File gdb-rpmlintrc of Package gdb.17657

# This line is mandatory to access the configuration functions
from Config import *

# The testresult logs contain part of the build log and thus
# necessarily mention the buildroot
addFilter ("gdb-testresults.*file-contains-buildroot")

# Historically libinproctrace was always in gdbserver.  It's
# LD_PRELOADed into processes, so there are no direct ELF
# dependencies to it.  It's required on the remote side (where
# gdbserver is) so it makes sense to put it in the same package.
# This never was a problem for rpmlint before because libinproctrace
# had no SONAME, so the check wasn't active.  Now it has, so it's checked
# and because the gdbserver binary has no direct ELF visible dependency
# it's thought to be necessary to follow shlib policy.  That's not the case.
addFilter ("gdbserver.*shlib-policy-name-error.*libinproctrace")
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