File i3.changes of Package i3

Fri Sep 30 23:30:24 UTC 2022 - Avindra Goolcharan <>

- Updated to version 4.21:
  * feat: drag tiling windows with the mouse
  * Allow dragging tiling windows with the mouse
  * Add client.focused_tab_title color option
  * Add support for multiple output names in the focus command,
  * allowing users to cycle focus between e.g. VGA1 and LVDS1 but not DVI0.
  * Add a toggle option to the title_window_icon command
  * i3 switched from the obsolete PCRE 8.x regular expression matching
    library to the current PCRE2 10.x version.
  * docs/ipc: document all window_type values
  * docs/userguide: clarify the difference between the \u201cworkspace N\u201d and
    \u201cworkspace number N\u201d commands
  * i3bar: fix default font not being applied to bars if defined after bar block
  * i3-dmenu-desktop: add backslashes for the exec command,
    which fixes opening some .desktop files (e.g. electrum)
  * i3-sensible-pager: sanitize LESS environment variable to remove -E or -F
  * testsuite: catch i3 crashes instead of hanging on crash
  * Fix logging on machines with 256 GB of RAM
  * Do not replace existing IPC socket on start, to prevent clobbering
    the IPC socket when running i3 within i3 (e.g. in Xepyhr, for development)
  * Refuse to start without a valid IPC socket
  * Fix focus when moving container between outputs with mouse warp and
  * Fix endless loop with transient_for windows
  * Fix wrong \u201cfailed\u201d IPC reply on move workspace to output
  * Fix WM registration selection (from WM_S_S<screen> to WM_S<screen>)
  * avoid graphics artifacts when changing the layout tree by
    initializing surfaces to all black
  * update parent split con titles when child container swaps position with
    another child container
  * Fix segfault if command in bindsym is empty
  * Fix segfault with explicit mode "default" key bindings
  * Fix crash if config contains nested variables.
  * strip trailing whitespace in bar output names
  * Fix crash with long commands
  * Fix changing borders by restoring BS_NORMAL _MOTIF_WM_HINTS correctly

Sun Nov 21 21:55:21 UTC 2021 - Martin Kincl <>

- Updated to version 4.20.1
  * i3bar: fix crash with multiple monitors
  * xmlto: fix broken .TH line by extending title length
  * i3-msg: fix --raw short form (-r) in manpage
  * libi3: add missing sys/stat.h header
  * use getcwd(NULL, 0) instead of GNU extension get_current_dir_name()
- includes 4.20:
  * You can now use an “include” directive in your i3 config:
  * You can now enable showing window icons in window titlebars:

Fri Apr 23 12:46:35 UTC 2021 - Jan Baier <>

- Update to version 4.19.2:
  * fix: release tarball version number and debug log settings

Tue Feb  2 23:47:27 UTC 2021 - Avindra Goolcharan <>

- Update to version 4.19.1:
  * fix: workspaces not moving to assigned output after output becomes available
  * doc: rofi call in default i3 config comment fixed
  * fix: i3-config-wizard creates duplicate bindcode

Sun Nov 15 21:49:59 UTC 2020 - Avindra Goolcharan <>

- Update to version 4.19:
  * Changes
  - userguide: explain button6 and button7 (scroll wheel right/left)
  - ipc: always include the marks property (even if empty)
  - ipc: introduce GET_BINDING_STATE command
  - ipc: clarify workspace name field semantics
  - ipc: document parse_error COMMAND reply field
  - i3bar: launch using exec to avoid leaving useless shell process
  - i3bar: make dock client order deterministic (sorted by class/instance) as a
    side effect, i3bars without an explicit bar-id will be sorted according
    to their definition order in the config file
  - i3bar: update config when necessary (reduces redraws on bar mode changes)
  - i3bar: add coordinates relative to the current output in i3bar click events
  - i3bar: add “nonprimary” output option
  - i3bar: set WM_CLASS instance to bar id
  - i3-input: add different exit codes for when i3-input fails
  - i3-dmenu-desktop: Support symlinks in search path
  - pod2html: render without stylesheet by default
  - introduce “tiling_from” and ”floating_from” criteria
  - mention rofi in default config file
  - allow ppt values in move direction and move position commands
  - allow matching on empty properties like class, title, etc.
  * Bug fixes:
  - i3-nagbar: Use _PATH_BSHELL to ensure using a bourne shell
  - i3bar: fix hang when pausing/resuming bar program
  - i3bar: fix crash on invalid JSON input
  - ensure client windows have a size of at least 1px after resize
  - correctly handle overlapping decorations
  - limit workspace numbers within 0..INT32_MAX
  - fix a bug with tiling resize inside floating container
  - correctly handle mouse resize in fullscreen containers by
    not propagating $mod+right click to fullscreen clients
  - do not try to resize fullscreen and non-fullscreen windows
  - do not focus floating windows changing workspace with ConfigureNotify
  - set _NET_DESKTOP_VIEWPORT after randr changes
  - fix a bug with i3-nagbar not starting after it has already started once
  - fix conflict when moving parent of fullscreen window to workspace
  - fix named workspace assignments on output changes
  - fix named workspace assignment precedence on workspace renames
  - fix windows getting swallowed more than once
  - erase i3 --moreversion progress line before overwriting
  - fix test case 180-fd-leaks when running on Fedora
  - fix crash in `focus next sibling`
  - fix moving tiling windows out of the scratchpad
  - fix crash on invalid JSON input in stored layouts
  - fix monitor change during/with i3 restart by moving
    content for non-existing output containers
- Move build to meson since autotools build was removed
- Remove support for EOL Leap 42.x

Wed Oct 21 07:01:29 UTC 2020 - Christian Prause <>

- Update to version 4.18.3
  * Bugfixes
    + kick tray clients before destroying the bar

Wed Jul 29 20:39:17 UTC 2020 - Martin Rey <>

- Update to version 4.18.2:
  * Bugfixes:
    + floating_maybe_reassign_ws: only re-focus if previously
      focused (fixes a focus issue with KDE notifications)
    + get_output_by_name: guard output->primary with require_active
    + i3bar: fix Xorg memory leak

Wed Jul 15 14:31:53 UTC 2020 - Dan Čermák <>

- packaging changes:
  * use https everywhere
  * switch to %autosetup
  * Recommend xorg-x11-server

Fri May  8 15:15:21 UTC 2020 - Martin Kincl <>

- Update to version 4.18.1:
  * Bugfixes:
    + Move parent nodes in scratchpad correctly
    + i3bar: Call cont_child() more liberally
    + Fix load_layout crash when floating node doesn't have CT_FLOATING_CON parent
    + Fix SEGFAULT when i3bar receives invalid input
    + Revert "floating_reposition: avoid extra tree_render"
    + Call tree_render if floating move changes workspace
    + Update EWMH properties on workspace move
    + cmd_focus_sibling: Fix crash on workspace level
- Update to version 4.18:
  * Changes:
    + docs/ipc: document fullscreen_mode in GET_TREE reply
    + docs/ipc: document marks field in GET_TREE reply
    + docs/ipc: document window_type in GET_TREE reply
    + docs/ipc: improve documentation for window_properties
    + docs/userguide: clarify commands/config directive wording
    + layout saving: remanage window after property updates (e.g. titles)
    + get_first_output: prefer primary output (e.g. when moving disabled outputs)
    + ipc: add window_type to nodes
    + ipc: add container id to nodes
    + allow dragging active titles for all container types (e.g. floating+tabbed)
    + allow dragging inactive titles after a 10px threshold
    + make tray icon order deterministic (sorted by class/instance)
    + implement focus next|prev
    + implement focus next|prev sibling
    + implement focus_wrapping workspace
    + exit with exit code 0 on --help
    + exec command: respect command criteria
  * Bugfixes:
    + build: fix lcov support
    + build: use AC_REPLACE_FUNCS, drop bundled memmem
    + build: fix building with -fno-common (for gcc 10)
    + build: configure: deal with git worktree checkouts, where .git is a file
    + docs/userguide: fix link to pango markup
    + docs/userguide: add missing manipulating_layout anchor
    + docs/userguide: fix IPC socket location
    + i3-nagbar: make debug log visible
    + i3-nagbar: fix small memory leaks
    + i3bar: fix small memory leaks
    + move workspace to output: don’t create duplicate numbered workspace
    + correctly select output when pointer query fails
    + fix moving windows to scratchpad when using marks
    + fix startup workspace selection when workspace command uses options
    + do not try to center floating window on itself (fixes xterm placement)
    + fix “move window to <mark>” when target is a workspace
    + correctly activate windows behind a fullscreen window
    + fix back-and-forth after renaming workspaces
    + keep focus when moving container to marked workspace
    + do not show scratchpad windows upon move to position command
    + reparent windows to their current position when unmanaging
      (fixes dock clients unexpectedly moving to different output)
    + fix crash when moving containers
    + scratchpad_move: un-fullscreen correct container
    + avoid crash when nc->window is NULL

Sat Sep 21 20:13:57 UTC 2019 - Arun Persaud <>

- update to version 4.17.1"
  * Bugfixes
    + unset _I3_RESTART_FD after restart (fixes crashes on restart)
    + default config: immediately refresh i3status after volume
    + default config: add XF86AudioMicMute
    + default config: mention loginctl lock-session alongside
    + default config: use workspace number, not just workspace

Tue Aug  6 18:34:21 UTC 2019 -

- Update to version 4.17:
  * Changes:
    + config: make binding modes case-sensitive
    + default config: mention ~/.config/i3/config
    + default config: start xss-lock, nm-applet, pactl (volume
    + docs/userguide: update syntax in strip_workspace_*
    + docs/userguide: add a section about hidpi displays
    + docs/userguide: document mark --replace
    + docs/userguide: uncomment and update mark section example
    + docs/userguide: point out differences of normal/pixel title
    + docs/userguide: clarify which config directives can be used
      at runtime
    + docs/userguide: for_window is a directive, not a command
    + docs/ipc: clarify event/reply types
    + docs/ipc: mention new i3-ipc++ C++ library
    + docs/ipc: clarify restart/exit behavior
    + docs/i3bar-protocol: add markup
    + man/ fix config file search order
    + ipc: make restart command send a reply once restart
    + ipc: use queue for all messages; fixes i3bar issues when
      switching between workspaces with many windows
    + i3-dump-log: clarify log message
    + i3-msg: exit with status code 2 when i3 returns an error
    + render left and right borders of titles in stacked mode
    + make swap work with floating windows, fix swap crash
    + switch to clang-format-6.0
    + add input and bounding shapes support (e.g. for the screen recorder)
    + preserve back_and_forth across restarts
    + allow partial UTF-8 to UCS-2 conversion for better handling
      of title bar content which cannot be represented (e.g. emoji)
      when using bitmap pixel fonts
    + check for duplicate key bindings in i3 -C
    + i3bar: support transparency via --transparency flag (RGBA)
    + i3bar: support for user-defined border widths
  * Bugfixes:
    + build: correctly depend on glib (for g_utf8_make_valid)
    + build: fix build when git is configured to show signatures
    + ipc: report correct workspace in init event after workspace
    + ipc: send missing window:focus event
    + i3bar: correctly recognize click events with text alignment
    + i3bar: fix running without fd 0
    + i3bar: correctly handle button presses on separator
    + i3 --moreversion: warn when $DISPLAY is unset
    + i3bar: support disabling click events
    + persist correct version number in docs
    + accept output names containing spaces (e.g. in assignment)
    + fix cursor resizing positioning
    + fix aspect ratio issues (e.g. with mpv)
    + fix brief focus flicker when renaming workspaces
    + fix crash when canceling i3 via ctrl+c
    + fix heap-use-after-free, memory leak
    + fix focus bugs in enabling/disabling RandR outputs
    + fix crash with popups when fullscreen is non-leaf
    + fix crash when moving a second window to mark
    + fix crash with programs with splash screen
    + fix atoms when closing inactive workspace
    + apply title_align to non-leaf containers
    + layout loading: correctly mark non-leaf containers
    + truncate wm_name utf8 strings to first zero byte
      (makes window titles work with buggy clients)
    + fix crash in workspace moving
    + export I3SOCK environment variable (again)
    + fix hanging flaky testcase by using the correct X11
    + resize: add missing error replies
    + don't pop up floating windows on the wrong workspace
    + remove extra \n from errx and die calls

Fri Mar  1 18:09:10 UTC 2019 - Arun Persaud <>

- update to version 4.16.1:
  * Truncate wm_name utf8 strings to first zero byte (fixes window
    title corruption)
  * Apply title_align to non-leaf containers Additionally, marks
    will now display for non-leaf containers.
  * attach_to_workspace: set new parent before tree_render (fixes a
  * Use ipc queue for all messages (fixes an i3bar crash)
  * Fix crash with popups when fullscreen is non-leaf
  * Fix: render_con shows floating containers on wrong workspace

Mon Nov 05 05:44:08 UTC 2018 -

- Update to 4.16
  * Please see complete list of bugfixes at:
  * Removed i3-asciidoc-fix.patch (Fixed per bsc#1075764)

Thu Apr 12 15:57:05 CEST 2018 -

- Fix build with asciidoctor (bsc#1075764):

Sun Mar 11 08:52:32 UTC 2018 -

- Use %license macro
- Fix rpmlint E: env-script-interpreter
- Add GPG signature
- Update to 4.15
    * build: AnyEvent::I3 moved to the i3 repository, so that its main
      consumer, the i3 testsuite, can use new features immediately (such as
      the tick event, in this case).
    * docs/hacking-howto: promote “using git / sending patches” and “how to
      build?” sections
    * docs/i3bar-protocol: document that pango markup only works with pango
    * docs/ipc: document focus, nodes, floating_nodes
    * docs/ipc: urgent: complete the list of container types
    * docs/ipc: document how to detect i3’s byte order in memory-safe
    * docs/ipc: document the GET_CONFIG request
    * docs/userguide: fix formatting issue
    * docs/userguide: explain why Mod4 is usually preferred as a modifier
    * docs/userguide: use more idiomatic english (full-size, so-called)
    * docs/userguide: switch from removed goto command to focus
    * docs/userguide: mention <criteria> in focus
    * docs/userguide: remove outdated 2013 last-modified date
    * dump-asy: add prerequisite checks
    * dump-asy: fix warnings about empty container names
    * i3-dump-log: enable shmlog on demand
    * i3-sensible-terminal: add “kitty”, “guake”, “tilda”
    * i3-sensible-editor: add “gvim”
    * i3bar: add --release flag for bindsym in bar blocks
    * i3bar: add relative coordinates in JSON for click events
    * ipc: rename COMMAND to RUN_COMMAND for consistency
    * ipc: implement tick event for less flaky tests
    * ipc: add error reply to “focus <window_mode>”
    * ipc: send success response for nop
    * default config: add $mod+r to toggle resize mode
    * default config: use variables for workspace names to avoid repetition
    * introduce “assign <criteria> [→] [workspace] [number] <workspace>”
    * introduce
      “assign <criteria> [→] output left|right|up|down|primary|<output>”
    * introduce a “focus_wrapping” option (subsumes “force_focus_wrapping”)
    * introduce percentage point resizing for floating containers:
      “resize set <width> [px | ppt] <height> [px | ppt]”
    * introduce “resize set <width> ppt <height> ppt” for tiling windows
    * rename “new_window” and “new_float” to “default_border” and
      “default_floating_border” (the old names keep working)
    * output names (e.g. “DP2”) can now be used as synonyms for monitor names
      (e.g. “Dell UP2414Q”).
    * the “swap” command now works with fullscreen windows
    * raise floating windows to top when they are focused programmatically
    * _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW: invalidate focus to force SetInputFocus call
    * make focus handling consistent when changing focus between outputs
    * round non-integer Xft.dpi values
    * tiling resize: remove minimum size

    * i3bar: fix various memory leaks
    * i3bar: fix crash when no status_command is provided
    * fix uninitialized variables in init_dpi_end, tree_restore
    * fix incorrectly set up signal handling
    * fix “swap” debug log message
    * fix crash when specifying invalid con_id for “swap”
    * fix crash upon restart with window marks
    * fix crash when config file does not end in a newline
    * fix crash in append_layout
    * fix crash in layout toggle command
    * fix crash when switching monitors
    * fix use-after-free in randr_init error path
    * fix move accidentally moving windows across outputs
    * fix crash when floating window is tiled while being resized
    * fix out-of-bounds memory read
    * fix memory leak when config conversion fails
    * fix layout toggle split, which didn’t work until enabling tabbed/stack
      mode once
    * move XCB event handling into xcb_prepare_cb
    * avert endless loop on unexpected EOF in ipc messages
    * perform proper cleanup for signals with Term action
    * don’t match containers in the scratchpad with criteria
    * fix “workspace show” related issues
    * fix config file conversion with long variable names
    * fix config file conversion memory initialization
    * prevent access of freed workspace in _workspace_show
    * disable fullscreen when required when programmatically focusing windows
    * free last_motion_notify
    * don’t raise floating windows when focused because of focus_follows_mouse
    * correctly set EWMH atoms when closing a workspace
    * don’t raise floating windows when workspace is shown
    * keep focus order when encapsulating workspaces
    * validate layout files before loading

Sat Oct  7 19:55:52 UTC 2017 -

- Fix leap 42.x builds
- Remove duplicate install for man page
- Remove suse specific path from build folder to ease building
  for other non-SUSE, rpm based linux distributions.

Sun Sep 24 23:38:09 UTC 2017 -

- update to 4.14.1
  • include AnyEvent-I3 in dist tarballs
  • append_layout: validate JSON before loading
  • move: fix erratic behavior with single container child jumping outputs
  • ipc: rename COMMAND to RUN_COMMAND for consistency

Mon Sep  4 16:38:18 UTC 2017 -

- update to 4.14
- Remove U_configure_ac.patch (was accepted upstream)
* Aside from many bug and documentation fixes, the “swap” command is a notable
	addition of this release. As is almost tradition at this point, keybinding
	handling has seen some fixes as well. A noticeable change for users with such
	monitors is i3’s support for RandR 1.5, which transparently supports the TILE
	property of first-gen 4K monitors and current 5K or 8K monitors.

Sun Feb  5 11:22:02 UTC 2017 -

- Update description

Tue Dec 27 09:44:29 UTC 2016 -

- Add dependency of perl-AnyEvent-I3, which is required for i3-save-tree.

Sun Dec 18 18:58:05 UTC 2016 -

- update to 4.13
- added: U_configure_ac.patch -- fixes autoreconf
- refreshed i3-desktop_file_valid.patch

Fri Dec 16 15:33:54 UTC 2016 -

- Fix typo in package summary

Thu Aug 11 12:39:23 UTC 2016 -

- Add "provides windowmanager" to fix bnc@992972

Sun Jun 19 14:56:32 UTC 2016 -

* Add i3lock to recomends

Fri Jun 17 14:56:32 UTC 2016 -

* Correct recommends to fix boo#985443

Mon Mar 21 11:24:21 UTC 2016 -

- Added Recommends i3status to fix bnc#971897

Tue Mar  8 07:56:59 UTC 2016 -

- update to version 4.12:
  * use https instead of git/http, update contact information, add GPG
  * docs/hacking-howto: fix old cfgparse.y reference to
  * docs/ipc: added link to i3ipcpp (C++ library)
  * docs/userguide: clarify no_focus documentation
  * docs/userguide: add documentation for binding modes
  * docs/userguide: fix rendering of __focused__
  * docs/userguide: improve placement of explicit IDs for headings
  * docs/userguide: make rendering of key bindings more consistent
  * docs/userguide: clarify quoting of “exec” commands
  * man/i3-nagbar: fix example invocation
  * man/i3: add “floating window” to terminology
  * i3-sensible-*: quote variables correctly
  * i3-sensible-editor: add neovim
  * i3-sensible-terminal: add termit, st
  * i3bar: use cairo for all drawing operations
  * i3bar: support per-statusblock border and background colors
  * i3bar: support different bar background colors depending on
    whether the bar
  * is on the focused output or not
  * i3bar: multiple tray_output directives on the same bar are now
  * i3bar: support disabling the modifier by specifying “modifier
  * use cairo for all drawing operations
  * fix a number of memory leaks, thanks to AddressSanitizer
  * no_focus is now suppressed for the first window of a workspace
  * “workspace next/prev” now looks for numbered workspaces after
    reaching the
  * last workspace (it used to incorrectly only look at named
  * multiple marks can now be set on a single window (but a mark can
    still only
  * be present on one window at a time)
  * the “unmark” command now supports criteria
  * the “con_id” criterion now supports the special value __focused__
  * the “workspace” command now supports the --no-auto-back-and-forth
  * the “move window to workspace” command now supports the
  * --no-auto-back-and-forth parameter
  * the “resize grow|shrink width|height” command now works for a
    nested split
  * in the same direction
  * support _NET_WM_USER_TIME’s special 0 value, indicating that a
  * should not be focused
  * use 32-bit visual by default if available. This reduces graphical
  * when using transparency (which is still not officially supported)
  * the “move position center” command now supports criteria
  * specifying invalid match criteria now results in an error instead
  * blindly applying the operation to the currently focused window
  * allow mouse bindings to run on the root window
  * support matching _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_NOTIFICATION in criteria
  * all criteria are now matched, even when con_id or con_mark are
    given (used to be a special case)
  * allow the “id” criterion to be specified in any base recognized by
    strtol(), not only base 10
  * non-true color displays are now supported again (e.g. the
    Raspberry Pi)
  * the “split” command now has a “toggle” option
  * the additional color class “decoration_border” was added
  * title_format is now stored on containers instead of windows,
    allowing the
  * use of title_format on split containers
  * On OpenBSD, i3 now uses pledge(2)
  * support _NET_WM_DESKTOP (for pager applications like gnome-panel)
  * floating workspaces are no longer available (they were not
    supported for a
  * while now)
  * floating windows now carry the I3_FLOATING_WINDOW atom so that
    tools like
  * compositors can be configured to match on floating windows
  * i3bar: display short text only on the monitor(s) on which it is
  * i3bar: explicitly set cursor using libxcb-cursor if available
  * i3bar: fix XEMBED messages
  * i3-nagbar: explicitly set cursor using libxcb-cursor if available
  * duplicated keybindings are now also detected when one uses
    bindcode but the
  * other(s) use(s) bindsym
  * keymap fallback for servers without XKB (e.g. TightVNC) has been
  * using pango markup in mode names is now optional, fixing a
    regression in i3
  * v4.11 where modes which contained characters such as “<” would
  * moving windows to a workspace by specifying a mark now works
  * the root output is now used when any RandR request fails (for
  * assignments are now marked as run before executing them,
    preventing endless
  * loops/crashes when assignments cause another assignment evaluation
  * splitting/floating a dock container no longer crashes i3
  * correctly compare modifier mask when identifying keybindings
  * bindings which use --release)
  * no longer fail config validation when there is no newline at the
    end of
  * the config file
  * scrollwheel buttons are now only grabbed when necessary, allowing
    the use
  * of “bindsym button*” or scrolling in windows without focusing them
    (in case
  * no “bindsym button*” is present)
  * parse con_id in base 16 (affected FreeBSD only)
  * fix crash when opening a large number of windows
  * reject empty swallow definitions to avoid crashes
  * don’t remove SubstructureRedirect event mask temporarily (fixes
  * stopping after system suspend)
  * move urgent flag before killing the parent to avoid a crash
  * correctly validate “kill” command to avoid crashing when “kill” is
  * on workspace containers
  * actually accept the documented “workspace” token as an alternative
    to “→”
  * in assign statements
  * remove _NET_WM_STATE on withdrawn windows to comply with the spec
  * the “border” command now uses logical pixels (relevant for hi-dpi
  * “tray_output primary” does not properly fall back and hence was
  * from the default config again
  * correctly determine focused workspace when moving workspace to
  * revert to default binding mode before reloading the config file
  * correctly interpret _MOTIF_WM_HINTS (endianness-dependent)

Thu Oct  1 08:26:34 UTC 2015 -

- Update to v4.11
- Changes in i3 v4.11:
  * docs/debugging: provide instructions on how to debug i3bar
  * docs/debugging: added a note about sensitive data
  * docs/userguide: add a note to both “exec”s about semicolon and comma
  * docs/userguide: quoted strings need to be used, escaping isn’t possible
  * docs/userguide: make syntax of syntax descriptions consistent
  * docs/userguide: recommend “exec exec” for correct signal handling
  * docs/userguide: explain i3-config-wizard’s behavior
  * i3-nagbar: open on the primary screen
  * i3-config-wizard: respect XDG config directories
  * i3-input: position i3-input at window with input focus
  * i3bar: use a reasonable default sep_block_width if a separator_symbol is given
  * i3bar: add binding mode indicator
  * i3bar: add bindsym command (deprecates wheel_{up,down}_cmd)
  * i3bar: make tray padding configurable
  * makefiles: respect EXEC_PREFIX and PKG_CONFIG
  * added a --toggle switch to mark: “mark [--toggle] <mark>”
  * added “focus_on_window_activation” directive
  * added “no_focus” directive
  * added “move [container|window] [to] mark <str>” command
  * added “move [window|container] [to] position mouse|cursor|pointer” command
  * added “title_format” command
  * added “resize set [width] [height]” command
  * added “sticky” command (for floating containers)
  * added “workspace” criterion
  * added “window_type” criterion
  * make center coordinates relative to current workspace
  * draw marks in window decoration (configure with show_marks)
  * only mark a window if only one window is matched
  * make floating window mouse handling consistent with tiled windows
  * add a --border flag to enable mouse binds to trigger on border click
  * set the _NET_WM_STATE_HIDDEN atom on windows that are currently not visible
    due to being in the non-focused tab of a stacked or tabbed container
  * ignore InputHint when not in WM_HINTS
  * display which config is used in i3 --moreversion
  * support config file line continuation
  * use WM_SIZE_HINTS when present to set the geometry of floating windows
  * add “tray_output primary” to the default config
  * use libxkbcommon for translating keysyms, support all XKB groups
  * support special value “__focused__” in criteria
  * support _NET_WM_VISIBLE_NAME
  * make sure borders are never counted as adjacent to the edge for floating
  * support moving dock clients to another output
  * let “focus” report success depending on whether a window was matched
  * handle _NET_WM_STATE_STICKY (for floating containers)
  * make “debuglog on” command persist over restarts
  * randr: use root window in case of no randr outputs
  * set proper WM_CLASS on frame windows
- Bugfixes:
  * i3bar: only detect clicks within the statusline width
  * i3bar: fix flickering shortened status bar on other output(s)
  * i3bar: send custom-defined command upon click on the non-statusline part of
    i3bar even if workspace_buttons is set to “no”.
  * i3-config-wizard: Make window size and click coordinates dependent on font
  * i3-save-tree: retain “rect” for floating cons
  * move urgency hint when moving container
  * fix percents when attaching a window to a ws creates a new split con
  * cope with non-null-terminated x class properties
  * get workspace name when renaming current workspace
  * allow single-child non-default layout cons to be moved between outputs
  * allow --whole-window right after 'bindsym' within binding modes
  * remove windows from the save set when unmapping (fixes problems with e.g.
    owncloud when restarting i3)
  * serialize con_id with %p in run_binding()
  * initialize workspace rect to the output's upon creation
  * mkdirp: do not throw an error if directory exists
  * grab all buttons when managing a window to also allow 'bindsym
    --whole-window button4 …' to work correctly
  * properly clear the urgency hint when set by i3
  * layout restore: load floating containers correctly
  * layout restore: remove remaining criteria when swallowing window
  * layout restore: When appending a layout containing a marked container, make
    sure that any other containers with the same mark are unmarked during
    insertion of the new container.
  * use the EWMH support window rather than the root window as an input focus fallback
  * use the focused container to determine the target window_mode when using
    floating mode_toggle

Tue Sep  8 15:32:20 UTC 2015 -

- Update to v4.10.4:
  * Bugfixes:
    - revert: disable physically disconnected RandR outputs
    - i3-msg: strdup getenv() result before freeing
- Changes of v4.10.3:
  * Bugfixes:
    - serialize con_id with %p in run_binding() (For FreeBSD)
    - ignore InputHint when not in WM_HINTS (fixes e.g. mupdf focus)
    - disable physically disconnect RandR outputs
    - initialize workspace rect to the output's upon creation
    - userguide: quoted strings need to be used, escaping isn’t possible
    - mkdirp: do not throw an error if directory exists (fixes layout loss for
      in-place restarts)
    - i3bar: fix freeing static strings

Thu Apr 16 08:26:16 UTC 2015 -

- Update to v4.10.2:
  * Bugfixes:
    - Cope with non-null-terminated x class properties.
    - Get workspace name when renaming current workspace (fixes crash).
    - Use a reasonable default sep_block_width if a separator_symbol is given.
    - Remove windows from the save set when unmapping.

Tue Apr  7 09:29:11 UTC 2015 -

- Update to v4.10.1:
  * Changes in i3 v4.10.1:
    - i3bar: cut long statuslines from the left
    - i3bar: add support for the short_text property
    - i3-sensible-terminal: launch i3-nagbar when no terminal is found
    - i3-config-wizard: switch modifier on key up/down
    - docs/layout-saving: added a troubleshooting section
    - docs: degender all the terms
    - Revert "Workspace command number selection"
    - don’t parse blocks as markup by default
    - Allow escaping backslashes in commands.
    - switch default font from “DejaVu Sans Mono 8” to “monospace 8”, which is
    - typically a synonym, except for users who prefer a different font.
    - When renaming a workspace, look for assignments and move the renamed
    - workspace to the appropriate output.
    - i3-save-tree: make --workspace optional by defaulting to the focused
    - Allow nop command without argument
 * Bugfixes
    - i3bar: buffer the statusline to avoid flickering
    - i3bar: fix click events for workspace buttons with long statusline
    - i3bar: set correct initial position when reconfiguring
    - i3bar: reconfigure strut partial on reload
    - i3-nagbar: fix sizes/positioning on hi-dpi displays
    - i3-config-wizard: fix sizes/positioning on hi-dpi displays
    - i3-input: fix sizes/positioning on hi-dpi displays
    - Fix scrolling in window decoration with hidden cursor.
    - workspace rename focus mismatch
    - Don’t overwrite border width when already set (placeholders).
    - fix a segfault during config file validation
    - Restore placeholder windows after restarting.
    - Don’t focus placeholder windows.

Mon Mar 16 13:47:31 UTC 2015 -

- Update to v4.9.1:
- Bugfixes:
  - i3bar: fix incorrect y-offset for text
  - fix key bindings on big-endian platforms
  - fix key bindings using Mode_switch
  - fix keyboard layout change detection
  - revert "Handle WM_CHANGE_STATE requests for iconic state" (fixes problems
    with application windows disappearing, like SDL-based games when switching
  - insert id-based match at HEAD, not TAIL (fixes window swallowing not
    working when the criteria match the placeholder window)
  - improve error messages on failing commands
  - replace ~ in filepath when calling append_layout
  - properly error out when the layout file cannot be read

Mon Mar  2 11:07:44 UTC 2015 -

- Update to v4.9
- Changes (
  - docs/ipc: use an actual event type
  - docs/debugging: use
  - docs/testsuite: add hint to use xvfb-run
  - testcases: use Xephyr instead of XDummy
  - i3-sensible-*: use command -v (built-in) instead of which(1)
  - i3.xsession.desktop: set DesktopNames (which gdm uses)
  - i3-save-tree: interpret commandline parameters as utf-8
  - i3-save-tree: add 'mark' as allowed key to i3-save-tree output
  - i3bar-protocol: ensure align = left is the default
  - i3bar: implement custom mouse wheel commands
  - i3bar: improve error message when a full_text property is missing
  - i3bar: respect the urgency flag on status blocks
  - i3bar: inset the urgent background of a status block for consistency with
  - workspace buttons
  - i3bar: suspend the child when bars are fully obscured
  - i3bar: use Pango markup
  - ipc: implement the window::close event
  - ipc: implement the window::move event
  - ipc: implement the window::floating event
  - ipc: implement the window::urgent event
  - ipc: set ws reply "num" member to -1 when named
  - ipc: add deco_rect property to con in ipc response
  - ipc: include workspace con in workspace event
  - ewmh: implement property _NET_NUMBER_OF_DESKTOPS
  - ewmh: implement property _NET_DESKTOP_VIEWPORT
  - ewmh: implement property _NET_DESKTOP_NAMES
  - ewmh: handle _NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP requests
  - ewmh: handle _NET_CLOSE_WINDOW requests
  - ewmh: handle _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE requests
  - implement mouse bindings (e.g. bindsym button3 kill)
  - add mouse binding --whole-window flag
  - add mouse binding --release flag
  - switch to xcb-xkb and libxkbcommon, removing our last direct Xlib dep
  - make “move [direction]” work with criteria
  - make “move <window|container> to <absolute> position” work with criteria
  - “workspace <n>” and “move to workspace <n>” now look for a workspace
    starting with number <n> (unless there is a workspace exactly matching that
    number). I.e., “workspace 4” will go to a workspace called “4: www” unless
    you have a workspace “4”
  - “focus <direction>” now focuses floating containers when there are no
    tiling containers on the destination output
  - take the motif border into account when calculating floating window
  - revert “Disable pointer warps when focus_follows_mouse is disabled” as it
    was unexpected by a number of users. Sorry for the back-and-forth
  - handle WM_CLASS changes
  - raise floating windows on “focus <direction>”
  - align lower line of bar decoration to border width
  - parse tray_output as a word, not string
  - allow to validate the config file without X
  - do not resend focus on click, fixes compatibility problems with some wine
    or mono apps (e.g. Office 2010)
  - don't draw borders wider than actual width
  - prevent workspace change during global fullscreen
  - extend the fullscreen command (fullscreen <enable|toggle|disable> [global])
  - fix start_application() doc about which shell is used
- Bugfixes:
  - i3-dmenu-desktop: quote path
  - i3bar: fix a double free when changing color configuration
  - i3bar: render bars after the first chunk of JSON
  - i3bar: add a sync call to confirm reparents before exiting (fixes tray
    restart issues)
  - i3bar: correctly calculate clicks on i3bar status blocks
  - i3bar: make click events on status blocks work with 'workspace_buttons no'
  - retina support: convert logical to physical pixels for default_border_width
  - retina support: treat everything up to 120 dpi as 96 dpi
  - don’t set input focus if not accepted (fixes problems with xfce4-notifyd)
  - don’t focus unmapped container on manage
  - create the directory for storing the restart state
  - avoid changing border width when changing containers from tiling to
  - layout saving: properly restore workspace containers
  - rerender the decoration when the container requires a pixmap and doesn’t
    have one
  - don’t set focus in con_set_layout() on invisible workspaces
  - properly handle windows unsetting WM_TRANSIENT_FOR
  - use the command parser to properly extract workspace names
  - copy binding before run (fixes reloads)
  - revert "Bugfix: Set input focus with last timestamp"
  - render floating windows during global fullscreen
  - actually parse client.placeholder
- Added i3-4.9.tar.bz2
- Removed i3-4.8.tar.bz2

Thu Jul 24 15:21:39 UTC 2014 -

- removed duplicate patch deskop_file_valid.patch

Wed Jul 23 12:11:42 UTC 2014 -

- Update to v4.8
- Changes: (
  * docs/ipc: reformat/update list of ipc libraries
  * docs/ipc: fix current_workspace outputs reply member
  * docs/ipc: update ipc COMMAND reply docs
  * docs/userguide: fix multiple typos
  * docs/debugging: use bzip2
  * docs/debugging: explain how to enable logging on the fly
  * docs/debugging: merge the debug symbols/backtrace section
  * docs/debugging: recommend i3 --moreversion
  * man/ update manpage to document all options
  * i3bar: Amend status line error 127 message
  * i3bar: don’t kill watcher on EOF, leads to better error messages
  * i3bar: send mouse wheel events to child too
  * i3bar: do click handling and tray padding retina-correctly
  * i3bar: render separators render-correctly
  * i3bar: reinit colors on barconfig update
  * i3bar: Don't start child unless status_command
  * i3bar: implement custom workspace numbers config
  * resize floating windows when right-clicking the decoration
  * enable shmlog when invoked as i3-with-shmlog
  * Disable pointer warps when focus_follows_mouse is disabled
  * Movement into a branch considers movement direction
  * set ewmh desktop properties on startup
  * handle ButtonPress events with child != XCB_NONE
  * implement layout restoring
  * only LOG() the DPI when it changes, DLOG() it otherwise
  * send IPC window events for focus and title changes
  * these types of windows are now floating by default:
    dialog, utility, toolbar and splash windows, modal windows, windows with an
    equal minimum and maximum size
  * send last event timestamp with WM_TAKE_FOCUS message
  * maintain the _NET_CLIENT_LIST property
  * don’t set input focus _and_ send WM_TAKE_FOCUS
  * respect CFLAGS in linking command
  * fix parallel make
  * reset SIGPIPE handler before executing a command
  * render default window border width retina-correctly
  * draw workspace buttons and padded text blocks retina-correctly
  * render resize windows retina-correctly
  * delegate click handling to dock clients
  * send complete config on barconfig_update
  * implement the window::fullscreen_mode ipc event
  * make all workspaces starting with "__" internal
  * improve error messages for i3-internal workspace names
  * allow _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW requests to switch workspaces if they indicate
    that they are a pager (following the spec)
  * workspace assignments by number
  * add configuration option for disabling mouse warping
  * set _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW to None when none has focus
  * set X-LightDM-DesktopName in i3.xsession.desktop to fix autostart on Ubuntu
  * don’t ELOG ipc EOF
  * replace all printf()s with D?LOG
  * delete ipc socket when exiting, cleanup tmpdir
  * default config: switch to DejaVu Sans Mono 8 as default font
  * cleanup tmpdir when restarting and not using XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
  * Snap pointer to resize bar on drag resize
  * Size resizebar according to container size
  * Fix clang -Wextra except -Wunused-parameter
  * Respect Motif hint for window decorations

- Bugfixes:
  * create con pixmaps when not needed
  * i3bar: fix resource leak: statusline_ctx needs to be freed first
  * tree_split should not split floating cons
  * fix memory leak with ipc_receive_message
  * fix invalid reads by setting con->window to NULL in tree_close
  * fix memory leak when closing windows
  * fix memory leak when matching window by criteria
  * fix memory leak when matching window by con_id
  * ignore dock clients in the resize command
  * clear wm_size_hints if they are not set
  * resize window check should check for NULL
  * fix window event crash with no window
  * i3-dmenu-desktop: also quote the %c field code
  * new_window and new_float can now be used simultaneously with different
    border widths
  * fix crash when using multiple for_window statements that move windows
  * Set input focus with last timestamp
  * handle windows whose WM_TRANSIENT_FOR points to themselve
  * don’t overwrite the original size of floating windows when changing border
  * don’t errnously render floating fullscreen windows during restart
  * ensure floating windows don’t drop out of fullscreen when restarting
  * don’t overwrite the window’s geometry after restartingnext
  * i3bar: Set `mapped` flag on trayclient creation
  * i3bar: don't show "EOF" status line error

- Added i3-4.8.tar.bz2
- Removed i3-4.7.2.tar.bz2

Tue Jan 28 03:24:06 UTC 2014 -

- update to 4.7.2
- changes in 4.7.2: (
  * install i3-with-shmlog.xsession.desktop to the correct location
  * OpenBSD currently lacks posix_fallocate()
- changes in 4.7.1: (
  * docs/debugging: explain how to enable logging on the fly
  * docs/debugging: small cleanups (versions, bzip2)
  * add i3-with-shmlog.xsession.desktop
  * only LOG() the DPI when it changes, DLOG() it otherwise
  * make “move <direction>” properly send workspace focus event
  * i3bar: set mapped flag on trayclient creation
  * i3bar: don’t show EOF status line error in favor of exit code
- changes in 4.7: (
  * docs/userguide: clarify variable parsing
  * docs/userguide: clarify urgent_workspace
  * docs/userguide: add proper quoting for rename sample command
  * docs/userguide: clarify multiple criteria
  * docs/userguide: userguide: explain the difference between comma and semicolon for command chaining
  * docs/hacking-howto: update to reflect parser changes
  * man/i3-dump-log: document -f
  * switch from libXcursor to xcb-util-cursor
  * Respect workspace numbers when looking for a free workspace name
  * Revert "raise fullscreen windows on top of all other X11 windows"
  * i3bar: Create pixmaps using the real bar height, rather than screen height
  * Add scratchpad bindings to the default config
  * Close all children when closing a workspace
  * i3bar: Add new bar.binding_mode_indicator configuration
  * Improve error message when $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not writable
  * libi3/font: Draw the text at the expected place
  * libi3/font: Set DPI for the pango context
  * Add ability to escape out of a mouse-resize operation
  * Do not resize/reposition floating containers when moving them to scratchpad
  * i3-nagbar: Set button inner-width to the width of the label
  * Assigned windows open urgent when not visible
  * i3bar: Only configure tray on own outputs
  * Command 'move <direction>' moves across outputs
  * i3bar: Handle DestroyNotify events
  * i3bar: Realign tray clients on map/unmap notify
  * i3bar: Group child processes for signalling
  * i3bar: Print error message when status_command fails
  * Remove references to PATH_MAX macro for GNU/Hurd
  * update root geometry on output changes for “fullscreen global”
  * don’t flatten tabbed/stacked containers
  * Fix handling of new windows with WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN
  * correctly recognize assigned windows as urgent
  * Fix keyboard and mouse resize in nested containers
  * Reply to _NET_REQUEST_FRAME_EXTENTS correctly
  * Fix command parser: resizing tiling windows
  * Fix output retrieval for floating cons
  * Use _PATH_BSHELL to ensure using a bourne shell
  * Instead of crashing, return DRAG_ABORT on UnmapNotify from drag_pointer
  * Remove-child callback skips output content cons
  * ignore _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW for scratchpad windows

Thu Aug  8 16:04:01 UTC 2013 -

- update to 4.6:
  * compatibility was improved, in particular for Mathematica and Java
  * i3-nagbar should work with more terminal emulators than before

Mon Apr 08 17:32:12 UTC 2013 -

- update to 4.5.1:
  This is a bugfix release, and all users are advised to upgrade. It fixes an
  issue which would cause i3 to crash when dragging floating windows from one
  display to another.

Wed Mar 13 08:54:22 UTC 2013 -

- update to v4.5:
 * i3-dmenu-desktop: don’t add “geany” if “Geany” is already present
 * i3-dmenu-desktop: strip newlines from dmenu ≥ 4.4
 * i3-dmenu-desktop: skip files with broken utf8 but warn about it
 * i3-dmenu-desktop: skip broken files (no/empty Exec=) but warn about them
 * i3-dmenu-desktop: List filenames of .desktop files
 * i3-dmenu-desktop: remove %i from commandline
 * i3-nagbar: Work around terminals not supporting -e with quoted arguments
 * i3-nagbar: use the same font as configured for i3
 * i3bar: set _NET_SYSTEM_TRAY_COLORS for symbolic icons (gtk3+)
 * i3bar: don’t use X11 borders to avoid overlapping in hide mode
 * i3bar: separator color via config; separator width and on/off via ipc
 * i3bar: Allow min_width of a block in i3bar to be a string
 * i3-msg: parse command replies and display errors nicely if there were
 * errors
 * Draw 1px tab separators left/right instead of 2px on the right only
 * Render tree before destroying X11 containers upon unmap
 * scratchpad show: move visible scratchpad window from another workspace to
 * focused workspace instead of doing nothing
 * ignore MotionNotify events generated while warping the pointer
 * Allow X11 servers which do not support the XKB extension.
 * remove the urgency indicator when a window is closed
 * wrap when moving containers to outputs with direction
 * scratchpad_show: focus unfocused scratchpad window
 * Split workspace instead of changing orientation
 * scratchpad: always auto center on 'scratchpad show' if window hasn't been
 * repositioned by the user
 * Add a new IPC event for changes on windows.
 * config: accept “smart” as popup_during_fullscreen parameter
 * Obey WM_SIZE_HINTS's resize increments in floating mode
 * Do not move focus if a container is moved across outputs

Sun Dec 16 01:48:41 UTC 2012 -

- update to 4.4:
  * add i3-dmenu-desktop, a dmenu wrapper which parses application .desktop
    files and executes them
  * i3.xsession.desktop is now standards-compliant
  * implement "move container to workspace back_and_forth"
  * display appropriate cursors when resizing or moving floating windows
  * implement variable border widths for pixel/normal
  * grab keys with all permutations of lock and numlock
  * focus windows when middle-clicking
  * keycode default config: s/bindcode/bindsym/
  * implement smart popup_during_fullscreen mode
  * i3bar: add current binding mode indicator

Mon Oct  1 15:25:45 UTC 2012 -

- updated to latest release 4.3
- added new Build Requires to get i3 work
 * cairo-devel
 * glib2-devel
 * pango-devel
- removed obsolete i3-wsbar and his perl dependencies

Sat Apr 28 12:53:22 UTC 2012 -

- updated version to 4.2
- added icon for i3 in /usr/share/pixmaps/
- added a patch to prevent the desktop file error
ERROR: No sufficient Category definition: /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/i3-4.2-0.x86_64//usr/share/applications/i3.desktop

Tue Apr 24 15:37:42 UTC 2012 -

- added dependency to get i3-wsbar run
- added dependency to get the build work again in Factory

Tue Apr 24 14:46:07 UTC 2012 -

- installed missing i3-wsbar from source package to provide a more customizable bar

Tue Mar 27 20:41:40 UTC 2012 -

- handle breakage in Factory, this will automatically be fixed when
  xcb-keyboard comes back properly.

Wed Feb  8 16:23:10 UTC 2012 -

- update to version 4.1.2
  * Bugfix: Don’t lose focus on fullscreen windows when another window gets
    moved to that workspace
  * Bugfix: Open new windows in the correct place when assignments match
  * Bugfix: Fix assignments of floating windows to (yet) unused workspaces
  * Bugfix: Either use SetInputFocus *or* send WM_TAKE_FOCUS, not both
  * Bugfix: Respect WM_HINTS.input for WM_TAKE_FOCUS clients
  * Bugfix: Setup the _NET_SUPPORTING_WM_CHECK atom in a standards-compliant way
  * Bugfix: Only ignore EnterNotify events after UnmapNotifies from managed windows
  * Bugfix: Force a new sequence number after UnmapNotify
  * Bugfix: Position floating windows exactly where their geometry specified
  * Bugfix: Fix coordinates when the rect of an output changes

Mon Nov 28 10:36:17 UTC 2011 -

- SPDX format (

Sun Nov 27 09:16:00 UTC 2011 -

- fix up i3-devel Requires dependancy

Sat Nov 26 16:00:24 UTC 2011 -

- add copyright comments to spec file.

Wed Nov 23 13:54:23 UTC 2011 -

- spec cleanup

Tue Nov 22 01:31:30 UTC 2011 -

- update to 4.1 release

Fri Jul 22 01:00:00 UTC 2011 -

- New package for i3

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