File libunbound-devel-mini.changes of Package unbound

Wed Sep 21 18:36:29 UTC 2022 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.16.3
  fixes Non-Responsive Delegation Attack (CVE-2022-3204)

Mon Aug  1 13:05:10 UTC 2022 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.16.2 (boo#1202031 boo#1202033)
  * Features
    - Merge #718: Introduce infra-cache-max-rtt option to config max
      retransmit timeout.
  * Bug Fixes
    - Fix the novel ghost domain issues CVE-2022-30698 and CVE-2022-30699.
    - Fix bug introduced in 'improve val_sigcrypt.c::algo_needs_missing for
      one loop pass'.
    - Merge PR #668 from Cristian Rodríguez: Set IP_BIND_ADDRESS_NO_PORT on
      outbound tcp sockets.
    - Fix verbose EDE error printout.
    - Fix dname count in sldns parse type descriptor for SVCB and HTTPS.
    - For windows crosscompile, fix setting the IPV6_MTU socket option
      equivalent (IPV6_USER_MTU); allows cross compiling with latest
      cross-compiler versions.
    - Merge PR 714: Avoid treat normal hosts as unresponsive servers.
      And fixup the lock code.
    - iana portlist update.
    - Update documentation for 'outbound-msg-retry:'.
    - Tests for ghost domain fixes.

Mon Jul 11 10:03:06 UTC 2022 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.16.1
  * Features
    - Fix #704: [FR] Statistics counter for number of outgoing UDP queries
      sent; introduces 'num.query.udpout' to the 'unbound-control stats'
  * Bug Fixes
    - picks up 32bit libssp-0.dll when 32bit compile.
    - Fix for edns client subnet to respect not looking in its cache when
      instructed to do so (e.g., prefetch).
    - Merge PR #688: Rpz url notify issue.
    - Note in the unbound.conf text that NOTIFY is allowed from the url:
      addresses for auth and rpz zones.
    - Remove unused LDNS function check for GOST Engine unloading.
    - Fix for loading locally stored zones that have lines with blanks or
      blanks and comments.
    - Fix #663: use after free issue with edns options.
    - Clarify -v flag manpage entry (#705)
    - Fix test program dohclient close to use portability routine.
    - Show the output of the exact .rpl run that failed with 'make test'.
    - Fix for cached 0 TTL records to not trigger prefetching when
      serve-expired-client-timeout is set.
    - Add debug option to the test code.
    - Fix to not count cached NXDOMAIN for MAX_TARGET_NX.
    - Allow fallback to the parent side when MAX_TARGET_NX is reached.
      This will also allow MAX_TARGET_NX more NXDOMAINs.
    - iana portlist update.
    - Fix detection of libz on windows compile with static option.
    - Fix compile warning for windows compile.
    - Merge PR #706: NXNS fallback.
    - From #706: Cached NXDOMAIN does not increase the target nx
    - From #706: Don't generate parent side queries if we already
      have the lame records in cache.
    - From #706: When a lame address is the best choice, don't try to
      generate target queries when the missing targets are all lame.
    - Merge PR #671 from Petr Menšík: Disable ED25519 and ED448 in FIPS
      mode on openssl3.
    - Merge PR #660 from Petr Menšík: Sha1 runtime insecure.
    - For #660: formatting, less verbose logging, add EDE information.
    - Fix for correct openssl error when adding windows CA certificates to
      the openssl trust store.
    - Improve val_sigcrypt.c::algo_needs_missing for one loop pass.
    - Reintroduce documentation and more EDE support for
    - Fix bug introduced in 'improve val_sigcrypt.c::algo_needs_missing for
      one loop pass'.
    - Merge PR #668 from Cristian Rodríguez: Set IP_BIND_ADDRESS_NO_PORT on
      outbound tcp sockets. 

Thu Jun  2 11:54:13 UTC 2022 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.16.0
  * Features
    - Merge PR #604: Add basic support for EDE (RFC8914).
  * Bug Fixes
    - Fix #412: cache invalidation issue with CNAME+A.
    - Fix that TCP interface does not use TLS when TLS is also configured.
    - Fix #624: Unable to stop Unbound in Windows console (does not
      respond to CTRL+C command).
    - Fix #618: enabling interface-automatic disables DNS-over-TLS.
      Adds the option to list interface-automatic-ports.
    - Remove debug info from #618 fix.
    - Fix #628: A rpz-passthru action is not ending RPZ zone processing.
    - Fix for #628: fix rpz-passthru for qname trigger by localzone type.
    - Fix that address not available is squelched from the logs for
      udp connect failures. It is visible on verbosity 4 and more.
    - Merge #631 from mollyim: Replace OpenSSL's ERR_PACK with
    - Fix to detect that no IPv6 support means that IPv6 addresses are
      useless for delegation point lookups.
    - update Makefile dependencies.
    - Fix check interface existence for support detection in remote lookup.
    - Fix #633: Document unix domain socket support for unbound-control.
    - Fix for #633: updated fix with new text.
    - Fix edns client subnet to add the option based on the option list,
      so that it is not state dependent, after the state fix of #605 for
      double EDNS options.
    - Fix for edns client subnet option add fix in removal code, from review.
    - Fix #630: Unify the RPZ log messages.
    - Merge #623 from rex4539: Fix typos.
    - Fix pythonmod for change in iter_dp_is_useless function prototype.
    - Fix compile warnings for printf ll format on mingw compile.
    - Merge PR #632 from scottrw93: Match cnames in ipset.
    - Various fixes for #632: variable initialisation, convert the qinfo
      to str once, accept trailing dot in the local-zone ipset option.
    - Fix #637: Integer Overflow in sldns_str2period function.
    - Fix for #637: fix integer overflow checks in sldns_str2period.
    - Fix configure for python to use sysutils, because distutils is
      deprecated. It uses sysutils when available, distutils otherwise.
    - Merge #644: Make `install-lib` make target install the pkg-config
    - Fix to ensure uniform handling of spaces and tabs when parsing RRs.
    - Fix to describe auth-zone and other configuration at the local-zone
      configuration option, to allow for more broadly view of the options.
    - Merge PR #648 from eaglegai: fix -q doesn't work when use with
      'unbound-control stats_shm'.
    - Fix #651: [FR] Better logging for refused queries.
    - Fix spelling error in comment in sldns_str2wire_svcparam_key_lookup.
    - Fix zonemd check to allow unsupported algorithms to load.
      If there are only unsupported algorithms, or unsupported schemes,
      and no failed or successful other ZONEMD records, or malformed
      or bad ZONEMD records, the unsupported records allow the zone load.
    - Fix zonemd unsupported algo check.
    - Fix zonemd unsupported algo check reason to not copy to next record,
      and check for success for debug printout.
    - Fix zonemd unsupported algo check to print unsupported reason before
      zeroing it.
    - Fix zonemd unsupported algo check to set reason to NULL before the
      check routine, but after malformed checks, to get the correct NULL
      output when the digest matches.
    - Fix #670: SERVFAIL problems with unbound 1.15.0 running on
      OpenBSD 7.1.
    - Fix Python build in non-source directory; based on patch by
      Michael Tokarev.
    - Fix #673: DNS over TLS: error: SSL_handshake syscall: No route to
    - Merge #677: Allow using system certificates not only on Windows,
      from pemensik.
    - For #677: Added tls-system-cert to config parser and documentation.
    - Fix #417: prefetch and ECS causing cache corruption when used
    - Fix #678: [FR] modify behaviour of unbound-control rpz_enable zone,
      by updating unbound-control's documentation.
    - Fix typos in config_set_option for the 'num-threads' and
      'ede-serve-expired' options.
    - Fix to silence test for ede error output to the console from the
      test setup script.
    - Fix ede test to not use default pidfile, and use local interface.
    - Fix some lint type warnings.
    - Fix #684: [FTBS] configure script error with libmnl on openSUSE 15.3
      (and possibly other distributions)

Tue Apr 19 15:46:25 UTC 2022 - Dirk Müller <>

- spec-cleaner
- update to 1.15.0 

Thu Feb 10 22:55:23 UTC 2022 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.15.0

- Fix #596: unset the RA bit when a query is blocked by an unbound
  RPZ nxdomain reply. The option rpz-signal-nxdomain-ra allows to
  signal that a domain is externally blocked to clients when it
  is blocked with NXDOMAIN by unsetting RA.
- Add rpz: for-downstream: yesno option, where the RPZ zone is
  authoritatively answered for, so the RPZ zone contents can be
  checked with DNS queries directed at the RPZ zone.
- Merge PR #616: Update ratelimit logic. It also introduces
  ratelimit-backoff and ip-ratelimit-backoff configuration options.
- Change aggressive-nsec default to yes.

Bug Fixes
- Fix compile warning for if_nametoindex on windows 64bit.
- Merge PR #581 from fobser: Fix -Wmissing-prototypes and -Wshadow
  warnings in rpz.
- Fix validator debug output about DS support, print correct algorithm.
- Add code similar to fix for ldns for tab between strings, for
  consistency, the test case was not broken.
- Allow local-data for classes other than IN to inherit a configured
  local-zone's type if possible, instead of defaulting to type
  transparent as per the implicit rule.
- Fix to pick up other class local zone information before unlock.
- Add missing configure flags for optional features in the
- Fix Unbound capitalization in the documentation.
- Fix #591: Unbound-anchor manpage links to non-existent license file.
- contrib/aaaa-filter-iterator.patch file renewed diff content to
  apply cleanly to the current coderepo for the current code version.
- Fix to add test for rpz-signal-nxdomain-ra.
- Fix #596: only unset RA when NXDOMAIN is signalled.
- Fix that RPZ does not set RD flag on replies, it should be copied
  from the query.
- Fix for #596: fix that rpz return message is returned and not just
  the rcode from the iterator return path. This fixes signal unset RA
  after a CNAME.
- Fix unit tests for rpz now that the AA flag returns successfully from
  the iterator loop.
- Fix for #596: add unit test for nsdname trigger and signal unset RA.
- Fix for #596: add unit test for nsip trigger and signal unset RA.
- Fix #598: Fix unbound-checkconf fatal error: module conf
  'respip dns64 validator iterator' is not known to work.
- Fix for #596: Fix rpz-signal-nxdomain-ra to work for clientip
  triggered operation.
- Merge #600 from pemensik: Change file mode before changing file
- Fix prematurely terminated TCP queries when a reply has the same ID.
- For #602: Allow the module-config "subnetcache validator cachedb
- Fix EDNS to upstream where the same option could be attached
  more than once.
- Add a region to serviced_query for allocations.
- For dnstap, do not wakeupnow right there. Instead zero the timer to
  force the wakeup callback asap.
- Fix #610: Undefine-shift in sldns_str2wire_hip_buf.
- Fix #588: Unbound 1.13.2 crashes due to p->pc is NULL in
- Merge PR #612: TCP race condition.
- Test for NSID in SERVFAIL response due to DNSSEC bogus.
- Fix #599: [FR] RFC 9156 (obsoletes RFC 7816), by noting the new RFC
- Fix tls-* and ssl-* documented alternate syntax to also be available
  through remote-control and unbound-checkconf.
- Better cleanup on failed DoT/DoH listening socket creation.
- iana portlist update.
- Fix review comment for use-after-free when failing to send UDP out.
- Merge PR #603 from fobser: Use OpenSSL 1.1 API to access DSA and RSA
- Merge PR #532 from Shchelk: Fix: buffer overflow bug.
- Merge PR #617: Update stub/forward-host notation to accept port and
- Update stream_ssl.tdir test to also use the new forward-host
- Fix header comment for doxygen for authextstrtoaddr.
- please clang analyzer for loop in test code.
- Fix docker splint test to use more portable uname.
- Update contrib/aaaa-filter-iterator.patch with diff for current
  software version.
- Fix for #611: Integer overflow in sldns_wire2str_pkt_scan.

Thu Dec  9 11:14:33 UTC 2021 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.14.0

- Merge #401: RPZ triggers. This add additional RPZ triggers,
  unbound supports a full set of rpz triggers, and this now
  includes nsdname, nsip and clientip triggers. Also actions
  are fully supported, and this now includes the tcp-only action.
- Merge #519: Support for selective enabling tcp-upstream for
  stub/forward zones.
- Merge PR #514, from ziollek: Docker environment for run tests.
- Support using system-wide crypto policies.
- Fix that --with-ssl can use "/usr/include/openssl11" to pass the
  location of a different openssl version.
- Merged #41 from Moritz Schneider: made outbound-msg-retry
- Implement RFC8375: Special-Use Domain ''.
- Merge PR #555 from fobser: Allow interface names as scope-id in IPv6
  link-local addresses.

Bug Fixes
- Add test tool readzone to .gitignore.
- Merge #521: Update mini_event.c.
- Merge #523: fix: free() call more than once with the same pointer.
- For #519: note stub-tcp-upstream and forward-tcp-upstream in
  the example configuration file.
- For #519: yacc and lex. And fix python bindings, and test program
- For #519: fix comments for doxygen.
- Fix to print error from unbound-anchor for writing to the key
  file, also when not verbose.
- For #514: generate configure.
- Fix for #431: Squelch permission denied errors for udp connect,
  and udp send, they are visible at higher verbosity settings.
- Fix zonemd verification of key that is not in DNS but in the zone
  and needs a chain of trust.
- zonemd, fix order of bogus printout string manipulation.
- Fix to support harden-algo-downgrade for ZONEMD dnssec checks.
- Merge PR #528 from fobser: Make sldns_str2wire_svcparam_buf()
- Fix #527: not sending quad9 cert to syslog (and may be more).
- Fix sed script in ssldir split handling.
- Fix #529: Fix: log_assert does nothing if UNBOUND_DEBUG is
- Fix #531: Fix: passed to proc after free.
- Fix #536: error: RPZ: name of record (
  to insert into RPZ.
- Fix the stream wait stream_wait_count_lock and http2 buffer locks
  setup and desetup from race condition.
- Fix RPZ locks. Do not unlock zones lock if requested and rpz find
  zone does not find the zone. Readlock the clientip that is found
  for ipbased triggers. Unlock the nsdname zone lock when done.
  Unlock zone and ip in rpz nsip and nsdname callback. Unlock
  authzone and localzone if clientip found in rpz worker call.
- Fix compile warning in libunbound for listen desetup routine.
- Fix asynclook unit test for setup of lockchecks before log.
- Fix #533: Negative responses get cached even when setting
  cache-max-negative-ttl: 1
- Fix tcp fastopen failure when disabled, try normal connect instead.
- Fix #538: Fix subnetcache statistics.
- Small fixes for #41: changelog, conflicts resolved,
  processQueryResponse takes an iterator env argument like other
  functions in the iterator, no colon in string for set_option,
  and some whitespace style, to make it similar to the rest.
- Fix for #41: change outbound retry to int to fix signed comparison
- Fix root_anchor test to check with new icannbundle date.
- Fix initialisation errors reported by gcc sanitizer.
- Fix lock debug code for gcc sanitizer reports.
- Fix more initialisation errors reported by gcc sanitizer.
- Fix crosscompile on windows to work with openssl 3.0.0 the
  link with ws2_32 needs -l:libssp.a for __strcpy_chk.
  Also copy results from lib64 directory if needed.
- For crosscompile on windows, detect 64bit stackprotector library.
- Fix crosscompile shell syntax.
- Fix crosscompile windows to use libssp when it exists.
- For the windows compile script disable gost.
- Fix that on windows, use BIO_set_callback_ex instead of deprecated
- Fix crosscompile script for the shared build flags.
- Fix to add example.conf note for outbound-msg-retry.
- Fix chaos replies to have truncation for short message lengths,
  or long reply strings.
- Fix to protect custom regional create against small values.
- Fix #552: Unbound assumes index.html exists on RPZ host.
- Fix that forward-zone name is documented as the full name of the
  zone. It is not relative but a fully qualified domain name.
- Fix analyzer review failure in rpz action override code to not
  crash on unlocking the local zone lock.
- Fix to remove unused code from rpz resolve client and action
- Merge #565: Disable ProtectKernelTunables again.
- Fix for #558: fix loop in comm_point->tcp_free when a comm_point is
  reclaimed more than once during callbacks.
- Fix for #558: clear the UB_EV_TIMEOUT bit before adding an event.
- Improve EDNS option handling, now also works for synthesised
  responses such as local-data and CH TXT responses.
- Merge PR #570 from rex4539: Fix typos.
- Fix for #570: regen aclocal.m4, fix for spelling.
- Fix to make python module opt_list use opt_list_in.
- Fix #574: unbound-checkconf reports fatal error if interface names
  are used as value for interfaces:
- Fix #574: Review fixes for it.
- Fix #576: [FR] UB_* error codes in unbound.h
- Fix #574: Review fix for spelling.
- Fix to remove git tracking and ci information from release tarballs.
- iana portlist update.
- Merge PR #511 from yan12125: Reduce unnecessary linking.
- Merge PR #493 from Jaap: Fix generation of libunbound.pc.
- Merge PR #562 from Willem: Reset keepalive per new tcp session.
- Merge PR #522 from sibeream: memory management violations fixed.
- Merge PR #530 from Shchelk: Fix: dereferencing a null pointer.
- Fix #454: listen_dnsport.c:825: error: ‘IPV6_TCLASS’ undeclared.
- Fix #574: Review fixes for size allocation.
- Fix doc/unbound.doxygen to remove obsolete tag warning.

Sat Oct 16 10:34:52 UTC 2021 - Togan Muftuoglu <>

- Fix pidfile location 

Thu Aug 12 18:02:18 UTC 2021 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.13.2

- Merge PR #317: ZONEMD Zone Verification, with RFC 8976 support.
  ZONEMD records are checked for zones loaded as auth-zone,
  with DNSSEC if available.  There is an added option
  zonemd-permissive-mode that makes it log but not fail wrong zones.
  With zonemd-reject-absence for an auth-zone the presence of a
  zonemd can be mandated for specific zones.
- Fix: Resolve interface names on control-interface too.
- Merge #470 from edevil: Allow configuration of persistent TCP
- Fix #474: always_null and others inside view.
- Add that log-servfail prints an IP address and more information
  about one of the last failures for that query.
- Merge #478: Allow configuration of TCP timeout while waiting for
- Add ./configure --with-deprecate-rsa-1024 that turns off RSA 1024.
- Move the NSEC3 max iterations count in line with the 150 value
  used by BIND, Knot and PowerDNS. This sets the default value
  for it in the configuration to 150 for all key sizes.
- zonemd-check: yesno option, default no, enables the processing
  of ZONEMD records for that zone.
- Merge #486 by fobster: Make VAL_MAX_RESTART_COUNT configurable.
- Merge PR #491: Add SVCB and HTTPS types and handling according to
- Introduce 'http-user-agent:' and 'hide-http-user-agent:' options.

Bug Fixes
- Fix for Python 3.9, no longer use deprecated functions of
  PyEval_CallObject (now PyObject_Call), PyEval_InitThreads (now
  none), PyParser_SimpleParseFile (now Py_CompileString).
- Merge PR #420 from dyunwei: DOH not responsing with
  "http2_query_read_done failure" logged.
- Fix #422: IPv6 fallback issues when IPv6 is not properly
- Fix to make tests work with support indicators set for iterator.
- Fix build on Python 3.10.
- Fix doxygen and pydoc warnings.
- Fix #429: rpz: url: with https: broken (regression in 1.13.1).
- rpz skip nsec3param records, and nicer log for unsupported actions.
- Fix #431: Squelch permission denied errors for tcp connect
  and udp connect from the logs, unless at high verbosity.
- Fix for zonemd, that nxdomain for the chain of trust is allowed
  for island zones, it is treated as an insecure zone for verification.
- Fix for zonemd, that domain-insecure zones work without dnssec.
- Fix for zonemd, do not reject insecure result from trust anchor
  validation step in dnssec chain of trust.
- On startup of unbound it checks if rlimits on memory size look
  sufficient for the configured cache size, and logs warning if not.
- Fix function documentation.
- Fix unit test for added ulimit checks.
- spelling fix in header.
- Fix #384: (1) A minor request to improve the log (2) A minor bug in one
  log message.
- ipsecmod: Better logging for detecting a cycle when attaching the
  A/AAAA subquery.
- Merge PR #367 : DNSTAP log local address.  With code from PR #365
  and fixes #368 : dnstap does not log the DNS message ID for
- Fix to allow rpz with wildcard that applies to all TLDs at once.
- Fix for #367: rc_ports don't have ub_sock; skip cleaning up.
- Fix spurious errors about "Could not generate request: out of
  memory".  The mesh detect cycle routine no longer wrongly stops
  the check when the calling mesh state is unique.
- Workaround for #439: prevent loops in the reuse rbtree.
- Debug output for #411 and #439: printout internal error and details.
- Fix parse of LOC RR type for decimetres.
- Fix #441: Minimal NSEC range not accepted for top level domains.
- Fix for #447: squelch connection refused tcp connection failures
  from the log, unless verbosity is high.
- Merge #449 from orbea: build: Add missing linker flags.
- Comment out nonworking OSX and IOS travis tests, vm fails to start.
- Fix compile error in listen_dnsport on Android.
- Fix memory leak reported by asan in rpz SOA record query name.
- Fix unused-function warning when compiling with --enable-dnscrypt.
- Fix for #367: fix memory leak when cannot bind to listening port.
- Reformat pythonmod/pythonmod_utils.{c,h}.
- Travis enable all tests again. Clang analyzer only a couple times,
  when there is a difference. homebrew updates disabled, so it does
  not hang. removed trailing slashes from configure paths. Moved iOS
  tests to allow-failure.
- travis, analyzer disabled on test without debug, that does not
  run anway.  Turn off failing tests except one.  Update iOS test
  to xcode image 12.2.
- Fix deprecation test to work for iOS TVOS and WatchOS, it uses
  CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS and also checks if the item is unavailable.
- Travis, fix script to fail when tasks fail.
- Travis, fix warning in ubsan compile.
- Fix configure Targetconfiditionals.h header check, to use compile.
- Fix that cachedb does not produce empty object files when disabled.
- Fix #429: Also fix end of transfer for http download of auth zones.
- Disable the use of stack-protector for cross compiled 32-bit windows
  builds; relates to #444.
- Fix stack-protector change to not override other CFLAGS options.
- Clean
- Merge #460 from orbea: build: Link with the libtool archive.
- Fix to stop IPv6 PMTU discovery.
- Fix for #411: Depth protect for crash on deleted element timeout.
- rebuild configure to set EXTRALINK to for #460.
- Fix permission denied sendto log, squelch the log messages
  unless high verbosity is set.
- Fix (increase) verbosity level for iterator error log in
- Fix that nxdomain synthesis does not happen above the stub or
  forward definition.
- Fix documentation comment for files previously residing in checkconf/.
- Remove unused functions worker_handle_reply and libworker_handle_reply.
- Merge #466 from FGasper: Support OpenSSLs that lack
- Fix #468: OpenSSL 1.0.1 can no longer build Unbound.
- Further fix for #468: detect SSL_CTX_set_alpn_protos for build with
  OpenSSL 1.0.1.
- Fix that testcode dohclient has OpenSSL initialisation calls.
- Fix compiler warning for signed/unsigned comparison for
- Fix #481: Fix comment in configuration file.
- Fix to squelch tcp socket bind failures when the interface is gone.
- Rerun flex and bison.
- Fix for #367: only attempt to get the interface for queries that are no
  longer on the tcp_waiting_list.
- Add more logging for out-of-memory cases.
- Fix #485: Unbound occasionally reports broken stats.
- Remove case fallthrough from deprecate-rsa-1024 code.
- Merge PR #487: ifdef RLIMIT_AS in recently added check.
- Fix that auth-zone zonefiles use last TTL if no TTL is specified.
- Fix #489: Compile using MSYS2 MinGW 64-bit.
- Fix for #411, #439, #469: Reset the DNS message ID when moving queries
  between TCP streams.
- Refactor for uniform way to produce random DNS message IDs.
- Test code has -q option for quiet output.
- Fix #492: module-config respip missing in man
  page. Merges #494 from he32.
- For #492: Fix font highlighting for the man page on emacs.
- Merge #496 from banburybill: Use build system endianness if
  available, otherwise try to work it out.
- Fix test for zonemd-check option.
- Merge #448 from shoeper: Update, fix
  rpz_disable typo.
- Fix #425: Document auth-zone supports communication with DNS
  primary on nondefault port.
- Fix unused variable warning when compiling with --enable-dnstap.
- Generated lexer and parser for #486; updated example.conf.
- Fix #413 (based on patch by k-ronny): unbound: does not compile
  on macOS 11.1-x86_64 host.
- Use host_os instead of target_os in configure for Darwin8 build.
- Fix #500: SPEC file in version 1.13.1 references version 1.4;
  unable to build RPM from source.
- Fix contrib/unbound.spec, fixed url and comment.
- Fix configure nonblocking test and onmingw test to use host.
- Merge #440 by kimheino: Various fixes to contrib/unbound_munin_ file.
- Fix a number of warnings reported by the gcc analyzer.
- Fix #495: Documentation or implementation of "verbosity" option.
- Fix #503: DNS over HTTPS response truncated.
- Fix warnings reported by the gcc analyzer.
- Add analyzer and port compile github workflow.
- Fix up permissions on rpl data file in tests.
- Fix testbound newline treatment in moment_read and tempfile write.
- Fix configure grep for reuseport default for failure.
- Fix compat ctime_r return value
- Fix configure does not require pkg-config if not needed.
- Fix unit test in the ctime_r calls for autotrust and in testbound.
- Fix auth zone download on windows to unlink before rename.
- Fix #506: Python Module Seems to Leak Memory if it Experiences an
  Unhandled Exception.
- Fix Wunused-result compile warnings.
- Fix compiler warnings for #491.
- Fix clang-analysis warnings for testcode/readzone.c.
- Merge #510 from ndptech: Don't call a function which hasn't been
- Fix for #510: in depth, use ifdefs for windows api event calls.
- Fix spelling in doc/unbound.doxygen comment.
- Fix spelling in localzone.h comment.
- Fix unbound-control local_data and local_datas to print detailed
  syntax errors.
- review fix to remove duplicate error printout.
- Insert header into testcode/readzone.c, it was missing.
- Fix from lint for ignored return value.
- Fix for older parsers for function call in serve expired get cached.
- Fix that ldns_zone_new_frm_fp_l counts the line number for an empty
  line after a comment.
- Merge #512: upgrade hardening to latest
- Fix readzone unknown type print for memory resize.
- Merge #513: Stream reuse, attempt to fix #411, #439, #469. This
  introduces a couple of fixes for the stream reuse functionality
  that could result in broken internal structures.
- Fix #515: Compilation against openssl 3.0.0 beta2 is failing to
  build unbound.
- For #515: Fix compilation with openssl 3.0.0 beta2, lib64 dir and
- Move acx_nlnetlabs.m4 to version 41, with lib64 openssl dir check.
- Prepare for OpenSSL 3.0.0 provider API usage, move the sldns
  keyraw functions to produce EVP_PKEY results.
- Move RSA and DSA to use OpenSSL 3.0.0 API.
- Move ECDSA functions to use OpenSSL 3.0.0 API.
- iana portlist update.
- Fix verbose printout failure in tcp reuse unit test.
- Merge PR #517 from dyunwei: #420 breaks the mesh reply list
  function that need to reuse the dns answer.
- Annotate assertion into error printout; we think it may be an
  error, but the situation looks harmless.
- Fix sign comparison warning on FreeBSD.
- Listen to read or write events after the SSL handshake.
  Sticky events on windows would stick on read when write was needed.
- Merge PR #415 from sibeream: Use
  /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_local_port_range to determine available outgoing
  ports. (New --enable-linux-ip-local-port-range configuration option)
- Bump MAX_RESTART_COUNT to 11 from 8; in relation to #438. This
  allows longer CNAME chains in Unbound.
- In unit test use openssl set security level to allow keys in test.
- Fix static analysis warnings about localzone locks that are unused.
- Fix missing locks in zonemd unit test.
- Fix readzone compile under debug config.
- Fix out of sourcedir run of zonemd unit tests.
- Fix libnettle zonemd unit test.
- Fix unit test zonemd_reload for use in run_vm.
- Fix #520: Unbound 1.13.2rc1 fails to build python module.

Tue May 11 21:57:51 UTC 2021 - Cristian Rodríguez <>

- Use --disable-explicit-port-randomisation, the linux kernel
  has source port randomization by default if port is 0 since ages.

Tue Feb  9 10:56:09 UTC 2021 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.13.1

- Merge PR #375 by fhriley: Add rpz_enable and rpz_disable commands
  to unbound-control.
- Merge PR #391 from fhriley: Add start_time to reply callbacks so
  modules can compute the response time.
- Fix #397: [Feature request] add new type always_null to local-zone
  similar to always_nxdomain.
- Support for RFC5001: DNS Name Server Identifier (NSID) Option
  with the nsid: option in unbound.conf
- Padding of queries and responses with DNS over TLS as specified in
  RFC7830 and RFC8467.
- Merge PR #275 from Roland van Rijswijk-Deij: Add feature to return the
  original instead of a decrementing TTL ('serve-original-ttl')

Bug Fixes
- Fix #358: Squelch udp connect 'no route to host' errors on low
- Fix #360: for the additionally reported TCP Fast Open makes TCP
  connections fail, in that case we print a hint that this is
  happening with the error in the logs.
- Fix #356: deadlock when listening tcp.
- Fix unbound-dnstap-socket to not use log routine from interrupt
  handler and not print so frequently when invoked in sequence.
- Fix on windows to ignore connection failure on UDP, unless verbose.
- make depend.
- Fix #371: unbound-control timeout when Unbound is not running.
- Fix to squelch permission denied and other errors from remote host,
  they are logged at higher verbosity but not on low verbosity.
- Merge PR #335 from fobser: Sprinkle in some static to prevent
  missing prototype warnings.
- Merge PR #373 from fobser: Warning: arithmetic on a pointer to void
  is a GNU extension.
- Fix missing prototypes in the code.
- Fix error cases when udp-connect is set and send() returns an error
  (modified patch from Xin Li @delphij).
- For #376: Fix that comm point event is not double removed or double
  added to event map.
- iana portlist updated.
- Fix #385: autoconf 2.70 impacts unbound build
- Fix #379: zone loading over HTTP appears to have buffer issues.
- Merge PR #395 from mptre: add missing null check.
- Fix #387: client-subnet-always-forward seems to effectively bypass
  any caching?
- For #391: use struct timeval* start_time for callback information.
- For #391: fix indentation.
- For #391: more double casts in python start time calculation.
- Add comment documentation.
- Fix clang analysis warning.
- Fix so local zone types always_nodata and always_deny can be used
  from the config file.
- Merge #399 from xiangbao227: The lock of lruhash table should
  unlocked after markdel entry.
- Fix for #93: dynlibmodule link fix for Windows.
- Fix for #93: dynlibmodule import library is named libunbound.dll.a.
- Merge #402 from fobser: Implement IPv4-Embedded addresses according
  to RFC6052.
- Fix #404: DNS query with small edns bufsize fail.
- Fix declaration before statement and signed comparison warning in
- Fix TTL of SOA record for negative answers (localzone and
  authzone data) to be the minimum of the SOA TTL and the SOA.MINIMUM.
- Fix compile of unbound-dnstap-socket without dnstap installed.
- Merge PR #355 from noloader: Make ICANN Update CA and DS Trust Anchor
  static data.
- Ignore cache blacklisting when trying to reply with expired data from
  cache (#394).
- Merge PR #408 from fobser: Prevent a few more yacc clashes.
- Annotate that we ignore the return value of if_indextoname.
- Fix to use correct type for label count in rpz routine.
- Fix empty clause warning in config_file nsid parse.
- Fix to use correct type for label count in ipdnametoaddr rpz routine.
- Fix empty clause warning in edns pass for padding.
- Fix for doxygen 1.8.20 compatibility.
- Attempt to fix NULL keys in the reuse_tcp tree; relates to #411.
- Fix dynlibmod link on rhel8 for -ldl inclusion.
- Fix windows dependency on libssp.dll because of default stack
  protector in mingw.
- Fix indentation of root anchor for use by windows install script.

Thu Dec  3 11:26:17 UTC 2020 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.13.0

- Pass the comm_reply information to the inplace_cb_reply* functions
  during the mesh state and update the documentation on that.
- Fix #330: [Feature request] Add unencrypted DNS over HTTPS support.
  This adds the option http-notls-downstream: yesno to change that,
  and the dohclient test code has the -n option.
- Merge PR #228 : infra-keep-probing option to probe hosts that are
  down.  Add infra-keep-probing: yes option. Hosts that are down are
  probed more frequently.
  With the option turned on, it probes about every 120 seconds,
  eventually after exponential backoff, and that keeps that way. If
  traffic keeps up for the domain. It probes with one at a time, eg.
  one query is allowed to probe, other queries within that 120 second
  interval are turned away.
- Merge PR #313 from Ralph Dolmans: Replace edns-client-tag with
  edns-client-string option.
- Merge PR #283 : Stream reuse.  This implements upstream stream
  reuse for performing several queries over the same TCP or TLS
- Fix to connect() to UDP destinations, default turned on,
  this lowers vulnerability to ICMP side channels.
  Option to toggle udp-connect, default is enabled.

Bug Fixes
- Fix #319: potential memory leak on config failure, in rpz config.
- Fix dnstap socket and the chroot not applied properly to the dnstap
  socket path.
- Fix warning in libnss compile, nss_buf2dsa is not used without DSA.
- Fix #323: unbound testsuite fails on mock build in systemd-nspawn
  if systemd support is build.
- Fix for python reply callback to see mesh state reply_list member,
  it only removes it briefly for the commpoint call so that it does
  not drop it and attempt to modify the reply list during reply.
- Fix that if there are on reply callbacks, those are called per
  reply and a new message created if that was modified by the call.
- Free up auth zone parse region after use for lookup of host
- Merge PR #326 from netblue30: DoH: implement content-length
  header field.
- DoH content length, simplify code, remove declaration after
  statement and fix cast warning.
- Fix that if there are reply callbacks for the given rcode, those
  are called per reply and a new message created if that was modified
  by the call.
- Fix that the out of order TCP processing does not limit the
  number of outstanding queries over a connection.
- Fix python documentation warning on functions.rst inplace_cb_reply.
- Log ip address when http session recv fails, eg. due to tls fail.
- Fix to set the tcp handler event toggle flag back to default when
  the handler structure is reused.
- Clean the fix for out of order TCP processing limits on number
  of queries.  It was tested to work.
- Fix that http settings have colon in set_option, for
  http-endpoint, http-max-streams, http-query-buffer-size,
  http-response-buffer-size, and http-nodelay.
- Fix memory leak of https port string when reading config.
- local-zone regional allocations outside of chunk
- Merge PR #324 from James Renken: Add modern X.509v3 extensions to
  unbound-control TLS certificates.
- Fix for PR #324 to attach the x509v3 extensions to the client
- Fix #327: net/if.h check fails on some darwin versions; contribution
  by Joshua Root.
- Fix #320: potential memory corruption due to size miscomputation upton
  custom region alloc init.
- Fix #333: Unbound Segmentation Fault w/ log_info Functions From
  Python Mod.
- Fix that minimal-responses does not remove addresses from a priming
  query response.
- In man page note that tls-cert-bundle is read before permission
  drop and chroot.
- Fix #341: fixing a possible memory leak.
- Fix memory leak after fix for possible memory leak failure.
- Fix #343: Fail to build --with-libnghttp2 with error: 'SSIZE_MAX'
- Fix for #303 CVE-2020-28935 : Fix that symlink does not interfere
  with chown of pidfile.
- Fix #347: IP_DONTFRAG broken on Apple xcode 12.2.
- Fix #350: with the AF_NETLINK permission, to fix 1.12.0 error:
  failed to list interfaces: getifaddrs: Address family not
  supported by protocol.
- Merge #351 from dvzrv: Add AF_NETLINK to set of allowed socket
  address families.
- iana portlist updated.
- Fix crash when TLS connection is closed prematurely, when
  reuse tree comparison is not properly identical to insertion.
- Fix padding of struct regional for 32bit systems.
- with udp-connect ignore connection refused with UDP timeouts.
- Fix udp-connect on FreeBSD, do send calls on connected UDP socket.
- Better fix for reuse tree comparison for is-tls sockets.  Where
  the tree key identity is preserved after cleanup of the TLS state.
- Fix memory leak for edns client tag opcode config element.
- Attempt fix for libevent state in tcp reuse cases after a packet
  is written.
- Fix readagain and writeagain callback functions for comm point
- Fix to omit UDP receive errors from log, if verbosity low.
  These happen because of udp-connect.
- For #352: contrib/metrics.awk for Prometheus style metrics output.
- Fix that after failed read, the readagain cannot activate.
- Clear readagain upon decommission of pending tcp structure.
- Fix compile warning for type cast in http2_submit_dns_response.
- Fix when use free buffer to initialize rbtree for stream reuse.
- Fix compile warnings for windows.
- Fix compile warnings in rpz initialization.
- Fix contrib/metrics.awk for FreeBSD awk compatibility.
- Fix assertion failure on double callback when iterator loses
  interest in query at head of line that then has the tcp stream
  not kept for reuse.
- Fix stream reuse and tcp fast open.

Thu Oct  8 08:39:40 UTC 2020 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.12.0

- DNS Flag Day 2020: change edns-buffer-size default to 1232.
- Merge PR #255: DNS-over-HTTPS support.
- Use inclusive language in configuration
- Merge PR #284 and Fix #246: Remove DLV entirely from Unbound.
  The DLV has been decommisioned and in unbound 1.5.4, in 2015, there
  was advise to stop using it.  The current code base does not contain
  DLV code any more.  The use of dlv options displays a warning.
- Similar to NSD PR#113, implement that interface names can be used,
  eg. something like interface: eth0 is resolved at server start and
  uses the IP addresses for that named interface.
- Merge PR #272: Add EDNS client tag functionality.
- Add edns-client-tag-opcode option

Bug Fixes
- Merge PR #270 from cgzones: munin plugin: always exit 0 in autoconf
- Merge PR #269, Fix python module len() implementations, by Torbjörn
- Merge PR #268, draft-ietf-dnsop-serve-stale-10 has become RFC 8767 on
  March 2020, by and0x000.
- Fix doxygen comment for no ssl for tls session ticket key callback
- Fix mini_event.h on OpenBSD cannot find fd_set.
- Improve error log message when inserting rpz RR.
- Merge PR #280, Make tvOS & watchOS checks verify truthiness as well as
  definedness, by Felipe Gasper.
- contrib/aaaa-filter-iterator.patch file renewed diff content to
  apply cleanly to the current coderepo for the current code version.
- Fix #287: doc typo: "Additionaly".
- Merge (modified) PR #277, use EVP_MAC_CTX_set_params if available,
  by Vítězslav Čížek.
- Create and init edns tags data for libunbound.
- Fix stats double count issue (#289).
- Fix that dnstap reconnects do not spam the log with the repeated
  attempts.  Attempts on the timer are only logged on high verbosity,
  if they produce a connection failure error.
- Fix to apply chroot to dnstap-socket-path, if chroot is enabled.
- Change configure to use EVP_sha256 instead of HMAC_Update for
- Update documentation in python example code.
- Review fix interface, doxygen and assign null in case of error free.
- Merge PR #293: Add missing prototype.  Also refactor to use the new
  shorthand function to clean up the code.
- Refactor to use sock_strerr shorthand function.
- Fix #296: systemd is reached before unbound can
  successfully answer queries. Changed contrib/
- Fix num.expired statistics output.
- Remove x file mode on ipset/ipset.c and h files.
- Spelling fix.
- Introduce test for statistics.
- Fix that prefer-ip4 and prefer-ip6 can be get and set with
  unbound-control, with libunbound and the unbound-checkconf option
  output function.
- Merge PR #311 by luismerino: Dynlibmod leak.
- Error message is logged for dynlibmod malloc failures.
- iana portlist updated.
- Fix #304: dnstap logging not recovering after dnstap process restarts
- Fix edns-client-tags get_option typo
- Fix #305: dnstap logging significantly affects unbound performance
  (regression in 1.11).
- Fix #305: only wake up thread when threshold reached.
- Fix to ifdef fptr wlist item for dnstap.
- Fix memory leak of edns tags at libunbound context delete.
- Fix double loopexit for unbound-dnstap-socket after sigterm.

Mon Jul 27 10:48:36 UTC 2020 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.11.0

- Merge #225 from akhait: KSK-2010 has been revoked. It removes the
  KSK-2010 from the default list in unbound-anchor, now that the
  revocation period is over.  KSK-2017 is the only trust anchor in
  the shipped default now.
- Merge PR #93: Add dynamic library support.
- Introduce 'include-toplevel:' configuration option.
- Change default value for 'rrset-roundrobin' to yes.
- Add SNI support on more TLS connections (fixes #193).
- Add SNI support to unbound-anchor.
- Merge PR #164: Framestreams, this branch implements dnstap
  connectivity in unbound. This has a number of new features.
- Fix #165: Add prefer-ip4: yesno config option to prefer ipv4 for
  using ipv4 filters, because the hosts ip6 netblock /64 is not owned
  by one operator, and thus reputation is shared.

Bug Fixes
- protect X509_CHECK_FLAG_NO_PARTIAL_WILDCARDS with ifdef for
  different openssl versions.
- Merge PR #166: Fix typo in, by glitsj16.
- Fix #169: Fix warning for daemon/remote.c output may be truncated
  from snprintf.
- Fix #170: Fix gcc undefined sanitizer signed integer overflow
  warning in signature expiry RFC1982 serial number arithmetic.
- Fix more undefined sanitizer issues, in respip copy_rrset null
  dname, and in the client_info_compare routine for null memcmp.
- Merge PR #171: Add additional compilers and platforms to Travis
  testing, by noloader.
- Merge PR #173: updated for config.guess and
  config.sub and sha256 digest for gpg, by noloader.
- Merge PR #172: Add IBM s390x arch for testing, by noloader.
- Fix #177: dnstap does not build on macOS.
- Fix compiler warning in dns64/dns64.c
- Merge PR #174: Add Android to Travis testing, by noloader.
- Move android build scripts to contrib/ and allow android tests to fail.
- Fix #175, Merge PR #176: fix link error when OpenSSL is configured
  with no-engine, thanks noloader.
- Upgrade config.guess(2020-01-01) and config.sub(2020-01-01).
- Merge PR #180 from noloader: Avoid calling exit in Travis script.
- Merge PR #181 from noloader: Fix OpenSSL -pie warning on Android.
- Update (from PR #179), by Jeffrey Walton.
- Fix PR #182 from noloader: Add iOS testing to Travis.
- Merge PR #186, fix #183: Fix unrecognized 'echo -n' option on OS X, by
- Fix #188: unbound-control.c:882:6: error: 'execlp' is
  unavailable: not available on tvOS.
- Fix #189: mini_event.h:142:17: error: field 'ev_timeout' has incomplete
  type, by noloader.
- Add check to make sure RPZ records are subdomains of configured
  zone origin.
- Fix #192: In the unbound-checkconf tool, the module config of
  dns64 subnetcache respip validator iterator is whitelisted, it was
  reported it seems to work.
- Merge PR#191: Update iOS testing on Travis, by Jeffrey Walton.
- Fix #158: open tls-session-ticket-keys as binary, for Windows. By
  Daisuke HIGASHI.
- Merge PR#134, Allow the kernel to provide random source ports. By
  Florian Obser.
- Log warning when using outgoing-port-permit and outgoing-port-avoid
  while explicit port randomisation is disabled.
- Merge PR#194: Add libevent testing to Travis, by Jeffrey Walton.
- Fix .travis.yml error, missing 'env' option.
- Merge PR #197 from fobser: Make log_ident_revert_to_default() a
  proper prototype.
- Merge PR #198 from fobser: Declare lz_enter_rr_into_zone()
  static, it's only used in this file.
- Fix compile on Solaris for unbound-checkconf.
- Fix compile of test tools without protobuf.
- Merge PR #200 from yarikk: add ip-dscp option to specify the DSCP
  tag for outgoing packets.
- Travis fix for ios by omitting tools from install.
- Merge PR #201 from noloader: Fix OpenSSL cross-compaile warnings.
- Fix RPZ concurrency issue when using auth_zone_reload.
- Make unbound-control error returned on missing domain name more user
- Merge PR #203 from noloader: Update with current
- Merge PR #207: Clarify if-automatic listens on and ::
- Merge PR #208: Fix uncached CLIENT_RESPONSE'es on stateful
- Merge PR #206: Redis TTL, by Talkabout.
- More documentation for redis-expire-records option.
- Keep track of number of timeouts. Use this counter to determine if
  capsforid fallback should be started.
- Merge PR #214 from gearnode: unbound-control-setup recreate
  certificates.  With the -r option the certificates are created
  again, without it, only the files that do not exist are created.
- Fix #220: auth-zone section in config may lead to segfault.
- Fix help return code in unbound-control-setup script.
- Fix for posix shell syntax for trap in nsd-control-setup.
- Fix for posix shell syntax for trap in test script.
- Add doxygen documentation for DSCP.
- Fix #222: --enable-rpath, fails to rpath python lib.
- Fix for count of reply states in the mesh.
- Remove unneeded was_mesh_reply check.
- Explicitly use 'rrset-roundrobin: no' for test cases.
- Cache ECS answers with longest scope of CNAME chain.
- windows compile warnings removal for ip dscp option code.
- Fix for integer overflow when printing RDF_TYPE_TIME.
- Update contrib/aaaa-filter-iterator.patch for the recent
  generate_sub_request() change and to apply cleanly.
- Merge PR #241 by Robert Edmonds: contrib/ Do not use
- Mention tls name possible when tls is enabled for stub-addr in the
  man page.
- Fix default explanation in man page for qname-minimisation-strict.
- Fix display of event loop method with libev.
- iana portlist updated.
- Move reply list clean for serve expired mesh callback to after
  the reply is sent, so that script callbacks have reply_info.
- Also move reply list clean for mesh callbacks to the scrip callback
  can see the reply_info.
- Fix for mesh accounting if the reply list already empty to begin
- Fix for mesh accounting when rpz decides to drop a reply with a
  tcp stream waiting for it.
- Review fix for number of detached states due to use of variable
  after end of loop.
- Fix tcp req info drop due to size call into mesh accounting
  removal of mesh state during mesh send reply.
- Fix #259: Fix unbound-checkconf does not check view existence.
  unbound-checkconf checks access-control-view, access-control-tags,
  access-control-tag-actions and access-control-tag-datas.
- Fix offset of error printout for access-control-tag-datas.
- Fix add missing DSA header, for compilation without deprecated
  OpenSSL APIs.
- Fix to use SSL_CTX_set_tlsext_ticket_key_evp_cb in OpenSSL
- Longer keys for the test set, this avoids weak crypto errors.
- Add bidirectional frame streams support.
- Fix check conf test for referencing installation paths.
- Fix unused variable warning for clang analyzer.
- Merge PR #234 - Ensure proper alignment of cmsg buffers by Jérémie
- Fix PR #234 log_assert sizeof to use union buffer.
- Fix libnettle compile for session ticket key callback function
- Fix lock dependency cycle in rpz zone config setup.
- Fix streamtcp to print packet data to stdout.  This makes the
  stdout and stderr not mix together lines, when parsing its output.
- Fix contrib/fastrpz.patch to apply cleanly.  It fixes for changes
  due to added libdynmod, but it does not compile, it conflicts with
  new rpz code.

Tue May 19 10:45:19 UTC 2020 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.10.1 with security fixes
  * CVE-2020-12662 Unbound can be tricked into amplifying an incoming
    query into a large number of queries directed to a target.
  * CVE-2020-12663 Malformed answers from upstream name servers can be
    used to make Unbound unresponsive.
- removed unused unbound-1.10.1.tar.gz.asc for now

Thu Feb 20 21:40:10 UTC 2020 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.10.0

- Merge RPZ support into master. Only QNAME and Response IP triggers are
- Added serve-stale functionality as described in
  draft-ietf-dnsop-serve-stale-10. `serve-expired-*` options can be used
  to configure the behavior.
- Updated cachedb to honor `serve-expired-ttl`; Fixes #107.
- Renamed statistic `num.zero_ttl` to `num.expired` as expired replies
  come with a configurable TTL value (`serve-expired-reply-ttl`).
- Merge #135 from Florian Obser: Use passed in neg and key cache
  if non-NULL.
- Fix #153: Disable validation for DSA algorithms.  RFC 8624 compliance.
- Merge PR#151: Fixes for systemd units, by Maryse47, Edmonds
  and Frzk.  Updates the unbound.service systemd file and adds a portable
  systemd service file.
- Merge PR#154; Allow use of libbsd functions with configure option
  --with-libbsd. By Robert Edmonds and Steven Chamberlain.
- Merge PR#148; Add some TLS stats to unbound_munin_. By Fredrik Pettai.
- Merge PR#156 from Alexander Berkes; Added unbound-control
  view_local_datas_remove command.

Bug Fixes:
- Fix typo to let serve-expired-ttl work with ub_ctx_set_option(), by
  Florian Obser
- Update mailing list URL.
- Fix #140: Document slave not downloading new zonefile upon update.
- Downgrade compat/getentropy_solaris.c to version 1.4 from OpenBSD.
  The dl_iterate_phdr() function introduced in newer versions raises
  compilation errors on solaris 10.
- Changes to compat/getentropy_solaris.c for,
  ifdef stdint.h inclusion for older systems.  ifdef sha2.h inclusion
  for older systems.
- Fix 'make test' to work for --disable-sha1 configure option.
- Fix out-of-bounds null-byte write in sldns_bget_token_par while
  parsing type WKS, reported by Luis Merino from X41 D-Sec.
- Updated sldns_bget_token_par fix for also space for the zero
  delimiter after the character.  And update for more spare space.
- Fix #138: stop binding pidfile inside chroot dir in systemd service
- Fix the relationship between serve-expired and prefetch options,
  patch from Saksham Manchanda from Secure64.
- Fix unreachable code in ssl set options code.
- Removed the dnscrypt_queries and dnscrypt_queries_chacha tests,
  because dnscrypt-proxy (2.0.36) does not support the test setup
  any more, and also the config file format does not seem to have the
  appropriate keys to recreate that setup.
- Fix crash after reload where a stats lookup could reference old key
  cache and neg cache structures.
- Fix for memory leak when edns subnet config options are read when
  compiled without edns subnet support.
- Fix auth zone support for NSEC3 records without salt.
- Merge PR#150 from Frzk: Systemd unit without chroot.  It add
  contrib/, a systemd file for use with
  chroot: "", see comments in the file, it uses systemd protections
  instead.  It was superceded by #151, the unbound_portable.service
- Merge PR#155 from Robert Edmonds: contrib/ Fixes
  to Libs/Requires for crypto library dependencies.
- iana portlist updated.
- Fix to silence the tls handshake errors for broken pipe and reset
  by peer, unless verbosity is set to 2 or higher.
- Merge PR#147; change rfc reference for reserved top level dns names.
- Fix #157: undefined reference to `htobe64'.
- Fix subnet tests for disabled DSA algorithm by default.
- Update contrib/fastrpz.patch for clean diff with current code.
- updated .gitignore for added contrib file.
- Add build rule for ipset to Makefile
- Add getentropy_freebsd.o to Makefile dependencies.
- Fix memory leak in error condition remote.c
- Fix double free in error condition view.c
- Fix memory leak in do_auth_zone_transfer on success
- Stop working on socket when socket() call returns an error.
- Check malloc return values in TLS session ticket code
- Fix fclose on error in TLS session ticket code.
- Add assertion to please static analyzer
- Fixed stats when replying with cached, cname-aliased records.
- Added missing default values for redis cachedb backend.
- Fix num_reply_addr counting in mesh and tcp drop due to size
  after serve_stale commit.
- Fix to create and destroy rpz_lock in auth_zones structure.
- Fix to lock zone before adding rpz qname trigger.
- Fix to lock and release once in mesh_serve_expired_lookup.
- Fix to put braces around empty if body when threading is disabled.
- Fix num_reply_states and num_detached_states counting with
- Cleaner code in mesh_serve_expired_lookup.
- Document in unbound.conf manpage that configuration clauses can be
  repeated in the configuration file.
- Document 'ub_result.was_ratelimited' in libunbound.
- Fix use after free on log-identity after a reload; Fixes #163.
- Fix with libnettle make test with dsa disabled.
- Fix contrib/fastrpz.patch to apply cleanly.  Fix for serve-stale
  fixes, but it does not compile, conflicts with new rpz code.
- Fix to clean memory leak of respip_addr.lock when ip_tree deleted.
- Fix compile warning when threads disabled.
- Fix spelling in
- Stop unbound-checkconf from insisting that auth-zone and rpz
  zonefiles have to exist.  They can not exist, and download later.
- contrib/drop2rpz: perl script that converts the Spamhaus DROP-List
  in RPZ-Format, contributed by Andreas Schulze.
- Remove unused variable.
- Add respip to supported module-config options in unbound-checkconf.
- Updated contrib/unbound_smf23.tar.gz with Solaris SMF service for
  Unbound from Yuri Voinov.

Thu Dec 12 21:01:07 UTC 2019 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.9.6
  This release contains a number of security related fixes found in
  a security audit

- The unbound.conf includes are sorted ascending, for include
  statements with a '*' from glob.
- drop-tld.diff in contrib/ : adds option drop-tld: yesno that drops 2 label
  queries, to stop random floods.  Apply with
  patch -p1 < contrib/drop-tld.diff and compile.
  From Saksham Manchanda (Secure64).  Please note that we think this
  will drop DNSKEY and DS lookups for tlds and hence break DNSSEC
  lookups for downstream clients.
- Add new configure option `--enable-fully-static` to enable full static
  build if requested; in relation to #91.
- Add make distclean that removes everything configure produced,
  and make maintainer-clean that removes bison and flex output.
- unbound-fuzzers.tar.bz2 in contrib/ : three programs for fuzzing, that
  are 1:1 replacements for unbound-fuzzme.c that gets created after applying
  the contrib/unbound-fuzzme.patch.  They are contributed by
  Eric Sesterhenn from X41 D-Sec.

Bug Fixes:
- Fix that pkg-config is setup before --enable-systemd needs it.
- Fix contrib/fastrpz.patch asprintf return value checks.
- ipset module #28: log that an address is added, when verbosity high.
- ipset: refactor long routine into three smaller ones.
- updated Makefile dependencies.
- squelch DNS over TLS errors 'ssl handshake failed crypto error'
  on low verbosity, they show on verbosity 3 (query details), because
  there is a high volume and the operator cannot do anything for the
  remote failure.  Specifically filters the high volume errors.
- Fix #71: fix openssl error squelch commit compilation error.
- Fix #72: configure --with-syslog-facility=LOCAL0-7 with default
  LOG_DAEMON (as before) can set the syslog facility that the server
  uses to log messages.
- Use explicit bzero for wiping clear buffer of hash in cachedb,
  reported by Eric Sesterhenn from X41 D-Sec.
- Fix #78: Memory leak in outside_network.c.
- Merge pull request #76 from Maryse47: Improvements and fixes for
  systemd unbound.service.
- oss-fuzz badge on
- Fix fix for #78 to also free service callback struct.
- Fix for oss-fuzz build warning.
- Fix wrong response ttl for prepended short CNAME ttls, this would
  create a wrong zero_ttl response count with serve-expired enabled.
- Merge #80 from stasic: Improve wording in man page.
- Merge #82 from hardfalcon: Downgrade CAP_NET_ADMIN to CAP_NET_RAW
  in unbound.service.
- Merge #81 from Maryse47: Consistently use /dev/urandom instead
  of /dev/random in scripts and docs.
- Merge #83 from Maryse47: contrib/ do not fork
  into the background.
- Merge #85 for #84 from sam-lunt: Add kill capability to systemd
  service file to fix that systemctl reload fails.
- Merge #87 from hardfalcon: Fix contrib/,
  Drop CAP_KILL, use + prefix for ExecReload= instead.
- Merge #90 from vcunat: fix build with nettle-3.5.
- Fix for CVE-2019-16866.  That fix is also in 1.9.4.
- Merge #86 from psquarejho: Added -b source address option to
  smallapp/unbound-anchor.c, from Lukas Wunner.
- Add doxygen comments to unbound-anchor source address code, in #86.
- Merge #97: manpage: Add missing word on unbound.conf,
  from Erethon.
- Fix #99: Memory leak in ub_ctx (event_base will never be freed).
- Fix #109: check number of arguments for stdin-pipes in
  unbound-control and fail if too many arguments.
- Merge #102 from jrtc27: Add getentropy emulation for FreeBSD.
- iana portlist updated.
- contrib/fastrpz.patch updated to apply for current code.
- fixes for splint cleanliness, long vs int in SSL set_mode.
- In unbound-host use separate variable for get_option to please
  code checkers.
- update to bison output of 3.4.1 in code repository.
- Provide a prototype for compat malloc to remove compile warning.
- Portable grep usage for reuseport configure test.
- Check return type of HMAC_Init_ex for openssl 0.9.8.
- gitignore .source tempfile used for compatible make.
- Fix for CVE-2019-18934, shell execution in ipsecmod.
  This fix is also in 1.9.5.
- Fix authzone printout buffer length check.
- Fixes to please lint checks.
- Fix Integer Overflow in Regional Allocator,
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Unchecked NULL Pointer in dns64_inform_super()
  and ipsecmod_new(), reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Out-of-bounds Read in rr_comment_dnskey(),
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Integer Overflows in Size Calculations,
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Integer Overflow to Buffer Overflow in
  sldns_str2wire_dname_buf_origin(), reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Out of Bounds Read in sldns_str2wire_dname(),
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Out of Bounds Write in sldns_bget_token_par(),
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Out of Bounds Read in rrinternal_get_owner(),
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Race Condition in autr_tp_create(),
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Shared Memory World Writeable,
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Adjust unbound-control to make stats_shm a read only operation.
- Fix Weak Entropy Used For Nettle,
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Randomness Error not Handled Properly,
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Out-of-Bounds Read in dname_valid(),
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Config Injection in,
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Local Memory Leak in cachedb_init(),
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Integer Underflow in Regional Allocator,
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Upgrade compat/getentropy_linux.c to version 1.46 from OpenBSD.
- Synchronize compat/getentropy_win.c with version 1.5 from
  OpenBSD, no changes but makes the file, comments, identical.
- Upgrade compat/getentropy_solaris.c to version 1.13 from OpenBSD.
- Upgrade compat/getentropy_osx.c to version 1.12 from OpenBSD.
- Changes to compat/getentropy files for,
  no link to openssl if using nettle, and hence config.h for
  HAVE_NETTLE variable.
  compat definition of MAP_ANON, for older systems.
  ifdef stdint.h inclusion for older systems.
  ifdef sha2.h inclusion for older systems.
- Fixed Compat Code Diverging from Upstream, reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix compile with --enable-alloc-checks, reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Terminating Quotes not Written, reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Useless memset() in validator, reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Unrequired Checks, reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Enum Name not Used, reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix NULL Pointer Dereference via Control Port,
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Bad Randomness in Seed, reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix python examples/ for eval, reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix comments for doxygen in dns64.
- Fix dname loop maximum, reported by Eric Sesterhenn from X41 D-Sec.
- Fix compiler warnings.
- Merge pull request #122 from he32: In tcp_callback_writer(),
  don't disable time-out when changing to read.
- Merge pull request #124 from rmetrich: Changed log lock
  from 'quick' to 'basic' because this is an I/O lock.
- Fix text around serial arithmatic used for RRSIG times to refer
  to correct RFC number.
- Fix Assert Causing DoS in synth_cname(),
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix similar code in auth_zone synth cname to add the extra checks.
- Fix Assert Causing DoS in dname_pkt_copy(),
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix OOB Read in sldns_wire2str_dname_scan(),
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Out of Bounds Write in sldns_str2wire_str_buf(),
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Out of Bounds Write in sldns_b64_pton(),
  fixed by check in sldns_str2wire_int16_data_buf(),
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Insufficient Handling of Compressed Names in dname_pkt_copy(),
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Out of Bound Write Compressed Names in rdata_copy(),
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Hang in sldns_wire2str_pkt_scan(),
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
  This further lowers the max to 256.
- Fix snprintf() supports the n-specifier,
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Bad Indentation, in dnscrypt.c,
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Client NONCE Generation used for Server NONCE,
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix compile error in dnscrypt.
- Fix _vfixed not Used, removed from sbuffer code,
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix Hardcoded Constant, reported by X41 D-Sec.
- make depend
- Fix lock type for memory purify log lock deletion.
- Fix testbound for alloccheck runs, memory purify and lock checks.
- update contrib/fastrpz.patch to apply more cleanly.
- Fix Make Test Fails when Configured With --enable-alloc-nonregional,
  reported by X41 D-Sec.
- Fix ipsecmod compile
- Fix for ipset module compile, from Adi Prasaja.

Tue Nov 19 20:16:14 UTC 2019 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.9.5
  Fix for CVE-2019-18934

Thu Oct  3 14:14:06 UTC 2019 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.9.4
  security fix for CVE-2019-16866 (error in parsing NOTIFY queries)

Tue Aug 27 18:33:04 UTC 2019 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.9.3

- PR #28: IPSet module, by Kevin Chou.  Created a module to support
  the ipset that could add the domain's ip to a list easily.
  Needs libmnl, and --enable-ipset and config it, doc/
- Merge PR #6: Python module: support multiple instances
- Merge PR #5: Python module: define constant MODULE_RESTART_NEXT
- Merge PR #4: Python module: assign something useful to the
  per-query data store 'qdata'
- Introduce `-V` option to print the version number and build options.
  Previously reported build options like linked libs and linked modules
  are now moved from `-h` to `-V` as well for consistency.
- PACKAGE_BUGREPORT now also includes link to GitHub issues.

Bug Fixes:
- Fix #39: In libunbound, leftover logfile is close()d unpredictably.
- Fix for #24: Fix abort due to scan of auth zone masters using old
  address from previous scan.
- Fix to omit RRSIGs from addition to the ipset.
- Fix to make unbound-control with ipset, remove unused variable,
  use unsigned type because of comparison, and assign null instead
  of compare with it.  Remade lex and yacc output.
- make depend
- Added documentation to the ipset files (for doxygen output).
- Fix python dict reference and double free in config.
- Fix memleak in unit test, reported from the clang 8.0 static analyzer.
- For #45, check that and ::1 are not used in unbound.conf
  when do-not-query-localhost is turned on, or at default on,
  unbound-checkconf prints a warning if it is found in forward-addr or
  stub-addr statements.
- Fix for possible assertion failure when answering respip CNAME from
- Fix in respip addrtree selection. Absence of addr_tree_init_parents()
  call made it impossible to go up the tree when the matching netmask is
  too specific.
- Fix #48: Unbound returns additional records on NODATA response,
  if minimal-responses is enabled, also the additional for negative
  responses is removed.
- Fix #49: Set no renegotiation on the SSL context to stop client
  session renegotiation.
- Fix question section mismatch in local zone redirect.
- Add verbose log message when auth zone file is written, at level 4.
- Add hex print of trust anchor pointer to trust anchor file temp
  name to make it unique, for libunbound created multiple contexts.
- For #52 #53, second context does not close logfile override.
- Fix #52 #53, fix for example fail program.
- Fix to return after failed auth zone http chunk write.
- Fix to remove unused test for task_probe existance.
- Fix to timeval_add for remaining second in microseconds.
- Check repinfo in worker_handle_request, if null, drop it.
- Generate configlexer with newer flex.
- Fix warning for unused variable for compilation without systemd.
- Fix #59, when compiled with systemd support check that we can properly
  communicate with systemd through the `NOTIFY_SOCKET`.
- iana portlist updated.
- Fix autotrust temp file uniqueness windows compile.
- avoid warning about upcast on 32bit systems for autotrust.
- escape commandline contents for -V.
- Fix character buffer size in ub_ctx_hosts.
- Option -V prints if TCP fastopen is available.
- Fix unittest valgrind false positive uninitialised value report,
  where if gcc 9.1.1 uses -O2 (but not -O1) then valgrind 3.15.0
  issues an uninitialised value for the token buffer at the str2wire.c
  rrinternal_get_owner() strcmp with the '@' value.  Rewritten to use
  straight character comparisons removes the false positive.  Also
  valgrinds --expensive-definedness-checks=yes can stop this false
- Please doxygen's parser for "@" occurrence in doxygen comment.
- Fixup contrib/fastrpz.patch
- Remove warning about unknown cast-function-type warning pragma.
- Document limitation of pidfile removal outside of chroot directory.
- Fix log_dns_msg to log irrespective of minimal responses config.
- Fix that pkg-config is setup before --enable-systemd needs it.

Mon Jul 29 11:34:13 UTC 2019 - Dominique Leuenberger <>

- Update the Conflict in libunbound-devel-mini after the library
  package name from libunbound2 to libunbond8.

Mon Jun 17 17:21:10 UTC 2019 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.9.2

- add type CAA to libpyunbound (accessing libunbound from python).
- Fix #17: Add python module example from Jan Janak, that is a
  plugin for the Unbound DNS resolver to resolve DNS records in
  multicast DNS [RFC 6762] via Avahi.  The plugin communicates
  with Avahi via DBus. The comment section at the beginning of
  the file contains detailed documentation.
- travis build file.
- PR #16: XoT support, AXFR over TLS, turn it on with
  master: <ip>#<authname> in unbound.conf.  This uses TLS to
  download the AXFR (or IXFR).

Bug Fixes
- Fix for #4233: guard use of NDEBUG, so that it can be passed in
  CFLAGS into configure.
- Add log message, at verbosity 4, that says the query is encrypted
  with TLS, if that is enabled for the query.
- Fix #4239: set NOTIMPL when deny-any is enabled, for RFC8482.
- Fix #4240: Fix whitespace cleanup in example.conf.
- Fix that tls-session-ticket-keys: "" on its own in unbound.conf
  disables the tls session ticker key calls into the OpenSSL API.
- Fix crash if tls-servic-pem not filled in when necessary.
- Fix auth-zone NSEC3 response for empty nonterminals with exact
  match nsec3 records.
- Fix for out of bounds integers, thanks to OSTIF audit.  It is in
  allocation debug code.
- Fix for auth zone nsec3 ent fix for wildcard nodata.
- Move goto label in answer_from_cache to the end of the function
  where it is more visible.
- Fix auth-zone NSEC3 response for wildcard nodata answers,
  include the closest encloser in the answer.
- Fix spelling error in log output for event method.
- Fix to reinit event structure for accepted TCP (and TLS) sockets.
- Fix to use event_assign with libevent for thread-safety.
- verbose information about auth zone lookup process, also lookup
  start, timeout and fail.
- Fix to wipe ssl ticket keys from memory with explicit_bzero,
  if available.
- Fix that auth zone uses correct network type for sockets for
  SOA serial probes.  This fixes that probes fail because earlier
  probe addresses are unreachable.
- Fix that auth zone fails over to next master for timeout in tcp.
- Squelch SSL read and write connection reset by peer and broken pipe
  messages.  Verbosity 2 and higher enables them.
- Update python documentation for init_standard().
- Typos.
- Fix tls write event for read state change to re-call SSL_write and
  not resume the TLS handshake.
- Better braces in if statement in TCP fastopen code.
- iana portlist updated.
- Scrub RRs from answer section when reusing NXDOMAIN message for
  subdomain answers.
- For harden-below-nxdomain: do not consider a name to be non-exitent
  when message contains a CNAME record.
- Fix wrong query name in local zone redirect answers with a CNAME,
  the copy of the local alias is in unpacked form.
- contrib/fastrpz.patch updated for code changes, and with git diff.
- Fix #29: Solaris 11.3 and missing symbols be64toh, htobe64.
- Fix #30: AddressSanitizer finding in lookup3.c.  This sets the
  hash function to use a slower but better auditable code that does
  not read beyond array boundaries.  This makes code better security
  checkable, and is better for security.  It is fixed to be slower,
  but not read outside of the array.
- Fix edns-subnet locks, in error cases the lock was not unlocked.
- Fix doxygen output error on readme markdown vignettes.
- Squelch log messages from tcp send about connection reset by peer.
  They can be enabled with verbosity at higher values for diagnosing
  network connectivity issues.
- Attempt to fix malformed tcp response.
- Fix #31: swig 4.0 and python module.
- Note that so-reuseport at extreme load is better turned off,
  otherwise queries are not distributed evenly, on Linux 4.4.x.
- Fix that spoolbuf is not used to store tcp pipelined response
  between mesh send and callback end.
- Fix double file close in tcp pipelined response code.
- Fix to define _OPENBSD_SOURCE to get reallocarray on NetBSD.
- Fix to guard _OPENBSD_SOURCE from redefinition.
- Fix that fixes the Fix that spoolbuf is not used to store tcp
  pipelined response between mesh send and callback end, this fixes
  error cases that did not use the correct spoolbuf.
- Fix that fixes the Fix that spoolbuf is not used to store tcp
  pipelined response between mesh send and callback end, this fixes
  error cases that did not use the correct spoolbuf.
- Fix another spoolbuf storage code point, in prefetch.

Mon Mar 18 12:16:58 UTC 2019 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.9.1

- Add local-zone type inform_redirect, which logs like type inform,
  and redirects like type redirect.
- Perform canonical sort for 0x20 capsforid compare of replies,
  this sorts rrsets in the authority and additional section before
  comparison, so that out of order rrsets do not cause failure.
- Print query name with ip_ratelimit exceeded log lines.
  Spaces instead of tabs in that log message.
- Print query name and IP address when domain rate limit exceeded.

Bug Fixes
- Fix #4224: auth_xfr_notify.rpl test broken due to typo
- Fix locking for libunbound context setup with broken port config.
- Fix case in which query timeout can result in marking delegation
  as edns_lame_known.
- Set ub_ctx_set_tls call signature in ltrace config file for
  libunbound in contrib/
- improve documentation for tls-service-key and forward-first.
- #10: fixed pkg-config operations, PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG moved out of
  conditional section, fixes systemd builds, from Enrico Scholz.
- #9: For openssl 1.0.2 use the CRYPTO_THREADID locking callbacks,
  still supports the set_id_callback previous API.  And for 1.1.0
  no locking callbacks are needed.
- #8: Fix OpenSSL without ENGINE support compilation.
- Wipe TLS session key data from memory on exit.
- Fix that log-replies prints the correct name for local-alias
  names, for names that have a CNAME in local-data configuration.
  It logs the original query name, not the target of the CNAME.
- Fix #4206: OpenSSL 1.0.2 hostname verification for FreeBSD 11.2.
- Fix that qname minimisation does not skip a label when missing
  nameserver targets need to be fetched.
- Fix #4225: clients seem to erroneously receive no answer with
  DNS-over-TLS and qname-minimisation.
- Note default for module-config in man page.
- Fix #13: Remove left-over requirements on OpenSSL >= 1.1.0 for
  cert name matching, from man page.
- Fix capsforid canonical sort qsort callback.
- Fix pythonmod include and sockaddr_un ifdefs for compile on
  Windows, and for libunbound.
- Fix the error for unknown module in module-config is understandable,
  and explains it was not compiled in and where to see the list.
- In example.conf explain where to put cachedb module in module-config.
- In man page and example config explain that most modules have to
  be listed at the start of module-config.
- Fix #4227: pair event del and add for libevent for tcp_req_info.
- Fix #4229: Unbound man pages lack information, about access-control
  order and local zone tags, and elements in views.
- Fix #14: contrib/unbound.init: Fix wrong comparison judgment
  before copying.
- Fix for python module on Windows, fix fopen.
- Remove memory leak on pythonmod python2 script file init.
- Remove swig gcc8 python function cast warnings, they are ignored.
- Print correct module that failed when module-config is wrong.

Fri Dec 28 17:16:01 UTC 2018 - Jan Engelhardt <>

- Reorder scriptlet %if guards so that no empty scriptlets are
  emitted. Add one missing %if %{with systemd}.
- Replace %__-type macro indirections.

Tue Dec 11 19:59:00 UTC 2018 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.8.3 fixes crash bug introduced in 1.8.2
  in the dns64 processing.

Wed Dec  5 11:12:42 UTC 2018 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.8.2

- Add fast-server-permil and fast-server-num options.
- Deprecate low-rtt and low-rtt-permil options.
- Change fast-server-num default to 3.
- Fix #4154: make ECS_MAX_TREESIZE configurable, with
  the max-ecs-tree-size-ipv4 and max-ecs-tree-size-ipv6 options.
- Fix #4190: Please create a "ANY" deny option, adds the option
  deny-any: yes in unbound.conf.  This responds with an empty message
  to queries of type ANY.
- Fix #4126: RTT_band too low on VSAT links with 600+ms latency,
  adds the option unknown-server-time-limit to unbound.conf that
  can be increased to avoid the problem.
- Add min-client-subnet-ipv6 and min-client-subnet-ipv4 options.
- Support SO_REUSEPORT_LB in FreeBSD 12 with the so-reuseport: yes
  option in unbound.conf.
- Add unbound-control view_local_datas command, like local_datas.

Bug Fixes
- dnscrypt.c removed sizeof to get array bounds.
- Fix testlock code to set noreturn on error routine.
- Remove unused variable from contrib fastrpz/rpz.c and
  remove unused diagnostic pragmas that themselves generate warnings
- clang analyze test is used only when assertions are enabled.
- Squelch EADDRNOTAVAIL errors when the interface goes away,
  this omits 'can't assign requested address' errors unless
  verbosity is set to a high value.
- Set default for so-reuseport to no for FreeBSD.  It is enabled
  by default for Linux and DragonFlyBSD.  The setting can
  be configured in unbound.conf to override the default.
- iana port update.
- Squelch log of failed to tcp initiate after TCP Fastopen failure.
- Fix #4192: unbound-control-setup generates keys not readable by
- check that the dnstap socket file can be opened and exists, print
  error if not.
- Add markdel function to ECS slabhash.
- Limit ECS scope returned to client to the scope used for caching.
- Fix #4191: NXDOMAIN vs SERVFAIL during dns64 PTR query.
- Fix #4141: More randomness to rrset-roundrobin.
- Fix #4132: Openness/closeness of RANGE intervals in rpl files.
- remade makefile dependencies.
- Fix #4152: Logs shows wrong time when using log-time-ascii: yes.
- Scrub NS records from NXDOMAIN responses to stop fragmentation
  poisoning of the cache.
- Scrub NS records from NODATA responses as well.
- Add patch from Jan Vcelak for pythonmod,
  add sockaddr_storage getters, add support for query callbacks,
  allow raw address access via comm_reply and update API documentation.
- Removed compile warnings in pythonmod sockaddr routines.
- With ./configure --with-pyunbound --with-pythonmodule
  PYTHON_VERSION=3.6 or with 2.7 unbound can compile and unit tests
  succeed for the python module.
- pythonmod logs the python error and traceback on failure.
- ignore debug python module for test in doxygen output.
- review fixes for python module.
- Fix #4209: Crash in libunbound when called from getdns.
- auth zone zonefiles can be in a chroot, the chroot directory
  components are removed before use.
- Fix that empty zonefile means the zonefile is not set and not used.
- Fix to not set GLOB_NOSORT so the unbound.conf include: files are
  sorted and in a predictable order.
- Fix #4193: Fix that prefetch failure does not overwrite valid cache
  entry with SERVFAIL.
- Fix DNS64 to not store intermediate results in cache, this avoids
  other threads from picking up the wrong data.  The module restores
  the previous no_cache_store setting when the the module is finished.
- Fix #4208: 'stub-no-cache' and 'forward-no-cache' not work.
- New and better fix for Fix #4193: Fix that prefetch failure does
  not overwrite valid cache entry with SERVFAIL.
- auth-zone give SERVFAIL when expired, fallback activates when
  expired, and this is documented in the man page.
- stat count SERVFAIL downstream auth-zone queries for expired zones.
- Update contrib fastrpz patch for latest release.
- Fix chroot auth-zone fix to remove chroot prefix.

Tue Oct 16 15:01:15 UTC 2018 - Karol Babioch <>

- Removed intermediate certificates from certificate bundle (bsc#1112033)

Mon Oct  8 13:42:15 UTC 2018 - Michael Ströder <>

- update to 1.8.1:
  Number of bug fixes, a list of features added and some defaults changed.

  - Perform TLS SNI indication of the host that is being contacted
    for DNS over TLS service.  It sets the configured tls auth name.
    This is useful for hosts that apart from the DNS over TLS services
    also provide other (web) services.
Bug Fixes:
  - More explicitly mention the type of ratelimit when applying
  - Fix spelling error in header, from getdns commit by Andreas Gelmini.
  - iana port update.
  - Fixed unused return value warnings in contrib/fastrpz.patch for
  - Fix to squelch respip warning in unit test, it is printed at
    higher verbosity settings.
  - Fix spelling errors.
  - Fix initialisation in remote.c
  - Fix seed for random backup code to use explicit zero when wiped.
  - exit log routine is annotated as noreturn function.
  - free memory leaks in config strlist and str2list insert functions.
  - do not move unused argv variable after getopt.
  - Remove unused if clause in testcode.
  - in testcode, free async ids, initialise array, and check for null
    pointer during test of the test.  And use exit for return to note
    irregular program stop.
  - Free memory leak in config strlist append.
  - make sure nsec3 comparison salt is initialized.
  - unit test has clang analysis.
  - remove unused variable assignment from iterator scrub routine.
  - check for null in delegation point during iterator refetch
    in forward zone.
  - neater pointer cast in libunbound context quit routine.
  - initialize statistics totals for printout.
  - in authzone check that node exists before adding rrset.
  - in unbound-anchor, use readwrite memory BIO.
  - assertion in autotrust that packed rrset is formed correctly.
  - Fix memory leak when message parse fails partway through copy.
  - remove unused udpsize assignment in message encode.
  - nicer bio free code in unbound-anchor.
  - annotate exit functions with noreturn in unbound-control.
  - Fix compile on Mac for unbound, provide explicit_bzero when libc
    does not have it.
  - Fix unbound for openssl in FIPS mode, it uses the digests with
    the EVP call contexts.
  - Fix that with harden-below-nxdomain and qname minisation enabled
    some iterator states for nonresponsive domains can get into a
    state where they waited for an empty list.
  - Stop UDP to TCP failover after timeouts that causes the ping count
    to be reset by the TCP time measurement (that exists for TLS),
    because that causes the UDP part to not be measured as timeout.
  - Fix #4156: Fix systemd service manager state change notification.
  - Fix #4149: Add SSL cleanup for tcp timeout.
  - Fix #4188: IPv6 forwarders without ipv6 result in SERVFAIL, fixes
    qname minimisation with a forwarder when connectivity has issues
    from rejecting responses.
  - fastrpz.patch fixed.

Thu Sep 17 17:00:00 UTC 2018 -

- update to 1.8.0:
  Number of bug fixes, a list of features added and some defaults changed.

- unbound-control auth_zone_reload _zone_ option rereads the zonefile.
- unbound-control auth_zone_transfer _zone_ option starts the probe
  sequence for a master to transfer the zone from and transfers when
  a new zone version is available.
- num.queries.tls counter for queries over TLS.
- log port number with err_addr logs.
- dns64-ignore-aaaa: config option to list domain names for which the
  existing AAAA is ignored and dns64 processing is used on the A
- Fix #4112: Fix that unbound-anchor -f /etc/resolv.conf will not pass
  if DNSSEC is not enabled.  New option -R allows fallback from
  resolv.conf to direct queries.
- Note RFC8162 support.  SMIMEA record type can be read in by the
  zone record parser.
- Patches from Jim Hague (Sinodun) for EDNS KeepAlive.
- Add config tcp-idle-timeout (default 30s). This applies to
  client connections only; the timeout on TCP connections upstream
  is unaffected.
- Add edns-tcp-keepalive and edns-tcp-keepalive timeout options
  and implement option in client responses.
- Add delay parameter to streamtcp, -d secs.
  To be used when testing idle timeout.
- Expose if a query (or a subquery) was ratelimited (not src IP
  ratelimiting) to libunbound under 'ub_result.was_ratelimited'.
  This also introduces a change to 'ub_event_callback_type' in
- Patch to implement tcp-connection-limit from Jim Hague (Sinodun).
  This limits the number of simultaneous TCP client connections
  from a nominated netblock.
- Fix #4142: improvements and fixes.
  Add unit dependency ordering (based on systemd-resolved).
  Add 'CAP_SYS_RESOURCE' to 'CapabilityBoundingSet' (fixes warnings
  about missing privileges during startup). Add 'AF_INET6' to
  'RestrictAddressFamilies' (without it IPV6 can't work). From
  Guido Shanahan.
- unbound-checkconf checks if modules exist and prints if they are
  not compiled in the name of the wrong module.
- Patch for stub-no-cache and forward-no-cache options that disable
  caching for the contents of that stub or forward, for when you
  want immediate changes visible, from Bjoern A. Zeeb.
- Upgraded crosscompile script to include libunbound DLL in the
- Set libunbound to increase current, because the libunbound change
  to the event callback function signature.  That needs programs,
  that use it, to recompile against the new header definition.
- log-servfail: yes prints log lines that say why queries are
  returning SERVFAIL to clients.
- log-local-actions: yes option for unbound.conf that logs all the
  local zone actions, a patch from Saksham Manchanda (Secure64).
- #4146: num.query.subnet and num.query.subnet_cache counters.
- #4140: Expose repinfo (comm_reply) to the inplace_callbacks. This
  gives access to reply information for the client's communication
  point when the callback is called before the mesh state (modules).
  Changes to C and Python's inplace_callback signatures were also
- Set defaults to yes for a number of options to increase speed and
  resilience of the server.  The so-reuseport, harden-below-nxdomain,
  and minimal-responses options are enabled by default.  They used
  to be disabled by default, waiting to make sure they worked.  They
  are enabled by default now, and can be disabled explicitly by
  setting them to "no" in the unbound.conf config file.  The reuseport
  and minimal options increases speed of the server, and should be
  otherwise harmless.  The harden-below-nxdomain option works well
  together with the recently default enabled qname minimisation, this
  causes more fetches to use information from the cache.
- Added serve-expired-ttl and serve-expired-ttl-reset options.

Bug Fixes
- Windows example service.conf edited with more windows specific
- #4108: systemd reload hang fix.
- Fix usage printout for unbound-host, hostname has to be last
  argument on BSDs and Windows.
- Partial fix for permission denied on IPv6 address on FreeBSD.
- Fix that auth-zone master reply with current SOA serial does not
  stop scan of masters for an updated zone.
- Fix that auth-zone does not start the wait timer without checking
  if the wait timer has already been started.
- #4109: Fix that package config depends on python unconditionally.
- Patch, do not export python from pkg-config, from Petr Menšík.
- Fix checking for libhiredis printout in configure output.
- Fix typo on man page in ip-address description.
- Update libunbound/python/examples/ example code to
  also set the 20326 trust anchor for the root in the example code.
- Better documentation for unblock-lan-zones and insecure-lan-zones
  config statements.
- Fix permission denied printed for auth zone probe random port nrs.
- Fix documentation ambiguity for tls-win-cert in tls-upstream and
  forward-tls-upstream docs.
- iana port update.
- Fix round robin for failed addresses with prefer-ip6: yes
- Note in documentation that the cert name match code needs
  OpenSSL 1.1.0 or later to be enabled.
- Fix to improve systemd socket activation code file descriptor
- Fix for 4126 that the #define for UNKNOWN_SERVER_NICENESS can be more
  easily changed to adjust default rtt assumptions.
- Fix #4127 unbound -h does not list -p help.
- Print error if SSL name verification configured but not available
  in the ssl library.
- Fix that ratelimit and ip-ratelimit are applied after reload of
  changed config file.
- Resize ratelimit and ip-ratelimit caches if changed on reload.
- Fix #4129 unbound-control error message with wrong cert permissions
  is too cryptic.
- Fix #4130: print text describing -dd and unbound-checkconf on
  config file read error at startup, the errors may have been moved
  away by the startup process.
- Fix #4131: for solaris, error YY_CURRENT_BUFFER undeclared.
- Fix use-systemd readiness signalling, only when use-systemd is yes
  and not in signal handler.
- Fix #4135: 64-bit Windows Installer Creates Entries Under The
  Wrong Registry Key, reported by Brian White.
- Fix man page, say that chroot is enabled by default.
- Sort out test runs when the build directory isn't the project
  root directory.
- Error if EDNS Keepalive received over UDP.
- Correct and expand manual page entries for keepalive and idle timeout.
- Implement progressive backoff of TCP idle/keepalive timeout.
- Fix 'make depend' to work when build dir is not project root.
- Fix #4139: Fix unbound-host leaks memory on ANY.
- Fix to remove systemd sockaddr function check, that is not
  always present.  Make socket activation more lenient.  But not
  different when socket activation is not used.
- Fix #4136: insufficiency from mismatch of FLEX capability between
  released tarball and build host.  Fix to unconditionally call
  destroy in daemon.c.
- Make capsforid fallback QNAME minimisation aware.
- document --enable-subnet in doc/README.
- Fix #4144: dns64 module caches wrong (negative) information.
- Fix that printout of error for cycle targets is a verbosity 4
  printout and does not wrongly print it is a memory error.
- Fix segfault in auth-zone read and reorder of RRSIGs.
- Fix contrib/fastrpz.patch.
- Fix warning on compile without threads.
- print servfail info to log as error.
- added more servfail printout statements, to the iterator.
- Fix classification for QTYPE=CNAME queries when QNAME minimisation is
- Fix only misc failure from log-servfail when val-log-level is not
- Fix lintflags for lint on FreeBSD.
- Fix that a local-zone with a local-zone-type that is transparent
  in a view with view-first, makes queries check for answers from the
  local-zones defined outside of views.

Thu Jun 21 09:19:02 UTC 2018 -

- update to 1.7.3

- #4102 for NSD, but for Unbound.  Named unix pipes do not use
  certificate and key files, access can be restricted with file and
  directory permissions.  The option control-use-cert is no longer
  used, and ignored if found in unbound.conf.
- Rename tls-additional-ports to tls-additional-port, because every
  line adds one port.

Bug Fixes
- Don't count CNAME response types received during qname minimisation
  as query restart.
- #4100: Fix stub reprime when it becomes useless.
- Fix crash if ratelimit taken into use with unbound-control
  instead of with unbound.conf.
- Patch to fix openwrt for mac os build darwin detection in configure.
- #4103: Fix that auth-zone does not insist on SOA record first in
  file for url downloads.
- Fix that first control-interface determines if TLS is used.  Warn
  when IP address interfaces are used without TLS.
- Fix that control-use-cert: no works for to disable certs.
- Fix unbound-checkconf for control-use-cert.
- Fix for unbound-control on Windows and set TCP socket parameters
  more closely.
- Fix windows unbound-control no cert bad file descriptor error.

Mon Jun 11 13:05:51 UTC 2018 -

- update to 1.7.2
  * This release fixes bugs in DNS-over-TLS for windows, and adds the option
    for windows users to use the CA certificates from the Windows cert
    stores, tls-win-cert: yes in unbound.conf.
  * The code has been updated with a speed up that improves performance for
    large numbers of incoming TCP and TLS connections.
  * There is an option to allow to ignore an unset RD bit for access control
    subnets and always allow recursion to the request.

Thu May  3 16:38:07 UTC 2018 -

- update to 1.7.1

- Add --with-libhiredis, unbound support for a new cachedb
  backend that uses a Redis server as the storage.  This
  implementation depends on the hiredis client library
  And unbound should be built with both --enable-cachedb and
  --with-libhiredis[=PATH] (where $PATH/include/hiredis/hiredis.h
  should exist).  Patch from Jinmei Tatuya (Infoblox).
- Create additional tls service interfaces by opening them on other
  portnumbers and listing the portnumbers as additional-tls-port: nr.
- ED448 support.
- num.query.authzone.up and num.query.authzone.down statistics counters.
- Accept both option names with and without colon for get_option
  and set_option.
- low-rtt and low-rtt-pct in unbound.conf enable the server selection
  of fast servers for some percentage of the time.
- num.query.aggressive.NOERROR and num.query.aggressive.NXDOMAIN
  statistics counters.
- allow-notify: config statement for auth-zones.
- Can set tls authentication with forward-addr:
  And put the public cert bundle in tls-cert-bundle: "ca-bundle.pem".
  such as forward-addr: or
- list_auth_zones unbound-control command.
- Added root-key-sentinel support

Bug Fixes
- Fix #3727: Protocol name is TLS, options have been renamed but
  documentation is not consistent.
- Check IXFR start serial.
- Fix typo in documentation.
- Fix #3736: Fix 0 TTL domains stuck on SERVFAIL unless manually
  flushed with serve-expired on.
- Fix #3817: core dump happens in libunbound delete, when queued
  servfail hits deleted message queue.
- corrected a minor typo in the changelog.
- move htobe64/be64toh portability code to cachedb.c.
- iana port update.
- Do not use cached NSEC records to generate negative answers for
  domains under DNSSEC Negative Trust Anchors.
- Fix unbound-control get_option aggressive-nsec
- Check "result" in dup_all(), by Florian Obser.
- Fix #4043: make test fails due to v6 presentation issue in macOS.
- Fix unable to resolve after new WLAN connection, due to auth-zone
  failing with a forwarder set.  Now, auth-zone is only used for
  answers (not referrals) when a forwarder is set.
- Combine write of tcp length and tcp query for dns over tls.
- nitpick fixes in example.conf.
- Fix above stub queries for type NS and useless delegation point.
- Fix unbound-control over pipe with openssl 1.1.1, the TLSv1.3
  tls_choose_sigalg routine does not allow the ciphers for the pipe,
  so use TLSv1.2.
- Fix that flush_zone sets prefetch ttl expired, so that with
  serve-expired enabled it'll start prefetching those entries.
- Fix downstream auth zone, only fallback when auth zone fails to
  answer and fallback is enabled.
- Fix for max include depth for authzones.
- Fix memory free on fail for $INCLUDE in authzone.
- Fix that an internal error to look up the wrong rr type for
  auth zone gets stopped, before trying to send there.
- Fix auth zone target lookup iterator.
- Fix auth-zone retry timer to be on schedule with retry timeout,
  with backoff.  Also time a refresh at the zone expiry.
- Fix #658: unbound using TLS in a forwarding configuration does not
  verify the server's certificate (RFC 8310 support).
- For addr with #authname and no @port notation, the default is 853.
- man page documentation for dns-over-tls forward-addr '#' notation.
- removed free from failed parse case.
- Fix #4091: Fix that reload of auth-zone does not merge the zonefile
  with the previous contents.
- Delete auth zone when removed from config.
- makedist uses bz2 for expat code, instead of tar.gz.
- Fix #4092: libunbound: use-caps-for-id lacks colon in
- auth zone http download stores exact copy of downloaded file,
  including comments in the file.
- Fix sldns parse failure for CDS alternate delete syntax empty hex.
- Attempt for auth zone fix; add of callback in mesh gets from
  callback does not skip callback of result.
- Fix cname classification with qname minimisation enabled.
- Fix contrib/fastrpz.patch for this release.
- Fix auth https for libev.
- Fix memory leak when caching wildcard records for aggressive NSEC use
- Fix for crash in daemon_cleanup with dnstap during reload,
  from Saksham Manchanda.
- Also that for dnscrypt.

Sun Apr 22 19:26:03 UTC 2018 -

- Commented configuration directive dlv-anchor-file: in unbound.conf
  (see bsc#1055060). The DLV key file is deliberately still
  shipped in the package so users could easily re-enable this.

Wed Apr  4 11:54:01 UTC 2018 -

- update to 1.7.0

- auth-zone provides a way to configure RFC7706 from unbound.conf,
  eg. with auth-zone: name: "." for-downstream: no for-upstream: yes
  fallback-enabled: yes and masters or a zonefile with data.
- Aggressive use of NSEC implementation. Use cached NSEC records to
  generate NXDOMAIN, NODATA and positive wildcard answers.
- Accept tls-upstream in unbound.conf, the ssl-upstream keyword is
  also recognized and means the same.  Also for tls-port,
  tls-service-key, tls-service-pem, stub-tls-upstream and
- [dnscrypt] introduce dnscrypt-provider-cert-rotated option,
  from Manu Bretelle.
  This option allows handling multiple cert/key pairs while only
  distributing some of them.
  In order to reliably match a client magic with a given key without
  strong assumption as to how those were generated, we need both key and
  cert. Likewise, in order to know which ES version should be used.
  On the other hand, when rotating a cert, it can be desirable to only
  serve the new cert but still be able to handle clients that are still
  using the old certs's public key.
  The `dnscrypt-provider-cert-rotated` allow to instruct unbound to not
  publish the cert as part of the DNS's provider_name's TXT answer.
- Update B root ipv4 address.
- make ip-transparent option work on OpenBSD.
- Fix #2801: Install libunbound.pc.
- ltrace.conf file for libunbound in contrib.
- Fix #3598: Fix swig build issue on rhel6 based system.
  configure --disable-swig-version-check stops the swig version check.

Bug Fixes
- Fix #1749: With harden-referral-path: performance drops, due to
  circular dependency in NS and DS lookups.
- [dnscrypt] prevent dnscrypt-secret-key, dnscrypt-provider-cert
- Better documentation for cache-max-negative-ttl.
- Fixed libunbound manual typo.
- Fix #1949: [dnscrypt] make provider name mismatch more obvious.
- Fix #2031: Double included headers
- Document that errno is left informative on libunbound config read
- iana port update.
- Fix #1913: ub_ctx_config is under circumstances thread-safe.
- Fix #2362: TLS1.3/openssl-1.1.1 not working.
- Fix #2034 - Autoconf and -flto.
- Fix #2141 - for libsodium detect lack of entropy in chroot, print
  a message and exit.
- Fix #2492: Documentation libunbound.
- Fix #2882: Unbound behaviour changes (wrong) when domain-insecure is
  set for stub zone.  It no longer searches for DNSSEC information.
- Fix #3299 - forward CNAME daisy chain is not working
- Fix link failure on OmniOS.
- Check whether --with-libunbound-only is set when using --with-nettle
  or --with-nss.
- Fix qname-minimisation documentation (A QTYPE, not NS)
- Fix that DS queries with referral replies are answered straight
  away, without a repeat query picking the DS from cache.
  The correct reply should have been an answer, the reply is fixed
  by the scrubber to have the answer in the answer section.
- Fix that expiration date checks don't fail with clang -O2.
- Fix queries being leaked above stub when refetching glue.
- Copy query and correctly set flags on REFUSED answers when cache
  snooping is not allowed.
- make depend: code dependencies updated in Makefile.
- Fix #3397: Fix that cachedb could return a partial CNAME chain.
- Fix #3397: Fix that when the cache contains an unsigned DNAME in
  the middle of a cname chain, a result without the DNAME could
  be returned.
- Fix that unbound-checkconf -f flag works with auto-trust-anchor-file
  for startup scripts to get the full pathname(s) of anchor file(s).
- Print fatal errors about remote control setup before log init,
  so that it is printed to console.
- Use NSEC with longest ce to prove wildcard absence.
- Only use *.ce to prove wildcard absence, no longer names.
- Fix unfreed locks in log and arc4random at exit of unbound.
- Fix lock race condition in dns cache dname synthesis.
- Fix #3451: dnstap not building when you have a separate build dir.
  And removed protoc warning, set dnstap.proto syntax to proto2.
- Added tests with wildcard expanded NSEC records (CVE-2017-15105 test)
- Unit test for auth zone https url download.
- tls-cert-bundle option in unbound.conf enables TLS authentication.
- Fixes for clang static analyzer, the missing ; in
  edns-subnet/addrtree.c after the assert made clang analyzer
  produce a failure to analyze it.
- Fix #3505: Documentation for default local zones references
  wrong RFC.
- Fix #3494: local-zone noview can be used to break out of the view
  to the global local zone contents, for queries for that zone.
- Fix for more maintainable code in localzone.
- more robust cachedump rrset routine.
- Save wildcard RRset from answer with original owner for use in
  aggressive NSEC.
- Fixup contrib/fastrpz.patch so that it applies.
- Fix compile without threads, and remove unused variable.
- Fix compile with staticexe and python module.
- Fix nettle compile.
- Fix to check define of DSA for when openssl is without deprecated.
- iana port update.
- Fix #3582: Squelch address already in use log when reuseaddr option
  causes same port to be used twice for tcp connections.
- Reverted fix for #3512, this may not be the best way forward;
  although it could be changed at a later time, to stay similar to
  other implementations.
- Fix for windows compile.
- Fixed contrib/fastrpz.patch, even though this already applied
  cleanly for me, now also for others.
- patch to log creates keytag queries, from A. Schulze.
- patch suggested by Debian lintian: allow to -> allow one to, from
  A. Schulze.
- Attempt to remove warning about trailing whitespace.
- Added documentation for aggressive-nsec: yes.

Fri Jan 19 10:34:41 UTC 2018 -

- update to 1.6.8
  patch for CVE-2017-15105: vulnerability in the processing of
  wildcard synthesized NSEC records.
Tue Oct 10 08:20:16 UTC 2017 -

- update to 1.6.7

- Set trust-anchor-signaling default to yes
- Fix #1440: [dnscrypt] client nonce cache.
- Fix #1435: Please allow UDP to be disabled separately upstream and

Bug fixes:
- Fix that looping modules always stop the query, and don't pass
- Fix unbound-host to report error for DNSSEC state of failed lookups.
- Spelling fixes, from Josh Soref.
- Fix #1400: allowing use of global cache on ECS-forwarding unless
- use a cachedb answer even if it's "expired" when serve-expired is yes
  (patch from Jinmei Tatuya).
- trigger refetching of the answer in that case (this will bypass
  cachedb lookup)
- allow storing a 0-TTL answer from cachedb in the in-memory message
  cache when serve-expired is yes
- Fix DNSCACHE_STORE_ZEROTTL to be bigger than 0xffff.
- Log name of looping module
- Fix #1450: Generate again patch contrib/aaaa-filter-iterator.patch
   (by Danilo G. Baio).
- Fix param unused warning for windows exportsymbol compile.
- Use RCODE from A query on DNS64 synthesized answer.
- Fix trust-anchor-signaling works in libunbound.
- Fix spelling in unbound-control man page.

Mon Sep  4 16:17:44 UTC 2017 -

- update to 1.6.6

- unbound-control dump_infra prints port number for address if not 53.
- Fix #1344: RFC6761-reserved domains: test. and invalid.
- Fix #1349: allow suppression of pidfiles (from Daniel Kahn Gillmor).
  With the -p option unbound does not create a pidfile.
- Added stats for queries that have been ratelimited by domain
- Patch to show DNSCrypt status in help output, from Carsten
- Fix #1407: Add ECS options check to unbound-checkconf.
- Fix #1415: [dnscrypt] shared secret cache, patch from
  Manu Bretelle.

Bug Fixes:
- fixup of dnscrypt_cert_chacha test (from Manu Bretelle).
- First fix for zero b64 and hex text zone format in sldns.
- Better fixup of dnscrypt_cert_chacha test for different escapes.
- Fix that infra cache host hash does not change after reconfig.
- Fix python example0 return module wait instead of error for pass.
- enhancement for hardened-tls for DNS over TLS.  Removed duplicated
  security settings.
- Fix for unbound-checkconf, check ipsecmod-hook if ipsecmod is turned
- Fix #1331: libunbound segfault in threaded mode when context is
- Fix pythonmod link line option flag.
- Fix openssl 1.1.0 load of ssl error strings from ssl init.
- Fix 1332: Bump verbosity of failed chown'ing of the control socket.
- Redirect all localhost names to localhost address for RFC6761.
- Fix #1350: make cachedb backend configurable (from JINMEI Tatuya).
- Fix tests to use .tdir (from Manu Bretelle) instead of .tpkg.
- upgrade aclocal(pkg.m4 0.29.1), config.guess(2016-10-02),
- annotate case statement fallthrough for gcc 7.1.1.
- flex output from flex 2.6.1.
- snprintf of thread number does not warn about truncated string.
- squelch TCP fast open error on FreeBSD when kernel has it disabled,
  unless verbosity is high.
- remove warning from windows compile.
- Fix compile with libnettle
- Fix DSA configure switch (--disable dsa) for libnettle and libnss.
- Fix #1365: Add Ed25519 support using libnettle.
- Fix #1394: mix of serve-expired and response-ip could cause a crash.
- Remove unused iter_env member (ip6arpa_dname)
- Do not reset rrset.bogus stats when called using stats_noreset.
- Do not add rrset_bogus and query ratelimiting stats per thread, these
  module stats are global.
- Fix #1397: Recursive DS lookups for AS112 zones names should recurse.
- Fix #1398: make cachedb secret configurable.
- Remove spaces from Makefile.
- Fix issue on macOX 10.10 where TCP fast open is detected but not
  implemented causing TCP to fail. The fix allows fallback to regular
  TCP in this case and is also more robust for cases where connectx()
  fails for some reason.
- Fix #1402: squelch invalid argument error for fd_set_block on windows.
- Fix to reclaim tcp handler when it is closed due to dnscrypt buffer
  allocation failure.
- Fix #1415: patch to free dnscrypt environment on reload.
- iana portlist update
- Small fixes for the shared secret cache patch.
- Fix WKS records on kvm autobuild host, with default protobyname
  entries for udp and tcp.
- Fix #1414: fix segfault on parse failure and log_replies.
- zero qinfo in handle_request, this zeroes local_alias and also the
  qname member.
- new keys and certs for dnscrypt tests.
- fixup WKS test on buildhost without servicebyname.
- updated contrib/fastrpz.patch to apply with configparser changes.
- Fix 1416: qname-minimisation breaks TLSA lookups with CNAMEs.
- Fix #1424: cachedb:testframe is not thread safe.
- Fix #1417: [dnscrypt] shared secret cache counters, and works when
  dnscrypt is not enabled.  And cache size configuration option.
- Fix #1418: [ip ratelimit] initialize slabhash using
- Recommend 1472 buffer size in unbound.conf

Mon Aug 21 10:38:49 UTC 2017 -

- update to 1.6.5
  * Fix install of trust anchor when two anchors are present, makes both
    valid.  Checks hash of DS but not signature of new key.  This fixes
    installs between sep11 and oct11 2017.

Tue Aug  8 19:02:38 UTC 2017 -

- RPM group fix. Do not suppress user/group creation problems.
  Replace %__ type macro indirections.

Tue Jun 27 11:13:31 UTC 2017 -

- update to 1.6.4

- Implemented trust anchor signaling using key tag query.
- unbound-checkconf -o allows query of dnstap config variables.
  Also unbound-control get_option.  Also for dnscrypt.
- unbound.h exports the shm stats structures.  They use
  type long long and no ifdefs, and ub_ before the typenames.
- Implemented opportunistic IPsec support module (ipsecmod).
- Added redirect-bogus.patch to contrib directory.
- Support for the ED25519 algorithm with openssl (from openssl 1.1.1).
- renumbering B-Root's IPv6 address to 2001:500:200::b.
- Fix #1276: [dnscrypt] add XChaCha20-Poly1305 cipher.
- Fix #1277: disable domain ratelimit by setting value to 0.
- Added fastrpz patch to contrib

Bug Fixes:
- Added ECS unit test (from Manu Bretelle).
- ECS documentation fix (from Manu Bretelle).
- Fix #1252: more indentation inconsistencies.
- Fix #1253: unused variable in edns-subnet/addrtree.c:getbit().
- Fix #1254: clarify ratelimit-{for,below}-domain (from Manu Bretelle).
- iana portlist update
- Based on #1257: check parse limit before t increment in sldns RR
  string parse routine.
- Fix #1258: Windows 10 X64 unbound 1.6.2 service will not start.
  and fix that 64bit getting installed in C:\Program Files (x86).
- Fix #1259: "--disable-ecdsa" argument overwritten
  by "#ifdef SHA256_DIGEST_LENGTH@daemon/remote.c".
- iana portlist update
- Added test for leak of stub information.
- Fix sldns wire2str printout of RR type CAA tags.
- Fix sldns int16_data parse.
- Fix sldns parse and printout of TSIG RRs.
- sldns SMIMEA and AVC definitions, same as getdns definitions.
- Fix tcp-mss failure printout text.
- Set SO_REUSEADDR on outgoing tcp connections to fix the bind before
  connect limited tcp connections.  With the option tcp connections
  can share the same source port (for different destinations).
- Add 'c' to getopt() in testbound.
- Adjust servfail by iterator to not store in cache when serve-expired
  is enabled, to avoid overwriting useful information there.
- Fix queries for nameservers under a stub leaking to the internet.
- document trust-anchor-signaling in example config file.
- updated configure, dependencies and flex output.
- better module memory lookup, fix of unbound-control shm names for
  module memory printout of statistics.
- Fix type AVC sldns rrdef.
- Some whitespace fixup.
- Fix #1265: contrib/unbound.service contains hardcoded path.
- Fix #1265 to use /bin/kill.
- Fix #1267: Libunbound validator/val_secalgo.c uses obsolete APIs,
  and compatibility with BoringSSL.
- Fix #1268: SIGSEGV after log_reopen.
- exec_prefix is by default equal to prefix.
- printout localzone for duplicate local-zone warnings.
- Fix assertion for low buffer size and big edns payload when worker
  overrides udpsize.
- Support for openssl EVP_DigestVerify.
- Fix #1269: inconsistent use of built-in local zones with views.
- Add defaults for new local-zone trees added to views using
- Fix #1273: cachedb.c doesn't compile with -Wextra.
- If MSG_FASTOPEN gives EPIPE fallthrough to try normal tcp write.
- Also use global local-zones when there is a matching view that does
  not have any local-zone specified.
- Fix fastopen EPIPE fallthrough to perform connect.
- Fix #1274: automatically trim chroot path from dnscrypt key/cert paths
  (from Manu Bretelle).
- Fix #1275: cached data in cachedb is never used.
- Fix that unbound-control can set val_clean_additional and
- Add dnscrypt XChaCha20 tests.
- Detect chacha for dnscrypt at configure time.
- dnscrypt unit tests with chacha.
- Added domain name based ECS whitelist.
- Fix #1278: Incomplete wildcard proof.
- Fix #1279: Memory leak on reload when python module is enabled.
- Fix #1280: Unbound fails assert when response from authoritative
  contains malformed qname.  When 0x20 caps-for-id is enabled, when
  assertions are not enabled the malformed qname is handled correctly.
- More fixes in depth for buffer checks in 0x20 qname checks.
- Fix stub zone queries leaking to the internet for
  harden-referral-path ns checks.
- Fix query for refetch_glue of stub leaking to internet.
- Fix #1301: memory leak in respip and tests.
- Free callback in edns-subnetmod on exit and restart.
- Fix memory leak in sldns_buffer_new_frm_data.
- Fix memory leak in dnscrypt config read.
- Fix dnscrypt chacha cert support ifdefs.
- Fix dnscrypt chacha cert unit test escapes in grep.
- Fix to unlock view in view test.
- Fix warning in pythonmod under clang compiler.
- Fix lintian typo.
- Fix #1316: heap read buffer overflow in parse_edns_options.

Wed Jun 14 10:22:38 UTC 2017 -

- update to 1.6.3

Bug Fixes
- Fix #1280: Unbound fails assert when response from authoritative
  contains malformed qname. When 0x20 caps-for-id is enabled, when
  assertions are not enabled the malformed qname is handled correctly.

Mon Apr 24 15:54:02 UTC 2017 -

- update to 1.6.2

- Add trustanchor.unbound CH TXT that gets a response with a number
  of TXT RRs with a string like " 2345 1234" with
  the trust anchors and their keytags.
- Patch for view functionality for local-data-ptr from Björn Ketelaars.
- Response actions based on IP address from Jinmei Tatuya (Infoblox).
- Patch from Luiz Fernando Softov for Stats Shared Memory.
- unbound-control stats_shm command prints stats using shared memory,
  which uses less cpu.
- --disable-sha1 disables SHA1 support in RRSIG, so from DNSKEY and
  DS records.  NSEC3 is not disabled.
- #1217. DNSCrypt support, with --enable-dnscrypt, libsodium and then
  enabled in the config file from Manu Bretelle.
- Merge EDNS Client subnet implementation from feature branch into main
  branch, using new EDNS processing framework.
- harden-algo-downgrade: no also makes unbound more lenient about
  digest algorithms in DS records.

Bug fixes
- sldns has ED25519 and ED448 algorithm number and name for display.
- sldns updated for vfixed and buffer resize indication from getdns.
- iana portlist update
- Fix #1224: Fix that defaults should not fall back to "Program Files
  (x86) if Unbound is 64bit by default on windows.
- Fix doc/CNAME-basedRedirectionDesignNotes.pdf zone static to
- make depend, autoconf, doxygen and lint fixed up.
- include sys/time.h for new shm code on NetBSD.
- Fix #1227: Fix that Unbound control allows weak ciphersuits.
- Fix #1226: provide official 32bit binary for windows.
- For #1227: if we have sha256, set the cipher list to have no
  known vulns.
- Fix testpkts.c, check if DO bit is set, not only if there is an OPT
- Fix #1229: Systemd service sandboxing in contrib/unbound.service.
- Fix #1230: swig version 2.0.1 is required for pythonmod, with
  1.3.40 it crashes when running repeatly unbound-control reload.
- fix enum conversion warnings
- fake-sha1 test option; print warning if used.  To make unit tests.
- unbound-control list local zone and data commands listed in the
  help output.
- Fix #1234: shortening DNAME loop produces duplicate DNAME records
  in ANSWER section.
- testbound understands Deckard MATCH rcode question answer commands.
- Fix #1235: Fix too long DNAME expansion produces SERVFAIL instead
  of YXDOMAIN + query loop, reported by Petr Spacek.
- Fix that SHM is not inited if not enabled.
- Fix that looped DNAMEs do not cause unbound to spend effort.
- trustanchor tags are sorted.  reusable routine to fetch taglist.
- Fix #1237 - Wrong resolving in chain, for norec queries that get
  SERVFAIL returned.
- make depend, autoconf, remove warnings about statement before var.
- lru_demote and lruhash_insert_or_retrieve functions for getdns.
- fixup for lruhash (whitespace and header file comment).
- dnscrypt tests.
- Fix doxygen for dnscrypt files.
- Fix #1238: segmentation fault when adding through the remote
  interface a per-view local zone to a view with no previous
  (configured) local zones.
- Fix #1229: Systemd service sandboxing, options in wrong sections.
- Fix #1239: configure fails to find python distutils if python
  prints warning.
- Fix to prevent non-referal query from being cached as referal when the
  no_cache_store flag was set.
- Remove (now unused) event2 include from dnscrypt code.
- Fix #1217: Add metrics to unbound-control interface showing
  crypted, cert request, plaintext and malformed queries (from
  Manu Bretelle).
- Do not add current time twice to TTL before ECS cache store.
- Do not touch rrset cache after ECS cache message generation.
- Use LDNS_EDNS_CLIENT_SUBNET as default ECS opcode.
- Fix #1244: document that use of chroot requires trust anchor file to
  be under chroot.
- Small fixup for documentation.
- Fix respip for braces when locks arent used.
- Fix pythonmod for cb changes.
- Generalise inplace callback (de)registration
- (de)register inplace callbacks for module id
- No unbound-control set_option for ECS options
- Deprecated client-subnet-opcode config option
- Introduced client-subnet-always-forward config option
- Changed max-client-subnet-ipv6 default to 56 (as in RFC)
- Removed extern ECS config options
- module_restart_next now calls clear on all following modules
- Also create ECS module qstate on module_event_pass event
- remove malloc from inplace_cb_register
- Unlock view in respip unit test
- Some whitespace fixup.
- Remove ECS option after REFUSED answer.
- Fix small memory leak in edns_opt_copy_alloc.
- Respip dereference after NULL check.
- Zero initialize addrtree allocation.
- Use correct identifier for SHM destroy.
- Display ECS module memory usage.
- Fix #1247: unbound does not shorten source prefix length when
  forwarding ECS.
- Properly check for allocation failure in local_data_find_tag_datas.
- Fix #1249: unbound doesn't return FORMERR to bogus ECS.
- Set SHM ECS memory usage to 0 when module not loaded.
- subnet mem value is available in shm, also when not enabled,
  to make the struct easier to memmap by other applications,
  independent of the configuration of unbound.
- Fix #1250: inconsistent indentation in services/listen_dnsport.c.

Tue Feb 21 21:34:22 UTC 2017 -

- update to 1.6.1

  * configure --enable-systemd and lets unbound use systemd sockets if you
    enable use-systemd: yes in unbound.conf. Also there are
    contrib/unbound.socket and contrib/unbound.service: systemd files for
    unbound, install them in /usr/lib/systemd/system. Contributed by Sami
    Kerola and Pavel Odintsov.
  * [bugzilla: 1185 ]
    Source IP rate limiting, patch from Larissa Feng.
  * [bugzilla: 1184 ]
    Log DNS replies. This includes the same logging information that DNS
    queries and response code and response size, patch from Larissa Feng.
  * Include root trust anchor id 20326 in unbound-anchor.
  * 64bit is default for windows builds.

Bug Fixes
  * [bugzilla: 1176 ]
    Fix stack size too small for Alpine Linux.
  * Fix unbound-control and ipv6 only.
    [bugzilla: 1182 ]
  * Fix Resource leak (socket), at startup.
    [bugzilla: 1178 ]
  * Fix attempt to fix setup error at end, pop result values at end of
  * iana portlist update
  * Fix inet_ntop and inet_pton warnings in windows compile.
  * [bugzilla: 1191 ]
    Fix remove comment about view deletion.
  * [bugzilla: 1188 ]
    Fix unresolved symbol 'fake_dsa' in when built with Nettle
  * [bugzilla: 1190 ]
    Fix to not echo back EDNS options in local-zone error response.
  * [bugzilla: 1194 ]
    Fix if cross build fails when $host isn't `uname` for getentropy.
  * Fix reload chdir failure when also chrooted to that directory.
  * Fix to return formerr for queries for meta-types, to avoid packet
    amplification if this meta-type is sent on to upstream.
  * [bugzilla: 1201 ]
    Fix missing unlock in answer_from_cache error condition.
  * [bugzilla: 1202 ]
    Fix code comment that packed_rrset_data is not always 'packed'.
  * Fix to also block meta types 128 through to 248 with formerr.
  * [bugzilla: 1206 ]
    Fix that some view-related commands are missing from 'unbound-control -h'
  * Fix to rename ub_callback_t to ub_callback_type, because POSIX
    reserves _t typedefs.
  * Fix to rename internally used types from _t to _type, because _t type
    names are reserved by POSIX.
  * Increase MAX_MODULE to 16.
  * [bugzilla: 1211 ]
    Fix can't enable interface-automatic if no IPv6 with more helpful
    error message.
  * fix root_anchor test for updated icannbundle.pem lower certificates.
  * Fix compile on solaris of the fix to use $host detect.
  * Fix for type name change and fix warning on windows compile.
  * Fix pythonmod for typedef changes.
  * Fix dnstap for warning of set but not used.
  * Fix autoconf of systemd check for lack of pkg-config.

Thu Dec 15 16:28:44 UTC 2016 -

- update to 1.6.0

  * Added generic EDNS code for registering known EDNS option codes,
    bypassing the cache response stage and uniquifying mesh states. Four
    EDNS option lists were added to module_qstate
    (module_qstate.edns_opts_*) to store EDNS options from/to front/back side.
  * Added two flags to module_qstate (no_cache_lookup, no_cache_store)
    that control the modules' cache interactions.
  * Added code for registering inplace callback functions. The registered
    functions can be called just before replying with local data or Chaos,
    replying from cache, replying with SERVFAIL, replying with a resolved
    query, sending a query to a nameserver. The functions can inspect the
    available data and maybe change response/query related data (i.e. append
    EDNS options).
  * Updated Python module for the above.
  * Updated Python documentation.
  * Added views functionality.
  * Added qname-minimisation-strict config option.
  * Patch that resolves CNAMEs entered in local-data conf statements that
    point to data on the internet, from Jinmei Tatuya (Infoblox).
  * serve-expired config option: serve expired responses with TTL 0.
  * .gitattributes line for githubs code language display.
  * log-identity: config option to set sys log identity, patch from "Robin
    H. Johnson" (
  * Added stub-ssl-upstream and forward-ssl-upstream options.
  * Added local-zones and local-data bulk addition and removal
    functionality in unbound-control (local_zones, local_zones_remove,
    local_datas and local_datas_remove).
  * has AAAA address.

  Bug Fixes
  * Fix #836: unbound could echo back EDNS options in an error response.
  * Fix #838: 1.5.10 cannot be built on Solaris, undefined PATH_MAX.
  * Fix #839: Memory grows unexpectedly with large RPZ files.
  * Fix #840: infinite loop in unbound_munin_ plugin on unowned lockfile.
  * Fix #841: big local-zone's make it consume large amounts of memory.
  * Fix dnstap relaying "random" messages instead of resolver/forwarder
    responses, from Nikolay Edigaryev.
  * Fix Nits for 1.5.10 reported by Dag-Erling Smorgrav.
  * Fix #1117: spelling errors, from Robert Edmonds.
  * iana portlist update.
  * fix memoryleak logfile when in debug mode.
  * Re-fix #839 from view commit overwrite.
  * Fixup const void cast warning.
  * Removed patch comments from acllist.c and msgencode.c
  * Added documentation doc/CNAME-basedRedirectionDesignNotes.pdf, from
    Jinmei Tatuya (Infoblox).
  * Fix #1125: unbound could reuse an answer packet incorrectly for
    clients with different EDNS parameters, from Jinmei Tatuya.
  * Fix #1118: libunbound.pc sets strange Libs, Libs.private values.
  * Added Requires line to libunbound.pc
  * Fix #1130: whitespace in more consistent.
  * suppress compile warning in lex files.
  * init lzt variable, for older gcc compiler warnings.
  * fix --enable-dsa to work, instead of copying ecdsa enable.
  * Fix DNSSEC validation of query type ANY with DNAME answers.
  * Fixup query_info local_alias init.
  * Ported tests for local_cname unit test to testbound framework.
  * Fix #1134: unbound-control set_option -- val-override-date: -1 works
    immediately to ignore datetime, or back to 0 to enable it again. The --
    is to ignore the '-1' as an option flag.
  * Patch for server.num.zero_ttl stats for count of expired replies, from
    Pavel Odintsov.
  * Fix failure to build on arm64 with no sbrk.
  * Set OpenSSL security level to 0 when using aNULL ciphers.
  * configure detects ssl security level API function in the autoconf
    manner. Every function on its own, so that other libraries (eg.
    LibreSSL) can develop their API without hindrance.
  * Fix #1154: segfault when reading config with duplicate zones.
  * Note that for harden-below-nxdomain the nxdomain must be secure, this
    means nsec3 with optout is insufficient.
  * Fix #1155: test status code of unbound-control in 04-checkconf, not
    the status code from the tee command.
  * Fix #1158: reference RFC 8020 "NXDOMAIN: There Really Is Nothing
    Underneath" for the harden-below-nxdomain option.
  * patch from Dag-Erling Smorgrav that removes code that relies on sbrk().
  * Make access-control-tag-data RDATA absolute. This makes the RDATA
    origin consistent between local-data and access-control-tag-data.
  * Fix NSEC ENT wildcard check. Matching wildcard does not have to be a
    subdomain of the NSEC owner.
  * QNAME minimisation uses QTYPE=A, therefore always check cache for this
    type in harden-below-nxdomain functionality.
  * Added unit test for QNAME minimisation + harden below nxdomain synergy.
  * Fix that with openssl 1.1 control-use-cert: no uses less cpu, by using
    no encryption over the unix socket.
  * hyphen as minus fix, by Andreas Schulze
  * Fix #1170: document that 'inform' local-zone uses local-data.
  * Fix #1173: differ local-zone type deny from unset tag_actions element.
  * Add DSA support for OpenSSL 1.1.0
  * Fix remote control without cert for LibreSSL
  * Fix downcast warnings from visual studio in sldns code.

Tue Sep 27 12:41:57 UTC 2016 -

- update to 1.5.10

  * Create a pkg-config file for libunbound in contrib.
  * TCP Fast open patch from Sara Dickinson.
  * Finegrained localzone control with define-tag, access-control-tag,
    access-control-tag-action, access-control-tag-data, local-zone-tag, and
    local-zone-override. And added types always_transparent, always_refuse,
    always_nxdomain with that.
  * If more than half of tcp connections are in use, a shorter timeout
    is used (200 msec, vs 2 minutes) to pressure tcp for new connects.
  * [bugzilla: 787 ] Fix #787: outgoing-interface netblock/64 ipv6
    option to use linux freebind to use 64bits of entropy for every query
    with random local part.
  * For #787: prefer-ip6 option for unbound.conf prefers to send
    upstream queries to ipv6 servers.
  * Add default root hints for IPv6 E.ROOT-SERVERS.NET, 2001:500:a8::e.
  * keep debug symbols in windows build.

Bug Fixes
  * [bugzilla: 778 ] Fix unbound 1.5.9: -h segfault (null deref).
  * Fix unbound-anchor.exe file location defaults to Program Files with
    (x86) appended.
  * Fix to not ignore return value of chown() in daemon startup.
  * Better help text from -h (from Ray Griffith).
  * [bugzilla: 773 ] Fix Non-standard Python location build failure with
  * Improve threadsafety for openssl 0.9.8 ecdsa dnssec signatures.
  * Revert fix for NetworkService account on windows due to breakage it
  * Fix that windows install will not overwrite existing service.conf
    file (and ignore gui config choices if it exists).
  * And delete service.conf.shipped on uninstall.
  * In unbound.conf directory: dir immediately changes to that
    directory, so that include: file below that is relative to that
    directory. With chroot, make the directory an absolute path inside chroot.
  * do not delete service.conf on windows uninstall.
  * document directory immediate fix and allow EXECUTABLE syntax in it
    on windows.
  * Fix directory: fix for unbound-checkconf, it restores cwd.
  * Use QTYPE=A for QNAME minimisation.
  * Keep track of number of time-outs when performing QNAME
    minimisation. Stop minimising when number of time-outs for a QNAME/QTYPE
    pair is more than three.
  * [bugzilla: 775 ] Fix unbound-host and unbound-anchor crash on
    windows, ignore null delete for wsaevent.
  * Fix spelling in freebind option man page text.
  * Fix windows link of ssl with crypt32.
  * [bugzilla: 779 ] Fix Union casting is non-portable.
  * [bugzilla: 780 ] Fix MAP_ANON not defined in HP-UX 11.31.
  * [bugzilla: 781 ] Fix prealloc() is an HP-UX system library call.
  * Decrease dp attempts at each QNAME minimisation iteration
  * [bugzilla: 784 ] Fix Build configure assumess that having getpwnam
    means there is endpwent function available.
  * Updated repository with newer flex and bison output.
  * Fix static compile on windows missing gdi32.
  * Fix dynamic link of anchor-update.exe on windows.
  * Fix detect of mingw for MXE package build.
  * Fixes for 64bit windows compile.
  * [bugzilla: 788 ] Fix for nettle 3.0: Failed to build with Nettle >=
    3.0 and --with-libunbound-only --with-nettle.
  * Fixed unbound.doxygen for 1.8.11.
  * [bugzilla: 798 ] Fix Client-side TCP fast open fails (Linux).
  * [bugzilla: 801 ] Fix missing error condition handling in
  * [bugzilla: 802 ] Fix workaround for function parameters that are
    "unused" without log_assert.
  * [bugzilla: 803 ] Fix confusing (and incorrect) code comment in
  * [bugzilla: 806 ] Fix wrong comment removed.
  * use sendmsg instead of sendto for TFO.
  * [bugzilla: 807 ] Fix workaround for possible some "unused" function
    parameters in test code, from Jinmei Tatuya.
  * Note that OPENPGPKEY type is RFC 7929.
  * [bugzilla: 804 ] Fix #804: unbound stops responding after outage.
    Fixes queries that attempt to wait for an empty list of subqueries.
  * Fix for #804: lower num_target_queries for iterator also for failed
  * [bugzilla: 820 ] Fix set sldns_str2wire_rr_buf() dual meaning len
    parameter in each iteration in find_tag_datas().
  * [bugzilla: 777 ] Fix OpenSSL 1.1.0 compatibility, patch from
    Sebastian A. Siewior.
  * RFC 7958 is now out, updated docs for unbound-anchor.
  * Fix for compile without warnings with openssl 1.1.0.
  * [bugzilla: 826 ] Fix refuse_non_local could result in a broken response.
  * iana portlist update.
  * Fix compile with openssl 1.1.0 with api=1.1.0.
  * [bugzilla: 829 ] Fix doc of sldns_wire2str_rdata_buf() return value
    has an off-by-one typo, from Jinmei Tatuya (Infoblox).
  * Fix incomplete prototypes reported by Dag-Erling Smørgrav.
  * [bugzilla: 828 ] Fix missing type in access-control-tag-action
    redirect results in NXDOMAIN.
  * Take configured minimum TTL into consideration when reducing TTL to
    original TTL from RRSIG.
  * [bugzilla: 831 ] Fix workaround for spurious fread_chk warning
    against petal.c
  * Silenced flex-generated sign-unsigned warning print with gcc
    diagnostic pragma.
  * Fix for new splint on FreeBSD. Fix cast for sockaddr_un.sun_len.
  * fix potential memory leak in daemon/remote.c and nullpointer
    dereference in validator/autotrust.
  * [bugzilla: 883 ] Fix error for duplicate local zone entry.
  * [bugzilla: 835 ] Fix --disable-dsa with nettle verify.

Sat Jun  4 14:26:35 UTC 2016 -

- update to 1.5.9

  * generic edns option parse and store code.
  * Updated L root IPv6 address.
  * User defined pluggable event API for libunbound
  * ip_freebind: yesno option in unbound.conf sets IP_FREEBIND for binding 
    to an IP address while the interface or address is down.
  * OpenSSL 1.1.0 portability, --disable-dsa configure option.
  * disable-dnssec-lame-check config option from Charles Walker.

Bug Fixes
  * [bugzilla: 745 ]
  * Fix - idn2dname throws UnicodeError when idnname contains
    trailing dot.
  * configure tests for the weak attribute support by the compiler.
  * [bugzilla: 747 ]
  * Fix assert in outnet_serviced_query_stop.
  * Updated configure and
  * Fixup of compile fix for pluggable event API from P.Y. Adi Prasaja.
  * Fixup backend2str for libev.
  * Fix libev usage of dispatch return value.
  * No side effects in tolower() call, in case it is a macro.
  * Fix warnings in ifdef corner case, older or unknown libevent.
  * Fix ip-transparent for ipv6 on FreeBSD, thanks to Nick Hibma.
  * Fix ip-transparent for tcp on freebsd.
  * [bugzilla: 746 ]
  * Fix unbound sets CD bit on all forwards. If no trust anchors, it'll not 
    set CD bit when forwarding to another server. If a trust anchor, no CD 
    bit on the first attempt to a forwarder, but CD bit thereafter on 
    repeated attempts to get DNSSEC.
  * Limit number of QNAME minimisation iterations.
  * Validate QNAME minimised NXDOMAIN responses.
  * If QNAME minimisation is enabled, do cache lookup for QTYPE NS in 
  * Fix compile of getentropy_linux for SLES11 servicepack 4.
  * Fix dnstap-log-resolver-response-messages, from Nikolay Edigaryev.
  * Fix test for openssl to use HMAC_Update for 1.1.0.
  * ERR_remove_state deprecated since openssl 1.0.0.
  * OPENSSL_config is deprecated, removing.
  * Document permit-small-holddown for 5011 debug.
  * [bugzilla: 749 ]
  * Fix unbound-checkconf gets SIGSEGV when use against a malformatted
    conf file.
  * [bugzilla: 753 ]
  * Fix document dump_requestlist is for first thread.
  * Fix some malformed reponses to edns queries get fallback to nonedns.
  * [bugzilla: 759 ]
  * Fix 0x20 capsforid no longer checks type PTR, for compatibility with 
    cisco dns guard. This lowers false positives.
  * Fix sldns with static checking fixes copied from getdns.
  * Fix memory leak in out-of-memory conditions of local zone add.
  * [bugzilla: 761 ]
  * Fix DNSSEC LAME false positive resolving
  * [bugzilla: 766 ]
  * Fix dns64 should synthesize results on timeout/errors.
  * No QNAME minimisation fall-back for NXDOMAIN answers from
    DNSSEC signed zones.
  * [bugzilla: 767 ]
  * Fix Reference to an expired Internet-Draft in harden-below-nxdomain 
  * remove memory leak from lame-check patch.
  * [bugzilla: 770 ]
  * Fix Small subgroup attack on DH used in unix pipe on localhost if 
    unbound control uses a unix local named pipe.
  * Document write permission to directory of trust anchor needed.
  * [bugzilla: 768 ]
  * Fix Unbound Service Sometimes Can Not Shutdown Completely, WER Report 
    Shown Up. Close handle before closing WSA.
  * Fix time in case answer comes from cache in ub_resolve_event().
  * Fix windows service to be created run with limited rights, as a network 
    service account, from Mario Turschmann.
  * [bugzilla: 752 ]
  * Fix retry resource temporarily unavailable on control pipe.
  * iana ports fetched via https.
  * iana portlist update.

Thu Feb 25 10:07:47 UTC 2016 -

- update to 1.5.8

  * ip-transparent option for FreeBSD with IP_BINDANY socket option.
  * insecure-lan-zones: yesno config option, patch from Dag-Erling
  * RR Type CSYNC support RFC 7477, in debug printout and config input.
  * RR Type OPENPGPKEY support (draft-ietf-dane-openpgpkey-07).
  * [bugzilla: 731 ] tcp-mss, outgoing-tcp-mss options for unbound.conf,
      patch from Daisuke Higashi.
  * Support RFC7686: handle ".onion" Special-Use Domain. It is blocked
      by default, and can be unblocked with "nodefault" localzone config.
  * ub_ctx_set_stub() function for libunbound to config stub zones.

Bug Fixes
  * Fix that NSEC3 negative cache is used when there is no salt.
  * sorted ubsyms.def file with exported libunbound functions.
  * Print understandable debug log when unusable DS record is seen.
  * load gost algorithm if digest is seen before key algorithm.
  * Fix that "make install" fails due to "text file busy" error.
  * Set IPPROTO_IP6 for ipv6 sockets otherwise invalid argument error.
  * wait for sendto to drain socket buffers when they are full.
  * Neater cmdline_verbose increment patch from Edgar Pettijohn.
  * Made netbsd sendmsg test nonfatal, in case of false positives.
  * [bugzilla: 741 ] Fix: log message for dnstap socket connection is
      more clear.
  * [bugzilla: 734 ] Fix: chown the pidfile if it resides inside the
  * Fix cmsg alignment for argument to sendmsg on NetBSD.
  * Fix that unbound complains about unimplemented IP_PKTINFO for
      sendmsg on NetBSD (for interface-automatic).
  * [bugzilla: 738 ] Fix: Swig should not be invoked with CPPFLAGS.
  * Squelch 'cannot assign requested address' log messages unless
      verbosity is high, it was spammed after network down.
  * Fix to simplify empty string checking from Michael McConville.
  * [bugzilla: 734 ] Fix: Do not log an error when the PID file cannot
      be chown'ed. Patch from Simon Deziel.
  * Fix test if -pthreads unused to use better grep for portability.
  * Fix mingw crosscompile for recent mingw.
  * Update aclocal, autoconf output with new versions (1.15, 2.4.6).
  * Define DEFAULT_SOURCE together with BSD_SOURCE when that is defined,
      for Linux glibc 2.20.
  * Fixup contrib/aaaa-filter-iterator.patch for moved contents in the
      source code, so it applies cleanly again. Removed unused variable
  * [bugzilla: 729 ] Fix: omit use of escape sequences in echo since
      they are not portable (unbound-control-setup).
  * remove NULL-checks before free, patch from Michael McConville.
  * updated ax_pthread.m4 to version 21 with clang support, this removes
      a warning from compilation.
  * OSX portability, detect if sbrk is deprecated.
  * OSX clang, stop -pthread unused during link stage warnings.
  * OSX clang new flto check.
  * iana portlist update.

Tue Feb 23 16:03:46 UTC 2016 -

- also conflict the shlib package

Mon Feb 22 15:22:05 UTC 2016 -

- add libunbound-devel-mini-rpmlintrc as source

Wed Feb 17 15:55:34 UTC 2016 -

- revert the previous change which would not solve the problem as
  the library package requires the unbound-anchor package
  instead introduce a libunbound-devel-mini package which holds the
  shared library and devel files with a minimal build requires.

Thu Feb  4 13:01:35 UTC 2016 -

- split off a libunbound package with less buildrequires to
  allow shorter buildcycles when built by gnutls. bsc#964346

Thu Dec 10 11:48:46 UTC 2015 -

- update to 1.5.7

  * Fix #594. libunbound: optionally use libnettle for crypto.
  Contributed by Luca Bruno.  Added --with-nettle for use with
  * Implemented qname minimisation

Bug Fixes
  * Fix #712: unbound-anchor appears to not fsync root.key.
  * Fix #714: Document config to block private-address for IPv4
    mapped IPv6 addresses.
  * portability, replace snprintf if return value broken
  * portability fixes.
  * detect libexpat without xml_StopParser function.
  * isblank() compat implementation.
  * patch from Doug Hogan for SSL_OP_NO_SSLvx options.
  * Fix #716: nodata proof with empty non-terminals and wildcards.
  * Fix #718: Fix unbound-control-setup with support for env
    without HEREDOC bash support.
  * ACX_SSL_CHECKS no longer adds -ldl needlessly.
  * Change example.conf: to
  * Fix for lenient accept of reverse order DNAME and CNAME.
  * spelling fixes from Igor Sobrado Delgado.
  * Fix that malformed EDNS query gets a response without malformed EDNS.
  * Added assert on rrset cache correctness.
  * Fix #720: add windows scripts to zip bundle,
    and fix unbound-control-setup windows batch file.
  * Fix for #724: conf syntax to read files from run dir (on Windows).
    And fix PCA prompt for unbound-service-install.exe.
    And add Changelog to windows binary dist.
  * .gitignore for git users.
  * iana portlist update.
  * Removed unneeded whitespace from example.conf.
  * Do not minimise forwarded requests.

Thu Oct 15 19:31:43 UTC 2015 -

- update to 1.5.6
  - Default for ssl-port is port 853, the temporary port assignment for
    secure domain name system traffic. If you used to rely on the older
    default of port 443, you have to put a clause in unbound.conf for
    that. The new value is likely going to be the standardised port number
    for this traffic.
  - ANY responses include DNAME records if present, as per Evan Hunt's
    remark in dnsop.

  Bug Fixes
  - Fix segfault in the dns64 module in the formaterror error path.
  - Fix manpage to suggest using SIGTERM to terminate the server.
  - iana portlist update.

Sat Oct 10 09:31:40 UTC 2015 -

- ignore absence of the systemd-tmpfiles command

Tue Oct  6 14:21:00 UTC 2015 -

- update to 1.5.5
  - Change default of harden-algo-downgrade to off. This is lenient
    for algorithm rollover.
  - Added permit-small-holddown config to debug fast 5011 rollover.
  - Allow certificate chain files to allow for intermediate
    certificates. (thanks Daniel Kahn Gillmor)
  - Enable ECDHE for servers. Where available, use
    SSL_CTX_set_ecdh_auto() for TLS-wrapped server configurations
    to enable ECDHE. Otherwise, manually offer curve p256. Client
    connections should automatically use ECDHE when available.
    (thanks Daniel Kahn Gillmor)
  - Feature --enable-pie option to that builds PIE binary.
    [bugzilla: 699 ]
  - Feature --enable-relro-now option that enables full read-only
    relocation.  [bugzilla: 700 ]
  - New IPs for for  [bugzilla: 702 ]
  Bug Fixes
  - Fix setting forwarders with unbound-control forward implicitly
    turns on forward-first.  [bugzilla: 681 ]
  - Fix that reload fails when so-reuseport is yes after changing
    num-threads.  [bugzilla: 690 ]
  - please afl-gcc (llvm) for uninitialised variable warning.
  - Fix mktime in unbound-anchor not using UTC.
  - Fix 5011 anchor update timer after reload.
  - 5011 implementation does not insist on all algorithms, when
    harden-algo-downgrade is turned off.
  - Document in the manual more text about configuring locally
    served zones.
  - Document that local-zone nodefault matches exactly and
    transparent can be used to release a subzone.
  - Fix that configure script does not detect LibreSSL 2.2.2
    [bugzilla: 694 ]
  - Fix deadlock for local data add and zone add when
    unbound-control list_local_data printout is interrupted.
  - Fix get PY_MAJOR_VERSION failure at configure for python 2.4 to
    2.6.  [bugzilla: 697 ]
  - changed windows setup compression to be more transparent.
  - Fix config globbed include chroot treatment, this fixes reload
    of globs (patch from Dag-Erling Smørgrav).
  - Fix ub_ctx_set_fwd() return value mishandled on windows.
    [bugzilla: 705 ]
  - Fix minor error in
  - Fix unbound.conf(5) access-control description for precedence
    and default.
  - Fix unbound-control flush that does not succeed in removing
  - MAX_TARGET_COUNT increased to 64, to fix up sporadic resolution
  - iana portlist update.
- remove manual hacks for relro,now and pie and replace them with
  official configure options.

Fri Sep  4 13:37:38 UTC 2015 -

- enable event api
- enable dnstap support

Thu Jul  9 10:16:32 UTC 2015 -

- update to 1.5.4

  - [bugzilla: 644 ] harden-algo-downgrade option, if turned off,
    fixes the reported excessive validation failure when multiple
    algorithms are present. If set to 'no', it allows the weakest
    algorithm to validate the zone.
  - stats reports tcp usage, of incoming-num-tcp buffers.
  - contrib/unbound_smf22.tar.gz: Solaris SMF installation/removal
    scripts. Contributed by Yuri Voinov.
  - Add ip-transparent config option for bind to non-local addresses.
  - Synthesize ANY responses from cache. Does not search exhaustively,
    but MX,A,AAAA,SOA,NS also CNAME.
  - unbound-control list_insecure command shows the negative trust
    anchors currently configured, patch from Jelte Jansen.
  - ratelimit feature, ratelimit: 1000, can be used to turn it on. It
    ratelimits recursion effort per zone. For particular names you can
    configure exceptions in unbound.conf.
  - Ratelimit does not apply to prefetched queries, and
    ratelimit-factor is default 10. Repeated normal queries get resolved
    and with prefetch stay in the cache.
  - unbound-control ratelimit_list lists high rate domains.
  - caps-whitelist in unbound.conf allows whitelist of loadbalancers
    that cannot work with caps-for-id or its fallback.
  - RFC 7553 RR type URI support, is now enabled by default.
  - cache-max-negative-ttl config option, default 3600.
  - Add local-zone type inform_deny, that logs query and drops answer.

Bug Fixes
  - Unbound exits with a fatal error when the auto-trust-anchor-file
    fails to be writable. This is seconds after startup. You can load a
    readonly auto-trust-anchor-file with trust-anchor-file. The file has
    to be writable to notice the trust anchor change, without it, a trust
    anchor change will be unnoticed and the system will then become
  - DLV is going to be decommissioned. Advice to stop using it, and
    put text in the example configuration and man page to that effect.
  - Patch from Brad Smith that syncs compat/getentropy_linux with
    OpenBSD's version (2015-03-04).
  - 0x20 fallback improved: servfail responses do not count as missing
    comparisons (except if all responses are errors), inability to find
    nameservers does not fail equality comparisons, many nameservers does
    not try to compare more than max-sent-count, parse failures start 0x20
    fallback procedure.
  - store caps_response with best response in case downgrade response
    happens to be the last one.
  - Document that incoming-num-tcp increase is good for large servers.
  - Fix lintian warning in unbound-checkconf man page (from Andreas
  - Updated default keylength in unbound-control-setup to 3k.
  - Fixup compile on cygwin, more portable openssl thread id.
  - Use reallocarray for integer overflow protection, patch submitted
    by Loganaden Velvindron.
  - Fixed to add integer overflow checks on allocation (defense in depth).
  - Fix segfault on user not found at startup (from Maciej Soltysiak).
  - [bugzilla: 657 ] Fix that libunbound(3) recommends deprecated
  - If unknown trust anchor algorithm, and libressl is used, error
    message encourages upgrade of the libressl package.
  - rename ldns subdirectory to sldns to avoid name collision.
  - [bugzilla: 660 ] Fix interface-automatic broken in the presence of
    asymmetric routing.
  - Libunbound skips dos-line-endings from etc/hosts.
  - Fix crash in dnstap: Do not try to log TCP responses after timeout.
  - Fix that get_option for cache-sizes does not print double newline.
  - [bugzilla: 663 ] Fix that ssl handshake fails when using unix
    socket because dh size is too small.
  - [bugzilla: 664 ] libunbound python3 related fixes (from Tomas
    Hozza); Use print_function also for Python2. libunbound examples:
    produce sorted output. libunbound-Python: libldns is not used anymore.
    Fix issue with Python 3 mapping of FILE* using file_py3.i from ldns.
  - Fix leaked dns64prefix configuration string.
  - Removed contrib/unbound_unixsock.diff, because it has been
    integrated, use control-interface: /path in unbound.conf.
  - Change syntax of particular validator error to be easier for
    machine parse, swap rrset and ip adres info so it looks like:
    validation failure < TXT IN>: signature crypto failed
    from 2001:DB8:7:bba4::53 for <* NSEC IN>
  - Fix that unparseable error responses are ratelimited.
  - SOA negative TTL is capped at minimumttl in its rdata section.
  - [bugzilla: 674 ] Do not free pointers given by getenv.
  - [bugzilla: 677 ] Fix CNAME corresponding to a DNAME was checked
    incorrectly and was therefore always synthesized (thanks to Valentin
    Dietrich). And fix DNAME responses from cache that failed internal
    chain test.
  - iana portlist update.

Fri Apr 24 13:53:53 UTC 2015 -

- update to 1.5.3
- Bug Fixes
    [bugzilla: 647 ]
    Fix #647 crash in 1.5.2 because pwd.db no longer accessible after reload.
    [bugzilla: 645 ]
    Fix #645 Portability to Solaris 10, use AF_LOCAL.
    [bugzilla: 646 ]
    Fix #646 Portability to Solaris, -lrt for getentropy_solaris.
    Use the getrandom syscall introduced in Linux 3.17 (from Heiner Kallweit).

Thu Feb 19 23:35:58 UTC 2015 -

- update to 1.5.2
  - Features
    - local-zone: inform makes unbound log a message
      with client IP for queries in that zone. Eg. for finding
      infected hosts.
    - patch from Stephane Lapie that adds to the python API, that
      exposes struct delegpt, and adds the find_delegation
    - Updated contrib warmup.cmd/sh to support two modes - load
      from pre-defined list of domains or (with filename as
      argument) load from user-specified list of domains, and
      updated contrib to support
      loading/save/reload cache to/from default path or (with
      secondary argument) arbitrary path/filename, from Yuri
    - patch for remote control over local sockets, from Dag-Erling
      Smorgrav, Ilya Bakulin. Use control-interface: /path/sock and
      control-use-cert: no.
    - unbound-checkconf -f prints chroot with pidfile path.
    - infra-cache-min-rtt patch from Florian Riehm, for expected
      long uplink roundtrip times.
  - Bug Fixes
    - config.guess and config.sub update from libtoolize.
    - getauxval test for ppc64 linux compatibility.
    - make strip works for unbound-host and unbound-anchor.
    - print query name when max target count is exceeded.
    - patch from Stuart Henderson that fixes DESTDIR in
      unbound-control-setup for installs where config is not in the
      prefix location.
    - [bugzilla: 634 ] Fix #634: fix fail to start on Linux LTS
      3.14.X, ignores missing IP_MTU_DISCOVER OMIT option (fix from
      Remi Gacogne).
    - Patch from Philip Paeps to contrib/unbound_munin_ that uses
      type ABSOLUTE. Allows munin.conf: []
      unbound_munin_hits.graph_period minute
    - Fix pyunbound ord call, portable for python 2 and 3.
    - Fix unintended use of gcc extension for incomplete enum
      types, compile with pedantic c99 compliance (from Daniel
    - Fix pyunbound byte string representation for python3.
    - Fix 0x20 capsforid fallback to omit gratuitous NS and
      additional section changes.
    - Fix validation failure in case upstream forwarder (ISC BIND)
      does not have the same trust anchors and decides to insert
      unsigned NS record in authority section.
    - Fix scrubber with harden-glue turned off to reject NS (and
      other not-address) records.
    - iana portlist update.
    - [bugzilla: 643 ] Fix doc/ unnecessary

Mon Dec  8 16:12:23 UTC 2014 -

- update to 1.5.1 (boo# 908990)
  - Patch from Stephane Lapie for ASAHI Net that implements
    aaaa-filter, added to contrib/aaaa-filter-iterator.patch.
  Bug Fixes
  - Fix that CD flag disables DNS64 processing, returning the
    DNSSEC signed AAAA denial.
  - Fix compat/getentropy_win.c check if CryptGenRandom works and
    no immediate exit on windows.
  - Fix crash on multiple thread random usage on systems without
  - Fix log at high verbosity and memory allocation failure.
  - Fix libunbound undefined symbol errors for main.
  - Patch from Robert Edmonds to build pyunbound python module
    differently. No versioninfo, with -shared and without $(LIBS).
  - Patch from Robert Edmonds fixes hyphens in unbound-anchor man
  - Removed 'increased limit open files' log message that is
    written to console. It is only written on verbosity 4 and
    higher. This keeps system bootup console cleaner.
  - Patch from James Raftery, always print stats for rcodes 0..5.
  - [bugzilla: 627 ] Fix SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations return code
    not properly checked.
  - Fix makefile for build from noexec source tree.
  - Add include to getentropy_linux.c, fixing debian build.
  - [bugzilla: 632 ] Fix that unbound fails to build on AArch64,
    protects getentropy compat code from calling sysctl if it is
    has been removed.
  - Fix CVE-2014-8602: denial of service by making resolver chase
    endless series of delegations.
- changes in 1.5.0
  - This release has DNS64, DNSTAP, better random numbers and
    ub_ctx_add_ta_autr(), num.query.tcpout=value, flush_negative,
    unblock-lan-zones conf.
  - C.ROOT-SERVERS.NET has an IPv6 address, and we updated the root
    hints (patch from Anand Buddhdev).
  - Patch from Hannes Frederic Sowa for Linux 3.15 fragmentation
    option for DNS fragmentation defense.
  - unbound-control stats prints num.query.tcpout with number of
    TCP outgoing queries made in the previous statistics interval.
  - Patch from Jeremie Courreges-Anglas to use arc4random_uniform
    if available on the OS, it gets entropy from the OS.
  - Add unbound-control flush_negative that flushed nxdomains,
    nodata, and errors from the cache. For dnssec-trigger and
    NetworkManager, fixes cases where network changes have
    localdata that was already negatively cached from the previous
  - Contrib windows scripts from Yuri Voinov added to src/contrib:
    create_unbound_ad_servers.cmd: enters anti-ad server lists.
    unbound_cache.cmd: saves and loads the cache. Also warmup.cmd
    (and .sh): warm up the DNS cache with your MRU domains.
  - Added unbound-control-setup.cmd from Yuri Voinov to the windows
    unbound distribution set. It requires openssl installed in
  - Implement draft-ietf-dnsop-rfc6598-rfc6303-01.
  - Feature, unblock-lan-zones: yesno that you can use to make
    unbound perform and other reverse lookups normally,
    for use if unbound is running service for localhost on localhost.
  - unbound-host -D enabled dnssec and reads root trust anchor from
    the default root key file that was compiled in.
  - Add AAAA for B root server to default root hints.
  - unbound-control status reports if so-reuseport was successful.
  - so-reuseport is available on BSDs(such as FreeBSD 10) and OS/X.
  - arc4random in compat/ and getentropy, explicit_bzero, chacha
    for dependencies, from OpenBSD. arc4_lock and sha512 in compat.
    This makes arc4random available on all platforms, except when
    compiled with LIBNSS (it uses libNSS crypto random).
  - Patch from Dag-Erling Smorgrav that implements that: unbound
    -dd does not fork in the background and also logs to stderr.
  - DNS64 from Viagenie (BSD Licensed), written by Simon Perrault.
    Initial commit of the patch from the FreeBSD base (with its
    fixes). This adds a module (for module-config in unbound.conf)
    dns64 that performs DNS64 processing, see README.DNS64.
  - Patch add msg, rrset, infra and key cache sizes to stats
    command from Maciej Soltysiak.
  - DNSTAP support, with a patch from Farsight Security, written by
    Robert Edmonds. The --enable-dnstap needs libfstrm and
    protobuf-c. It is BSD licensed (see dnstap/dnstap.c). Also
    --with-libfstrm and --with-protobuf-c configure options.
  - type CDS and CDNSKEY types.
  - Updated the TCP_BACLOG from 5 to 256, so that the tcp accept
    queue is longer and more tcp connections can be handled.
  - Add ub_ctx_add_ta_autr function to add a RFC5011 automatically
    tracked trust anchor to libunbound.
  Bug Fixes
  - Fix print filename of encompassing config file on read failure.
  - Patch from Stuart Henderson to build unbound-host man from
  - [bugzilla: 569] Fix do_tcp is do-tcp in unbound.conf man page.
  - [bugzilla: 572] Fix unit test failure for systems with
    different /etc/ services.
  - iana portlist updated.
  - [bugzilla: 574] Fix make test fails on Ubuntu 14.04. Disabled
    remote-control in testbound scripts.
  - Documented that dump_requestlist only prints queries from
    thread 0.
  - [bugzilla: 567] Fix unbound lists if forward zone is secure or
    insecure with +i annotation in output of list_forwards, also
    for list_stubs (for NetworkManager integration). And remove ':'
    from output of stub and forward lists, this is easier to parse.
  - [bugzilla: 554] Fix use unsigned long to print 64bit statistics
    counters on 64bit systems.
  - [bugzilla: 558] Fix failed prefetch lookup does not remove
    cached response but delays next prefetch (in lieu of caching a
  - [bugzilla: 545] Fix improved logging, the ip address of the
    error is printed on the same log-line as the error.
  - [bugzilla: 502] Fix explain that do-ip6 disable does not stop
    AAAA lookups, but it stops the use of the ipv6 transport layer
    for DNS traffic.
  - Fix compile with libevent2 on FreeBSD.
  - Change MAX_SENT_COUNT from 16 to 32 to resolve some cases easier.
  - Fixup out-of-directory compile with
  - Code cleanup patch from Dag-Erling Smorgrav, with compiler
    issue fixes from FreeBSD's copy of Unbound, he notes: Generate at build time so it respects prefix
    and sysconfdir from the configure script.  Also fix the umask
    to match the comment, and the comment to match the umask. Add
    const and static where needed. Use unions instead of playing
    pointer poker. Move declarations that are needed in multiple
    source files into a shared header. Move sldns_bgetc() from
    parse.c to buffer.c where it belongs. Introduce a new header
    file, worker.h, which declares the callbacks that all workers
    must define. Remove those declarations from libworker.h.
    Include the correct headers in the correct places. Fix a few
    dummy callbacks that don't match their prototype. Fix some
    casts. Hide the sbrk madness behind #ifdef HAVE_SBRK. Remove a
    useless printf which breaks reproducible builds. Get rid of
    CONFIGURE_{TARGET,DATE,BUILD_WITH} now that they're no longer
    used. Add to the list of generated
    files. The prototype for libworker_event_done_cb() needs to be
    moved from libunbound/libworker.h to libunbound/worker.h.
  - Fix caps-for-id fallback, and added fallback attempt when
    servers drop 0x20 perturbed queries.
  - [bugzilla: 593] Fix segfault or crash upon rotating logfile.
  - fake-rfc2553 patch (thanks Benjamin Baier).
  - LibreSSL provides compat items, check for that in configure.
  - [bugzilla: 596] Bail out of unbound-control list_local_zones
    when ssl write fails.
  - Fix endian.h include for OpenBSD.
  - [bugzilla: 603] Fix unbound-checkconf -o option should skip
    verification checks.
  - Fixup doc/unbound.doxygen to remove obsolete 1.8.7 settings.
  - Update unbound manpage with more explanation (from Florian Obser).
  - Fix tcp timer waiting list removal code.
  - patches to also build with Python 3.x (from Pavel Simerda).
  - improve python configuration detection to build on Fedora 22.
  - Fix swig and python examples for Python 3.x.
  - Fix for mingw compile with openssl-1.0.1i.
  - [bugzilla: 612] Fix create service with service.conf in present
    directory and auto load it.
  - [bugzilla: 613] Allow tab ws in var length last rdfs (in ldns
  - [bugzilla: 614] Fix man page variable substitution bug.
  - Whitespaces after $ORIGIN are not part of the origin dname
  - $TTL's value starts at position 5 (ldns).
  - Fix unbound-checkconf check for module config with dns64
  - Fix unbound capsforid fallback, it ignores TTLs in comparison.
  - [bugzilla: 617] Fix in ldns in unbound, lowercase WKS services.
  - Fix ctype invocation casts.
  - Disabled use of SSLv3 in remote-control and ssl-upstream.
  - Redefine internal minievent symbols to unique symbols that
    helps linking on platforms where the linker leaks names across
  - Fix bug where forward or stub addresses with same address but
    different port number were not tried.

Mon Nov 10 00:45:00 UTC 2014 - Led <>

- fix bashisms in pre script

Fri Sep  5 13:32:55 UTC 2014 -

- cleanup .spec
- removed unused packes 

Tue Sep  2 13:21:55 UTC 2014 -

- disable %check until is fixed

Wed Aug 20 13:34:00 UTC 2014 -

- Added firewall service file 

Wed Aug 13 20:00:21 UTC 2014 -

- upadte to 1.4.22
- use /run for pid to clear dir-or-file-in-var-run in factory

Sat Dec 28 13:32:06 UTC 2013 -

- fixed the execstartpre for unbound so we actually call
  unbound-anchor now.

Sat Dec 28 13:29:56 UTC 2013 -

- fixed a few rpmlint warnings
  - added unbound-rpmlintrc: files duplicate on those man page
  - changed symlink to /usr/sbin/service
  - improved descriptions

Sat Dec 28 04:02:56 UTC 2013 -

- update to 1.4.21
  merged lots of stuff from the fedora package
  - added python/munin/shlib/anchor subpackages
- currently the package only supports systemd

Wed May 21 03:50:15 CEST 2008 -

- initial package

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