File CVE-2019-3886-api.patch of Package libvirt.11459

commit 69f94df6afe2ea8e2034903d6423c783e0c535e8
Author: Daniel P. Berrangé <>
Date:   Wed Apr 3 15:00:49 2019 +0100

    api: disallow virDomainGetHostname for read-only connections
    The virDomainGetHostname API is fetching guest information and this may
    involve use of an untrusted guest agent. As such its use must be
    forbidden on a read-only connection to libvirt.
    Fixes CVE-2019-3886
    Signed-off-by: Daniel P. Berrangé <>

Index: libvirt-5.1.0/src/libvirt-domain.c
--- libvirt-5.1.0.orig/src/libvirt-domain.c
+++ libvirt-5.1.0/src/libvirt-domain.c
@@ -11031,6 +11031,8 @@ virDomainGetHostname(virDomainPtr domain
     virCheckDomainReturn(domain, NULL);
     conn = domain->conn;
+    virCheckReadOnlyGoto(domain->conn->flags, error);
     if (conn->driver->domainGetHostname) {
         char *ret;
         ret = conn->driver->domainGetHostname(domain, flags);
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