File glib2-rpmlintrc of Package glib2.26665

# Adding gio-branding for the following filter
# Filter for non-conffile-in-etc warning for the following files
# under /etc/profile.d/ and /etc/rpm/ directories, respectively:
# zzz-glib2.csh and, and macros.glib2
# Filter for env-script-intepreter for the following files under
# /usr/bin directory: gdbus-codegen, glib-genmarshal and glib-mkenums
# allow empty files and certificates in tests
addFilter(".*: W: zero-length /usr/libexec/installed-tests/glib/.*")
addFilter(".*: W: pem-certificate /usr/libexec/installed-tests/.*")
# disable bogus warnings, as instructed by upstream
addFilter(".*: W: shared-lib-without-dependency-information .*")
# the maintainers prefer to keep the following internal SUSE naming conflicts
addFilter(".*: W: no-dependency-on glib2.*")
addFilter(".*: W: suse-branding-.*")
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