File python-PyInstaller.changes of Package python-PyInstaller

Tue Jul 11 12:38:14 UTC 2023 - Markéta Machová <>

- Update to 5.13.0
  * Allow controlling the build log level (--log-level) via a 
    PYI_LOG_LEVEL environment variable.
  * Fixes an issue with gi shared libraries not being packaged if 
    they don’t have version suffix and are in a special location 
    set by LD_LIBRARY_PATH instead of a typical library path.
  * The deprecated PEP-302 find_module() and load_module() methods 
    have been removed from PyInstaller’s FrozenImporter.
  * Compile the collected GLib schema files using glib-schema-compiler 
    instead of collecting the pre-compiled gschemas.compiled.
  * The archive_viewer utility has been rewritten with modified 
    command-line interface (--log has been renamed to --list) and 
    with changed output formatting. 
  * Extend PySide6 hooks for PySide6 6.5.0 compatibility.
  * Ensure that binaries that are manually specified in the .spec file 
    (or via corresponding --add-binary or --collect-binaries 
    command-line switches) undergo the binary dependency analysis, 
    so their dependencies are automatically collected. 
  * Remove the use of the TOC class in the analysis / build process, 
    and use plain list instances instead. 
  * Attempt to fix compatibility of PyInstaller’s PyiFrozenImporter 
    with importlib.util.LazyLoader.
  * Add support for Python 3.12.
  * Limit the import of collected packages prior to performing binary 
    dependency analysis to only Windows, where it is actually useful.

Mon May  8 07:30:04 UTC 2023 - Johannes Kastl <>

- add sle15_python_module_pythons

Mon Nov  7 20:29:32 UTC 2022 - Yogalakshmi Arunachalam <>

- Update to 5.6.2
  * Bugfix
   (Linux, macOS) Fix the regression in shared library collection, where the shared library would end up collected under its fully-versioned .
   so name (e.g., instead of its originally referenced name (e.g., due to accidental symbolic link resolution. (#7189)

- Update to 5.6.1 
  * (macOS) Fix regression in macOS app bundle signing caused by a typo made in #7180. (#7184)

Thu Oct 27 20:51:42 UTC 2022 - Yogalakshmi Arunachalam <>

- Update to 5.6
  - Add official support for Python 3.11. (Note that PyInstaller v5.5 is also expected to work but
  - has only been tested with a pre-release of Python 3.11.) (#6783)

  Implement a new hook utility function, collect_delvewheel_libs_directory(), intended for dealing with external shared
  library in delvewheel-enabled PyPI wheels for Windows. (#7170)
  - (macOS) Fix OpenCV (cv2) loader error in generated macOS .app bundles, caused by the relocation of package’s source .py files. (#7180)
  - (Windows) Improve compatibility with scipy 1.9.2, whose Windows wheels switched to delvewheel, and therefore have shared
    libraries located in external .libs directory. (#7168)
  - (Windows) Limit the DLL parent path preservation behavior from #7028 to files collected from site-packages directories
    (as returned by site.getsitepackages() and site.getusersitepackages()) instead of all paths in sys.path, to avoid unintended
    behavior in corner cases, such as sys.path containing the drive root or user’s home directory. (#7155)
  - Fix compatibility with PySide6 6.4.0, where the deprecated Qml2ImportsPath location key is not available anymore;
    use the new QmlImportsPath key when it is available. (#7164)
  - Prevent PyInstaller runtime hook for setuptools from attempting to override distutils with setuptools-provided
    version when setuptools is collected and its version is lower than 60.0. This both mimics the unfrozen behavior and
    prevents errors on versions between 50.0 and 60.0, where we do not explicitly collect setuptools._distutils. (#7172)

  Incompatible Changes
  - (macOS) In generated macOS .app bundles, the collected source .py files are not relocated from Contents/MacOS to Contents/Resources anymore,
    to avoid issues when the path to a .py file is supposed to resolve to the same directory as adjacent binary extensions.
    On the other hand, this change might result in regressions w.r.t. bundle signing and/or notarization. (#7180)

  - (Windows) Update the bundled zlib sources to v1.2.13. (#7166)

- Update to 5.5  
  - (Windows) Support embedding multiple icons in the executable. (#7103)
  - (Windows) Fix a regression introduced in PyInstaller 5.4 (#6925), where incorrect copy of python3.dll
    (and consequently an additional, incorrect copy of python3X.dll from the same directory) is collected when additional python
    installations are present in PATH. (#7102)
  - (Windows) Provide run-time override for ctypes.util.find_library that searches sys._MEIPASS in addition to directories specified in PATH. (#7097)
  - Fix the problem with pywin32 DLLs not being found when importing pywin32 top-level extension modules, caused by the DLL directory structure
    preservation behavior introduced in #7028. Introduce a new bootstrap/loader module that adds the pywin32_system32 directory,
    if available, to both sys.path and the DLL search paths, in lieu of having to provide a runtime hook script for every single top-level
    extension module from pywin32. (#7110)
  - Hooks
    Fix an error raised by the matplotlib.backends hook when trying to specify the list of backends to collect via the hooks configuration. (#7091)

Fri Sep 30 08:41:35 UTC 2022 - Markéta Machová <>

- Update to 5.4.1
  * Many changes, see upstream changelog
  * Issue an error report if a .spec file will not be generated, but 
    command-line options specific to that functionality are given
  * The `PyInstaller.utils.hooks.get_module_attribute` function now 
    returns the actual attribute value instead of its string representation.
  * The matplotlib.backends hook no longer collects all available matplotlib 
    backends, but rather tries to auto-detect the used backend(s) by default.
  * Drop support for Python 3.6.
  * Make the error handing of `~PyInstaller.utils.hooks.collect_submodules` 
  * Detect if an icon file (.ico or .icns) is of another image type but has 
    been mislabelled as a native icon type via its file suffix then either 
    normalise to a genuinely native image type if pillow is installed or 
    raise an error.
  * Implement a mechanism for controlling the collection mode of modules and 
    packages, with granularity ranging from top-level packages to individual 
  * Add support for setuptools-provided distutils, available since 
    setuptools >= 60.0.

Thu Nov 18 15:23:35 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 4.7:
  - Fix a bug since v4.6 where certain Unix system directories
    were incorrectly assumed to exist and resulted in a
  - Update sphinx hook for compatibility with latest version
  - Replace use of PyRun_SimpleString with
  - Add support for Python 3.10.
  - Implement basic resource reader for accessing on-filesystem
    resources (data files) via importlib.resources (python >=
    3.9) or importlib_resources (python <= 3.8).
  - Ship precompiled wheels for musl-based Linux distributions
    (such as Alpine or OpenWRT) on x86_64 and aarch64.
  - Fix sys.executable pointing to the external package file
    instead of the executable when in package side-load mode
  - Fix a runaway glob which caused
    ctypes.util.find_library("libfoo") to non-deterministically
    pick any library matching libfoo* to bundle instead of
  - Fix compatibility with with MIPS and loongarch64
  - Fix the FrozenImporter.get_source() to correctly handle the
    packages’ source files. This in turn fixes
    missing-source-file errors for packages that use pytorch JIT
    when the source .py files are collected and available (for
    example, kornia).
  - Fix the location of the generated stand-alone pkg file when
    using the side-load mode (pkg_append=False) in combination
    with onefile mode. The package file is now placed next to the
    executable instead of next to the .spec file.
  - When generating spec files, avoid hard-coding the spec
    file’s location as the pathex argument to the Analysis.
  - Add a hook for pandas.plotting to restore compatibility with pandas 1.3.0 and later.
  - Add a hook for QtOpenGLWidgets for PyQt6 and PySide6 to
    collect the new QtOpenGLWidgets module introduced in Qt6
  - Add hooks for QtPositioning and QtLocation modules of the
    Qt5-based packages (PySide2 and PyQt5) to ensure that
    corresponding plugins are collected.
  - Fix compatibility with PyQt5 5.9.2 from conda’s main channel.
  - Prevent potential error in hooks for Qt-based packages that
    could be triggered by a partial PyQt6 installation.
  - Update QtNetwork hook for PyQt6 and PySide6 to collect the
    new tls plugins that were introduced in Qt 6.2.
  - Update the gi.repository.GtkSource hook to accept a
    module-versions hooksconfig dict in order to allow the hook
    to be used with GtkSource versions greater than 3.0.
  - Update the Linux bootloader cross compiler Dockerfile to
    allow using the official PyPA base images in place of the
    dockcross ones.

Thu Sep 16 11:25:16 UTC 2021 - Matej Cepl <>

- Update to 4.5.1: large number of changes, see packaged CHANGES.rst for
  the complete list.
- Remove glibc233.patch (included upstream)

Thu Apr  1 13:27:23 UTC 2021 - Markéta Machová <>

- Automagically skip matplotlib tests because matplotlib dropped python36
- Add glibc233.patch to fix recent test failure (gh#pyinstaller/pyinstaller#5540)

Wed Mar 18 07:22:03 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Disable functional tests as it takes ages and basic checks
  are okay with unittests

Tue Mar 10 09:31:11 UTC 2020 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Use xdist for test execution as otherwise it takes ages

Fri Jan 17 13:33:04 UTC 2020 - Alberto Planas Dominguez <>

- Requires python-devel, as `pyinstaller` cannot be used without it

Fri Jan 17 10:56:23 UTC 2020 - Alberto Planas Dominguez <>

- Temporary disabled of tests test_egg* and test_nspkg1*

Thu Jan 16 16:26:53 UTC 2020 - Alberto Planas Dominguez <>

- Update to version 3.6
  * See changelog at
- Add %bcond_with python2

Mon Sep 23 07:19:49 UTC 2019 - Tomáš Chvátal <>

- Format with spec-cleaner, fix license

Fri Sep 20 03:37:50 UTC 2019 - John Vandenberg <>

- Delete upstream bootloaders from the source distribution, forcing
  re-compilation of bootloader for all platforms, removing 'noarch'
- Lightly update spec, year and https
- Update to v3.5
  * See changelog at

Wed Oct 18 16:45:57 UTC 2017 -

- Implement single-spec version
- Update to version 3.3
  * See changelog at

Mon Jan 23 04:44:34 UTC 2017 -

- use update-alternatives

- update to 3.2.1
  * New, updated and fixed hooks: botocore (#2094), gi (#2347), jira (#2222),
    PyQt5.QtWebEngineWidgets (#2269), skimage (#2195, 2225), sphinx (#2323,)
    xsge_gui (#2251).
  * Don't fail if working directory already exists (#1994)
  * Avoid encoding errors in main script (#1976)
  * Fix hasher digest bytes not str (#2229, #2230)
  * (Windows) Fix additional dependency on the msvcrt10.dll (#1974)
  * (Windows) Correctly decode a bytes object produced by pefile (#1981)
  * (Windows) Package ``pefile`` with pyinstaller.  This partially
    undoes some changes in 3.2 in which the packaged pefiles were
    removed to use the pypi version instead.  The pypi version was
    considerably slower in some applications, and still has a couple
    of small issues on PY3. (#1920)
  * (OS X) PyQt5 packaging issues on MacOS (#1874)
  * (OS X) Replace run-time search path keyword (#1965)
  * (OS X) (Re-) add argv emulation for OSX, 64-bit (#2219)
  * (OS X) use decode("utf-8") to convert bytes in getImports_macholib() (#1973)
  * (Bootloader) fix segfaults (#2176)
  * ( pass option --no-lsb on GNU/Linux only (#1975)
  * Updates and fixes in documentation, manuals, et al. (#1986, 2002, #2153,
    #2227, #2231)
- update to version 3.2:
  * Even the “main” script is now byte-compiled (#1847, #1856)
  * The manual is on now (#1578)
  * On installation try to compile the bootloader if there is none for
    the current plattform (#1377)
  * (Unix) Use objcopy to create a valid ELF file (#1812, #1831)
  * (Linux): Compile with _FORTIFY_SOURCE (#1820)
  * New, updated and fixed hooks: CherryPy (#1860), Cryptography
    (#1425, #1861), enchant (1562), gi.repository.GdkPixbuf (#1843),
    gst (#1963), Lib2to3 (#1768), PyQt4, PyQt5, PySide (#1783, #1897,
    #1887), SciPy (#1908, #1909), sphinx (#1911, #1912), sqlalchemy
    (#1951), traitlets wx.lib.pubsub (#1837, #1838),
  * For windowed mode add isatty() for our dummy NullWriter (#1883)
  * Suppress “Failed to execute script” in case of SystemExit (#1869)
  * Do not apply Upx compressor for bootloader files (#1863)
  * Fix absolute path for lib used via ctypes (#1934)
  * (OSX) Fix binary cache on NFS (#1573, #1849)
  * (Windows) Fix message in grab_version (#1923)
  * (Windows) Fix wrong icon paramter in Windows example (#1764)
  * (Windows) Fix win32 unicode handling (#1878)
  * (Windows) Fix unnecessary rebuilds caused by rebuilding
    winmanifest (#1933)
  * (Cygwin) Fix finding the Python library for Cygwin 64-bit (#1307,
    #1810, #1811)
  * (OSX) Fix compilation issue (#1882)
  * (Windows) No longer bundle pefile, use package from for windows
  * (Windows) Provide a more robust means of executing a Python script
  * AIX fixes.
  * Update waf to version 1.8.20 (#1868)
  * Fix excludedimports, more predictable order how hooks are applied
  * Internal impovements and code clean-up (#1754, #1760, #1794,
    #1858, #1862, #1887, #1907, #1913)
  * Clean-ups fixes and improvements for the test suite
  * Known Issues
    + Apps built with Windows 10 and Python 3.5 may not run on Windows
      versions earlier than 10 (#1566).
    + The multipackage (MERGE) feature (#1527) is currently broken.
    + (OSX) Support for OpenDocument events (#1309) is broken.
- updated to version 3.1.1:
  * Fix problems with setuptools 19.4 (#1772, #1773, #1790, #1791)
  * 3.1 does not collect certain direct imports (#1780)
  * Git reports wrong version even if on unchanged release (#1778)
  * Don’t resolve symlinks in (#1750, #1755)
  * ShortFileName not returned in win32 util (#1799)

Sat Jan 16 17:57:42 UTC 2016 -

- Initial check in v3.1

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