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Sat Jul  3 05:28:37 UTC 2021 - Luigi Baldoni <>

- Update to version 8.0.1
  * Fixed the version number in the inline namespace.
  * Added a missing presentation type check for std::string.
  * Fixed a linkage error when mixing code built with clang and
  * Fixed documentation issues.
  * Removed dead code in FP formatter.
  * Fixed various warnings and compilation issues.

Mon Jun 21 14:48:42 UTC 2021 - Luigi Baldoni <>

- Update to version 8.0.0
  * Enabled compile-time format string check by default.
  * Added compile-time formatting.
  * Optimized handling of format specifiers during format string
  * Added the ``_cf`` user-defined literal to represent a
    compiled format string. It can be used instead of the
    ``FMT_COMPILE`` macro.
  * Format string compilation now requires ``format`` functions
    of ``formatter`` specializations for user-defined types to
    be ``const``.
  * Added UDL-based named argument support to format string
  * Added format string compilation support to ``fmt::print``.
  * Added initial support for compiling {fmt} as a C++20 module.
  * Made symbols private by default reducing shared library size
  * Optimized includes making the result of preprocessing
  * Added support of ranges with non-const ``begin`` / ``end``
  * Added support of ``std::byte`` and other formattable types
    to ``fmt::join``.
  * Implemented the default format for
  * Made more chrono specifiers locale independent by default.
    Use the ``'L'`` specifier to get localized formatting.
  * Improved locale handling in chrono formatting.
  * Deprecated ``fmt/locale.h`` moving the formatting functions
    that take a locale to ``fmt/format.h`` (``char``) and
    ``fmt/xchar`` (other overloads). This doesn't introduce a
    dependency on ``<locale>`` so there is virtually no compile
    time effect.
  * Made parameter order in ``vformat_to`` consistent with
  * Added support for time points with arbitrary durations.
  * Formatting floating-point numbers no longer produces
    trailing zeros by default.
    for consistency with ``std::format``.
  * Dropped a limit on the number of elements in a range and
    replaced ``{}`` with ``[]`` as range delimiters for
    consistency with Python's ``str.format``.
  * The ``'L'`` specifier for locale-specific numeric formatting
    can now be combined with presentation specifiers as in
  * Made the ``0`` specifier ignored for infinity and NaN.
  * Made the hexfloat formatting use the right alignment by
  * Removed the deprecated numeric alignment (``'='``). Use the
    ``'0'`` specifier instead.
  * Removed the deprecated ``fmt/posix.h`` header that has been
    replaced with ``fmt/os.h``.
  * Removed the deprecated ``format_to_n_context``,
    ``format_to_n_args`` and ``make_format_to_n_args``. They
    have been replaced with ``format_context``, ``format_args`
    and ``make_format_args`` respectively.
  * Moved ``wchar_t``-specific functions and types to
    ``fmt/wchar.h``. You can define
    ``FMT_DEPRECATED_INCLUDE_WCHAR`` to automatically include
    ``fmt/wchar.h`` from ``fmt/format.h`` but this will be
    disabled in the next major release.
  * Fixed handling of the ``'+'`` specifier in localized
  * Added support for the ``'s'`` format specifier that gives
    textual representation of ``bool``.
  * Made ``fmt::ptr`` work with function pointers.
  * Fixed ``fmt::formatted_size`` with format string compilation
  * Fixed handling of empty format strings during format string
  * Fixed handling of enums in ``fmt::to_string``.
  * Improved width computation.
  * The experimental fast output stream (``fmt::ostream``) is
    now truncated by default for consistency with ``fopen``.
  * Fixed moving of ``fmt::ostream`` that holds buffered data
  * Replaced the ``fmt::system_error`` exception with a function
    of the same name that constructs ``std::system_error``.
  * Replaced the ``fmt::windows_error`` exception with a
    function of the same name that constructs
    ``std::system_error`` with the category returned by
  * Replaced ``fmt::error_code`` with ``std::error_code`` and
    made it formattable.
  * Added speech synthesis support.
  * Made ``format_to`` work with a memory buffer that has a
    custom allocator.
  * Added ``Allocator::max_size`` support to
  * Added wide string support to ``fmt::join``
  * Made iterators passed to ``formatter`` specializations via a
    format context satisfy C++20 ``std::output_iterator``
  * Optimized the ``printf`` implementation.
  * Improved detection of ``constexpr`` ``char_traits``.
  * Fixed exception propagation from iterators.
  * Improved ``strftime`` error handling.
  * Stopped using deprecated GCC UDL template extension.
  * Added ``fmt/args.h`` to the install target.
  * Error messages are now passed to assert when exceptions are
  * Added the ``FMT_MASTER_PROJECT`` CMake option to control
    build and install targets when {fmt} is included via
  * Improved build configuration.
  * Fixed various warnings and compilation issues.
  * Improved documentation.
  * Continuous integration and test improvements.
- Bump soversion to 8

Wed Nov 25 14:55:58 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 7.1.3
  * Fixed handling of buffer boundaries in format_to_n
  * Fixed linkage errors when linking with a shared library
  * Reintroduced ostream support to range formatters
  * Worked around an issue with mixing std versions in gcc

Wed Nov  4 17:34:46 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 7.1.2
  * Fixed floating point formatting with large precision

Mon Nov  2 15:27:46 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 7.1.1
  * Fixed ABI compatibility with 7.0.x
  * Added the FMT_ARM_ABI_COMPATIBILITY macro to work around
    ABI incompatibility between GCC and Clang on ARM
  * Worked around a SFINAE bug in GCC 8
  * Fixed linkage errors when building with GCC's LTO
  * Fixed a compilation error when building without
    __builtin_clz or equivalent
  * Fixed a sign conversion warning
- Dropped fmt-7.1.0-LTO.patch (merged upstream)

Mon Oct 26 14:54:41 UTC 2020 - Luigi Baldoni <>

- Update to version 7.1.0
  * Switched from Grisu3 to Dragonbox for the default
    floating-point formatting which gives the shortest decimal
    representation with round-trip guarantee and correct rounding.
    This makes {fmt} up to 20-30x faster than common
    implementations of std::ostringstream and sprintf on
    dtoa-benchmark and faster than double-conversion and Ryƫ. It
    is possible to get even better performance at the cost of
    larger binary size by compiling with the
    FMT_USE_FULL_CACHE_DRAGONBOX macro set to 1.
  * Added an experimental unsynchronized file output API which,
    together with format string compilation can give 5-9 times
    speed up compared to fprintf on common platforms.
  * Added a formatter for std::chrono::time_point<system_clock>
  * Added support for ranges with non-const begin/end to fmt::join
  * Added a memory_buffer::append overload that takes a range.
  * Improved handling of single code units in FMT_COMPILE.
  * Added dynamic width support to format string compilation.
  * Improved error reporting for unformattable types: now you'll
    get the type name directly in the error message instead of
    the note.
  * Added the make_args_checked function template that allows
    you to write formatting functions with compile-time format
    string checks and avoid binary code bloat.
  * Replaced snprintf fallback with a faster internal IEEE 754
    float and double formatter for arbitrary precision.
  * Made format_to_n and formatted_size part of the core API.
  * Added fmt::format_to_n overload with format string
  * Added fmt::format_to overload that take text_style.
  * Made the # specifier emit trailing zeros in addition to the
    decimal point.
  * Changed the default floating point format to not include .0
    for consistency with std::format and std::to_chars. It is
    possible to get the decimal point and trailing zero with the
    # specifier.
  * Fixed an issue with floating-point formatting that could
    result in addition of a non-significant trailing zero in
    rare cases e.g. 1.00e-34 instead of 1.0e-34.
  * Made fmt::to_string fallback on ostream insertion operator
    if the formatter specialization is not provided.
  * Added support for the append mode to the experimental file
    API and improved fcntl.h detection.
  * Fixed handling of types that have both an implicit
    conversion operator and an overloaded ostream insertion
  * Fixed a slicing issue in an internal iterator type.
  * Fixed an issue in locale-specific integer formatting.
  * Fixed handling of exotic code unit types.
  * Improved documentation.
  * Added the FMT_REDUCE_INT_INSTANTIATIONS CMake option that
    reduces the binary code size at the cost of some integer
    formatting performance. This can be useful for extremely
    memory-constrained embedded systems.
  * Added the FMT_USE_INLINE_NAMESPACES macro to control usage
    of inline namespaces.
  * Improved build configuration.
  * Fixed various warnings and compilation issues.
- Add fmt-7.1.0-LTO.patch

Fri Aug  7 19:56:36 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 7.0.3
  * Worked around broken ``numeric_limits`` for 128-bit integers
  * Added error reporting on missing named arguments
  * Stopped using 128-bit integers with clang-cl
  * Fixed issues in locale-specific integer formatting

Wed Jul 29 17:33:10 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 7.0.2
  * Worked around broken ``numeric_limits`` for 128-bit integers
  * Fixed compatibility with CMake 3.4
  * Fixed handling of digit separators in locale-specific

Tue Jul  7 19:18:26 UTC 2020 -

- Update to version 7.0.1
  * Updated the inline version namespace name.
  * Worked around a gcc bug in mangling of alias templates
  * Fixed minor issues with the documentation.

Mon Jul  6 14:36:10 UTC 2020 - Luigi Baldoni <>

- Update to version 7.0.0
  * Reduced the library size.
  * Added a simpler and more efficient format string compilation
    API. The old fmt::compile API is now deprecated.
  * Optimized integer formatting: format_to with format string
    compilation and a stack-allocated buffer is now faster than
    to_chars on both libc++ and libstdc++.
  * Optimized handling of small format strings.
  * Applied extern templates to improve compile times when using
    the core API and fmt/format.h. It is still recommended to use
    fmt/core.h instead of fmt/format.h but the compile time
    difference is now smaller.
  * Named arguments are now stored on stack (no dynamic memory
    allocations) and the compiled code is more compact and
  * Implemented compile-time checks for dynamic width and
  * Added sentinel support to fmt::join.
  * Added support for named args, clear and reserve to
  * Added support for the 'c' format specifier to integral types
    for compatibility with std::format.
  * Replaced the 'n' format specifier with 'L' for compatibility
    with std::format. The 'n' specifier can be enabled via the
  * The '=' format specifier is now disabled by default for
    compatibility with std::format. It can be enabled via the
  * Removed the following deprecated APIs:
    + FMT_STRING_ALIAS and fmt macros - replaced by
    + fmt::basic_string_view::char_type - replaced by
    + convert_to_int
    + format_arg_store::types
    + *parse_context - replaced by *format_parse_context
    + FMT_DEPRECATED_PERCENT - incompatible with
    + *writer - replaced by compiled format API
  * Renamed the internal namespace to detail. The former is
    still provided as an alias if the FMT_USE_INTERNAL macro is
  * Improved compatibility between fmt::printf with the standard
  * Fixed handling of operator<< overloads that use copyfmt.
  * Added the FMT_OS CMake option to control inclusion of
    OS-specific APIs in the fmt target. This can be useful for
    embedded platforms.
    FMT_FUZZ macro to prevent interferring with fuzzing of
    projects using {fmt}.
  * Fixed compatibility with emscripten.
  * Improved documentation.
  * Implemented various build configuration fixes and
  * Fixed various warnings and compilation issues.
- Drop fmt-6.2.1-fix_pkgconfig_paths.patch
- Bump sover to 7

Tue Jun 23 16:02:53 UTC 2020 - Luigi Baldoni <>

- Add fmt-6.2.1-fix_pkgconfig_paths.patch (fix for boo#1173270)

Sat May  9 17:53:02 UTC 2020 - Luigi Baldoni <>

- Update to version 6.2.1
  * Fixed ostream support in ``sprintf``
    (`#1631 <>`_).
  * Fixed type detection when using implicit conversion to
    ``string_view`` and ostream ``operator<<`` inconsistently
    (`#1662 <>`_).
- Drop 7d01859ef16e6b65bc023ad8bebfedecb088bf81.patch (no longer
- Spec cleanup

Tue Apr 14 13:04:56 UTC 2020 - Hans-Peter Jansen <>

- Apply 7d01859ef16e6b65bc023ad8bebfedecb088bf81.patch
  to fix kodi compilation and probably others:

Mon Apr  6 14:21:08 UTC 2020 - Luigi Baldoni <>

- Update to version 6.2.0
  * Improved error reporting when trying to format an object of
    a non-formattable type:
  * Reduced library size by ~10%.
  * Always print decimal point if # is specified (#1476, #1498):
  * Implemented the 'L' specifier for locale-specific numeric
    formatting to improve compatibility with std::format. The 'n'
    specifier is now deprecated and will be removed in the next
    major release.
  * Moved OS-specific APIs such as windows_error from
    fmt/format.h to fmt/os.h. You can define
    FMT_DEPRECATED_INCLUDE_OS to automatically include fmt/os.h from
    fmt/format.h for compatibility but this will be disabled in the
    next major release.
  * Added precision overflow detection in floating-point
  * Implemented detection of invalid use of fmt::arg.
  * Used type_identity to block unnecessary template argument
  * Improved UTF-8 handling (#1109):
  * Added experimental dynamic argument storage (#1170, #1584):
  * Made fmt::join accept initializer_list (#1591).
  * Fixed handling of empty tuples (#1588).
  * Fixed handling of output iterators in format_to_n (#1506).
  * Fixed formatting of std::chrono::duration types to wide
    output (#1533).
  * Added const begin and end overload to buffers (#1553).
  * Added the ability to disable floating-point formatting via
    extremely memory-constrained embedded system (#1590).
  * Made FMT_STRING work with constexpr string_view (#1589).
  * Implemented a minor optimization in the format string parser
  * Improved attribute detection (#1469, #1475, #1576).
  * Improved documentation (#1481, #1523).
  * Fixed symbol visibility on Linux when compiling with
    -fvisibility=hidden (#1535).
  * Implemented various build configuration fixes and
    improvements (#1264, #1460, #1534, #1536, #1545, #1546, #1566,
    #1582, #1597, #1598).
  * Fixed various warnings and compilation issues
- Dropped Group tag

Wed Dec 11 16:57:03 UTC 2019 - Luigi Baldoni <>

- Update to version 6.1.2
  * Fixed ABI compatibility with (#1471).
  * Fixed handling types convertible to std::string_view (#1451).
    Thanks @denizevrenci (Deniz Evrenci).
  * Made CUDA test an opt-in enabled via the FMT_CUDA_TEST CMake
  * Fixed sign conversion warnings (#1440). Thanks @0x8000-0000
    (Florin Iucha).

Thu Dec  5 15:43:30 UTC 2019 - Luigi Baldoni <>

- Update to version 6.1.1
  * Added a missing decimal point in exponent notation with
    trailing zeros.
  * Removed deprecated format_arg_store::TYPES.

Wed Dec  4 11:34:50 UTC 2019 - Luigi Baldoni <>

- Update to version 6.1.0
  * {fmt} now formats IEEE 754 ``float`` and ``double`` using
    the shortest decimal representation with correct rounding by
    .. code:: c++

       #include <cmath>
       #include <fmt/core.h>

       int main() {
         fmt::print("{}", M_PI);

    prints ``3.141592653589793``.
  * Made the fast binary to decimal floating-point formatter the
    default, simplified it and improved performance. {fmt} is now
    15 times faster than libc++'s ``std::ostringstream``, 11
    times faster than ``printf`` and 10% faster than
    double-conversion on `dtoa-benchmark

    ==================  =========  =======
    Function            Time (ns)  Speedup
    ==================  =========  =======
    ostringstream        1,346.30    1.00x
    ostrstream           1,195.74    1.13x
    sprintf                995.08    1.35x
    doubleconv              99.10   13.59x
    fmt                     88.34   15.24x
    ==================  =========  =======
  * {fmt} no longer converts ``float`` arguments to ``double``.
    In particular this improves the default (shortest)
    representation of floats and makes
    ``fmt::format`` consistent with ``std::format`` specs
    (#1336, #1353, #1360, #1361)
    .. code:: c++

       fmt::print("{}", 0.1f);

    prints ``0.1`` instead of ``0.10000000149011612``.
  * Made floating-point formatting output consistent with
    ``printf``/iostreams (#1376, #1417)
  * Added support for 128-bit integers (#1287)
    .. code:: c++

       fmt::print("{}", std::numeric_limits<__int128_t>::max());

    prints ``170141183460469231731687303715884105727``.
  * The overload of ``print`` that takes ``text_style`` is now
    atomic, i.e. the output from different threads doesn't
    interleave (#1351)
  * Made compile time in the header-only mode ~20% faster by
    reducing the number of template instantiations. ``wchar_t``
    overload of ``vprint`` was moved from
    ``fmt/core.h`` to ``fmt/format.h``.
  * Added an overload of ``fmt::join`` that works with tuples
    (#1322, #1330)
    .. code:: c++

       #include <tuple>
       #include <fmt/ranges.h>

       int main() {
         std::tuple<char, int, float> t{'a', 1, 2.0f};
         fmt::print("{}", t);

    prints ``('a', 1, 2.0)``.
  * Changed formatting of octal zero with prefix from "0o0" to
    .. code:: c++

       fmt::print("{:#o}", 0);

    prints ``0``.
  * The locale is now passed to ostream insertion (``<<``)
    operators (#1406)
    .. code:: c++

       #include <fmt/locale.h>
       #include <fmt/ostream.h>

       struct S {
         double value;

       std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& os, S s) {
         return os << s.value;

       int main() {
         auto s = fmt::format(std::locale("fr_FR.UTF-8"), "{}", S{0.42});
         // s == "0,42"
  * Locale-specific number formatting now uses grouping (#1393,
  * Fixed handling of types with deleted implicit rvalue
    conversion to ``const char**`` (#1421)
    .. code:: c++

       struct mystring {
         operator const char*() const&;
         operator const char*() &;
         operator const char*() const&& = delete;
         operator const char*() && = delete;
       mystring str;
       fmt::print("{}", str); // now compiles
  * Enums are now mapped to correct underlying types instead of
    ``int`` (#1286)
  * Enum classes are no longer implicitly converted to ``int``
  * Added ``basic_format_parse_context`` for consistency with
    C++20 ``std::format`` and deprecated ``basic_parse_context``.
  * Fixed handling of UTF-8 in precision (#1389, #1390)
  * Added a CUDA test (#1285, #1317)
  * Improved documentation (#1276, #1291, #1296, #1315, #1332,
    #1337, #1395, #1418)
  * Various code improvements (#1358, #1407)
  * Fixed compile-time format string checks for user-defined
    types (#1292)
  * Worked around a false positive in
    ``unsigned-integer-overflow`` sanitizer (#1377)
  * Fixed various warnings and compilation issues (#1273, #1278,
    #1280, #1281, #1288, #1290, #1301, #1305, #1306, #1309,
    #1312, #1313, #1316, #1319, #1320, #1326, #1328, #1344,
    #1345, #1347, #1349, #1354, #1362, #1366, #1364, #1370,
    #1371, #1385, #1388, #1397, #1414, #1416, #1422, #1427,
    #1431, #1433)

- Dropped fmt-bigendian_1.patch, fmt-bigendian_2.patch,
  fmt-bigendian_3.patch and fmt-bigendian_4.patch (merged

Sun Dec  1 08:54:54 UTC 2019 - Luigi Baldoni <>

- Added fmt-bigendian_1.patch, fmt-bigendian_2.patch,
  fmt-bigendian_3.patch and fmt-bigendian_4.patch to fix tests
  on big endian targets

Fri Nov 29 08:46:30 UTC 2019 - Luigi Baldoni <>

- Update to version 6.0.0
  (too many changes to list, see ChangeLog.rst)
- Dropped 0001-install-pkg-config-file-into-libdir.patch (no
  longer necessary)
- Switched to MIT license
- Increased SOVERSION to 6

Mon Mar 25 16:21:01 UTC 2019 -

- Install fmt.pc into libdir with

Sat Jan 12 18:29:40 UTC 2019 - Ferdinand Thiessen <>

- Update to version 5.3.0:
  * Introduced experimental chrono formatting support
  * Added experimental support for emphasis
   (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough), colored output to a
   file stream, and improved colored formatting API
  * Added support for 4-bit terminal colors
  * Made std::string_view work as a format string
  * Added wide string support to compile-time format string checks
  * Made colored print functions work with wide strings
  * Introduced experimental Unicode support
  * Removed undocumented basic_fixed_buffer which has been
   superseded by the iterator-based API
  * Disallowed repeated leading zeros in an argument ID
  * Deprecated fmt::visit, parse_context, and wparse_context.
   Use fmt::visit_format_arg, format_parse_context, and
   wformat_parse_context instead.
- Removed upstream merged fix-fmt_pc.patch

Thu Dec  6 21:15:37 UTC 2018 - Jan Engelhardt <>

- Do without em dashes in summaries.

Thu Dec  6 13:38:46 UTC 2018 - Luigi Baldoni <>

- Added baselibs.conf as source

Fri Nov  9 11:51:14 UTC 2018 -

- initial package for version 5.2.1

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