File mariadb-10.2.9-galera_cnf.patch of Package mariadb.20531

PATCH-P1-FIX-FEATURE: Enhance wsrep.cnf (galera configuration file)

wsrep_on option defines whether or not wsrep replication is enabled. 
It's set to OFF by default since MariaDB 10.1 but we want to mention 
this option explicitly in galera configuration file in order to bring
it to the user's attention.
Set the location of the wsrep library (wsrep_provider option).

Maintainer: Kristyna Streitova <>

Index: mariadb-10.2.22/support-files/
--- mariadb-10.2.22.orig/support-files/
+++ mariadb-10.2.22/support-files/
@@ -33,8 +33,11 @@ bind-address=
 # Enable wsrep
+# Whether or not wsrep replication is enabled
 # Full path to wsrep provider library or 'none'
 # Provider specific configuration options
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