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    2022-03-31 - Tim Serong <>

    Builds of ceph 16.2.7 on IBS showed the following resource usage (in MB):

    ceph aarch64      max disk: 41568  max mem: 13698 (on ibs-centriq-6:3 disk:  65536 mem: 18432)
    ceph x86_64       max disk: 41621  max mem:  9852 (on sheep74:2       disk:  51200 mem: 12500)
    ceph ppc64le      max disk: 42005  max mem:  8754 (on ibs-power9-10:1 disk:  61440 mem: 20480)
    ceph s390x        max disk: 40698  max mem:  8875 (on s390zl36:1      disk:  51200 mem: 10240)
    ceph-test x86_64  max disk: 51760  max mem: 16835 (on sheep94:2       disk: 112640 mem: 16384)

    Based on the above (and to hopefully provide a little wiggle room for
    the future while at the same time not being too demanding of workers)
    I've set the disk constraints to 50GB for ceph and 60GB for ceph-test.
    Memory requirements remain at 8GB and 10GB respectively as they were
    previously - despite the memory usage shown above, AFAIK we haven't
    run out of memory during builds, and this keeps the pool of possible
    workers noticeably larger than it would be if we required 16GB.

    Note to future hackers: please add comments here to describe any further
    changes made.  Thank you!


       <size unit="G">50</size>
       <size unit="G">8</size>

         <size unit="G">60</size>
         <size unit="G">10</size>

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