File warsow.changes of Package warsow

Tue Jul  9 13:50:19 UTC 2019 - Bernhard Wiedemann <>

- use convert -strip to not have .png files contain build time

Sat Aug  5 22:06:07 UTC 2017 -

- Switched back to gcc to fix build on Leap 42.{2,3}

Tue Jun 27 23:41:13 UTC 2017 -

- Add appdata xml to enable visibility in software installers

Tue Aug 16 14:42:53 UTC 2016 -

- Added fix-cmake.patch so we can use the cmake macro.
- Added system-libraries.patch to use angelscript from system
  instead of bundled one.
- Some cleanup of the spec file

Tue Jul 26 09:42:20 UTC 2016 -

- Replace wrong use of percent sign in date format string.
  Unload the %prep section (helps quilt).
  Write "cel" properly in description. Drop double file inclusion
  in %files.

Thu Apr  7 17:37:04 UTC 2016 -

- Fix build-compare by dropping timestamp from warsow.png

Tue Apr  5 20:04:33 UTC 2016 -

- update to version 2.1
      * The client will probe the official Warsow mirror for all .pk3 downloads before attempting to download the file from game server.
      * Third-party .pk3 downloads are stored in a separate directory to prevent them from overriding basewsw assets or shaders.
      * When connected to a pure server, do not fully reload the game assets on map change.
      * Changed default console font to monospace Droid Sans.
      * Changed help messages for 'callvote map' to contain the title of the map being voted for.
      * Added tab-completion of console commands and variables to chat.
      * Downloaded third-party add-ons will now go into separate filesystem directory. Use +set fs_usedownloadsdir 0 on the command line to disable such add-ons altogether.
      * Improved support for Quake 3/Quake Live maps.
      * Offloaded the renderer to a separate thread. r_multithreading 0 reverts to traditional single-threaded mode.
      * Added r_maxfps to cap the refresh framerate in multi-threaded mode, changed cg_showFPS 1 and 2 to display refresh and client framerates respectively.
      * Increased the number of background loader threads to 4.
      * Fixed support for palette-based PNG images with alpha channel.
      * Use optimal VRAM storage format for grayscale lightmaps when deluxemapping is disabled.
      * Don't render flesh hits for RG and MG pellets as they were often mispredicted.
      * In bomb gametype, reset all map entities to their initial state at round start.
      * Allow grenades to be shot straight down.
      * Disabled the minimum walljump height if jump button is pressed.
      * Fixed instagib shots stopping on the first hit player.
      * The server will now re-open console log file on SIGUSR1.
      * Running multiple servers in the same homedir won't corrupt .pk3 files downloaded via autoupdates.
      * Expose "random" entity property to gametype scripts.
      * MeansOfDeath (MOD_RIOTGUN_S, MOD_GRENADE_SPLASH_S, etc enums) is now passed as the fourth argument to "kill" score event in gametype scripts.
      * Added G_ResetLevel() to gametype scripting API. The function resets all map entities to their initial state, keeping clients intact.
      * Added Client::getMMLogin() method to gametype scripting API, which returns the match-maker login for authenticated players.
      * Added hasChallengersRoulette, forceTeamHumans, forceTeamBots, disableObituaries gametype properties to scripting API.
      * Changed base data, cache and runtime directory paths to conform to XDG specs.
      * Fixed MOUSE4 and MOUSE5 mouse buttons support.
      * Added "random" key support to func_timer and target_delay, specifies delay variance. Total delay = delay +/- random seconds.
      * Added "delay" key support to "target_delay" for backwards compatibility with Q3 maps.
      * Sector reports are now buffered until the end of the race.
      * Top command to display records in reverse order.
      * More records are now stored (30).
      * Added quickmenu with basic commands.
      * Picking up a weapon doesn't remove it from the map.
      * Associate records with login names when possible.
      * Color- and case-insensitive nickname associations for records.
      * Weapon information is now saved when saving a position.
      * Allow loading prerace-saved positions in prerace.
      * Added setting a speed for the saved position (only in practicemode).
      * Limited announcer sounds to once per player.
      * Simple randmap vote with a pattern to search for.
      * The kill command will now make spectators join.
      * Nice checkpoint feedback in the console.
      * Disabled starting a race while alive after finishing.
      * Fixed the respawner after finishing.
      * Allow racerestart while not racing.
      * Linked kill to racerestart.
      * Fixed displaying of the top scores in the hud. They are now shown when you connect.
      * Save no more than one time per player to the local highscore file, so the highscores are not populated by one player.
      * Print finish and sector times to the console so they can be looked at later.
      * Assign saved top times to their owners when they reappear.
      * Added practicemode with noclip and position save / load commands.
      * Disabled warmup.
      * Apply localization to scoreboard strings.
      * Expose system mono font to the HUD via con_fontSystemMono.
      * Draw crosshair even when out of ammo.
      * Updated the "connection interrupted" icon.
      * Added drawCleanStatString and drawCleanPlayerName commands for drawing player and team names without color codes and forcing the current color.
      * Added TEAM_ALPHA_NAME and TEAM_BETA_NAME constants to draw team names with drawStatString.
      * drawPlayerName now ignores the current color and defaults to white, only taking the current alpha into account.
      * Fixed demo playback.
      * Fixed random crash on vid_restart.
      * Color correction profile can now be applied to the "worldview" widget by specifying the "color-correction" RCSS property.
      * Improved demo player modal window.

Fri Dec 25 07:12:57 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 2.0.1
      * Rewinding demos no longer breaks POV switching.
      * Fixed client-side crashes in CTF: Tactics game mode.
      * Corrected the list of assets released under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives license (see license.txt).
      * Fixed race condition which was preventing multiple server instances to complete initialization in case they were sharing the same home directory.
      * Bugfixes and improved performance for the built-in HTTP server.
      * Fixed memory leaks, improved peformance for the server browser with l10n enabled.
      * Automatically disable multithreading if Nouveau graphics driver is detected (Linux).
      * Automatically use discrete GPU's on laptops with both integrated and discrete GPU's.
      * Updated adem HUD.
      * Updated strafe.hud for all HUDs.

Sun Dec 13 13:42:05 UTC 2015 -

- update to version 2.0
    * Added full out-of-the-box gamepad support (SDL on Linux and OS X).
    * The engine automatically lowers the frame rate to 24 FPS and enables
    sleep state when the game is minimized.
    * Multi-threading improvements for the following; fixed race conditions,
    reduced latency and the amount of context switches.
    * .pk3 files explicitly named as "pure" are now preferred to different
    .pk3 files.
    * Restricted downloads of binary modules and "pure" content to official
    Warsow web mirror.
    * Greatly reduced memory footprint for fonts (especially for CJK).
    * Pressing Escape key during the map load or connection set-up will now
    cancel the process much quicker.
    * New high resolution "flat" icon.
    * Maximum refresh rate now defaults to 250 fps.
    * It is now possible to pause demo playback at the end of a demo file,
    instead of dropping to main menu (see "demo" command help).
    * Added "flipped view" mode, set "cl_flip" to "1" to enable.
    * Use HTTPS for secure authentication to matchmaker.

    * 30% to 50% overall performance improvement.
    * Greatly reduced VRAM footprint for textures.
    * Added support for texture arrays, used for lightmaps.
    * Added KTX texture format support.
    * Enabled binary cache for GLSL programs to speed up startup time by
    default now.
    * Enabled multi-threading to speed up map loading by default now.
    * Curved meshes are now optimized to remove excessive polygons.
    * Changed rendering order so that the sky is now rendered after world
    geometry to minimize overdraw.
    * Fixed infinite far clipping plane calculations.
    * The renderer now queries the operating system for available screen
    * Shadowmaps now account for normals of geometry they are cast on, making
    them less prone to be visible through walls and ceilings.
    * Added "stencilTest" shader keyword.
    * Added per map colour correction support. Toggle-able with
    cg_colorCorrection 0/1, maps can define colorCorrection <file path> key
    in worldspawn to use color correction profile.
    * Removed "vid_mode", "vid_customwidth" and "vid_customheight" console
    variables in favour of "vid_width" and "vid_height" for video
    * Dropped support for "noDepthTest" shader keyword.
    * Dropped "r_colorbits" console variable (used to set desktop colour

    * New Tutorial game mode.
    * Added 3 new awards:
    * First Frag (awarded to the first fragger);
    * Fair Play (say "gg" to your opponents during the post-match using the
    chat or the vsay);
    * Man of the Match (You must score the most + achieve the ""Fair Play"
    award). -See above-.
    * Added sounds for Lasergun, Electrobolt and Instagun impacts.
    * New spawn points selection algorithm: returns the furthest point to
    which there's less than 4 points on the map; otherwise it returns to a
    random one, excluding the closest 3 points.
    * Ammo packs dropped on a players deaths, now actually contain strong
    * The movement style now defaults to "old movement", set
    "cg_movementStyle" to "1" for "new movement".
    * Incorporated a number of movement fixes from Racesow.
    * Ranked servers will now announce a players profile name at
    alongside the nickname of the players entrance to the server.
    * On ranked servers, the "players" command now also prints login names
    for authenticated players.
    * After joining a server, the game menu is now opened automatically.
    * On ranked servers, certain votes now require players to be
    * Votes now ignore AFK players.
    * In round-based game modes, in-active players are not removed until the
    beginning of the next round.
    * Added bot navigation files for wda5 and wbomb6.
    * Player movement prediction now works properly when riding a moving
    * New RL/GL trail effect, cg_rocketTrail & cg_grenaderTrail merged into
    * Bots will now ignore chatting players.
    * Reduced respawn sound volume by 35%.
    * Added new callvote options "shuffle" and "rebalance".
    * Decreased weapon respawn timer to 10 in Duel.
    * In bomb, players can now move at crouch speed during the pre-round;
    upped maximum running speed to 320ups.
    * Removed 'Team Domination' game mode.

    * New "illuminati" gibs.
    * New Instagun & Electrobolt decals.
    * New "simple items" sprites.
    * New teleportation\spawn effect.
    * New EB beam texture for cg_ebbeam_old 1.
    * New default EB beam effect.
    * New Lasergun beam, added hit model for LG endpoint.
    * New bullet hit decal and model.
    * Improved rocket launcher projectile texture.
    * Added gloss textures for BigVic and Bobot player models.
    * Added cg_viewBob, viewport smoothing/bobbing to falling/high jumps.
    * Bomb model colour follows the planted state dynamic light color (red
    when planted, orange normally).
    * Disabling gun "bobbing" now also disables fire and idle gun animations.
    * New damage hit effect (cg_showBloodTrail).

    * Reduced Rocket Launcher pick-up ammo count to 5.
    * Reduced Lasergun and Plasmagun pick-up ammo count to 50.
    * Increased Lasergun and Plasmagun ammo box count to 100.
    * Increased Electrobolt ammo box count to 10.
    * Removed custom gravity and friction from Grenade Launcher projectiles.
    * Unified knockback of Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher to 100.
    * Unified minimum knockback of Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher to
    * Unified splash radius of Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher to 125.
    * Changed Gunblade full recharge and reload time to 600ms.
    * Changed Gunblade projectile damage, splash radius and knockback to 40,
    70 and 90 respectively, self-damage ratio increased to 100%.
    * Increased Gunblade melee damage to 50 and decreased reload time to
    * New Riotgun spread pattern based on Fibonacci/sunflower spirals.
    * Increased per-pellet knockback for Riotgun to 7 (140 on 100% hit),
    spread reduced.
    * Increased Rocket launcher reload, damage and projectile speed to 950ms,
    80 and 1150ups respectively.
    * Increased Grenade launcher reload, damage and self-damage ratio to
    800ms, 80 and 100% respectively.
    * Increased DPS for Lasergun to 140, knockback increased to 14.
    * Increased Machinegun bullet damage to 10, reload time increased to
    100ms, spread removed.
    * Increased knock-back for Electrobolt to 80.
    * Increased Plasmagun speed and knockback to 2500ups and 20 respetively.

    * New Tutorial map.
    * Improved wdm6.
    * Improved wdm1 item layout.
    * Added colour correction profiles for wdm5, wbomb6, wbomb1.
    * Removed wdm3.
    * Removed wca2.

    * "target_print" entities can now provide overlay help messages/hints to
    players (use the the "helpmessage" key in Radiant/map editor of choice).
    * Added support for "target_kill" and "target_teleporter" entities from
    * Use "gravity" attribute on the "worlspawn" object to set map gravity.

    * Added 9 new localizations: Belarusian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian,
    Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Swedish, Turkish,
    * Maps can now be localized individually (drop .po files into
    * Centre-printed messages and map locations are now localizable.

    * Added "s_globalfocus" option: when enabled the game will continue to
    play its sound and music even if the user switches to another
    * It is now possible to use .ogv video files as background music tracks.
    * Fixed support for remote .ogg music tracks/streams.
    * Reduced default sound mixer delay from 200ms to 140ms (snd_qf).
    * The background music is now not interrupted at demojumps.

    * Added current time to the HUD in the race mode.
    * Added text animation for game awards.
    * All HUD elements are now resolution-independent.
    * Optimized rendering of scoreboard strings.
    * Scripting: it's now possible to pass a non-constant math expression to
    * New spec HUD, added adem HUD.

    * Added voicecomm menu for Team Deathmatch, Bomb, CTF and CTF: Tactics
    game modes (bound to Left Shift by default).
    * Revamped title screen, this incorporates a players profile and stats
    * Added an option for server browser to open a dialogue with suggested
    game servers after the search is complete.
    * Added quit confirmation dialogue.
    * Added descriptions for game modes.
    * Added pre-load option, enabled by default (set "ui_preload" to "0" to
    * Added several new configurable options.
    * Added confirmation dialogue for "Move to TV" command.
    * Removed IRC chat tab.

    * The built-in HTTP server now runs in a separate thread.
    * Optimized file transfers from the built-in HTTP server.
    * Matchmaker HTTP authentication now respects sv_ip.

    * Fixed an issue with the automatic chase-cam, which occasionally goes
    rampant in round-based game modes.
    * Enabled TCP connections support.

    * Switched over to SDL2 for video initialization and input.
    NOTE: versions prior to SDL2 suffer from doubled mouse sensitivity. This
    is expected to be fixed in SDL 2.0.4.
    * ALT+Tab works now.
    * Keyboard input doesn't steal the whole system focus.
    * The game now respects system keyboard layout.
    * Switched over to dynamic linking for support libraries.

    * Added NetRadiant and Q3Map2 with KTX texture format support, older
    versions won't load the textures properly.
    * Added .map files and models for all stock maps.
    * Added source files for textures and models.
    * Switched to cmake as the unified build system for C/C++ code.
    * Added Dockerfiles for cross-compilation.
    * Added debian meta-package to install all engine dependencies.
    * Updated to AngelScript 2.29.2.

Sat Nov 14 12:24:22 UTC 2015 -

- Fix: could not find shaders:
  * change the path of data files
- Use a detailed list of packages to build
- Don't compile in DATE and TIME
- Spec file cleanup

Sat Jun 14 16:33:51 UTC 2014 -

- update to 1.51
  * Bugfix: builtin HTTP server now accepts URL-encoded resource URI's in queries.
  * Improvement: faster map loading times.
  * Feature: use binary cache for GLSL programs to improve startup time (cvar "gl_ext_get_program_binary", off by default).
  * Feature: asynchronous texture loader (cvar "r_multithreading", off by default).
  * Improvement: a lightweight GLSL shader is now used for simple materials with no normalmap, gloss or decals.
  * Feature: added multithreading support: sound mixer and background music loader now run in separate threads.
  * Improvement: normalized some of the game sounds to 0.9db.
  * Bugfix: fixed announcer volume slider.
  * Bugfix: other bugfixes.
  * HUD Bugfixes.
  * Improvement: gamma ramp size can now take values up to 4096.

Sat May 10 09:25:19 UTC 2014 -

- update to 1.5
  * Feature: added built-in HTTP server (TCP port 44444) to serve UI AJAX queries and file downloads to clients.
  * Feature: added localization support to User Interface and HUD (the language is autodetected at the first startup).
  * Feature: added support for TrueType and OpenType fonts.
  * Feature: distinguish between left and right ALT, SHIFT, CTRL key presses.
  * Feature: gzip-compression of demo files.
  * Feature: dropped support for Quake1 and Quake2 maps.
  * Feature: dropped support for bitmap fonts.
  * Improvement: entities with active events use distance-based server side culling (prevents fast moving players from suddenly appearing in POV).
  * Improvement: optimized cinematics playback by offloading YCbCr->RGB color-space conversion to the GPU.
  * Improvement: domain names for master servers are resolved asynchronously at startup to prevent slow or N/A DNS servers from blocking.
  * Improvement (Linux): updated input code to use XInput2.
  * Improvement (Linux): hint the window manager to bypass compositing in fullscreen mode.
  * Improvement: increased the maximum number of simultaneously loaded models, sounds and shaders.
  * Bugfix: fixed various audio/video synchronization issues with cinematics.
  * Bugfix: force vertical synchronization during playback of fullscreen cinematics.
  * Bugfix: resampled Ogg/Vorbis sounds had the looping position set to wrong value.
  * Bugfix: editing a democam or adding a new one doesn't break spline paths.
  * Feature: moved renderer from the engine core to separate DLL.
  * Feature: rewritten rendering backend, GLSL2+-compatible.
  * Feature: GLSL shaders are now loaded from disk allowing customization and easing development.
  * Feature: added support for foliage surfaces and instanced rendering.
  * Feature: added 'soft particles' effect to explosions and halo shaders.
  * Feature: added FXAA support.
  * Feature: added RGB shadowmaps (fallback rendering path when GL_ARB_shadow extension isn't available).
  * Feature: added r_brightness cvar, useful for monitors that are too dark.
  * Feature: removed planar stencil shadows.
  * Feature: removed bloom.
  * Feature: removed r_ignorehwgamma cvar and associated functionality.
  * Feature: removed r_lighting_diffuse2heightmap cvar and associated functionality.
  * Improvement: Q3A shader commands previously processed on the CPU are now processed in vertex shaders on the GPU.
  * Improvement: optimized shadowmaps and changed them to use orthographic projection.
  * Improvement: added LOD support to shadowmaps (shadowmaps dynamically lower their resolution depending on the distance to the viewer).
  * Improvement: optimized VRAM footprint on modern GPUs for maps and models using half-precision floats.
  * Feature: added misc_video_speaker entity to steam synchronized samples from the nearby videomap shader with audio spatialization.
  * Feature: added func_timer entity.
  * Feature: added target_relay entity.
  * Feature: added target_delay entity.
  * Feature: new drawing commands: drawStringRepeat, drawStringRepeatConfigString
  * Feature: added new set of font commands: setFontFamily, setSpecialFontFamily, setFontSize and setFontStyle.
  * Feature: added #WEAP_INSTAGUN constant.
  * Improvement: improved scoreboard sorting (thanks hettoo).
  * Improvement: upgraded crosshair images to higher resolution (thanks adem).
- Feature: removed setFont command.
- Feature: removed %MATCH_TIME variable.
  * Feature: TAB-completion of player names in chat box.
  * Feature: added callvotes menu.
  * Feature: added "Watch on TV" button to chasecam menu.
  * Feature: Added Russian, Japanese, Frenсh, Polish, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarian, German, Italian, Finnish localizations (language can be set manually with the “lang” console command).
  * Bugfix: fixed rare crash in server browser menu.
  * Feature: CTRL+MWHEEL up/down increases/decreases console font size.
  * Feature: added TAB-completion for "demo", "cinematic", "exec", "whois" and "stats" commands (thanks hettoo).
  * Feature: "imagelist" and "shaderlist" commands now accept glob pattern as an optional parameter.
  * Feature: CTRL+R now does bash-style command history search.
  * Feature: CTRL+C now works in Linux (thanks Kalhartt).
  * Change: changed knockback from splash weapons from linear to quadratic and removed horizontal distance clamping.
  * Change: changed riotgun pattern from spiral to a more traditional one, with wider horizontal spread.
  * Feature: added cg_gun_alpha console variable to control gun opacity.
  * Feature: picked up items now leave ghost trails in warmup mode.
  * Feature: allow vote changing. The maximum number of changes is controlled with server console variable g_vote_maxchanges (thanks hettoo).
  * Feature: added opcall "specstotv" which moves spectators to connected TV servers.
  * Improvement: improved autojoin balancing (thanks hettoo).
  * Improvement: optimized AI code.
  * Improvement: default movement physics are now closer to old movement style
  * Bugfix: map rotation now considers the current map too (thanks hettoo).
  * Bugfix: maps were always missing one spawn indicator.
  * Bugfix: walljumps had direction bias (more obvious on larger maps).
  * Bugfix: removed silent bits from hit sounds (thanks adem).
  * Feature: game modules are now C++ compatible.
  * Feature: AngelScript 2.28.1.
  * Bugfix: fixed compilation with Clang.
  * Improvement: map models (prefabs) are now bundled with SDK.
  * Improvement: C-compatibility layer removed from Angelwrap library.

Sat Dec 21 21:11:01 UTC 2013 -

- update to 1.0.3
  * Higher-poly health models.
  * Regeneration powerup. Mappers can add this in radiant by adding 'item_regen' item.
  * New map: wda5.
  * More detailed wdm5.
  * Server browser has sorting now. However, this needs a manual UI .pk3 update, download it here (place to basewsw).
  * Meat gibs removed, cg_gibs values bigger than 1 now increase amount of pixel gibs.
  * Fixed /whois -1 crashes the server.
  * Fixed users being able to workaround the banlist by supplying two ip addresses in the userinfo.
  * Fixed Memory leak in linear allocator.
  * Fixed negative values of Demojump break POV change.
  * Mitigated problems with serverbrowser performance.
  * Gameplay balancing to clean up some rushy problems, most of which originated from weak ammo removal.

Wed Dec 12 11:41:07 UTC 2012 -

- libangelscript-devel is renamed to angelscript-devel as
  the package is called angelscript

Sun Oct 14 20:40:31 UTC 2012 -

- update to 1.0.2
  * Bugfix: crashes on maps with fog volumes.
  * Bugfix: invert mouse option wasn't at times properly reset.
  * Bugfix: damaging corpses doesn't affect player's damage stats anymore.

Thu Oct 11 23:04:19 UTC 2012 -

- update to 1.0.1
  * Bugfix: Server browser didn't query for servers after connecting a server.
  * Bugfix: Demoplayer slider didn't work if demo was opened with double click.
  * Bugfix: Removed selection of weak and strong crosshair.
  * Bugfix: Switching between Match browser and Local game broke 'Instagib' and 'TV' tabs.
  * Added option for inverting mouse movement to the UI.
  * Server browser now queries for LAN servers.
  * Removed screen color depth option.
  * Bugfix: T_TransformVectorToScreen didn't adjust fov to widescreen   - fixes player name locations at top of player models.
  * Bugfix: Fixed GLSL compilation errors in dynamic light shader for NVidia/Nouveau.
  * Bugfix: Properly reload volatile shaders when needed (fixing shader problems in maps after map loading).
  * Renderer now renders up to 4 shadowmaps in 1 pass instead of 1 per pass.
  * Removed r_colorbits cvar (+ UI: Removed screen color depth option).
  * Added TAB-completion for "alias", "aliasa" and "unalias" console commands.
  * Compiled binaries with SSE2 compliant compile flags to restore compability with older CPU's ("Received signal 4" error).
  * Bugfix: Fixed crash on login if username contained %n.
  * Bugfix: Changing userinfo broke "whois" cmd and stats collection.
  * Bugfix: Stats sometimes got lost, especially in duel/da due match UUID generating.
  * Bugfix: After running out of ammo, player could change back to empty weapon and firing weapon with empty weapon, which would fire previous weapon with ammo, causing firing have no sound aka "EB ammo bug".
  * Bugfix: TDO points didn't work in some maps.
  * Bugfix: vid_restart reset cg_clienthud variable to cg_spechud.
  * Bugfix: Turret firing-flash shader was missing.
  * Bugfix: Automatic respawn didn't work after completing a race.
  * Bugfix: Damaging dead things and world objects no longer increases damage stats.
  * Bumped Lasergun damage from 6.5 to 6.75 (130 > 135dps).
  * Bumped Riotgun damage from 90 to 95 per blast.
  * Bumped CA ammo counts: +20 rl +5 rg +5 eb.
  * Bumped Bomb ammo counts: +5 eb gl +40 lg +20 pg.
  * Electrobolt now always gibs.
  * New feature: maps can now include custom entities written with AngelScript.
  * Bugfix: Fixed segmentation fault when changing fs_game
  * Packaged API documentation for AS was out of date.

Thu Aug  9 19:33:59 UTC 2012 -

- compile with RPM_OPT_FLAGS

Mon Aug  6 21:27:18 UTC 2012 -

- update to 1.0

Sun Nov 23 22:45:34 CET 2008 -

- Initial package

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