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%global packname  ale 
%global rlibdir   %{_libdir}/R/library 
Name:           R-%{packname} 
Version:        0.3.0 
Release:        0 
Summary:        Interpretable Machine Learning and Statistical Inference with Accumulated Local Effects (ALE) 
Group:          Development/Libraries/Other 
License:        GPL-2 
URL:  {packname} 
Source:         ale_0.3.0.tar.gz 
Requires:       R-base 
Requires:	R-assertthat
Requires:	R-broom
Requires:	R-dplyr
Requires:	R-ellipsis
Requires:	R-furrr
Requires:	R-future
Requires:	R-ggplot2
Requires:	R-ggpubr
Requires:	R-glue
Requires:	R-insight
Requires:	R-labeling
Requires:	R-progressr
Requires:	R-purrr
Requires:	R-rlang
Requires:	R-stringr
Requires:	R-tidyr
Requires:	R-univariateML
Requires:	R-yaImpute
Requires:	R-backports
Requires:	R-generics
Requires:	R-lifecycle
Requires:	R-tibble
Requires:	R-cli
Requires:	R-magrittr
Requires:	R-pillar
Requires:	R-R6
Requires:	R-tidyselect
Requires:	R-vctrs
Requires:	R-globals
Requires:	R-digest
Requires:	R-listenv
Requires:	R-parallelly
Requires:	R-gtable
Requires:	R-isoband
Requires:	R-scales
Requires:	R-withr
Requires:	R-ggrepel
Requires:	R-ggsci
Requires:	R-cowplot
Requires:	R-ggsignif
Requires:	R-gridExtra
Requires:	R-polynom
Requires:	R-rstatix
Requires:	R-stringi
Requires:	R-cpp11
Requires:	R-extraDistr
Requires:	R-logitnorm
Requires:	R-actuar
Requires:	R-nakagami
Requires:	R-fGarch
Requires:	R-expint
Requires:	R-Rcpp
Requires:	R-fBasics
Requires:	R-timeDate
Requires:	R-timeSeries
Requires:	R-fastICA
Requires:	R-cvar
Requires:	R-fansi
Requires:	R-utf8
Requires:	R-corrplot
Requires:	R-car
Requires:	R-farver
Requires:	R-munsell
Requires:	R-RColorBrewer
Requires:	R-viridisLite
Requires:	R-pkgconfig
Requires:	R-carData
Requires:	R-abind
Requires:	R-pbkrtest
Requires:	R-quantreg
Requires:	R-lme4
Requires:	R-gbutils
Requires:	R-Rdpack
Requires:	R-gss
Requires:	R-stabledist
Requires:	R-colorspace
Requires:	R-minqa
Requires:	R-nloptr
Requires:	R-RcppEigen
Requires:	R-numDeriv
Requires:	R-SparseM
Requires:	R-MatrixModels
Requires:	R-rbibutils
Requires:	R-testthat
Requires:	R-brio
Requires:	R-callr
Requires:	R-desc
Requires:	R-evaluate
Requires:	R-jsonlite
Requires:	R-pkgload
Requires:	R-praise
Requires:	R-processx
Requires:	R-ps
Requires:	R-waldo
Requires:	R-crayon
Requires:	R-fs
Requires:	R-pkgbuild
Requires:	R-rprojroot
Requires:	R-diffobj
Requires:	R-rematch2
# %%if 0%%{?sle_version} > 120400 || 0%%{?is_opensuse} 
# # Three others commonly needed 
# BuildRequires:  tex(ae.sty) 
# BuildRequires:  tex(fancyvrb.sty) 
# BuildRequires:  tex(inconsolata.sty) 
# BuildRequires:  tex(natbib.sty) 
# %else 
# BuildRequires:  texlive 
# %endif 
# BuildRequires:  texinfo 
BuildRequires:  fdupes 
BuildRequires:  R-base 
BuildRequires: 	R-assertthat
BuildRequires: 	R-broom
BuildRequires: 	R-dplyr
BuildRequires: 	R-ellipsis
BuildRequires: 	R-furrr
BuildRequires: 	R-future
BuildRequires: 	R-ggplot2
BuildRequires: 	R-ggpubr
BuildRequires: 	R-glue
BuildRequires: 	R-insight
BuildRequires: 	R-labeling
BuildRequires: 	R-progressr
BuildRequires: 	R-purrr
BuildRequires: 	R-rlang
BuildRequires: 	R-stringr
BuildRequires: 	R-tidyr
BuildRequires: 	R-univariateML
BuildRequires: 	R-yaImpute
BuildRequires: 	R-backports
BuildRequires: 	R-generics
BuildRequires: 	R-lifecycle
BuildRequires: 	R-tibble
BuildRequires: 	R-cli
BuildRequires: 	R-magrittr
BuildRequires: 	R-pillar
BuildRequires: 	R-R6
BuildRequires: 	R-tidyselect
BuildRequires: 	R-vctrs
BuildRequires: 	R-globals
BuildRequires: 	R-digest
BuildRequires: 	R-listenv
BuildRequires: 	R-parallelly
BuildRequires: 	R-gtable
BuildRequires: 	R-isoband
BuildRequires: 	R-scales
BuildRequires: 	R-withr
BuildRequires: 	R-ggrepel
BuildRequires: 	R-ggsci
BuildRequires: 	R-cowplot
BuildRequires: 	R-ggsignif
BuildRequires: 	R-gridExtra
BuildRequires: 	R-polynom
BuildRequires: 	R-rstatix
BuildRequires: 	R-stringi
BuildRequires: 	R-cpp11-devel
BuildRequires: 	R-extraDistr
BuildRequires: 	R-logitnorm
BuildRequires: 	R-actuar
BuildRequires: 	R-nakagami
BuildRequires: 	R-fGarch
BuildRequires: 	R-expint
BuildRequires: 	R-Rcpp-devel
BuildRequires: 	R-fBasics
BuildRequires: 	R-timeDate
BuildRequires: 	R-timeSeries
BuildRequires: 	R-fastICA
BuildRequires: 	R-cvar
BuildRequires: 	R-fansi
BuildRequires: 	R-utf8
BuildRequires: 	R-corrplot
BuildRequires: 	R-car
BuildRequires: 	R-farver
BuildRequires: 	R-munsell
BuildRequires: 	R-RColorBrewer
BuildRequires: 	R-viridisLite
BuildRequires: 	R-pkgconfig
BuildRequires: 	R-carData
BuildRequires: 	R-abind
BuildRequires: 	R-pbkrtest
BuildRequires: 	R-quantreg
BuildRequires: 	R-lme4
BuildRequires: 	R-gbutils
BuildRequires: 	R-Rdpack
BuildRequires: 	R-gss
BuildRequires: 	R-stabledist
BuildRequires: 	R-colorspace
BuildRequires: 	R-minqa
BuildRequires: 	R-nloptr
BuildRequires: 	R-RcppEigen-devel
BuildRequires: 	R-numDeriv
BuildRequires: 	R-SparseM
BuildRequires: 	R-MatrixModels
BuildRequires: 	R-rbibutils
BuildRequires: 	R-testthat
BuildRequires: 	R-brio
BuildRequires: 	R-callr
BuildRequires: 	R-desc
BuildRequires: 	R-evaluate
BuildRequires: 	R-jsonlite
BuildRequires: 	R-pkgload
BuildRequires: 	R-praise
BuildRequires: 	R-processx
BuildRequires: 	R-ps
BuildRequires: 	R-waldo
BuildRequires: 	R-crayon
BuildRequires: 	R-fs
BuildRequires: 	R-pkgbuild
BuildRequires: 	R-rprojroot
BuildRequires: 	R-diffobj
BuildRequires: 	R-rematch2
Suggests:	R-ALEPlot
Suggests:	R-knitr
Suggests:	R-patchwork
Suggests:	R-readr
Suggests:	R-rmarkdown
Suggests:	R-testthat
Accumulated Local Effects (ALE) were initially developed as a 
model-agnostic approach for global explanations of the results of 
black-box machine learning algorithms. ALE has a key advantage over 
other approaches like partial dependency plots (PDP) and SHapley 
Additive exPlanations (SHAP): its values represent a clean functional 
decomposition of the model. As such, ALE values are not affected by the 
presence or absence of interactions among variables in a mode. 
Moreover, its computation is relatively rapid. This package rewrites 
the original code from the 'ALEPlot' package for calculating ALE data 
and it completely reimplements the plotting of ALE values. It also 
extends the original ALE concept to add bootstrap-based confidence 
intervals and ALE-based statistics that can be used for statistical 
inference. For more details, see Okoli, Chitu. 2023. “Statistical 
Inference Using Machine Learning and Classical Techniques Based on 
Accumulated Local Effects (ALE).” arXiv. <arXiv:2310.09877>. 
%setup -q -c -n %{packname} 
# the next line is needed, because we build without --clean in between two packages 
rm -rf ~/.R  
mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{rlibdir} 
%{_bindir}/R CMD INSTALL -l %{buildroot}%{rlibdir} %{packname} 
test -d %{packname}/src && (cd %{packname}/src; rm -f *.o *.so) 
rm -f %{buildroot}%{rlibdir}/R.css 
%fdupes -s %{buildroot}%{rlibdir} 
#%%{_bindir}/R CMD check %%{packname} 
%dir %{rlibdir}/%{packname} 
%doc %{rlibdir}/%{packname}/DESCRIPTION
%doc %{rlibdir}/%{packname}/
%doc %{rlibdir}/%{packname}/help
%doc %{rlibdir}/%{packname}/html
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