File also-filter-new-fork-warning.patch of Package python-joblib

Index: joblib-1.3.2/joblib/test/
--- joblib-1.3.2.orig/joblib/test/
+++ joblib-1.3.2/joblib/test/
@@ -193,6 +193,11 @@ def test_main_thread_renamed_no_warning(
     # warninfo catches Warnings from worker timeouts. We remove it if it exists
     warninfo = [w for w in warninfo if "worker timeout" not in str(w.message)]
+    # There's a new warning in Python 3.12 about multiprocessing and forking
+    # that we filter out
+    warninfo = [w for w in warninfo
+                if "is multi-threaded, use of fork" not in str(w.message)]
     # The multiprocessing backend will raise a warning when detecting that is
     # started from the non-main thread. Let's check that there is no false
     # positive because of the name change.
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