File 0018-SUSE-man-page-changes.patch of Package ctags.27481

From e63684e0d8924dd6a56bda52ebfc81fb6c35811b Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Stepan Kasal <>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 12:41:54 +0100
Subject: [PATCH 18/19] SUSE man page changes

 ctags.1 | 35 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------
 1 file changed, 29 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/ctags.1 b/ctags.1
index 2d89006..138e6ce 100644
--- a/ctags.1
+++ b/ctags.1
@@ -9,12 +9,29 @@ ctags \- Generate tag files for source code
 .TP 6
 \fBctags\fP [\fBoptions\fP] [\fIfile(s)\fP]
 .TP 6
-\fBetags\fP [\fBoptions\fP] [\fIfile(s)\fP]
+\fBctags\fP \fB-e\fP [\fBoptions\fP] [\fIfile(s)\fP]
+There are three different versions of the
+\fBctags\fP program on SuSE Linux.
+Besides this one you might want to use either
+.BR gnuctags (1),
+supporting wide variety of programming languages
+and originaly distributed with emacs, or
+.BR gctags (1),
+which comes with
+.BR global (1)
+and supports for example Yacc.
+For use with
+.BR emacs (1)
+the best choice is perhaps
+.BR etags (1),
+but it's also possible to use \fBctags\ \-e\fP,
+as described herein, since it supports for example Eiffel.
-The \fBctags\fP and \fBetags\fP programs (hereinafter collectively referred to
-as \fBctags\fP, except where distinguished) generate an index (or "tag") file
+The \fBctags\fP program generates an index (or "tag") file
 for a variety of language objects found in \fIfile(s)\fP.
 This tag file allows these items to be quickly and easily located by a text
 editor or other utility. A "tag" signifies a language object for which an
@@ -1081,7 +1098,7 @@ embedded space. If this is a problem, use a configuration file instead.
 .TP 8
 Similar to the \fBCTAGS\fP variable above, this variable, if found, will be
-read when \fBetags\fP starts. If this variable is not found, \fBetags\fP will
+read when \fBctags\ \-e\fP starts. If this variable is not found, \fBctags\ \-e\fP will
 try to use \fBCTAGS\fP instead.
 .TP 8
@@ -1136,9 +1153,15 @@ lines to indicate separate command-line arguments.
 The default tag file created by \fBctags\fP.
-The default tag file created by \fBetags\fP.
+The default tag file created by \fBctags -e\fP.
+.BR etags (1),
+.BR gctags (1),
+.BR global (1),
+.BR gnuctags (1).
 The official Exuberant Ctags web site at:

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