use AxisSide enum (#28320)
  * BackendSrv: Fixes queue countdown when unsubscribe is before response (#28323)
  * Automation: Add backport github action (#28318)
  * Build(deps): Bump http-proxy from 1.18.0 to 1.18.1 (#27507)
  * Bump handlebars from 4.4.3 to 4.7.6 (#27416)
  * Bump tree-kill from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 (#27405)
  * Loki: Base maxDataPoints limits on query type (#28298)
  * Explore: respect min_refresh_interval (#27988)
  * Drone: Use ${DRONE_TAG} in release pipelines, since it should work (#28299)
  * Graph NG: fix toggling queries and extract Graph component from graph3 panel (#28290)
  * fix: for graph size not taking up full height or width
  * should only ignore the file in the grafana mixin root folder (#28306)
  * Drone: Fix grafana-mixin linting (#28308)
  * SQLStore: Run tests as integration tests (#28265)
  * Chore: Add cloud-middleware as code owners (#28310)
  * API: Fix short URLs (#28300)
  * CloudWatch: Add EC2CapacityReservations Namespace (#28309)
  * Jaeger: timeline collapser to show icons (#28284)
  * update latest.json with latest beta version (#28293)
  * Update changelog (#28292)
  * Docs : - Added period (#28260)
  * Add monitoring mixing for Grafana (#28285)
  * Chore: Update package.json (#28291)
  * Drone: Fix enterprise release pipeline (#28289)
  * Alerting: Append appSubUrl to back button on channel form (#28282)
- Rework package Makefile & README now that Grunt is gone

Mon Jan 04 19:55:33 UTC 2021 -

- Update to version 7.3.6:
  * fixes for saml vulnerability
  * [v7.3.x] Fix: Correct panel edit uistate migration (#29413) (#29711)
  * PanelEdit: Prevent the preview pane to be resized further than window height (#28370) (#29726)
  * Fix: Migrate Panel edit uiState percentage strings to number (#29412) (#29723)
  * "Release: Updated versions in package to 7.3.5" (#29710)
  * Chore: upgrading y18n to 4.0.1 for security reasons (#29523) (#29709)
  * Panel: making sure we support all versions of chrome when detecting position of click event. (#29544) (#29708)
  * PanelEdit: making sure the correct datasource query editor is being rendered. (#29500) (#29707)
  * [v7.3.x] Auth: Add SigV4 header allowlist to reduce chances of verification issues (#29705)
  * Alerting: Use correct time series name override from frame fields (#29693) (#29698)
  * CloudWatch: namespace in search expression should be quoted if match exact is enabled #29109 (#29563) (#29687)
  * Adds go dep used by an Enterprise feature.  (#29645) (#29690)
  * instrumentation: align label name with our other projects (#29514) (#29685)
  * Instrumentation: Add examplars for request histograms (#29357) (#29682)
  * Login: Fixes typo in tooltip (#29604) (#29606)
  * fixes bug with invalid handler name for metrics (#29529) (#29532)
  * AzureMonitor: Unit MilliSeconds naming (#29399) (#29526)
  * Alarting: fix alarm messages in dingding (Fixes #29470) (#29482) (#29527)
  * Bug: trace viewer doesn't show more than 300 spans (#29377) (#29504)
  * Prometheus: don't override displayName property (#29441) (#29488)
  * resolve conflicts (#29415)
  * Drone: Upgrade build pipeline tool (#29365) (#29368)
  * Drone: Upload artifacts for release branch builds (#29297) (#29364)
  * Drone: Execute artifact publishing for both editions in parallel during release (#29362) (#29363)
  * Drone: Publish NPM packages after Storybook to avoid race condition (#29340) (#29343)
  * Docs: Fix editor role and alert notification channel description (#29301) (#29337)
  * "Release: Updated versions in package to 7.3.4" (#29336)
  * Security: Fixes minor security issue with alert notification webhooks that allowed GET & DELETE requests #29330 (#29335)
  * Backport of InfluxDB: update flux library and support boolean label values #29333
  * ReleaseNotes: Update link in package.json (#29328)
  * Login: Fixes redirect url encoding issues of # %23 being unencoded after login (#29299) (#29323)
  * Drone: Upgrade build pipeline tool (#29308) (#29309)
  * Annotations: fixing so when changing annotations query links submenu will be updated. (#28990) (#29285)
  * Dashboard: Fixes kiosk state after being redirected to login page and back (#29273) (#29278)
  * Increase search limit on team add user and improve placeholder (#29258) (#29261)
  * Drone: Sync with master (#29205)
  * Drone: Fix publish-packages invocation (#29179) (#29184)
  * Chore: Upgrade grafana/build-ci-deploy image to latest Go (#29171) (#29180)
  * Table: Fix incorrect condtition for rendering table filter (#29165) (#29181)
  * DashboardLinks: will only refresh dashboard search when changing tags for link. (#29040) (#29177)
  * Drone: Upgrade build pipeline tool and build image (#29161) (#29162)
  * Release: Updated versions in package to 7.3.3 (#29126)
  * git cherry-pick -x 0f3bebb38daa488e108881ce17d4f68167a834e6 (#29155)
  * Build: support custom build tags (#28609) (#29128)
  * Revert "Graph: Fixes stacking issues like floating bars when data is not aligned  (#29051) (#29088)" (#29151)
  * Provisioning: always pin app to the sidebar when enabled (#29084) (#29146)
  * build paths in an os independent way (#29143) (#29147)
  * Chore: Upgrade Go dev tools (#29124) (#29132)
  * Automatin: set node version
  * Automation: Adding version bump action
  * Drone: Fix Drone config verification for enterprise on Windows (#29118) (#29119)
  * [v7.3.x] Drone: Verify Drone config at beginning of pipelines (#29111)
  * Test Datasource/Bug: Fixes division by zero in csv metric values scenario (#29029) (#29068)
  * [v7.3.x] StatPanel: Fixes hanging issue when all values are zero (#29087)
  * Data source proxy: Convert 401 from data source to 400 (#28962) (#29095)
  * Graph: Fixes stacking issues like floating bars when data is not aligned  (#29051) (#29088)
  * Auth: Enable more complete credential chain for SigV4 default SDK auth option (#29065) (#29086)
  * Fix for multi-value template variable for project selector (#29042) (#29054)
  * Thresholds: Fixes color assigned to null values (#29010) (#29018)
  * [v7.3.x] Chore: Bump build pipeline version (#29025)
  * Release v7.3.2 (#29024)
  * Fix conflict (#29020)
  * StatPanels: Fixes auto min max when latest value is zero (#28982) (#29007)
  * Tracing: Add setting for sampling server (#29011) (#29015)
  * Gauge: making sure threshold panel json is correct before render (#28898) (#28984)
  * Variables: make sure that we support both old and new syntax for custom variables. (#28896) (#28985)
  * Explore: Remove redundant decodeURI and fix urls (#28697) (#28963)
  * [v7.3.x] Drone: Fix docs building (#28987)
  * Alerting: Append appSubUrl to back button on channel form (#28282) (#28983)
  * Plugins: allow override when allowing unsigned plugins (#28901) (#28927)
  * CloudWatch Logs: Change what we use to measure progress (#28912) (#28964)
  * Tracing: log traceID in request logger (#28952) (#28959)
  * Panel inspect: Interpolate variables in panel inspect title (#28779) (#28801)
  * UsageStats: start tracking usage stats for tempo (#28948) (#28951)
  * Short URL: Cleanup unvisited/stale short URLs (#28867) (#28944)
  *  Plugins signing: Fix docs urls (#28930) (#28934)
  * Chore: Fix spelling issue (#28904) (#28925)
  * API: replace SendLoginLogCommand with LoginHook (#28777) (#28891)
  * Elasticsearch: Exclude pipeline aggregations from order by options (#28620) (#28873)
  * Dashboards / Folders: delete related data (permissions, stars, tags, versions, annotations) when deleting a dashboard or a folder (#28826) (#28890)
  * Disable selecting enterprise plugins with no license (#28758) (#28859)
  * Tempo: fix test data source (#28836) (#28856)
  * Prometheus: fix missing labels from value (#28842) (#28855)
  * Units: added support to handle negative fractional numbers. (#28849) (#28851)
  * increase blob column size for encrypted dashboard data (#28831) (#28832)
  * Gauge: Improve font size auto sizing (#28797) (#28828)
  * Variables: Fixes URL values for dependent variables (#28798) (#28800)
  * grafana/toolkit: Extract CHANGELOG when building plugin (#28773) (#28774)
  * Templating: Custom variable edit UI, change text input into textarea  (#28312) (#28322) (#28704)
  * Cloudwatch: Fix issue with field calculation transform not working properly with Cloudwatch data (#28761) (#28775)
  * Plugin page: Fix dom validation warning (#28737) (#28741)
  * Dashboard: fix view panel mode for Safari / iOS (#28702) (#28755)
  * Fix typo in unsigned plugin warning (#28709) (#28722)
  * TableFilters: Fixes filtering with field overrides (#28690) (#28727)
  * Templating: Speeds up certain variable queries for Postgres, MySql and MSSql (#28686) (#28726)
  * Prometheus: Fix copy paste behaving as cut and paste (#28622) (#28691)

Mon Nov  9 16:50:36 UTC 2020 - Stefano Torresi <>

- Update packaging
  * avoid systemd and shadow hard requirements
  * Require the user from a new dedicated 'system-user-grafana' sibling package
  * avoid pinning to a specific Go version in the spec file

Thu Nov 05 12:21:57 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 7.3.1:
  * Breaking changes
    - CloudWatch: The AWS CloudWatch data source's authentication scheme has changed. See the upgrade notes for details and how this may affect you.
    - Units: The date time units `YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss` and `MM/DD/YYYY h:mm:ss a` have been renamed to `Datetime ISO` and `Datetime US` respectively.
  * Features / Enhancements
    - AzureMonitor: Support decimal (as float64) type in analytics/logs.
    - Add monitoring mixing for Grafana.
    - CloudWatch: Missing Namespace AWS/EC2CapacityReservations.
    - CloudWatch: Add support for AWS DirectConnect virtual interface metrics and add missing dimensions.
    - CloudWatch: Adding support for Amazon ElastiCache Redis metrics.
    - CloudWatch: Adding support for additional Amazon CloudFront metrics.
    - CloudWatch: Re-implement authentication.
    - Elasticsearch: Support multiple pipeline aggregations for a query.
    - Prometheus: Add time range parameters to labels API.
    - Loki: Visually distinguish error logs for LogQL2.
    - Api: Add /healthz endpoint for health checks.
    - API: Enrich add user to org endpoints with user ID in the response.
    - API: Enrich responses and improve error handling for alerting API endpoints.
    - Elasticsearch: Add support for date_nanos type.
    - Elasticsearch: Allow fields starting with underscore.
    - Elasticsearch: Increase maximum geohash aggregation precision to 12.
    - Postgres: Support request cancellation properly (Uses new backendSrv.fetch Observable request API).
    - Provisioning: Remove provisioned dashboards without parental reader.
    - API: Return ID of the deleted resource for dashboard, datasource and folder DELETE endpoints.
    - API: Support paging in the admin orgs list API.
    - API: return resource ID for auth key creation, folder permissions update and user invite complete endpoints.
    - BackendSrv: Uses credentials, deprecates withCredentials & defaults to same-origin.
    - CloudWatch: Update list of AmazonMQ metrics and dimensions.
    - Cloudwatch: Add Support for external ID in assume role.
    - Cloudwatch: Add af-south-1 region.
    - DateFormats: Default ISO & US formats never omit date part even if date is today (breaking change).
    - Explore: Transform prometheus query to elasticsearch query.
    - InfluxDB/Flux: Increase series limit for Flux datasource.
    - InfluxDB: exclude result and table column from Flux table results.
    - InfluxDB: return a table rather than an error when timeseries is missing time.
    - Loki: Add scopedVars support in legend formatting for repeated variables.
    - Loki: Re-introduce running of instant queries.
    - Loki: Support request cancellation properly (Uses new backendSrv.fetch Observable request API).
    - MixedDatasource: Shows retrieved data even if a data source fails.
    - Postgres: Support Unix socket for host.
    - Prometheus: Add scopedVars support in legend formatting for repeated variables.
    - Prometheus: Support request cancellation properly (Uses new backendSrv.fetch Observable request API).
    - Prometheus: add $__rate_interval variable.
    - Table: Adds column filtering.
    - grafana-cli: Add ability to read password from stdin to reset admin password.

Fri Sep 18 08:58:14 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 7.1.5:
  * Features / Enhancements
    - Stats: Stop counting the same user multiple times.
    - Field overrides: Filter by field name using regex.
    - AzureMonitor: map more units.
    - Explore: Don't run queries on datasource change.
    - Graph: Support setting field unit & override data source (automatic) unit.
    - Explore: Unification of logs/metrics/traces user interface
    - Table: JSON Cell should try to convert strings to JSON
    - Variables: enables cancel for slow query variables queries.
    - TimeZone: unify the time zone pickers to one that can rule them all.
    - Search: support URL query params.
    - Grafana-UI: Add FileUpload.
    - TablePanel: Sort numbers correctly.
  * Bug fixes
    - Alerting: remove LongToWide call in alerting.
    - AzureMonitor: fix panic introduced in 7.1.4 when unit was unspecified and alias was used.
    - Variables: Fixes issue with All variable not being resolved.
    - Templating: Fixes so texts show in picker not the values.
    - Templating: Templating: Fix undefined result when using raw interpolation format
    - TextPanel: Fix content overflowing panel boundaries.
    - StatPanel: Fix stat panel display name not showing when explicitly set.
    - Query history: Fix search filtering if null value.
    - Flux: Ensure connections to InfluxDB are closed.
    - Dashboard: Fix for viewer can enter panel edit mode by modifying url (but cannot not save anything).
    - Prometheus: Fix prom links in mixed mode.
    - Sign In Use correct url for the Sign In button.
    - StatPanel: Fixes issue with name showing for single series / field results
    - BarGauge: Fix space bug in single series mode.
    - Auth: Fix POST request failures with anonymous access
    - Templating: Fix recursive loop of template variable queries when changing ad-hoc-variable
    - Templating: Fixed recursive queries triggered when switching dashboard settings view
    - GraphPanel: Fix annotations overflowing panels.
    - Prometheus: Fix performance issue in processing of histogram labels.
    - Datasources: Handle URL parsing error.
    - Security: Use Header.Set and Header.Del for X-Grafana-User header.
  * Changes in spec file
    - Fix golang version = 1.14 to avoid dependency conflicts on some OBS projects

Fri Jun 05 10:31:13 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 7.0.3
  * Features / Enhancements
    - Stats: include all fields. #24829, @ryantxu
    - Variables: change VariableEditorList row action Icon to IconButton. #25217, @hshoff
  * Bug fixes
    - Cloudwatch: Fix dimensions of DDoSProtection. #25317, @papagian
    - Configuration: Fix env var override of sections containing hyphen. #25178, @marefr
    - Dashboard: Get panels in collapsed rows. #25079, @peterholmberg
    - Do not show alerts tab when alerting is disabled. #25285, @dprokop
    - Jaeger: fixes cascader option label duration value. #25129, @Estrax
    - Transformations: Fixed Transform tab crash & no update after adding first transform. #25152, @torkelo

- Update to version 7.0.2
  * Bug fixes
    - Security: Urgent security patch release to fix CVE-2020-13379

Mon Jun 01 13:12:54 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 7.0.1
  * Features / Enhancements
    - Datasource/CloudWatch: Makes CloudWatch Logs query history more readable. #24795, @kaydelaney
    - Download CSV: Add date and time formatting. #24992, @ryantxu
    - Table: Make last cell value visible when right aligned. #24921, @peterholmberg
    - TablePanel: Adding sort order persistance. #24705, @torkelo
    - Transformations: Display correct field name when using reduce transformation. #25068, @peterholmberg
    - Transformations: Allow custom number input for binary operations. #24752, @ryantxu
  * Bug fixes
    - Dashboard/Links: Fixes dashboard links by tags not working. #24773, @KamalGalrani
    - Dashboard/Links: Fixes open in new window for dashboard link. #24772, @KamalGalrani
    - Dashboard/Links: Variables are resolved and limits to 100. #25076, @hugohaggmark
    - DataLinks: Bring back variables interpolation in title. #24970, @dprokop
    - Datasource/CloudWatch: Field suggestions no longer limited to prefix-only. #24855, @kaydelaney
    - Explore/Table: Keep existing field types if possible. #24944, @kaydelaney
    - Explore: Fix wrap lines toggle for results of queries with filter expression. #24915, @ivanahuckova
    - Explore: fix undo in query editor. #24797, @zoltanbedi
    - Explore: fix word break in type head info. #25014, @zoltanbedi
    - Graph: Legend decimals now work as expected. #24931, @torkelo
    - LoginPage: Fix hover color for service buttons. #25009, @tskarhed
    - LogsPanel: Fix scrollbar. #24850, @ivanahuckova
    - MoveDashboard: Fix for moving dashboard caused all variables to be lost. #25005, @torkelo
    - Organize transformer: Use display name in field order comparer. #24984, @dprokop
    - Panel: shows correct panel menu items in view mode. #24912, @hugohaggmark
    - PanelEditor Fix missing labels and description if there is only single option in category. #24905, @dprokop
    - PanelEditor: Overrides name matcher still show all original field names even after Field default display name is specified. #24933, @torkelo
    - PanelInspector: Makes sure Data display options are visible. #24902, @hugohaggmark
    - PanelInspector: Hides unsupported data display options for Panel type. #24918, @hugohaggmark
    - PanelMenu: Make menu disappear on button press. #25015, @tskarhed
    - Postgres: Fix add button. #25087, @phemmer
    - Prometheus: Fix recording rules expansion. #24977, @ivanahuckova
    - Stackdriver: Fix creating Service Level Objectives (SLO) datasource query variable. #25023, @papagian

Sun May 24 21:43:04 UTC 2020 - Joao Cavalheiro <>

- Update to version 7.0.0
  * Breaking changes
    - Removed PhantomJS: PhantomJS was deprecated in Grafana v6.4 and starting from Grafana v7.0.0, all PhantomJS support has been removed. This means that Grafana no longer ships with a built-in image renderer, and we advise you to install the Grafana Image Renderer plugin.
    - Dashboard: A global minimum dashboard refresh interval is now enforced and defaults to 5 seconds.
    - Interval calculation: There is now a new option Max data points that controls the auto interval $__interval calculation. Interval was previously calculated by dividing the panel width by the time range. With the new max data points option it is now easy to set $__interval to a dynamic value that is time range agnostic. For example if you set Max data points to 10 Grafana will dynamically set $__interval by dividing the current time range by 10.
    - Datasource/Loki: Support for deprecated Loki endpoints has been removed.
    - Backend plugins: Grafana now requires backend plugins to be signed, otherwise Grafana will not load/start them. This is an additional security measure to make sure backend plugin binaries and files haven't been tampered with. Refer to Upgrade Grafana for more information.
    - @grafana/ui: Forms migration notice, see @grafana/ui changelog
    - @grafana/ui: Select API change for creating custom values, see @grafana/ui changelog
    + Deprecation warnings
      - Scripted dashboards is now deprecated. The feature is not removed but will be in a future release. We hope to address the underlying requirement of dynamic dashboards in a different way. #24059
      - The unofficial first version of backend plugins together with usage of grafana/grafana-plugin-model is now deprecated and support for that will be removed in a future release. Please refer to backend plugins documentation for information about the new officially supported backend plugins.
  * Features / Enhancements
    - Backend plugins: Log deprecation warning when using the unofficial first version of backend plugins. #24675, @marefr
    - Editor: New line on Enter, run query on Shift+Enter. #24654, @davkal
    - Loki: Allow multiple derived fields with the same name. #24437, @aocenas
    - Orgs: Add future deprecation notice. #24502, @torkelo
  * Bug Fixes
    - @grafana/toolkit: Use process.cwd() instead of PWD to get directory. #24677, @zoltanbedi
    - Admin: Makes long settings values line break in settings page. #24559, @hugohaggmark
    - Dashboard: Allow editing provisioned dashboard JSON and add confirmation when JSON is copied to dashboard. #24680, @dprokop
    - Dashboard: Fix for strange "dashboard not found" errors when opening links in dashboard settings. #24416, @torkelo
    - Dashboard: Fix so default data source is selected when data source can't be found in panel editor. #24526, @mckn
    - Dashboard: Fixed issue changing a panel from transparent back to normal in panel editor. #24483, @torkelo
    - Dashboard: Make header names reflect the field name when exporting to CSV file from the the panel inspector. #24624, @peterholmberg
    - Dashboard: Make sure side pane is displayed with tabs by default in panel editor. #24636, @dprokop
    - Data source: Fix query/annotation help content formatting. #24687, @AgnesToulet
    - Data source: Fixes async mount errors. #24579, @Estrax
    - Data source: Fixes saving a data source without failure when URL doesn't specify a protocol. #24497, @aknuds1
    - Explore/Prometheus: Show results of instant queries only in table. #24508, @ivanahuckova
    - Explore: Fix rendering of react query editors. #24593, @ivanahuckova
    - Explore: Fixes loading more logs in logs context view. #24135, @Estrax
    - Graphite: Fix schema and dedupe strategy in rollup indicators for Metrictank queries. #24685, @torkelo
    - Graphite: Makes query annotations work again. #24556, @hugohaggmark
    - Logs: Clicking "Load more" from context overlay doesn't expand log row. #24299, @kaydelaney
    - Logs: Fix total bytes process calculation. #24691, @davkal
    - Org/user/team preferences: Fixes so UI Theme can be set back to Default. #24628, @AgnesToulet
    - Plugins: Fix manifest validation. #24573, @aknuds1
    - Provisioning: Use proxy as default access mode in provisioning. #24669, @bergquist
    - Search: Fix select item when pressing enter and Grafana is served using a sub path. #24634, @tskarhed
    - Search: Save folder expanded state. #24496, @Clarity-89
    - Security: Tag value sanitization fix in OpenTSDB data source. #24539, @rotemreiss
    - Table: Do not include angular options in options when switching from angular panel. #24684, @torkelo
    - Table: Fixed persisting column resize for time series fields. #24505, @torkelo
    - Table: Fixes Cannot read property subRows of null. #24578, @hugohaggmark
    - Time picker: Fixed so you can enter a relative range in the time picker without being converted to absolute range. #24534, @mckn
    - Transformations: Make transform dropdowns not cropped. #24615, @dprokop
    - Transformations: Sort order should be preserved as entered by user when using the reduce transformation. #24494, @hugohaggmark
    - Units: Adds scale symbol for currencies with suffixed symbol. #24678, @hugohaggmark
    - Variables: Fixes filtering options with more than 1000 entries. #24614, @hugohaggmark
    - Variables: Fixes so Textbox variables read value from url. #24623, @hugohaggmark
    - Zipkin: Fix error when span contains remoteEndpoint. #24524, @aocenas
    - SAML: Switch from email to login for user login attribute mapping (Enterprise)

- Update Makefile and spec file
  * Remove phantomJS patch from Makefile
  * Fix multiline strings in Makefile
  * Exclude s390 from SLE12 builds, golang 1.14 is not built for s390

Thu May 14 13:57:48 UTC 2020 - Enno Gotthold <>

- Add instructions for patching the Grafana javascript frontend.

Tue May  5 17:34:34 UTC 2020 - Jeff Kowalczyk <>

- BuildRequires golang(API) instead of go metapackage version range
  * BuildRequires:  golang(API) >= 1.14   from
    BuildRequires:  ( go >= 1.14 with go < 1.15 )

Tue Apr 28 10:00:58 UTC 2020 - Enno Gotthold <>

- Update to version 6.7.3
  - This version fixes bsc#1170557 and its corresponding CVE-2020-12245
  - Admin: Fix Synced via LDAP message for non-LDAP external users. #23477, @alexanderzobnin
  - Alerting: Fixes notifications for alerts with empty message in Google Hangouts notifier. #23559, @hugohaggmark
  - AuthProxy: Fixes bug where long username could not be cached.. #22926, @jcmcken
  - Dashboard: Fix saving dashboard when editing raw dashboard JSON model. #23314, @peterholmberg
  - Dashboard: Try to parse 8 and 15 digit numbers as timestamps if parsing of time range as date fails. #21694, @jessetan
  - DashboardListPanel: Fixed problem with empty panel after going into edit mode (General folder filter being automatically added) . #23426, @torkelo
  - Data source: Handle datasource withCredentials option properly. #23380, @hvtuananh
  - Security: Fix annotation popup XSS vulnerability. #23813, @torkelo
  - Server: Exit Grafana with status code 0 if no error. #23312, @aknuds1
  - TablePanel: Fix XSS issue in header column rename (backport). #23814, @torkelo
  - Variables: Fixes error when setting adhoc variable values. #23580, @hugohaggmark

Mon Apr 06 12:00:17 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 6.7.2:
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)
  -  BackendSrv: Adds config to response to fix issue for external plugins that used this property . #23032, @torkelo
  -  Dashboard: Fixed issue with saving new dashboard after changing title . #23104, @dprokop
  -  DataLinks: make sure we use the correct datapoint when dataset contains null value.. #22981, @mckn
  -  Plugins: Fixed issue for plugins that imported dateMath util . #23069, @mckn
  -  Security: Fix for dashboard snapshot original dashboard link could contain XSS vulnerability in url. #23254, @torkelo
  -  Variables: Fixes issue with too many queries being issued for nested template variables after value change. #23220, @torkelo
  -  Plugins: Expose promiseToDigest. #23249, @torkelo
  -  Reporting (Enterprise): Fixes issue updating a report created by someone else

Fri Mar 20 20:02:56 UTC 2020 - Johannes Kastl <>

- update to 6.7.1:
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)
  Bug Fixes
  - Azure: Fixed dropdowns not showing current value. #22914, @torkelo
  - BackendSrv: only add content-type on POST, PUT requests. #22910, @hugohaggmark
  - Panels: Fixed size issue with panel internal size when exiting panel edit mode. #22912, @torkelo
  - Reporting: fixes migrations compatibility with mysql (Enterprise)
  - Reporting: Reduce default concurrency limit to 4 (Enterprise)

Fri Mar 20 19:48:29 UTC 2020 - Johannes Kastl <>

- update to 6.7.0:
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)
  Bug Fixes
  - AngularPanels: Fixed inner height calculation for angular panels . #22796, @torkelo
  - BackendSrv: makes sure provided headers are correctly recognized and set. #22778, @hugohaggmark
  - Forms: Fix input suffix position (caret-down in Select) . #22780, @torkelo
  - Graphite: Fixed issue with query editor and next select metric now showing after selecting metric node . #22856, @torkelo
  - Rich History: UX adjustments and fixes. #22729, @ivanahuckova
- update to 6.7.0-beta1:
  Breaking changes
  -  Slack: Removed Mention setting and instead introduce Mention Users, Mention Groups, and Mention Channel. The first two settings require user and group IDs, respectively. This change was necessary because the way of mentioning via the Slack API changed and mentions in Slack notifications no longer worked.
  -  Alerting: Reverts the behavior of diff and percent_diff to not always be absolute. Something we introduced by mistake in 6.1.0. Alerting now support diff(), diff_abs(), percent_diff() and percent_diff_abs(). #21338

  - Notice about changes in backendSrv for plugin authors
    In our mission to migrate away from AngularJS to React we have removed all AngularJS dependencies in the core data retrieval service backendSrv.
    Removing the AngularJS dependencies in backendSrv has the unfortunate side effect of AngularJS digest no longer being triggered for any request made with backendSrv. Because of this, external plugins using backendSrv directly may suffer from strange behaviour in the UI.
    To remedy this issue, as a plugin author you need to trigger the digest after a direct call to backendSrv.
  Bug Fixes
    API: Fix redirect issues. #22285, @papagian
    Alerting: Don't include image_url field with Slack message if empty. #22372, @aknuds1
    Alerting: Fixed bad background color for default notifications in alert tab . #22660, @krvajal
    Annotations: In table panel when setting transform to annotation, they will now show up right away without a manual refresh. #22323, @krvajal
    Azure Monitor: Fix app insights source to allow for new __timeFrom and __timeTo. #21879, @ChadNedzlek
    BackendSrv: Fixes POST body for form data. #21714, @hugohaggmark
    CloudWatch: Credentials cache invalidation fix. #22473, @sunker
    CloudWatch: Expand alias variables when query yields no result. #22695, @sunker
    Dashboard: Fix bug with NaN in alerting. #22053, @a-melnyk
    Explore: Fix display of multiline logs in log panel and explore. #22057, @thomasdraebing
    Heatmap: Legend color range is incorrect when using custom min/max. #21748, @sv5d
    Security: Fixed XSS issue in dashboard history diff . #22680, @torkelo
    StatPanel: Fixes base color is being used for null values .
    #22646, @torkelo

Fri Mar 06 06:20:34 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 6.6.2:
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)

Fri Mar 06 06:15:10 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 6.6.1:
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)

Thu Mar 05 21:21:34 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 6.6.0:
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)

Thu Mar 05 21:08:39 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 6.5.3:
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)

Thu Mar 05 20:59:13 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 6.5.2:
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)

Thu Mar 05 20:54:08 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 6.5.1:
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)

Thu Mar 05 20:38:10 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 6.5.0
  (see installed changelog for the full list of changes)

Thu Mar 05 20:29:16 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 6.4.5:
  * Create version 6.4.5
  * CloudWatch: Fix high CPU load (#20579)

Thu Mar 05 20:22:10 UTC 2020 -

- add obs-service-go_modules to download required modules into vendor.tar.gz
- adjusted spec file to use vendor.tar.gz
- adjusted Makefile to work with new filenames
- BuildRequire go1.14
- Update to version 6.4.4:
  * DataLinks: Fix blur issues. #19883, @aocenas
  * Docker: Makes it possible to parse timezones in the docker image. #20081, @xlson
  * LDAP: All LDAP servers should be tried even if one of them returns a connection error. #20077, @jongyllen
  * LDAP: No longer shows incorrectly matching groups based on role in debug page. #20018, @xlson
  * Singlestat: Fix no data / null value mapping . #19951, @ryantxu

Tue Dec 03 15:09:41 UTC 2019 -

- Revert the spec file and make script
- Remove PhantomJS dependency

Wed Oct 16 19:29:48 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 6.4.3
  * Bug Fixes
    - Alerting: All notification channels should send even if one fails to send. #19807, @jan25
    - AzureMonitor: Fix slate interference with dropdowns. #19799, @aocenas
    - ContextMenu: make ContextMenu positioning aware of the viewport width. #19699, @krvajal
    - DataLinks: Fix context menu not showing in singlestat-ish visualisations. #19809, @dprokop
    - DataLinks: Fix url field not releasing focus. #19804, @aocenas
    - Datasource: Fixes clicking outside of some query editors required 2 clicks. #19822, @aocenas
    - Panels: Fixes default tab for visualizations without Queries Tab. #19803, @hugohaggmark
    - Singlestat: Fixed issue with mapping null to text. #19689, @torkelo
    - @grafana/toolkit: Don't fail plugin creation when git config is not set. #19821, @dprokop
    - @grafana/toolkit: TSLint line number off by 1. #19782, @fredwangwang

Wed Oct 16 15:31:57 UTC 2019 -

- Update to 6.4.2
  * Bug Fixes
    - CloudWatch: Changes incorrect dimension wmlid to wlmid . #19679, @ATTron
    - Grafana Image Renderer: Fixes plugin page. #19664, @hugohaggmark
    - Graph: Fixes auto decimals logic for y axis ticks that results in too many decimals for high values. #19618, @torkelo
    - Graph: Switching to series mode should re-render graph. #19623, @torkelo
    - Loki: Fix autocomplete on label values. #19579, @aocenas
    - Loki: Removes live option for logs panel. #19533, @davkal
    - Profile: Fix issue with user profile not showing more than sessions sessions in some cases. #19578, @huynhsamha
    - Prometheus: Fixes so results in Panel always are sorted by query order. #19597, @hugohaggmark
    - ShareQuery: Fixed issue when using -- Dashboard -- datasource (to share query result) when dashboard had rows. #19610, @torkelo
    - Show SAML login button if SAML is enabled. #19591, @papagian
    - SingleStat: Fixes  postfix/prefix usage. #19687, @hugohaggmark
    - Table: Proper handling of json data with dataframes. #19596, @marefr
    - Units: Fixed wrong id for Terabits/sec. #19611, @andreaslangnevyjel

- Changes from 6.4.1
  * Bug Fixes
    - Provisioning: Fixed issue where empty nested keys in YAML provisioning caused a server crash, #19547
    - ImageRendering: Fixed issue with image rendering in enterprise build (Enterprise)
    - Reporting: Fixed issue with reporting service when STMP was disabled (Enterprise).

- Changes from 6.4.0
  * Features / Enhancements
    - Build: Upgrade go to 1.12.10. #19499, @marefr
    - DataLinks: Suggestions menu improvements. #19396, @dprokop
    - Explore: Take root_url setting into account when redirecting from dashboard to explore. #19447, @ivanahuckova
    - Explore: Update broken link to logql docs. #19510, @ivanahuckova
    - Logs: Adds Logs Panel as a visualization. #19504, @davkal
  * Bug Fixes
    - CLI: Fix version selection for plugin install. #19498, @aocenas
    - Graph: Fixes minor issue with series override color picker and custom color . #19516, @torkelo

- Changes from 6.4.0 Beta 2
  * Features / Enhancements
    - Azure Monitor: Remove support for cross resource queries (#19115)". #19346, @sunker
    - Docker: Upgrade packages to resolve reported vulnerabilities. #19188, @marefr
    - Graphite: Time range expansion reduced from 1 minute to 1 second. #19246, @torkelo
    - grafana/toolkit: Add plugin creation task. #19207, @dprokop
  * Bug Fixes
    - Alerting: Prevents creating alerts from unsupported queries. #19250, @hugohaggmark
    - Alerting: Truncate PagerDuty summary when greater than 1024 characters. #18730, @nvllsvm
    - Cloudwatch: Fix autocomplete for Gamelift dimensions. #19146, @kevinpz
    - Dashboard: Fix export for sharing when panels use default data source. #19315, @torkelo
    - Database: Rewrite system statistics query to perform better. #19178, @papagian
    - Gauge/BarGauge: Fix issue with [object Object] in titles . #19217, @ryantxu
    - MSSQL: Revert usage of new connectionstring format introduced by #18384. #19203, @marefr
    - Multi-LDAP: Do not fail-fast on invalid credentials. #19261, @gotjosh
    - MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL: Fix validating query with template variables in alert . #19237, @marefr
    - MySQL, Postgres: Update raw sql when query builder updates. #19209, @marefr
    - MySQL: Limit datasource error details returned from the backend. #19373, @marefr

- Changes from 6.4.0 Beta 1
  * Features / Enhancements
    - API: Readonly datasources should not be created via the API. #19006, @papagian
    - Alerting: Include configured AlertRuleTags in Webhooks notifier. #18233, @dominic-miglar
    - Annotations: Add annotations support to Loki. #18949, @aocenas
    - Annotations: Use a single row to represent a region. #17673, @ryantxu
    - Auth: Allow inviting existing users when login form is disabled. #19048, @548017
    - Azure Monitor: Add support for cross resource queries. #19115, @sunker
    - CLI: Allow installing custom binary plugins. #17551, @aocenas
    - Dashboard: Adds Logs Panel (alpha) as visualization option for Dashboards. #18641, @hugohaggmark
    - Dashboard: Reuse query results between panels . #16660, @ryantxu
    - Dashboard: Set time to to 23:59:59 when setting To time using calendar. #18595, @simPod
    - DataLinks: Add DataLinks support to Gauge, BarGauge and SingleStat2 panel. #18605, @ryantxu
    - DataLinks: Enable access to labels & field names. #18918, @torkelo
    - DataLinks: Enable multiple data links per panel. #18434, @dprokop
    - Docker: switch docker image to alpine base with phantomjs support. #18468, @DanCech
    - Elasticsearch: allow templating queries to order by doc_count. #18870, @hackery
    - Explore: Add throttling when doing live queries. #19085, @aocenas
    - Explore: Adds ability to go back to dashboard, optionally with query changes. #17982, @kaydelaney
    - Explore: Reduce default time range to last hour. #18212, @davkal
    - Gauge/BarGauge: Support decimals for min/max. #18368, @ryantxu
    - Graph: New series override transform constant that renders a single point as a line across the whole graph. #19102, @davkal
    - Image rendering: Add deprecation warning when PhantomJS is used for rendering images. #18933, @papagian
    - InfluxDB: Enable interpolation within ad-hoc filter values. #18077, @kvc-code
    - LDAP: Allow an user to be synchronized against LDAP. #18976, @gotjosh
    - Ldap: Add ldap debug page. #18759, @peterholmberg
    - Loki: Remove prefetching of default label values. #18213, @davkal
    - Metrics: Add failed alert notifications metric. #18089, @koorgoo
    - OAuth: Support JMES path lookup when retrieving user email. #14683, @bobmshannon
    - OAuth: return GitLab groups as a part of user info (enable team sync). #18388, @alexanderzobnin
    - Panels: Add unit for electrical charge - ampere-hour. #18950, @anirudh-ramesh
    - Plugin: AzureMonitor - Reapply MetricNamespace support. #17282, @raphaelquati
    - Plugins: better warning when plugins fail to load. #18671, @ryantxu
    - Postgres: Add support for scram sha 256 authentication. #18397, @nonamef
    - RemoteCache: Support SSL with Redis. #18511, @kylebrandt
    - SingleStat: The gauge option in now disabled/hidden (unless it's an old panel with it already enabled) . #18610, @ryantxu
    - Stackdriver: Add extra alignment period options. #18909, @sunker
    - Units: Add South African Rand (ZAR) to currencies. #18893, @jeteon
    - Units: Adding T,P,E,Z,and Y bytes. #18706, @chiqomar
  * Bug Fixes
    - Alerting: Notification is sent when state changes from no_data to ok. #18920, @papagian
    - Alerting: fix duplicate alert states when the alert fails to save to the database. #18216, @kylebrandt
    - Alerting: fix response popover prompt when add notification channels. #18967, @lzdw
    - CloudWatch: Fix alerting for queries with Id (using GetMetricData). #17899, @alex-berger
    - Explore: Fix auto completion on label values for Loki. #18988, @aocenas
    - Explore: Fixes crash using back button with a zoomed in graph. #19122, @hugohaggmark
    - Explore: Fixes so queries in Explore are only run if Graph/Table is shown. #19000, @hugohaggmark
    - MSSQL: Change connectionstring to URL format to fix using passwords with semicolon. #18384, @Russiancold
    - MSSQL: Fix memory leak when debug enabled. #19049, @briangann
    - Provisioning: Allow escaping literal '$' with '$$' in configs to avoid interpolation. #18045, @kylebrandt
    - TimePicker: Fixes hiding time picker dropdown in FireFox. #19154, @hugohaggmark
  * Breaking changes
    + Annotations
      There are some breaking changes in the annotations HTTP API for region annotations. Region annotations are now represented
      using a single event instead of two seperate events. Check breaking changes in HTTP API below and HTTP API documentation for more details.
    + Docker
      Grafana is now using Alpine 3.10 as docker base image.
    + HTTP API
      - GET /api/alert-notifications now requires at least editor access.
        New /api/alert-notifications/lookup returns less information than /api/alert-notifications and can be access by any authenticated user.
      - GET /api/alert-notifiers now requires at least editor access
      - GET /api/org/users now requires org admin role.
        New /api/org/users/lookup returns less information than /api/org/users and can be access by users that are org admins,
        admin in any folder or admin of any team.
      - GET /api/annotations no longer returns regionId property.
      - POST /api/annotations no longer supports isRegion property.
      - PUT /api/annotations/:id no longer supports isRegion property.
      - PATCH /api/annotations/:id no longer supports isRegion property.
      - DELETE /api/annotations/region/:id has been removed.
  * Deprecation notes
    + PhantomJS
      - PhantomJS, which is used for rendering images of dashboards and panels,
        is deprecated and will be removed in a future Grafana release.
        A deprecation warning will from now on be logged when Grafana starts up if PhantomJS is in use.
        Please consider migrating from PhantomJS to the Grafana Image Renderer plugin.

- Changes from 6.3.6
  * Features / Enhancements
    - Metrics: Adds setting for turning off total stats metrics. #19142, @marefr
  * Bug Fixes
    - Database: Rewrite system statistics query to perform better. #19178, @papagian
    - Explore: Fixes error when switching from prometheus to loki data sources. #18599, @kaydelaney

- Rebase package spec. Use mostly from fedora, fix suse specified things and fix some errors.
- Add missing directories provisioning/datasources and provisioning/notifiers
  and sample.yaml as described in packaging/rpm/control from upstream.
  Missing directories are shown in logfiles.

Thu Sep 05 08:07:21 UTC 2019 -

- Version 6.3.5
  * Upgrades
    + Build: Upgrade to go 1.12.9.
  * Bug Fixes
    + Dashboard: Fixes dashboards init failed loading error for dashboards with panel links that had missing properties.
    + Editor: Fixes issue where only entire lines were being copied.
    + Explore: Fixes query field layout in splitted view for Safari browsers.
    + LDAP: multildap + ldap integration.
    + Profile/UserAdmin: Fix for user agent parser crashes grafana-server on 32-bit builds.
    + Prometheus: Prevents panel editor crash when switching to Prometheus datasource.
    + Prometheus: Changes brace-insertion behavior to be less annoying.

- Version 6.3.4
  * Security: CVE-2019-15043 - Parts of the HTTP API allow unauthenticated use.

Fri Aug 16 14:16:42 UTC 2019 -

- Version 6.3.3
  * Bug Fixes
    + Annotations: Fix failing annotation query when time series query is cancelled. #18532 1, @dprokop 1
    + Auth: Do not set SameSite cookie attribute if cookie_samesite is none. #18462 1, @papagian 3
    + DataLinks: Apply scoped variables to data links correctly. #18454 1, @dprokop 1
    + DataLinks: Respect timezone when displaying datapoint’s timestamp in graph context menu. #18461 2, @dprokop 1
    + DataLinks: Use datapoint timestamp correctly when interpolating variables. #18459 1, @dprokop 1
    + Explore: Fix loading error for empty queries. #18488 1, @davkal
    + Graph: Fixes legend issue clicking on series line icon and issue with horizontal scrollbar being visible on windows. #18563 1, @torkelo 2
    + Graphite: Avoid glob of single-value array variables . #18420, @gotjosh
    + Prometheus: Fix queries with label_replace remove the $1 match when loading query editor. #18480 5, @hugohaggmark 3
    + Prometheus: More consistently allows for multi-line queries in editor. #18362 2, @kaydelaney 2
    + TimeSeries: Assume values are all numbers. #18540 4, @ryantxu

- Version 6.3.2
  * Bug Fixes
    + Gauge/BarGauge: Fixes issue with losts thresholds and issue loading Gauge with avg stat. #18375 12

- Version 6.3.1
  * Bug Fixes
    + PanelLinks: Fix crash issue Gauge & Bar Gauge for panels with panel links (drill down links). #18430 2

- Version 6.3.0
  * Features / Enhancements
    + OAuth: Do not set SameSite OAuth cookie if cookie_samesite is None. #18392 4, @papagian 3
    + Auth Proxy: Include additional headers as part of the cache key. #18298 6, @gotjosh
    + Build grafana images consistently. #18224 12, @hassanfarid
    + Docs: SAML. #18069 11, @gotjosh
    + Permissions: Show plugins in nav for non admin users but hide plugin configuration. #18234 1, @aocenas
    + TimePicker: Increase max height of quick range dropdown. #18247 2, @torkelo 2
    + Alerting: Add tags to alert rules. #10989 13, @Thib17 1
    + Alerting: Attempt to send email notifications to all given email addresses. #16881 1, @zhulongcheng
    + Alerting: Improve alert rule testing. #16286 2, @marefr
    + Alerting: Support for configuring content field for Discord alert notifier. #17017 2, @jan25
    + Alertmanager: Replace illegal chars with underscore in label names. #17002 5, @bergquist 1
    + Auth: Allow expiration of API keys. #17678, @papagian 3
    + Auth: Return device, os and browser when listing user auth tokens in HTTP API. #17504, @shavonn 1
    + Auth: Support list and revoke of user auth tokens in UI. #17434 2, @shavonn 1
    + AzureMonitor: change clashing built-in Grafana variables/macro names for Azure Logs. #17140, @shavonn 1
    + CloudWatch: Made region visible for AWS Cloudwatch Expressions. #17243 2, @utkarshcmu
    + Cloudwatch: Add AWS DocDB metrics. #17241, @utkarshcmu
    + Dashboard: Use timezone dashboard setting when exporting to CSV. #18002 1, @dehrax
    + Data links. #17267 11, @torkelo 2
    + Docker: Switch base image to ubuntu:latest from debian:stretch to avoid security issues… #17066 5, @bergquist 1
    + Elasticsearch: Support for visualizing logs in Explore . #17605 7, @marefr
    + Explore: Adds Live option for supported datasources. #17062 1, @hugohaggmark 3
    + Explore: Adds orgId to URL for sharing purposes. #17895 1, @kaydelaney 2
    + Explore: Adds support for new loki ‘start’ and ‘end’ params for labels endpoint. #17512, @kaydelaney 2
    + Explore: Adds support for toggling raw query mode in explore. #17870, @kaydelaney 2
    + Explore: Allow switching between metrics and logs . #16959 2, @marefr
    + Explore: Combines the timestamp and local time columns into one. #17775, @hugohaggmark 3
    + Explore: Display log lines context . #17097, @dprokop 1
    + Explore: Don’t parse log levels if provided by field or label. #17180 1, @marefr
    + Explore: Improves performance of Logs element by limiting re-rendering. #17685, @kaydelaney 2
    + Explore: Support for new LogQL filtering syntax. #16674 4, @davkal
    + Explore: Use new TimePicker from Grafana/UI. #17793, @hugohaggmark 3
    + Explore: handle newlines in LogRow Highlighter. #17425, @rrfeng 1
    + Graph: Added new fill gradient option. #17528 3, @torkelo 2
    + GraphPanel: Don’t sort series when legend table & sort column is not visible . #17095, @shavonn 1
    + InfluxDB: Support for visualizing logs in Explore. #17450 9, @hugohaggmark 3
    + Logging: Login and Logout actions (#17760). #17883 1, @ATTron
    + Logging: Move log package to pkg/infra. #17023, @zhulongcheng
    + Metrics: Expose stats about roles as metrics. #17469 2, @bergquist 1
    + MySQL/Postgres/MSSQL: Add parsing for day, weeks and year intervals in macros. #13086 6, @bernardd
    + MySQL: Add support for periodically reloading client certs. #14892, @tpetr
    + Plugins: replace dataFormats list with skipDataQuery flag in plugin.json. #16984, @ryantxu
    + Prometheus: Take timezone into account for step alignment. #17477, @fxmiii
    + Prometheus: Use overridden panel range for $__range instead of dashboard range. #17352, @patrick246
    + Prometheus: added time range filter to series labels query. #16851 3, @FUSAKLA
    + Provisioning: Support folder that doesn’t exist yet in dashboard provisioning. #17407 1, @Nexucis
    + Refresh picker: Handle empty intervals. #17585 1, @dehrax
    + Singlestat: Add y min/max config to singlestat sparklines. #17527 4, @pitr
    + Snapshot: use given key and deleteKey. #16876, @zhulongcheng
    + Templating: Correctly display __text in multi-value variable after page reload. #17840 1, @EduardSergeev
    + Templating: Support selecting all filtered values of a multi-value variable. #16873 2, @r66ad
    + Tracing: allow propagation with Zipkin headers. #17009 4, @jrockway
    + Users: Disable users removed from LDAP. #16820 2, @alexanderzobnin
  * Bug Fixes
    + PanelLinks: Fix render issue when there is no panel description. #18408 3, @dehrax
    + OAuth: Fix “missing saved state” OAuth login failure due to SameSite cookie policy. #18332 1, @papagian 3
    + cli: fix for recognizing when in dev mode… #18334, @xlson
    + DataLinks: Fixes incorrect interpolation of ${__series_name} . #18251 1, @torkelo 2
    + Loki: Display live tailed logs in correct order in Explore. #18031 3, @kaydelaney 2
    + PhantomJS: Fixes rendering on Debian Buster. #18162 2, @xlson
    + TimePicker: Fixed style issue for custom range popover. #18244, @torkelo 2
    + Timerange: Fixes a bug where custom time ranges didn’t respect UTC. #18248 1, @kaydelaney 2
    + remote_cache: Fix redis connstr parsing. #18204 1, @mblaschke
    + AddPanel: Fix issue when removing moved add panel widget . #17659 2, @dehrax
    + CLI: Fix encrypt-datasource-passwords fails with sql error. #18014, @marefr
    + Elasticsearch: Fix default max concurrent shard requests. #17770 4, @marefr
    + Explore: Fix browsing back to dashboard panel. #17061, @jschill
    + Explore: Fix filter by series level in logs graph. #17798, @marefr
    + Explore: Fix issues when loading and both graph/table are collapsed. #17113, @marefr
    + Explore: Fix selection/copy of log lines. #17121, @marefr
    + Fix: Wrap value of multi variable in array when coming from URL. #16992 1, @aocenas
    + Frontend: Fix for Json tree component not working. #17608, @srid12
    + Graphite: Fix for issue with alias function being moved last. #17791, @torkelo 2
    + Graphite: Fixes issue with seriesByTag & function with variable param. #17795, @torkelo 2
    + Graphite: use POST for /metrics/find requests. #17814 2, @papagian 3
    + HTTP Server: Serve Grafana with a custom URL path prefix. #17048 6, @jan25
    + InfluxDB: Fixes single quotes are not escaped in label value filters. #17398 1, @Panzki
    + Prometheus: Correctly escape ‘|’ literals in interpolated PromQL variables. #16932, @Limess
    + Prometheus: Fix when adding label for metrics which contains colons in Explore. #16760, @tolwi
    + SinglestatPanel: Remove background color when value turns null. #17552 1, @druggieri

Tue Jul 30 14:14:38 CEST 2019 -

- make phantomjs dependency configurable

Thu Jul 11 08:21:07 UTC 2019 - Jan Fajerski <>

- spec file change:
  * alter permissions of /etc/grafana and /var/lib/grafana to 755
  * alter owner of /etc/grafana/provisioning/dashboards tree to root:root
  * this allows installing dashboards via rpms without these rpms depending on this rpm

Tue Jun 25 19:12:43 UTC 2019 -

- Update to version 6.2.5:
  * release 6.2.5
  * Panel: Fully escape html in drilldown links (was only sanitized before)  (#17731)
  * Grafana-CLI: Wrapper for `grafana-cli` within RPM/DEB packages and config/homepath are now global flags (#17695)
  * config: fix connstr for remote_cache (#17675)
  * TablePanel: fix annotations display (#17646)
  * middleware: fix Strict-Transport-Security header (#17644)
  * Elasticsearch: Fix empty query request to send properly (#17488)
  * release 6.2.4
  * grafana-cli: Fix receiving flags via command line (#17617)
  * HTTPServer: Fix X-XSS-Protection header formatting (#17620)
  * release 6.2.3
  * cli: grafana-cli should receive flags from the command line (#17606)
  * AuthProxy: Optimistic lock pattern for remote cache Set (#17485)
  * OAuth: Fix for wrong user token updated on OAuth refresh in DS proxy (#17541)
  *  middleware: add security related HTTP(S) response headers (#17522)
  * remote_cache: Fix redis (#17483)
  * auth_proxy: non-negative cache TTL (#17495)

Sat Jun 15 06:45:19 UTC 2019 -

- Update to version 6.2.2:
  * Security Fix: Prevent csv formula injection attack

  * PluginConfig: Fixed plugin config page navigation when using subpath
  * Explore: Update time range before running queries
  * Perf: Fix slow dashboards ACL query
  * Database: Initialize xorm with an empty schema for postgres
  * CloudWatch: Avoid exception while accessing results

Tue May 28 17:30:05 UTC 2019 -

- Remove phantomjs dependency
  * Modified: Makefile

- Update to version 6.2.1
  * Bug Fixes
    + Auth Proxy: Resolve database is locked errors.
    + Database: Retry transaction if sqlite returns database is locked error.
    + Explore: Fixes so clicking in a Prometheus Table the query is filtered by clicked value.
    + Singlestat: Fixes issue with value placement and line wraps.
    + Tech: Update jQuery to 3.4.1 to fix issue on iOS 10 based browers as well as Chrome 53.x.
  * Features / Enhancements
    + CLI: Add command to migrate all datasources to use encrypted password fields.
    + Gauge/BarGauge: Improvements to auto value font size.
  * Modified: README

- Update to version 6.2.0
  * Bug Fixes
    + BarGauge: Fix for negative min values.
    + Gauge/BarGauge: Fix for issues editing min & max options.
    + Search: Make only folder name only open search with current folder filter.
    + AzureMonitor: Revert to clearing chained dropdowns.
    + Dashboard: Fixes blank dashboard after window resize with panel without title.
    + Dashboard: Fixes lazy loading & expanding collapsed rows on mobile.
    + Dashboard: Fixes scrolling issues for Edge browser.
    + Dashboard: Show refresh button in first kiosk(tv) mode.
    + Explore: Fix empty result from datasource should render logs container.
    + Explore: Fixes so clicking in a Prometheus Table the query is filtered by clicked value.
    + Explore: Makes it possible to zoom in Explore/Loki/Graph without exception.
    + Gauge: Fixes orientation issue after switching from BarGauge to Gauge.
    + GettingStarted: Fixes layout issues in getting started panel.
    + InfluxDB: Fix HTTP method should default to GET.
    + Panels: Fixed alert icon position in panel header.
    + Panels: Fixes panel error tooltip not showing.
    + Plugins: Fix how datemath utils are exposed to plugins.
    + Singlestat: fixed centering issue for very small panels.
    + Search: Scroll issue in dashboard search in latest Chrome.
    + Docker: Prevent a permission denied error when writing files to the default provisioning directory.
    + Gauge: Adds background shade to gauge track and improves height usage.
    + RemoteCache: Avoid race condition in Set causing error on insert. .
    + Build: Fix bug where grafana didn't start after mysql on rpm packages.
    + CloudWatch: Fixes query order not affecting series ordering & color.
    + CloudWatch: Use default alias if there is no alias for metrics.
    + Config: Fixes bug where timeouts for alerting was not parsed correctly.
    + Elasticsearch: Fix view percentiles metric in table without date histogram.
    + Explore: Prevents histogram loading from killing Prometheus instance.
    + Graph: Allow override decimals to fully override.
    + Mixed Datasource: Fix error when one query is disabled.
    + Search: Fixes search limits and adds a page parameter.
    + Security: Responses from backend should not be cached.
  * Breaking Changes
    + Plugins: Data source plugins that process hidden queries need to add a "hiddenQueries: true" attribute in plugin.json.
    + Gauge Panel: The suffix / prefix options have been removed from the new Gauge Panel (introduced in v6.0). #16870.
  * Features / Enhancements
    + Plugins: Support templated urls in plugin routes.
    + Packaging: New MSI windows installer package**.
    + Admin: Add more stats about roles.
    + Alert list panel: Support variables in filters.
    + Alerting: Adjust label for send on all alerts to default .
    + Alerting: Makes timeouts and retries configurable.
    + Alerting: No notification when going from no data to pending.
    + Alerting: Pushover alert, support for different sound for OK.
    + Auth: Enable retries and transaction for some db calls for auth tokens .
    + AzureMonitor: Adds support for multiple subscriptions per datasource.
    + Bar Gauge: New multi series enabled gauge like panel with horizontal and vertical layouts and 3 display modes.
    + Build: Upgrades to golang 1.12.4.
    + CloudWatch: Update AWS/IoT metric and dimensions.
    + Config: Show user-friendly error message instead of stack trace.
    + Dashboard: Enable filtering dashboards in search by current folder.
    + Dashboard: Lazy load out of view panels .
    + DataProxy: Restore Set-Cookie header after proxy request.
    + Datasources: Add pattern validation for time input on datasource config pages.
    + Elasticsearch: Add 7.x version support.
    + Explore: Adds reconnect for failing datasource.
    + Explore: Support user timezone.
    + InfluxDB: Add support for POST HTTP verb.
    + Loki: Search is now case insensitive.
    + OAuth: Update jwt regexp to include =.
    + Panels: No title will no longer make panel header take up space.
    + Prometheus: Adds tracing headers for Prometheus datasource.
    + Provisioning: Add API endpoint to reload provisioning configs.
    + Provisioning: Do not allow deletion of provisioned dashboards.
    + Provisioning: Interpolate env vars in provisioning files.
    + Security: Add new setting allow_embedding.
    + Security: Store datasource passwords encrypted in secureJsonData.
    + UX: Improve Grafana usage for smaller screens.
    + Units: Add angle units, Arc Minutes and Seconds.

Sat May 18 18:05:38 UTC 2019 -

- Update to version 6.1.6
  * Security: Bump jQuery to 3.4.0
  * Playlist: Fix loading dashboards by tag.

- Update to version 6.0.2:
  * Fixed issue with alert links in alert list panel causing panel not found errors, fixes #15680
  * Improved error handling when rendering dashboard panels, fixes #15913
  * fix allow anonymous server bind for ldap search
  * add nil/length check when delete old login attempts
  * fix discord notifier so it doesn't crash when there are no image generated
  * fix only users that can edit a dashboard should be able to update panel json
  * move to new component to handle focus
  * added state to not set focus on search every render
  * Snapshots update
  * Use app config directly in ButtonRow instead of passing datasources page URL via prop
  * Update snapshots
  * Fixed url of back button in datasource edit page, when root_url configured
  * release: Bumped version

- Update to version 6.0.1:
  * Bug Fixes:
    + utils: show string errors
    + Viewers with viewers_can_edit should be able to access /explore
    +  log phantomjs output even if it timeout and include orgId when render alert

- Update to version 6.0.0:
  * Breaking Changes:
    + Text Panel: The text panel does no longer by default allow unsantizied
    HTML. This means that if you have text panels with scripts tags they will no
    longer work as before. To enable unsafe javascript execution in text panels
    enable the settings disable_sanitize_html under the section [panels] in your
    Grafana ini file, or set env variable GF_PANELS_DISABLE_SANITIZE_HTML=true.
    + Dashboard: Panel property minSpan replaced by maxPerRow. Dashboard
    migration will automatically migrate all dashboard panels using the minSpan
    property to the new maxPerRow property
    + Internal Metrics Edition has been added to the build_info metric. This will break any Graphite queries using this metric. Edition will be a new label for the Prometheus metric.
  * New Features:
    + Alerting: Adds support for Google Hangouts Chat notifications
    + Elasticsearch: Support bucket script pipeline aggregations
    + Influxdb: Add support for time zone (tz) clause
    + Snapshots: Enable deletion of public snapshot
    + Provisioning: Provisioning support for alert notifiers
    + Explore: A whole new way to do ad-hoc metric queries and exploration. Split view in half and compare metrics & logs and much much more. Read more here
    + Auth: Replace remember me cookie solution for Grafana's builtin, LDAP and OAuth authentication with a solution based on short-lived tokens
    + AzureMonitor: Enable alerting by converting Azure Monitor API to Go
    + Explore A new query focused workflow for ad-hoc data exploration and troubleshooting.
    + Grafana Loki Integration with the new open source log aggregation system from Grafana Labs.
    + Gauge Panel A new standalone panel for gauges.
    + New Panel Editor UX improves panel editing and enables easy switching between different visualizations.
    + Google Stackdriver Datasource is out of beta and is officially released.
    + React Plugin support enables an easier way to build plugins.
    + Named Colors in our new improved color picker.
    + Removal of user session storage makes Grafana easier to deploy & improves security.
  * Bug Fixes:
    + Metrics: Fixes broken usagestats metrics for /metrics
    + Dashboard: Fixes kiosk mode should have &kiosk appended to the url
    + Dashboard: Fixes kiosk=tv mode with autofitpanels should respect header
    + Image rendering: Fixed image rendering issue for dashboards with auto refresh,
    + Dashboard: Fix only users that can edit a dashboard should be able to update panel json.
    + LDAP: fix allow anonymous initial bind for ldap search.
    + UX: Fixed scrollbar not visible initially (only after manual scroll).
    + Datasource admin TestData
    + Dashboard: Fixed scrolling issue that caused scroll to be locked to bottom.
    + Explore: Viewers with viewers_can_edit should be able to access /explore.
    + Security fix: limit access to org admin and alerting pages.
    + Panel Edit minInterval changes did not persist
    + Teams: Fixed bug when getting teams for user.
    + Stackdriver: fix for float64 bounds for distribution metrics
    + Stackdriver: no reducers available for distribution type
    + Influxdb: Add support for alerting on InfluxDB queries that use the non_negative_difference function
    + Alerting: Fix percent_diff calculation when points are nulls
    + Alerting: Fixed handling of alert urls with true flags
    + Gauge: Fix issue with gauge requests being cancelled
    + Gauge: Accept decimal inputs for thresholds
    + UI: Fix error caused by named colors that are not part of named colors palette
    + Search: Bug pressing special regexp chars in input fields
    + Permissions: No need to have edit permissions to be able to "Save as"
    + Search: Fix for issue with scrolling the "tags filter" dropdown
    + Prometheus: Query for annotation always uses 60s step regardless of dashboard range
    + Annotations: Fix creating annotation when graph panel has no data points position the popup outside viewport
    + Piechart/Flot: Fixes multiple piechart instances with donut bug
    + plus many minor changes and fixes

- Update to version 5.4.3:
  * Fixes:
    + Alerting Invalid frequency causes division by zero in alert scheduler
    + Dashboard Dashboard links do not update when time range changes
    + Limits Support more than 1000 datasources per org
    + Backend fix signed in user for orgId=0 result should return active org id
    + Provisioning Adds orgId to user dto for provisioned dashboards

- Update to version 5.4.2:
  * Fixes:
    + Datasource admin: Fix for issue creating new data source when same name exists
    + OAuth: Fix for oauth auto login setting, can now be set using env variable
    + Dashboard search: Fix for searching tags in tags filter dropdown.

- Update to version 5.4.1:
  * Fixes:
    + Stackdriver: Fixes issue with data proxy and Authorization header
    + Units: fixedUnit for Flow:l/min and mL/min
    + Logging: Fix for issue where data proxy logged a secret when debug logging was enabled, now redacted.
    + InfluxDB: Add support for alerting on InfluxDB queries that use the cumulative_sum function.
    + Plugins: Panel plugins should no receive the panel-initialized event again as usual.
    + Embedded Graphs: Iframe graph panels should now work as usual.
    + Postgres: Improve PostgreSQL Query Editor if using different Schemas,
    + Quotas: Fixed for updating org & user quotas.
    + Cloudwatch: Add the AWS/SES Cloudwatch metrics of BounceRate and ComplaintRate to auto complete list.
    + Dashboard Search: Fixed filtering by tag issues.
    + Graph: Fixed time region issues,
    + Graph: Fixed issue with series color picker popover being placed outside window.

- Update to version 5.4.0:
  * Breaking Changes:
    + Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL datasources now per default uses max open connections = unlimited (earlier 10), max idle connections = 2 (earlier 10) and connection max lifetime = 4 hours (earlier unlimited).
  * Features:
    + Alerting: Introduce alert debouncing with the FOR setting.
    + Alerting: Option to disable OK alert notifications
    + Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Adds support for configuration of max open/idle connections and connection max lifetime. Also, panels with multiple SQL queries will now be executed concurrently
    + MySQL: Graphical query builder
    + MySQL: Support connecting thru Unix socket for MySQL datasource
    + MSSQL: Add encrypt setting to allow configuration of how data sent between client and server are encrypted
    + Stackdriver: Not possible to authenticate using GCE metadata server
    + Teams: Team preferences (theme, home dashboard, timezone) support
    + Graph: Time regions support enabling highlight of weekdays and/or certain timespans
    + OAuth: Automatic redirect to sign-in with OAuth
    + Stackdriver: Template query editor
  * Fixes:
    + Cloudwatch: Fix invalid time range causes segmentation fault
    + Cloudwatch: AWS/CodeBuild metrics and dimensions
    + MySQL: Fix $__timeFrom() and $__timeTo() should respect local time zone
    + Graph: Fix legend always visible even if configured to be hidden
    + Elasticsearch: Fix regression when using datasource version 6.0+ and alerting

- Update to version 5.3.4:
  * minor bug fixes

Sat May 18 14:05:34 UTC 2019 -

- Update to version 5.3.3 (CVE-2018-19039, bsc#1115960) :
  * File Exfiltration vulnerability Security fix

Tue Jan  8 14:15:12 UTC 2019 -

- Provide default dashboard provider from upstream

Mon Oct 29 14:14:34 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 5.3.2
  * InfluxDB/Graphite/Postgres: Prevent cross site scripting (XSS) in query editor
  * Postgres: Fix template variables error
  * Cloudwatch: Fix service panic because of race conditions
  * Cloudwatch: Fix check for invalid percentile statistics
  * Stackdriver/Cloudwatch: Allow user to change unit in graph panel if cloudwatch/stackdriver datasource response doesn't include unit
  * Stackdriver: stackdriver user-metrics duplicated response when multiple resource types
  * Variables: Fix text box template variable doesn't work properly without a default value
  * Variables: Fix variable dependency check when using ${var} format
  * Dashboard: Fix kiosk=1 url parameter should put dashboard in kiosk mode
  * LDAP: Fix super admins can also be admins of orgs
  * Provisioning: Fix deleting provisioned dashboard folder should cleanup provisioning meta data
  * Docker: adds curl back into the docker image for utility

- Update to version 5.3.1
  * Render: Fix PhantomJS render of graph panel when legend displayed as table to the right
  * Stackdriver: Filter option disappears after removing initial filter
  * Elasticsearch: Fix no limit size in terms aggregation for alerting queries
  * InfluxDB: Fix for annotation issue that caused text to be shown twice
  * Variables: Fix nesting variables leads to exception and missing refresh
  * Variables: Prometheus: Single letter labels are not supported
  * Graph: Fix graph time formatting for Last 24h ranges
  * Playlist: Fix cannot add dashboards with long names to playlist
  * HTTP API: Fix /api/org/users so that query and limit querystrings works

- Update to version 5.3.0
  * Stackdriver: Filter wildcards and regex matching are not yet supported
  * Stackdriver: Support the distribution metric type for heatmaps
  * Cloudwatch: Automatically set graph yaxis unit

- Update to version 5.3.0-beta3
  * Stackdriver: Fix for missing ngInject
  * Permissions: Fix for broken permissions selector
  * Alerting: Alert reminders deduping not working as expected when running multiple Grafana instances

- Update to version 5.3.0-beta2
  + New Features
    * Annotations: Enable template variables in tagged annotations queries
    * Stackdriver: Support for Google Stackdriver Datasource
  + Minor
    * Provisioning: Dashboard Provisioning now support symlinks that changes target
    * OAuth: Allow oauth email attribute name to be configurable
    * Tags: Default sort order for GetDashboardTags
    * Prometheus: Label completion queries respect dashboard time range
    * Prometheus: Allow to display annotations based on Prometheus series value
    * Prometheus: Adhoc-filtering for Prometheus dashboards
    * Singlestat: Fix gauge display accuracy for percents
    * Dashboard: Prevent auto refresh from starting when loading dashboard with absolute time range
    * Templating: New templating variable type Text box that allows free text input
    * Alerting: Link to view full size image in Microsoft Teams alert notifier
    * Alerting: Fixes a bug where all alerts would send reminders after upgrade & restart
    * Alerting: Concurrent render limit for graphs used in notifications
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Add support for replacing $__interval and  $__interval_ms in alert queries

- Update to version 5.3.0-beta1
  + New Major Features
    * Alerting: Notification reminders
    * Dashboard: TV & Kiosk mode changes, new cycle view mode button in dashboard toolbar
    * OAuth: Gitlab OAuth with support for filter by groups
    * Postgres: Graphical query builder
  + New Features
    * LDAP: Define Grafana Admin permission in ldap group mappings, PR
    * LDAP: Client certificates support
    * Profile: List teams that the user is member of in current/active organization
    * Configuration: Allow auto-assigning users to specific organization (other than Main. Org) and
    * Dataproxy: Pass configured/auth headers to a Datasource
    * CloudWatch: GetMetricData support
    * Postgres: TimescaleDB support, e.g. use time_bucket for grouping by time when option enabled
    * Cleanup: Make temp file time to live configurable
  + Minor
    * Alerting: Its now possible to configure the default value for how to handle errors and no data in alerting
    * Alerting: Fix diff and percent_diff reducers
    * Alerting: Fix rendering timeout which could cause notifications to not be sent due to rendering timing out
    * Docker: Make it possible to set a specific plugin url
    * GrafanaCli: Fixed issue with grafana-cli install plugin resulting in corrupt http response from source error
    * Provisioning: Should allow one default datasource per organisation
    * Github OAuth: Allow changes of user info at Github to be synched to Grafana when signing in
    * OAuth: Fix overriding tls_skip_verify_insecure using environment variable
    * Prometheus: Fix graph panel bar width issue in aligned prometheus queries
    * Prometheus: Heatmap - fix unhandled error when some points are missing
    * Prometheus: Add $__interval, $__interval_ms, $__range, $__range_s & $__range_ms support for dashboard and template queries
    * Elasticsearch: For alerting/backend, support having index name to the right of pattern in index pattern
    * Graphite: Fix for quoting of int function parameters (when using variables)
    * InfluxDB: Support timeFilter in query templating for InfluxDB
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: New $__unixEpochGroup and $__unixEpochGroupAlias macros
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Add previous fill mode to $__timeGroup macro which will fill in previously seen value when point is missing
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Use floor rounding in $__timeGroup macro function
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Use metric column as prefix when returning multiple value columns
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: New $__timeGroupAlias macro. Postgres $__timeGroup no longer automatically adds time column alias
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Escape single quotes in variables
    * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Min time interval support
    * MySQL/MSSQL: Use datetime format instead of epoch for $__timeFilter, $__timeFrom and $__timeTo macros
    * Postgres: Escape ssl mode parameter in connectionstring
    * Cloudwatch: Improved error handling
    * Cloudwatch: AppSync metrics and dimensions
    * Cloudwatch: Direct Connect metrics and dimensions
    * Cloudwatch: Added BurstBalance metric to list of AWS RDS metrics
    * Cloudwatch: Add new Redshift metrics and dimensions
    * Dashboard: Fix selecting current dashboard from search should not reload dashboard
    * Dashboard: Use uid when linking to dashboards internally in a dashboard
    * Graph: Option to hide series from tooltip
    * Singlestat: Make colorization of prefix and postfix optional in singlestat
    * Table: Adjust header contrast for the light theme
    * Table: Fix link color when using light theme and thresholds in use
    * Table: Fix for useless horizontal scrollbar for table panel
    * Table: Make table sorting stable when null values exist
    * Heatmap: Fix broken tooltip and crosshair on Firefox
    * Datasource: Fix UI issue with secret fields after updating datasource
    * Variables: Skip unneeded extra query request when de-selecting variable values used for repeated panels
    * Variables: Limit amount of queries executed when updating variable that other variable(s) are dependent on
    * Variables: Support query variable refresh when another variable referenced in Regex field change its value
    * Variables: Support variables in query variable Custom all value field
    * Units: Change units to include characters for power of 2 and 3
    * Units: Polish złoty currency
    * Units: Adds bitcoin axes unit
    * Api: Delete nonexistent datasource should return 404
    * Logging: Reopen log files after receiving a SIGHUP signal
    * Login: Show loading animation while waiting for authentication response on login
    * UI: Fix iOS home screen "app" icon and Windows 10 app experience
    * Plugins: Convert URL-like text to links in plugins readme
    + Breaking changes
    * Postgres datasource no longer automatically adds time column alias when using the $__timeGroup alias. However, there's code in place which should make this change backward compatible and shouldn't create any issues
    * Kiosk mode now also hides submenu (variables)
    * ?inactive url parameter no longer supported, replaced with kiosk=tv url parameter
  + New experimental features
    * Dashboard: Auto fit dashboard panels to optimize space used for current TV / Monitor
  + Tech
    * Frontend: Convert all Frontend Karma tests to Jest tests
    * Backend: Upgrade to golang 1.11

- Update to version 5.2.4
  * GrafanaCli: Fixed issue with grafana-cli install plugin resulting in corrupt http response from source error

- Update to version 5.2.3
  * Important fix for LDAP & OAuth login vulnerability

- Update to version 5.2.2
  * Prometheus: Fix graph panel bar width issue in aligned prometheus queries
  * Dashboard: Dashboard links not updated when changing variables
  * Postgres/MySQL/MSSQL: Fix connection leak
  * Plugins: Fix loading of external plugins
  * Dashboard: Remove unwanted scrollbars in embedded panels
  * Prometheus: Prevent error using $__interval_ms in query

- Update to version 5.2.1
  * Auth Proxy: Important security fix for whitelist of IP address feature
  * UI: Fix - Grafana footer overlapping page
  * Logging: Errors should be reported before crashing

- Update to version 5.2.0-stable
  * Plugins: Handle errors correctly when loading datasource plugin thx
  * Render: Enhance error message if phantomjs executable is not found
  * Dashboard: Set correct text in drop down when variable is present in url
  * LDAP: Handle "dn" ldap attribute more gracefully

- Update to version 5.2.0-beta3
  * Build: All rpm packages should be signed

- Update to version 5.2.0-beta2
  + New Features
    * Dashboard: Import dashboard to folder
  + Minor
    * Permissions: Important security fix for API keys with viewer role
    * Dashboard: Fix so panel titles doesn't wrap
    * Dashboard: Prevent double-click when saving dashboard
    * Dashboard: AutoFocus the add-panel search filter thx
    * Units: W/m2 (energy), l/h (flow) and kPa (pressure)
    * Units: Litre/min (flow) and milliLitre/min (flow)
    * Alerting: Fix mobile notifications for Microsoft Teams alert notifier
    * Influxdb: Add support for mode function
    * Cloudwatch: Fixes panic caused by bad timerange settings
    * Auth Proxy: Whitelist proxy IP address instead of client IP address
    * User Management: Make sure that a user always has a current org assigned
    * Snapshots: Fix: annotations not properly extracted leading to incorrect rendering of annotations
    * LDAP: Allow use of DN in group_search_filter_user_attribute and member_of
    * Graph: Fix legend decimals precision calculation
    * Dashboard: Make sure to process panels in collapsed rows when exporting dashboard
    * Dashboard: Dashboard link doesn't work when "As dropdown" option is checked
    * Dashboard: Fix regressions after save modal changes, including adhoc template issues
    * Docker: Config keys ending with _FILE are not respected

- Update to version 5.2.0-beta1
  + New Features
    * Elasticsearch: Alerting support
    * Build: Crosscompile and packages Grafana on arm, windows, linux and darwin
    * Login: Change admin password after first login
    * Alert list panel: Updated to support filtering alerts by name, dashboard title, folder, tags
  + Minor
    * Dashboard: Modified time range and variables are now not saved by default
    * Graph: Show invisible highest value bucket in histogram
    * Dashboard: Enable "Save As..." if user has edit permission
    * Prometheus: Query dates are now step-aligned
    * Prometheus: Table columns order now changes when rearrange queries
    * Variables: Fix variable interpolation when using multiple formatting types
    * Dashboard: Fix date selector styling for dark/light theme in time picker control
    * Discord: Alert notification channel type for Discord
    * InfluxDB: Support SELECT queries in templating query
    * InfluxDB: Support count distinct aggregation
    * Dashboard: JSON Model under dashboard settings can now be updated & changes saved
    * Security: Fix XSS vulnerabilities in dashboard links
    * Singlestat: Fix "time of last point" shows local time when dashboard timezone set to UTC
    * Prometheus: Add support for passing timeout parameter to Prometheus
    * Login: Add optional option sign out url for generic oauth
    * Login: Use proxy server from environment variable if available
    * Invite users: Friendlier error message when smtp is not configured
    * Graphite: Don't send distributed tracing headers when using direct/browser access mode
    * Sidenav: Show create dashboard link for viewers if at least editor in one folder
    * SQL: Second epochs are now correctly converted to ms
    * Singlestat: Fix singlestat threshold tooltip
    * Dashboard: Hide grid controls in fullscreen/low-activity views
    * Dashboard: Validate uid when importing dashboards
    * Docker: Support for env variables ending with _FILE
    * Alert list panel: Show alerts for user with viewer role
    * Provisioning: Verify checksum of dashboards before updating to reduce load on database
    * Provisioning: Support symlinked files in dashboard provisioning config files
    * Dashboard list panel: Search dashboards by folder
    * Sidenav: Always show server admin link in sidenav if grafana admin

- Update to version 5.1.5
  * Docker: Config keys ending with _FILE are not respected

- Update to version 5.1.4
  * Permissions: Important security fix for API keys with viewer role

Sat Jun 16 16:04:55 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 5.1.3:
  * Heatmap support for Prometheus
  * Align Zero-Line for Right and Left Y-axes
  * allow setting the database
  * MSSQL Data Source
  * support multiple histogram series
  * support cloudwatch high resolution query
  * Added radiation units
  * Modify Grafana Pagerduty notifier to use Pagerduty API V2
  * prometheus editor: variable autocomplete support
  * Use net.SplitHostPort to support IPv6
  * See /usr/share/doc/packages/grafana/ for more details

Sat Jun 16 16:01:25 UTC 2018 -

- remove unknown build flag -s

Sat May  5 09:47:06 UTC 2018 -

- fix build for older distributions

Wed Mar  7 16:27:46 UTC 2018 -

- Remove marketing wording from description.

Wed Mar  7 12:20:50 UTC 2018 -

- add user and group according to packaging guidelines
- add README and Makefile as Sources

Thu Mar 01 10:41:54 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 5.0.0:
  + Github OAuth Fixed fetching github orgs from private github org
  + Provisioning Now handles deletes when dashboard json files removed from disk
  + Reset password Fixed problem with reset password form
  + Save dashboard Fixed issue with time range & variable reset after saving
  + Folders Make it easier/explicit to access/modify folders using the API
  + many more bugfixes
  + See /usr/share/doc/packages/grafana/ for more details

Thu Feb 08 14:12:39 UTC 2018 -

- Update to version 5.0.0beta1:
  + New Features:
    * Dashboard folders
    * Teams User groups (teams) implemented. Can be used in folder & dashboard permission list.
    * Dashboard grid: Panels are now layed out in a two dimensional grid (with x, y, w, h).
    * Templating: Vertical repeat direction for panel repeats.
    * UX: Major update to page header and navigation
    * Dashboard settings: Combine dashboard settings views into one with side menu
    * Alerting: Add support for internal image store
    * Data Source Proxy: Add support for whitelisting specified cookies that will be passed through to the data source when proxying data source requests
    * Text: Text panel are now edited in the ace editor
    * Teams: Add Microsoft Teams notifier
    * Datasources: Its now possible to configure datasources with config files
    * Graphite: Query editor updated to support new query by tag features
    * Dashboard history: New config file option versions_to_keep sets how many versions per dashboard to store
    * Dashboard as cfg: Load dashboards from file into Grafana on startup/change
    * Prometheus: Grafana can now send alerts to Prometheus Alertmanager while firing
    * Table: Support multiple table formated queries in table panel
    * Security: Protect against brute force (frequent) login attempts
  + Breaking Changes:
    * Persistent dashboard url's: New url's for dashboards that allows renaming dashboards without breaking links
    * GET /api/alerts property dashboardUri renamed to url and is now the full url (that is including app sub url).
  + Many Bugfixes
  + See /usr/share/doc/packages/grafana/ for more details

Mon Jan 29 11:04:08 UTC 2018 -

- Use %{_fillupdir} for sysconfig file

Wed Jan 24 01:53:00 UTC 2018 -

- Remove non-standard-gid from rpmlintrc

Thu Jan 18 12:41:48 UTC 2018 -

- Use GRAFANA_GROUP macro in spec file instead of GROUP (which otherwise
  collides with the package group, resulting in incorrect file/directory

Sat Nov 11 20:21:28 UTC 2017 -

- mark %{_datadir}/%{name}/conf/defaults.ini as %conf instead
  of %doc, grafana-server won't start without this file.

Tue Oct 24 15:25:39 UTC 2017 -

- Create /var/lib/grafana/dashboards/

Tue Oct 17 09:54:03 UTC 2017 -

- Create plugin directory and clean up (create in %install,
  add to %files) handling of /var/lib/grafana/* and

Mon Sep 18 11:35:11 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 4.5.1:
  + New Features:
    * Table panel: Render cell values as links
    * Elasticsearch: Add ad hoc filters directly by clicking values
    * MySQL: New rich query editor with syntax highlighting
    * Prometheus: New rich query editor with syntax highlighting
  + Enhancements:
    * GitHub OAuth: Support for GitHub organizations with 100+ teams
    * Graphite: Calls to Graphite api /metrics/find now include time range
    * Graphite: Added new graphite 1.0 functions
    * Elasticsearch: Ad-hoc filters now use query phrase match filters
  + Breaking change:
    * InfluxDB/Elasticsearch: The panel & data source option named "Group by
      time interval" is now named "Min time interval" and does now always
      define a lower limit for the auto group by time.
  + Other changes:
    * InfluxDB: Change time range filter for absolute time ranges to be
      inclusive instead of exclusive
    * InfluxDB: Added paranthesis around tag filters in queries
  + Bug Fixes:
    - Modals: Maintain scroll position after opening/leaving modal
    - Templating: You cannot select data source variables as data source
      for other template variables
    - MySQL/Postgres: Fix for max_idle_conn option default which was wrongly
      set to zero which does not mean unlimited but means zero.
  + See /usr/share/doc/packages/grafana/ for more details

Thu Jun 22 09:37:11 UTC 2017 -

- Fix spec file to create and own /var/{lib,log}/grafana (bsc#1044933)

Fri Jun 16 02:24:58 UTC 2017 -

- Require phantomjs package at runtime instead of shipping prebuilt
  x86_64 phantomjs binary (bsc#1044444)

Tue May  2 09:01:28 UTC 2017 -

- Make %fdupes create hardlinks, not symlinks (symlinks result in
  grafana not being able to load plugins, and the UI breaking)

Fri Apr 28 10:00:11 UTC 2017 -

- Moved build of frontend assets from RPM %pre and %posttrans to
  Makefile, so this piece of work can be done by the packager, rather
  than at installation time.

Thu Mar 23 12:57:37 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 4.2.0
- Refactoring based on new packaging proposal

Mon Sep  5 12:40:30 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 3.1.1:
  * see: /usr/share/doc/packages/grafana/CHANGELOG.txt

Wed Jun  1 23:20:02 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 3.0.4:
  * see: /usr/share/doc/packages/grafana/CHANGELOG.txt

Wed May 25 04:14:58 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 3.0.3:
  * see: /usr/share/doc/packages/grafana/CHANGELOG.txt

Tue May 17 05:28:14 UTC 2016 -

- Update to 3.0.2
  * see: /usr/share/doc/packages/grafana/CHANGELOG.txt
- Enable dependency auto-generation
- Don't use npm install -g grunt-cli
- Spec file cleanup

Fri Apr  1 04:25:50 UTC 2016 -

- Add golang(

Thu Mar 31 13:40:28 UTC 2016 -

- Remove static libraries

Tue Mar 29 06:48:06 UTC 2016 -

- Add _service file to control the URL used by %% pre

Tue Feb 23 15:21:00 UTC 2016 -

- Use BuildRequires when a development branch becomes stable

Mon Jan 25 16:47:59 UTC 2016 -

- Fix buid error: don't use %%goinstall (golang-macros.rb is not

Tue Jan  5 03:36:40 UTC 2016 -

- Fix build error: change GOPATH
- Copy the vendor folder after installation of package

Fri Dec 11 22:37:23 UTC 2015 -

- Update to 2.6.0:
  * see: /usr/share/doc/packages/grafana/CHANGELOG
- Create a new spec file for building RPM

Fri May  8 15:07:28 UTC 2015 -

- initial package
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