File _patchinfo of Package patchinfo.11369

<patchinfo incident="11369">
  <issue tracker="bnc" id="1122271">generic/523 fails in xfs due to xfs_repair would flag and erase any xattr with a '/' in it</issue>
  <issue tracker="bnc" id="1073421">fstests with xfs on xfs/098 fails with difference on golden output on 4.12.14-4.7-default</issue>
  <issue tracker="bnc" id="1129859">xfs_info no longer works on devices, mountpoint statement required</issue>
  <summary>Recommended update for xfsprogs</summary>
  <description>This update for xfsprogs fixes the following issues:

- xfs_repair: will now allow '/' in attribute names (bsc#1122271)
- xfs_repair: will now allow zeroing of corrupt log (bsc#1073421)
- enabdled offline (unmounted) filesystem geometry queries (bsc#1129859)
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