File gperftools.changes of Package gperftools

Mon Mar 26 00:35:41 CEST 2018 -

- add patch gperftools-aarch64.patch (bsc#1086762)
  (analog upstream commit 02eeed29df112728564a5dde6417fa4622b57a06)
  fix build on aarch64 by removing conflicting mmap definition 

Thu Mar 15 01:43:38 CET 2018 -

- add patch gperftools-s390.patch to fix build on s390
  (basically git commit bf8eacce69df877d1cecdab8c7a6cc3f218ebcc2)

Wed Mar 14 18:38:44 CET 2018 -

- do not buildrequire valgrind on s390, only exists on s390x 

Thu Aug 10 10:17:23 UTC 2017 -

- ucontext.patch: fix use of ucontext_t

Fri Mar 31 15:23:59 UTC 2017 -

- Don't BuildRequires libunwind-devel on s390*, it doesn't exist

Tue Aug  2 08:45:28 UTC 2016 -

- use valgrind from system, not the custom one

Tue Mar 22 13:33:02 UTC 2016 -

- gperftools 2.5, available 12 March 2016.
  * Bryan Chan has contributed s390x support
  * stacktrace capturing via libgcc's _Unwind_Backtrace was implemented
    (for architectures with missing or broken libunwind).
  * "emergency malloc" was implemented. Which unbreaks recursive calls
    to malloc/free from stacktrace capturing functions (such us glib'c
    backtrace() or libunwind on arm). It is enabled by
    --enable-emergency-malloc configure flag or by default on arm when
    --enable-stacktrace-via-backtrace is given. It is another fix for a
    number common issues people had on platforms with missing or broken
  * C++14 sized-deallocation is now supported (on gcc 5 and recent
    clangs). It is off by default and can be enabled at configure time
    via --enable-sized-delete. On GNU/Linux it can also be enabled at
    run-time by either TCMALLOC_ENABLE_SIZED_DELETE environment variable
    or by defining tcmalloc_sized_delete_enabled function which should
    return 1 to enable it.
  * we've lowered default value of transfer batch size to 512. Previous
    value (bumped up in 2.1) was too high and caused performance
    regression for some users. 512 should still give us performance
    boost for workloads that need higher transfer batch size while not
    penalizing other workloads too much.
  * Brian Silverman's patch finally stopped arming profiling timer
    unless profiling is started.
  * Andrew Morrow has contributed support for obtaining cache size of the
    current thread and softer idling (for use in MongoDB).
  * we've implemented few minor performance improvements, particularly
    on malloc fast-path.
  * issue that caused spurious failures was fixed.
  * Jonathan Lambrechts contributed improved callgrind format support to
  * Matt Cross contributed better support for debug symbols in separate
    files to pprof.
  * Matt Cross contributed support for printing collapsed stack frame
    from pprof aimed at producing flame graphs.
  * Angus Gratton has contributed documentation fix mentioning that on
    windows only tcmalloc_minimal is supported.
  * Anton Samokhvalov has made tcmalloc use mi_force_{un,}lock on OSX
    instead of pthread_atfork. Which apparently fixes forking
    issues tcmalloc had on OSX.
  * Milton Chiang has contributed support for building 32-bit gperftools
    on arm8.
  * Patrick LoPresti has contributed support for specifying alternative
    profiling signal via CPUPROFILE_TIMER_SIGNAL environment variable.
  * Paolo Bonzini has contributed support configuring filename for
    sending malloc tracing output via TCMALLOC_TRACE_FILE environment
  * user spotrh has enabled use of futex on arm.
  * user mitchblank has contributed better declaration for arg-less
    profiler functions.
  * Tom Conerly contributed proper freeing of memory allocated in
    HeapProfileTable::FillOrderedProfile on error paths.
  * user fdeweerdt has contributed curl arguments handling fix in pprof
  * Frederik Mellbin fixed tcmalloc's idea of mangled new and delete
    symbols on windows x64
  * Dair Grant has contributed cacheline alignment for ThreadCache
  * Fredrik Mellbin has contributed updated windows/config.h for Visual
    Studio 2015 and other windows fixes.
  * we're not linking libpthread to libtcmalloc_minimal anymore. Instead
    libtcmalloc_minimal links to pthread symbols weakly. As a result
    single-threaded programs remain single-threaded when linking to or
  * Boris Sazonov has contributed mips compilation fix and printf misue
    in pprof.
  * Adhemerval Zanella has contributed alignment fixes for statically
    allocated variables.
  * Jens Rosenboom has contributed fixes for
  * gshirishfree has contributed better description for GetStats method.
  * cyshi has contributed spinlock pause fix.
  * Chris Mayo has contributed --docdir argument support for configure.
  * Duncan Sands has contributed fix for function aliases.
  * Simon Que contributed better include for malloc_hook_c.h
  * user wmamrak contributed struct timespec fix for Visual Studio 2015.
  * user ssubotin contributed typo in PrintAvailability code.
  * build fix for Visual Studio. 
  * dynamic sized delete is now disabled by default. It turned out that 
    IFUNC relocations are not supporting our advanced use case on all 
    platforms and in all cases.
- Removed the following patches. All have either been incorporated
  upstream or are no longer applicable in current distros.
  * gperftools-fix_docdir.patch

Sat Oct 31 13:35:12 UTC 2015 -

- Update project and download url
- Tiny spec file cleanup with spec-cleaner

Mon Jan 10 16:30:24 UTC 2015 -

- gperftools 2.4, available 10 Jan 2015.
  Skipped version 2.3, release 7 Dec 2014. 2.3 changes included:
  * ( issue 631 ) fixed debugallocation miscompilation on mmap-less 
    platforms (courtesy of user iamxujian) 
  * ( issue 630 ) reference to wrong PROFILE (vs. correct CPUPROFILE) 
    environment variable was fixed (courtesy of WenSheng He) 
  * pprof now has option to display stack traces in output for heap 
    checker (courtesy of Michael Pasieka) 
  * ( issue 636 ) pprof web command now works on mingw 
  * ( issue 635 ) pprof now handles library paths that contain spaces 
    (courtesy of user 
  * ( issue 637 ) pprof now has an option to not strip template 
    arguments (patch by jiakai) 
  * ( issue 644 ) possible out-of-bounds access in GetenvBeforeMain 
    was fixed (thanks to user abyss.7) 
  * ( issue 641 ) pprof now has an option --show_addresses (thanks to 
    user yurivict). New option prints instruction address in addition 
    to function name in stack traces 
  * ( issue 646 ) pprof now works around some issues of addr2line 
    reportedly when DWARF v4 format is used (patch by Adam McNeeney) 
  * ( issue 645 ) heap profiler exit message now includes remaining 
    memory allocated info (patch by user yurivict) 
  * pprof code that finds location of /proc/pid/maps in cpu profile 
    files is now fixed (patch by Ricardo M. Correia) 
  * ( issue 654 ) pprof now handles "split text segments" feature of 
    Chromium for Android (patch by simonb) 
  * ( issue 655 ) potential deadlock on windows caused by early call 
    to getenv in malloc initialization code was fixed (bug reported 
    and fix proposed by user zndmitry) 
  * incorrect detection of arm 6zk instruction set support 
    (-mcpu=arm1176jzf-s) was fixed. (Reported by pedronavf on old issue-493) 
  * new cpu profiling mode on Linux is now implemented. It sets up separate 
    profiling timers for separate threads. Which improves accuracy of 
    profiling on Linux a lot. It is off by default. And is enabled if both 
    librt.f is loaded and CPUPROFILE_PER_THREAD_TIMERS environment 
    variable is set. But note that all threads need to be registered 
    via ProfilerRegisterThread. 
  Changes for version 2.4~rc
  * enabled aggressive decommit option by default. It was found to 
    significantly improve memory fragmentation with negligible impact 
    on performance. (Thanks to investigation work performed by Adhemerval 
  * added ./configure flags for tcmalloc pagesize and tcmalloc allocation 
    alignment. Larger page sizes have been reported to improve performance 
    occasionally. (Patch by Raphael Moreira Zinsly) 
  * sped-up hot-path of malloc/free. By about 5% on static library and 
    about 10% on shared library. Mainly due to more efficient checking 
    of malloc hooks. 
  * improved accuracy of stacktrace capturing in cpu profiler (due to 
    issue found by Arun Sharma). As part of that issue pprof's handling 
    of cpu profiles was also improved. 
- Removed missing_includes.patch; incorporated upstream.

Sun Sep 28 18:44:03 UTC 2014 -

- Implement shlib packaging guidelines: split libraries
- Improve on RPM group classification

Mon Sep 15 00:33:02 CEST 2014 -

- set excludearch for s390 and s390x: not ported there

Mon Jun 16 10:51:46 UTC 2014 -

- fix issue 628 (gperftools 2.2 fails to build on powerpc)

Mon May 19 15:39:40 UTC 2014 -

- gperftools 2.2, released 3 May 2014.
  * issue 620 (crash on windows when c runtime dll is reloaded) was
  * a number of fixes for a number compilers and platforms. Notably
    Visual Studio 2013, recent mingw with c++ threads and some OSX
  * we now have mips and mips64 support! (courtesy of Jovan Zelincevic,
    Jean Lee, user xiaoyur347 and others)
  * we now have aarch64 (aka arm64) support! (contributed by Riku
  * there's now support for ppc64-le (by Raphael Moreira Zinsly and
    Adhemerval Zanella)
  * there's now some support of uclibc (contributed by user xiaoyur347)
  * google/ headers will now give you deprecation warning. They are
    deprecated since 2.0
  * there's now new api: tc_malloc_skip_new_handler (ported from chromium
  * issue-557: added support for dumping heap profile via signal (by
    Jean Lee)
  * issue-567: Petr Hosek contributed SysAllocator support for windows
  * Joonsoo Kim contributed several speedups for central freelist code
  * TCMALLOC_MAX_TOTAL_THREAD_CACHE_BYTES environment variable now works
  * configure scripts are now using AM_MAINTAINER_MODE. It'll only
    affect folks who modify source from .tar.gz and want automake to
    automatically rebuild Makefile-s. See automake documentation for
  * issue-586: detect main executable even if PIE is active (based on
    patch by user themastermind1). Notably, it fixes profiler use with
  * there is now support for switching backtrace capturing method at
  * there is new backtrace capturing method using -finstrument-functions
    prologues contributed by user xiaoyur347
  * few cases of crashes/deadlocks in profiler were addressed. See
    (famous) issue-66, issue-547 and issue-579.
  * issue-464 (memory corruption in debugalloc's realloc after
    memallign) is now fixed
  * tcmalloc is now able to release memory back to OS on windows
    (issue-489). The code was ported from chromium fork (by a number of
  * Together with issue-489 we ported chromium's "aggressive decommit"
    mode. In this mode (settable via malloc extension and via
    environment variable TCMALLOC_AGGRESSIVE_DECOMMIT), free pages are
    returned back to OS immediately.
  * MallocExtension::instance() is now faster (based on patch by
    Adhemerval Zanella)
  * issue-610 (hangs on windows in multibyte locales) is now fixed
- Removed the following patches. All have either been incorporated 
  upstream or are no longer applicable in current distros.
  * gperftools_fix_multiple_install_headers.patch
  * gperftools-glibc216.patch
  * spinlock-rand.patch
  * gperftools_use_older_autoconf.diff

Mon Aug 12 15:49:12 UTC 2013 -

- Fixed to use older version of autoconf, so that 
  gperftools can build for SLE10.

Tue Jul 30 17:44:01 UTC 2013 -

- gperftools 2.1, released 30 July 2013.
  * fixes for building on newer platforms. Notably, there's now initial
    support for x32 ABI (--enable-minimal only at this time))
  * Some fixes for debug allocation on POWER/Linux 
  * new getNumericProperty stats for cache sizes
  * added HEAP_PROFILER_TIME_INTERVAL variable (see documentation)
  * added environment variable to control heap size (TCMALLOC_HEAP_LIMIT_MB)
  * added environment variable to disable release of memory back to OS
  * cpu profiler can now be switched on and off by sending it a signal
    (specified in CPUPROFILESIGNAL)
  * (issue 491) fixed race-ful spinlock wake-ups
  * (issue 496) added some support for fork-ing of process that is using
  * (issue 368) improved memory fragmentation when large chunks of
    memory are allocated/freed

Thu Dec 27 11:08:09 UTC 2012 -

- spinlock-rand.patch fixes an issue encountered on PPC with 
  undefined conversions from 'base::subtle::Atomic64*' to 'const 
  volatile Atomic32*' 

Sun Jul 22 07:47:04 UTC 2012 -

- replace struct siginfo with siginfo_t since the former is not
  available with glibc 2.16 anymore.

Mon May 14 13:25:33 UTC 2012 -

- license update: BSD-3-Clause
  SPDX format

Fri Feb 17 11:23:45 CET 2012 -

- enable build with libunwind

Thu Feb 16 22:17:11 UTC 2012 -

- Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
- Simply file lists (why would mode 0775 be needed anyway?)

Thu Feb 16 15:37:36 UTC 2012 -

- Fix make target.

Thu Feb 16 11:28:14 UTC 2012 -

- Remove redudant tags/sections

Tue Feb  7 18:12:39 UTC 2012 -

- gperftools 2.0, released 3 Feb 2012.
- Primarily renamed from google-perftools to gperftools, with ownership
  shifted from Google to the community.

Sat Dec 24 19:05:13 UTC 2011 -

- Version 1.9.1, released 23 Dec 2011.
  * google-perftools: version 1.9 release
  * Lightweight check for double-frees (blount)
  * BUGFIX: Fix pprof to exit properly if run with no args (dagitses)
  * Suggest ASan as a way to diagnose buggy code (ppluzhnikov)
  * Get rid of unused CACHELINE_SIZE (csilvers)
  * Replace atexit() calls with global dtors; helps freebsd (csilvers)
  * Disable heap-checker under AddressSanitizer (kcc)
  * Fix bug in powerpc stacktracing (ppluzhnikov)
  * PERF: Use exponential backoff waiting for spinlocks (m3b)
  * Fix 64-bit nm on 32-bit binaries in pprof (csilvers)
  * Add ProfileHandlerDisallowForever (rsc)
  * BUGFIX: Shell escape when forking in pprof (csilvers)
  * No longer combine overloaded functions in pprof (csilvers)
  * Fix address-normalizing bug in pprof (csilvers)
  * More consistently call abort() instead of exit() on failure (csilvers)
  * Allow NoGlobalLeaks to be safely called more than once (csilvers)
  * PORTING/BUGFIX: Fix ARM cycleclock to use volatile asm (dougkwan)
  * PORTING: 64-bit atomic ops for ARMv7 (dougkwan)
  * PORTING: Implement stacktrace for ARM (dougkwan)
  * PORTING: Fix malloc_hook_mmap_linux for ARM (dougkwan)
  * PORTING: Update linux_syscall_support.h for ARM/etc (evannier, sanek)
  * PORTING: Fix freebsd to work on x86_64 (
  * PORTING: Added additional SYS_mmap fixes for FreeBSD (chappedm)
  * PORTING: Allow us to compile on OS X 10.6 and run on 10.5 (raltherr)
  * PORTING: Check for mingw compilers that *do* define timespec
  * PORTING: Add "support" for MIPS cycletimer
  * PORTING: Fix fallback cycle-timer to work with Now (dougkwan)
  * PERF: Move stack trace collecting out of the mutex (taylorc)
  * PERF: Get the deallocation stack trace outside the mutex (sean)
  * Make PageHeap dynamically allocated for leak checks (maxim)
  * BUGFIX: Fix probing of nm -f behavior in pprof (dpeng)
  * BUGFIX: Fix a race with the CentralFreeList lock before main (sanjay)
  * Support /pprof/censusprofile url arguments (rajatjain)
  * Change IgnoreObject to return its argument (nlewycky)
  * Update malloc-hook files to support more CPUs
  * BUGFIX: write our own strstr to avoid libc problems (csilvers)
  * Use simple callgrind compression facility in pprof
  * Print an error message when we can't run pprof to symbolize (csilvers)
  * Die in configure when g++ is't installed (csilvers)
  * DOC: Beef up the documentation a bit about using libunwind (csilvers)

Sat Oct 15 04:47:04 UTC 2011 -

- add libtool as buildrequire to make the spec file more reliable

Sun Jul 17 21:59:38 UTC 2011 -

- Google perftools 1.8, released 15 July 2011.

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