File gnu-unifont-bitmap-fonts.changes of Package gnu-unifont-bitmap-fonts

Thu Feb  1 21:10:53 UTC 2018 -

- unifont 10.0.07:
  * Additions and updates to various scripts and glyphs

Mon Jul 10 18:58:19 UTC 2017 -

- Unifont 10.0.04:
  * Add support for double diacritic combining characters
  * Extend the unifontpic utility so that it can print Unifont
    charts of any Unicode plane from 0 through 17, inclusive, not
    just plane 0
- includes changes from 10.0.03:
  * modify src/hex2sfd for handling of combining characters while
    being typed in a text editing application. The glyphs are
    identical to those in the Unifont 10.0.02 release. 
- includes changes from 10.0.02:
  * touch up the U+03xx block, which includes modern Greek
  * fix one glyph in the Aiha ConScript Unicode Registry (CSUR)
    script in the Private Use Area
- includes changes from 10.0.01:
  * fixes most bugs that were reported since the previous release.
  * Add script: Zanabazar Square (U+011A00..U+011A4F)
  * Add script: Masaram Gondi (U+011D00..U+011D5F)
  * Add script: Syriac Supplement (U+0860..U+086F)
  * Add script: Soyombo (U+011A50..U+011AAF)

Sun Jul  3 11:21:34 UTC 2016 -

- Update to version 9.0.01
  * This is the first release for Unicode 9.0.0, which The 
    Unicode Consortium formally released on 21 June 2016. In 
    addition to complete Basic Multilingual Plane coverage, 
    this release includes all scripts that can easily be drawn 
    in a 16-by-16 grid in the Supplemental Multilingual Plane 
    as of Unicode 9.0. This SMP coverage is a major milestone 
    for Unifont.
    + Johnnie Weaver has contributed many Supplemental 
      Multilingual Plane glyphs, allowing completion of all SMP 
      scripts that are easily drawn in a 16-by-16 pixel grid::
       U+0104B0..U+0104FF Osage
       U+011280..U+0112AF Multani
       U+0112B0..U+0112FF Khudawadi
       U+011600..U+01165F Modi
       U+011700..U+01173F Ahom
       U+0118A0..U+0118FF Warang Citi
       U+011AC0..U+011AFF Pau Cin Hau
       U+011C00..U+011C6F Bhaiksuki
       U+011C70..U+011CBF Marchen
       U+016A40..U+016A6F Mro
       U+016AD0..U+016AFF Bassa Vah
       U+01E000..U+01E02F Glagolitic Supplement
       U+01E900..U+01E95F Adlam
    + Terence Eden contributed the new power symbols in the range 
      U+23FB..U+23FE. Terence proposed adding those glyphs to 
      Unicode, and got them adopted in the Unicode 9.0.0 release.
      Paul Hardy drew the rest of the glyphs added to this 
      release. This included a complete redrawing of the Unified 
      Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics (U+1400..U+167F) and the 
      Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics Extended 
      (U+18B0..U+18FF) scripts. This also included rotating the 
      Mongolian and Phags Pa scripts, as per changes of The 
      Unicode Consortium in changing their default representation 
      from vertical writing to horizontal writing. Paul added 
      these scripts:
       U+1C80..U+1C8F Cyrillic Extended-C
       U+011300..U+01137F Grantha
       U+011400..U+01147F Newa
       U+011480..U+0114DF Tirhuta
       U+011660..U+01167F Mongolian Supplement
       U+016FE0..U+016FFF Ideographic Symbols and Punctuation
       U+01BC00..U+01BC9F Duployan
       U+01E800..U+01E8DF Mende Kikakui
       U+01F900..U+01F9FF Supplemental Symbols and Pictographs
    + Michael Walden drew my attention (pun intended) to a 
      multitude of glyph issues, which I have addressed in this 
      release. A comprehensive list of glyphs altered from his 
      suggestions appear in the ChangeLog file in the main 

- Replaced gpl-2.0.txt with a link to LICENSE.txt from the
  project homepage.

- Updated Url line
Thu Oct  1 14:09:32 CEST 2015 -

- don't provide gnu-unifont alias, which is given by the legacy
  bitmap-fonts package for compatibility

Fri Sep 11 08:59:45 UTC 2015 -

- fix installed unifont name to be unifont.pcf.gz  

Mon Sep  7 08:30:17 UTC 2015 -

- bump to 8.0.01
  first release for Unicode 8.0
- applied spec-cleaner

Wed Jul  4 12:39:06 CEST 2012 -

- amend spec file to reflect new font packaging scheme
  (see openFATE#313536);

Thu May 17 09:10:05 UTC 2012 -

- call spec-cleaner

Fri Jan 13 08:09:08 UTC 2012 -

- Fixed SPEC file:
  * Solved the "incorrect-fsf-address" warning of rpmlint by
    using original gpl-2.0.txt file from the FSF, overwriting
    COPYING in archive
  * Improved description a bit
  * Fixed unfortunate typo in Obsoletes (guu-unifont -> gnu-unifont)

Thu Jan 12 17:18:53 CET 2012 -

- Renamed gnu-unifont -> gnu-unifont-bitmap-fonts according to
  openSUSE packaging guidelines and FATE#313035

Thu Apr  8 18:12:42 CEST 2010 -

- removed unnecessary buildrequires for too old distros

Wed Jan 23 17:51:49 CET 2008 -

- new package gnu-unifont. Has been split out of the
  yast2-qt package.

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