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Mon Apr 29 14:58:11 UTC 2024 - Ben Greiner <>

- Update to 2.22
  * No changelog. Notable commit messages:
  * Move julian_day() routine to new calendar module
  * Switch to calendar dates for printing SPK segments
  * Add compute_julian_date() as a user convenience,
  * Various CI updates

Sun Mar 24 11:47:39 UTC 2024 - Ben Greiner <>

- Update to 2.21
  * Tweaked an import to avoid a fatal exception under Python 2, in
    case anyone is still using it.
- Version 2.20
  * Each segment is now protected by a lock, in case two threads
    simultaneously trigger the code that performs the initial load
    of the segment’s data; the symptom was a rare exception
    ``ValueError: cannot reshape array``.
- Version 2.19
  * Fixed a bug in the ``excerpt`` command that was causing it to
    truncate its output when the input ephemeris had more than
    about two dozen segments.  The command’s output should now
    include all matching segments from even a very large ephemeris.
  * Fixed the ``excerpt`` command so the calendar dates specified
    on the command line produce Julian dates ending with the
    fraction ``.5``, which makes excerpt endpoints more exact.
- Version 2.18
  * Added support for big-endian processors, and created a GitHub
    Actions CI build that includes both a big- and a little-endian
- Version 2.17
  * Fixed an ``AttributeError`` in the ``excerpt`` command.
- Version 2.16
  * Fixed a ``ValueError`` raised in the ``excerpt`` command when
    an ephemeris segment needs to be entirely skipped because it
    has no overlap with the user-specified range of dates.
  * Added a ``__version__`` constant to the package’s top level.

Sun Feb 21 19:36:16 UTC 2021 - Ben Greiner <>

- Skip python36 build: With NumPy 1.20, python36-numpy is no
  longer available in Tumbleweed (NEP 29)
- Drop unused test files de405.bsp de421.bsp

Mon Nov 16 14:06:39 UTC 2020 - Marketa Machova <>

- update to 2.15
  * Add "Type N" to each ephemeris segment description
  * Remove a couple of unused imports

Thu Jul  9 11:44:52 UTC 2020 - Benjamin Greiner <>

- Update to 2.14
  * Fall back to plain file I/O on platforms that support 
    fileno() but that don’t support mmap(), like the Pyodide 
- Update to 2.13
  * The exception raised when a segment is given a Julian date 
    outside the segment’s date range is now an instance of the 
    ValueError subclass OutOfRangeError that reminds the caller 
    of the range of dates supported by the SPK segment, and 
    carries an array attribute indicating which input dates were 
    at fault.

Thu Jan 30 15:00:28 UTC 2020 - Todd R <>

- Update to 2.12
  * Replaced use of NumPy ``flip()`` with a reverse slice ``[::-1]`` after
    discovering the function was a recent addition that some user installs
    of NumPy do not support.
- Update to 2.11
  * Reverse the order in which Chebyshev polynomials are computed to
    slightly increase speed, to simplify the code, and in one case
    (comparing PCK output to NASA) to gain a partial digit of extra
- Update to 2.10
  * Document and release support for ``.bcp`` binary PCK kernel files
    through the new ``jplephem.pck`` module.

Thu Jan 10 00:31:25 UTC 2019 - Jan Engelhardt <>

- Use noun phrase for summary.

Fri Jan  4 16:33:04 UTC 2019 - Todd R <>

- Update to 2.9
  * add load_array()
- Update to 2.8
  * single memory map instead of many
- Update to 2.7
  * Slight tweaks to the documentation
  * Add messages during excerpt operation
  * Add excerpt to the command line
  * Add subcommand for printing comment area
  * Add test for “daf” subcommand
  * Add subcommands to jplephem command line
  * Read as little during excerpting as possible
  * Start work on excerpt()
  * Two tweaks to write DAF files more accurately
  * Better test: array can take up only part of record
  * Slight tweaks to code
  * To fix the build,bid a fond farewell to Python 2.6
  * Git ignore tmp*.py experimental scripts
  * Full tests of DAF from BytesIO and from real file
  * Start writing a comprehensive test of DAF class
  * Avoid antipattern of attribute that shows up later
  * Add routine for writing a new DAF file summary
  * Switch DAF class to cached Struct objects 
  * Introduce the idea of simply read()ing floats, too
  * Mark `` as deprecated
  * Remove unused import
  * Make README test instructions more complete
  * Add note to README about how to run the tests
  * Add link to Skyfield to README 

Wed May 24 16:36:53 UTC 2017 -

- Initial version
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