File helm-mirror.changes of Package helm-mirror.9526

Tue Dec 4 11:24:37 UTC 2018 - Vicente Zepeda <>

## v0.2.0

### Added

- `mirror inspect-images` flag `--output` usage updated, flag `--file-name` no longer needed.
  - `-o file=filename`
  - `-o json=filename.json`
  - `-o yaml=filename.yaml`
  - `-o skopeo=filename.yaml`

- `helm-mirror` has a new flag `--new-root-url` new root url of the chart repository.
  (eg: `https://mirror.local.lan/charts`). This will allow users to set the name of
  their mirror server when getting all the charts.

- `downloaded-index.yaml` file changes it's name to `index.yaml` to allow users to host quickly
  a mirror chart server.

fix bsc#1117783

Sun Nov 11 17:01:07 UTC 2018 - Jan Engelhardt <>

- Use noun phrase in descriptions.

Fri Oct 12 08:41:08 UTC 2018 -

## v0.1.0

### Added

- `mirror [chart-repo] [target-folder]` this command takes a chart repository and downloads all
  chart found in there and downloads them to a local target folder.

- `mirror inspect-images [target]` this command takes the target and extracts all container
  images being used in it. It can be a single chart or a folder with multiple charts. If
  some values are not present to process the chart you can use `--ignore-errors` flag to
  render the charts and get the container image anyway. (this can output inconsistent data)

- Use Helm configuration settings for Chart Repository.
  - --ca-file
  - --cert-file
  - --key-file
  - --password
  - --username

- CI steps with [Travis CI]( and Code Coverage with [CodeCov](

fix bsc#1116182
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