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Sun Nov 12 01:41:27 UTC 2023 - Stefan Brüns <>

- Updated to release 6.0
  * Breaking changes:
    + Remove not allowed attributes function-rate,
      functions-covered and functions-valid from cobertura report.
    + Remove "noncode" entries in JSON reports.
    + New option --exclude-noncode-lines to exclude noncode lines.
      Noncode lines are not excluded by default anymore.
      (gh#gcovr/gcovr#704, gh#gcovr/gcovr#705)
    + Changed option --gcov-ignore-parse-errors to accept list of
      errors to ignore. (gh#gcovr/gcovr#701)
    + Handling of gcov errors:
      - Do not ignore return code of gcov. (gh#gcovr/gcovr#653)
      - New option --gcov-ignore-errors to ignore gcov errors. Old
        behavior was to print a warning and continue.
    + The default filename for option --cobertura is changed from
      coverage.xml to cobertura.xml (gh#gcovr/gcovr#721)
    + Revert changes from gh#gcovr/gcovr#623 and add documentation
      entry Support of Keil uVision format. (gh#gcovr/gcovr#727)
  * New features and notable changes:
    + New option --html-nested for reports that summarize
      subdirectories with aggregated statistics per directory.
    + Accept NAN % which is used in GCOV 7.5.0 instead of an
      invalid value. (gh#gcovr/gcovr#651)
    + New option --json-base to define a base bath used in JSON
      reports. (gh#gcovr/gcovr#656)
    + New option --calls to report call coverage: function calls
      invoked/total (gh#gcovr/gcovr#666)
    + New nox session to generate a portable application with
      pyinstaller. (gh#gcovr/gcovr#661)
    + Print a warning if root directory contains symlinks.
    + Change option --keep when calling gcov internaly.
    + Allow annotations for never executed branches.
    + Add function merge mode for same function defined in
      different lines. (gh#gcovr/gcovr#700)
    + Update link to gcovr documentation in HTML report to point to
      the documentation of the used version. (gh#gcovr/gcovr#723)
    + Add environment SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to set default for option
      --timestamp. (gh#gcovr/gcovr#729)
  * See for
    complete changelog

Tue Nov 22 08:47:39 UTC 2022 - Andrea Manzini <>

- Updated to release 5.2:

  New features and notable changes:

  * Log additional info on gcov parsing errors. 
  * Add support for branch exclude markers. 
  * Additional options to configure the thresholds for lines and branches in HTML separate.


  * Remove function coverage from sonarcube report. 
  * Fix parallel processing of gcov data. 
  * Better diagnostics when dealing with corrupted input files. 
  * Accept metadata lines without values (introduced in gcc-11). 
  * Properly close <a> element in detailed HTML report. 
  * Using --add-tracefile will now correctly merge branch coverage. 
  * Fix package-level function coverage statistics in Cobertura XML reports. 
  * Respect excluded/noncode lines for aggregated branchcoverage. 
  * Fix list options in configuration file (search-path).
  * Fix assert and key error in --decisions flag. 
  * Fix adding none existing lines by decision analysis to data model. 
  * Always treat relative paths in config files as relative to the directory of the file. 

Fri Jun 11 12:22:55 UTC 2021 - Dan Čermák <>

- New upstream release 5.0

Breaking changes:

 - Dropped support for Python 2 and Python 3.5.
   From now on, gcovr will only support Python versions
   that enjoy upstream support.

Improvements and new features:

 - Handles spaces in ``gcov`` path. (:issue:`385`)
 - Early fail when output cannot be created. (:issue:`382`)
 - Add :option:`--txt` for text output. (:issue:`387`)
 - Add :option:`--csv` for CSV output. (:issue:`376`)
 - Add :option:`--exclude-lines-by-pattern` to filter out source lines by arbitrary
   regex. (:issue:`356`)
 - Add :option:`--json-summary` to generate a :ref:`JSON Summary <json_summary_output>` report. (:issue:`366`)
 - Add :option:`--coveralls` to generate a :ref:`Coveralls <coveralls_output>` compatible JSON report. (:issue:`328`)

Mon Jan  4 15:27:45 UTC 2021 - Dan Čermák <>

- Add python3-lxml dependency (boo#1179867)

Mon Feb  3 08:43:34 UTC 2020 - Dan Čermák <>

- New upstream release 4.2

  Breaking changes:

  - Dropped support for Python 3.4.
  - Format flag parameters like :option:`--xml` or :option:`--html`
    now take an optional output file name.
    This potentially changes the interpretation of search paths.
    In ``gcovr --xml foo``,
    previous gcovr versions would search the ``foo`` directory for coverage data.
    Now, gcovr will try to write the Cobertura report to the ``foo`` file.
    To keep the old meaning, separate positional arguments like
    ``gcovr --xml -- foo``.

  Improvements and new features:

  - :ref:`Configuration file <configuration>` support (experimental).
    (:issue:`167`, :issue:`229`, :issue:`279`, :issue:`281`, :issue:`293`,
    :issue:`300`, :issue:`304`)
  - :ref:`JSON output <json_output>`. (:issue:`301`, :issue:`321`, :issue:`326`)
  - :ref:`Combining tracefiles <combining_tracefiles>`
    with :option:`gcovr --add-tracefile`.
    (:issue:`10`, :issue:`326`)
  - :ref:`SonarQube XML Output <sonarqube_xml_output>`. (:issue:`308`)
  - Handle cyclic symlinks correctly during coverage data search.
  - Simplification of :option:`--object-directory` heuristics.
    (:issue:`18`, :issue:`273`, :issue:`280`)
  - Exception-only code like a ``catch`` clause is now shown as uncovered.
  - New :option:`--exclude-throw-branches` option
    to exclude exception handler branches. (:issue:`283`)
  - Support ``--root ..`` style invocation,
    which might fix some CMake-related problems. (:issue:`294`)
  - Fix wrong names in report
    when source and build directories have similar names. (:issue:`299`)
  - Stricter argument handling. (:issue:`267`)
  - Reduce XML memory usage by moving to lxml.
    (:issue:`1`, :issue:`118`, :issue:`307`)
  - Can write :ref:`multiple reports <multiple output formats>` at the same time
    by giving the output file name to the report format parameter.
    Now, ``gcovr --html -o cov.html`` and ``gcovr --html cov.html``
    are equivalent. (:issue:`291`)
  - Override gcov locale properly. (:issue:`334`)
  - Make gcov parser more robust when used with GCC 8. (:issue:`315`)

  Known issues:

  - The :option:`--keep` option only works when using existing gcov files
    with :option:`-g`/:option:`--use-gcov-files`.
    (:issue:`285`, :issue:`286`)
  - Gcovr may get confused
    when header files in different directories have the same name.
  - Gcovr may not work when no en_US locale is available.


  - :ref:`Exclusion marker <exclusion markers>` documentation.
  - FAQ: :ref:`exception branches` (:issue:`283`)
  - FAQ: :ref:`uncovered files not shown`
    (:issue:`33`, :issue:`100`, :issue:`154`, :issue:`290`, :issue:`298`)

  Internal changes:

  - More tests. (:issue:`269`, :issue:`268`, :issue:`269`)
  - Refactoring and removal of dead code. (:issue:`280`)
  - New internal data model.

Tue Feb  5 15:02:56 UTC 2019 - Jan Engelhardt <>

- Remove excessive hard requires.

Wed Jan 30 11:15:18 UTC 2019 - Dan Čermák <>

- Build documentation on Tumbleweed

Thu Jan 10 13:20:05 UTC 2019 - Neal Gompa <>

- Fix package name for Jinja2 dependency

Tue Dec 11 11:18:10 UTC 2018 - Dan Čermák <>

- Bump gcovr version to 4.1
  + Drop patch: 0001-re-enable-HTML-reports-under-Python3.patch

Wed Dec 20 21:11:55 UTC 2017 - Neal Gompa <>

- Initial packaging based on Fedora package
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