File unicorn.changes of Package unicorn

Wed Jan  3 10:30:13 UTC 2024 - Sarah Kriesch <>

- Adopt source URL

Sat Dec 30 17:51:15 UTC 2023 - Sarah Kriesch <>

- Add "-latomic" linker flag to fix #1840

Sat Dec 30 16:31:10 UTC 2023 - Ben Greiner <>

- Fix the python bindings, ensure pure platform tag for
  installability on non-x86 distributions by adding
- Fix the sover

Sun Dec 17 15:46:35 UTC 2023 - Sarah Kriesch <>

- Update to version 2.0.1
  * No longer require Python to build
  * Fix recursive UC_HOOK_MEM callbacks for cross pages access
  * Remove UC_ERR_TIMEOUT, so timeout on uc_emu_start() is not considered error
  * Added UC_QUERY_TIMEOUT to query exit reason
  * Fix UAF when deleting hook while in hook callback
  * Ensure that hooks are unaffected by a request to stop emulation.
  * Fix block hooks being called twice after an early exit from execution.
  * Add cmake option to build Unicorn as a static library
  * Fix error handling of mmap()
  * uc_emu_start() can be reentrant
  * Fix naming conflicts when built with systemd
  * Add uc_context_free() API
  * Fix Java binding compilation
  * Fix build with LLVM on Powerpc64(le)
  * cmake: enable UNICORN_HAS_ARMEB when ARM is on
  * Fix wrong sync after UC_ERR_[READ, WRITE, FETCH]_[UNMAPPED, PROT]
  * Support querying architecture mode besides arm
  * Fix pausing within Thumb2 ITE blocks
  * Python: Remove UC_ERR_TIMEOUT
  * Rust binding
  * Update ISA of all existing architectures
  * Support 2 new architectures in PowerPC & RISCV
  * Set "zip_false" and "is_pure" to "False" to avoid issues on some 
    Linux distributions.
  * Link to libm to make sure our libraries work.
  * Support to read ST registers in rust bindings.
  * Fix a memory leak in uc_close
  * Support hooking CPUID instruction.
  * New API: uc_ctl, by which you could control CPU models, TB caches 
    or multiple exits etc.
  * RISCV CSR read/write.
  * Support reading MIPS hi/lo regs.
  * OSS Fuzzing building support.
  * MSVC 32bit and Android build support.
  * Introduce clang-format.
  * Add a go.mod for go bindings.
  * Use binary search to find mappings.
  * Fix tb not invalidated when exiting.
  * Fix bindings makefile.
  * Fix uc_mem_protect not working.
  * Rust bindings improvements. 
  * Allow R/W to cp15 registers.
  * Fix wrong MMIO offset for 32bit targets.
  * Support nested uc_emu_start calls without context save/restore
  * Allow writing to CPSR to switch bank registers.
  * CPUID hook now may return a bool to indicate whether skipping 
    the CPUID instruction.
  * Correctly generate static archives for the static build and have 
    CI auto-tested.
  * Rust bindings revised.
  * Compatible with clang-cl compiler.
  * Fix exits wrongly removed in nested uc_emu_start
  * Fix wrong internal states on nested uc_emu_start.
  * TriCore Support
  * Build both shared library and static archive as unicorn1 does.
  * Fix the value collision between UC_MODE_ARMBE8 and UC_MODE_ARM926
  * Advance PPC32 PC.
  * Fix python sdist and add aarch64 Linux wheels. 
    Note pip can build Unicorn2 on M1 now!
  * C# binding is refined and upgraded to .Net 6.
  * Fix endianness when writing PPC32 CR register.
  * Fix the endianness detection in tests.
  * Support building & running on BE hosts.
  * SystemZ (aka. s390x) support.
  * ARM/AARCH64 coprocessor registers read/write support.
  * Correctly support ARM big endian and drops armeb-softmmu and 
  * Support reads and writes over all Arm SIMD registers
  * RISCV:
    - Update pc when exiting execution.
    - Add RISCV control status registers to enable floating.
    - After ecall, pc not advanced.
  * X86: 
    - Support read/write STN registers and X64 base regs
    - Fix 64bit fstenv
    - Fix IP value of 16bit mode
    - Fix FPIP & FTST instructions
  * ARM64: 
    - Support some new registers
    - Fix APSR handling
    - Support Arm BE8 mode
- Remove patch unicorn.gcc.patch
- Enable s390x and PPC
- Remove python-setuptools and python-devel from BuildRequires

Tue Dec 14 14:14:14 UTC 2021 -

- Add python-rpm-macros (bsc#1180125)

Thu Apr 20 13:58:25 UTC 2017 -

- Update to version 1.0.1
  * Properly handle selected-architecture build.
  * Fix compilation issues on PPC & S390x.
  * Fix a memory leak on uc_mem_protect().
  * ARM:
    + Support big-endian mode.
    + Correct instruction size of Thumb/Thumb2 code.
    + Support read/write APSR register.
  * ARM64:
    + Support read/write NEON registers.
    + Support read/write NZCV registers.
  * Mips: Support read/write Mips64 registers.
  * X86: Support read/write MSR.
  * Haskell binding: update to the latest API.
  * Python: allow not having PATH setup.

- Dropped unicorn-fix_aarch64_test.patch and
  unicorn-fix_tcg.patch (merged upstream)

Fri Feb 24 08:58:22 UTC 2017 -

- Initial package (1.0)

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