File grub2-install-fix-not-a-directory-error.patch of Package grub2.18446

From: Stefan Seyfried <>
Subject: makes sure that ext2/3/4 is tried before minix
References: boo#1161641

I recently came across a strange grub2-install error when building kiwi images
in OBS. The reason is a bug in the minix file system detection. I filed
upstream bug [1].
Note I experienced this on SLES15-SP1. The bug is still present in current
Tumbleweed [2]. This bug thus needs fixing in all supported openSUSE releases.
The reproducer-script is called as root like

  bash ./ /tmp/grub-test.img /mnt

/tmp needs 1GB of free storage to store the image.

Maybe this would be good enough as a minimal-intrusive fix. It does not fix the
minix detection code, but instead makes sure that ext[234] is tried before


Index: grub-2.04/
--- grub-2.04.orig/
+++ grub-2.04/
@@ -42,8 +42,11 @@ libgrub.pp: grub_scrip
 	  -D'GRUB_MOD_INIT(x)=@MARKER@x@' $^ > $@ || (rm -f $@; exit 1)
 CLEANFILES += libgrub.pp
+# the grep/sed ensures that ext2 gets initialized before minix*
+# see
 libgrub_a_init.lst: libgrub.pp
 	cat $< | grep '@MARKER@' | sed 's/@MARKER@\(.*\)@/\1/g' | sort -u > $@ || (rm -f $@; exit 1)
+	if grep ^ext2 $@ >/dev/null; then sed '/ext2/d;/newc/iext2' < $@ > $@.tmp && mv $@.tmp $@; fi
 CLEANFILES += libgrub_a_init.lst
 libgrub_a_init.c: libgrub_a_init.lst $(top_srcdir)/
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