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mod_auth_mellon Diagnostic Information

This file contains information about diagnostic logging that helps
to identify the source of the problems with your mod_auth_mellon

Mellon Diagnostics
"Mellon Diagnostic" is a feature, that extends the classic DEBUG
messages to the Apache error log (which is often incomplete and mixed
with other irrelevant messages). It gathers all relevant information
in a human-readable format in a single file without other irrelevant
Apache messages, and without the need for any post-processing of the
log data. For more details please see "Mellon Diagnostics" section
in the documentation.

Install and load the diagnostic module
Diagnostic logging must be compiled into mod_auth_module at build
time, but it adds an overhead to the execution. Therefore SUSE
provides two separate RPM packages - one without diagnostics and the
second with diagnostics enabled:

  - apache2-mod_auth_mellon
    * apache module with diagnostic feature DISABLED ('')
    * production usage

  - apache2-mod_auth_mellon-diagnostics
    * apache module with diagnostics ENABLED ('')
    * debugging purposes only

Diagnostic logging may potentially contain security-sensitive
information. Therefore you should enable diagnostic logging only
for the minimum duration necessary.

Both modules can be installed simultaneously but Apache will only
load one of the two modules. You need to add a 'LoadModule' directive
for either '' or '' into
your configuration file:

    # Load normal mod_auth_mellon module
    LoadModule auth_mellon_module /usr/lib64/apache2/


    # Load diagnostic version of mod_auth_mellon module
    LoadModule auth_mellon_module /usr/lib64/apache2/

Don't forget to change it back when you are done debugging!

Enable diagnostic logging
When you have '' module loaded, enable diagnostic
logging by adding the following line to your configuration file and restart

    MellonDiagnosticsEnable On

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