File dhclient6.conf of Package dhcp.24174

# Client configuration file example for DHCPv6

# Define RFC 4833 timezone options:
option dhcp6.rfc4833-tz-posix-string code 41 = string;
option dhcp6.rfc4833-tz-name code 42 = string;
# You may add the options you've declared now to the request,
# but it is still needed to use them in a netconfig module or
# dhclient-script. I didn't found the time to implement it
# yet -- feel free to provide a module / patch.
#	dhcp6.rfc4833-tz-posix-string, dhcp6.rfc4833-tz-name;

# The client side command to enable rapid-commit (2 packet exchange)
send dhcp6.rapid-commit;

# The name-servers and domain-search are requested by default.
# We request also sntp-servers, see dhcp-options(5) for more,
# but make sure, the underlying software using it supports IPv6
# (e.g. ypbind <= 1.35 doesn't, don't add nis-servers/domain!)
also request dhcp6.sntp-servers;

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