File suse-apparmor-libnl-paths.patch of Package libvirt.11459

Apparmor: Adjust libnl paths

In SUSE distros, libnl paths generally contain only 'libnl', and
not an embedded version number such as 'libnl-3'. Use 'libnl*' in
the virt-aa-helper profile to accommodate all libnl path variants.

It was also noticed that the per-domain profiles need a libnl rule
to squelch a denial when starting confined domains.

Found while investigating bsc#1058847
Index: libvirt-5.1.0/src/security/apparmor/libvirt-qemu
--- libvirt-5.1.0.orig/src/security/apparmor/libvirt-qemu
+++ libvirt-5.1.0/src/security/apparmor/libvirt-qemu
@@ -63,6 +63,7 @@
   #/dev/fb* rw,
   /etc/pulse/client.conf r,
+  /etc/libnl*/classid r,
   @{HOME}/.pulse-cookie rwk,
   owner /root/.pulse-cookie rwk,
   owner /root/.pulse/ rw,
Index: libvirt-5.1.0/src/security/apparmor/usr.lib.libvirt.virt-aa-helper
--- libvirt-5.1.0.orig/src/security/apparmor/usr.lib.libvirt.virt-aa-helper
+++ libvirt-5.1.0/src/security/apparmor/usr.lib.libvirt.virt-aa-helper
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ profile virt-aa-helper /usr/{lib,lib64}/
   owner @{PROC}/[0-9]*/status r,
   @{PROC}/filesystems r,
-  /etc/libnl-3/classid r,
+  /etc/libnl*/classid r,
   # for gl enabled graphics
   /dev/dri/{,*} r,
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