File README of Package backer-srv-image

The command to run this container is:

mkdir /var/opt/backer/backups
mkdir /var/opt/backer/keys
mkdir /var/opt/backer/sshd
podman run -d --rm -p 80:80 -v /home/ilmehtar/.ssh:/home/ilmehtar/.ssh:ro -v /var/opt/backer/sshd:/etc/ssh/keybridge -v /var/opt/backer/backups:/backups -v /var/opt/backer/keys/authorized_keys:/root/.ssh/authorized_keys

- /backups - the place where the backups go (most likely a btrfs snapshot for snapper and send/recv to external storage)
- /root/.ssh/authorized_keys - the keys allowed to upload to the container
- /etc/ssh/keybridge - folder for injecting hostkeys
- /home/ilmehtar/.ssh - folder for user's ssh keys
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