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Sat Feb  4 14:54:07 UTC 2023 - Carsten Ziepke <>

- Update to version 1.6.2
  * Only noteworthy change being some minor updates to the text
    in infoblocks to make them a little nicer, along with some
    small changes to the text at the start of the
    World 1 castle boss.
- Changes in version 1.6.1
  * Fixed an issue controlling the menus with XInput controllers
    where their analog jitter would cause auto-selecting of
    menu items. 
  * Updated Spanish and Esperanto translations by Jorge.
  * Added an indication of the current level's name to the HUD,
    displayed in the middle of the screen above the
    Tux Doll indicator.

Wed Oct 20 18:15:42 UTC 2021 - Carsten Ziepke <>

- Update to version 1.6
  * In combination with an update to xsge_gui, fixes a bug that
    caused the pause menu to disable lighting effects entirely.
  * Applied noise removal to the track, Wisp Hunt, which has a very
    large amount of analog noise that I'm surprised we didn't notice
    before. The noise reduction unfortunately changed the sound of
    the music slightly (de-emphasizing the end of piano keys),
    but it sounds much nicer overall.
  * Added an infoblock to the start of Explosive Sharpshooting to
    make sure the player is aware of how to shoot fireballs upwards.
  * Improved god-mode coloring and changed the password used to
    access it.
  * God mode now provides a permanent light source.
  * Added a secret "hell" mode accessed by passing the wrong god
    password. This new mode makes the game incredibly hard.
  * Changed the coloring of menu text so it's more legible.
  * Made time penalty never go higher than the amount of points
    you have accumulated, and reset time penalty to zero
    when you die.
  * Improved the final boss by adding a source of infinite,
    slowly supplied coins.
  * Made the cutscene before the final boss more interactive.
  * Implemented a measure to avoid sudden music ending when dying.
  * Added sound volume and music volume controls.
  * Made the Options menu allow you to adjust settings like
    joystick threshold and volume levels up and down with the left
    and right arrow keys.
  * The bombs for getting the Tux doll in Snowman's Wreckening now
    spawn infinitely (4 at a time) from a pipe above.
  * The bomb used to blow up the crates in The Uplifted Bomb now
    spawns from a pipe and will be replaced if lost.
  * Adjusted the layout of the dark room in Danger Doors
    so it's more fair.
  * Made it possible to get rid of unwanted secondary controls in
    the controls configuration menus by assigning an already
    assigned control to the action.
  * Made Going In Circles have its own special bonus room rather
    than just copy-pasting the one from level 1.

Mon May  3 22:54:01 UTC 2021 - Ferdinand Thiessen <>

- Update to version 1.5
  * Changed resolution from 800x448 to 800x480.
  * Added a "Scale Proportional" option for anyone who wants to
    stretch the image out.
  * Tweaked the imagery of coins: one place that previously said
    "LIBRE" now says "RETUX", one place that previously said
    "自由" now says "SGE", and the hacker symbol previously used to
    hint at important areas has been replaced with "TD" (which
    stands for "Tux Doll") in Braille.
  * Levels have been adjusted to be slightly better, including
    addition of hints for somewhat obscure solutions to puzzles.
  * Added an esperanto translation
  * Adjusted the music to hopefully be better and more impactful

Sat Sep 26 10:40:40 UTC 2020 - Martin Hauke <>

- Update to version 1.4.1
  * Bugfix release

Sun Sep 13 13:17:09 UTC 2020 - Martin Hauke <>

- Update to version 1.4
  * Made it so that generation of translation files is properly
    automatic. Previously, this was a tedious manual update process
    which was error prone. It's now handled by scripts.
  * Made it possible to translate strings used in the credits.
  * Added an option for a language to specify a font file to use
    instead of the default sprite font. As an example of this a
    (mostly skeletal) Japanese translation file has been added,
    using the TakaoPGothic font. Previously, non-European
    languages couldn't be rendered properly.
  * Increased warp speed a bit so that you don't have to wait so
    long when going through long pipes.
  * Shortened the pipe in Leap of Faith, preventing it from
    becoming inaccessible.
  * Added a checkpoint to Going in Circles, after the first
    moving platform.
  * Made the Tux doll block in The Game of Ice visible.
  * Made it so that all levels that use the rusty spring
    regenerate them if destroyed, preventing puzzles from
    becoming unsolvable.
  * Added a hint via an info block to A Step Through a Minefield
    for how to get the Tux doll.
  * Added Crystallo as an enemy. Rather than SuperTux's behavior,
    ReTux's Crystallo is like a walking snowball, but cannot be
    burned or frozen and does not walk off cliffs.
  * The map warps now use the newly improved "pixelate" transition
    instead of the dissolve transition.
  * Replaced the Milestone 1 worldmap Tux with the current
    SuperTux map smalltux.
  * Replaced the gradient portion of the arctis background with
    something that resembles a hand-painted sky (made by me in GNU
  * Added the Snow Mountains and Cloud Mountains backgrounds from
    the SuperTux project.
  * Made it so that the worldmap doesn't load an entire level to
    retrieve its name. This speeds up travel over levels you
    haven't played this session and removes the need for level
    preloading, which has therefore been removed.
  * Updated user directories to be properly compliant with XDG
    base directories.
  * Added an error catcher when importing levelsets that displays
    the error rather than allowing ReTux to crash.
  * Added a dialog box confirming that a levelset was loaded
    successfully. This replaces the level preloading screen which
    previously served this purpose.
  * A number of bugfixes.
- Remove obsolete conditions
- Update URL and Source-URL

Sat Jul 21 21:16:20 UTC 2018 -

- Initial package
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