File README.maintain of Package google-noto-fonts

Last reviewed: 2024-03-01
1. Download the latest release tarball from here:
2. Rename the current specfile to old.spec then edit the versions in and
3. Run to get the new specfile
  - untars your tarball and then based on the folders in fonts, generates a specfile with every package being a folder
4. Compare the two specfiles with some sort of diffing program and note any added, deleted, or renamed packages
5. Push to your branch (osc ci) to see if the package builds, osc build is of limited use
   as your local vm will likely crash before the build is fully completed
6. If there are no noteworthy errors, then write the osc vc with the changes,
   push, then send the submit request (osc sr). If there are, then fix them first
   before submitting

If you need to change the specfile, you change it programmatically in
 rather than directly edit google-noto-fonts.spec
That way the next person who runs the script does not need to redo your changes
Editing however is fine
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