File mic.1 of Package imgen

.TH MIC "1" "July 2012" "Melanox imgen 1.0" "User Commands"
mic \- InfiniScale-III EEPROM management/burning tool
.B mic
.\" Add any additional description here
print short usage message and exit
do not print some warnings
the resulting image will not be failsafe
print version number
\fB\-dev_type\fR \fIDEVICE_TYPE\fR
the device for which the image is generated. Supported devices are MT47396,
MT23108, MT25208, MT25218, MT24204 or MT25204.
\fB\-fw\fR \fIFW_IMAGE_FILE\fR
specify the input file with the firmware
\fB\-conf\fR \fICONFIG_FILE\fR
read configuration (.INI) file
write configuration (.INI) file
\fB\-wrimage\fR \fIEEPROM_IMAGE\fR
write the resulting image to a file with the given name
\fB\-format\fR \fIEEPROM_IMAGE_FMT\fR
outbut in the specified format. Format may be \fBIMAGE\fR, \fBDWORDS\fR or
\fBBINARY\fR. Default is \fBIMAGE\fR
\fB\-exp_rom\fR \fIEXP_ROM_FILE\fR
integrate the given extention file (in .img or .bin format) with the firmware
image (HCA's only)
set the specified parameter to VALUE
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