File macros.ibus of Package ibus.12524

# RPM macros for ibus
# You should use %%{_ibus_icondir} and %%{_ibus_tabledir} 
# in %%files section
# For ibus table packaging, you have to:
# Use %%ibus_table_requires as requires
# Use %%ibus_table_index_post %%DB_NAME in %%post to create
# table indexes for your table package.
%_ibus_includedir	%{_includedir}/ibus-1.0
%_ibus_libdir		%{_libdir}/ibus
%_ibus_libexecdir	%{_ibus_libdir}
%_ibus_datadir		%{_datadir}/ibus
%_ibus_componentdir	%{_ibus_datadir}/component
%_ibus_enginedir	%{_ibus_datadir}/engine
%_ibus_keymapdir	%{_ibus_datadir}/keymaps
%_ibus_setupdir		%{_ibus_datadir}/setup
%_ibus_autostartdir	%{_sysconfdir}/X11/xim.d
%_ibus_tabledir		%{_datadir}/ibus-table/tables
%_ibus_icondir		%{_datadir}/ibus-table/icons

%ibus_requires	\
Requires:	ibus

%ibus_table_requires \
Requires:	ibus-table
Requires(post):	ibus-table

%ibus_table_index_post() \
%if "x%1" != "x%%1" \
DB_NAME="%1" \
%else \
echo "Missing argument DB_NAME in call to %%ibus_table_create_index." \
false \
%endif \
/usr/bin/ibus-table-createdb -i -n %{_ibus_tabledir}/${DB_NAME}.db || true 
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