File jackson-databind.changes of Package jackson-databind.28283

Mon Aug 21 13:38:28 UTC 2023 - Fridrich Strba <>

- Update to 2.15.2
  * 2.15.2 (30-May-2023)
    + #3938: Record setter not included from interface
      (2.15 regression)
  * 2.15.1 (16-May-2023)
    + #3882: Error in creating nested 'ArrayNode's with
    + #3894: Only avoid Records fields detection for deserialization
    + #3895: 2.15.0 breaking behaviour change for records and Getter
    + #3897: 2.15.0 breaks deserialization when POJO/Record only has
      a single field and is marked 'Access.WRITE_ONLY'
    + #3913: Issue with deserialization when there are unexpected
      properties (due to null 'StreamReadConstraints')
    + #3914: Fix TypeId serialization for
      'JsonTypeInfo.Id.DEDUCTION', native type ids
  * 2.15.0 (23-Apr-2023)
    + #2536: Add 'EnumFeature.READ_ENUM_KEYS_USING_INDEX' to work
      with existing "WRITE_ENUM_KEYS_USING_INDEX"#
    + #2667: Add '@EnumNaming', 'EnumNamingStrategy' to allow use of
      naming strategies for Enums
    + #2968: Deserialization of '@JsonTypeInfo' annotated type fails
      with missing type id even for explicit concrete subtypes
    + #2974: Null coercion with '@JsonSetter' does not work with
    + #2992: Properties naming strategy do not work with Record
    + #3053: Allow serializing enums to lowercase
    + #3180: Support '@JsonCreator' annotation on record classes
    + #3262: InvalidDefinitionException when calling
    + #3297: '@JsonDeserialize(converter = ...)' does not work with
    + #3342: 'JsonTypeInfo.As.EXTERNAL_PROPERTY' does not work with
      record wrappers
    + #3352: Do not require the usage of opens in a modular app when
      using records
    + #3566: Cannot use both 'JsonCreator.Mode.DELEGATING' and
      'JsonCreator.Mode.PROPERTIES' static creator factory methods
      for Enums
    + #3637: Add enum features into '@JsonFormat.Feature'
    + #3638: Case-insensitive and number-based enum deserialization
      are (unnecessarily) mutually exclusive
    + #3651: Deprecate "exact values" setting from 'JsonNodeFactory',
      replace with
    + #3654: Infer '@JsonCreator(mode = Mode.DELEGATING)' from use
      of '@JsonValue')
    + #3676: Allow use of '@JsonCreator(mode = Mode.PROPERTIES)'
      creator for POJOs with"empty String" coercion
    + #3680: Timestamp in classes inside jar showing 02/01/1980
    + #3682: Transient 'Field's are not ignored as Mutators if there
      is visible Getter
    + #3690: Incorrect target type for arrays when disabling
    + #3708: Seems like 'java.nio.file.Path' is safe for Android API
      level 26
    + #3730: Add support in 'TokenBuffer' for lazily decoded (big)
    + #3736: Try to avoid auto-detecting Fields for Record types
    + #3742: schemaType of 'LongSerializer' is wrong
    + #3745: Deprecate classes in package
    + #3748: 'DelegatingDeserializer' missing override of
      'getAbsentValue()' (and couple of other methods)
    + #3771: Classloader leak: DEFAULT_ANNOTATION_INTROSPECTOR holds
      annotation reference
    + #3791: Flush readonly map together with shared on
    + #3796: Enum Deserialisation Failing with Polymorphic type
    + #3809: Add Stream-friendly alternative to
      'ObjectNode.fields()': 'Set<Map.Entry<String, JsonNode>>
    + #3814: Enhance 'StdNodeBasedDeserializer' to support
    + #3816: TokenBuffer does not implement writeString(Reader
      reader, int len)
    + #3819: Add convenience method
      'SimpleBeanPropertyFilter.filterOutAll()' as counterpart of
    + #3836: 'Optional<Boolean>' is not recognized as boolean field
    + #3853: Add 'MapperFeature.REQUIRE_TYPE_ID_FOR_SUBTYPES' to
      enable/disable strict subtype Type Id handling
    + #3876: 'TypeFactory' cache performance degradation with
  * 2.14.3 (05-May-2023)
    + #3784: 'PrimitiveArrayDeserializers$ByteDeser.deserialize'
      ignores 'DeserializationProblemHandler' for invalid Base64
    + #3837: Set transformer factory attributes to improve
      protection against XXE
  * 2.14.2 (28-Jan-2023)
    + #1751: '@JsonTypeInfo' does not work if the Type Id is an
      Integer value
    + #3063: '@JsonValue' fails for Java Record
    + #3699: Allow custom 'JsonNode' implementations
    + #3711: Enum polymorphism not working correctly with DEDUCTION
    + #3741: 'StdDelegatingDeserializer' ignores 'nullValue' of
  * 2.14.1 (21-Nov-2022)
    + #3655: 'Enum' values can not be read from single-element array
      even with 'DeserializationFeature.UNWRAP_SINGLE_VALUE_ARRAYS'
    + #3665: 'ObjectMapper' default heap consumption increased
      significantly from 2.13.x to 2.14.0
  * 2.14.0 (05-Nov-2022)
    + #1980: Add method(s) in 'JsonNode' that works like combination
      of 'at()' and 'with()': 'withObject(...)' and 'withArray(...)'
    + #2541: Cannot merge polymorphic objects
    + #3013: Allow disabling Integer to String coercion via
    + #3212: Add method 'ObjectMapper.copyWith(JsonFactory)'
    + #3311: Add serializer-cache size limit to avoid Metaspace
      issues from caching Serializers
    + #3338: 'configOverride.setMergeable(false)' not supported by
    + #3357: '@JsonIgnore' does not if together with '@JsonProperty'
      or '@JsonFormat'
    + #3373: Change 'TypeSerializerBase' to skip
      'generator.writeTypePrefix()' for 'null' typeId
    + #3394: Allow use of 'JsonNode' field for '@JsonAnySetter'
    + #3405: Create DataTypeFeature abstraction (for JSTEP-7) with
      placeholder features
    + #3417: Allow (de)serializing records using
      Bean(De)SerializerModifier even when reflection is unavailable
    + #3419: Improve performance of 'UnresolvedForwardReference' for
      forward reference resolution
    + #3421: Implement 'JsonNodeFeature.READ_NULL_PROPERTIES' to
      allow skipping of JSON 'null' values on reading
    + #3443: Do not strip generic type from 'Class<C>' when
      resolving 'JavaType'
    + #3447: Deeply nested JsonNode throws StackOverflowError for
    + #3475: Support use of fast double parse
    + #3476: Implement 'JsonNodeFeature.WRITE_NULL_PROPERTIES' to
      allow skipping JSON 'null' values on writing
    + #3481: Filter method only got called once if the field is null
      when using '@JsonInclude(value = JsonInclude.Include.CUSTOM,
      valueFilter = SomeFieldFilter.class)'
    + #3484: Update 'MapDeserializer' to support 
    + #3497: Deserialization of Throwables with
      PropertyNamingStrategy does not work
    + #3500: Add optional explicit 'JsonSubTypes' repeated names
    + #3503: 'StdDeserializer' coerces ints to floats even if
      configured to fail
    + #3505: Fix deduction deserializer with
    + #3528: 'TokenBuffer' defaults for parser/stream-read features
      neither passed from parser nor use real defaults
    + #3530: Change LRUMap to just evict one entry when maxEntries
    + #3533: Deserialize missing value of 'EXTERNAL_PROPERTY' type
      using custom 'NullValueProvider'
    + #3535: Replace 'JsonNode.with()' with 'JsonNode.withObject()'
    + #3559: Support 'null'-valued 'Map' fields with "any setter"
    + #3568: Change 'JsonNode.with(String)' and 'withArray(String)'
      to consider argument as 'JsonPointer' if valid expression
    + #3590: Add check in primitive value deserializers to avoid
      deep wrapper array nesting wrt 'UNWRAP_SINGLE_VALUE_ARRAYS'
     [CVE-2022-42003, bsc#1204370]
    + #3609: Allow non-boolean return type for "is-getters" with
    + #3613: Implement 'float' and 'boolean' to 'String' coercion
    + #3624: Legacy 'ALLOW_COERCION_OF_SCALARS' interacts poorly
      with Integer to Float coercion
    + #3633: Expose 'translate()' method of standard
      'PropertyNamingStrategy' implementations
  * 2.13.5 (23-Jan-2023)
    + #3659: Improve testing (likely via CI) to try to ensure
      compatibility with specific Android SDKs
    + #3661: Jackson 2.13 uses Class.getTypeName() that is only
      available on Android SDK 26 (with fix works on ASDK 24)

Mon Oct 17 11:36:57 UTC 2022 - Fridrich Strba <>

- Update to
  * (13-Oct-2022)
    + #3627: Gradle module metadata for '' references
      non-existent jackson-bom '' (instead of
  * (12-Oct-2022)
    + #3590: Add check in primitive value deserializers to avoid
      deep wrapper array nesting wrt 'UNWRAP_SINGLE_VALUE_ARRAYS'
      [bsc#1204370, CVE-2022-42003]
  * 2.13.4 (03-Sep-2022)
    + #3275: JDK 16 Illegal reflective access for
      'Throwable.setCause()' with
    + #3565: 'Arrays.asList()' value deserialization has changed
      from mutable to immutable in 2.13
    + #3582: Add check in 'BeanDeserializer._deserializeFromArray()'
      to prevent use of deeply nested arrays [bsc#1204369,

Wed Jun 15 07:11:21 UTC 2022 - Fridrich Strba <>

- Update to 2.13.3
  * 2.13.3 (14-May-2022)
    + #3412: Version 2.13.2 uses 'Method.getParameterCount()' which
      is not supported on Android before API 26
    + #3419: Improve performance of 'UnresolvedForwardReference' for
      forward reference resolution
    + #3446: 'java.lang.StringBuffer' cannot be deserialized
    + #3450: DeserializationProblemHandler is not working with
      wrapper type when returning null
  * (28-Mar-2022)
    + No changes since but fixed Gradle Module Metadata
  * (24-Mar-2022)
    + #2816: Optimize UntypedObjectDeserializer wrt recursion
    + #3412: Version 2.13.2 uses 'Method.getParameterCount()' which
     is not supported on Android before API 26
  * 2.13.2 (06-Mar-2022)
    + #3293: Use Method.getParameterCount() where possible
    + #3344: 'Set.of()' (Java 9) cannot be deserialized with
      polymorphic handling
    + #3368: 'SnakeCaseStrategy' causes unexpected
      'MismatchedInputException' during deserialization
    + #3369: Deserialization ignores other Object fields when Object
      or Array value used for enum
    + #3380: '' is in 'META-INF/versions/11' instead
      of 'META-INF/versions/9'
  * 2.13.1 (19-Dec-2021)
    + #3006: Argument type mismatch for 'enum' with '@JsonCreator'
      that takes String, gets JSON Number
    + #3299: Do not automatically trim trailing whitespace from
      'java.util.regex.Pattern' values
    + #3305: ObjectMapper serializes 'CharSequence' subtypes as POJO
      instead of as String (JDK 15+)
    + #3308: 'ObjectMapper.valueToTree()' fails when
      'DeserializationFeature.FAIL_ON_TRAILING_TOKENS' is enabled
    + #3328: Possible DoS if using JDK serialization to serialize

Wed Oct 20 08:12:34 UTC 2021 - Fridrich Strba <>

- Update to 2.13.0 (CVE-2020-36518, bsc#1197132)
  * 2.13.0 (30-Sep-2021)
    + #1850: '@JsonValue' with integer for enum does not deserialize
    + #2509: 'AnnotatedMethod.getValue()/setValue()' doesn't have
      useful exception message
    + #2828: Add 'DatabindException' as intermediate subtype of
    + #2900: Jackson does not support deserializing new Java 9
      unmodifiable collections
    + #2989: Allocate TokenBuffer instance via context objects (to
      allow format-specific buffer types)
    + #3001: Add mechanism for setting default 'ContextAttributes'
      for 'ObjectMapper'
    + #3002: Add 'DeserializationContext.readTreeAsValue()' methods
      for more convenient conversions for deserializers to use
    + #3011: Clean up support of typed "unmodifiable", "singleton"
    + #3033: Extend internal bitfield of 'MapperFeature' to be
    + #3035: Add 'removeMixIn()' method in 'MapperBuilder'
    + #3036: Backport 'MapperBuilder' lambda-taking methods:
      'withConfigOverride()', 'withCoercionConfig()',
    + #3080: configOverrides(boolean.class) silently ignored,
      whereas .configOverride(Boolean.class) works for both
      primitives and boxed boolean values
    + #3082: Dont track unknown props in buffer if
      'ignoreAllUnknown' is true
    + #3091: Should allow deserialization of java.time types via
      opaque 'JsonToken.VALUE_EMBEDDED_OBJECT'
    + #3099: Optimize "" case by passing
      explicit null
    + #3101: Add AnnotationIntrospector.XmlExtensions interface for
      decoupling javax dependencies
    + #3110: Custom SimpleModule not included in list returned by
      ObjectMapper.getRegisteredModuleIds() after registration
    + #3117: Use more limiting default visibility settings for JDK
      types (java.*, javax.*)
    + #3122: Deep merge for 'JsonNode' using
    + #3125: IllegalArgumentException: Conflicting setter
      definitions for property with more than 2 setters
    + #3130: Serializing java.lang.Thread fails on JDK 11 and above
      (should suppress serialization of ClassLoader)
    + #3143: String-based 'Map' key deserializer is not
      deterministic when there is no single arg constructor
    + #3154: Add ArrayNode#set(int index, primitive_type value)
    + #3160: JsonStreamContext "currentValue" wrongly references to
      @JsonTypeInfo annotated object
    + #3174: DOM 'Node' serialization omits the default namespace
    + #3177: Support 'suppressed' property when deserializing
    + #3187: 'AnnotatedMember.equals()' does not work reliably
    + #3193: Add 'MapperFeature.APPLY_DEFAULT_VALUES', initially for
      Scala module
    + #3214: For an absent property Jackson injects 'NullNode'
      instead of 'null' to a JsonNode-typed constructor argument of
      a '@ConstructorProperties'-annotated constructor
    + #3217: 'XMLGregorianCalendar' doesn't work with default typing
    + #3227: Content 'null' handling not working for root values
    + #3234: StdDeserializer rejects blank (all-whitespace) strings
      for ints
    + #3235: 'USE_BASE_TYPE_AS_DEFAULT_IMPL' not working with
    + #3238: Add PropertyNamingStrategies.UpperSnakeCaseStrategy
      (and UPPER_SNAKE_CASE constant)
    + #3244: StackOverflowError when serializing
    + #3259: Support for BCP 47 'java.util.Locale'
    + #3271: String property deserializes null as "null" for
    + #3280: Can not deserialize json to enum value with
      Object-/Array-valued input, '@JsonCreator'
    + Fix to avoid problem with 'BigDecimalNode', scale of
    + Extend handling of 'FAIL_ON_NULL_FOR_PRIMITIVES' to cover
      coercion from (Empty) String via 'AsNull'
    + Add 'mvnw' wrapper
  * 2.12.5 (27-Aug-2021)
    + #3220: (regression) Factory method generic type resolution
      does not use Class-bound type parameter
  * 2.12.4 (06-Jul-2021)
    + #3139: Deserialization of "empty" subtype with DEDUCTION
    + #3146: Merge findInjectableValues() results in
      work with empty strings
  * 2.12.3 (12-Apr-2021)
    + #3108: 'TypeFactory' cannot convert 'Collection' sub-type
      without type parameters
  to canonical form and back
    + Fix for [modules-java8#207]: prevent fail on secondary Java 8
      date/time types
  * 2.12.2 (03-Mar-2021)
    + #754: EXTERNAL_PROPERTY does not work well with '@JsonCreator'
    + #3008: String property deserializes null as "null" for
    + #3022: Property ignorals cause 'BeanDeserializer 'to forget
      how to read from arrays (not copying
    + #3025: UntypedObjectDeserializer' mixes multiple unwrapped
      collections (related to #2733)
    + #3038: Two cases of incorrect error reporting about
    + #3045: Bug in polymorphic deserialization with '@JsonCreator',
      '@JsonAnySetter', 'JsonTypeInfo.As.EXTERNAL_PROPERTY'
    + #3055: Polymorphic subtype deduction ignores 'defaultImpl'
    + #3056: MismatchedInputException: Cannot deserialize instance
      of 'com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.node.ObjectNode' out of
      VALUE_NULL token
    + #3060: Missing override for 'hasAsKey()' in
    + #3062: Creator lookup fails with 'InvalidDefinitionException'
      for conflict between single-double/single-Double arg
    + #3068: 'MapDeserializer' forcing 'JsonMappingException'
      wrapping even if WRAP_EXCEPTIONS set to false
  * 2.12.1 (08-Jan-2021)
    + #2962: Auto-detection of constructor-based creator method
      skipped if there is an annotated factory-based creator method
      (regression from 2.11)
    + #2972: 'ObjectMapper.treeToValue()' no longer invokes
    + #2973: DeserializationProblemHandler is not invoked when
      trying to deserialize String
    + #2978: Fix failing 'double' JsonCreators in jackson 2.12.0
    + #2979: Conflicting in POJOPropertiesCollector when having
    + #2990: Breaking API change in 'BasicClassIntrospector'
    + #3005: 'JsonNode.requiredAt()' does NOT fail on some path
    + #3009: Exception thrown when 'Collections.synchronizedList()'
      is serialized with type info, deserialized
  * 2.12.0 (29-Nov-2020)
    + #43: Add option to resolve type from multiple existing
      properties, '@JsonTypeInfo(use=DEDUCTION)'
    + #426: '@JsonIgnoreProperties' does not prevent Exception
      Conflicting getter/setter definitions for property
    + #921: Deserialization Not Working Right with Generic Types and
    + #1296: Add '@JsonIncludeProperties(propertyNames)' (reverse of
    + #1458: '@JsonAnyGetter' should be allowed on a field
    + #1498: Allow handling of single-arg constructor as property
      based by default
    + #1852: Allow case insensitive deserialization of String value
      into 'boolean'/'Boolean' (esp for Excel)
    + #1886: Allow use of '@JsonFormat(with=JsonFormat.Feature
    + #1919: Abstract class included as part of known type ids for
      error message   when using JsonSubTypes
    + #2066: Distinguish null from empty string for UUID
    + #2091: 'ReferenceType' does not expose valid containedType
    + #2113: Add 'CoercionConfig[s]' mechanism for configuring
      allowed coercions
    + #2118: 'JsonProperty.Access.READ_ONLY' does not work with
      "getter-as-setter" 'Collection's
    + #2215: Support 'BigInteger' and 'BigDecimal' creators in
    + #2283: 'JsonProperty.Access.READ_ONLY' fails with collections
      when a property name is specified
    + #2644: 'BigDecimal' precision not retained for polymorphic
    + #2675: Support use of 'Void' valued properties
    + #2683: Explicitly fail (de)serialization of 'java.time.*'
      types in absence of registered custom (de)serializers
    + #2707: Improve description included in by
    + #2709: Support for JDK 14 record types ('java.lang.Record')
    + #2715: 'PropertyNamingStrategy' class initialization depends
      on its subclass, this can lead to class loading deadlock
    + #2719: 'FAIL_ON_IGNORED_PROPERTIES' does not throw on
      'READONLY' properties with an explicit name
    + #2726: Add Gradle Module Metadata for version alignment with
      Gradle 6
    + #2732: Allow 'JsonNode' auto-convert into 'ArrayNode' if
      duplicates found (for XML)
    + #2733: Allow values of "untyped" auto-convert into 'List' if
      duplicates found (for XML)
    + #2751: Add 'ValueInstantiator.createContextual(...)
    + #2761: Support multiple names in 'JsonSubType.Type'
    + #2775: Disabling 'FAIL_ON_INVALID_SUBTYPE' breaks polymorphic
      deserialization of Enums
    + #2776: Explicitly fail (de)serialization of 'org.joda.time.*'
      types in absence of registered custom (de)serializers
    + #2784: Trailing zeros are stripped when deserializing
      BigDecimal values inside a @JsonUnwrapped property
    + #2800: Extract getter/setter/field name mangling from
      'BeanUtil' into pluggable 'AccessorNamingStrategy'
    + #2804: Throw 'InvalidFormatException' instead of
      'MismatchedInputException' for ACCEPT_FLOAT_AS_INT coercion
    + #2871: Add '@JsonKey' annotation (similar to '@JsonValue') for
      customizable serialization of Map keys
    + #2873: 'MapperFeature.ACCEPT_CASE_INSENSITIVE_ENUMS' should
      work for enum as keys
    + #2879: Add support for disabling special handling of "Creator
      properties" wrt alphabetic property ordering
    + #2885: Add 'JsonNode.canConvertToExactIntegral()' to indicate
      whether floating-point/BigDecimal values could be converted to
      integers losslessly
    + #2895: Improve static factory method generic type resolution
    + #2903: Allow preventing "Enum from integer" coercion using new
      'CoercionConfig' system
    + #2909: '@JsonValue' not considered when evaluating inclusion
    + #2910: Make some java platform modules optional
    + #2925: Add support for serializing 'java.sql.Blob'
    + #2928: 'AnnotatedCreatorCollector' should avoid processing
      synthetic static (factory) methods
    + #2931: Add errorprone static analysis profile to detect bugs
      at build time
    + #2932: Problem with implicit creator name detection for
      constructor detection
    + Add 'BeanDeserializerBase.isCaseInsensitive()'
    + Some refactoring of 'CollectionDeserializer' to solve CSV
      array handling issues
    + Full "LICENSE" included in jar for easier access by compliancy
  * 2.11.4 (12-Dec-2020)
    + #2894: Fix type resolution for static methods (regression in
      2.11.3 due to #2821 fix)
    + #2944: '@JsonCreator' on constructor not compatible with
      '@JsonIdentityInfo', 'PropertyGenerator'
    + Add debug improvements wrt
      #2807 ('ClassUtil.getClassMethods()')
  * 2.11.3 (02-Oct-2020)
    + #2795: Cannot detect creator arguments of mixins for JDK types
    + #2815: Add 'JsonFormat.Shape' awareness for UUID serialization
    + #2821: Json serialization fails or a specific case that
      contains generics and static methods with generic parameters
      (2.11.1 -> 2.11.2 regression)
    + #2822: Using JsonValue and JsonFormat on one field does not
      work as expected
    + #2840: 'ObjectMapper.activateDefaultTypingAsProperty()' is not
      using parameter 'PolymorphicTypeValidator'
    + #2846: Problem deserialization "raw generic" fields
      (like 'Map') in 2.11.2
    + Fix issues with 'MapLikeType.isTrueMapType()',
  * 2.11.2 (02-Aug-2020)
    + #2783: Parser/Generator features not set when using
      'ObjectMapper.createParser()', 'createGenerator()'
    + #2785: Polymorphic subtypes not registering on copied
      ObjectMapper (2.11.1)
    + #2789: Failure to read AnnotatedField value in Jackson 2.11
    + #2796: 'TypeFactory.constructType()' does not take
      'TypeBindings' correctly
  * 2.11.1 (25-Jun-2020)
    + #2486: Builder Deserialization with JsonCreator Value vs Array
    + #2725: JsonCreator on static method in Enum and Enum used as
      key in map fails randomly
    + #2755: 'StdSubtypeResolver' is not thread safe (possibly due
      to copy not being made with 'ObjectMapper.copy()')
    + #2757: "Conflicting setter definitions for property" exception
      for 'Map' subtype during deserialization
    + #2758: Fail to deserialize local Records
    + #2759: Rearranging of props when property-based generator is
      in use leads to incorrect output
    + #2760: Jackson doesn't respect
      'CAN_OVERRIDE_ACCESS_MODIFIERS=false' for deserializer
    + #2767: 'DeserializationFeature.UNWRAP_SINGLE_VALUE_ARRAYS'
      don't support 'Map' type field
    + #2770: JsonParser from MismatchedInputException cannot
      getText() for floating-point value
  * 2.11.0 (26-Apr-2020)
    + #953: i-I case conversion problem in Turkish locale with
      case-insensitive deserialization
    + #962: '@JsonInject' fails on trying to find deserializer even
      if inject-only
    + #1983: Polymorphic deserialization should handle
      case-insensitive Type Id property name if
      'MapperFeature.ACCEPT_CASE_INSENSITIVE_PROPERTIES' is enabled
    + #2049: TreeTraversingParser and UTF8StreamJsonParser create
      contexts differently
    + #2352: Support use of '@JsonAlias' for enum values
    + #2365: 'declaringClass' of "enum-as-POJO" not removed for
      'ObjectMapper' with a naming strategy
    + #2480: Fix 'JavaType.isEnumType()' to support sub-classes
    + #2487: BeanDeserializerBuilder Protected Factory Method for
    + #2503: Support '@JsonSerialize(keyUsing)' and
      '@JsonDeserialize(keyUsing)' on Key class
    + #2511: Add 'SerializationFeature.WRITE_SELF_REFERENCES_AS_NULL'
    + #2515: 'ObjectMapper.registerSubtypes(NamedType...)' doesn't
      allow registering same POJO for two different type ids
    + #2522: 'DeserializationContext.handleMissingInstantiator()'
      throws 'MismatchedInputException' for non-static inner classes
    + #2525: Incorrect 'JsonStreamContext' for 'TokenBuffer' and
    + #2527: Add 'AnnotationIntrospector.findRenameByField()' to
      support Kotlin's "is-getter" naming convention
    + #2555: Use '@JsonProperty(index)' for sorting properties on
    + #2565: Java 8 'Optional' not working with '@JsonUnwrapped' on
      unwrappable type
    + #2587: Add 'MapperFeature.BLOCK_UNSAFE_POLYMORPHIC_BASE_TYPES'
      to allow blocking use of unsafe base type for polymorphic
    + #2589: 'DOMDeserializer': setExpandEntityReferences(false) may
      not prevent external entity expansion in all cases
    + #2592: 'ObjectMapper.setSerializationInclusion()' is ignored
      for 'JsonAnyGetter'
    + #2608: 'ValueInstantiationException' when deserializing using
      a builder and 'UNWRAP_SINGLE_VALUE_ARRAYS'
    + #2627: JsonIgnoreProperties(ignoreUnknown = true) does not
      work on field and method level
    + #2632: Failure to resolve generic type parameters on
    + #2635: JsonParser cannot getText() for input stream on
    + #2636: ObjectReader readValue lacks Class<T> argument
    + #2643: Change default textual serialization of
      'java.util.Date'/'Calendar' to include colon in timezone
    + #2647: Add 'ObjectMapper.createParser()' and
      'createGenerator()' methods
    + #2657: Allow serialization of 'Properties' with
      non-String values
    + #2663: Add new factory method for creating custom 'EnumValues'
      to pass to 'EnumDeserializer
    + #2668: 'IllegalArgumentException' thrown for mismatched
      subclass deserialization
    + #2693: Add convenience methods for creating 'List', 'Map'
      valued 'ObjectReader's (ObjectMapper.readerForListOf())
    + Add 'SerializerProvider.findContentValueSerializer()' methods

Mon Apr 26 08:01:24 UTC 2021 - Fridrich Strba <>

- Rewrite to use ant for building in order to be able to use it
  in packages that have to be built before maven

Mon Jan 25 08:07:41 UTC 2021 - Fridrich Strba <>

- Update to
  * #2589: 'DOMDeserializer': setExpandEntityReferences(false) may
    not prevent external entity expansion in all cases
    (CVE-2020-25649, bsc#1177616)
  * #2787 (partial fix): NPE after add mixin for enum
  * #2679: 'ObjectMapper.readValue("123", Void.TYPE)' throws
    "should never occur"
- Vulnerabilities not affecting this version:
  * CVE-2020-35728, bsc#1180391
  * CVE-2021-20190, bsc#1181118

Thu Mar 26 07:36:52 UTC 2020 - Fridrich Strba <>

- Update to 2.10.3
  * #2482: JSONMappingException Location column number is one line
    Behind the actual location
  * #2599: NoClassDefFoundError at DeserializationContext. on
    Android 4.1.2 and Jackson 2.10.0
  * #2602: ByteBufferSerializer produces unexpected results with a
    duplicated ByteBuffer and a position > 0
  * #2605: Failure to deserialize polymorphic subtypes of base
    type Enum
  * #2610: EXTERNAL_PROPERTY doesn't work with

Tue Jan  7 10:41:52 UTC 2020 - Pedro Monreal Gonzalez <>

- Update to 2.10.2 [bsc#1160113, CVE-2019-20330]
    #2101: 'FAIL_ON_NULL_FOR_PRIMITIVES' failure does not indicate field name in exception message
    #2544: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError Thrown for compact profile1
    #2553: JsonDeserialize(contentAs=...) broken with raw collections
    #2556: Contention in 'TypeNameIdResolver.idFromClass()'
    #2560: Check 'WRAP_EXCEPTIONS' in 'CollectionDeserializer.handleNonArray()'
    #2564: Fix 'IllegalArgumentException' on empty input collection for 'ArrayBlockingQueue'
    #2566: 'MissingNode.toString()' returns 'null' (4 character token) instead of empty string
    #2567: Incorrect target type for arrays when providing nulls and nulls are disabled
    #2573: Problem with 'JsonInclude' config overrides for 'java.util.Map'
    #2576: Fail to serialize 'Enum' instance which includes a method override
           as POJO (shape = Shape.OBJECT)
    Fix an issue with 'ObjectReader.with(JsonParser.Feature)' (and related) not working

Tue Nov 19 15:24:49 UTC 2019 - Pedro Monreal Gonzalez <>

- Update to 2.10.1 [bsc#1157186, CVE-2019-14893]
  * 2.10.1 (09-Nov-2019)
    #2457: Extended enum values are not handled as enums when used as Map keys
    #2473: Array index missing in path of 'JsonMappingException' for 'Collection<String>',
           with custom deserializer
    #2475: 'StringCollectionSerializer' calls 'JsonGenerator.setCurrentValue(value)',
           which messes up current value for sibling properties
    #2485: Add 'uses' for 'Module' in module-info
    #2513: BigDecimalAsStringSerializer in NumberSerializer throws IllegalStateException in 2.10
    #2519: Serializing 'BigDecimal' values inside containers ignores shape override
    #2520: Sub-optimal exception message when failing to deserialize non-static inner classes
    #2529: Add tests to ensure 'EnumSet' and 'EnumMap' work correctly with "null-as-empty"
    #2534: Add 'BasicPolymorphicTypeValidator.Builder.allowIfSubTypeIsArray()'
    #2535: Allow String-to-byte[] coercion for String-value collections
  * 2.10.0 (26-Sep-2019)
    #18: Make 'JsonNode' serializable
    #1093: Default typing does not work with 'writerFor(Object.class)'
    #1675: Remove "impossible" 'IOException' in 'readTree()' and 'readValue()' 'ObjectMapper'
           methods which accept Strings
    #1954: Add Builder pattern for creating configured 'ObjectMapper' instances
    #1995: Limit size of 'DeserializerCache', auto-flush on exceeding
    #2059: Remove 'final' modifier for 'TypeFactory'
    #2077: 'JsonTypeInfo' with a subtype having 'JsonFormat.Shape.ARRAY' and
           no fields generates '{}' not '[]'
    #2115: Support naive deserialization of 'Serializable' values as "untyped", same
           as 'java.lang.Object'
    #2116: Make NumberSerializers.Base public and its inherited classes not final
    #2126: 'DeserializationContext.instantiationException()' throws 'InvalidDefinitionException'
    #2129: Add 'SerializationFeature.WRITE_ENUM_KEYS_USING_INDEX', separate from value setting
    #2133: Improve 'DeserializationProblemHandler.handleUnexpectedToken()' to allow handling of
           Collection problems
    #2149: Add 'MapperFeature.ACCEPT_CASE_INSENSITIVE_VALUES'
    #2153: Add 'JsonMapper' to replace generic 'ObjectMapper' usage
    #2164: 'FactoryBasedEnumDeserializer' does not respect
    #2187: Make 'JsonNode.toString()' use shared 'ObjectMapper' to produce valid json
    #2189: 'TreeTraversingParser' does not check int bounds
    #2195: Add abstraction 'PolymorphicTypeValidator', for limiting subtypes allowed by
           default typing, '@JsonTypeInfo'
    #2196: Type safety for 'readValue()' with 'TypeReference'
    #2204: Add 'JsonNode.isEmpty()' as convenience alias
    #2211: Change of behavior (2.8 -> 2.9) with 'ObjectMapper.readTree(input)' with no content
    #2217: Suboptimal memory allocation in 'TextNode.getBinaryValue()'
    #2220: Force serialization always for 'convertValue()'; avoid short-cuts
    #2223: Add 'missingNode()' method in 'JsonNodeFactory'
    #2227: Minor cleanup of exception message for 'Enum' binding failure
    #2230: 'WRITE_BIGDECIMAL_AS_PLAIN' is ignored if '@JsonFormat' is used
    #2236: Type id not provided on 'Double.NaN', 'Infinity' with '@JsonTypeInfo'
    #2237: Add "required" methods in 'JsonNode': 'required(String | int)',
    #2241: Add 'PropertyNamingStrategy.LOWER_DOT_CASE' for dot-delimited names
    #2251: Getter that returns an abstract collection breaks a delegating '@JsonCreator'
    #2265: Inconsistent handling of Collections$UnmodifiableList vs
    #2273: Add basic Java 9+ module info
    #2280: JsonMerge not work with constructor args
    #2309: READ_ENUMS_USING_TO_STRING doesn't support null values
    #2311: Unnecessary MultiView creation for property writers
    #2331: 'JsonMappingException' through nested getter with generic wildcard return type
    #2336: 'MapDeserializer' can not merge 'Map's with polymorphic values
    #2338: Suboptimal return type for 'JsonNode.withArray()'
    #2339: Suboptimal return type for 'ObjectNode.set()'
    #2348: Add sanity checks for 'ObjectMapper.readXXX()' methods
    #2349: Add option 'DefaultTyping.EVERYTHING' to support Kotlin data classes
    #2357: Lack of path on MismatchedInputException
    #2378: '@JsonAlias' doesn't work with AutoValue
    #2390: 'Iterable' serialization breaks when adding '@JsonFilter' annotation
    #2392: 'BeanDeserializerModifier.modifyDeserializer()' not applied to custom bean
    #2393: 'TreeTraversingParser.getLongValue()' incorrectly checks 'canConvertToInt()'
    #2398: Replace recursion in 'TokenBuffer.copyCurrentStructure()' with iteration
    #2415: Builder-based POJO deserializer should pass builder instance, not type,
           to 'handleUnknownVanilla()'
    #2416: Optimize 'ValueInstantiator' construction for default 'Collection', 'Map' types
    #2422: 'scala.collection.immutable.ListMap' fails to serialize since 2.9.3
    #2424: Add global config override setting for '@JsonFormat.lenient()'
    #2428: Use "activateDefaultTyping" over "enableDefaultTyping" in 2.10 with new methods
    #2430: Change 'ObjectMapper.valueToTree()' to convert 'null' to 'NullNode'
    #2432: Add support for module bundles
    #2433: Improve 'NullNode.equals()'
    #2442: 'ArrayNode.addAll()' adds raw 'null' values which cause NPE on 'deepCopy()'
           and 'toString()'
    #2446: Java 11: Unable to load JDK7 types (annotations, java.nio.file.Path): no Java7 support added
    #2451: Add new 'JsonValueFormat' value, 'UUID'
    #2453: Add 'DeserializationContext.readTree(JsonParser)' convenience method
    #2458: 'Nulls' property metadata ignored for creators
    #2466: Didn't find class "java.nio.file.Path" below Android api 26
    #2467: Accept 'JsonTypeInfo.As.WRAPPER_ARRAY' with no second argument to
           deserialize as "null value"
  * (20-Oct-2019)
    #2478: Block two more gadget types (commons-dbcp, p6spy, CVE-2019-16942 / CVE-2019-16943)
    #2498: Block one more gadget type (log4j-extras/1.2, CVE-2019-17531)
  * 2.9.10 (21-Sep-2019)
    #2331: 'JsonMappingException' through nested getter with generic wildcard return type
    #2334: Block one more gadget type (CVE-2019-12384)
    #2341: Block one more gadget type (CVE-2019-12814)
    #2374: 'ObjectMapper. getRegisteredModuleIds()' throws NPE if no modules registered
    #2387: Block yet another deserialization gadget (CVE-2019-14379)
    #2389: Block yet another deserialization gadget (CVE-2019-14439)
    #2404: FAIL_ON_MISSING_EXTERNAL_TYPE_ID_PROPERTY setting ignored when
           creator properties are buffered
    #2410: Block one more gadget type (CVE-2019-14540)
    #2420: Block one more gadget type (no CVE allocated yet)
    #2449: Block one more gadget type (CVE-2019-14540)
    #2460: Block one more gadget type (ehcache, CVE-2019-17267)
    #2462: Block two more gadget types (commons-configuration)
    #2469: Block one more gadget type (xalan2)
  * 2.9.9 (16-May-2019)
    #1408: Call to 'TypeVariable.getBounds()' without synchronization unsafe on some platforms
    #2221: 'DeserializationProblemHandler.handleUnknownTypeId()' returning 'Void.class',
           enableDefaultTyping causing NPE
    #2251: Getter that returns an abstract collection breaks a delegating '@JsonCreator'
    #2265: Inconsistent handling of Collections$UnmodifiableList vs Collections$UnmodifiableRandomAccessList
    #2299: Fix for using jackson-databind in an OSGi environment under Android
    #2303: Deserialize null, when java type is "TypeRef of TypeRef of T", does not provide "Type(Type(null))"
    #2324: 'StringCollectionDeserializer' fails with custom collection
    #2326: Block one more gadget type (CVE-2019-12086)
- Prevent String coercion of 'null' in 'WritableObjectId' when calling 'JsonGenerator.writeObjectId()',
           mostly relevant for formats like YAML that have native Object Ids
  * 2.9.8 (15-Dec-2018)
    #1662: 'ByteBuffer' serialization is broken if offset is not 0
    #2155: Type parameters are checked for equality while isAssignableFrom expected
    #2167: Large ISO-8601 Dates are formatted/serialized incorrectly
    #2181: Don't re-use dynamic serializers for property-updating copy constructors
    #2183: Base64 JsonMappingException: Unexpected end-of-input
    #2186: Block more classes from polymorphic deserialization (CVE-2018-19360,
           CVE-2018-19361, CVE-2018-19362)
    #2197: Illegal reflective access operation warning when using 'java.lang.Void'
           as value type
    #2202: StdKeyDeserializer Class method _getToStringResolver is slow causing Thread Block
  * 2.9.7 (19-Sep-2018)
    #2060: 'UnwrappingBeanPropertyWriter' incorrectly assumes the found serializer is
           of type 'UnwrappingBeanSerializer'
    #2064: Cannot set custom format for 'SqlDateSerializer' globally
    #2079: NPE when visiting StaticListSerializerBase
    #2082: 'FactoryBasedEnumDeserializer' should be cachable
    #2088: '@JsonUnwrapped' fields are skipped when using 'PropertyBasedCreator' if
           they appear after the last creator property
    #2096: 'TreeTraversingParser' does not take base64 variant into account
    #2097: Block more classes from polymorphic deserialization (CVE-2018-14718
           - CVE-2018-14721)
    #2109: Canonical string for reference type is built incorrectly
    #2120: 'NioPathDeserializer' improvement
    #2128: Location information included twice for some 'JsonMappingException's
  * 2.9.6 (12-Jun-2018)
    #955: Add 'MapperFeature.USE_BASE_TYPE_AS_DEFAULT_IMPL' to use declared base type
            as 'defaultImpl' for polymorphic deserialization
    #1328: External property polymorphic deserialization does not work with enums
    #1565: Deserialization failure with Polymorphism using JsonTypeInfo 'defaultImpl',
           subtype as target
    #1964: Failed to specialize 'Map' type during serialization where key type
           incompatibility overidden via "raw" types
    #1990: MixIn '@JsonProperty' for 'Object.hashCode()' is ignored
    #1991: Context attributes are not passed/available to custom serializer if object is in POJO
    #1998: Removing "type" attribute with Mixin not taken in account if
           using ObjectMapper.copy()
    #1999: "Duplicate property" issue should mention which class it complains about
    #2001: Deserialization issue with '@JsonIgnore' and '@JsonCreator' + '@JsonProperty'
           for same property name
    #2015: '@Jsonsetter with Nulls.SKIP' collides with
           'DeserializationFeature.READ_UNKNOWN_ENUM_VALUES_AS_NULL' when parsing enum
    #2016: Delegating JsonCreator disregards JsonDeserialize info
    #2019: Abstract Type mapping in 2.9 fails when multiple modules are registered
    #2021: Delegating JsonCreator disregards 'JsonDeserialize.using' annotation
    #2023: 'JsonFormat.Feature.ACCEPT_EMPTY_STRING_AS_NULL_OBJECT' not working
           with 'null' coercion with '@JsonSetter'
    #2027: Concurrency error causes 'IllegalStateException' on 'BeanPropertyMap'
    #2032: CVE-2018-11307: Potential information exfiltration with default typing,
           serialization gadget from MyBatis
    #2034: Serialization problem with type specialization of nested generic types
    #2038: JDK Serializing and using Deserialized 'ObjectMapper' loses linkage
           back from 'JsonParser.getCodec()'
    #2051: Implicit constructor property names are not renamed properly with
    #2052: CVE-2018-12022: Block polymorphic deserialization of types from Jodd-db library
    #2058: CVE-2018-12023: Block polymorphic deserialization of types from Oracle JDBC driver
  * 2.9.5 (26-Mar-2018)
    #1911: Allow serialization of 'BigDecimal' as String, using
           '@JsonFormat(shape=Shape.String)', config overrides
    #1912: 'BeanDeserializerModifier.updateBuilder()' not work to set custom
           deserializer on a property (since 2.9.0)
    #1931: Two more 'c3p0' gadgets to exploit default typing issue
    #1932: 'EnumMap' cannot deserialize with type inclusion as property
    #1940: 'Float' values with integer value beyond 'int' lose precision if
           bound to 'long'
    #1941: 'TypeFactory.constructFromCanonical()' throws NPE for Unparameterized
           generic canonical strings
    #1947: 'MapperFeature.AUTO_DETECT_XXX' do not work if all disabled
    #1977: Serializing an Iterator with multiple sub-types fails after upgrading to 2.9.x
    #1978: Using @JsonUnwrapped annotation in builderdeserializer hangs in infinite loop

- Remove patch fixed upstream:
  * CVE-2018-7489.patch

Tue Oct  1 13:59:49 UTC 2019 - Fridrich Strba <>

- Initial packaging of jackson-databind 2.9.4
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