File remove_date_time_macros.patch of Package libewf

From: <>
Upstream: openSUSE-specific, but merging is nevertheless welcome

src: kill __DATE__ and __TIME__

These macros are undesired on at least OBS (and rpmlint subsequently
warns about their use). Besides, they do not add any noticable value
because packages may get recompiled at practically any time.

Index: libewf-20120813/ewftools/info_handle.c
--- libewf-20120813.orig/ewftools/info_handle.c
+++ libewf-20120813/ewftools/info_handle.c
@@ -4193,10 +4193,6 @@ int dfxml_build_environment_fprint(
-	 "\t\t\t<compilation_date>" __DATE__ " " __TIME__ "</compilation_date>\n" );
-	fprintf(
-	 stream,
 	 "\t\t\t<library name=\"libewf\" version=\"%s\"/>\n",
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